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#eren Jaeger x male reader

Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Male Reader

Request: “Can you make a fluffy Eren Jaeger x Male Reader fic where the reader still loves his boyfriend, no matter what anyone else says. He’s been feeling distraught about him being called monster and being a Titan, believing he’s like one of them. Male reader comforts him and shows that he’s still human by giving him lots of kisses and cuddles. (Fluffy as possible!)”

Warnings: It’s just mainly angst tbh, feelings of worthlessness kinda, a lot of narrative questions


Originally posted by ackryeagrs

Eren grew up with lots of people looking at him. He was a rowdy child, causing trouble in the most unlikeliest of places. Many people would look at him with irritated expressions or ones of jealousy. Some of them were happy while others were fond.

As a child, he recognised most of the different looks people gave him. It wasn’t easy to forget them when you saw them every day. But, the ones that stayed in his mind the most were the disgusted and angered looks.

He never really thought about them much when he was younger - how could he when he had worlds to conquer? - but now, with everyone glaring at him after his trail, he couldn’t stop the feel of their glares on his back.

Did they seriously hate him? Were they that afraid of him that they couldn’t vocalise their anger to him at all? Did he disgust them that much?

At first, Eren could easily ignore them. Of course they would be scared of him, he could turn into a titan. It only made sense. However, when he began to see the same scared and hateful looks everyday, he couldn’t stop wondering if he was a monster.

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shingeki no kyojin | series
[various x male!amnesiac!reader]
summary: [Name], an amnesiac boy awakes in a unknown place – trying to remember anything makes him have horrible headaches.
Who is he? And why he can’t remember his own face?

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