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#erik killmonger fan fiction

Corazón (‘Chunk’ Series)


PAIRING: Erik Stevens + Black!Chubby!OC

SUMMARY: Who is it that your heart beats for?

WARNINGS: Language, Pregnancy

A/N: The time frame is a little different this time around. I didn’t just quite as far back. You’ll see why.




[ 21 Months Ago - Oakland, CA ]

Erik had been to the doctor with Gabby plenty of times before, but things were starting to change as she entered her final trimester. Gabby winced and reached out for Erik’s hand as the technician spread the cold gel on her belly. He grabbed it reluctantly. 

“Do we want to find out the sex of Baby Stevens today?”

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A/N: Apologies for the silence lately, Homie’s been feeling a little bitchmade in the emotional department the last couple days, but she gon be alright. I was actually gonna drop this after part 2 of the last story (haven’t figured out a name yet), but it’s heavily emotional and I needed a little siesta before I plunged back into it. Thanks for thinking of me for this request @lifelover4u! I hope its at least semi what you wanted 😅lol

Warnings: 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 Down below as well as the prompt 

This is for all my lil cute ass black gorditas out there rockin back fat, belly rolls and thick ass thighs that touch!!  x Reader is always gon be black, chubby, and sassy.


Her hands grip the back of Erik’s head as she leans down into the kiss, pressing her lips hard against his. He gives a low moan underneath her mouth, digging his fingers into her sides to hold her tighter, pushing under her shirt to feel her soft, fluffy midsection. Her skin warms at his touch, and she wraps an arm around his neck to pull herself closer, her knees on either side of his waist spreading wider to sink down into his lap.

He pulls back and takes a sharp intake of breath, biting his lip to try and hold back the sensual groan that wanted so badly to escape his lips. His low eyes trail over her, taking in the thin gold baby chain around her neck that he’d given her last month, and the way the excess length spilled into her cleavage.

He could see a tiny bit of the blue lace bra peeking out from under her white tank top, the garment fitting snugly against her C-cups. The perfect size for him to devour with his mouth.

He vaguely wondered if her panties matched, too, but he restrains himself from hooking a finger into her belt loop and taking a look for himself.

He strokes his thumb over the skin of her tummy, teasingly going lower and lower with each rubbing motion. Attacking her chest, he sucks and bites the tops of her delicious chocolate mounds while his other hand grabs onto her ass, encouraging her to move on him.

She presses soft kisses into his forehead and temples as he ravages her with his mouth, scratching at his beard softly and rolling her hips into him.

The hand on her tummy swipes lower, his fingers brushing over her lace covered treasure, rubbing tight circles just above her slit, denying her the friction he knew she wanted.

Moaning in protest, she tries to grind her hips into his hand so he could feel her damp sex.

“What, princess? What you want? I’m staying above the panties like you said,” he goads her, reminding her of the rule she’d had him following ever since they’d made it past first base a couple weeks ago.

He’d made it very clear once he’d gotten a chance to wrap his arms around her waist later that night that he couldn’t wait to ‘get his mouth on that pussy next,’ a confession he’d whispered in her ear while they were at dinner with her friends (mostly just to see how much she’d squirm).

Since then he’d been restraining himself to second base even though his mouth watered every time he saw her lower half, and the way his fingers kept working her made it really hard for her not to renege.

“Come on, Erik,” she whines, and humps against him again. He snickers into her skin, nuzzling her behind her ear, fingers still playfully avoiding her clit.

“Watchu want? Say it babygirl, I’m not a mind reader.” She feels him grin against her neck and she rolls her eyes, annoyed.

He knew exactly what it was she wanted, he was just determined to make her work for it.

She takes a mental deep breath and pushes aside her pride, too horny to consider stopping.

“Fine,” she sucks her teeth, fixing her mouth to say the embarrassing words.

“…I-want-you-to… touch me?” she asks instead of tells, speeding over the first few words to try and save herself at least some dignity.

He detaches from her neck, leaning back and giving her a bored look.

“Really, babygirl?” he deadpans.

She looks down, fiddling with her fingers as her face grows hot.

“What? I said it…” she shrugs her shoulders innocently.

“After all that practice, that’s all you got for me?” he cocks his head at her, alluding to the little “training” sessions they’d shared trying to help her break out of her shell by making her tell him how he made her feel.

She hadn’t been too explicit yet, but he was hoping to help her get there tonight. It seemed she just needed some inspiration. A little push.

“What more do you want from me?” she looks into his eyes with her big, deep brown orbs, looking so cute and angelic as she sneakily tries to play on his heart strings. He was always a sucker for those eyes, but not tonight.

Tonight, he was ready to corrupt his little girl and wipe that look off her face forever.

Flipping her off of him to sit on the couch, he sinks down to the floor, pulling her butt to the edge and holding her legs apart.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” His voice is laced with danger and desire, both of which have her tiny bud quivering with anticipation.

“Now… tell me what you want…” he pops open the button on her jeans, slowly unzipping her fly as he never breaks eye contact, licking his lips.  He grabs the waist of her pants and roughly tugs them down, the jerking movement jarring her and bringing her back to her senses.

She places a hand on Erik’s shoulder to slow him down.

“Erik, wait! Hang on-“

“Babygirl, you can either tell me what you want, or shut the fuck up and let me do what I want. Final warning.”

He’s stripped her of her jeans now, tugging the last of the material from around her ankle before tossing them somewhere behind him. He smiles a devilish grin, happy to see that his earlier theory was right, and he eyes the ocean blue panties laid against her pretty brown skin.

His words were so mean but not a sliver of disrespect could be found on his face. Such an asshole. He knew how tongue tied and wet she got whenever he was demanding with her.

He starts in on her thighs, giving slow, sloppy wet kisses that end with sharp bites, making sure to give each leg equal attention as he trails up to her pulsing center.

He gets right to the thin soft skin on the inside of her thigh near her opening, and sucks it into his mouth, tongue working hard over it like he’s trying to make the biggest hickey ever.

“Erik!” she calls out again, her thighs locked in place around his head, trying to keep him from going any further and give herself some relief from the sensation as she tries to push his head away.

He pulls back but only for a second, forcibly pushing her legs back apart and pinning them down with his forearms.

“You still haven’t said anything baby,” he tsks at her, and she remembers his threat from a few minutes ago.

“How many fingers you think this pussy can take, huh? One? Two?”

He grabs her jaw, shoving a finger into her mouth and pumping it in and out a few times before adding another.

He bends down to pull her panties to the side with his teeth, gently grazing over the lace before scraping up the soft material with a slow bite, careful not to accidentally nip her sensitive parts.

When he gets them clear of her intoxicating center, he gives a long hum, biting his lip as he eyes her salaciously.

Her mouth was still stuffed with his fingers and she didn’t dare make a move to try and cover herself, so she just sits there and whimpers, eyes wide as she watches him watching her.

“I don’t know, she seems kinda tight. I think I’mma need to stretch her out a little to get her ready for my dick.” He evilly grins, and before she can disagree he shoves another finger into her mouth, making her gag, and her pussy quivers at the degrading sound.

She breaths out hard through her nose, grabbing his wrist to try and get a handle on his plunging hands before she damn near chokes on her saliva.  She feels him trying to add another finger and pulls out of his hold on her jaw, his fingers slipping out of her mouth and leaving strings of spit to fall over her chest.

“Okay! Okay Erik, fuck, I’ll tell you what I want!” she finally submits to him, too fearful of what might happen if he gets all those fingers inside of her.

His spit ridden fingers grip her neck hard, jerking her towards him and baring his teeth as he gets in her face.

Speak.” His hand clamps down tighter around her neck, and she uses the little bits of air she can gasp in to talk, knowing he wasn’t going to let up. He smacks her ass as she speaks, making her squirm and moan as she struggles to get the words out.

“Make me c-cum *gasp* with your mouth, Daddy…” She pauses to moan at her own words, feeling herself start to drip down below. “I- fuckkk- I want you to *slap* wrap those fat lips around my clit Daddy and *groan* make me scream…”

The sides of her vision start to grow dark, but it all feels so good she doesn’t want him to stop gripping her neck.

Thankfully, Erik was able to recognize it and pull her back from the edge before she could get too close to falling into unconsciousness.

Choking was one of her kinks, and while he was more than happy to help her explore it, he valued an alive and breathing girlfriend more.

“Nah, come back to me baby, we not there yet,” He speaks to her softly, releasing his hold and lightly tapping onto her cheek with his fingers to get her attention and bring her back.

She was in her own little world of bliss and euphoria, and he laughs at the goofy ass grin plastered wide across her face as she comes down, her breathing growing steadier.  She hadn’t even come yet, but the mental high she was riding was enough to tire her out and keep her mind spinning as if she did.

“Damn, who knew dirty talk could do all that?” She asks once her breathing returns to normal, talking to no one in particular. He kisses his teeth as he makes himself comfortable on the couch, laying down and pulling her body with him.  

“Umm, I knew, why you think I been trying to get your shy ass to talk nasty this whole time?” He smacks at her thigh to help emphasize his point, and she flicks his forehead back.

“Shut up, it was rhetorical,” she grumbles, scooting back a little more to siphon some of the heat radiating off his body. She pulls one of his arms under her to lay her head on it, loving the strong earthy scent of his cologne that envelops her and the comfortable bulkiness of his bicep.

“Girl, are you bout to fall asleep? We not done yet! I’m still tryna eat you until dinner,” His voice is loud and bothersome in her ear, and she sleepily mumbles for him to shut the hell up, burying her face into his arm.

“Aight, bet. Watch if you don’t wake up with me between ya legs ma.” He threatens, and she ignores him, her mind already drifting off into a glorious slumber.

He scoffs at her silence, wrapping his other arm around her waist and pulling her impossibly closer, muttering something about how “you gon learn today”.

In the soft silence of her heavy sleepy breaths and his quiet even ones, he can’t help but be happy that he was finally able to defile his perfect little princesses mouth, even if he wasn’t able to carry out her request yet.

All he could think about as he held her soft, warm body against his was how sexy she sounded begging for him to put his mouth on her, and the small “O” her mouth made moaning from the mischievous look in his eyes. The image of the bite marks he’d left behind on her fluttered through his mind, and he wondered what those pouty lips of hers would feel like wrapped around his thick cock, that tongue sticking out to taste every last drop of his hot -


Her small tired voice snaps him from his daydream, and when he answers his voice is thick with distraction and lust.

“Huh? Wassup?”

He didn’t even realize he’d pressed his rock solid dick in between her cheeks, and snaked a rogue hand under her tank top to massage her pillow soft breasts.

“Why yo heart beating so fast?” She asks, trying to cover up her sniggering laugh, and he detaches himself from her, turning to face the back of the couch like a petty child.

“Girl, fuck you.”


Warnings: Choking, Daddy Kink, Dirty Talk (I blew my own wig back tbh yall 😂)

Prompt: Based off this post per request. 

No tags right now because it’s currently 1AM, but I got yall when I get back from work tomorrow🤘🏿

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Request : headcanon of Erik being jealous

[A/N: Another headcanon-fic hybrid for the homies. I took this one and kind of did my own take on it. It’s got a lil a this n a lil of that 😉. I hope you like it anon! Thanks for asking :)

  • You would think that with all the confidence, accomplishments, and swagger Erik Stevens had, there would be no need for him to ever be worried about anyone else, especially when it came to the rock solid relationship the both of you’d built over the years
  • He was an incredibly educated, resourceful, and intelligent strong black man.
  • Unfortunately, it did nothing to keep him from always being just a little bit jealous.

“Hey, E? I’m gonna drop my stuff and go run to the store real quick. Text me if you need anything, ok?” you yell down the hallway, letting your work bags fall softly by the couch before slinging your purse around your shoulder and heading out the door.

“Get me some gatorade please! The clear kind!” he hollers back, head poking out from the bedroom. The front door closes right as he says it, and he chuckles to himself. ‘Always moving a mile a minute,’ he thinks, smiling as he thinks of you.  He makes his way out into the living room to grab his phone, texting you the information you missed and to remind you to slow down.

On his way back, he passes your stuff on the floor, scooping up the bags to put your things in your home office. As he grabs your computer bag, something falls out of the front pocket, a small red envelope addressed to a ‘Miss Y/M/N’ with hearts drawn around your name in the shape of another heart.

Erik picks it up, eyeing it while he turns it around in his hand for more details. He didn’t want to open it because he trusted you too much to be looking through your stuff, but he was curious who it could be from since it wasn’t February or anywhere near your birthday. And nobody ever called you by your middle name except for him (well, sometimes).

When he gets to your office, he places the rest of your stuff on your desk, plopping down in your chair, still fingering the card and twirling it between his hands.

It was already open, the seal broken, so he figured it couldn’t hurt to just take a quick look at it. It was just a card, after all. Probably a thank you from one of your work wives or something for all your hard work.

Pulling out the card, he opens it, the neat words written in near perfect cursive, almost looking like one of those instruction guides on how to write script. 

It read: 

‘The last three weeks have been the best I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to show you what else I can do this Friday.’



  • The thing about Erik Stevens was, once he started to become suspicious, he became very dramatic about it, very fast.
  • And it never took much to get him suspecting.

“What the… yo who the fuck is this Bakari nigga?!” he gets heated within a millisecond, flipping the card over obsessively to try and find a number or something to let him know who this secret admirer was. 

There wasn’t even an address on the envelope, which meant that this fool either gave it to her when she was in class, or walked his bold ass up to his house, HIS HOUSE, and dropped it in the mailbox.

Erik couldn’t wait till you got home so you could explain to him what the hell he was looking at. He couldn’t believe some random no good nigga was tryna put the moves on his girl. Not his baby girl.

  • While Erik was back at home having a stage 5 meltdown, you were currently in the pasta isle trying to find the right udon noodles for the Anime and Manga marathon you and Erik had planned for this weekend.
  • You were super excited to show him your all time favorite Manga, Pearl Pink, which was the first manga you’d ever read.
  • You get a text on your phone, the device buzzing away in your back pocket as you reach down to grab your chosen noodles.
  • Thinking its more grocery demands from your black hole stomached boyfriend, you ignore it, waiting until you’re done shopping in this section to head over to the frozen isle he no doubt wants you to go to.

Erik: Y/N. Call. Me.

Erik: We can talk about this baby! Just tell me who Bakari is

Erik: I know you see these text messages girl, you better answer me goddammit

Erik: I’m sorry babygirl, I ain’t mean to curse at you like that. I just wanna talk baby please call me back.

Erik: Aight, coo then. 

  • All within a span of three minutes
  • He’d reneged on his earlier plan to wait until you got home, his anxiousness pushing him to reach out to you immediately.
  • He just wanted to hear your voice, hear something in it that told him that you were still his.
  • You’d just finished dumping a couple bags of your favorite Shrimp Chips into your basket, unsuspecting of the turmoil unraveling at home when your phone buzzes again, this time longer than before. 
  • You pull it out and look down to see that Erik’s calling you. Apparently he was getting very anxious about his food.

You put the phone to your ear, answering sweetly. “Hey baby, what you need?”

“You at that nigga house, ain’t you?” His voice was gruff and short, a stark contrast compared to the way you just answered the phone. “I knew I should of gone with you!”

Your face scrunches up into confusion. “Whose house? Erik what are you talking about?”

“Don’t try and front babygirl I seen the card!! How could you do me like that baby? After all we been through?!” You can hear his voice start to rise to an almost hysteric pitch, and you wonder if he’s been drinking since you last saw him 30 minutes ago.

“What card, Erik? Baby, slow down, you’re freakin me out. Look, I’mma be home in a second baby can you just hold on-”

“Just tell me who Bakari is Y/N! I just wanna know who that bitch ass nigga is!”

You pause, stopping in your tracks from rushing to push your cart to the nearest checkout line. You throw your head back and cackle, laughing so loud you scare the white elderly couple standing to your left. You wave your hand at them, trying to weakly apologize as tears threaten the corners of your eyes while you attempt to catch your breath. You dropped the phone in the cart when you bursted into hysterics, and all you can hear are the small faraway sounds of Erik trying to get your attention again.

“Why you laughin like that? Oh you forreal cheating on a nigga, huh? I can’t believe you got me out here looking stupid like this! I’m bout to run up on this mf…”


The Next Day

“Will you stop pacing please? You look like you’re ready to fight somebody.”

“I am ready to fight somebody Y/N. Yo you need to stop playing and just tell me where this nigga at so we can talk. I just wanna see wassup real quick.”

You start giggling again, chest bouncing as you try to stifle it with your hand over your mouth. You couldn’t wait to see the look on Erik’s face once he found out who it was.

The classroom empties out, the new students filtering in, ranging in all ages as they move about to find their seats in the college classroom.

Erik scans every guy who enters, sizing him up, trying to see if its him.

“Is it that nigga?” he leans over and whispers to Y/N, nodding to the dark chocolate brother with long dreads hanging down his back. “Really Y/N? You was gon trade me in for a hotep?” he looks at you bewildered, and you almost spit your coffee out your mouth. Oh, the irony.

“Look, Erik, you not bout to embarrass me here so you better shut the hell up and relax.” you whisper harshly, and he grumbles in submission, leaning back in his chair as his eyes still scan the students.

The bell sounds and you clear your throat, standing up from your chair and smoothing out your dress.

“Alright class, today we have a very special guest from the Wakandan International Outreach Center, Mr. Erik Stevens!”  Erik lifts from his chair, plastering on a warm smile as he waves around the room, greeting everybody before sitting again.

You continue. “He’ll be here to give us some information at the end of class on some of the amazing programs they have to offer over at WIOC.  In the mean time, he’s gonna be up here, helping us with our final projects!” you clap your hands together, and the class erupts into cheers, excitement over the days events filling up the room.

You step out in front of your desk to walk around the room, holding your chin as you think out loud.

“Hmmm… who wants to be the first one to come show Mr. Stevens what we’ve been working on? Anyone?” you ask, and a bunch of enthusiastic hands shoot up, waving around vigorously. 

“Hmmm… how about you, Bakari?” Erik’s head snaps towards the class, eyes looking around vigorously for the culprit. 

He scoots back from his chair, nearly running to the front of the class before colliding with you, hugging you tightly. 

You return the hug, looking back to see Erik’s face looking completely dumbfounded, and you snicker, taking a mental picture of it. You look down at the 3rd grader, smiling brightly.  “You ready to get started kiddo?”

“Yeah, Miss Y/M/N!”

  • You spend the next 15 minutes with Bakari and Erik at the whiteboard, practicing calligraphy samples for the class to see.
  • Erik is horribly bad at it, and Bakari sees to it to teach him how to do it, much to the amusement of both you and the students.
  • After a few more teaching lessons and a quick recap, you give the class 45 minutes to work on their final projects, the buzz of parents helping their children and exchanging information for play dates, giving the room a low hum.
  • You walk back to join Erik at your desk, finally taking a seat.

“So, Bakari is -”

“My 8 year old calligraphy student, yes.” you finish for him, cheeky smile peeking through as you rest your head in your hand and look at him.

“Your weekly Calligraphy classes,” Erik chuckles to himself, remembering now. “I completely forgot about them,” He blows out a sigh, running his hand down his face. Of all the possible scenarios he’d imagined, this one was the absolute furthest from his mind.

“I figured,” You snorted. “It’s only a four week program now that the college cut the funding. They’re saying they can only afford the curriculum for the grad and undergrad students now going forward.” You share, a little saddened at the news. You’d grown to really enjoy the extra curricular classes you got to teach outside of your regular art classes, and you were really heartbroken because you’d really grown to love the students too.

Erik takes your hand down by your lap, rubbing a thumb over the back of it. 

“Hey, the Outreach Center’s got more than enough funding to help keep the classes going, and plus we’ve been trying to get more involved in higher education programs anyway to better support our high school participants. This could be a great start for us.” he tells you, squeezing at your hand for assurance.

You look over to him, completely and utterly content with everything the man before you was. You don’t think you could ever love another person as much as you do Erik.

You smile, nodding your head to accept his offer. “I’m still tryna see this fight that you promised me, tho. What did you call him again? A bitch ass nigga?” You tease him, and he leans his head back and closes his eyes, quietly groaning.

“You’re never gonna let me live this down, are you?” he mutters, still embarrassed.

“Never.” You say, and you both laugh together. You link your pinky with his under the desk, both of you holding on to each other as you look out over the class.

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Dominación femenina (erik killmonger short)

summary: shieeet erik and his girl fight for dominance during a heated sexcapade lmaoo…

warnings: major smut, daddy kink, bdsm, spit-play.

Samera’s POV

“Bring all of your current stressors to the forefront of your mind, and exhale the negative energy consuming you.” The woman in my earphones stated, in a tranquil voice.

As I exhaled, I felt the vibration of footsteps radiate up my spine from the floor. I cracked one eye open from my slumber like daze and checked the time on the cell phone next to me.

5:30pm. Erik was right on time coming home from work. As I was pausing the recording and removing the headphones as he strolled into the room. His keys clamored against the end table and he made his way over to me.

“Hi, Baby!” I said, unnestling myself from the cushioned nook in the corner of the room. “How was your day?” I inquired, as Erik swooped his arm around me in a warm embrace causing me to stand up on my tippy toes. He planted a casual kiss on my cheek and his warm, but manly sandalwood scented cologne traveled up my nostrils.

“Good, I missed you baby girl. Whatchu’ in here doing?”

“Doing some yoga and meditating, just trying to clear my head. Dinner is ready, are you hungry?” I said, bending down to gather my yoga mat.

“Nah, I’m cool for right now. But goddamn girl that ass bouta bust out the seams in that spandex,” He smirked, flashing his dimples. He plopped down onto the couch, removing his black timbs. I was so glad he was home, his pleasant energy filled the room.

“Shut up fool! It’s posta’ be like that, they’re yoga pants.” I sat down facing him, my shoulder engulfed into the couch. My legs swung across his lap just as he put his hands out to reach for them. His fingers began to work the arches of my feet. This is how most of our Friday nights have been for the past two and a half years until a few months ago. I received a promotion which required me to work late hours and bring some of my work home. Between Erik’s ‘work hard now in order to play later’ mentality and my work schedule, it leaves us little down time together. We probably haven’t had a night like this, that we could just kick back in a couple of weeks. Although it’s a pain in the ass, I’ve definitely learned to cherish our laughs and we’ve both been forced to improve on our communication.

“Aye, who said I was complaining?” He smirked, flashing his dimples which still made me melt as if it was the first time I ever saw him.

“Why don’t you just hush up and show me how much you missed me, Daddy?” I said coyly, toying with the edge of my t-shirt. I look up, my eyes connecting with Erik’s, who seemed surprised at my advance. He was usually always the initiator and aggressor in these circumstances, but not getting consistent dick as of late turned me into a siren.

Erik clearly needed a little more confirmation from me because he was still staring at me, slightly perplexed, with his mouth agar. I continued my sensual gaze as I straddled his lap, his hands moving naturally to the area where my thighs and hip meet.

“Aww, you bold huh?” He questioned in a low voice, biting on his bottom lip. His eyes flickered from my lips and then back up to my eyes.

“Mmhm, I am today,” I nodded, leaning forward connecting my lips to his, my hands traveling along his scruffy jaw line. Our tongues collided with one another, doing somewhat of a desperate dance. He slouched down into the couch, bringing his hands to my waist and tightening his grip around me. I could feel his heart beating rapidly up against my chest. I began to grind my pelvis into him, creating friction that caused me to moan into his mouth.

Erik began to pry at the spandex that hugged my hips, but my hand reached to stop him.

“Uh huh, not yet,” I said, breaking the kiss. Behind the look of confusion on his face, he fluttered open his heavy lust filled eyes. Lord knows I wanted to give into his touch by letting him have his way with me right then and there. I was wet, my pussy was throbbing but I could not give in this quick. Right now, I was having my way.

I slid out of his lap onto my knees keeping eye contact with Erik. My mouth watered while my fingers worked to release the bulge his pants contained. His thick erection sprung loose as I pulled his jeans and underwear down in one swift motion. I took his length in my hands and smacked it against my tongue a few times, teasing him.

“Quit playin’ girl,” he implored. I ignored his plea, spitting on his dick instead of fully tasting him like I knew he expected me to. I began to stroke him rhythmically towards the ceiling while my tongue circled and tugged lightly on his balls. He winced at the pleasure he was experiencing as his hand reached for my scalp, moving all my hair to one side.

“Mhm, you so beautiful,” he said through his gritted teeth while we made eye contact.

He lightly smacked me on the cheek after I didn’t reply. “What do you say?” he questioned.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I said graciously.

That tinge of pain took me over the edge. I took him wholly into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, my tongue gliding up against the smooth surface of his dick. Erik grunted each time his dick hit the back of my throat, so I was persistent in keeping him satisfied. I gagged on his dick as he cursed me for almost making him cum when hasn’t fucked me yet. Spit trailed from my bottom lip onto the hardwood floor beneath me, leaving a small puddle. He liked it sloppy.

“Ah, fuck, Sam!” he exclaimed.

I pulled away from him, chest heaving up and down, to catch my breath. He helped me stand on my feet. I undressed as I stood before him maintaining eye contact. He stroked himself as he watched me.

“I’m already wet for you, King.” I said climbing atop of him. I straddled him once again and removed his shirt over his messy locs. All that remained was his gold cuban link chain which I had gifted him. He rubbed my clit in circles before he aimed himself at my entrance.

“You tryna tease me baby girl? Well I can play that game too,” he insisted.

“Erik, please. Please, fuck me!” I panted. My wish was granted after only one request.

“Ooh, shit,” I furrowed my brows as I slid down onto him. He felt like heaven and I needed to cum, like, yesterday. I bounced on him, my hands grazing the markings on his chest in order to steady myself. Erik gripped my waist with one hand while his free hand landed hard slaps upon my ass. With each lash, my pussy clenched around him tighter.

“I’m bouta’ cum baby,” I moaned. I wasn’t asking permission this time, “Right there, ohh yes!”

I rode him slowly after coming down from my blissful high. I held onto Erik’s sweaty biceps which glistened in the afternoon sunlight as we kissed passionately. His teeth gripped my bottom lip in between them. I forcefully took hold of his chin, turning it and attaching my lips to that spot behind his ears that drove him crazy. I nibbled and sucked at him, moaning in between.

“Open your mouth,” I demanded, as my thumb softly landed on his plump bottom lip. I spat into Erik’s mouth as he continued to thrust into me.

“Swallow it,” I said. After he obliged me, I drew him in for another passionate kiss. I knew I had him at my mercy now.

“Shit, you Daddy’s nasty bitch, huh? You finna make me nut,” he growled. He fingers began to toy with my nipples making them aroused. His hand inched up and clung around my neck giving him more leverage to slam me onto him harder.

“Cum in me Daddy!” I pleaded with him just as I felt his dick twitch inside of me, “Cum in me.” Erik threw his head back onto the couch, his loud grunts and sounds of our skin colliding together filled the room.

“Damn,” he moaned as he filled me with his cream. He had a death grip on my breasts until he took his final thrust into me. I collapsed onto him, both of us breathing heavily. Moments later I rose from his lap, he stopped me in my tracks with a firm grip on my wrist.

“Where you goin’?” he questioned.

“To freshen up,” I said.

“No, you’re not. Put them panties on,” he said pointing to the ones discarded on the floor earlier, “You get to stay in my cum all day baby, until tomorrow. That’s your punishment for what you just did to me. Now, go make me a plate.” In an instant, I was his again.

“Yes, Daddy.” I obliged.


authors note: this is my first time writing and publishing something so please bear with me and leave plenty of feedback. i don’t got no taglist yet lol. if you made it this far please reblog, thanks for reading!

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4. “I know you hate me, but I love you.” -requested by @chrisevansisdaddy04

Erik Killmonger x Reader

There he was, walking toward you with that hostile expression.

If you didn’t know him, you’d think he was an angry guy. But that’s the thing, you did know him.

Your heart was pounding rapidly. This was the first time in a month since you’ve seen him, so you were a bit nervous.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked coldly.

Ever since Erik saw you, he wanted to run over to you and kiss you again. To feel you against him. But when you left a while back, you broke him.
And he did not want to get hurt.

You swallowed hard, keeping your gaze locked on him. “I know you hate me-” your voice shook. “But I love you.”

Erik looked desperately in your eyes. With you, he was weak. He could never walk away. Or turn his back on you. Though he knew he should.

“I shouldn’t have left. I’m so-”

Before you could even say another word, he crashed his lips to yours.

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. I read a lot of Black Panther fan fiction, especially Erik Killmonger fics (they’re my favorite). I have decided to write reviews for the ones I read. I will discuss what is working in the stories and what could be better. I am an artist and love discussing works of art! I don’t know what to call this yet, but maybe it will come to me along the way. I am open to request just limit the fics to the ones about Erik Killmonger Stevens ( did I mention he was my favorite). So here we go with my first review. 

Title: Boy Next Door Crazy Erik PRT 1&2

Author: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

Okay so this first story I would like to review comes from one of my favorite authors of the fan fiction world. @nahimjustfeelingit-writes has a nice curated master list, and its hard to just pick one. So that’s why I am starting with this one and will review others if this takes off. I reread the fics all the time like its my first time reading them, and I end up falling in love all over again. Yeah they’re that good. However I’m kicking this review off with fics I have not read multiple times. Yes it was my first time reading them. So here we go…

First impression based off the title: how crazy is Erik going to be? Like we all know that Erik is one crazy motha-SHUT YO MOUTH. So how can you top that.  Well before I even finished the part one I was screaming RUN BITHC RUN, and granted the fic is written where the reader could insert their name for the reader, I was yelling at myself. And anytime a nigga says to you “you have me, I’m all you need”, sis prepare your self to fight b/c he has you all the way…

This fic took me on a rollercoaster ride. A good one at that. One that you are about to have a heart attack just waiting in line for.  I was terrified reading this I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The fic was written well and flowed well. I could feel all the emotions that ran through Erik, and there was a lot of them. And the smut…yess the smut. As always well written.  So when it came to the sex I was all for it and it didn’t disappoint. you could almost feel for Erik knowing his background and his childhood. Well I didn’t think I would say this but Erik definitely has Joe beat. Only a man with the nickname Killmonger could do that. Well done @nahimjustfeelingit-writes can’t wait to read the next one!

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Summary: N’Jobu and Califia try to reconcile. their famly as Erik suffers in silence…

“I do it cause he real with me
I do cause he still with me
I do cause I should
I do cause your good for me, good for me
I do it cause I trust (ya)
I do it cause I must
And I’m doin it for us
I do it cause I’m grateful… willing and able
I do it for you cause you do it for me…”

Algebra Blessett—“U Do It For Me”

N'Jobu peeked down from his window to watch Erik play ball on the court near his apartment. A handful of boys and girls his age ran around the court shouting and laughing. Erik made a mad dash and took it to the hoop, his lay-up smooth.

Two weeks.

For two weeks his son had been living with him on that side of town away from his mother. Erik spoke to Califia every night before bed on face chat, and N'Jobu took him to school like normal and picked him up afterward. He spent the last two Sundays with his grandfather and great-grandmother and N'Jobu turned a blind eye when Califia joined them to have dinner before he picked his boy back up after she had left.

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