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When Aizawa shaved for the press conference do you think the other teachers ever were like "...what" It's like 12 am and I'm just imagining the different possible situations and reactions because he just doesn't look like Aizawa and that gets me yknow

Honestly, absolutely!!!

When I first saw it, I legit just said “awwww, look at his baby face. No wonder he keeps facial hair”

I imagine that All Might would do a double take on him because he has never seen Aizawa clean shaven. Then he gets flustered cause Aizawa caught him staring.

Midnight, I would imagine, would tease him because he literally looks like what he did in high school. Just older.

Hizashi, would probably be all up on Aizawa and touching his face. Asking if he’s imagining it.

Middle of the night thoughts are amazing honestly!! Aizawa should shave more. He looks so cute with a clean shaven face but I still love him either way.

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OKAY, OKAY, OKAY SO I was thinking back to when I was homeless and how I would spend literal hours at cafes, libraries, and fast food diners and OH MY FUCKING GOD IT makes so much sense I think Aizawa found this cat cafe while he was homeless and looking for safe, quiet, places to spend his time. He was spending any free time he had in these cafes while he was homeless after graduating (I can’t find the manga panel of him sleeping on the ground with his suitcase next to him, but it’s somewhere on this hellsite) and probably developed a routine that he still follows (along with still using a sleeping bag instead of a bed, living very minimally, eating lots of quick, processed, easily portable meals and jelly packs, not caring what others think of his appearance, etc.) I personally also still have habits and lifestyle routines from when I was homeless. Like, I really hate sleeping in regular beds now, I sleep with my mattress straight on the floor, with a mattress cover, and two small blankets. If I get too hot I kick one off, if I get too cold I burrito up or put on extra layers of clothes. I really can’t stand sleeping with a comforter and bed sheets. I keep everything minimal or reusable and don’t like having a lot of stuff in my living space or just in general, I don’t care so much about what others think and can go outside looking like shit without feeling horribly self-conscious like I was before, etc. And who else do we know that does “weird” things like that??? Oh my fucking god it makes so much sense. All of his “strange” behaviors make so much more sense if this Homeless Hero theory is true. When he was a young hero with nowhere to go he found rest and refuge in this cat cafe. It must have acted as a sort of therapy and gave him some peace and comfort after his loss. I mean he was obviously already fairly different when he was younger, but it seems like the “strangeness” ramped up after the incident with his friend and becoming a pro (trying to avoid super heavy spoilers). OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD-

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Pleeeeease since you did Mirio can you do Omega Tamaki and Omega Aizawa ^0^

(Of course! I knew it was a matter of time before I got asked to do Aizawa so I kind of went all out

Shouta Aizawa

 (TW: Mention of Teen Pregnancy and Miscarriage)

  • Nobody in class 1A had known that their homeroom teacher was an Omega, but looking back on it, it made sense. He was fierce when it came to protecting his students and made it clear that he would give up everything in order to keep them safe. His scent of coffee was just something the students had gotten used to, not considering it to be the scent of an omega since it wasn’t stereotypically sweet, and when you thought about it, that sleeping bag he carries everywhere may be his form of a nest since he clearly is rather too lazy to make a proper nest, or too lazy to clean it up when he has to put it away.
  • His low testosterone caused by being an omega also explains his overall lack of energy since lack of testosterone in males often causes sleeping issues, and even sleep apnea. Because of the downsides of being an omega, he takes testosterone injections at the cost of his fertility. Yes, he decided after high school that if he were to be a hero, he would need testosterone, but his doctors do say that if he ever decided to have kids, he could stay off of it for a while and let his body go back to how he used to be. He would experience a heat cycle (Another thing he hasn’t had to deal with for years) and then could start attempting. For now though, that was completely out of the question just because of his past. Something nobody knew about.
  • Despite his friends’ attempts to set him up with somebody, everyone seemed to run away after hearing about his infertility and lack of desire for kids. He never really blamed them since he knew everybody wanted that ideal lifestyle. Get a mate, possibly get married too, have a kid and grow old. Yet here he was, choosing not to have kids because he wasn’t sure if he could handle it.
  • He sighed softly seeing Hizashi with a very familiar look on his face. “What do you wan-” “I found the perfect alpha for you! Seriously Sho, the best part is that they already know you too!” Shouta instantly rolled his eyes and looked back down at the tests he was grading. “And who might that be?” The second your name left the loud blonds’ lips, Shoutas’ eyes opened a bit wider than they usually did. 
  • You were in his class with Hizashi, so you both used to be close. Really close actually. When Hizashi noticed the others’ silence, he cheered because he hadn’t protested to the idea yet. “Come on Sho! They’re relocating here since they got a new batch of heroes in Tokyo, and they got tired of it being a competition.” The Omega hummed and sighed, sitting up a bit. “Don’t call it a date, that is the last thing I want right now, but let them know I do want to meet up. It’s been a long time, and I want to see where they’re at now.”
  • Hizashi cheered again and quickly ran out of the room, Shouta assumed to tell Nemuri, leaving the Omega to his own thoughts. He sighed softly and laid his head down on the desk for a moment as memories came flooding back. Specifically the ones during the summer between 2nd and 3rd year. Neither of you had told anybody, but you were courting. 
  • Late night dates in downtown Tokyo resulted in hours of the two of you hopping from hidden cafe to hidden cafe, enjoying each other as you used each other to forget about stress. Sneaking into each others bedrooms to cuddle and talk resulted in the both of you getting caught and scolded by your parents, but neither cared since they knew they would do it again. 
  • Then it came back to his memory. The night where he had a nightmare about Oboro and went to seek you for comfort. It only ended up with you both going too far, yet at the time neither regretted it. It wasn’t until he sat in Recovery Girls office that he regretted what he did.
  • A hand slipped across his stomach and he shut his eyes as he gripped his shirt. Nobody ever knew except for you, and his omega wanted nothing more than you the second Hizashi said your name. His scent went from strong coffee, to burnt as he remembered hearing the news that the baby, the one neither of you had planned for, wasn’t there anymore. After that, he pushed you away and tried to avoid you by focusing only on his goal to become a hero. He never coped with any of it, just pushed it back down to ignore, but it was all coming back to him.
  • The students seemed to notice the horrible smell coming from Aizawa, but not one dared to mention it in fear of him snapping at them. At the end of the day, Midoriya seemed to pack up a little slower than usual and waited for everyone to leave before approaching his teacher. 
  • “M-Mr. Aizawa, Are you okay?” He asked softly to the man who rested on his desk. He slowly sat up and looked at the other, seeing how he seemed to tremble under the intense gaze. “No, but don’t worry. I just have to deal with something that I completely neglected.” He slowly stood up and grabbed the sleeping bag before sighing. “Midoriya,” The boy hummed, wondering what the other would say. “Thank you for checking on me.” Aizawa walked past him and ruffled the green locks as he left the room. Midoriya couldn’t help but smile. He smelled like normal coffee again.
  • When he got home, his Omega told him to clean himself so he at least didn’t look undesirable. He huffed, telling himself he wasn’t trying to be desirable, yet he did so anyway. He showered, trimmed up his stubble, and put on some nicer clothes. Nothing crazy, just a black long sleeve and some grey jeans. Once he had finished, he had realized how much effort he was putting into his appearance and sighed softly, upset because he was ignoring what his Omega wanted.
  • He felt himself growing anxious as he headed towards his destination only to scoff a bit as it was a little hole in the wall. You would easily pass this place if you didn’t know what it was. As he walked closer, he saw you standing there. You were obviously as anxious as he was, but you didn’t hide it as well. You never did. 
  • The second your eyes met, his Omega was scratching at his chest, yelling at him to run into your arms, but he kept himself calm as he approached you. When you opened your arms cautiously, he carefully slipped into your hug before subconsciously snuggling into your scent gland like he had done years ago. He pulled away after saying hello and followed as you walked inside.
  • The date itself was pretty awkward at first since you both knew a lot about each other already, yet almost nothing at all. He watched as he picked up on all of your nervous habits, smiling a little when he realized that you were still so similar to how you used to be. “Do you want to hold my hand?” He asked without thinking since it was something he knew would help calm your nerves. You instantly nodded and took it before smiling a little. “They’re still so rough. Do you even know what lotion is?” You joked a little, happy to see that it made the other grin a little. “I kind of forget about it until one of my students brings some in. Normally it smells disgusting though, so I had to start threatening them with extra homework if they bring in things that gave me a headache.”
  • That started the conversation of UA and how you were surprised when Hizashi said that he was a teacher. “You’ve always been a natural teacher though. I know you taught me a lot when we were together.” You spoke freely before tensing up when you realized your words. Aizawa sighed a little and squeezed your hand softly. “Yeah…You taught me a lot too.”
  • Another round of silence before you spoke again. “Hizashi also said that every date he or Nemuri set you up on failed miserably.” Shouta only smiled a little before nodding. “Majority of them were Alphas who only wanted to mate with a pro-hero. My guess is in hopes of having strong kids. Most left during the date once they found out I didn’t want kids or that I take testosterone since that also pretty much renders me infertile.” This time you held his hand a little tighter. “Well they don’t know what you went through. Not only that, it’s your body. Since that is what you wanted, that is what you did and you shouldn’t be treated badly because of it.” 
  • He noticed how you seemed upset by him saying that they just left and couldn’t help but smile a little. “It makes sense to me. Why would anyone want an Omega who destroys what makes them an Omega?” You scoffed at his words and rolled your eyes. “You aren’t destroying anything, Shouta. You are doing what you need to in order to be comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that.” 
  • His omega purred at your words, the first time he purred since high school, and squeezed your hand softly. “You haven’t changed at all.” He chuckled and rested his other hand on top of yours before sighing. “Neither have you. It’s nice knowing I don’t have to live up to some shitty hero expectation.” He hummed before nodding in agreement. 
  • “I assume you’ve been on some courting dates as well?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Those weren’t shit compared to what we used to do. All they would do is complain about me not matching my hero persona and then want me to pay the bill after they spend hundreds of dollars on food.” He chuckled seeing you ramble. “They all thought because I’m a hero that I’m made of money. I have money because you taught me to save it and not spend it all the second I got my paycheck, not because I’m a hero.” 
  • After a bit at the cafe, you suddenly got an idea. “Sho, let’s go run around the city for a bit?” He tilted his head as he sat down his empty drink. “We aren’t kids anymore-” “No, I get that, but one night. Let’s run around as if we were for one night.” He looked at your excitement and melted, feeling his omega begging him to agree. “Fine. Only because I don’t have to work tomorrow.” Seeing you cheer and stand up made him grin a bit. When you went to pay, he tried to fight over paying the bill because “You weren’t made of money” but you just flicked his head softly and told him to hush. He smiled one more time before giving in and letting you pay.
  • He let you drag him around the city and he couldn’t believe he was admitting this, but this was the most fun he or his omega had in a long time. Getting ice cream at 10pm, tasting random food from the vendors on the streets, window shopping, even sneaking into a drive in movie theater and renting a radio so you both could sit together and watch the movie. It made him feel young. 
  • It was almost sunrise and you both were walking along the beach, smiling and laughing like old times. Like how it was when you both were courting in high school. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the fact that you had scented him extremely well, but he was as giggly and happy as could be. The cool water washed past his feet, pants rolled up to make sure they wouldn’t get wet, and you hummed, feeling him squeeze your hand softly.
  • “Hey Shouta?” He hummed softly before grinning at you. “Thank you for agreeing to come out with me. I was really scared when Hizashi offered to push you in my direction, especially after everything that happened in our past, but I hope that we can recover what we once had.” His omega purred again causing him to press a hand to his rumbling chest. “Yeah…No problem. I should thank you for getting me out of the house. If I’m not there, I’m in the school, so I guess I did need a break from that.” You grinned and squeezed his hand. “You always have avoided things by working. Sometimes you need to take a moment to just stop and relax. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, and that you’re alive. That in itself is something to be grateful for.” 
  • He hummed in agreement before sighing softly, looking out to see that the sun was rising. “I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up this long.” He admitted. You hummed in agreement before sighing. “I guess I should take you home, huh?” He instantly let out a whine at the thought before looking at his chest with a red face. “Come on, stop actually doing stuff and go back to sleep.” he mumbled to his omega before you laughed. “It’s cute Sho. I miss hearing your omega make noises like that.” You kissed his cheek which made him turn dark and his omega to purr once more. He glared at you a little and sighed. “You’re so lucky. If it were anybody else, I would’ve left a long time ago.” 
  • You chuckled before turning around to walk back to where you came from, pulling him behind you. “Come on, Sho. We need to sleep.” He huffed softly but nodded, moving to rub his tired eyes. 
  • He led you to his apartment before stopping outside. “Have you already found a place to stay yet?” “Not quite. Currently staying at a hotel until I can fin-” “Want to move in with me?” He asked abruptly. “I mean…It’ll make rent cheaper and it’ll stop you from wasting anymore money.” You could only chuckle before taking his hands and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “Only if you agree to not be a picky eater-” “I was not a picky eater when we were togethe-” “Don’t even try me, I had to convince you to eat real food.” “Okay and your point?” 
  • You both couldn’t help but smile and you sighed. “Fine, I’ll move in with you tomorrow…Or I mean I guess today, but we need a nap since I kept your ass up.” He hummed and nodded. “Fine then.” He opened the door and took your hand, pulling you in after him. “Sho, what are-” “We are taking a nap together. I’ve always slept better with you.” 

Tamaki Amajiki 

(Mention of heats, harassment, and implied NSFW)

  • Someone please tell this boy that being an Omega hero is okay. He often feels pressured by society to fit into the soft, omega role that everybody seems to want. Yet with the help of Mirio and Nejire, he easily became one of the big 3 in UA.
  • Yet when it came to talking to others, especially in crowds, he felt himself grow anxious and even slightly panicked. His normal sweet yet salty scent would turn to smell more like fish during these times. This was when most Alphas would scoff in disbelief at the fact this omega seemed to be one of the big three. 
  • Besides Mirio and Nejire, there was one other person he found himself able to talk to due to years of knowing each other. You were an alpha who never raised your voice or got irritated by his bashfulness. In fact, you would go out of your way to show your patience and kindness by doing little things when his anxiety was getting bad. Ordering for him at restaurants, letting him hide behind you when he started to tremble, and quickly getting him away from social situations that could cause him to have an anxiety attack were just a few of the ways you showed how much you cared.
  • This was one of those moments. He was out with you, Mirio, and Nejire when he heard them. The alphas behind him that were starting to comment about him being an Omega in a group of three alphas. 
  • “Must be a Knot licker to keep three alphas to himself.” “Don’t you know that the proper term for a bitch like that is a Puppymill?” Tamaki felt himself whimper and grabbed your arm, holding you tighter as they continued on with their comments. You hummed softly, feeling him start to tremble. “In front of me baby, come on.” Your arm wrapped around him and softly pushed him in front of you, yet the comments continued. 
  • Your alpha had started growling, scent starting to burn. Mirio and Nejire took notice and turned to see the Alphas snickering to themselves. “B-Baby don’t-” “Tamaki I don’t like how they’re talking-” “I know but…please ignore them. I’m not worth a fight.” You glared at him as he gave a sympathetic smile. You huffed softly and wrapped your arms around his waist. “It’ll be okay guys. Let’s just get our food and we can leave. Maybe a movie night would be fun?” “Yeah! Maybe we can watch something like shark tale! Right Amajiki?” Nejire spoke happily and the Omega couldn’t help but feel thankful for his friend group at that moment, but he then noticed your grip leave his hips as your sent burned ten times more. 
  • Your temper was getting the best of you and before the others could say anything, you grabbed both men by their heads before slamming them together. “Will you two Knotheads shut the fuck up?! You’re making Omegas uncomfortable with your disgusting language.” Mirio was quick to start pulling you away as the two Alphas began to growl. “Come on, the last thing Amajiki would want is a fight, now stop it-” “They wouldn’t stop making comments-” “Yeah welcome to lose-tie knotheads.” He moved to sit you in front of him and Nijire, who was holding the Omegas hand to keep him calm. 
  • After you all left the store, you stopped for a moment and shook your head. “Don’t you fuckin-” “Hey!” One of the guys from before started walking towards you. Tamaki instantly started to tremble as the men walked closer, yet you stood without wavering. “What.” you said bluntly. “That shit you did back there? Not fuckin’ cool”
  • “Oh but harassing Omega’s is?” Nejire spoke before they barked at her. “Shut the fuck up Cat-Pole.” “Cat-Pole?!” You growled once again and they just smirked. Mirio simply hummed and walked beside you before pressing his hand on your shoulder, a simple gesture to them but a secret code between the two of you.
  • You hummed and turned back to the other two, slipping an arm around them both as you walked down the street. “W-What was that-” Then there was the yelling before Mirio skipped back with you all happily. “Took care of that!” He cooed as you all continued to walk. Tamaki blushed slightly before noticing how your hand stayed on his waist. 
  • When you all got back, Tamaki excused himself. He claimed not to be hungry anymore since the alphas had upset his stomach, but you knew the real reason. You told the other two about your plan and they hummed happily, letting you leave after the tall omega.
  • “Tama~” You called as he stopped outside of his door. “O-Oh…Is there something you need?” You nodded and held out your hand. “Come to my room for a sec okay? I have some things for you that I didn’t have time to give you.” He blushed slightly at the idea of getting something from you, but nodded. His hand slipped softly into yours as he walked behind you to your room. 
  • He instantly purred the second he walked in. It always was comforting in your room, and it made him accidentally chirp. He instantly blushed dark and whimpered, covering his mouth with his spare hand. “You’re alright Tama. Sit on my bed, Okay? The stuff is in my closet.” 
  • He carefully sat down, huffing as he started rubbing at his neck. He was one of the few Omegas who couldn’t take suppressants due to them messing with his quirk, so he knew what was happening. He had attracted those alphas because his heat was about to start any moment now. He was about to hide in his nest right before you pulled him away.
  • He tried to focus on anything besides how strong the scent of saltwater taffy was becoming, huffing softly as he moved to shrug off his sweater since he knew he was going to start soon. Another soft whimper came from him and you darted out of the closet. “Sorry baby, I lost one of the items. I know you’re getting uncomfortable but I wanted to give you these for your heat.”
  • He let out another whimper as he moved to sit on his legs instead of his ass, huffing as he quickly started digging in the bag to pull out what you wanted to him to see. He was nervous because out of the three alphas, he grew closest to you and was hoping it was a courting gift even if it was a bit late. He only gasped when he pulled out a hand crochet octopus, smiling at it and hugging it tight to his chest. “T-Thank you, Alpha.” he called out before hiding his face in the toy. 
  • You simply hummed and moved to stand. “That isn’t all of it, but your heat is coming faster than I thought. Come on, you can open the rest in your room” He nodded and felt you move to pick him up. He gasped and held onto you as you rushed him back to his room. The other gift was in your hand, but you could only focus on how amazing Amajiki smelled. Of course you knew why, but you held back as you looked for his nest, finding it on the floor in the corner of his room. You carefully sat him down and he quickly climbed in his nest, nose shoved deep into the toy as he trembled. 
  • “Here Omega.” You laid the blanket at the edge of the nest, making sure not to enter without the others permission. He let out a whimper and sat up slowly to grab the blanket. He held it close to his chest and smiled, still trembling like a leaf. “I-I love them, Alpha.” He chirped again which only made you smile. “I’m glad…I wanted to court you before your heat, but I was really late.” 
  • Hearing that made his eyes water before he crawled to you, sitting up to wrap his arms around you and hug you tight, scenting you completely in his thick and heavy scent. You only grinned and pecked his neck which made him gasp. “You smell like the Ocean Tama. I love it.” 
  • His omega purred before he moved to pull you a bit. “Alpha…Stay with me?” he mumbled softly as he tried to get you to crawl in his nest. You knew what he was implying and you only smiled, pulling away slightly. “You sure baby? I haven’t even taken you on a date.” He instantly nodded with no shame at all. “Please Alpha. I want you to help me.” Your alpha chuffed which made you blush and Tamaki snort before hiding in your neck.
  • “Okay Omega. I’ll stay with you.” He purred loudly and held you tighter as you carried him to the door so you could shut and lock it properly. “Thank you Alpha…I love you.” He chirped out with pink cheeks. You only smiled as you carried him back to the nest and pecked his lips before resting him in his nest. “I love you too. Omega.” He chirped again happily before pulling you down with him. 
  • He threw a leg over your stomach and snuggled into your scent gland, humming happily at how your scent was starting to become stronger in reaction to his. “Oh…I’m sorry in advance.” He whispered and moved to start kissing on you. “Why is that?” he blushed darker and moved to hold your hand. “I uh…might get needy.” You only grinned and pecked his lips once more. “It’s your heat. I’m right here to help you. Do whatever you need, alright Omega?” He purred once more at you calling him that before he sighed happily, melting into your arms. “Alright…I’m going to take a nap…Y-You should too.” You only pulled him closer before nodding. “Okay baby, rest now. Goodnight.”
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