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sweetsoursugarcube · 2 days ago
Many years back (and not so many years back at all) I sometimes (or often) forced/guilted myself to read fics for whatever reason ("you're not allowed to care about characterization!"*, "you must diversify your reading!"**, these so called "fandom classics"*** for example, anyone?) even though I didn't really enjoy them, maybe couldn't stand the characterization, or gain anything from them or whatever, just the way I'd read literature assigned by my professors (with the difference that I did gain something from those because they know what they're about). I feel like I've only now realized that I really just can close any fic at any time (or original works I can't stand for the matter) and be like no ❤
I guess I just wanted to say cheers to you all who also screen your fics beforehand and have learned to just nope out the moment you feel the no thanks creeping into your soul. I hope you're all vibing tonight!
* lol what? as a fan I'll obviously have an opinion about what a character is like and it might not always agree with other people's visions
** lol what? it's great that I read at all, don't shame reading people also I'm well-read but that's besides the point
*** lol what? fandom classics, you say? A story being super popular doesn't mean shit to me, it might not just be my thing and god knows there are so many bad western classics out there too
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Can you find any fics where levi is immensely in love with his boy-wife Eren?
Try these~
Eren? What are you doing? by OtakuEren_LuvU
(Rated M, 2,064 words, oneshot, complete)
SerinityPaige requested this! Sorry for taking so long! This is my first fan-requested one-shot, so here you go! I hope it's okay!
O.O I can request something? Yaaay!!! I just want a fluffy one shot of Eren doing something stupid and Levi's reaction as to what the actual *Bleep!* Eren is doing. I know it bee weird, but I just really like fluffy Ereri! Arigatō!
Nontraditional by lmaok
(Rated E, 9,496 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren is Levi's spoiled little [secret] boywife who gets whatever he wants. No if's, but's, and especially no NO's. If Eren wants it, get gets it.
Or, Levi is one fucking dedicated simp.
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les-maux-doux · 3 months ago
sometimes you read a fanfiction to distract and enjoy yourself but you end up reading a dialogue or a sentence that fundamentally changes who you are as a person and how you perceive the world around you, and honestly i wouldn't have it any other way
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afrenchiefanatic · a month ago
maybe I'm so obsessed with my otps because I've never been in a relationship and I crave intimacy so bad
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baconmacandcheese · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eren fell out of a tree.
It wasn't the worst thing to happen to him.
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hokusu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"That face...just like every rotting piece of shit I saw in the underground. I never thought I'd like this."
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