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A nova foto do meu welcome do Spirit Fanfictions! Eu me inspirei no welcome da @Mafuyuchii, ela é profissional nesses edits. Não sou muito boa mas achei fofo e gostei do resultado. E olha só quem é a pessoinha do meu welcome… A BABY ERI! KYAAAAA!

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“So… you now have a kid?”

“Hm… I guess you could say that.”

“Ooo look! A Cat Cafe! Let’s go inside!”


I was bored AAAAAAAAND now I’m tired so here’s a paint/marker piece of Aizawa, Eri, Chikao Matsubara (oc), and her little brother, Enmei (oc), hanging out.

Chikao would get along GREAT with Present Mic.

Wait- No the world might actually end. Nevermind lmao

ANYWHO enjoy


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