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#erik killmonger

A/N: This is a side note but I’m losing my shit over this COVID stuff and while work hasn’t exploded with patients yet, I keep going to work thinking today will be the day. Anyway, writing this chapter calmed me down a little bit. Please wash your hands and stay home. Enjoy!

You and Erik were now riding back down the elevator, having left Lwazi’s body behind. A sensation of unease from knowing that you had been uprooted, yet again, settled in the pit of your stomach. Nevertheless, you remained assured. This time, you intuited that you would remain with Erik for the long run. Even better, you knew this time that you were stronger with Bast’s protection within you.

“Stay right behind me, I gotta make a few stops.” Erik ordered as you left the apartment complex behind. He was holding onto your wrist just a little too tight as he brought you along, but this time his grip was more protective than domineering; as if he was afraid that if he let you go, you’d disappear. 

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Erik “Killmonger” Stevens || word count: 1,983 || Erik had love before the world took that away from him, too.

» for @trashmenofmarvel​ / @wolveria​ inspired by Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave. Congrats on your 2k, you deserve a million more followers. And happy, happy birthday, my darling! Didn’t edit this one a lot, so please forgive me if it’s too horrible.


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Originally posted on Wattpad @Monique_bella

A/N: Book starts with 16 year old high school virgin Erik.

Chapter 1: La’Keisha

Warnings: language, slight smut



May 2004

Erik Stevens 16, grew up in Newark, New Jersey with his best friends Sterling 15, Frank 16 and Monaè 14. Erik lived in a foster home with parents who let him get away with whatever he wanted. To them, Erik was just a paycheck.

Erik met Sterling and Frank in high school. Erik loved basketball and played all the time. He joined the team and the three became inseparable. Frank used to have his older brother buy them four lokos and they would drink and play video games all night.

Erik had the biggest crush on a senior at his high school named La'Keisha. La'Keisha was 17 years old and a dancer on the school’s dance team. Erik found himself staring at her quite a bit. She was well developed and had a huge ass that all the guys talked about. One day after school La'Keisha was driving past Erik in her 2004 Acura.

“Hey Erik! Erik!” She yelled out her window.

Erik stopped and walked towards the car.


“Need a ride home?” She asked popping her gum.

“Sure? I guess”

“Then get in. Let’s go” she unlocked the door and Erik climbed in placing his backpack between his legs and putting his seatbelt on.

Milkshake by Kelis was playing in the background. La'Keishas long hot pink acrylic nails were wrapped around the gear shift.

“So where you live at?” She asked.

“Over on 2nd” Erik replied nonchalantly.

“How old are you Erik?”

“16. Why?”

“I notice how you be looking at me when I’m at dance practice. You kinda cute. You got a girl?”

Erik grins to himself.

“No. I’m single”

“You a virgin?”

“Umm. Yea” he admitted nervously as he rubbed his hands on his pants.

“That’s cute. How bad do you want to lose it?”

Erik looked over at her confused. Was she offering to take his virginity? If so, he would be the happiest 16 year old on the planet.

“I mean-I don’t know” Erik shrugged his shoulders.

“Let’s go to my house then. My mama is working a double tonight anyways”


After a 5 minute drive, they pulled up to La'Keisha’s house.

She cut the car off and climbed out. Erik followed behind her. His heart was beating out his chest. Today was the day he would lose his virginity. Sterling and Frank been lost there’s and he would finally be able to join their conversations about sex.

“Just follow me” she walked upstairs and Erik shut the front door and walked upstairs. They walked into her bedroom that was painted pink. Posters of Run DMC, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child. She had stuffed animals on her bed that was covered in pink sheets.

Erik shut the door behind him and sat his backpack on the floor.

“Don’t be shy. I won’t bite” she winked.

She cut on My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys. She stood in front of him and pulled her shirt off exposing her size D breast in her white push-up bra.

“Take your shirt off” she pulled at it. He pulled his shirt over his head leaving his two chains around his neck. One was a cross and one held his fathers ring. Both meant everything to him.

“Next is our pants” they both dropped their pants to the ground and looked at each other. Keisha stood in her matching white underwear and Erik stood in his Nike spandex boxers.

“What do you want to do?” She asked walking to her closet to pull a flavored condom from her personal stash.

“I don’t know” Erik shrugged but seeing Keisha naked made him hard. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing in this moment so he covered it with his hands.

“Lay back on the bed and I’ll give you head” she pushed him down on the bed. Erik heard Sterling and Frank talk about how good and sometimes bad the head they received was. Erik hoped this experience was good.

Keisha climbed in between his legs and removed her bra.

“Touch them if you want” Erik reached down and played with her nipple. It didn’t do anything for him but she seemed to like it.

“Lick you fingers and do it”

Erik licked his first two fingers and played with her nipples. She moaned and Eriks dick jumped.

“Try not to cum so fast” she giggled. Erik sat up on his elbows to watch her as her mouth sank down onto his length. He was amazed. Shocked. Speechless. So many emotions. This new sensations was one he could get used to. Even though she asked him not to cum fast, he couldn’t help himself and ended up coming on her mouth.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Fuck” Erik was apologetic but Keisha didn’t mind. She laughed.

“It’s okay. I liked that” she admitted.

“Has a guy ever done that before?”

“No. Never. You’re the first”

“Oh. Wow. Well that felt amazing. Can you-can you do it again?” Eriks face was turning red.

“Sure Erik”

And she did. And he continued to be her first for the next 30 minutes.

“Since you loved that so much, you get to fuck me and let’s see how much you like it” she tossed him the condom. Erik knee how to wear a condom. He practiced plenty of times for this exact moment.

Keisha pulled her underwear off and laid on her back. Erik nervously climbed in between her legs. His breathing was fast and he was sweating.

“Erik. Calm down. Take your time. It’s only me” her words were soothing and Erik took a deep breath before sinking into her. He felt like he slipped and drowned and couldn’t find his way out.

“Fuck” Erik said thrusting into her.

“Damn little Erik. You got a big dick on you” she smirked. His ego was officially fed thanks to her.

“Shit. Thanks” he smiled.

After their first sexual encounter, Erik asked her out a few weeks later. She said yes and he took her to her senior prom.

They were happy together but unfortunately, Keisha graduated and went off to college.

“I miss you Keisha. How’s college?” Erik asked over the phone as he completed his AP Calculus homework.

“It’s great baby. I’m having fun but I miss you too. How’s school? You apply to any colleges?”

“Yea. I’m thinking about going to MIT for engineering”

“You’re leaving Jersey?”

“Maybe. I don’t know yet. I put in the application but we’ll see. I’m still waiting on my SAT scores to come in this week”

“You did great on them Erik. You know you did. You’re so smart. You’ll get into MIT”

“Thanks. I hope so”

“I love you Erik”

“I love you too beautiful”

That was the first time they said the L word. It wasn’t the last.

4 months later, Keisha came into town to visit her mom. Erik found out Keisha was in town through his best friend Monaè who just so happened to be friends with Keisha’s little sister Destiny.

“She’s in town? How you know?” Erik asked throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

Monaè shrugged.

“Destiny told me”

Erik rolled his eyes then walked straight from school to Keisha’s house. He knocked but no one answered. He knocked again and Destiny opened the door.

“Oh hey Erik..”

“Is Keisha here?”

“Yea she’s-” before she could finish, Erik rushed upstairs to Keisha’s room. Her door was shut but Erik heard that familiar box spring squeaking noise. He opened the door and seen Ray Donovan on top of her. They were having sex. Ray was a football player at Eriks school. Both Erik and Ray were seniors. Everyone knew Erik was dating college girl Keisha.

“Keisha? Are you serious!?” Erik was crushed.

“Erik! Get out!” She threw a teddy bear at him.

“Fuck you Keisha! I thought you loved me!?”

“Erik. I’m a girl and I have needs too. Now get out!”

“Don’t call me again! We’re done!”

Erik stormed out of the house and walked home. His heart was broken.

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Originally posted by lyricism1898

 part 1

paring: erik x black!reader

summary: ….it’s smutty.

warnings: slight bdsm. ruined orgasm. teasing. cheating. uh…just be warned!

(authors note: this took forever, but it’s here. i’m a little rusty at writing full on smut so…forgive me)

               His apartment was pitch black other than the warm orange light coming from the window that led to his fire escape. With the warm light you could only make out the start of the living room, but everything else was shadowed. You flattened your back to the door, and wrapped your arms around your body feeling a bit nervous.

“Relax.” Erik’s voice resounded but you couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Where are you? And why aren’t the lights on?” You looked around and then gave up looking for him in the dark turning back towards the door to look for the light switch. When your hand found the switches, his hand came over yours gripping. His body followed pressing you against the door again.

“Leave them off.” He kissed down your neck. “Pull out your phone.”

“Why?” You asked him turning towards him. “Ain’t gon’ be no movie making tonight.”

He chuckled softly and placed his mouth on your ear, “Take out your phone. Now.” With that he moved away from you leaving you feeling weightless. You faced towards the window again and pulled your phone out of your pocket.

“It’s out. You happy?” You waved your phone.

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Your not as popular as your old blog. Yikes

It’s *you’re and imagine seeing writing fanficiton for fun and anonymity as some sort of validation BUT if you wanna go there-

Believe it or not I am still a heavy influence within the Black Panther fandom (Erik, T’Challa, Chadwick, etc). People STILL use my ideas (without credit of course).

Even after 2+ years, love me or hate me, I’m still all and throughout this fandom, love.😘

Respect one of your Founding Muthas.


Originally posted by beyhq

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Read Part 2

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik and the reader visits her hometown.

Warnings: Flufffffyyyyyyyyy and some language

A/N: I just noticed I’m doing a slow burn. So, I hope y’all enjoy the ride. Also, I didn’t get to put this part as soon as I wanted because my job deemed me an essential worker lol. I hope this makes you’re quarantine a little bit more bearable. And I may have went a little overboard, this is 5.8k words and I still could’ve wrote some more for this part. Enjoy!!!!


During your time at Stark Industries, you made friends with Deja and Shannon. Deja was a scientist in R & D, and Shannon was your work rival’s assistant. Being the few black women working for the company, y’all quickly bonded inside and outside of work.

Many Sundays with the ladies was spent at brunches, just like this one. Except this time, they brought their boyfriends and you dragged Erik along. Currently the three you were cutting up waiting on their boyfriends and Erik to bring more drinks.

“So, you telling us that after all the time you two spend together, you and Erik ain’t together?” Deja asked, desperately trying to get one more sip of her mimosa.

You shook your head at your friend. As soon as they met Erik, they were trying to push y’all together. “There is nothing going on between us! We’re strictly just friends.”

“Girl, for now. You should see the way he looks at you. He would kiss the nasty ass streets of New York because you walked them.” Shannon said, cutting into her waffle.

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A/N: Hey babies, I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and sound in the midst of this craziness. Here’s some cute shit to break up the monotony of quarantine. I’m still going to work unfortunately every day so this took a bit longer than I would have liked. Like, read, comment and reblog if you so choose to and thanks for stopping by! Wash your damn hands, babies!


Originally posted by godtsol

Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

“The global pandemic, COVID-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has spread through the United States at an exponential rate. It is imperative that we as public officials, indebted to the citizens of California, take every precaution to prevent community spread and encourage safe practices. The city of Oakland will mandate a 14 day quarantine for the city limits and surrounding suburbs, beginning this weekend. Please make sure to get everything that you need to sustain you and your families for the time being and take care.”


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Chapter 4



3 years later

Today was your graduation. It’s been a long time coming but you were happy to finally be done with school. In a few days you would be turning 22. You would be moving to Oakland, California to work at the Wakanda Outreach Center. It worked out perfectly because your parents decided to permanently reside in California and you were so happy. They would also be at your graduation today thank god because their flight kept getting pushed back.

You and Nolan broke up after he graduated. He ended up getting high and dying in a car crash a few months after. As for Morgan, you and her stopped being friends after you found out she was sleeping with Nolan behind your back.

Erik. The night you went to his place to get your items from him, after confessing your love for him. He said he loved you too and the next few weeks were filled with lust and passionate sex. Unfortunately after he graduated and left for the Navy, you lost touch and he went off the grid. You couldn’t contact him and he didn’t contact you. It hurt you but you couldn’t let it bother you. Except it did bother you because a few months later you found out you were pregnant and it was definitely Eriks baby because you didn’t use a condom those last few weeks. Instead of adoption or an abortion, you decided to keep the baby. You were having a little girl. You were happy and ready to raise your daughter. You documented the entire pregnancy with pictures and videos of your belly. You even told your parents who weren’t thrilled and not happy with the fact that you couldn’t tell Erik. You reassured them that as soon as you could reach him, everything would be okay. But nothing after that was okay. Month 7 of your pregnancy, your little girl, Mila, wasn’t kicking anymore. You waited all day for her to kick but she didn’t. It wasn’t until day 2 that you felt like something was wrong. Seeing as you’ve never been pregnant before, this was all new to you. You decided to go to the hospital where they informed you that Mila got her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Heartbroken, you went into a downward spiral. Drinking every night, sleeping around, skipping class. You almost didn’t graduate but you pulled yourself out of that hole.

After graduation, your parents took lots of pictures and took you out to eat. Your apartment was already packed up and everything was sent to your house in Oakland. Your cousin Jason was going to be moving to California with your family. You didn’t have siblings but Jason was like an older brother to you. He was extremely protective and he looked out for you.

“So J, where will you be working in Cali?” You ask with a mouth full of food.

“I’m being transferred to your job actually. I’ll be head of communications. Well, I’ll be working under someone but yea. I’m excited. Plus staff members get vacations to Wakanda. Sounds good to me” he says.

“So we’ll be working together? Dope! I can’t wait”

“So is your fiancée moving too?” Dad asked.

“Yea where is she?” You ask.

“She’s already in California. Staying with her parents right now while we look for a house”

“Use our realtor. I’m sure you’ll find a house quick” mom says.

“Thanks Auntie. I appreciate it” Jason says.


The four of you fly to California and land at Oakland International Airport. Catching an Uber to your parents house in Sherman Oaks, you chill over there for a while before heading to your place.

After unpacking some stuff, you decided to head to Ralph’s to do some grocery shopping.

You climb out your Benz and grab a cart walking inside. You have a list of items you need. One being a pack of organic tampons because Aunt Flo decided to show up earlier than you anticipated. As you read your list and walked down an aisle, your cart is bumped by another lady’s who has a little boy in her cart. He was so adorable.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention” she apologized. She had an islander accent but you couldn’t pin point it.

“No it’s okay. Don’t worry about it” you say.

“I’m surviving on no sleep. My son here has been keeping me up all night” she laughs.

“He is the cutest” you smile at the boy.

“Thank you. He gets his looks from his daddy unfortunately”

“Don’t they all” you laugh remembering how Mila looked like Erik when you got a 3D scan done. It made you mad that she would look like him but at least you would have had a reminder of him.

“Yea they really do” she agrees.

“I’m Y/N” you introduce yourself.

“I’m Tamara and this is Kody. He’s 2”

“He’s the cutest. It was nice meeting you” you say before grabbing your box of cereal.

“You ready to check out baby?”

That voice. So familiar that it makes you jump and instantly your adrenaline drops causing your heart to race. You begin to shake and afraid to turn around.

“Yes baby. Sorry. I had to apologize to this lady, I nearly ran her over with my cart” Tamara laughs. You and Erik meet eyes. He looked completely different now.

Hair grown out again, a full thick beard and mustache. He looked like he got bigger. Muscles showing through his white T-shirt. Neither of them wore a ring so they must not be married.

“E-Erik?” You say confused.

“Wussup Y/N”

“You two know each other?” Tamara asks.

“Yea. We went to college together” Erik says.

“Oh. MIT. You live in California now?” She asks.

“Yes. Just landed today…”

“Oh that’s right, you just graduated” Erik says.

“Yup..” you look away quickly feeling the tears coming. You had a right to cry. Before he left, he made you promises that he didn’t keep.

“Shit and you just turned 22. Y/N, I’m sorry, I wanted to come see you walk but I was busy” Erik said.

“You don’t owe me shit Erik. It was nice meeting you Tamara and Kody. Bye” you pushed your cart away from them. Completely abandoning it and walking to your car fast. You struggle to find your keys through your tears and drop to the ground crying. You feel hands on your back and turn to see it’s Erik.

“Come here” he pulls you into a tight bear hug and the two of you stand there silently, besides your crying, for a while before you pull away.

“Here” he hands you your cart items. You look up at him confused. “I paid for them. Quit looking at me like that”

“You didn’t have to do that. I have my own money and you have a kid to….to take care of” you wipe your eyes.

“We’ll be good. You want this shit or not?”

You take the bags and throw them in your trunk.

“Thanks” you say.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I really wanted to tell you in person but I couldn’t find the words. How do I tell my long distant girlfriend that I got another girl pregnant? I’m sorry….I’m sorry I didn’t call you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there at your graduation. Tamara is jealous and I’m not trying to ruin our relationship”

“It’s whatever Erik…” you felt the tears coming again. Your chest hurt and your heart was broken all over again. You climb into your car crying then pull out a sonogram photo from your purse.

“Here” you hand it to him and roll up your window and drive away leaving him standing there looking at the photo.

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Short: Dad (Erik) Pt. 1

Originally posted on Wattpad

Warnings: cursing, angst



Imagine being the daughter of Killmonger. Life would have to be difficult. And it was for 15 year old Amber Stevens. Erik was super strict and had his hands full dealing with his spoiled ass daughter and equally spoiled ass wife. They both got on his last nerve.

“Baaabe!” His wife Tameka called out to him from their luxury en suite.

“Wussup baby?” Erik said from the desk in their master bedroom. He was sitting at his desk cleaning his guns. He had a mission coming up in a few days and had to get shit ready for that and make sure his family would be straight. They had 2 full grown German shepherds and 2 Dobermans. Erik had the dogs trained to protect the two most important women in his life. His wife Tameka knew how to shoot and he took their daughter to the range so she knew how. If anyone tried anything with his family, they would be met with weapons and 4 mean ass dogs.

“What are we doing for Ambers 16th birthday? You know it’s coming up and you’ll be gone”

“Talk to me in here Tam. I’m not about to be yelling back and forth”

His wife walked into the bedroom naked and dripping wet. Her hair was slicked down her back and her curves were calling out to him.


“You like this?” She turned around and popped her ass for him to see.

“See, fuck around and watch you end up pregnant again. I’m not even fucking playing”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” She walked over to him with her hips swaying.

“Both. Fuck you mean” he slapped her ass repeatedly making it jiggle.

“Mmm. I love you daddy” she kissed his juicy lips.

“I love you more baby” he played with her ass.

Erik looked over at the clock and seen it was 10:30.

“Get your robe on. You know Amber will be in here soon to say goodnight” Erik slapped his wife’s voluptuous ass before she climbed off him to put on her shea butter and silk robe.

Right on cue, Amber knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Erik yelled out.

Amber opened the door and all 4 dogs ran in ahead of her jumping on the bed. They knew better.

“Get the fuck off the bed!” Erik yelled. All the dogs jumped off the bed and laid on the floor.

“Wussup baby girl?” Erik said to Amber.

“Dad…winter formal is coming up and I want to go with Vince” she sat in the middle of the bed crisscrossed.

“Who the fuck is Vince!?”

“Dad, my boyfriend..” she rolled her eyes.

Erik gave her a serious look then busted out laughing. Tameka walked out the bathroom to make sure everything was okay. She sat on her side of the bed and climbed under the covers.

“You ain’t got no goddamn boyfriend. Who told you that shit?” His voice went back to serious Erik.

Amber looked between her mom and dad.

“Baby, I told her it was okay” Tameka said. Erik shot her a pissed off look.

“And you ain’t think to tell me first! I’m her fucking dad, and you ain’t no single mom!”

“Calm down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You making decisions without telling me! What kind of fucked up shit is that?”

Amber was used to her parents bickering. And by parents, her dad. He had a temper and it definitely showed. Her mom was laid back but her dad HAD to be in control of everything.

“I don’t know who this Vince nigga is but he ain’t yo goddamn boyfriend! Break up with him”


“Don’t dad me. Break up with him or I’ll do it for you”

Amber got up and stormed out their bedroom slamming the door shut.



Erik proceeded to get up but his wife climbed on top of him.

“STOP! You’re doing too much baby. She’s almost 16. Let her date. Let her have fun. You did. I did. What’s the issue?”

“Yea and look at my rap sheet. How many women I been with. The nasty shit I did, they did. I didn’t give a fuck if it was somebody’s daughter! They was just easy bitches with good pussy. So Tameka, tell me something, if I thought that even at a young age, what you think niggas like Vince think about my fucking daughter!? Nah. I’ll kill a lil nigga for looking my daughters way. I don’t play when it comes to my princess!” Eriks heart was beating fast. He was seething.

“Baby. Calm down. It’s okay” she was rubbing his chest. Her fingers stroking his keloid scars.

“How the fuck you know! Giving her permission and shit without me knowing. That’s fucked up Tam!” He pontes his finger in her face.

“Baby you can’t monitor every little thing she does. She’s a teenager”

“Oh I can’t? Bet” he pushed Tameka off and walked out his room towards Ambers room. He was about to knock when he heard something. He knew his ears were deceiving him. Cause if what he was hearing was correct, somebody was getting shot. TO-NIGHT

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Warnings: Cursing, smut

Chapter 2



A few days later, you knock on Erik’s door and he lets you in. His entire place smells of weed and you notice he’s shirtless with low hanging grey Nike sweats showing the infamous ‘V’ shape and chiseled chest and abs.  PS4 controller in one hand, bud in the other. You look him up and down biting your bottom lip.

“Yo ass been over here everyday” he laughed at you.

“I be bored. That’s why” you flop down on his sofa and pull out a book.

“Yea Aight. I got company coming over in an hour” he says sitting next to you continuing his game of COD Zombies.


“Yea. And that company got pussy so imma need you to leave”

“Oh…okay. I’ll go ahead and leave now” you pack up your stuff and get up to leave. Erik doesn’t say anything and you head back home.



You up? - E

You look at the text message and roll your eyes.

I know yo ass up. Let me come over - E

No. I’m sleep - You

Bull. I’m almost there - E

Please don’t. I’m exhausted - You

You were afraid he would come over but he didn’t which upset you. You wanted him to come over anyways. You decided to get dressed and drive over to his place. After parking and climbing out the car, you walk up to his door and knock. He answers it with eyes bloodshot red. He was clearly high and drunk.

“You okay?” You ask.

“Straight. Why you here?” He pokes his head out the door and looks around.

“I thought you were coming over but you never did”

“You asked me not to”

“I know but I expected you to still come over”


You push past him and step into his living room. Feeling bold, you walked over to his glass of Hennessy and take a drink then take a hit of his blunt. He watches you and smiles before slamming his door shut and joining you on the couch.

“How was your company?” You ask secretly hoping it was trash.

“Trash. Girl couldn’t suck dick to save her life so I passed on fucking her. Kicked her ass out then chilled here alone. I was trying to hang with you but I guess you was mad at a nigga” he laughed.

“Yea you right I was mad. You kicked me out for wack head and you didn’t even hit. Pathetic”

“Get cho ass over here girl” he pulled you close to him and you laid up against his chest as he smoked. One hand was wrapped around your waist and the other hand he used to smoke with. The way his large hand gripped your waist made your pussy swell with butterflies. You weren’t together, never had sex let alone a kiss and yet he made you feel safe and you wanted him to ruin you. Strip away the ounce of innocence you had left.

So who makes the first move?

As you made yourself comfortable on Erik, you have two choices, well three. Choice one, place his hand down your shorts. Choice two, you could finger yourself in front of him but that’ll mean you have to look at him. Choice three, do nothing and remain platonic. Decisions decisions. This was tough because it was hard to read Erik. Did he like you? Find you attractive? He never said anything about it to you. Never complimented you and that made you feel conflicted. Equal parts upset and jealous because he was complimenting other girls to fuck them. What makes them so special?

You decide to go with choice one. Putting his hand down your shorts. You were soaked and sticky.

“Aye, lay between my legs” he said in his deep raspy voice. It caught you off guard that he wanted to readjust on the couch. You sit up and  he slides his legs on the couch, he pulls you back into his lap and you feel his rapid heartbeat through his chest. You also feel his dick through his sweats and the way it was hitting your lower back made you nervous. You wanted to be stuffed with that? No way it would fit.  

You breath to calm yourself down some. Now or never hoe.

You take his free hand and play with his large thick chubby fingers before inserting two in your mouth sucking on them. Erik doesn’t say anything and you can’t see his face, thank god. You pull his hand towards your shorts and place his hand on your pussy. He takes over and inserts two fingers. Erik let’s out a hiss as he enters your wetness.

“Fuck Y/N. What you tryna get into tonight? You wet as fuck” his voice deep and in your ear.

“I want you to fuck me”

“Oh you want me to fuck this tight lil pussy? Cause shit, I’ll do it. I’ll turn yo ass out having you feigning for a nigga” his voice turned you on so much.

“Yes fuck me”

“Manners baby girl. Ask me the right way. I know yo parents taught you better than that”

“Please fuck me” you whine.

“Turn around and look at me”

You shake your head no.

“Why not?”

“Because…I don’t want you to kick me out for trash sex…”

Erik laughed.

“What you talking about? You can’t fuck?”

You shake your head no again.

“Why not? What can’t you do?”

“Everything…” you finally turn around to look at him. He pulls you close before rubbing your jaw with his thumb and forefinger.

“I’m a virgin…”

“Oh…damn. And you want me…..You want me to take your virginity?”

“Yea. I trust you”

“I got you baby girl. I’ll take care of you. I promise” he kissed under your chin.


“Lay back on my chest. We’ll start with me fingering you to get you warmed up”

You lay onto his chest your heart racing. He pulls your shirt off over your head and tosses it to the floor. Your exposed D cup breast lay there nipples getting hard from the cool air. Erik licks his fingers before grabbing your erect nipples and twisting and twirling them in his fingers. You let out a soft moan mistakenly and close your mouth.

“Tell daddy how good this feels. You don’t got to be quiet with me. I wanna hear yo sexy ass moan”

You open your mouth moans escaping your lips.

“Fuck daddy. You’re making me so wet. This feels so good” you moan.

Erik continues playing with your nipples and he leans down to kiss your neck. You can’t help but to give in to becoming a needy moaning mess. Unraveling in front of Erik. Stranger turned friend turned friends with benefits?

“You ready for me to play in that tight pussy?” He asks.

“Please daddy” you beg.

He stops playing with your nipples and pulls you so you’re facing him.  He takes in your naked body and licks his lips. He takes one nipple into his mouth while playing with the other. He goes between the two pleasuring you. By now there’s a puddle between your thick thighs. You felt your stickiness on your inner thigh and wanted Erik there. He pushes you onto your back on the couch and pulls your shorts off with your panties giving him the perfect view of your swollen and sensitive puss. You craved his touch and wanted him to put it on you.  

He spit on his fingers before playing with the outside of your precious honeypot. You bite your lip in anticipation. He plants kisses all over and you moan. Without warning he shoves his two fingers into your tight wetness letting cuss words fall from his lips.

“Goddamn baby. I can’t wait to get all up in this shit. Fuck” his eyes were focused on your pussy.

“Pretty lil pussy. You got a pretty pussy on you girl. It’s like a new fucking car. I can’t wait to break this shit in. I just know imma be in this shit all the time”

Erik was knuckle deep up in you and it felt so good. He kept hitting something in you that made you feel weak and submissive.

“That’s your gspot baby” he says. “Let’s get a nut out of you. I wanna see that pussy cream on my fingers. Just let go and trust me. Cum on my fingers baby”

He rubs at your gspot softly before picking up the pace and showing no mercy.

“Ffffuckkk daddy!” You moan.

“Let that shit go! Quit holding back and cum on these fingers bitch”

You release all over his fingers. Panting hard, you look down to see the mess you made on Erik. His hand and fingers covered in a sticky mess. He brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean.

“Daddy?” You moan out.

“Pussy sweet as candy baby. That shit taste good. I want more”

He inserts three fingers now and massages the inside of your pussy making you squirm. He goes right back to your gspot teasing you.

“Wait-Erik! I have to pee. Get off”

But he doesn’t. In fact, he stares you in your eyes and gives you a sly smile as he fingers you faster. You try getting up but his other hand pushes your chest down and holds you in place.

“Stop fuckin’ moving and take this shit! If you can’t take three fingers, you won’t survive my dick”

He continues to finger you and lick your clit making it stiff and sensitive. You couldn’t take the pleasure he was giving you with his experienced mouth. He then sucks on each of your lips and laps them up making them nice and juicy. He removes his fingers and inserts his tongue deep inside you going to town eating and licking you up good, pinching your clit over and over with his manicured thumb and forefinger when suddenly you feel a liquid pour out of you. Caught up in the moment, you moan and scream as loud as you can and your body convulses. Erik takes his fingers and licks them like a dessert then proceeds to clean up your huge mess with his tongue. His tongue brushing back over your sensitive clit making you push his head away.

“Ha. Yo ass is a squirter. This shit is gonna be fun” he laughed. “Oh and you’re having an orgasm if you didn’t already know. Once your pussy stops throbbing I’ll fuck you. I don’t want to overstimulate yo virgin ass” he kissed your lower stomach and thighs. You moan some more making Eriks dick jump.

“Let me get in that pussy baby. You ready?” He asks rubbing his hard dick through his sweats.

“Yes daddy but go slow. I’m scared” you bite your lip nervously.

“You scared? Yo ass show’s up to my crib at 2am knowing damn well that you wanted this big dick and now you scared” he laughed. “You’ll be aight”

He grabs a condom from his wallet on the table and pulls his dick out. You watch in amazement at how it just naturally falls. All big, veiny and meaty. He was thick and looking at it made your mouth water. He ripped the condom open and rolled it on. It looked like his dick was getting harder and longer.

“Umm…how big are you?” You pointed to his dick. He shrugs.

“I don’t know. I don’t measure my dick but if you want to then be my guest”

He starts rubbing your pussy making you leak on his couch.

“Daddy…” you lick your lips.

He lines up at your entrance and slaps his thick meat on your wetness then rubs it over the condom.

“Just breath and you’ll be aight. If you tense up, it’ll hurt baby girl”

“Okay” you say timidly.

He gets on his knees in front of you and pushes your legs out in a split form then smirks.

“Lil flexible ass”

He slowly pushes his way in. You immediately feel full down there and tense up.

“Aye, what I say? Yo ass about to rip my dick off and I’m barely in there”


“I only got the head in girl”

You breath out and close your eyes. He starts over by pulling out then entering back in. You continue breathing and he’s almost all the way in.

“You good?” He asks.

“Yea. I mean it hurts a little bit though”

“The pain will be over soon enough” he leans forward and kisses your neck. The last bit of him is in and he looks at you.

“That’s all of it. You ready?” He asks.


He pulls out seeing blood on the condom.

“See, you not a virgin no more. Congratulations”

You smile at him and he starts a rhythm of fucking you. Holding your thighs down with his strong hands, he thrusts into you all the way then back out again making you gasp and moan.

“Fuck baby. This fucking pussy….shit” Erik moans out.

“Play with those big ass titties baby. I wanna see you suck on em”

You lick your fingers and roll your hard nipples in your fingers. Erik bites his lip watching you.

“Good girl. Keep doing that shit” he slaps your ass hard.

“Daddy, your big dick feels so good inside me. I don’t want you to leave” you pout.

“You got me for another week and a half. I got you. Imma wear that ass out every fuckin’ day ma”

He continues fucking you with grace. You notice him biting his bottom lip showing off his gold bottom grill.

“Oh daddy….uhhhh….your stretching me out…..uhhhh… feels so fucking good”

“Turn over and let me get this shit from behind” he pulls out and you see all your mess on him. Your freak meter went up and you bend down to suck it all off. Erik grips the back of your head and let’s you do your thing.

“Take the condom off and suck me like that” his voice was demanding but also desperate. Company didn’t satisfy him and he needed to nut desperately.

You take the condom off and take all of him in your mouth. Spit running out the sides of your mouth, eyes watering and jaw locked. You wonder in this moment how girls do this successfully. You lick his head with your tongue doing some made up tricks you figured he’d like and when you look up, his eyes are closed and mouth slightly parted.

Damn. He was really enjoying it.

“Can daddy cum in this tight mouth of yours? Please baby?” He says pushing your messy hair out your eyes so he can look at you.

“Mhmm” you moan still slurping all over his dick. He takes both of his hands and place them on the side of your head. Without a warning, he fucks your throat at an uncomfortable but sexy speed. His dominance turned you on and made you wet. You took one hand to play in your pussy and the other hand to play with your nipple.

“Who said you can play in my pussy?” Erik asked referring to your pussy as his.

“I can’t help it. I want you inside me. I want you to make me cum again” you whine.

“You’ll cum when I tell you too, now take those fingers out before I spank yo ass” he said through his teeth. You remove your fingers and he continues thrusting into your mouth until you feel him swell up in your mouth.

“Ahhh shit….fuck baby….here I come. You ready for all this cum? It’s a lot too cause I ain’t bust a nut in a minute” he bit his bottom lip again and smirked. You nod your head yes and he winks at you. After a few more powerful thrusts, you feel his cum hit the back of your throat and you try to pull away but he holds your head in place with his hands and you make eye contact. Your eyes big and innocent and his eyes full of mischief. After emptying himself in your throat he pulls out and sits back on the couch lighting up another blunt. You sit there speechless and he didn’t finish fucking you yet.

“Just give me a second. I’ll fuck you in a minute” he says bringing the blunt to his lips. He drank another glass of Hennessy and grabbed another condom from his wallet. You grab his blunt and the two of you keep it in rotation before it’s gone.

“Tilt your head back” he says. “And open your mouth”

You do as he says and he picks up the bottle of Hennessy bringing it to your mouth.

“Don’t choke”

Your eyes widen and you see the devilish look in his dark eyes.

He holds your chin with his left hand while he begins to pour Hennessy into your mouth with his right. After filling up your mouth, he lets go of your chin and you swallow.

You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and start laughing.

“You’re crazy” you say.

“You ain’t seen crazy yet” he says.

He rolls the condom on and for the next couple of hours, the amazing sex the two of you had seemed to happen in slow motion. Between the liquor and weed, you were both extremely drunk and very high. It definitely made the sex much more better. You finally loosened up and Erik broke you out your shell. When he said he would turn you out, he meant that shit. You were a slut for him. And you were definitely feigning over him. Almost like he was your boyfriend except he wasn’t. The only thing you wanted after 5 straight days of shacking up and fucking, getting high and drinking, was him. You didn’t want to leave and he didn’t make you.


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☕ Opinion on all the Wakandans we know, all of them, including those that died in Lagos.

Opinion on Wakandans: general badasses. Wish it was a real country. Hope that the film’s existence gives real inspiration to the people of Africa that have access to the film.

Now in order from least important to most important (well in terms of plot), from the people I can find in the Wiki because I’ve only memorized how to spell the names of 6 Wakandans, and the name Erik doesn’t really count. (Erik’s a very very good name though).

The Wakandans that died in Lagos: 🎶 Those poor unfortunate souls / So sad, so true 🎶 It must be rough being a plot device.

Zuri, aka T'Challa’s uncle figure killed by Erik: Good guy. Died for what he believed in and his country. I admire his loyalty to T'Chaka and T'Challa. Was right to turn N'Jobu in to the king.

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A/N: This chapter will give you whiplash in all honesty. And stay safe from coronavirus y’all. Wash your hands. 


A whip of blinding pain and a shrill ringing in the ears jolted you back into consciousness and you opened your heavy, heavy eyelids. A familiar face glowered over you, his head tilted at an unnatural angle… No, you were horizontal, lying on the cold ground, collapsed against the wall in the hallway leading up to your client’s suite. 

The elevator…

“Don’t even think about it.” Lwazi growled.

Your eyes refocused to look at him. The side of your head that made contact with the ground throbbed and you could feel something lukewarm and sticky seeping through your curls. Your eyes continued to go in and out of focus as you lay still, too fatigued to move. It was like you had lost control over your limbs. He had drugged you. 

Lwazi was going to kill you, and likely had planned to all along. Somehow, you were not at all surprised. It had seemed all too easy for you to just leave and live comfortably in France after supposedly trying to overthrow your very own king. You just wondered why King T’Challa would even bother having you slain outside of Wakanda. He was within his jurisdiction to do whatever he wanted on his territory. It’s not as if the rumor mill was not full of stories of these off-site executions.

Maybe it was more pleasurable to do it this way, now that you had dared to grow comfortable and ease yourself into a different life. Now you had been worn down by this new day to day life, no longer had the stubborn resolve of a rebel and had presumably found new things to live for. Only now would dying be painful, now that you harbored hopes for the future.

Maybe King T’Challa was aiming to look more merciful for the public. Executing a priestess would not look good no matter how much detail they revealed about your treachery. He was the benevolent king after all, universally loved and wise. He would never harm someone he grew up with. He would never hurt you.

Lwazi squatted before you as you lay helplessly. He nudged your forehead roughly with his pointer finger and smirked.

“You really are smart, aren’t you? It’s almost as if you already know what’s going on.” He snarled in Xhosa. This was probably the longest string of words he’d spoken to you since you first met, you realized.

You didn’t respond. While your heart was pounding in your chest, the last thing you wanted was a report of how fearful you had looked as you died. 

It was almost comical. The guy who looked and acted like a serial killer actually turned out to be your murderer. Sometimes people are just as suspicious as they seem. Maybe you and your father would laugh about it in the afterlife.

Your father. Would he be ashamed of you? Would he understand? Would he think you deserved to die?

At this thought, a tear escaped your eye and Lwazi’s catlike ones twinkled with glee. 

“Ah, there’s that emotion I was looking for.” 

As though reassured, he pulled out a small pocket knife. An ordinary weapon to end an ordinary life. 

“No hard feelings. I’m just following orders.” His bemused tone said otherwise as he whispered into your ear, hot breath tickling  your ear. Your skin began to crawl. 

You closed your eyes, waiting for the knife to carve your skin, hoping that he’d be quick. But instead, you heard a stomach-turning crack, followed by the heavy thud of a body hitting the floor.

“Can’t stay out of trouble for five seconds, can ya, babygirl?”

That voice made you frantic, and you couldn’t believe your ears. But you could believe your eyes as you opened them. 


Erik?” He repeated his own name, in a mocking impression of your own voice. “The fuck are you doing here, Nkiru?”

You were at a loss for words, yet again. Where Lwazi had squatted before you, jeering at your body laid on the ground, Erik now stood. Behind him, you could see Lwazi was motionless. Dead. In mere seconds. Now it was not an issue of distorted perspective; your would-be killer’s neck bent at an odd angle, obviously broken, his eyes still open in shock. The sight of it brought a salty and sour taste in your mouth, and you fought the urge to dry heave. You looked away, unable to turn your head, now that you were paralyzed. 

“Get off the floor.” He ordered. 

“I… can’t.”

He rolled his eyes and reached down to lift you, but was thrown back by the opposing wall by a glowing purple light. Your protective barrier you had once generated before, late but ever present, enveloped you in a brilliant sphere.

Erik grimaced in pain as he slumped down onto his backside, ready to shout expletives at you, but his mouth hung open as he watched you suddenly burst into hot tears.

“Stay the fuck away, you… you monster!”

Helpless, laying on the ground, having to accept a pity rescue from the very man who ruined your life… it was all too much. Your childhood crush, or role model, or something in between, now trying to kill you all because of this man. Living in exile because of this man. Your father dying because of this man. Having to answer to a goddess that will not give you clear directions because of this man. 

Erik actually looked… upset? You didn’t care.

“Was I supposed to say thank you for the daring rescue?” You spat. A fire was rising in your body and you felt it surge through your arms and legs. You rose to your feet.

Hot and breathless and full of rage, you stepped towards him, your sphere shrinking until the glow wrapped around you like a wrap, now red and searing.

“Do you think this makes us even, N’Jadaka?” You stressed his name like it was a curse word.

He looked at you in terrifying awe. For the first time since you had ever met him, Erik looked… afraid.

You were now glowering over him, your faces just inches apart. Hands balled into fists, jaw clenched, hair almost up in flames like the rest of your body. You were ready to kill. 

Erik’s eyes met your furious gaze. You wished he would say something smart. You wanted to rip him apart, you were now sure you could. You wanted him to give you just one more reason. Just one more.

Do it. Tear him apart. I would lend you all my strength, the warlike queen sang into your ears.

The trickster gold glint in Erik’s eyes seemed to fade as he stared into yours. You only saw red and you wanted to see more red. You wanted to see his body as broken as Lwazi’s neck was right now, as broken as your heart was.

He’d broken you, but the last straw was today. It wasn’t all he had done while in Wakanda. It was the simple fact that he stood before you today, without warning, and out of nowhere. It was the fact that you had sought to understand him, and he abandoned you, only to reappear before you to save what meager remains of a life you had left, just so he could scatter those scraps too.

You sat on your haunches before him. You liked the way his back pressed further into the distressed wall behind him, bracing himself for whatever you planned to do next. You liked that for once, he was afraid of what you would do.

“I. will. not. let. you. destroy. me.” You seethed.

Erik had run out of smart things to say. He continued to match your gaze. His eyes lowered to your lips, then up to your eyes again, softer this time. 

“I’m going to kill you before you kill me, Erik N’Jadaka Stevens.”

Erik moved suddenly, so suddenly that you swatted at his face in defense, but he caught your wrist before you could make contact. You could see him wince in pain from the contact of the skin of his palm and your red-hot skin.

Then he pressed his lips to yours.

Your heart, previously pounding like a talking drum, almost slowed to a stop, and you could feel your offenses and defenses failing you embarrassingly fast. Your body cooled rapidly like you’d been doused in ice water, then seemed to warm up again, like you were being reset. The throb in your head vanished, and now your head felt light as though you couldn’t breathe.

Erik pulled you in with his other arm so that you straddled him, your knees touching the wall behind him. Off guard, you pulled away for a second, looking at him in shock, waiting for an explanation.

“I missed you.” He said plainly, and pressed his lips to yours a second time. This time, your lips parted for him and you let his arms wrap around your waist to kiss you more deeply. This time, you allowed yourself to feel his embrace and inhale of his scent.

“How did you know where I was this whole time?” You said, breathlessly once you pulled apart.

“I didn’t.” He responded. You didn’t understand, but again your lips met and suddenly you no longer needed to understand.

All in due time. 

The villain of the story, the one who had ruined your life among countless others, now embraced you hungrily, like a beggar at a feast. After you had threatened to kill him. After he had actually killed someone, and said someone laid in a broken mess just a couple feet away from your make out session.

He was not off the hook yet. He’d have to answer for his crimes. 

All in due time.

(had to repost because i lost all of my text somehow)

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