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thetaleoflevi · 18 hours ago
No One
Tumblr media
Pairing: Levi x fem!reader
Content: NSFW, Modern AU,
Content Warnings: 18+ smut x1, infidelity, mentions of masturbation (f.), bathroom sex, clitoral stimulation, possessive cheater Levi, ejaculation, hickeys, biting, 18+ smut x2
Word Count: 4.9k
Description: As Levi’s assistant, it’s your job to make sure he has everything he needs to get his job done. His attraction to you is invisible until he goes out for dinner with his wife, not expecting to see you there with someone. His marriage is dead, and so are his morals when it comes to you.
A/N: Whewww it’s been too long. That’s all I have to say after this time. Until the next fic. Enjoy!
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Tumblr media
You go to work for one purpose only. Scratch that—two purposes. Purpose one: to give your wallet some weight. Purpose two: to make Levi Ackerman’s life a little easier. As his assistant, you’re in charge of completing anything you’re assigned by him. You get him water, tea—whatever he needs throughout the day. If he needs you to sort some files for him, you’re doing it right away.
Some may think that you have to kiss Levi’s ass because you’re his assistant, but you treat him more like a friend. He’s a friend that’s grumpy and annoyed when you look at him for a second too long. Someone who never stops you from teasing him because you live to bug him like there’s no tomorrow, and you won’t stop anyway. Even though Levi always tells you that you’re an annoying brat, he doesn’t—and will never fire you because he loves the way you’ve made yourself that comfortable around him.
“Ackerman! It’s good to see that you’ve lived another day. I’m constantly worried that you’ll fall and won’t be able to get up because of your old man bones.” You say as Levi enters his office. He’s unfazed by your idiocy, as always.
“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine. Why don’t you quiet down a little and make me some tea? I’m swamped today, and if i’m gonna make it through an entire day of reading and signing documents with your blabber mouth in here, I need something to help me stay calm.” He sets down his briefcase, unloading all the materials needed to get his work done.
“Yeah, yeah. Wouldn’t want you to strain yourself.” You stand up from your desk, fixing your skirt before sliding through the small gap between your desk and his.
Levi picks up his fancy pen, ready to shred through the manila folders full of documents that pile on his desk. He looks up, noticing the grip you have on the hem of your skirt to make sure it doesn’t ride up. ‘Filthy dog,’ Levi thinks to himself when he catches himself raising his gaze to your ass when it drags across the edge of his desk.
“Be back in a sec.” You say, not turning to look at Levi, and he nods in acknowledgement.
As soon as you turn the corner to the small kitchen in the building, Levi stands up and shuts the door. You know that if the door is shut, you shouldn’t enter without knocking or until the door is open again. Levi is most likely on a phone call with his wife or in a meeting with someone important, like his boss.
You work so hard to meet Levi’s standards when it comes to doing your job. You’ve learned the hard way that being comfortable with your boss doesn’t mean you’re exempt from talks about how you need to step it up, but you like to believe that the reason you’re still working for Levi is because you’re doing things the way he likes them done. There must have been something wrong with the way his previous assistants worked, because none of them quit, he fired them.
“Hey, um, I know I shouldn’t ask you this—It’s kind of childish, i’ll admit, but has Mikasa mentioned me since the last time we hung out after work?” Eren says as he pours himself some coffee. The poor guy went through a nonexistent heartbreak when Mikasa didn’t answer the phone the day he finally grew a pair and tried to ask her out.
“Not that I know of. Why?” You lie. She talks about him twenty-four seven. You just don’t want to spill beans that aren’t meant to be spilled.
“Ah, nothing. No reason.” He rubs the back of his neck.
“Talk to her, Eren. I’ll never hear anything from her about you if you don’t say anything.” You finish preparing Levi’s tea, picking up the mug, ready to return to the office.
You turn the corner and see that the door is shut. You know you shouldn’t go in there. You can see Levi on the phone through the open blinds, and from the even-more-bored-than-usual look on his face, you can tell that he’s talking to his wife.
You set the cup of tea down on the randomly, yet perfectly placed coffee table that sits in the center of the room. You take a seat in one of the rather comfortable green chairs that surround the table, coincidentally facing Levi’s window.
He’s so beautiful without even trying. He looks so good with his sleeves rolled up. His forearms are so attractive. Veins vine around them, and you can’t help but imagine a scenario where you’re trapped in his embrace with no way to escape.
You’re not a home wrecker.
His eyes land on yours, and you quickly look away. Your heart is beating really fast, but there you go again, looking at his handsome face, only to be met with sterling grey eyes again. His eyes don’t leave your face when you look away a second time.
The second he puts the phone down, he does that motion with his index finger—the ‘come here’ motion, and you instantly stand up like you’re being summoned by your master.
You grab the teacup and return to the office. You knock even though he was the one who told you to come back.
“Come in, Y/LN.”
“Here’s that tea, Ackerman. It’s piping hot, ‘cause I know how much you like burning one of the last remaining senses you have.” You set the cup down on his desk before squeezing through the gap between your desks again to sit down.
“Thanks.” He says in his monotone way. “So, that was my wife…” He explains as he places a document into a manila folder and closes it. “She wants to go out for dinner tonight at eight.”
“Okay? Then go. Why are you making it sound dramatic?” You say as you doodle on a yellow sticky note.
“Are you kidding me? How long have you been working for me, brat?”
“Six years next Tuesday. Why do you ask? Aw, are you getting me a gift?” You ask. You draw a smiley face on the sticky note, a physical manifestation of the way you felt in that moment.
“No, idiot. You should know by now that we don’t leave the office until ten. I’m gonna have to rush through my work so I can leave a little earlier. I don’t want any distractions, so please be as quiet as possible.”
“Sir, yes, sir.” You give him a mock salute, which earns you an eye roll and a heavy exhale through his nose.
“Understood, Ackerman. I’ll go outside with the others. Just page me if you need anything.” You grab your phone from your bag and stand up, ready to exit his office once again.
“No, just stay in here. It’ll be easier to ask you for something if you’re here.” He doesn’t want to bear the silence on his own.
“Oh, okay.” The final words left your mouth before you remained silent for an uncomfortable amount of time.
You were laying back as far as you could in your chair, the creaking one of the only sounds in the room apart from a stapler, scribbling, and a stamp. You were falling asleep due to the long period you remained idle. You woke yourself up every time your eyes started shutting by blowing raspberries.
“Seriously, Y/LN? That’s the third time now.” Levi says, giving you an irritated look.
“Would you rather I fall asleep on the job? It’s seven thirty. I just spent six hours of my life in complete silence, with my ass glued to this chair.”
He shuts the final folder and throws his pen on the desk lightly, exhaling exhaustedly, and laying back in his chair.
“Well, you can stop your whining. I’m finished.” He cards a hand through his velvety locks, and for reasons that could be explained with enough time, you wish it were your hand running through his hair.
“Go home, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He loosens his tie before shutting his eyes for a second.
“Now you’re developing memory loss? Jeez, Ackerman. How old are you?” You grab your purse from the empty file cabinet built into your desk and stand up, putting away the sticky note pad and pen you used to doodle.
“What are you talking about now, brat?” His hands are folded behind his head.
“We’re off tomorrow. The building is closed on Saturdays, you workaholic.”
“Oh, you’re right-“
“‘Kay, bye! I’m off now! See you on Sunday!” You squeeze through one last time as you make your way to the exit. Freedom was one inch away before-
“Dah! What?” You say throwing your hands in the air impatiently.
Ask her to stay.
You’re in love with her.
You haven’t felt this way about your wife in years.
He chooses his words very carefully. If he thinks too hard, he’ll end up exposing his feelings.
“Have a nice day off, Y/N. I’ll see you on Sunday.”
You let out a sigh of relief. You were truly in no rush to get out of there, but you couldn’t wait to leave his presence. Every day that you work with him puts you in a position that makes you question your morals. Why are you so in love with a man who has already found the love of his life? You missed out, and, yeah, it sucks, but you’re not that kind of girl.
“See you, Levi.” You say, a kind smile taking over your features.
You exit the office, walking to the elevator while saying your goodbyes to everyone you run into.
What’s to come? Some time for yourself. A couple glasses of wine, and maybe some music to sway to when you’re buzzed.
Anything to rid you of the lingering thoughts you have of Levi, as you drive home.
You let loose as soon as you get home, opening a bottle of wine and letting your hair down to allow your scalp to relax after keeping your hair in a bun all day.
You pour a glass of wine for yourself, quickly bringing it up to your lips before…
You sigh, rolling your eyes as you set the glass down and answer the phone.
Uh, hey. Is this Y/N?
Speaking… Is that you, Eren?
Yeah, sorry to bother you.
You sigh. What does he want from you?
What is it?
I know this might sound weird, since I told you i’m really interested in Mikasa, but will you meet me for dinner in an hour or two?
Did you even try talking to her? If you say no, i’m hanging up on you.
No, wait! I did.
Jesus, Eren. Did you talk to her or not?
I did. It was very brief because she was busy, but she said ‘hey, Eren’ and I said ‘hi, Mikasa’ and then we went our separate ways.
You facepalmed.
You’re an idiot, but it’s progress. Where are we meeting? I need to know if I should dress up or dress down.
I’ll send you the address. Meet me there at nine.
There you are, dressed to the nines in a beautiful red open-back dress that hugs your body in all the right ways. Eren waves you over to the table he’s already seated at, before standing up. You look at the greeter and let him know that you’re there with Eren. He nods and you make your way to the glossy granite table.
“Hey, how are you?” Eren asks, pulling your chair out for you.
“Good, thank you. How about yourself?” You return the question as you take a seat.
“I’m doing well, thank you. I’m just letting you know before you judge me, i’m starving, so i’m gonna pig out.” He picks up the menu, eyes scanning the fancy lettering to see what catches his eye first.
“No judgement here. I’ll feast with you. I haven’t eaten since I got to work.” You pick up the menu in front of you, letting your eyes see what you know will be too much food for just you.
“Ooo, that sounds good. I want this one.” You set the menu down, flipping it to show Eren what you want.
“Okay, but you better share with me ‘cause that looks really good, and I know you won’t finish it on your own.”
“Is that a challenge, Yeager?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.
“No. No. If you don’t wanna share with me, just say so.” He huffs like a child, crossing his arms in an even more child-like manner.
“Fine, i’ll share.” You roll your eyes jokingly, immediately laughing afterwards. He joins your laughter, shaking his head as he chuckles, lifting the menu once again.
You suddenly feel something on your forehead. It’s not pain, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s a feeling that is just there, ghosting on your face. You look around slowly so that you don’t look like you’re tweaking out.
“Is that all you want?” The brunette sitting in front of you asks.
“Hello?” His emerald eyes search for a response from you.
Meanwhile, you’re in a staring contest with Levi, who is experiencing the same thing from his wife.
“Sorry, what did you say?” You look away, focusing on Eren once again.
“Are you getting anything else?”
“Oh, no. I’ll probably get some dessert later.” Your voice sounds so unfocused and Eren can tell you’re not all there with him, but he ignores it and tells the waitress what you’re having.
“Levi, are you listening to me?” His wife asks, rudely snapping her fingers at Levi. Levi doesn’t like when she does that, but he’ll never tell her that…again.
“I’m listening, you don’t have to be so aggressive. This is why things are the way they are between us. You never talk to me like we’re equals in this relationship. I’m. Not. A. Child.” Levi’s eyes were cold, a small crease between his eyebrows caused by the anger he expressed very well. This was most likely the final dinner they would have as a married couple.
“Then, stop staring off into the distance when i’m trying to talk to you.” She took a sip of her wine, and Levi took that as an opportunity to glance at you on the other side of the room. You weren’t looking at him anymore, to his dismay.
The waitress leaves your table and Eren squints at you.
“You call one plate ‘pigging out’? Come on. I have four plates, and that’s just my first course.”
“Sorry, I got distracted. I’m gonna go to the bathroom before the food gets here. I’ll be back in two minutes.” You stand up and push your chair in.
“Okay, i’ll be here.” He pulls out his phone, ready to text Mikasa about how he wishes she was there with you guys.
You cross the room, holding strong eye contact with Levi who doesn’t seem to care that his wife wants a new designer purse, and loves the thrill of being able to admire how stunning you look in plain sight with no issue.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” Levi says, removing the cloth napkin off of his lap, before standing and pushing in his chair.
He’s following you, and you hope this will end the way you have it planned in your head.
You open the door to the women’s restroom, and with all the luck of the stars, you are the only one in there…for no more than two seconds.
“Ackerman, you dog. This is the women’s restroom.” You say, a smirk tugging at the corners of your lips.
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” The lock clicks, and he starts walking towards you.
You walk backwards, unaware of how close you are to hitting a wall.
“It’s just you and me, Y/N. Like always.” His hands reach down to his belt, working it off as he continues to bring you to a dead end. He hangs his coat on the hook installed on the stall door, shutting and sliding the bolt to the left afterwards.
Your back meets the wall with a soft thump.
“Dead end? Guess you’ll have to face your problem after all, huh?” He’s right in front of you, cold grey eyes searching your eyes for a familiar trace of lust.
“What’s wrong, Levi? Can’t handle the idea of me going out with another man?” You taunt, putting your hands on his chest.
“We’re not talking about that imbecile right now. I’m here because I want you to hold yourself accountable for the things you do.”
“Such as…?”
He takes one of your hands off of his chest, pulling it down lower and lower until you feel what you know is completely your fault.
“Ackerman…” You let out a chuckle, a total contrast to his usual stern expression. “…you’re a big boy. Use your words.”
His mind never runs to the concept of infidelity. Not even in the face of it, but, you look so good in that dress. His hands know their way around a woman’s body, specifically his wife’s, but just imagining the softness underneath your dress makes him want to memorize you just that little bit more.
“Let me help you out, sir.” Your arms wrap around his neck, pulling him closer until your lips land on the smooth skin.
A quiet gasp escapes his lips, eyes shutting at the light feeling of you kissing away the dust that veiled his heart over the years of his loveless marriage.
“Come on. Take the lead from me.” You whisper into his ear. You place a hand on the back of his head, lightly rubbing your fingertips against the tiny, short hairs of his undercut.
He does exactly as you say, a firm grip on your waist pushing you hard against the wall.
His lips are soft against yours, but he’s in such a rush. He has no time to be as gentle as he wants to be. An experience like this one shouldn’t be crammed into a quickie, but you’re there now, and you’re thinking exactly what he’s thinking.
His right hand slid down your hip, to your thigh, fingers curling around the hem of your dress and pulling it up just enough for him to find the elastic band of your panties.
A short chuckle-turned-gasp interrupts your make out when his middle and ring finger begin massaging your clit.
“Come on, kiss me,” He says, pressing his lips to yours, biting your bottom lip when you don’t move.
“Fuck, Levi,” you lay your head against the wall when his fingers sink into your cunt.
“Shh… We have…to be…quiet,” He says between kisses on your neck.
His name sounds sultry coming out of your mouth when a random brush of his fingers strokes inside you just right.
You feel two things at the moment. One: Levi’s fingers working wonders inside you, and two: his mouth attacking your chest and neck. There’s a sting on your pulse point, followed by the warmth of his tongue soothing the short discomfort.
His fingers curl with more precision and you struggle to contain the whimper caught in your throat. It comes out anyway and you shudder as you feel the repetitive motions of his fingers begin to bring your orgasm closer and closer.
“Are you gonna cum for me, Y/LN?” He asks, looking straight into your eyes.
“Mhm! I’m gonna—fuck!” Your eyes shut tightly, and your jaw hangs, allowing the prettiest sounds to bless Levi’s ears. He’s stunned by how beautiful you look when you cum. Definitely a sight to think about whenever his wife wants to fuck, or when he’s missing you a little too much.
He pulls his fingers out, giving your clit a few more strokes that solicit tiny twitches from you, before bringing them to his lips.
“Good?” He asks, staring at your sealed eyes.
You simply nod, slowly opening your eyes to see the look on his face. His lips shine with what you think might be your slick, and there’s a darkness in his eyes that you correctly interpret as full-blown lust.
“Can I… Can we…” He clears his throat, organizing his thoughts before speaking again. “I can make you feel even better,” his body is against yours. His lips are against the shell of your ear, whispering things that bring goosebumps to every inch of your skin.
“W-Won’t your wife worry about what’s taking you so long?” You ask, exhaling shakily when he starts nibbling on your earlobe.
“I could care less. I don’t think you’re too worried about your date either. You would’ve left the second I walked in here, if you were.” His hands run up and down your sides slowly.
“It’s not a date. It’s just Eren.” You confess.
“Knowing that idiot, he’s probably flirting with a waitress. We have nothing to worry about.”
You’ve been dreaming about this for years. What are you gonna do? Say ‘no’ knowing you’ve fingered yourself to the thought of him tying you up so that he can use you like a toy made to fulfill his needs? That would just be denying yourself of one of your deepest fantasies.
You grab him by his collar and dive into his lips again, undoing his pants during. You can see the outline of his cock through his briefs, but the more you stare at it, the shyer Levi gets. He raises your gaze with a finger beneath your chin, returning his lips to where he thinks is their rightful place.
He breaks the kiss and quickly flips you so that you’re facing the wall. He kisses from your nape, trailing down to your bare back, mumbling things against your skin, raising goosebumps with every breath you feel.
He lowers the front of his briefs a little with one hand, releasing his aching cock, while the other hand raises your dress enough so that he can pull your panties down.
The anticipation is killing you just as much as the anxiety of the whole situation. You’re surprised no one has tried to enter the bathroom.
Your eyes widen and your heartbeat quickens when you feel his tip running through your folds.
“You’re filthy, Y/LN. You’re so wet. We’re in a bathroom for god’s sake.” He playfully chides.
“If i’m filthy, then you’re plain foul. I can feel that you’re hard as a rock. We’re in a bathroom for god’s sake.” You say, mocking his tone.
“You got me there.” He says, a smirk edging his lips.
“I’m gonna put it in. Ready?”
You nod, laying your forehead against the wall. You place your hands on the wall as well, knowing your legs will become jelly at some point.
His cock slides in easily due to the amount of accumulated slick. Your mouth opened and it was as Levi thought. His right hand quickly covered your mouth, catching and muffling the moan that would have echoed throughout the room.
“Keep it down, brat,” he says breathily in your ear, stilling his hips against you.
“Mmm…” You mumble, an incoherent green light for him to move.
His hips slowly pull away, then push into you again. It feels heavenly, and it’s upsetting that you can’t let him know it.
His left hand grips your left hand that is still situated on the wall, allowing him to get closer to you, as if he wasn’t close enough already. His lips find your neck, kissing, biting, licking, doing everything he can to make you feel his passion.
He’s grunting into your ear. His voice is smooth, honey-like. He removes his hand from your mouth, pinning your right hand to complete the cage he has no intention of letting you leave.
“Please. Please…fuck, Levi!” You breathe. He’s so warm, you could melt with the heat he provides.
“What is it? You want me to fuck you harder? Hmm?” He kisses your shoulder, biting it just hard enough to know it’ll leave a mark.
“Ah!” You cry out. Your breasts almost spill out of from your dress when he picks up the pace.
“You’re mine—hah—mine. All mine.” He says, letting moans dissolve against your skin.
“Mine right now, mine tomorrow—fuck—mine every day that you fucking see me, and every day that you don’t.” His grip on your hands is stronger, the knuckles protruding more.
“Please, please. Just tell me. Tell me you’re mine.” His nose rubs against your temple, and he’s panting right into your ear. He can see the way your eyes roll back with pleasure.
“Yours, Levi. All yours. Whenever you want me around, and whenever you want me to fuck off.” You respond.
Your words seemed to have an effect on Levi. His breathing quickened and his moans were more frequent. It’s your name that he wanted to call out as he came, and it’s your name that was called out. He’s not thinking about his wife, or anyone that isn’t you. He’s happier than he’s been in a while.
With a few more thrusts and moans, he pulls out of your leaking cunt and shoots his warm cum all over the back of your dress.
“Shit, sh-shit! Y/N, oh fuck, Y/N!” He whimpers as he pumps himself until the last spurt of cum lands on your dress.
The only thing heard for a good minute or two was the sound of breathing echoing. He’s laying against you, murmuring things about how he needs you more than he ever planned to. It made your stomach swarm with butterflies.
He straightens his posture, looking down to see the stain he left on your dress. “Shit, let me clean that up for you.” He pulls a handkerchief out of the right breast pocket of his coat, exiting the stall to dampen it with water.
You follow him, facing the mirror so that he can wipe the mess off of your dress. You make eye-contact with him through the mirror as he’s cleaning the area, and your face goes red immediately.
“You can’t be flustered by something like this when we just fucked in a bathroom stall like animals.” He stops dabbing at the velvety material of your dress, looking mildly dissatisfied with the result.
“You look like you pissed yourself.” He looks at you through the mirror.
“I never liked this dress anyway.” You shrugged. You were more focused on the darkening marks on your neck, and the dull bruise you felt on your shoulder blade.
“You really are a dog, Ackerman.” You chuckle at the look on his face when he sees the aftermath of his lust on your skin. He looks proud, yet ashamed somehow.
“Take my coat. Use it to cover the marks or the spot on your dress. Whichever is more humiliating.” He says as he begins to straighten up his appearance.
“Won’t your wife suspect something happened?” You grab some soap and wash your hands.
“She can think whatever the hell she wants. I’m more concerned about you. Are you okay?” He loops his belt through the belt loops of his trousers.
“I’m fine. It was really good.”
His turn to blush.
“I’m glad. Anyway, you should leave first. It’s weirder for me to come out of the women’s restroom than it is for you.”
You laugh at the way he avoids mentioning his flustered state.
“Okay, i’ll go. See you on Sunday, Ackerman.” You grab his coat off of the hook on the stall door and put it on. It covers enough of the damp spot on your back, and if you cross one half over the other, it covers the marks that litter your neck.
“I wasn’t lying about what I said, by the way.” Levi says, putting a hand on your shoulder, stopping you on your way out. “We belong to each other.” He hopes you turn around and thankfully you do.
You place a hand on his cheek, staring for one short forever into his stormy eyes.
“I wasn’t lying, either. All yours.” You pull your hand back, and smile before turning around and exiting. Levi left two minutes later.
“Who was that?” Levi’s wife asks. “She’s wearing your coat.”
“No one.” He simply responds, lifting his wine glass and looking at you over the rim as he takes a sip.
“Jeez, were you taking a dump or something? You said two minutes, but it was more like twenty. Also, where’d you get the coat?” Eren had so many questions that you couldn’t truthfully answer.
“I sat on something when I first got here and a man noticed and offered me his coat to cover the area.”
Eren was still skeptical because he noticed the beginnings of dark spots on your neck, but he stopped questioning you.
You went back to work the next day, because Levi called you in. ‘Important business’ is what he called it.
Every light in the building was off including the lights in his office, because nobody was in except him, and in just a little over fifteen minutes, you as well. He just wanted more of what he had the night before, except with more time to savor it, and you did not deny him of that. You couldn’t. Something about having the floor completely to yourselves brought out Levi’s passionate side. He wanted to take it slow, to find out the ways he could touch you and have you curling into him when the sensation set your body ablaze.
Nothing was ever the same between you and Levi after that night in the women’s restroom, but it was an experience that added a third reason for coming to work.
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arminsrealwaifu · 2 days ago
Eren: One of you will betray me one day.
Sasha: Is it me, Eren?
Eren: No, it's not you.
Mikasa & Armin: Is it us?
Eren: No— will you?
Mikasa: I won't.
Jean: Is it me, then?
Eren: No, Jean. It's not you.
Reiner: Is it me, Eren?
Eren, mocking: iS IT mE, eReN?
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fruitpunchninja101 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SNK + Onion Headlines + Misc Tumblr and Twitter posts.
Check out the rest over here :
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
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Aries: Petra, Reiner, Pieck, Colt, Sasha, Zeke, Marcel Marco, Mikasa
Taurus: Armin, Porco, Miche, Hange, Levi, Bertholdt, Historia
Gemini: Erwin, Floch, Reiner, Sasha, Marcel, Colt, Pieck, Jean, Eren
Cancer: Levi, Historia, Annie, Porco, Armin, Miche
Leo: Erwin, Floch, Marco, Petra, Jean
Virgo: Armin, Miche, Annie, Connie, Levi, Historia, Bertholdt, Hitch, Onyankopon
Libra: Mikasa, Ymir, Yelena, Annie, Marco, Colt, Sasha, Reiner, Pieck
Scorpio: Annie, Hange, Eren, Onyankopon
Sagittarius: Jean, Eren, Reiner, Colt, Pieck, Marcel, Hitch, Yelena, Mikasa, Erwin, Marco
Capricorn: Hange, Sasha, Armin, Porco, Miche, Erwin
Aquarius: Jean, Eren, Petra, Floch, Marco, Ymir, Historia, Bertholdt
Pisces: Armin, Porco, Miche, Connie, Hange, Annie
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like or rb if you use 🗯️
all headers made by me credit if you use
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rokiboki · a day ago
wc: 132
Tumblr media
thinking about how eren would squirm and whine while trying to escape your grasp above him. and while he could easily overpower you and switch the positions, he secretly enjoys watching you be dominant. he wants to watch your wrists flex and your eyebrows furrow, struggling to keep his hands above his head. just thinking about you putting all your weight on top of his much bigger body gets him hard. when you shift on top of him, brushing over his hips and tightening your grip, his stomach would fill with butterflies and his face would flush a bright pink. he’d slowly begin to grind up into you, begging, pleading for you to make some kind of move on him. but oh, silly boy, he can’t get away with it that easy.
Tumblr media
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geoshrimp · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I just like the Founder a lot and gave him the mouth of the skeksis because yeah.
Please do not steal, repost without credit, or manipulate my art. Characters belong to Hajime Isayama.
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sushiguroll · a day ago
Modern AU Eren's anthem is Queen's I Want to Break Free.
Driving down the empty highway as the stars begin to dissolve and the sun starts peeking from the east. All four windows are rolled down and what's left of the night air blows through his hazel hair as if it wants to take a piece of him before the sun gets to kiss his face. He's singing along, taking your hand as he gets to the "I've fallen in love for the first time and this time I know for real" part, placing a soft kiss to the back of your hand. The sweet moment is short lived the interlude getting him riled up, smiling over at you as he strums his air guitar and forces you to reach over and hold on to the wheel for dear life.
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ficsforeren · 13 hours ago
Since ur back here snippet pls 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌👉
anything for you, love 😘
“You abandoned him.” You’re not stopping until you’re satisfied. You know it’s not going to do you any good, but you just can’t help it. You keep thinking just how lonely and hurt Eren sounded when he retold his story that night. It’s taking control over you. “You threw him away, that’s what you did. You didn’t leave him because you thought it would be better for him to live his life without you in it. No. You left him because you were scared.”
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dogwater102802 · a day ago
The Yeager Scandal (chapter eight)
Zeke Yeager x female!reader x Eren Yeager
cw: not proofread
word count: 1.6k
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Eren was avoiding you.
It was painfully obvious to everyone by the way he would scoff when your name leeft the lips of one of your friends while he was around. While most were confused, Jean knew everything since he had witnessed what Eren saw that day. And not too long after Sasha was able to connect the dots. Immediately texting you and asking if everything was okay.
It was painfully obvious to you by the way he would glare at you when you made eye contact in the hall, his glare lingering on you for a few moments before turning the other way and acting as if you never existed. He would leave you on delivered when you tried to message him, wanting to explain your actions, just wanting to apologize and make everything right.
And it hurts. Hurts knowing that you’ve lost your best friend. You knew from the very beginning, from the first time you stepped foot into Zeke’s room, that if anyone were to find out, if Eren was to find out. Your friendship would be ruined. When everyone found out what had been going on, they weren’t sure what to think of it. They were both of your friends, whose side were they supposed to be on?
Your eyes were set onto the ceiling above you, your back pressed against your bed. The covers are loosely thrown over your legs, hands resting behind your head as you thought back to when it all began.
Knocking on the door softly you waited patiently for it to be opened, backpack hung onto your backpack. Through the glass of the door you could see the light turn on, a mop of blonde hair peeking over the top, Zeke’s eyes glaring through the door at your shy figure. Unlocking the door he pulled it open standing off to the side allowing you in from the chilly weather.
“Thank you Zeke.” You whispered, slightly intimidated by the older males stoic demeanor. You both stood there, your soft eyes staring into his hard one, waiting for the other to make a move forward.
“Tell Eren that he needs to get the damn door for his own friend.” Zeke grumbled, pushing past you and towards the kitchen. Nodding your head you quickly made your way up the stairs to Eren’s room, opening the door you spotted him sitting at his desk, game controller in hand while talking into the mic. He jumped, turning around in his seat at the sound of his door squeaking open, eyes wide in terror until he realized it was just you.
“Fuck, man.” Eren swore, pausing the game he set the controller down onto his desk, quickly saying that he’d be right back into the mic before muting himself. “Hey Y/N.” He said standing up from his chair, stretching his body as he watched you set your bag down on the floor beside his bed and plopping down onto the cushy surface.
“Have I ever told you how much your brother scares me?” You laughed, Eren let out a chuckle nodding his head. “Oh, he also said that you need to open the damn door for your own friend” You lowered your voice trying to imitate Zeke’s, but you couldn't hold it for very long before you both burst out into a fit of laughter. A knock at the door made you both go silent, Zeke’s head poked in, his eyes landing on the both of you.
“I’m going out, don’t stay up all night again.” He said before shutting the door once again. Your gaze drifted to Eren who stared at you with wide, fearful eyes.
“Do you think he heard…” You didn’t even need to finish your sentence before Eren started nodding his head yes. “Great.” You sighed leaning back onto the bed, eyes closing as you felt the day's events finally catch up to you.
+ +      +      +
You opened your eyes, the room was pitch black except for the small amount of moonlight poking through the cracks of the window. You looked around for a moment before feeling the need to use the bathroom, ah so that’s why you woke up. Looking to your left you saw Eren’s sleeping form, his mouth wide open as he let out snores.
You groggily stood up from the bed trying to steady yourself onto your feet and quietly sneak over to the door. Your hand wrapped around the doorknob turning it slightly before pulling it open, the intense creaking sound resonating throughout the room making you cringe. Eren rolled over mumbling out a few incoherent words before his eyes slowly fluttered open, his eyes immediately landing on your form trying to leave the room.
“Y/N? Where… Where are you going?” He whispered, his voice raspy from the deep sleep he had just been in. Reaching over he grabbed his phone off the side table, the light flashing in his face making him let out a loud groan before hiding his face into his pillow.
“I just need to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” You reassured him, opening the door fully and stepping out into the dark hallway. You could hear him mumble out a small ‘okay’ before you gently closed the door, his muffled snores resuming as soon as the door was shut. You let out a sigh as you waddled to the bathroom, quickly walking in you turned the light on and closed the door, locking it just to be safe.
Quickly doing your business you washed your hands, the cold water sending a shock through your body causing your eyes to widen. Turning the water off you dried your hands, moving to unlock the door and pulling it open, your eyes staring at the floor.
Another pair of feet stood in front of you.
Your eyes traveled up the person's body, freezing in your spot when you saw it was Zeke. Not fully realizing how close you two really were, your cheeks heated up when you stumbled backwards, his hands reaching forward to catch you before you could fall.
“Zeke!” Your faces were only centimeters away, his breath fanning against your lips, his eyes were staring deeply into yours. You couldn’t quite place what the look in his eyes was, his eyes would occasionally drift down to your lips, only for a split second before they would snap back up to your eyes. Your heart was beating inside your chest, unsure of what this feeling was.
Why did you suddenly have the urge to kiss him?
“You alright?” Zeke asked, helping you stand back up onto your feet. His blonde hair was disheveled, glasses crooked on his face, almost as if he had just woken up. Weakly nodding your head you took a step back away from him, already feeling like what just happened was wrong.
But why did you like the feeling of his hands wrapped around you?
“U-um yeah, thanks Zeke.” You mumbled, eyes casting down to your feet, your cheeks heating up, just now realizing how he didn’t have a shirt on. “I should get back.” You said trying to move around him, but before you could go his hand landed on your shoulder.
“I heard that you and your little boyfriend broke up.” He said, hand still on your shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “How are you doing?” You were shocked at his question, never had he ever showed any kind of interest in your personal life before.
“O-oh! I’m doing fine, I’m not really that torn up about it anymore.” You said giving him a small smile which he returned.
“That’s good, that’s good.” He whispered, his voice barely audible as your eyes met each other’s. He let go of your shoulder allowing you to walk past him out into the hallway, “Well I guess you should get back to Eren.”
“Yeah… He’s probably rolled over onto my side, so I’ll have to push him back onto his.” You laughed, inflicting a small chuckle from Zeke as well. Your eyes widened, lips slightly parted as you stared at Zeke in shock. He looked so… nice and relaxed right now. Unlike his uptight, rude self which you usually witness during the day. Your eyes glanced down at his lips, before looking back up.
Oh god… what am I thinking?
Zeke took a step forwards, your bodies even closer than before, chests almost touching. “Zeke…” Your eyes were wide as you watched him, his hand moving to push a strand of hair out of your face.
“Y/N-” Before he could utter another word you leaned closer, connecting your lips with his. There was something wrong about this, but the feeling of his lips moving against yours made you not want to pull away. What would Eren think if he saw this?
Pulling away you pushed your hands against his chest, your eyebrows furrowed deep in thought. “We can’t do this Zeke.” You went to walk away but his hand grabbed yours before you could get too far, a small gasp leaving your lips at the feeling of colliding against his chest.
“He doesn’t have to know.” He whispered, gazing down at you with lust burning in his eyes. “He won’t ever know, I promise.”
“He won’t ever know?”
“I promise.”
It was so wrong, but it felt so right, completely lost in the moment you surged forwards, arms wrapping around his neck as your lips met once again.
Eren won’t ever know…
Your phone buzzed beside you drawing you out of your thoughts, Armin’s name flashing across the screen with a new text. Armin never texts you… like ever, whenever he needs something he usually just calls.
Armin Arlert:
Eren’s always like you, ya know?
Well fuck.
Tumblr media
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j0livi0ni · 2 days ago
I just want some earth shattering, vomit inducing, heart throbbing fluff for Christmas.
And all we do is drink hot chocolate, or go to a Christmas lights drive through, or give them presents just to see the way their face lights up with excitement, or just sit by the fireplace and cuddle while watching corny Christmas movies.
But I also want them to unwrap me on Christmas and tell me I’m the best present they ever received, then we make sweet love😗
Tumblr media
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Arguing with Eren Yeager would include:
Eren is a very passionate guy so it’s likely there’s gonna be some arguments at some point - but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing 
(On a personal note - couples that never argue? That’s fuckin’ weird)
Small arguments are usually resolved quickly and don’t need much shouting. Eren doesn’t mind admitting he’s wrong and apologising and neither do you
Bigger things though, such as weather to join the Scouts or a huge decision involving your futures, is likely to result in a much bigger argument
With important things, Eren is less willing to compromise and has a pretty one-track mind, at times refusing to see alternative strategies or other points of view 
It’s something he learns gradually but in the beginning it’s going to cause a few issues. If Eren perceives you to be standing in the way of his goals, weather those be personal or ‘for the good of humanity’ he’s gonna get understandably passionate 
It usually ends with him saying a lot of things he doesn’t mean and then storming off. And by God, Eren knows exactly which buttons to press when he needs to 
The silent treatment usually comes next, the length of which depends on how serious the augment is and how hurtful Eren was initially 
Apologies will come eventually, moreso for Eren allowing his tongue to run away with him rather than his stance on the issue
But now that things are a little calmer, the two of you can talk them through rationally and come to a decision together 
Other arguments are usually centered around your safety or combat ability. While Eren wants you to be the best you can be and excel in the military, he’s also cautious about putting you in any danger - the two views seem to come into conflict a lot 
“How can i improve if i don’t get the chance to hone my skills? I’m no use to anyone in the middle of the formation away from all the action”
“What use are you to anyone if you die before you get the chance to improve? You should be in the safest place in the formation!” 
What Eren needs is a partner who’s just as headstrong as him and can stand up for themselves, doing what they want no matter what Eren thinks about it 
You just need to remind yourself that arguments occur because of how deeply Eren feels about you, and he’s not going to let you do something risky or detrimental without a fight
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