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happy new years everyone! what are some of your new years resolution?? here are some of mine hehe 💫 also, i have a studygram under the same handle @/studyrkive! please support it!!

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October 4, 2018

October is here - ft. the minimalist monthly and weekly spreads I use for my bujo. In other news, I’ve decided to double major in engineering (with a minor in math) and French!

j’écoute à “ave cesaria” par stromae

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Hii Guys, I’m back with another masterpost/tips, I’ll make such kind of posts every thursday, next Thursday I’ll give shoutout to some awesome studyblrs. Let’s get into it - - - 1) Grades don’t define you or your intelligence - grades can show your academic progress but it will never show how intelligent you are or how good you are at learning. Your grades depend on how much effort you put in and do you put effort at the right time. 2) Learning is not memorization it’s understanding the material and implementing it into your life or into your homework. There is no specific method of learning as everyone learns differently and at different times. 3) Studying is hard, it’s not boring, it’s just the way you see it. It is hard but it’s not impossible. You are strong enough to pass a grade or university with flying colours and learn something. 4) You should always ask for help if you do not understand anything or are stuck at any problem, not just teachers or friends but even studyblrs out here would also be glad to help you but never ask anyone to do your homework. 5) If you are struggling with some mental illness or having issues with mental health, you should ask for professional help as mental health issues can lead to deadly consequences. 6) studyblr community is always ready to help you and motivate you, so never feel alone and if you need something message us or drop by the ask box or check our masterposts. Some good sources - @thestudyfeels @fuckstudy @grangersapprentice @isthsnametakenyet @i-actually-study-a-lot @studylustre etc. 7) Find something that makes you happy or that motivates you to go on, it may be art, music, buying stationery or anything. We are very lucky to get education and we have to use it properly for our own good. Inspirational accounts @studyblr @studywithinspo @studyign @einstetic etc. Bye guys! Hope you like this post and if you do than please reblog this, so others can read and benefit from it. Thank you for Reading ❤💗❤💗

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∗˚೫˳(●ᴖ͙̏ᴗॢᴖ͙̋●)˳೫˚∗ // 4. 21. 18

here’s what we’ve got going on so far for this month 😁 i hope y’all have a good day ❤️ send me a message if you wanna share some good stuff that’s going on with ya ✨

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04.16.18 // i know im never active here anymore but heres my spread from the first two weeks of april !! im much more active on my insta ;)

i just started watching durarara & it’s so good ahhh + it has 3 seasons out now so i’ll be good on shows for a while hahah 

ig: taiyyakis

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34-41/100 days of productivity - my phone fell into the water so i couldnt use it for awhile:( but thank god it’s okay now, anyway i was gone for like a week and i just heard the news that tumblr is blocked in my country?!?!?! srsly like what i can only open tumblr using app and wifi i cant open tumblr in my pc anymore im so:(

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