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honeyspalette · 2 days ago
breakfast for the birthday boy | eren x reader
cw: nsfw 18+ lazy morning sex over the kitchen counter, size kink (?), use of pet name princess, unprotected sex, creampie, oral (f receiving), cum eating
wc: 1k ish
a/n: for sure unedited. if u see any mistakes, no u didnt. wrote this while my mom was in the shower because i just couldn’t get over what @fuwushiguro posted this morning about eren n …. i love him
Tumblr media
today was eren’s birthday.
you had managed to miraculously roll out of bed without waking the boy, prying yourself from his arm that always finds itself wrapped around your waist at some point in the night.
tip-toeing out of your shared bedroom, you pulled a sweater over your naked form, skipping out on throwing on a pair of panties. you entered the kitchen, carefully pulling out various pans and dishes that you would need to make your boyfriend some breakfast, treating him to a slow morning since he rarely allows himself to indulge in those ever since he started his new job.
while the eggs were slowly cooking on the stove, you grabbed the carton of fresh strawberries you picked up at the farmer’s market yesterday. after washing them, you spilling them out onto your chopping board, grabbing a knife and removing the leaves and taking the extra step to cut them into little hearts; it was tedious, but any time you did this for eren he just had this sparkle in his eye that was so rare, so innocent. smiling at the mere thought of your man, you missed the quiet footsteps of his making their way towards you.
and then, his arms wrapped around you once more, his tall frame towering over you and pressing a tender kiss to the top of your head. “there’s my girl,” he said into your hair, the morning grogginess evident in his tone. you couldn’t see him, but you were sure his eyes were fluttered shut right now, still sleepy as always and messy hair framing his face perfectly. “why don’t you come back to bed, princess?”
“thought i could treat my birthday boy to some breakfast in bed,” you explained, continuing your delicate work on the strawberries.
he dropped his head down to your neck and peppering light kisses over your skin. “as much as i love those strawberry heart, i can think of another way you could’ve treated me to breakfast in bed.”
you chuckled at his words, “well, i already started on this, so i guess you’ll have to wait on that one.”
smiling against your skin, you felt him grind his already hard dick against your ass, letting you know what was on his mind right now was definitely not the breakfast you were whipping up for him. his fingers dipped to the bottom of your sweater, pushing the material out of the way and effortlessly finding your exposed pussy. “no panties? god, you’re killing me, princess.”
two fingers dragged themselves down in between your wet folds; you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t thinking about lazy morning sex with your boyfriend this entire time. “my girl is a liar, acting all coy when she’s always dripping for my cock, huh?”
he rubbed languid circles against your clit, causing your legs to buckle at the sudden wave of pleasure that surged through you. “eren, the eggs will burn,” you cautioned.
he was swift, bringing the hand away from your heat and switching the stove off so there was nothing to worry about. “feel better, princess?” he asked, shoving his sweats down and freeing his hard dick from the confines.
you sighed as his rubbed his swollen head against your folds, tilting his hips into you. the stretch of your walls from his thick cock never got old; no matter how many times he fucked you dumb, you felt just as tight each time to him. “feels s’good, princess,” he groaned lowly, slowly thrusting in and out of you.
his large hands gripped the flesh of your hips over the bruises from last night, but you didn’t care about the slight pain. the feeling of his rutting his dick into you over and over again, the lewd sounds of his balls slapping up against you with every thrust filling the small apartment, it all had that coil winding in your stomach. “shit, ‘ren…” you moaned, gripping the countertop hard to try and stabilize yourself.
but your boyfriend continued pounding into you, his head resting against your should and hot breath fanning over your skin. “gettin’ close, princess,” he sighed, dropping a hand down to your heat and rubbing circles against your clit once more. he could tell from the way you were clenching around him that you, too, were close to reaching your high. “cum around my cock,” he moaned your name right into your ear. “show me how good i’m making you feel,”
and so, you allowed yourself to unwind around his length, juices spilling out of your hole as your weak legs shook. “god, rennie, ‘m cumming,” you whined, throwing your head back against his shoulder.
you turned your head to look at your dazed boyfriend as he continued to fuck you; his hazy eyes opened to look at your fucked out frame in front of him, and his lips collided with yours in a messy kiss. his groaned into your mouth as he came, shooting his seed deep into your pussy, a warmness washing over the both of you.
his hips stilled before he pulled out, watching his cum drip out of your hole and down the sides of your thighs. before you could say a word, he was on his knees, attaching his mouth to your sensitive cunt and licking up his orgasm from you. you moaned aloud as his tongue dove into your pussy, removing it only to lick the cum that had ran down your leg.
once he was finished eating, he rose to his full height and spun you around, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. “now, how about my other breakfast?”
Tumblr media
tags: @momobuns @tokyosghoul @toallmyhusbandos
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venusflytrapstar · a day ago
if i want to stay alive, you should never cross my mind | eren j.
Tumblr media
(Warnings: 18+ phone sex (kinda??), implied murders, possessiveness toxic/unhealthy relationships, degradation, implied dacryphilia, fingering, oral sex (male receiving)/slight throat fucking, size kink, choking, breeding kink)
Notes: Title is from kill shot by: magdalena bay. Hope you all enjoy!! Happy Halloween 👻
Two weeks before Halloween is when a string of murders hit. It was odd. The small town you lived in was very shook up, a few of their very best boys were taken from them far too soon. You had been questioned almost five times now just because they all had a small connection with you.
You did find it odd that this was happening and to boys you were in the process of getting to know better but you didn’t want to believe that your ex-boyfriend had anything to do with it. He was obsessive and possessive and he did promise to kill anyone who got in the way of your relationship but, no… he wouldn’t go this far, right?
Of course you didn’t want to believe it was because of you that these boys were dead. But it was looking more and more plausible as the days continued. People were noticeably creating distance between themselves and you.
And almost like a puppy, waiting on his owner to return to him, Eren waited and waited, until you finally looked his way again. He didn’t want to seem too happy but he was, it was like a dream come true for you to look his way again. You gulped and turned around, trying not to give in. You just wanted to get home and that was what you were going to do.
You’d both only been broken up for more than three month, after dating for two years. He accused you of cheating just because you were friendly, too friendly according to him, he thought you were flirting and couldn’t stand it so you brought up with him deciding that: “If you can’t trust me then our relationship is nothing. Trust is literally everything. I would never do that to you.” You were tired of arguing and the lack of trust so you ended it.
But that didn’t stop him from messaging and calling everyday as if nothing ever happened. Until he finally got the hint around a month ago, you don’t know why but then everything stopped. But you didn’t mind it, he needed to grow up. You having friends was a part of life and if he couldn’t understand that then he had to lose you.
But to Eren, this was just a tiny setback. You needed your space, fine. He’d let you have it. But when one month turned into two, and two into three, he almost lost it. Nothing eased him until he made his plans.
But now, your phone was ringing with an unknown number. You were alone, eating a pizza and turning on a movie when it happened.
“Hello?” You asked, crossing your legs and getting more comfortable.
“What ya watching, princess?” Came the dark and husky reply. It had a hint of familiarity to it but also an eerie feeling to it.
You squinted your eyes, “Who is this?”
“Guess.” Was all the voice said. It was obvious who it was but you didn’t know if you wanted to play a game like this. If he killed those boys, he’d do the same to you.
“Eren, I don’t want to play any silly games. I’m just trying to relax.” You say, turning your attention back to your tv stand.
“Oh, I can help you with that.” His voice makes you shiver and you bit your lip. He sounded so dangerous but so sexy, it was hard to remind yourself that he was a serial killer.
“Help me, how?” But your fingers were already down your pants. He always did this to you, with his voice alone even though now it was more mysterious and dangerous than you ever heard it. You could just imagine him watching you and helping you toy with yourself.
Before he was this person, he was your boyfriend. That fact wasn’t hard to forget. You loved him like crazy still and he owned your body, it was his.
“Help you cum, of course.” You could tell he was smirking and it made you whine a bit. He knew that whine like it was the back of his hand, he knew you wanted him badly and it was driving him crazy. “I want you to spread yourself with those little fingers. I want you to circle your opening and gently, so gently, rub your clit. Imagine it’s my tongue.” Your toes were curling and you barely was touching yourself, doing the movements every so slightly and hissing as you did, your mind drifted to the memories of him fingering your tightness.
“I bet you’re so wet.” He whispers, sounding so close to you now that you swear you could feel him breathing on your neck. You were wet and if he was here he’d be able to hear just how wet, your fingers were sloshing around inside of your cunt now. It was almost embarrassing just how wet you were, trying hard to contain your soft moans. “Tell me how wet you are. Tell me, are you wet for me?”
“S-soaking. I think I got it all over my couch. It’s always for you, Eren…” You mutter, your phone nestled between your neck and your ear. You hear him groaning but you doubt he’s touching himself, he liked to savor it normally until he was coming over.
But you couldn’t have been more wrong, it had been months since he last touched himself and this was pushing him to the edge.
“I’m hard as fuck.” He breathes, nervously. “Can I fist my cock and listen to you cum?” That makes your stomach jump knowing that you still had that impact on him. A slight moan comes from him again and you hear him beg out a small, “Please. My cock is leaking baby, I’m so hard.”
It was hard not to be more aroused. Using your two middle fingers rubbed your clit in small circles for a minute before thrusting them deeper inside of you, “Y-yes. Yes. Do it.” In no time, you could hear the harsh sound of a zipper and belt clinging to the floor.
His voice comes out rougher than before when he next speaks, “Fuck,” He sounds so loud you can barely focus on yourself anymore but you keep going at the same pace. “Tell me about how your pussy feels.” He already knew how it felt, he had it memorized but he couldn’t help but listen to you.
“So tight. Fucking wet a-and it’s so hot inside.”
He was getting closer, “Add three fingers in.” You did as you were told and the stretch felt delicious and good, it was getting too hard not to cum. Your fingers sticky and wet, glued to your cunt. The stretch reminded you of all the times he stretched you out until you couldn’t be stretched anymore.
Your hips buckled and your moans grew louder. Your eyes now closed in pleasure, “E-Eren, fuck. I’m going to cum.”
“Me too!” He yelped at the same time as you. Both of you cumming together.
It was quiet on both ends, both of you too tired but Eren had other plans as he announced that he wasn’t done yet.
Then you heard the footsteps coming down the stairs.
That is what made you freeze and with wide eyes he crept down the stairs. In the spirit of October he was dressed in a dark cloth and a Ghostface mask, your clit was pulsing and throbbing at the sight.
“Well…well.” Even with the mask on he looked sexy and it was almost disrespectful. You knew what was next, it was just a matter of time but still, you made a feeble attempt to stand your ground.
You got up and eyed him as he did the same. Even though you had got off with him, you didn’t know how to feel. But also, you wanted him so bad you could barely stand. You wanted him in your mouth so you walked over to him.
You dropped to the floor in front of him, offering your mouth to him. His cock was still painfully hard inside of his costume so it took no time for him to whip it back out and to shove it down your willing throat.
It did it slow at first. Just the tip, grabbing your head and your sinfully skilled tongue licked and swirled on his tip. Lapping up the old cum and the fresh precum seeping through.
You were groaning loudly as you used your hand to jerk what wasn’t in your mouth and your other hand to play with his balls. Suddenly he grabs your head and forces you to take even more in until it reaches the back of your throat and even then it’s a bit more left that he tries to force in, until he sees the tears you’re blinking back.
Even then, he stuffs it in a bit deeper until your visibly crying and when he feels that he’s all in and at the back of your throat. You swallow around him and he groans, pulling your head back and forth around him. “Fucking slut.” He says, at you stare up at him. “Letting me fuck your throat like this. Y-you’re crazy for liking this so much.” He laughs a bit humorously.
He kills at it for a bit and then when he feels close is when he pulls you off saying, “I have a better place for that.” You blush a bit and he’s eager.
He bends you over on the couch and rips your pants and panties of your body, you ass and shamelessly sticky wet pussy is out on display. He grinds himself on your backside making you arch and lean into his touch. “Eren! Please…” you couldn’t take any teasing right now.
The sound of his cock slipping in and filling you is loud and wet, making you horny all over again and clenching as he moves forward slowly, letting you adjust. Then he is moving faster and the squelch sound is getting louder as your wetness is dripping down your thighs.
When he pulls out and pushes in harder, a whine releases from your lips and your head is thrown back. He wraps a big hand on your throat and presses the sides a bit as his hips thrust inside of you again and touches your sweet spot quickly and nudging your cervix.
He feels you squeeze down on him when he meets your sweet spot so he angles his hips to meet it again, deeper and feels your gummy insides taking hold of him again. He’s moaning louder now and so are you, both just repeating each other’s names. Your body is shaking and trembling as he continues to slowly rock his hips as he’s inside you, before he turns your body so now you’ll be looking at him.
You bit your lip as you look at him, his mask now gone and beats of sweat on his forehead. He’s fucking you so good that tears are welling up in your eyes but the second one passes your lash line he licks it away furiously and says, “You’re mine.” Your throat is hoarse now and your head hurts from nodding but he continues to bounce you on his cock. “Look at you, being fucked. So pretty with my cock in you.”
Using one of his hands he using his thumb to graze over your clit a few more times until he feels your pussy clenching so hard around them that he’s close to cumming.
Fingers scratch at his back as you both cum. Him filling you up deliciously as your cunt flutters for more.
With so much of him on your mind you remember that he’s probably a murder and flinch slightly but allows him to wipe you down and kiss you all over.
Oh well
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ficsforeren · a day ago
Wait but like, eren fantasizing about getting married with reader also means that he had his first sexual fantasies and wet dreams with her? How does he felt at that time thinking about her in that way?
yep yep yep.
so eren had his first wet dream about you like a month before your first kiss happened. it was so weird. he didn't know why he'd see you in his dream, naked and just so, so fucking beautiful. when he woke up and noticed he just messed up his shorts, he was blushing from head to toe, lying with his stomach pressed against the bed and his face buried in his pillow, half-groaning, half-crying probably.
he literally had to lie to his mom and pretend that he was ill so he could skip school that day (cause how the fuck was he supposed to hold a fucking conversation with you after that). my man could barely even meet your gaze for like three days after and when you asked him "why are you acting so weird?" he was like "THAT PIMPLE ON YOUR FOREHEAD GIVES ME ANXIETY SO I'M TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT IT!" and he just ran off every time
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besotted-eros · 2 days ago
Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz eren 💀🚶‍♀️
Literally everything 🧍🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
STOPPPPPPOPPPPP I'm gonna do a randomly generated 4 because ily and I may end up doing a full NSFW post for him because this is fun...
18 + only
D is for... Dirty Secret
Eren likes tasting his cum. He's the type to pull you up by your hair after he's pumped your throat full of his seed, snaking his tongue in your mouth and lapping up the remnants. But his favourite way to taste it is out of your newly fucked pussy, clit still throbbing with the memories of how deep he had done you. He'll pin your trembling legs back and lap at your dripping cunt like it's the sweetest nectar.
G is for... Goofy
Eren can be goofy at times, when he's not tunnel vision horny. He'll wake you up in the morning with a raspberry on your neck and a finger teasing along your pussy lips.
I is for... Intimacy
Eren fucks you till you're crying because he loves you. He leaves bruises on your body with his mouth and fingers because he loves you. His cum on your face, your sore throat, all because he's just so full of love for you he wants you to bleed with it like he does. He'll be pinning your legs to your chest, balls slapping against you in the most humiliating way, and then drop his forehead to yours and whisper "God, I fucking adore you." Murmur his commitment to you while he's railing you from behind, holding your hand so sweetly while you're against the wall. Without missing a beat. Because he does. This is what his worship is. He knows your alter can take it.
Y is for... Yearning
You ever wonder if there's moments where Eren is not horny. Any moment where you show an opening for his wandering hands, he's on it. When you're apart for more than 12 hours you're bound to get snapchats of his addicting cock, being fisted or groped through his pants. All while sweet moans filter through the video, all of your name.
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impulsive-jaeger · a day ago
Tumblr media
Coconut’s Advice
Characters: Eren x his and reader’s daughter
Word count: 646 words
Genre(s): fluff
“Daddy, why is Mommy upset?”
For a split second Eren had stiffened at his daughter’s question, but he then continued to lather her hair with the coconut scented shampoo. Was it that obvious that he and [Name] weren’t on good terms at the moment?
“What makes you think that?” He queried. It’s not like he was going to complain about his wife to their daughter but they also both agreed on being honest with their child as much as possible for being open with one another while not judging would most-likely have a positive impact on their family.
“Well...I heard Mommy yell at you about toilet paper and potatoes and you both mainly talked to me at the table.” She had bluntly put, her curious, big chartreuse eyes mirroring her father’s shocked ones. For some reason he could feel his face heat up a little, though he was formulating his answer.
In truth, you just had a stressful week at work. Well, it was stressful on both ends. But Eren was slacking on fulfilling some of the chores thus it had upset you. You did have every right to be upset, he just got defensive on instinct and wasn’t sure how to deal with you being angry over things that weren't much of a big deal.
Why do men?
“Let’s just say I forgot to do some things Mommy asked me to do.” He awkwardly let out, finishing up on lathering through her curls before standing up for a moment to grab her showerhead. He definitely did owe you an apology after this, especially more than just toilet paper and potatoes.
Eren then kneels before his daughter before grabbing the fluffy, mint towel and placing it on the edge of the tub for her reach. “Wipe your hands and then cover your eyes for me Coconut.” He said as he turned on the shower head, making sure the temperature of the water was nice and warm for his little girl as she complied to his request, not wanting to get the soapy water of the bath into her eyes she rubbed her little hands against the towel. Once her hands were dried enough she then covered her face as he grabbed the showerhead to allow the warm water to wash through her locks. No, her name wasn’t actually Coconut, that was just his nickname for her since she was going through a phase of loving said fruit.
“Like what?” Her question was a little muffled with her hands but the question was still clear.
“As you said, toilet paper and potatoes. But I also forgot to grab other things like toothpaste and anything along those lines. But I’ll go grab them as soon as I can.” It was only evening and it’s not like the stores would close until 11 so it would be alright. He continued to rinse her hair with both the showerhead and his fingers, making sure no ounce of shampoo would be left on her hair.
“Will there also be flowers and a box of chocolates too?”
“Hm?” Seeing he finished his task he pulled the showerhead away from her and turned it off.
“Aren’t you supposed to buy mommy flowers and chocolates whenever she gets sad? I think she’ll be even more happy if you take her out on a date.” The little girl reasoned.
Come to think of it, neither of you had a date night in a long while. There was work, then raising their daughter, their social lives, and then needing down time. Of course most of your down time would be spent together but all it consisted of was just chilling around or planning what to do next. Thanks to their daughter’s suggestion he now knew what their next plans should be.
He cupped his daughter’s cheeks in his hands as he leaned over, planting a sweet kiss over her forehead before pulling away with a grin.
“You’re such a genius Coconut, thank you!”
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yandereshingeki · 2 days ago
Milk, Honey, and Sugar
Tumblr media
Yandere Eren x Reader
Milk, Honey, and Sugar Masterlist
previous • next
Word Count: 3.2k
Content: Yandere Content, NSFW, Carla being a mom, Eren being obsessive
Content Warnings: Yandere Content/Behavior, mentions/planning of kidnapping, M! Masterbation, pillow-fucking, generally perverted and obsessive thoughts from Eren, Breaking(?) and entering
Summary: After a run-in with you at the mall, Eren is more eager than ever to put his plan into action. So the first step he takes is preparation, so that things are all ready for the your stay at his—soon to be yours as well—home.
I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG i procrastinated it so much (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) I swear the next chapter will come quicker
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Preparation
Tumblr media
It had already been a week since Eren came up with his idea to make you his. The school year was coming to an end, and he had the perfect plan to take you as his.
He’d just have to wait until the perfect time, though. That would come soon enough, surely, with all of the end-of-the-school-year parties that people would throw. He’d go to a party with you, and take you to your apartment after you become tired of the loud music and intoxicated people, and then he’d give you a drink—tea, water, something non-alcoholic—drugged with some insomnia medication that would help you sleep through the process of getting to your “new” home.
There were some errors in the plan that he was still working out—like how he would handle the police when you were inevitably reported as missing—but otherwise, he was content with how he believed its execution would go.
It was a hot weekend, the summer just beginning. Eren’s mother insisted on taking him to the mall with her, because she wanted to look for some clothes and maybe even kitchen utensils and didn’t enjoy being alone on her shopping sprees.
He agreed to it after she had asked several times, not only out of love for his mother but also because Mikasa had posted something to her Instagram story about going to the mall with you. He was itching to see you again, and he was hoping that having an “accidental meeting” while he was out shopping—instead of begging you to hang out—would make him seem a little bit less clingy.
He dressed in a green sweatshirt and grey sweatpants, pulling his hair back into a bun using the same hairband he stole from you. His mother pulled up to his house just as he was bidding goodbye to his precious feathered companion, so he gave the bird one final kiss above his cere and put him back in his cage.
When he stepped out of his house, his mother waved at him from the car. He locked his front door and slipped the keys back into his pocket. He walked quickly to the vehicle, opening the passenger side door and seating himself on the leather seat that his mother had covered with a soft blanket that helped skin not cling to the sticky surface on hot days like today.
Carla’s car was an old blue 1959 Cadillac, despite Grisha’s pleas that she get a newer car model. Eren liked the car, especially because it made his mom happy.
The drive to the mall was quick, at least to Carla. It couldn’t have taken longer for Eren, with him constantly checking his phone to see if Mikasa had updated her followers on where she was. Where you were.
Arriving at the mall, Eren was quick to hop out of the car and rush his mom inside. When she asked him what the rush was for, he only responded with the excuse, “It’s hot outside.”
Once inside, he attempted to go in the opposite direction that Carla had planned to go, ending with his ear being pinched while Carla dragged him with her to the nearest clothing store. She took her time, making sure to go through each section of clothes at least twice before picking anything out. Eren however, stood beside his mother—arms crossed, brows furrowed, and his foot tapping on the floor impatiently.
The look only made his mother giggle at him and his childish expression, “What’s wrong, sweetpea, are you in a rush?”
“No, I'm not. I don't know why you would think such a thing.” Eren spoke with a pout on his lips.
Carla only laughed again, pinching the bridge of his nose gently. “Well then, you’d better stop acting like it.” She turned back to the clothes strung over her arm and decided she was done looking. She made her way to the dressing room but stopped right outside of one of the stalls.
“There’s a six-item limit, would you mind holding these for me?” She asked, although not waiting for a response, and instead, handing him a little under half of the clothes she picked out. Eren simply nodded with a small ”mhm” before she entered the dressing room.
After several minutes of Carla changing and coming out occasionally to ask Eren’s opinion, She finally switched out the clothes she chose to buy with the ones that Eren was holding. While she was finishing up, he stood there impatiently, tapping his foot on the ground while he tapped away at his phone.
When she was finally finished and left the stall, she had managed to minimize her semi-large pile of clothes down to 7 items. When she went to check out, Eren stood behind her, giving an intense stare to the cashier after they made a shitty attempt at flirting with his mom.
Finally, they left the store. This time, Carla began to make her way to the food court, with Eren trailing behind her. He walked slower than he normally would, taking into account the names and locations of each store with his phone in his hand, looking for you.
And then he saw you.
But instead of going to talk, his face turned red and he rushed his mom to the food court, ignoring her questions of why he was in such a rush along the way. When he finally claimed a table and watched his mom make her way to one of the food stalls, he grabbed his phone out of his sweatpants pocket and began to frantically tap through Mikasa’s Instagram stories. She hadn’t posted about it, so there was absolutely no warning for when he saw you with her in a lingerie store.
Any normal person wouldn’t be off-put by that kind of situation, or wouldn’t have overreacted, but he could barely handle it. Just the thought of you undressed in nothing but revealing undergarments was enough to send blood right down to his dick. The thought of you in general made him hard. It was especially obvious after he popped a boner because of your hair tie. It wasn’t just because of your appearance, he was just so god damn in love with you. He always has been.
By the time Carla got back to the table—Eren’s leg was bobbing and his fingers were drumming against the table one by one. Each second going by was making him more and more nervous and impatient. He just wanted to go home so he can plan more like he had been doing for the last week.
“Everything alright, sweetpea? You seem anxious.”
Eren was snapped out of his thoughts by his mother’s concerned question, and he responded by merely nodding his head back at her.
“Yea, I've just got a lot on my mind, mom.”
Carla nodded, opening her styrofoam “to-go” box and taking her first bite of food. “Do you want to go to any specific shops when I’m done shopping?”
He shook his head, continuing to tap through his phone.
“Are you hungry at all, then?”
He shook his head again. Carla nodded and kept eating, while Eren chewed his bottom lip and quickly typed away at his phone’s keyboard. Now, he was typing in his phone’s notes, adding to a growing list of things he needed or wanted to get for you before you “moved in.” He adds to the list often, usually when he gets overbearingly excited or anxious. He did plan to actually buy the things he kept adding soon, though.
“Alright, I’m done!” Carla got up and stretched her arms out before she grabbed her purse and leftover trash from her meal. Eren looked up and stood up after her, deciding to put his phone away for now. “Let’s go,” Carla said while wrapping her arm around Eren’s and beginning to walk.
Tumblr media
Finally, after hours of shopping with his mother, Eren was home. When he came through the front door, Jiyuu squawked at him as a greeting before going back to shredding his toys. Eren smiled a little at him and made his way to his room.
He stripped off his sweatshirt and pants, throwing the clothes onto the floor and climbing into bed. He’d been hot and bothered since his encounter with you earlier, and he needed relief. It’s sad to say that his pillow would be the victim of his horniness today.
He grabbed the pillow and yanked his boxers down to his knees, sitting at the end of his bed and leaning on the headboard. He was already hard, unsurprisingly. It was almost like he was able to control it, getting hard just from thinking of you. Though, there were the times when he’d get surprised and end up with a boner in public—which is a horrible thing to experience, by the way.
He folded the pillow, holding it so that it was tight around his cock when he shoved it in between the crease. He gripped it firmly while he started to move it, moaning and leaning back as he pictured the pillow as you instead. He imagined himself holding onto your hips, sliding his hand up and down your thigh while you cried about how big he was, about how much he was stretching you out but you didn’t want him to stop because it felt so good.
He started moving the pillow faster, shutting his eyes and thinking about how sweet your moans would sound, and how it would make him tremble if he got to hear you cry his name while you clung to him. He started to fuck his hips into the cushion now, his moans becoming more frequent. His head was filled with you, you, you, you you you. Only you. And how much he wanted you, needed you. How much he wanted to take care of you and treat you like royalty, how much he wanted to fill you to the brim with his cum and fuck you until you were a shaking, crying mess.
He moaned again, humping the pillow and moving it as fast as he could manage. And then, he came to his daydream of you—panting and shaking underneath him, all sweaty and fucked out after being pounded into his mattress. He was panting, leaning into his headboard. As much as he wished it could, he knew neither his pillow nor fist could ever measure up to what you could give him.
A sigh left his lips when he realized that he’d now have to clean up the pillow. There were actually several spare pillows inside of his closet that he bought—specifically for when he did things like this—so he wouldn’t have to sleep without one. It was still a hassle though, one that he knew he brought onto himself so it was his job to take care of it.
He just hoped that maybe someday—preferably soon—he’d be able to cum on or inside of you instead of a pillow.
Tumblr media
After he cleaned himself up and threw the pillow and its case in the wash, Eren decided that he’d take a visit to your apartment. It hadn't been long since he got home, and you were still out with Mikasa. He wouldn’t stay long, he just wanted to sneak in and write down a couple of things he would need to take with him when he “helped you move in.”
He had most of the necessities—your favorite foods and drinks. As for clothes, you could just wear his, and he’d take a couple of the outfits that he knew you liked from your closet. The only thing he really needed to get for you was underwear.
He was probably just going to steal yours, so he wouldn't have to buy you any and possibly get you an uncomfortable pair (because despite the fact that he was going to lock you in his basement, he did care about your comfort).
After he was done at your house, he’d go on a shopping spree to get the rest of the things he had on his list.
There was a smile on his face when he walked into his garage. He walked between his motorcycle and coupe, opting to take the coupe for more space to carry all of the things he’d be buying. Before getting in, he grabbed a small duffel bag off of a shelf nearby and tossed it into the back of his car.
He got in after, opening the garage and turning the car on. Before he backed out, he double-checked both your and Mikasa’s Instagram stories to be sure that you were both out. When he confirmed it, he set his phone down and left his garage, and drove down his unnecessarily long driveway.
The car ride to your house was short, lasting about 10 minutes. When he arrived, he was relieved to see that not only were you and Mikasa gone—but so were Hitch and Annie. That would only make his breaking-and-entering easier.
He parked next to the driveway and grabbed the duffel bag out of the back before he exited the car. Instead of going through the front door, he walked around the side of your house and to where your room would be. Your window was cracked open, making it easy for him to slide it open enough for him to pop the screen out and crawl in. Leaving your windows open was a bad habit of yours, one that Eren had always tried to remind you of and try to correct. This would be the only time he’s thankful for it.
Once inside your room, he looked around, trying to find a place to hide the duffel bag for ease of access when he had to take all of your clothes and things. He ended up hiding it underneath your dresser, making sure it was out of sight but still easy to reach.
Next, he took out his phone and opened the notes app, creating a new note and beginning to write down the most common size of each type of clothing you had—dresses, skirts, sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts—all of it. He wanted to buy some self-indulgent presents for you that required him to know the sizes that you preferred for certain clothes.
After that, he made his way to your bathroom. You shared one with Historia, but it was easy to tell who’s things were whos by how it was organized. Your things on the left, Historia’s on the right. He went through, writing down all the brands of things you used. He even peeked into the shower and in drawers to make sure he got all of it.
He thought about checking the kitchen, but he already had all of your favorite foods so he didn’t bother. The last thing he had to do now was replace the screen and shut the window.
He clambered out through the window, almost falling over onto his face on the way out. He took the screen with him, shutting the window and pressing it back into the frame after. He made a run to the front and hopped into his car, driving off quickly because any of your roommates or even you could show up at any moment, and he didn’t want to risk being caught.
He drove to the closest department store, parking under a tree. He took out his phone and tapped “All iCloud” above the note he created at your apartment, taking him back to all of his notes so he could select the list of items he wanted to get you.
He already had most of the food items listed, so today he was going to shop for hygiene products and things to decorate the basement to make it more comfortable for you.
Inside, the store was relatively empty—especially for it being a Saturday. He didn’t mind though, it would just make things easier for him.
The first area he made his way to was the personal care section. Using both his list and personal knowledge about you, he picked out all of the soaps and shampoos you used, along with a few extra self-care items that you didn’t have before just in case you wanted to try them out.
He got the rest of what he needed from that section, heading to the hardware next. He picked out some locks, all unlocking with the same key. He’d already ordered a bunch of baby-proofing hardware from online, so all he needed now was the things to make them you-proof too. He wouldn’t lock up everything—just things he deemed dangerous or things he wanted to keep private.
The last place he needed to go to was the home décor section. He’d already gotten sheets, pillows, and blankets for the double bed in the basement and the room itself already had a desk, chair, and mini-fridge in it—but he wanted to get something to make the unfinished concrete room a little less threatening.
He picked out a basic wall clock, just so you weren’t entirely out of the loop with what time it was while you weren’t able to see the sun. Next, he got a shaggy green rug that could cover the floor and shield your feet from the cold concrete. The last thing he got was a plain table lamp that would sit alone on a table, placed near the foot of the bed.
After he double-checked his list and went over everything in the cart, he decided he was done with the shopping trip. He checked out and made his way back to his car, fitting everything into the trunk except the rug—which fit in the back passenger seats of his car instead.
He got into his car and pulled his phone out, going onto the online shopping app he used. Now it was time for him to get the “self-indulgent” gifts—or less vaguely, some fancy lingerie and other perverted costumes. He wouldn’t force you into anything, but if he had a chance to get you to dress up for him, he’d take it.
After ordering the overabundance of lingerie in his shopping cart, he put his phone down and began his drive home. When he arrived, he noticed a package sitting at the front door. He drove into the garage, shutting it and quickly taking everything he’d purchased out of the trunk. Surprisingly, he got all of it in one trip, dropping all of the plastic bags off in the basement before he went back to close the car’s doors and lock them.
He rushed to the front door, retrieving the package he saw earlier. It was something he bought from eBay, and also one of the most important parts of his plan.
Since he was going to keep going to school and leaving the house from time to time, he bought something to make sure that you didn’t.
An ankle monitor.
It was one that he’d be able to hook up to his phone and get notified every time you tried to leave the house. Perfect for when he would be away.
His excitement was visible now; his free hand not holding the box was curled into a fist and shaking up and down. He couldn’t wait, his plan was finally starting to come together.
You were finally going to be his.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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levi-ish · a day ago
Desiderium | Eren x Reader
Summary: You knew him. Before you could even meet him. How come you didn't know his name before you could even feel the pain from wounds from another life?
Pairing: Eren X Reader
Genre: [+18] angst, drama, romance, soulmates
Warnings: graphic description of violence, mentions of drugs and alcohol, MAJOR SPOILERS
A/N: this is a story about right person, wrong time. it will be a short story, just something I thought and wrote about late at night. Hope you enjoy!
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Tumblr media
Far touches and memories that do not belong to you. They belong to those who fought before dawn and leaned onto the hopes of getting brighter days. If it's not him, the boy who sought freedom, to whom shall your thoughts aim?
“Aw, don’t you look adorable?” Sasha fished for another chip inside the orange bowl as you turned once again to see how your jeans held your ass.
“I don’t know…” you frowned and she rolled her eyes.
“Your ass looks fine!” You glanced over your shoulder and ran your hands through the rough fabric once more. “C’mon, you know you look hot as fuck.”
“Stop staring at my ass” you teased and she threw a chip at you. “Hey!”
“Can we please just go? I’m getting hungry and they won’t wait for us to order the pizza if we don’t leave now” she threw herself back into the bed, staring at the ceiling.
“You think they will like me?” You turned around, a genuine concern stamping your face as you asked.
Sasha had been your favorite company for the past year. You two met in psychology 101 when she fell asleep and you covered for her on the first day, which led to an amazing friendship. It was as if you two were meant to find each other, already feeling too comfortable the moment you two spoke to each other.
The girl always told you about her other friend group, trying to get you to meet them, but you always deflected the question, being to awkward to do it. Meeting new people wasn’t your forte.
That was until she trapped you into making you promise you would go to a get together. She took advantage of your drunk self to coerce you into doing it, and you couldn’t really blame her — it was a smart plan.
“They are chill people” she said as she sat on the pink Hello Kitty covers. “Oh! Put the corset top on!”
You grabbed the black top she was talking about and dressed yourself, fixing your hair quickly. “I have this weird feeling about tonight…”
“Must be gas” she joked and you threw your old t-shirt on her.
Took you only 15 minutes to finish up and deal with a whiny-hungry Sasha, and finally then you two called an Uber.
You watched from the window as the scenery changed from the building complex where you lived to a nicer neighborhood, one of those that had nice porches and a lot of grass for pedigree dogs to run around. The car finally stopped at a brown house that had pretty windows and looked very elegant, fancier than whatever you’d ever experienced before.
“This is where your friend lives?” You asked, standing now on the gravel walkway as Sasha fished for something inside her purse.
“This is his parents place” she said as she found her phone inside all the mess she brought. “Jean’s pretty rich.”
“Who even needs that much space?” You muttered to yourself and watched Sasha messily typing on her phone, being interrupted by the sound of the door being slammed open.
A bald, short, and seemingly very drunk guy stood under the doorframe, narrowing his eyes to find you two by the entrance, rushing to Sasha and shoving his red solo cup on her hands, spilling half of the drink on her clothes as he stood (or triedto), the smell of cheap booze oozing off his pores. But his presence was warm, you didn’t know why.
“Jesus fuck, Connie” she held his shoulder to stabilize him in place. “The fuck is wrong with you.”
“Jean got us expensive tequilaaaaa” the guy sang as you giggled, and then his attention fell on you. “Who are you?”
“She’s the friend I told you guys about” Sasha said, taking a sip of his drink and scrunching her nose right away. “This is crap. Why are you drinking this if there’s expensive tequila?”
“Don’t judge my bartender skills, I made this myself!” He snatched the cup from her hands and offered you the drink.
“I’ll pass” you gave him a small smile and he gave you a shrug of his shoulders, downing the rest of it.
“Your choice.” He turned on his heel and pointed to the opened door. “Let’s go inside.”
You nodded as you followed Sasha, who was still fidgeting with her phone as she walked in. You took it as a chance to look around, finding LED lights set on fading colors, a nicely decorated living room full of people, some sitting, some dancing, but most of them just reunited around the counter separating the room from the kitchen. Everyone looked like they were having fun, and the music set a nice vibration inside your chest. You felt good.
“What do you wanna drink?” Connie shouted over the music that wasn’t even that loud, but Sasha cut him right away.
“Nuh-uh, not gonna let you kill (y/n) tonight” she pushed into the crowd while holding your hand and guided you to the kitchen, making you sit on one of the stools.
She greeted everyone with a warm smile and soon introduced you, not getting too deep into the announcement because ‘they’d have to greet you themselves’. You just giggled and watched as a group of girls surrounded the counter, excited to get to know you.
You learned their names, Historia, Ymir, Pieck, Mikasa and Annie, and tried your best party small talk as they got into the ‘where did you get this top’ kind of conversations. They were very nice, and you could see why Sasha thought you would get along. You were pretty sure you’d seen them around before.
“So you go to Paradis?” Ymir asked as she sneaked an arm over her girlfriend’s shoulders.
“Yes, that’s how I met Sasha” you said and the other girl cheered from behind the counter. “Do you guys go there, too?”
“Yup” Historia nodded. “Just Annie and Pieck that go to Marley.”
“Tried one year in Paradis, Professor Ackerman made me transfer” Annie said as she took a sip of her drink.
“I have lit with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays” you looked down to your chest as you fidgeted with your necklace.
“Oh, you might know Eren then” Mikasa leaned into her crossed arms over the surface as she held her cup. “Tall, brown hair, messy bun…”
“Annoying as fuck” Ymir frowned and the other girl just gave her a shrug. “It’s so weird how you know his and Armin’s entire routines.”
“It’s the only way he’ll attend to class.” Mikasa replied.
“I don’t think I know him” you tried to remember the people in your class, but none matching the description came to mind.
“Really? He’s pretty hard to miss” the ravenette kept her dark eyes on you.
“You might bump into him later tonight” Sasha said as she pushed Historia and Ymir apart, holding two matching cups and giving you one of them. “Here you go, m’lady.”
“Aw, you didn’t have to” you smiled at her as you took a sip, coughing immediately. “Jesus, Sash, how much vodka did you put in here?”
Ymir grabbed the cup you put back and took a sip, coughing herself. “You just introduced her and already want us to say goodbye?”
“It’s not that bad” Sasha took a swig of her own cup and, surprise, coughed. “Might as well drink from the bottle.”
She threw her drink in the sink and grabbed the vodka bottle, not minding the looks.
“Didn’t Jean buy some branded tequila?” Pieck pointed out.
“Yea, but they taste weird” Connie said behind Mikasa, making everyone jump.
“When the fuck did you get here?” Sasha gave him the vodka bottle and he took a swig of his own.
“Just now, came with Armin” he pointed to his side, where an awkward blond boy stood and waved at you.
“How did you manage to be so silent?” Mikasa seemed surprised herself, and they all laughed it off.
Everyone now were too busy engulfed in their own conversations as you took a moment to look around, watching over the living room, doing their own things, and you felt the buzz of the alcohol already flowing under your skin. You’d only been in houses like this when you were a kid and used to visit your rich aunt, times where you only had to worry about multiplication homework and being carefree.
Your eyes took in everything they could see, from the big windows to the nice paintings hanging on top of the wallpaper. The golden frames had their own touch and added to the high standards that the room held, and you liked specially the Egyptian vase that stood in the corner, it seemed expensive and you liked the patterns.
You saw movement in the corner, right by the door, and watched as it opened, revealing a guy; but not just any guy, as the whole essence of the room changed with each of his steps. He was wearing black jeans and a simple shirt, nothing much, but he stood as if he was wearing a flashing neon sign. Probably was in your head, but you were pretty sure most of the room seemed to stop moving, and then it happened; his piercing jade eyes fell on you, like an emerald wave that washed over your whole spirit, and you didn’t know exactly what it was that you were feeling.
But as soon as he came, he went, and you just shook your head, blaming your daze on the alcohol.
“Wanna dance?” Sasha asked with a soft hand on your shoulder.
“Not really, but you can go” you said, sipping on the alcohol once more.
She stared for a little longer and you gave her a confirmation nod. “Just go!”
With a giggle, the girl left the kitchen and you saw as it became emptier by the second, the other girls asking if you’d like to go to the living room, but you felt like staying there for a little longer.
A few minutes passed by and your cup was now empty and your bladder full, so you decided to go bathroom hunting. You didn’t mind being alone, nor asking for information, since you felt like getting lost that night and exploring the rest of the big house and its secrets.
You climbed up the stairs, finding a full hallway, watching over some family pictures, and playing with a rose bouquet you found standing on a mahogany little table. While you haven’t met the owner of the house, you could tell some of his story, or at least guess from watching the portraits. There were some drawings in between, and you admired the artwork, wondering who might’ve done them, since the paper looked worn out from time.
They were just pictures, nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of one. You found it right above a small cupboard, hanging on the beige painted wall. It was an old and small photograph of a park, a bench standing in the middle, where sat a couple, holding hands and wearing old clothing, like those cool ribbon hats that you’d seen in pictures of your own family before. Their faces were faded, although, and there was a smudge on the corner, as if someone had run their fingers through the material a few times.
You felt a weird sensation in your stomach, you didn’t know exactly what it was, but looking too deeply into the picture wasn’t helping — your already drunk brain didn’t feel like processing anything else in that moment.
Down the hall, you found an open door, and lucky you, it was the bathroom!
You entered and closed the door behind you, doing your business quickly and washing your hands for far longer than you should. After drying them, you leaned onto the sink, staring into your own reflection and challenging the person staring back as you narrowed your eyes and dumb thoughts filled your mind. You’d stay for longer, but something outside the window crashed, and you jumped, scared at the sound. A small ‘fuck’ sounded from outside, and you felt chills. The fuck?!
Walking over to the window, you leaned onto the windowsill above the tub and looked around, finding the source of the sound sitting on the roof, looking away from you. What…?
“Holy shit” you heard the guy say as he found your half-frame staring back.
Oh, it’s the guy from before!
“Sorry” he offered you a small smile, “didn’t see you there.”
“What was the crash?” You asked, words falling from your mouth quickly when what you wanted to ask was about him.
“I stomped on a loose tile, I guess it fell” he replied and you just gave him a nod, trying to process the information. “If you want to use the bathroom, you can go ahead, I can’t even listen from here.”
“No, I was just… just curious.” You looked around, crossing your arms over the railing, eyes now staring into the night sky.
“Do you wanna… join me?” He asked and you looked over your shoulder at him, finding those mesmerizing green eyes from before, and you felt that same warm sensation bubbling in your stomach (or gas, as Sasha would say).
You didn’t reply, just jumped over the window, and walked a few steps over to him, very much balanced even though you were pretty tipsy. He offered you a hand for you to sit beside him, and you took it, feeling the warmth of his touch right away.
Something weird happened, though. The moment your fingers brushed his, you could swear something flashed right in front of your eyes. It was as if, suddenly, somehow, it was day, and as you looked to the side, you could see a small wooden cabin and big trees surrounding the background. But as soon as it started, it ended, and you felt a sharp pain to the back of your head.
“You okay?” The guy asked as you let go of his hand.
“Yea, I guess it was just the vodka showing its effects” you giggled and he did too. “Are you watching the stars?”
“Came for a smoke, stayed for the show” he pointed with his chin to two guys wrestling in the corner of the backyard and another laugh fell from your lips.
“Do you know them?” You asked as you watched the bulky blonde man push the other one to the ground and raise his arms celebrating victory.
“I do, actually” you could see him licking his lips from the corner of your eyes.
The wrestling match was soon over and you two sat in silence, the only company being of each other, the stars and the muffled music, but even though you didn’t know this guy, you felt good around him. He gave you a calming sensation, and you could relax and enjoy the buzz from the alcohol.
“You a friend of Jean’s?” He asked as he took the cigarette that he had above his ear, untangling it from his hair and placing it in his mouth.
“No” you replied as you placed your eyes on him, watching as he took the lighter from his back pocket. “Are you?”
“More like I tolerate him” he replied as he lit up the cigarette and inhaled the smoke. “Who did you come with, then?”
“Oh, Sasha!” You said quickly, a smile forming on your lips. “She wanted me to meet her friends.”
“Are you dating Sasha?” He asked, quite surprised and you frowned.
“No, I would go broke immediately” you stated and you two laughed. “Too much McDonalds.”
“You can say that again” the man let out the smoke slowly from his lips.
Your eyes fell on his lips as you watched the smoke fading into the air, and how graciously he did that. He seemed to notice you staring, because looking just a little higher, you could find his piercing gaze firing bullets into you.
You had a small perception of how you might’ve looked that instant, and you felt dumb, but your body screamed for you to keep in place. Something about that moment felt close to home, and just right. You saw his hand raising to his cigarette and watched as he took it off his lips, putting it out on a tile, and you were soon graced by the sound of his breathy laugh.
“I… I just noticed I don’t even know your name” he said, and you broke eye contact, the empty backyard now looked more appealing to stare at.
You told him your name and leaned your head on your shoulder, eyes going back to his. Even though he had the same stance as before, something seemed quite off about his expression. “You okay?”
He frowned and shook his head lightly, placing one of his hands on his forehead. “I guess the alcohol got me too.”
You giggled and crossed your legs.
“I’m Eren” he said, and his voice echoed inside your head, repeating the same phrase over and over. Have I met him before?
Clicking your tongue, you threw your head back and decided to stare at the sky, focusing on something else before you got a headache.
“It’s nice to meet you, Eren” you smiled and from the corner of your eye, you could swear he was smiling, too.
You woke up covered in sweat and shivers ran down your spine. You threw your covers to the floor and stood on wobbly legs to go to your desk and grab your water bottle, trying to take the cap off with shaky fingers and gulping it all down, the cool liquid being a contrast to your hot throat.
It was weird, you weren’t used to bad dreams. Most nights you would get the normal weird ones, maybe a class scenario, or just memories from your grandma’s house. On the most abnormal cases, you had dreams of flying, but not with wings, you weren’t sure how exactly, but you had those often, too.
Not this night, though.
This dream was vivid, you could feel all the sensations and even smell things. It was like real life, but the things about it… there was no way it could be.
Started with you inside some kind of airship, like those zeppelins you used to see on television, and it was night. You were talking to people you didn’t recognize the faces, but Sasha was there. One moment, you were joking around, the other, she had her eyes fixed on her stomach, and the smile faded from your lips right away when you noticed a small, fresh wound sitting there.
She looked up, eyes finding yours in a helpless gaze, then, she fell.
Bile rose to your throat and you gulped it down, taking deep breaths as you relived the scene once more, the screams of people trying to staunch her wound as she fought for her life, and were beside her, holding her arm and begging for the skies to let her live.
The dream ended with a bloody cough coming from her mouth and red staining your cheek.
You tried to find another water bottle around and gulped the remnants of it, too. You took your phone from the nightstand and pressed home to see it was two in the morning, and you had class at nine, so you could take some time to calm down and sleep a little more later.
You left your room, deciding it was too much to stay there any longer, and in your mind, you kept repeating calming and reassuring words over and over until you were sure that it was just a dream, and it couldn’t affect you. But still, you messaged your friend asking if she was alright, to which she responded right away that she was having trouble to fall asleep.
Maybe out of guilt you would buy her McDonalds later.
Entering the small living area of your apartment, you sat on your couch and threw your legs over the cushions, resting in the comforting darkness and enjoying the sounds that the night came with.
Your phone lit up to a notification and you took it closer to your narrowed eyes, the brightness assaulting your eyes right away.
ErenJaeger01 followed you
A small smile came to your lips as you opened the app, clicking shamelessly on his page and staring at his profile. You didn’t know how he’d found you, but maybe he was just as curious as you were.
The night of the party, you two just talked about some random things until you got a text from Sasha asking if you could hold her hair as she puked, and you said your goodbyes, sadly, not sure if you’d meet him again. Your dumb drunk brain didn’t even think of asking for his number, or saying something remarkable, you just left and thought you wouldn’t see him again too soon.
That’s why you felt something weird in your belly when you looked at his profile.
You didn’t take him for a public profile kind of guy, but even though it was open to all eyes, it didn’t have a lot to work with. He had four pictures, the first one being a young version of him with an older woman, the caption being ‘happy Mother’s Day’ and you felt a smile creep to your mouth.
The second picture was a side profile picture of him sitting on sand shirtless, and you tried not to stare to his chest — even though he was ripped — and the ocean behind him.
Third one was him with two other people, one you recognized as it being Mikasa, the girl you met at the party, and the other being the blonde boy you were introduced to, Armin. It was a sequence of pictures, the two others being them, but younger and younger, and you could see they’d been friends for a while.
The fourth one was another picture of his mother, but she was sitting on a bench wearing a sundress, and the picture had been taken while she wasn’t aware. She was beautiful, and had features just like his, resembling the boy too much. They were both beautiful.
But the caption was just a black heart, and there were two highlighted comments, one from Mikasa that said ‘miss her so much’ and the other one was from an account you didn’t know who it belonged to, saying ‘eight years since an angel joined the sky’.
You felt your heart breaking from the thought. You didn’t know what kind of pain he must’ve been through, but you felt for him.
A yawn fell from your lips and you realized you’d spent a solid 20 minutes just stalking him. You quickly clicked on follow back and turned it off, deciding you should get some rest.
Morning came and with it you were pleased that you were able to dream of something better than before. It was that same flying dream, and you were surrounded by big pine trees, comforted by their smell. Way better than Sasha getting shot, you could say.
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jaegereism · 10 hours ago
autumn with eren
Tumblr media
imagine going to pumpkin patch with eren. he drapes his red flannel over you when you get too cold. eren is savage enough to easily survive the crisp weather just in his wife-beater tank top. *heart eyes* he annoys you by carving ugly faces on the pumpkins, causing you to whine since he already ruined so many pretty pumpkins. he ends up laughing his head off if you get too pouty. as cheesy as it sounds, eren is going to carve heart-shaped eyes on the pumpkins as an apology.
once the sun is setting and the air is misty, he drives you to an abandoned haunted house you have been wanting to visit for so long. eren teases you a little when you get afraid. however, he never lets go of your hand if you are too pale. baby doesn’t want you to have a heart attack. he barely ever gets afraid since he is a badass, but you get to enjoy his jump-scares when you ‘boo’ him suddenly. he is going to roll his eyes and tell you that jump-scares are instinctual. it’s your turn to laugh at him now.
when eyes are droopy and energy is low, you return to the little cabin eren has rented in the woods. he wraps you in blankets while your head rests on his chest. you and eren watch all kinds of horror movies with halloween snacks and beer. you both laugh your asses off at how stupid some of the movies are. on most nights, you and him end up sleeping while cuddling on the couch. the scary movies keep playing in the background.
Tumblr media
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jaegrackrmn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had my issues with the final chapter but Eren's emotional outburst wasn't one of them and that scene of ch139 is actually one of my favorite Eren scenes. He wanted nothing more than to be together with Mikasa and that's why the thought of her finding another man and moving on is painful for him. It's heartbreaking and not cringe or out of character like the haters claim it to be. No, it's just Eren expressing his selfish desire.
Tumblr media
He did tell Mikasa to forget about him and to be free in chapter 138. He wanted her to be happy no matter how much he was hurting inside to let her go.
Tumblr media
He asked Armin to not repeat those words to Mikasa which is why his breakdown is simply him finally letting it all out in front of his best friend before he dies, his selfish wish as well as his emotions and suppressed feelings about the girl he has always loved. (sidenote: i also love how Yams used manbun Eren here to break down over Mikasa in contrast to the coldhearted jerk manbun Eren we saw in chapter 112).
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ficsforeren · 2 days ago
Hi could we possibly get a snippet of next chapter
Love your work and proud of you
Have a great day🤗
again???? well, anything for you baby 😉 let's see...
“Eren, l need—let me take care of your bruises first.” Paying no mind, Eren trails his tongue along the throbbing vein, nipping harshly at your skin. You place both hands on the edge of the counter, gripping onto it like the floor is crumbling underneath you. The thin strap of your dress is falling over your shoulder, showing him a glimpse of your chest that heaves up and down, desperate for air. “W-wait—please—you need to rest—”
“Can I fuck you?” He asks in such urgency, almost in a form of a growl, just a second before he catches your earlobe between his teeth.
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besotted-eros · 2 days ago
Im loving these alphabet ones 😫 As much as I wanna say all of them I’ll pick 3. Eren and Q T V
IM SO GLAD YOU'RE LIKING THEM they're so much fun to do
18+ Only
Q is for... Quickie
Eren is the KING of quickies. He just knows your body so well, knows exactly what to do to make that pleasure stretch or give it to you in a big enough wave to knock you over. By the time you open your mouth to invite him for a quick little romp he already has your skirt above your waist, thumbing your clit as he feels you wet for him. Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when, Eren will fuck you silly within moments. Riding his lap in the front seat of his car, in the washroom at the club... Fuck, you looked so hot in your little yoga pants that he had to send you to your work out class with a pussy full of hot cum.
T is for... Toy
Toys are for Eren to use on you, full stop. He'll get jealous if you use any by yourself, whining about how "he's right here, you could have invited him! You didn't even take any pictures?" But when he's around? He likes changing the speed of the vibe while you hold it in just the right spot. Or pushing a cute little jeweled butt plug into your tight ass, he just thinks his princess looks so pretty like that...
V is for... Volume
This man will not shut up. If he has a hard on, his mouth is running. And it says the filthiest shit. At first its low, hissed into your ear or against your skin. Non stop stream of "fuck baby, yeah? Gonna make me feel so good so fast, huh sweetheart? Get so wet for me, get so wet for me it feels so fucking amazing..." And then by the end he is punctuating every thrust with a loud moan of pleasure, profanities streaming from his mouth as he stares down at your beautiful face, figuring out the next name to call you so you'll melt on his dick even faster.
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chososcumslutt · a day ago
Trainwreck - Eren Jaeger (7)
Chapter seven: With me, and no one else.
Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Reader
Series summary: Reader is an 18-year-old, high school student. On her way to school one day, she meets a boy on the train. Will their train, wreck or will they somehow make it work?
Info on Reader: Reader is a logical person. She's organized and tidy. She uses logic and common sense when she makes choices. Some events in her life and some people in her life will cause her to question her sanity as she no longer can differentiate if she's using her heart or brain.
Info on Eren Jaeger on this book: Eren doesn't think. He uses his heart to express himself. If he feels like something is wrong, he will act on those feelings. He's very emotional and speaks his mind. There haven't been many times when Eren felt regret after acting on his emotions; until he met you.
Content: High school! Au, Eren x Reader, strangers to friends, friends to lovers, eventual smut.
word count: 7.2k
CW: mentions of sex, alcohol consumption, mentions of injuries, mentions of death.
see masterlist // navigation // read previous chapter // read next chapter
Tumblr media
The afternoon passed by quickly. You indulged in multiple activities that had you feeling sweaty and breathless by the end of the day.
It was now pitch black outside. The air had gotten impossibly colder, but it doesn't bother you, it's refreshing instead of bothersome.
You and your friends left the ambrosial cafeteria with full bellies and wide smiles. Mr. Smith had just announced the nighttime activities, and you couldn't have been more excited.
"At what time do you think they'll let us off?" Amalie asked as she walked into the girls' room with you by her side.
"No idea. Probably sometime after 1 AM," you said.
"Do you think the boys will come?" She walked to her bunk and opened the lilac suitcase that lay on her bed.
"To what?" You copy her actions and pick out a few fuller clothing attires that would be more suited for the weather of the deep night.
"I kinda wanna bring out the alcohol, and stuff tonight. Maybe tomorrow too." She took a large black jacket and slipped it over her honey-like hair. Her body was swallowed by it not long after.
"Oh, of course, they will. Especially Jean. You seem to have him wrapped around your finger." You smile and send her a teasing look, to which she responds with a scoff.
"I don't know what you're talking about." She looked off to the creamy white walls you were surrounded by and crossed her arms.
A slight flush marked her plump cheeks as she thought about if what you had said was true.
With an eye roll and a huff, the flustered girl closed her suitcase and walked to the wooden door at the entrance of the room.
"Let's go." She turned around and waited for you.
As you walk outside into the empty grass fields, you see a big crowd and nudge Amalie to get her to look. The closer you get, the louder Mr. Smith's roaring voice gets.
"Hey," you whispered as you squeezed between Eren and Emilia, "What are we doing?"
Before they could respond, Mr. Smith seemed to have the answers you were looking for.
"For those of you who are late." He looked around the crowd, not making eye contact with you—but you know it was directed at you. "The night activities will be teamwork with your assigned groups; just like we've done all afternoon. We've hidden a few objects. Each object is worth its amount of points. The team with the highest points wins."
He begins walking from left to right, whilst speaking in a stern voice. "All of the objects have been hidden in the forest. We've given two lists with what the objects look like, and the points they're worth to two participants of each group."
Mr. Smith halts his movement and places his arms behind his back. "The team's captains will not take part in this game. They'll keep close, to make sure no one gets injured while you're in the forest. That's all. Go!"
"I have a list," Eren says as he turns to face you.
"Good. We can split our group into two, what do you guys think?" You look at your other group contestants who have gathered around you.
Everyone agrees.
Tumblr media
"You found it?" Yasmin asks as you and Emilia run-up to her.
"Yup, Mr. Smith's pocket watch." You throw the golden item at Yasmin and she catches it. She holds it by the chain and lets the round watch, hang in front of her face.
"He really is an old man, huh?" She grabs it all in one go and puts it in her pocket.
"How many points is that?" Connie asked.
"Let me check," Eren said, taking a list out of his pocket. "10 points. I'd say we're pretty good right now. We have maybe..." he looks at the list of items and counts the ones you have accumulated. "...Twenty points?"
You throw your head back with a groan. "It's not enough. We're gonna lose."
"No, we're not. We got this." Connie enthusiastically shakes your left shoulder in an attempt to comfort you.
Eren clears his throat. "Why do you think that?" He looks at you.
"Because I'm pretty sure group yellow has Reiner, Annie, AND Mikasa. They probably even have the highest object already."
"Yeah, no, dummy." Eren flicks your forehead. "Reiner and Annie are in group yellow. Mikasa is in group green."
"Yeah, she's with Hitch, I think?" Yasmin looks at Eren and he nods his head. "How did you not know?"
"Eren's nickname for her says it all," Connie laughs.
Yasmin punches his shoulder and sucks her lips to avoid letting her laugh slip.
"Bitch, you're laughing too!" Connie said.
"Guys, shut up, ____ read this for me, I can't read well in the dark." Eren gives you the list with all the items.
"It says..." You squint and move your face closer to the paper in your hands. "Mr. Ackerman's cravat is worth 30 points."
"It's the highest item, we should prioritize it," Eren says.
You take a step back, feeling uncomfortable by awkwardly standing still, and feel a twig snap bellow your feet, its sound, echos around the forest.
"What was that?" Emilia shrieked, arms and shoulders scrunching as her eyebrows raise in worry.
"Just a branch." You bend down and quickly rub on your calf, where part the twig had hit you.
"Eren, since it's so valuable it's probably gonna be hard to find," Yasmin said.
"Okay, If we split into pairs, we'll get this done a lot quicker. If each pair takes a picture of the list and looks for different things, we won't have to worry about time," Eren says.
"Yeah, that's good," Yasmin said. She turns around and looks at Connie and Emilia. "We can go as a trio. I'll text the rest about this."
Connie and Emilia agreed. Yasmin took a picture of the list and walked behind them in the opposite direction you were going.
Eren turned around and began walking. You look back at the three leaving and see Yasmin looking back at you. She nods her head in Eren's direction and wiggles her eyebrows.
You scoff.
Eren turns around. "What?"
You look at him. "Nothing, let's go."
As you walked through the dark and empty forest, the air continuously got filled by the sounds of the crunching, dried leaves on the floor, and the sounds of soggy grass being stomped on.
It's dead quiet between you and Eren, each one focusing on finding Mr. Ackerman's hidden treasure. The more you walk, the louder the singing of crickets and other bugs got, which made you recoil in disgust. You also hear a few screams come from deep in what seemed like the endless forest and look at Eren, whose pupils nervously moved from one corner of his eyes to the other.
"Don't tell me you're scared?" you say.
"You don't know what's out here." He focuses on the never-ending, high trees ahead of him.
"Yes, I do. It's private property. You're fine." You look at him and shine your phone's flashlight in his face.
He squints and covers the shine of the flashlight with his hands.
"You're pale, Eren. Are you actually scared?"
He winces when he hears screaming again.
"Eren, they're probably being scared by other students and not... whatever you're imagining at the moment." You look at him but his face doesn't budge.
With a sigh leaving your lips you lock your phone and put it in your back pocket. "Fine. Want me to take your mind off of it?"
Eren snaps his head towards you. "What?"
"When I was little..." you look at the deep blue sky, trying to remember the memory you're about to share with him.
"Oh." He scratches his nape and looks the other way to hide the heat that had pooled in his neck.
"I tried to make my bathroom a I guess?" You look at him and see him gawking at you. "I don't know what I was thinking, I was seven.
"Anyway, I put towels on the gap under the door to... you know... keep the water in?"
Eren chuckled with a shake of his head.
"Yeah, I know. Well, after I made sure the water couldn't escape, I filled my bathtub all the way, so it would overboard into the floor."
His deep, jade eyes widen. "No way!"
"Yes, way. Let me finish! Anyway, I planned to fill the tub, and then let all the water that fell on the floor, fill the room. And it was working, in my defense. The water came up to my ankles before I heard a loud knock on my door."
"Oh, no." He hides his face in his hands and laughs.
"Yeah. My dad. He was livid. Apparently, the water had sunk into the carpet of the hallway. And guess what!"
"The room that was under that hallway was my dad's office."
"Oh, no, no, no."
"Yes, yes, yes. My dad noticed because the roof leaked on his COMPUTER."
"Yeah, he was all like 'open the door, right now' and I was like, 'are you sure about that?'. My mom came to calm everyone down because I was scream crying, and didn't know what to do. I turned the water off and let the water in my bath go. After that, they told me to get the cup that held my toothbrush and throw the water in the bath little by little."
"Oh, hell nah. You deserved it though."
"Shut up. Anyway, after the water could no longer be picked up by a cup, they made me grab a towel, suck the water in, and then squeeze it in the bath until there was nothing more than a puddle. I lost my Wii privileges after that." You look at the ground and jokingly pout.
"Huh. So that's why you're shit at Mario kart?" He smirked and avoided eye contact with you.
You gawk at him. "Shut up. I distracted your pussy ass. Your turn."
He turns his head to look at you. "Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty awesome and never embarrass myself, you know."
"Literally what do you mean? You're a walking meme."
"Aye, not cool."
"Just tell me a childhood story or something."
"Okay. When I was a little lad, if I-"
"Damn, okay. No more berries and cream for me, huh?"
You elbow him on the ribs. "Keep talking and I'll make sure mummy's gone."
Eren crouched down and held the side of his waist with his large hands, whilst he faked a cry through shut eyes. "I'll keep doing the little lad dance, even if she's gone!"
"Shut up, you're not funny." You look off to the bushes around you and wait for him to talk.
"Okay, um, when I used to visit my grandparents in Germany, I loved going to this big forest that was close to my house." Eren looked at the trees around him with a calm expression. You turn your head to look at him.
"I would drag my sister along with me and be the hero I always wanted to be. I'd go on adventures with her deep in the forest, which my dad always told me not to do, but I was the hero. I didn't care."
Eren silently looked at the ground. You furrow your brows at the sudden quietness, and when you opened your mouth to speak, he continued.
"One day, in that forest, we found the dead bodies of three men."
Your eyes widen at that, hand flying to stop the gasp that had managed to escape through your lips.
"Police investigated it. And, it was wolves. The thought that it could have been me, or worse, my sister who I would force to go with me, made me sick to my stomach. I guess I just feel uneasy." He chucked, trying to lift the mood.
"That's so scary," you blurt out.
"Yeah, dummy. Apologize for bullying me. Now!" He shined his flashlight on your face which you turned away from with a groan.
He laughs and shines his light in a different direction. "No, but seriously. Thank you. I feel better now."
"That's what I'm here for." You look at him, your eyes connecting to his, making you feel safe and warm. You flash him a smile and look at the path ahead of you.
Eren found himself staring at your moving figure for longer than he should have. A small smile found its way on his face as he saw you look around from left to right. "Let's look for Mr. Ackerman's cum napkin, or whatever the fuck it's called," he says.
"Ugh, I wish." You look at him and smile when you see his face change in disgust.
Tumblr media
“Eren!" You straighten your bent body and dust any filth away from your coat.
"What?" He whipped his head in your direction and stood up as well.
"I found it." You run out of the bushes you were practically buried in, to the empty path in between the forest. "I fucking found it!"
"What! No way!" He ran out of the large tree trunks that surrounded him and took the napkin from your hands once he caught up to you. He couldn't believe his eyes.
"You found it!" He held the silky white object in front of his face and when he brought it down, he hugged you while jumping up and down, and yelling, "Let's fucking gooo!"
"Let me call Connie, hold on." He turned away from you and left you there, pounding heart so loud, he was bound to hear it.
You try to make it seem like it wasn't affecting you, though you were sure your rib cages would shatter at any second now from the carnival your heart decided to throw.
what the fuck? You place your hand on top of your left breast and feel it go crazy with the beats.
"Connie wants us to go back," Eren says as he places his phone in his back pocket.
You remove your hand from your chest as if the blood that streamed under your touch was suddenly too much to bear. "I'm a fucking genius," you say, playing it off and turning around to go back.
"Okay, let's not get a big head now. I could've found it if I wanted to."
"No, you couldn't. Shut up."
"Dude." He looks at you and tries to hide the smile that threatens to invade his face. "Whatever."
He looks at the leaves you're crunching with your feet and catches your hand in his sight.
Eren grabs your hand in his, stands still, and shines his flashlight on it. His touch was cold at first, sending shivers down your lower back and imprisoning your breaths in your chest. But the more he inspected your bruised fingers, the warmer his touch got. So warm in fact, your face was suffocating from it and your neck felt itchy.
"It's still like this, huh?" Eren looks at you in the eyes. His pupils were pretty but filled with worry.
"Um, yeah. I don't even feel it. I'm fine, I promise."
"I still feel bad," he said, mainly to himself.
"You? But Connie pushed me, not you."
"Yeah, I know. But if I had done it, I wouldn't have been this rough with you." His gaze was locked on your hand as heat quickly invaded your face.
You slip your hand away from his touch, afraid he'll feel its dampness.
His eyes find yours, confused.
"My nails aren't done, don't look at them." You laugh and motion him, with a nod at the path in front of you. "Let's go."
"Oh." He looks down and chuckles. "Right." He joins you.
His hand that held yours felt heavy and tingly, almost like he was getting a cramp. He lightly shook it as it hung down his side, to make the strange feeling go away.
Tumblr media
"So, where is it," Yasmin asks as she jogs up to you and Eren.
"Right here." Eren waves the cravat like it was a flag.
Connie grabs it. "Okay, we definitely won, right?"
"Let's find out." Emilia nods to Professor Hange who was gathering everyone up.
"Kids, place your items in front of you and each captain will count them."
Mr. Ackerman stood in front of the pile of items on the floor. The rest of the teachers were with their groups.
When Mr. Ackerman began to count, you could see a faint smile on his face once he saw the cravat.
"Guys, my group has 30 points," Professor Hange announced.
"My squad has 26," Mr. Smith said.
"Mine has 40," Mr. Zacharias said with a smile.
"Mine has 50," Mr. Ackerman said, a stern expression on his face, but you know him well enough to know this is his smiling face, or, well, you think it is.
"Well, that's our answer then. Congratulations, team blue has won." Professor Hange announced.
Connie, Eren, and the other boys in your group jumped up and down and ran to where group red was gathered to mock Jean.
"Alright, kids. Today was a long day, yeah?" Hange nodded and looked around as they spoke. They looked down at their watch. "It's a bit past midnight already and I know you're tired. Go to your rooms and have some sleep. I'll expect you all in the cafeteria by 8 AM, latest!"
Amalie looks at you through the crowd with a devilish look.
Guess I'm not sleeping tonight.
Tumblr media
"Okay, at what time?" Historia asked as she shut the door to your room. She jumped to Amalie's bunk where all the girls were gathered at.
"I'm texting Jean and he said they'll be ready in 20 minutes," Amalie said.
"That's perfect!" Historia said.
"No, you fucking bimbo. What if the teachers come to check on us?" Sasha said.
You cover your laugh with your hand and Historia punches you in the arm.
"Yeah, that's what I thought too!" Amalie said as she shoved m&m's in her mouth. "Maybe in like an hour or something we could go."
"Okay, I recommend going in our pajamas. Just in case a teacher hears us," Hitch said.
"Amalie's probably wondering if lingerie counts as pajamas," Annie said, as she stood from the bed and made her way to her bunk.
"Well... does it?" Amalie held her m&ms filled hand in the air as she looked around, waiting for a response.
"You can wear it under silk pajamas or some shit. Innocently seduce him if you want," you said.
Amalie filled her mouth with the m&ms that waited in her hand. "I don't know who you're talking about."
"Yeah, sure." Mikasa patted her back.
"____, come here," Yasmin said, leaving her spot next to Amalie and going to her shared bunk.
"What's up," you say as you approach her, leaning against the said bunk.
"You should take your advice." She lifts her brows.
"I see how you look at him." She smiled and looked at you up and down.
You choke on your spit. "No idea what you're talking about... but please elaborate."
"I know you got some silk laying in your suitcase somewhere, wear it."
"I'll look silly."
"You'll look sexy. I'll get the other girls to do it too." She reaches for your hands. "If you want him, do something. You don't have to wait for him to make the first move."
"Fine," you huff.
"Go get your stuff, I'll wait for you."
"Okay." You practically hop to your bunk and grab your suitcase, you drag it to Yasmin's and open it. "What do you think?"
"About your panties?" She held a pink lace thong in her hand. Your eyes widen and you snatch it away from her.
"They're very nice, you don't have to tell me. And no." You grab a silky set of shorts and a top. "This. What do you think?"
"I like it. It's subtle."
"Okay, I'm- it's casual, right?"
"Yeah, I just said that." She laughed.
"Okay, I'm just nervous. I don't wanna make it weird, you know?"
Yasmin looked at the carpeted ground beneath her with a sigh. "Yeah, I do." She looked up at you and quickly smiled after seeing you had noticed her sudden mood change. "So, try it on."
If she wanted to talk about it she would.
"Okay." You let the topic go and hide behind Yasmin's bunk and change. The light material feels cool on your skin.
"Ta-da?" You walk out and stand behind her.
She turns around. "Aye, you look good. Do a little spin for me."
You roll your eyes and spin.
A bigger smile showed itself on her face. "Cool, I'll talk to the girls."
Tumblr media
"Get in, and sit on the floor!" Historia whispers at the boys entering the room.
"Why? So you'll feel tall for once?" Eren asks as he walks through the door.
Historia quickly catches up to him and quirks him in the calves.
"Guys! If you get us caught I'll blame everything on you two!" Amalie whisper-shouts.
"What did you bring and what are we doing?" Jean asks as he leans on Connie's shoulder.
"Let's play, never have I ever, if you have, drink," Sasha said. She was sitting with her legs crossed on the ground.
Emilia walks in with a few glass bottles in her hands and sits after setting them on the floor.
You and the girls forbid anyone to use the toilets for at least an hour before meeting here. You used that time to clean the floors.
After you sit, Eren and Connie sit by both of your sides.
Connie leaned forward and grabbed a bottle of vodka. "Amalie I love you," He said.
"I know, I know. What would you guys do without me." She pours gin, Campari, and beer into a few cups. Connie pours the vodka into the other cups.
After everyone was sat, Amalie began the game. "Okay, never have I ever—fuck, I don't masturbated?"
Everyone reached for different cups and drank. You heard a few "really's?" once the cups were placed on the floor again.
"Okay, let me spice that up for you, Ams. Never have I ever, masturbated to anyone in this room," Jean said, looking at Amalie as he reached for a cup.
You don't know if you should drink or not. There weren't that many people in the room an-
Eren reached for a cup and took a sip, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. He placed it back down and wiped his mouth with his wrist.
You reached for a cup and take a sip as well. Amalie, Yasmin, Mikasa, and Connie followed after.
"Dirty whores." Jean smiled.
"Never have I ever fingered someone at a friend's birthday dinner," Connie said, elbowing you and looking at Jean.
Jean scoffed and took a long sip of the cup that was already in his hands.
"Never have I ever, fucked someone in public," Yasmin said.
Eren looked at her. "Does a car count?"
"Yeah," Yasmin replied, reaching for a cup herself.
"Well, in that case..." You brought the cup to your lips and took a sip. You see from the corner of your eye, Eren reaching for a cup and drinking too.
"Never have I ever, I don't know, cheated," Eren said, looking at you from the corner of his eye.
You didn't move and neither did he. Connie shrugged and reached for a cup.
You scoff. "Shawty can't even get one girl," you whispered to Eren.
"Let him live his moment," he whispered back.
"Never have I ever, sexted the wrong person," Historia said while looking at Eren.
You cover your laugh with your hand and he elbows you. He reached for the plastic cup and took a sip, when he placed the cup back down on the floor, his arm brushed past your thigh. He left it there.
"Never have I ever, been walked in on while having sex." Eren looks at Historia. She reached for a cup and took a sip. Jean and Ymir joined her.
"What? A threesome?!" you say.
Historia looks at Jean and gags. "I'd rather get hit with a bus."
"Damn." Jean downed the rest of the gin in his cup. "Don't act like I'd ever fuck you either."
"Shut up," Amalie said and look at Eren. "When did this happen?"
"Did you guys not notice when Historia and Ymir disappeared during volleyball?" Eren asked.
"No fucking way," you say, looking at the blonde and brunette in front of you.
"I just wanted to use the bathroom." Eren jokingly sobbed, which made everyone fill the room with laughter, well, not everyone.
"Anyway, Jean! Why- he also got caught. Let's hear him out," Historia said, lowkey growled.
Ymir seemed completely unbothered by this. You couldn't see much of her face, because she continuously sipped on her drink, but you could see the cheeky smile she tried to hide.
"Oh, Eren. Wanna tell that one?" Jean asked, grabbing another cup from the center of the floor to chug it down as well.
"I'm just the luckiest boy, aren't I?" Eren laughed as he shook his head. "I made the mistake of going to Jean's house unannounced." He looked at Mikasa for a split second before resuming with a smile on his face. "Let's say I understood why we call him horse face."
Jean set the now-empty plastic cup on the ground. "I'm fucking bored of this. I'm going to my room. Ams, wanna come?"
You shoot your head in Amalie's direction send her a cheeky grin. She rolls her eyes and grabs Jean's hand.
You stand and walk to the back of the bathroom, which was where the sinks were as everyone else exited the room.
You turn the tap on, letting your trembly hands get wrapped around the soothing, warm water that slightly left a trail of steam behind as it splashed on your skin.
When you look in the mirror in front of you, you see Eren walking to you.
"Who'd you accidentally sext?" You look back down at your hands as you lather the mint-colored soap on them.
Eren turned and leaned against the cool, marbled sink once he reached it.
He crossed his arms. "Historia. It was years ago, probably my first time sexting. I thought she forgot about It," he chuckled, shoulders slightly raising and dropping back down.
"Who was it for?" You keep your gaze on your hands as you rinsed them for longer than necessary, water starting to sting.
Eren furrowed his brows when he turned to look at you. He tried to hide the small smile that threatened to reveal itself on his face when he saw the way you fidgeted with your hands.
"Some chick I liked at the time."
"Oh," you let out a stiff laugh.
He continued looking down at your hands. "At the time."
When you turn your head to look at him, your eyes meet for the quick second he stopped staring at your body language.
With an inhale so deep, it raised your chest, "So!" you said, turning around and taking a paper towel from the dispenser on the wall and scrunching it from how quickly you handled it. You throw it in the bin.
You turn around, unaware of what to do with your hands, or arms, or posture, or yourself—you shake those thoughts away. "What'd you talk about with Jean today?"
"What?" He frowned.
You squeeze your eyes shut, along with a bodily cringe at the revelation.
"You've been spying on me again?" A boyish grin on his face.
"You wish." You turn around and lean your body on the edge of the sink, you hold the marbled ledge in your hands for support.
"Cool." He pushed away from the sink. "You guys cleaned the whole floor, right?" he said, inspecting the floor with a small crease of his brows.
"Yeah. Y'all could've helped, but-"
He quickly turns and slides down the wall that's next to the sinks and taps on the free spot next to him.
He altered his position before speaking, bending his legs straight in front of him and laying his forearms on his knees. "I don't know why you're so invested in my relationship with Jean, but I'll tell you anyway." He looks at you taking a few steps towards him, and tucking your shorts with your hands to make sure nothing shows through the loose item. You cross your legs and lean forward with your elbows on your legs.
Your knee was stuck with his thigh, the fabric of his joggers feeling warmer than it should on your bare skin.
Eren takes a deep breath, for multiple reasons, but mainly because he hasn't talked about this new friend of his with anyone else. He concentrates by looking at the stalls in front of him. "Jean and I have known each other for a long time like I told you when you came to my house."
He isn't looking at you, but you still nod and quietly analyze his features.
"We argued a lot back then,  sometimes it'd get physical too. We grew up and got over the fighting and shit. I guess we developed a friendship? I don't know."
He looks at you for a second, debating if he should tell you this. He sighs. "You probably noticed by now, but my sister and I don't really get along."
"Yeah, I can tell," you say, followed by a breathy laugh.
"We were really close though. She, Armin, and I used to be inseparable." The smile that appears on his face as he looked at the white floor tiles, wasn't your typical smile. Not the ones where your lips curl on your face, and your eyes shine, no. It was the kind that pained your heart to look at. The kind where his facial features stayed relaxed as he recalled the memories of his friends.
You know all of this, you were told by multiple people from your friend group, plus, you have eyes. But he doesn't need to know that.
"Oh, really?" You look off to the stalls he stared at earlier, acting as unbothered as possible.
Eren scoffed. "You don't have to lie. I know you know."
You whip your head in his way. "Okay, yeah, I noticed. So, what happened?"
"We-" Eren lets out a breathy laugh. "That's another story for another day." He shakes his head and looks at the stalls again.
"I'm always with Jean though. So he knows everything."
You yawn and squeeze your eyes shut, the alcohol you consumed earlier finally hitting you. You open your eyes again and instantly shut them, from having a spiny room enter your vision. You lean back against the wall to rest your head, but that just makes it feel dull and weird, and fuck, it kinda hurts too- you let it fall to the side and your body instantly tensed up when you felt it hit him.
Eren looked down at you, from his angle, all he could see was the top of your head and not your face, which was frozen, or your eyes that looked like they were about to pop out of your skull at any second now. You cringe at your action and squeeze them back shut, silently wishing to disappear before he tells you to get the fuck off his shoulder.
But he doesn't. Sure, a few muscles of his flexed with feeling your head on him, and your body so close to his—but that was it. After he stopped talking for a few seconds, he was back to speaking as if nothing had happened. Or, at least, that's what you thought. Luckily for him, you couldn't see how he fidgeted with his phone, or when he set it down to mess with his fingers, or even how his feet tapped as he tried to release some stress.
"So, um..." Eren looked up at the ceiling, trying to calm his breathing and pouncing heart. You felt heavier on him, almost as if you were asleep, the thought was making his head spin, either that or it was the alcohol.
He looks down at you again and sees you completely still. Eren took a deep breath. "I hate to say this, and I hope you're asleep, but Jean has been a good friend, great even."
He looks down at his fidgety hands. "It's crazy cus he used to annoy the living shit out of me. He used to think he was better than everyone else, and I hated that. He didn't care about anybody but himself and his well-being." Eren furrows his brows. "I think we were 15 when he changed that mindset. That way of thinking got Marco and him into trouble. He ditched being selfish because of that and over the years, he grew on me."
He looks at you again and smiles a little. "But lately he's been there for me in a way no one has. He lets me stay at his house as much as possible and that alone is just like, wow. He's also a great lift, will get cranky if I mess with the radio though." His shoulders raise up and down as he lets a soft laugh fill the air.
"I mean, I guess there are some downsides to getting this close to him. I've walked into him fucking some girl, three times now. And for some reason the last time it happened, his dick was out of her, and I had to see it?" Eren looks at the ground and sighs. "Nice dick tho, no cap."
That's when you lose it and burst out laughing.
He looked down at you slowly lifting yourself off of him. "Wha- you didn't hear that."
You cover your face as you laugh. "Yes, I did."
"No, you didn't." He nudged you and laughed as he looked away.
"Okay, so what does 'Jean's nice dick' have to do with what I asked?"
"Oh, right. I don't know, he just told me something he overheard. That's probably what you saw."
"So, y'all were gossiping?" You turn your body, now sitting across from him.
"It's not gossiping." He furrows his brows and faces you. His eyes fell on your left shoulder instead of meeting with your eyes.
His eyes trailed down to your collarbones before dropping down to the smooth skin of your breasts.
He quickly looks away as he blinked multiple times, neck and cheeks growing warmer.
You look down and smile when you saw your top's strap halfway down your arm, which happened to be slightly exposing your breasts.
I love you, Yasmin.
"It is!" You move a bit closer to him, alcohol definitely making you bolder than usual.
"It's not!" He rolled his eyes and looked at you again. He was determined to pretend as if nothing had happened and as if the bit of cleavage he had just seen, wasn't clouding his thoughts like a damn middle schooler who had just gone through a playboy magazine.
But all of that flew out the nonexistent window of the room you were in when his eyes found yours. You had those eyes, the kind that cleared his mind from, well, you instantly.
Eyes, heavy and glossed, slowly blinking and fluttering your eyelashes at him. The lazy smile on your face, how you licked your lips when you looked down at his, that, and your hands which were formed into fists at the hem of your shirt, made it evident of what you wanted.
"We..." He licks his lips and swallows hard. "Weren't talking shit." Eren tilted forward, slowly. Unsure of where he wanted to lead this.
"I doubt that," you say slightly above a whisper, looking at his glistening lips as you feel your cheeks tingle with how warm your body was.
He stares at yours back, fighting back the urge to lunge at you and take what he wants.
You feel your breath get stuck in your throat, as he kept moving forward to finish closing to space between the two of you.
"What can I do to make you believe me." He slowly whispered.
The low rasp of his voice made your lungs finally get that breath of air you deprived them of, as you sharply inhaled from his tone. Your hands trembling from how badly you wanted this.
"Prove it to me."
You both know that whatever you were talking about isn't what's in the air at the moment. The tension was so thick, it was almost visible, but you could definitely feel it. Like it was a thick fog clouding yours and his thoughts, making you say random things you would never dare to admit out loud. But anything to keep the moment going.
"I want to, so bad." Eren swallowed out, breaths getting heavier as the seconds went by.
"Then, why don't you?" You stare into his captivating green eyes. They were slightly blown out, probably from his thoughts running a thousand miles an hour. His cheeks flushed a pretty pink color that tailed its way to the tips of his ears. His lips were parted and plump, waiting, dying to be combined with yours.
Eren raised a shaky hand your way, fingers brushing over the hot skin of your arms, sending shivers down your spine as you realize just how much you craved his touch. The first time he has touched you in this way, and you're already obsessed. Already recording the scene in front of you, to play over and over when you crave him again.
Eren's light touch left its burning and tingling trail up your skin as it found the loose strap on your shoulder that started it all. He gently dragged it back to where it should have been, and he left his hand to rest there for a little longer as he looked down at your chest. Not exactly looking at what got his mind running in the begging, but how it moved up and down. How your skin glistened with the harsh lights.
He closed his eyes with a deep breath for a final time, but when he opened them again, his attention was drawn to somewhere else.
You heard with what sounds like the creek of an opening door.
You whip your head in the sound's direction and jump away from Eren's touch.
Eren quickly stands up and faces the mirror as he pretends to wash his hands in the sink.
Emilia walks in and stares at the two of you, completely oblivious as to what had happened. "Are you guys alright?"
You and Eren look at each other before looking back at her.
Emilia looked at Eren for a while longer—well— not exactly at him, but at what he was doing.
He was swirling his hands together in the sink as if he was washing his hands, except there was no water or soap. She looks back at you. "____, let's go the girls are waiting."
You stand up and dust your shorts from any dirt that may have been on the floor and look at Eren through the reflection in the mirror. Both silently thinking, the same thing. "I'll go in a bit."
"No. C'mon, let's go." She takes the extra steps to grab your arm.
Eren suddenly forgets about the nonexistent water that should've been soaking his skin when he turns around and takes a hold of Emilia's shoulder. "I'll take her, don't worry."
Emilia looks at him and then looks at you. "I'll give you guys a minute." With that, she turns and exits the room.
You huff and look at Eren. "Well," you see him awkwardly looking around the room. "I should go."
Eren stands there for a while, completely unaware that you were indeed not planning to continue what you had started earlier.
Until it hits him. "Oh, um, yeah, she might come back."
"Bye." You wave to him and walk to exit the bathroom. Your heart, stammering so loud you felt its beat in your eardrums.
"I- thank you," he says.
"What? Why?"
"I haven't talked to anyone about myself in a while, except for Jean, but he doesn't count."
Your chest is filled with coziness once more, but you hide it with a smile as warm as he made you feel. "Oh, don't worry. I'm all ears."
He mirrors your smile and takes a step forward. Instead of continuing until you were buried deep in his arms like he wanted to, he stood there. Feeling his heartbeat at the tip of his fingertips that hung loose on each side of his ardent body. "So, um, have a good night." He managed to blurt out.
"Oh, you too!" You turn back around and make your way to the exit.
When you closed the door once you were in the hallway, you let out the multiple breaths you were holding. You let your heart calm down, and your stood hairs fall back down before entering the room full of sleeping girls.
Eren let go of the breath he held in once the bathroom door closed. He turned around and washed his flushed face in the sink.
Did that just happen?
What would've happened if Emilia hadn't walked in?
Are you ready?
Were the questions that remained in his head for the rest of the night. They swirled through his mind like a tornado; while he dried his face; when he left the bathroom; when he walked in his room, and while he laid awake all night. Okay, not 'all night', but it sure as hell felt like it.
He tossed and turned. Took his blanket off only to tightly wrap it around himself a few seconds later. Eren fell asleep a little before dawn. A little before the stars cleared the sky.
You weren't too different from him when it came to this at least. Thought you were in different rooms, you were in the same place mentally—maybe even physically too. Tossing and turning and randomly daydreaming—or night dreaming?—of what would've happened.
A stupid smile on your face, as your eyes shined with want, with need--when sleep finally took over your body.
Both together in each other's dreams as the pitch-black sky got lighter, preparing for the early birds of dawn to announce that it was a new day.
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