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Pretty Boy! Aizawa x Punk! Hizashi

This an quirkless au where a bad boy, Hizashi Yamada fell in love with a college student, Shota Aizawa!


Hizashi Yamada

A bad boy who never goes to college in his life.


  • Steal cars
  • Smoking at night
  • Shop lifting
  • Punk music
  • Tattoos
  • Best friend, Nemuri
  • Loud music


  • Studying
  • Colleges
  • The Dog Gangster (Rivals)
  • Soft music

Love Interest:

  • Shota Aizawa

Shota Aizawa

A shy straight A college student who study all night, but fall asleep most of the time.


  • Cats
  • Studying
  • Pop Music
  • Yellow
  • Sleeping
  • Best Friend, Shirokuma


  • Loud music
  • Dog Gangsters
  • Smoking
  • Missing class

Love Interest:

  • Hizashi Yamada
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hello everyone! I Think… im about……. to open the askbox again! i still have to post some scenarios so it will take a while, sorry about the dealy tho, life has been a little bit chaotic over the few weeks :( and!!!! im finally creating some courage to post some art around here :) 


irl scenario about erasermic jvdfkjnvsjjsk hopefully i will finish this soon!

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Most Erasermic Shippers: Look at these beautiful/sexy men! Wonderful trash babies! Double dads! Best friends to lovers!! PINING!!!
Me: Hobo man and his cup-o-noodles looking boyfriend. Lanky bird man and tired cat man love each other.
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Okay, but EraserMic brethren, can I just get real for a moment, like, I see so many portraying them as married but I see no one - and I mean NO ONE! Talking about what their wedding would be like, cuz… Wow. That would be both a blessing and a curse, beautiful disaster, right there.

Eri would be the flower girl, you know throwing flowers across the path or something, maybe holding the rings. Who knows.

All of Aizawa’s 23 adopted kids (class a, eri, shinsho, and Mirio) would be there, becuz of course they wouldn’t miss this for the world, alright?

Mic would look fabulous, ok? He would be in a freaking tux, tie and all! His shades and headphones are still there tho.

And of course, of course, Aizawa. Because we all know that this adorkable dad would look freaking AMAZING! He would be dressed up! Tux jacket, hair tied up and all that shit. Then, and THEN! He would come walking out in some ugly ass sweatpants, probably pink, or with cats on them as if it was the most normal thing in the world. (probably wearing slippers as well, or sandals, becuz why the fudge not, right? Or freaking crocs)

And I just… Someone needs to draw this becuz I’m too busy laughing right now to even be able to reach for the pen XD

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