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astoriasmalfoy · 7 hours ago
ereri has nothing to ship the only interactions were thru s1-s2 aka when eren was 15 and levi was 30+ in the timeskip they barely even talk so what ship content do they enjoy that wasn’t when eren was a teen?
ok but exactly bruh that too 😭
like... i mentioned the only canon content they had when they still had SOME kind of relationship was only at the beginning, and youre right LMFAOOO he was only a teen there anyways. and then in the timeskip it’s not like there’s any serious content of interactions between them. the only canon shit shippers can use for their argument is interactions when eren is literally a baby
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astoriasmalfoy · 8 hours ago
How do you have the audacity to hate Ereri but ship BkDk ?
this... this is a joke right?
prepare for a fucking essay
to be quite honest, first of all, the age gap makes me uncomfortable. i understand that eren is 19 by the story’s conclusion, so he’s of age, but levi is in his late thirties, and met eren while he was still a 15 year old boy. for more than half the series, eren was a child while levi was a fully grown adult. personally, that’s already a turn off for me, even if eren soon became legal.
anyways- bkdk is literally a canon (platonic) dynamic. the author might not be suggesting that you look at the ship in a romantic light- but has made it clear time and time again that their relationship is an inevitable asset within the series. half of bnha’s canon storyline is legitimately centered around the growth of their relationship, despite the rocky past they shared in middle school. even if their dynamic is not a romantic one, bkdk is still platonically canon, which gives it a very solid ground for shipping. this is not a crack ship that people pulled out of nowhere- it’s a relationship that is shipped by tons of people because of the fact that there’s tons of canon factors that comes along with it. the fact that it may be a ship that’s considered “controversial” doesn’t matter when the author’s intention is literally to show the readers: “hey, this relationship between two characters is complicated and complex- but it is also a relationship that will be significant for the story’s progression.”
i’m sorry... but in what world does ereri have the same ship armor...? 💀 the canon content between the two of them is very minimal- and if anything, the way their dynamic is portrayed tells me that eren looked up to levi, almost like a teacher and somewhat of a father figure, and saw him as someone who he could only hope to be like one day. on the other hand, levi took pride in protecting eren because he believed in him, and maybe even admired eren’s emotional nature and the way he really cared for others.
but that’s it... levi may have sympathized with eren’s compassionate behavior and was keen on protecting him, but he still viewed eren as child- another kid in his squad that could have been the key to saving mankind. there was never anything that could be dissected as romance- or even a dynamic that was TRULY important to the story. and you wanna know what’s more? the fact that their so-called “relationship” never led them anywhere in the end. with eren’s drastic character change, the little bit of relationship dynamic they had fell apart.
levi soon became hell-bent on killing eren. plus, the minute eren started to stray from everyone and go off on his own to fulfill his goals, it’s not as if he had any kind of secret soft spot for levi. eren treated him like he did everyone else. they didn’t have any heartfelt moments or any evidence that showed their relationship was still something important within the plot. and by the end of the story, the only thing we’re left with is levi’s utter disappointment at eren’s heinous decisions. he’s disgusted by 19 year old eren’s behavior- and that’s all there is left. it’s obvious that the “relationship” they once had dissolved into nothingness. there was no substance to it, no grounds for it, and no kind of positive relationship progression between them to even look at.
while bkdk remains a significantly steady and growing dynamic, and a ship where the characters are the SAME age, ereri is a ship that twists what once was a father-son like relationship, and also becomes a dynamic that holds absolutely no water.
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Anemoia: Chapter 51
Levi Ackerman/Eren Jaeger
Rating: Explicit
“I think the wedding is more for me than for him,” Farlan says quietly. “I wanted to give myself that extra incentive to give it my all, you know? An extra reason to come home.”
“You think you wouldn’t have fought so hard without it?”
“No, I would. I just… Every time I had to watch you and Isa ride out, it killed me. I love Jan a ridiculous amount, but… You guys are my family. Not being able to fight beside you… I hated it. I felt like I’d broken up the trio, you know?”
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ereri-lost-and-found · 10 hours ago
Hello I’m looking for two one shots by the same author who’s name I forgot. Both top Eren bottom Levi. The first is where Eren is locked in a cell and Levi is guarding him overnight. Eren convinces Levi to unlock the door but not to get out, but to drag Levi in and Eren has his way with him against the wall haha. I’m pretty sure Yelena shows up in the end and Eren growls at them or something.
The other is when everyone saves Eren and are in the airship from season 4. Eren’s tied up and Levi kicks everyone out of the room so he can be alone with Eren. It’s really smutty but has a bittersweet ending because Levi realises that Eren is too far gone to be with him anymore. I’m pretty sure the title had the word airship in it.
Anyway I appreciate your help!
Here you go, Anon~
Claimed by RavenLewdvi
(Rated E, 4,703 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi gets fucked by Eren against a wall in a cell.
Part 3 of Ereri One-Shots
Airship Reunion by RavenLewdvi
(Rated E, 6,138 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren was bluffing. He would never allow anyone to see Levi like that. But the dark hint in Eren's tone had Levi shivering.
"You don't think I'll actually do it, do you?"
"You're too possessive of me." Levi pointed out roughly.
Eren stared at him for a moment. Then he shifted, rising from the bench with Levi still cradled in his arms.
Levi's heart sped up. "E-Eren, no!"
Part 1 of Ereri One-Shots
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ereri-lost-and-found · 12 hours ago
Hello 👋 i first read this fic from this blog but I lost it now I can't remember it, it was with omega eren and beta levi and a matching app was involved too, and they did it in a room in the school I guess and eren also wore a skirt! ⊙﹏⊙
Is this the fic you’re looking for?
Love Alarm by kathie_raddare
(Rated E, 5,616 words, oneshot, complete)
In a world where the feelings of your crush are on your hands, the omega Eren Jaeger needs to fight an alpha that calls himself his, while being fucked in the school's cleaning cabinets.
Based on the Netflix series and webtoon "Love Alarm", created by Cheon KyeYeong. For Ererictober Day 23!
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sliceofereri · 15 hours ago
Rating: Explicit
Relationship: Levi Ackerman/Eren Yeager
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Stripper Eren Yeager, Bachelor Levi Ackerman, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Pole Dancing, Lap Dances, Strip Tease, Voyeurism, Body Worship, Praise Kink, Making Out, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Nipple Play, Switching, Top Eren Yeager. Bottom Levi Ackerman, Bottom Eren Yeager, Top Levi Ackerman, Cheating, Long-Haired Eren Yeager, Angst, Because I write angst without meaning to
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: When Hange drags Levi to a Las Vegas strip club for his bachelor party, Levi is less than thrilled. In just one week, he'll be getting married to his best friend, Erwin Smith, and Hange is more than determined to get him to loosen up and have one last hoorah before being tied down for good.
That is until a beautiful green-eyed dancer takes the stage, his body casting a spell over Levi as he dances under blue and purple neon lights, making him question everything about himself and his relationship. Levi knows he shouldn't be lusting after a stripper he just met, but there's something alluring about the fire in the dancer's eyes that he just can't resist.
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dailyereri · 18 hours ago
a wasted hymn by teaforlevi (midoh)
How in the galaxy did Eren end up here, surrounded by flowers and the planets showing up in the sky? And why do his eyes glow a golden color when he's angry, and just what is it with the stars on his cheeks? Eren spent many a millennium praying for Levi to come back and for everything to go back to how it once was, though he didn't think things would go this way.
After spending time alone on a strange planet where Eren can only control what goes on, he eventually learns that he's God of the Stars and that this is his home now. He would have forgotten about the hymn he whispers to himself at night if it weren't for the strange man that visits him on a sunny day—the boy with midnight hair and deep blue eyes who, strangely enough, looks and speaks like Levi.
Eren wants to believe that he's in a dream, but the fragments of broken memories eventually start to make sense with each day that passes by. Eren's heart starts to swell with feelings of love for Levi, and because of this, love ultimately comes with a cost. Soon enough, everything begins to fall apart after Eren learns the real reason for Levi visiting him.
Alternate Universe - Fantasy
Demon Levi Ackerman
Demon Hange Zoë
Background Relationships
Minor Character Death
Angst and Feels
Eventual Smut
Eren Yeager is a God
Minor Violence
Levi Ackerman & Mikasa Ackerman Are Not Related
nor is Kenny their uncle or whatever
Words:11277 Chapters:3/8
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dailyereri · 18 hours ago
I’m sorry for roasting you, I was trying to flirt with you by idkitried
Eren always tries to flirt with Levi, but ends up roasting him in the process.
Or; 5 times Eren tried to flirt with Levi but failed instead and +1 time his attempt at flirting turned into something more.
Bad Flirting
Flirty Eren Yeager
or he tries to be
Affectionate Insults
Bad Pick-Up Lines
Eren Yeager Has a Crush on Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Has A Nice Ass
Armin Arlert is So Done
Alternate Universe - Grocery Store
Eren is trying his best
Crack Treated Seriously
Other Additional Tags to Be Added
5+1 Things
Minor Marco Bott/Jean Kirstein
Levi Ackerman is a Little Shit
Eren Is Really Trying His Best Okay
Words:3910 Chapters:2/6
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westsunset · a day ago
You know what we don’t have enough of?
Badass Eren.
And no, I am NOT including post-time skip Eren as badass Eren. The most badass thing he did was when he put his head against Pieck’s gun and told her she didn’t have the balls to shoot, and it’s one of my favorite moments but I’m not gonna include it cause post time skip Eren brings me depression.
This boy had so much potential! He was number one in hand to hand combat. He had the stubbornness and dedication of a monster. He was a feral “beast” (remember when people were always denouncing his humanity? In the beginning of the story and in the end?) with a good heart and had so much love for everyone he held close. And he was so FUCKING SMART TOO! DONT ANYONE DARE DOUBT IT! This boy had real brains alright! He sometime just became a little clouded by his emotions and loyalties (and that’s a human thing that other characters had very little sympathy for).
Now with all of THAT (and so much more that I didn’t even put) Isayama gave him so little. I wanted to see more of Eren being badass! I wanted to see him be quick witted and sly and smart like I KNOW he can be (like he kind of almost seemed like after the time skip but I have a very strange relationship with that arc so I don’t like to think about it much). I wanted more moments of people just being in awe of him and his abilities (he’s so looked down upon tbh. The only person I think who’s shown genuine awe and confidence in his abilities is Levi, everyone else was mostly skeptic for a lot of the story). I wanted to see him climb all the way to the top! I wanted him to have at least one golden moment amongst all the tragedy, I wanted him to be fully acknowledged for his abilities.
I really just wanted more appreciation for him, you know? Since the story literally revolves around him???? It’s named after him (his Titan), he’s on almost every cover, and he’s the center piece for almost every single plot line. He’s the heart for everything in the story! And yet, he’s always reduced to so little (at least, from my perspective).
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Hello ELF! I'm not looking for a lost fic, but do you know any rivaere fic that takes place in japan?
Try these~
Small World by Dreamy_Heichou
(Rated M, 4,883 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren found Armin, he found Mikasa, but will he ever find Levi? The world they live in is so much bigger than the one he used to know in his past life, which makes him worried about finding the man. He doesn’t have to look very far however, as one day they come across each other in the middle of the big metropolis that is Tokyo, Japan. Maybe the world isn’t as big as Eren thought it was.
Part 6 of Reincarnation AU prompts
Classmates (Doukyuusei) by Morganic_4653
(Rated T, 14,895 words, multichapter, complete)
A boy met a boy. They were in flush of youth.
They were in love that felt like a dream,
like a sparkling soda pop.
If you have read the manga or watched the movie its basically just like it but the characters are switched.
To you, a lifetime from now. by PKSamurai
(Rated M, 10,020 words, oneshot, complete)
In modern day Tokyo, life isn't always easy for Eren, especially when he's the only one who remembers their past.
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Can’t find this fic where Levi is a famous professional soccer player and Eren is a photographer who has hemophilia and has a huge fan crush on Levi. I cannot for the life of me remember the title
Hi @in-love-with-the-poisons-of-life!
Here’s your fic~
Freedom of the Press by kylar
(Rated E, 181,500 words, multichapter, complete)
Eren is just an ordinary college student, wondering how long he can put off his art projects and if it's possible to live off of only ramen and mac 'n cheese. Oh, and if his medical alert bracelet is really necessary, because honestly, it shouldn't be. His part time jobs as a barista and a photographer for a major newspaper help pay the bills, but when he gets assigned the task of photographing the upcoming professional soccer match, he can't believe his luck. He has been given permission to legally stalk his idol, center forward for the Scouts, Levi Ackerman!
Levi Ackerman is a famous soccer player, and the object of millions of girls' and guys' wet dreams. For Levi, the life of a celebrity is nothing to complain about. He can walk into any bar and leave with his choice of men to take home. And with a sexual appetite that can rival that of a porn star, this is a benefit of stardom he takes full advantage of. The only problem is, it's hard to keep secrets when constantly under a spotlight. What the world doesn't know is that he's gay, and he's determined to keep it that way. Levi struggles to keep his deep, dark secret out of the public knowledge, but a certain green-eyed brat is making that exceptionally difficult.
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talkereritome · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Levi Ackerman/Eren Yeager Characters: Levi Ackerman, Eren Yeager Additional Tags: Angel/Demon Relationship, Angel/Demon Sex, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Fantasy, Angel Eren Yeager, Demon Levi Ackerman, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Levi Ackerman, Alpha Eren Yeager, Shameless Smut, Smut, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Knotting, Anal Sex, Rimming, Tails, Wings, Fluff, Scent Marking, Top Eren Yeager, Bottom Levi Ackerman, Kissing Summary:
As a demon, Levi takes immense pleasure in messing with humans, especially with some villagers living on the top of a remote mountain. During one of his trips, however, he goes into heat, and with no suppressants or friends to call, he is left to deal with it by himself. Luckily for him, a certain angel is more than willing to help.
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dailyereri · a day ago
One Too Many Mistakes on the Road to Death by Amory_chan
Known as one of the most dangerous people to ever have set foot into the country of Maria, serial killer "The Beast" has made quite the name of himself over the last decade. With everyone assigned having failed the task of tracking him down - hard -, desperation quickly rises. Enter the Special Investigations Squad of little city Shiganshina: A group of thoroughly skilled detectives that have until now completed every challenge with ease. This one, however, should soon turn out to be their hardest yet - eventually leading to a risky new measure being added to the mix: The involvation of the killer's brother, college student Eren Yeager. The young adult accepting a deadly offer is soon accompanied by the complete destruction of his once happy and innocent life in peace. Whereupon, in the blink of an eye, he finds himself trapped in a spiral of mistakes, being pulled further and further downwards. A situation in which he may or may not find a certain grumpy detective to be his only prospect of salvation.
Alternate Universe - Modern Setting
Crimes & Criminals
Detective Levi Ackerman
College | University Student Eren Yeager
Serial Killers
Slow Burn
Age Difference
Other Additional Tags to Be Added
Rating May Change
Alternate Universe - Crime Scene
anger issues
Because we all know Eren has them
A Levi amount of it
So basically lots of Swearing
Words:58904 Chapters:10/?
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Anemoia: Chapter 50
Rating: Explicit
Levi Ackerman/Eren Jaeger
Levi holds out a hand to Eren, hauling him up out of the dirt and back onto his feet and if they didn’t have a hundred eyes on them right now Eren would launch them right back down into the dirt again, for far more indecent reasons this time. His blood is thrumming a wild burn in his veins, breaths coming far too fast to be written off as just exertion, and Levi won’t stop looking at him like he resents the fact they’re outside and filthy instead of locked away in their quarters.
Eren wonders what it looks like to their audience. As far as public declarations go… This is about as explicit as it gets for them. If there were any doubts left about who Eren belonged to, the match blew them out of the fucking water.
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starrysmilee · a day ago
Bien, realmente me tardé haciendo esto porque me encanta procastinar, pero valió la pena. Estoy orgullosa del resultado, quedó mejor de lo que esperaba XD
Sobre todo porque es mi primer dibujo Ereri/Riren así que estoy muy, muy feliz :D
Tumblr media
Espero les guste tanto como a mí (◍•ᴗ•◍)
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 days ago
Hey elf, weird ask but are there any top!Levi consensual / non con somnophilia fics you can recommend? It’s alrighty if you won’t answer this ask but if you would, would totally appreciate it. ;) Thanks!
Try these~
Lights Out by Fluffyboots
(Rated E, 17,039 words, multichapter, complete, dubcon elements)
There was a noticeable shift in the room; a change from their comfortable small talk to something tense and unknown. Drunk or not, Eren quickly realised that Levi was, in fact, being quite serious.
“Captain,” Eren said with some hesitation. “How often do you watch me sleep?”
Levi stared at him, dead silent. He only seemed to realise now that he’d been talking out loud.
Levi has a secret, and one night, he's not so good at keeping it.
Don't Stop by secretlywritessmut
(Rated E, 1,386 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren was rocked back and forth, something solid pressing into him from behind...
Early In The Morning by ShirosMissingBicep
(Rated E, 1,835 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren has a certain kink that he would love to have Levi induldge.
Part 5 of Ereri One-Shots
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