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fuure2 days ago
Tumblr media
some art block silly husbands
鈾 see source for links~ 鈾 don鈥檛 repost 鈾
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moi-triesa day ago
Tumblr media
Part 2 of my 鈥瀒 don鈥榯 dance鈥 鈥瀒 know you can鈥 couple dynamics series.
Song is good old-fashioned loverboy by Queen
Someone used this song as their wedding song in a fic once and ever since i can鈥榯 stop thinking about them slowdancing to it !!
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huachi-uwu3 days ago
they're dating, your honor
Tumblr media
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mha-quotes-and-such7 hours ago
Present Mic: If I say I love you will you say it back?
Aizawa: Yes
Present Mic: I love you
Aizawa: It back
Midnight: Why is Hizashi crying face-down on the floor?
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apawtheosis2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淭ell me some things last鈥︹ I just hope Aizawa and Mic get to be happy.
Was gonna do a whole different thing but ended up really liking this simple version. Lyric from 鈥淗eal鈥 by Tom Odell, which never fails to make me tear up but I love anyway.
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professorpolar082 days ago
Tumblr media
I like to think that Shin lets Eri read to him when the Dads aren't home( Denki tags along, ig 馃檮)
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reagansfunkyart2 days ago
Tumblr media
I don't even keep up with Bnha anymore
I just think about erasermic alot
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useless-mha-addict2 days ago
Tumblr media
I don鈥檛 fully ship all of these but they鈥檙e close enough!
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askmazarina day ago
I love the way bnah portrayed the contrast in how Aizawa and Yamada react to grief. Aizawa pushes everyone away and withdraws into himself, whereas Mic falls into other people, disregarding his own pain in favour of theirs. They sure are a pair.
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questioning-potato2 days ago
Me : *Thinks about Erasermic*
Also me : ...... Hizachi, more like His-achi .................................................................................................................................................. Ill see myself out
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verydonegoldfisha day ago
Aizawa: "one of the kids made me laugh today"
Mic: "oh dear god-"
Aizawa: "so I got him suspended."
Mic: "..."
All might: "..."
Midnight: "..."
Mic: *heavy sigh* "babe we've talked about this..."
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bisexual-koala2 days ago
When erasermic get in heated arguments for 3 months straight, it get to the point where Hizashi has an emotional breakdown in the living room and despite his efforts to hide his cries Shota cam still hear him through the bedroom. Shota is taken by surprise because they literally were just screaming at each other. He immediately runs to the living room couch where he finds the man he loves so much, laying on the couch with two pillows over his face trying to ease the pain. Hizashi was just so tired of fighting with him, he wanted to hug him and hold him close. He just wanted to talk about their problems instead of screaming. Shota runs to him and tries to pry his arms from the pillow. "Hizashi.." he whispers. His heart ached at the sight of his most beloved breaking apart. Hizashi knew he was there, he wanted to touch him but he was scared of something going wrong. Shota wasn't giving up on him. He managed to get the pillows away from Hizashi in a gentle manner, but still couldn't see him face, due to Hizashi having his arms in front of it. Shota teared up at how hurt he was. He was never aware it would be this bad on him. "Zashi, hey c'mere.." He slowly removed his arms from his face to see the damage. His face with red with puffy eyes, he looked so tired. Shota guided him to sit up with a few "sh"s here and there, taking his hand and pulling him up slowly. He put his arm around his neck and picked him up bridal style, carrying him to the bedroom while listening to his sobs. Hizashi had calmed down a little bit, due to the fact that he was now having intimacy with his husband after 3 months. Shota lay him on the bed slowly, then crawled in next to him taking him into his arms and holding him close as Hizashi finished crying in his chest. Hizashi wrapped his arms around Shota, embracing him like there was no tomorrow. "I'm sorry," he whispered loud enough for the other to hear. Shota kissed his head and rubbed his back replying, "I'm sorry too, I'm so sorry, baby." He sniffed in vulnerability. Hizashi felt more relief now that he knew things could get better now. He felt tired, so he said, "I love you, Shota," before drifting off. "I love you too, Zashi." Shota didn't let him go even after he dozed off. And he never would.
They both knew things would take time to talk through and heal from. But it was worth the tears. Things would never be the same from before, because they will never hurt each other again.
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made-by-jade-22220 hours ago
Officially Back from Hiatus! And some important announcements!
That was really nice! It was nice to do other things besides write, do some thinking and watch TV lol. I watched more Haikyuu actually, and my final verdict is: I like it. I don鈥檛 LOVE it, but I like it! Just not enough to write fics about.
Also, to my peeps who I DM: I love y鈥檃ll but I don鈥檛 have the energy to talk every day. So if you message me, unless it鈥檚 an emergency, I may not respond until I have the social/mental energy to do so. Not ignoring you, it鈥檚 just that I鈥檇 rather have the energy to be there for you and listen instead of forcing it.
So, now that I鈥檓 back from hiatus, here are a few things:
I am 12 fics away from reaching 100! So, in celebration of that, I鈥檓 doing something special for my mutuals and loyal/supporters. Like, @kwaiibb for example. We鈥檙e not mutuals, but friendo is super supportive. I turned off anon btw, because people don鈥檛 read lol.
So, I鈥檓 doing something called the 12 Cupcakes event. I鈥檒l make another post with pairings of characters, and add an indicator like, * for fluff or ~ for tickles or something like that.
12 pairings, 12 fics, etc.
So, here鈥檚 where you come in. Send in an ask with a prompt for those characters! Mutuals/loyal supporters only.
For example: Koda and Tokoyami* (* means it鈥檚 a fluff fic) and you guys send in an ask with a fluff prompt for them! Like idk, they go on a hike, or dark shadow becomes best friends with Koda鈥檚 bunny, etc.
All of these fics will be cupcake length, so minimum 1,000 and max 2,500.
Once I make that other post releasing the pairings, you guys are free to send in those asks! However, as there are only 12 fics, not everyone will get chosen. If I choose yours, I鈥檒l DM you, and you鈥檒l be able to see the upcoming fics in the menu, 6 at a time.
And, once I reach 100 fics I鈥檒l no longer be posting in my main masterlist anymore.
I will still be doing X-reader fics, random scenarios, sentence starters, and headcanons that I haven鈥檛 already done.
And if someone really, really, really wants a cupcake or ice cream fic after this, I will DM with them and they can purchase it from me through paypal. And if I get more than like 2 or 3 people who want those fics, I鈥檒l make a ko-fi.
As for what will be open after this 12 Cupcakes event, IDK. Let鈥檚 finish this first, then we鈥檒l cross that bridge when we come to it. Thank you all so much for this opportunity to write for y鈥檃ll, and your support means so much! I look forward to seeing what you submit for the 12 Cupcakes event!
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nazunarunning2 days ago
imagine aizawa getting a call at idk 2am from present mic and he鈥檚 sleeping for once but he woke up so he picks up the phone and present mic, quirk activated, yells 鈥淪HOUTA THERE鈥橲 A CAT HERE COME QUI鈥攐h nvm鈥 he left鈥 bc he scared away the cat鈥
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apawtheosis2 days ago
Tumblr media
At least they still have each other. 鉂わ笍
v2 of this. Glad I went back and did more to it! Process is slowly getting more efficient. Thank you for all the love, too!!!
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dabitheburntnuggeta day ago
I'm sorry hands down my fave ships are the blonde and the dark/black hair-
Here we have:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then we got sum Yumary
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh no I don't have any MirioAmajiki photos but that's on the list too.. Hmm..
Oh we also got sum EraserMic
We got sum ShinKami.
Aye yo that's all I can think of for now- @just-another-entity-in-the-void you got any more?
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