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#erik killmonger fanfic
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“Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else” - Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid feat. Blue Ivy Carter

A/N: This is one of my participations to the Quarantine Writing Challenge proposed by @chaneajoyyy and @shaekingshitup (won’t let me tag you) I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve also been dying to use this song for a fic because I love it so much

Word Count: 1783


You hummed to yourself trying to keep yourself calm with this fidgeting little girl between your legs. The fidgeting little girl is your adorable, sweet, and at the moment, very annoying daughter Sarai. You were trying to do her hair but it was like she didn’t want you to. She wasn’t usually like this so you figured she was just having an off day where she didn’t want her hair messed with. You understood completely. You kept on understanding until it got too damn irritating.

You huffed putting the wide-tooth comb on the bed beside you. “Ok Sarai. What’s the problem?”

You could hear her pouting and she mumbled something incoherent.

“Excuse me? Mommy is speaking to you clearly so can you give mommy the same treatment back? And face me…” You turned her around to look at her pouty, dismal expression. It hurt you to see your baby so sad. “When I’m talking to you. That’s how a conversation works. Now tell mommy what’s wrong.”

“I want my hair straight.”

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I was inspired to write this fic a few months ago when discovering Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J. She has a beautiful voice and had been criminally underrated in the music industry. I created this fic out of the narrative I found in her rmusic. 

I hope you enjoy, my taglist is open let me know if you’d like to be added.

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A/N: Here’s the highly requested part 2 that I’ve taken forever to write and release! Click here for part 1!


Originally posted by theandrophile


“Is my daddy late again?” Ashanti questioned aloud as she sat at her tiny desk with her eyes still focused on her drawing.

It was half past 3 and school let out at….3. So yes he was late again.

You sighed deeply coming up to her desk and crouching down. “Yes he is. But while we wait for him, We can do something fun.”

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Warnings: 18+ Audience Only!! Smut, Alcohol Consumption, Sexual Situations, Cheating, and Profanity. Please read at your own discretion. 

So this is going to be a mess but I what can I say? I love a mess. I don’t plan on doing that many parts of this but I am excited because I have this one planned out.

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Originally posted by ovtrojeon

Previously on Let me know….(click here for part 4)

Back in the passenger seat of the black Volvo, Damien blew smoke out his mouth and hissed. Seeing your lips on Erik pissed him off. That should be him and it’s going to be him.

“Y/N, you don’t see that nigga ain’t for you but I ain’t mad at you, baby. That fuck nigga is a good actor.” He brought the blunt back to his lips and exhaled harshly.

“It’s cool because I’m gonna make you see that that nigga ain’t for you. Just wait on it.”



“So you’re really going to leave, Erik?! Leave me?! Leave us?!” You screamed at him when he finally revealed to you what’s been on his mind this whole time.

He was leaving.

He was enlisting in the military, putting his life in danger and leaving you. There was no way he could’ve expected you to take this news lightly.

“And in three fucking days??? Are you fucking serious, Erik?!!?!” You questioned feeling your throat get sore from yelling you were doing but you didn’t care. You were hoping this was a cruel joke but Erik wasn’t that good of an actor to keep a prank going on this long.


Your boyfriend suddenly punched the steering wheel out of annoyance but you were too angry to flinch.

“Y/N, what else do you want me to say? You already know my heart is set on this. We had plans but plans change. My feelings about it changed.”

You closed your eyes, sighing deeply to prevent tears from releasing. “How long ago did your feelings change? And don’t fucking lie to me.”

“Does it really matter?”

Your eyes popped open and you glared him with fire in your eyes. “Yes it fucking matters!”

He surprisingly remained calm as he pulled up outside your house. “No. It doesn’t because either way, I’m going into the military and you can’t stop me. I love you but I have to do this.”

You breathed deeply then got a little happy. “Ok if you’re going to go through with this, then that’s fine. But I am coming with you. I can put a hold on college and go with you. And if you get stationed in Hawaii, I can go to college in Hawaii. And we can get married! I know we’re young and shit, but I would get money for school and a place to stay and shit while you’re away. We can make this work, Erik. We really can make this work!”

He finally pulled up in front of your house and put the car in park. Instead of the joyous expression you were hoping for, Erik’s face was somber and it was obvious your idea was not sitting well with him.

“You won’t be happy, Y/N.”

“Yes I will! Because I have you, baby! And you have me! That’s all that matters, right?” Tears rolled down your cheeks as you smiled sadly, holding his handsome face in your hands.

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He got older, but never grew
For his life he can’t tell the truth
How to love he ain’t got a clue
Playing games like he’ll never lose, you


You threw everything he had in a trash bag. You couldn’t believe he would do this to you with your own best friend. You should’ve seen it coming. You chuckled in disbelief. The nerve of that bitch Bianca. You’ve helped her out in the worst times and was always there when she needed and she was eyeing your man the whole time. You angrily tossed the bag of clothes across the room as you sat on the bed. Tears fell down your face as the front door opened. You hopped up and wiped your face. Erik called out to you as you threw more stuff into the bag. He came in the room and looked at you. 

“Yo what the fuck are you doing?!”

“Packing your shit!”

“This is my house! You need to be the one packing your shit!”

“You cheated on me!”

“Because you weren't doing your job!”

“My job?!”

“YES! You suck at being a fucking girlfriend. Yo friend had her eyes on me first but then I seen you but now I hate I didn't pick her the first time”

You stood there fighting back tears. You sat the bag down and leaped towards him. You hit him in the chest and face as he slung you on the bed and slapped you. You fought until he eventually got tired. He fixed his shirt and looked at you. “You better be out of her by tomorrow” He then grabbed his keys and stormed out. You felt your lips and cried more. You got up and grabbed his clothes. You walked into the living room and dumped the whole bag out. You went to the storage room and got the big bottle of bleach. You grabbed more of his stuff and put it in a big pile. You laughed as you poured bleach on everything  he owned. From the bed all the way to the couch. You then took a match and dropped it on the pile. You hurridely grabbed your suitcase and rolled all of your stuff out. The smoke alarms started going off as you closed the door behind you. You smiled in satisfaction as you drove off. You moved in with him so you really didn’t have anywhere to go…except your mother’s. You sighed in dissatisfaction at the thought of going 40 minutes away from the city but you needed to because you technically just commited arson. You called your mother and told her you were coming for a few weeks. She was excited to see you. You left the city and headed to the countryside. You needed this get away. You pulled in to see her sitting on the porch. She waved as you turned the car off. She smiled as she walked up to you as you opened the door. You climbed out and gave her a long overdue embrace. 

“You look good mama”

“You do too, I like the new car”

“Thank you”

“Come on in, I made some hamburger steak with potatoes”

You smiled as you followed behind her. Erik started calling and you put him on the block list. You smirked as you sat down at the kitchen table. Your mother got plates out as she talked to you. 

“So how you been? I haven't heard from you in a minute”

“I’ve been good…”

“You still you know…a dancer?”


“I don't know why you wont go to school or get a real job, one where you aint gotta get on the pole”

“Mama this is why I dont visit…”

“Im sorry, Im glad youre here baby”

She smiled and kissed you on the forehead as she sat your food down. You prayed and ate. You were really in a good mood and you just wanted to sleep. You unpacked all of your stuff in your old room and laid down as random numbers called you. You turned your phone off and went to sleep.


The last couple of days at your mother’s house was okay. Erik drained everything you had in your joint accounts and he said he was gonna press charges on you. None of it bothered you and you regretted nothing. You rolled over in bed to the smell of breakfast. You sat up on the bed and started to feel sick. You ran to your bathroom and vomited in the toilet. You sat on the floor, disgusted at the smell of bacon. You got up and cleaned yourself up before heading in the kitchen. Your mother was sitting at the table scrolling on her phone. She peeked at you from behind her glasses.

“Good morning little girl”

“Good morning mama”

You kissed the top of her head as you fixed a plate. You sat down and started talking to her as you got that feeling again. You got up and ran to the kitchen sink and threw up whatever you just ate. Your mother made a face as she sat her phone down. “I don't know why you did that in the kitchen sink, whatever you got keep it in yo room” You turned the water on and cleaned  up. You turned to your mother and held your stomach. “Im gonna go lay down” She walked back to your room and crawled in bed. You laid there in agony as you pulled out your phone. You looked at your calender and noticed your period was two weeks late. You sat up and thought about it. You cursed to yourself as you slowly got up and grabbed your bag. You pulled out a pregnancy test and walked to the bathroom. You peed on it and waited. Time was up and you looked to see those 2 lines. You weren't even shocked, now you gotta find a way to tell that asshole. 

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*A/N- This one is short…sorry; next chapter will be longer


I snorted as my friend Bianca cracked jokes about her boss. Its been so long since I seen her and I was growing tired of always hanging around Erik. I cared about him but since that little episode from a few weeks ago, Ive been keeping distance. Bianca shook her head and sipped her frappe as my phone vibrated. It was a text from my mother. I had completely forgot she said she was coming to visit. -Not coming this week, got busy with work- I sighed in relief as I laid my phone down. Bianca smiled as she looked at me. 

“Is that your lil boo?”

“ mother”

“How her mean ass doing?”

“Still mean”

We laughed as my phone started ringing. I rolled my eyes in frustration as I picked it up. Erik had been calling all afternoon, it was starting to irritate me. I told him I was with a friend. He said we werent a couple and I didnt have to be around all the time so why was he blowing me up? I answered as Bianca looked on. 


“Why the fuck you not answering the phone?! We had an agreement”

“I told you I was with my friend”

“I dont give a fuck! You better be home in the next 40 minutes!”

Before I could respond he hung up. I knew what the situation was but I got tired of him fucking out his anger. I looked at Bianca looked at me as I rubbed my head.

“He stressing you out?”

“Girl you don't know the half…he buys me nice things and hes sweet sometimes but his attitude kills my whole mood”

“I understand…do you love him?”

“I don't know…how can you love somebody that doesnt even know they want? You know he snapped out on me because I told him my mother was coming to visit”

“Why? That’s stupid”

“He thought I told her we were an item”

“You aren’t?”

I sighed and shook my head. I needed to vent to someone and Bianca was the perfect person.

“No B…Im something like a personal escort to him. He’s been warming up to me but lately his mood swings have gotten heavier”

“Wow so he basically pays to fuck you…something like a sugar baby”

I nodded my head as I grabbed my purse.

“I gotta hurry home before he kicks me out”She got up and hugged me. “Im off next week if you wanna come over” I smiled and nodded my head as I walked out. I made it home and the living room was dark but music was playing. I called out to Erik as I flicked on the light. He was sitting on the couch smoking. I walked on in and dropped my purse. “Sorry I was rushing to get home but traffic was a bitch today” He didn't say anything as I took my shoes off. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. “You hungry?” Again no answer. I finally got frustrated and slammed it. I started walking to my room until he called out to me. “Get back in here…now” I stopped in my tracks and turned around. I walked back to the living room as he looked at me. “Strip..” I sighed as I peeled my clothes off. I was ready to get this over already. I was completely naked as he got up and yanked me by my neck. “You better beat me to the bed” I nodded my head as he pushed me and I slowly walked to the room. I laid down on the bed as he came in behind me slamming the door. He started stripping as he talked. “Im tired of you not listening to me” He got on the bed and put his hand around my neck. He pushed my legs apart and shoved himself inside of me. I yelled out in pain as he choked me. I was down for rough sex but he was hurting me. “Erik you’re hurting me” “Shut up” He went faster and harder as tears rolled down my face. He was purposely trying to cause me pain. “ERIK GET OFF OF ME!” He ignored me until he was finished. He slowly climbed off of me as I curled up and cried. He had never been like this with me, what the fuck was going on. He came and laid beside me trying to cuddle but I pushed him away. We didn't say anything to each other for the rest of the night. The next day I packed a few things to go stay with Bianca for a couple of days. I needed my space from him, he was gone when I left that morning. I dropped my stuff off and headed to work. The day went fairly smooth and for once I was actually glad to be here. I got a notification from my Cash App that Erik sent me $900 dollars. I didn't accept it and I closed my phone. He texted me that he was sorry but I didn't text back. I got ready to leave and there he was standing at my car. 

“I said I was sorry Ciara, please come home”

“No I think we both need a break from each other…you have a temper Erik”

“I know and you're helping me work on that, you show me what it means to care about someone other than myself”

I sighed as I leaned against my car.

“I just need time Erik…”

He nodded his head as he opened my car door for me. “I’ll still pay you…but just know I felt bad” He kissed my cheek as I got in the car. I sighed as I drove off. I think I'm in love with him but this whole thing started off completely wrong and that's the problem…

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Me and Harmoni pulled up to the party about an hour after it started. I didn’t care to go but she wanted to so I went. I don’t get out the house much anyway. We started walking in and people called out to us, giving hugs and speaking. Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” played throughout the house as people smoked, laughed, and dance with one another. I  smiled as I stood against the wall nodding my head.  I looked around and a dude with small locs pinned up was standing on the same wall. He had on glasses and a denim jacket. I stared at him until he turned my way and smiled. I smiled back as Haromi walked up to me with a dude. 

“Queenie this is my friend Xavier, he’s single”

I gave a small smile and shook his hand. 

“Nice to meet you Queenie”

“Same to you”

Harmoni smiled as Xavier looked at me. “Well I'm gonna go over here, yall get to know each other”. He came and stood beside me as she walked away. He started asking the usual questions of my age, what I like and my dislike and the usual bullshit. He really talked too damn much about himself. I looked to see the dude was gone and I sighed. I wanted to at least get his name. Xavier kept talking and talking before somebody popped up in front of us, it was the dude. “Yo we need you out in the back” He gave me a look and I played along. “Right, I forgot, sorry Xavier can we catch up later?” He nodded his head as the guy grabbed my hand. We eased into the crowd as I followed behind him. “Thank you for that…he was annoying me”. He stopped at a couch and sat down. 

“You're welcome. I could tell by your face you didnt wanna be bothered”

I sat beside him as he poured him a cup. I stuck my hand out and he shook it.

“Im Queenie”


“I never seen you before, you new around here?”

“Nah not really”

I nodded my head as he leaned back. He was fine as hell to me. I smiled as I turned to him. I was hoping to spark up a conversation but before I could do that gun shots started going off. I ducked as Erik grabbed my hand and ran out of the house. I called for Harmoni who was right behind me. We made it outside and ducked behind a car. Erik looked at us and nodded his head back. “Imma go get my car! yall stay here” We nodded as he ran off. My heart beat hard as people ran left and right. Harmoni started crying as somebody snatched my arm. It was a random dude who had a bandana around his face. “Tell yo pops he next” He then pushed me away and ran off. I started crying as Erik pulled up and swung the door open. “GET IN!” We hurridely ran and hopped inside. He drove off as I played what that dude said in my head. Is somebody after my father?



I pushed Duke as he held the gun in his hand. 

“Are you fucking stupid man! This house is hot and you shooting at mothafuckas!”

He smacked his lips and kicked Mike, the white boy Snake sent after us. “This bitch aint dead man”. Mike turned over and coughed as he held his side. I put my foot on his wound and pressed down on it. He yelled in pain as he looked at me. 

You asshole!”

“Why did he send you?!”

“The big man says you two fuckers owe him over a million dollars. I just came to deliver the message. Your idiot friend started the fight”

I smirked as I leaned down towards him. “Tell snake to suck my dick” I backhanded him with my gun as Duke laughed. “What we gone do with this bitch man” I sat there for a minute before I looked at him. “We gone drop him off to deliver our message…Snake aint getting shit outta me or you” We picked up Mike and carried him to my truck. We threw him the back and headed to the North side. We stopped right in front of Snake’s house and threw Mike’s ass out. We sped off laughing as we looked at eachother. I dropped Duke off at home and went back to my crib to clean up the mess. I sat down as my phone began to ring. I sighed as I picked it up, already knowing who it was. 


“I got your message you little bastard…but I still havent got my money…”

“I don’t appreciate you sending your goons after me for money I dont have”

“I know you have it, I trusted you and two others with the security of my money stash…I’m giving you a chance to confess”


“I don’t like your tone Meekah…you know I’m very good at making people disappear”

I swallowed spit as I sat up. Snake wasn’t lying, he was a ruthless bastard when somebody owed him something. I was a little scared but I couldn’t show him that

“I don’t have your money man..”

“Hmm…I see well it looks like I’m gonna have to kil-”

“No wait! I could get it back. Let me hustle for two weeks”

He was quiet for a minute and I was nervous. I could lie my way out of anything but you couldn’t get anything past Snake, he was too smart. 

“Good, you got two weeks…move bricks on the East”

“The East? That’s Bulldog’s side”

“Do I give a fuck? Either make my money or die. Take him out if you have too!”

“Man…its gonna be hard”

“Not my problem”

He hung up the phone and I sighed. Bull Dog was Queenie’s dad…maybe if I got close to her again I could find out some inside info. I smirked as I leaned back. I was gonna get this money back and more. I was about to run the East side now. 

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So this part is going to go into a little more detail about the guys and the whole fantasy/nymph aspect. I’ll also be  introducing a few new characters. Some were originally a teenagers but I aged them up. I’ll add their photos at the bottom of whichever part they’re in. This is a very ambitious multi-fandom story. I have no idea how many parts there will be but I enjoy writing it. 

 I hope you enjoy it. (Other gifs found @/fvuckyeahmikaelsons and @/adam-strange. I didn’t tag because I don’t think they’d want to be but I still wanted to give credit)

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Food-4-All: Stagnant Motion

Who knew a grocery store could be so messy?

A/N: Hey Lovelies!! @twistedcharismaaa @soulfood-fics @ghostfacekill-monger and Myself are doing a combined fic!! Its going to be amazing!

We coming in hot with the workplace mess, gossip, and ofcourse all the smutty hookups!Even one that will be a whole surprise for our lovely De!

Hang on for a wild ride! Secure your wigs people! Secure The Wigs!

Promo Pic by @ghostfacekill-monger: Here

If you missed the first prelude by @twistedcharismaaa here it is!!!

Luh Yall!




Slowly climbing the stairs to her “apartment”, Deaysha was truly exhausted. Four days of running around after all the workers, ensuring all products were adequately inventoried and ordered for restocking, decreasing damages and waste on food not properly stored, trying to avoid yet another visit from the health department. That was five piles of shit she did not want to deal with. Not to mention the customers trying to “return” food half eaten, cashiers all sleeping with eachother and the store managers like one big grocery store brothel, even to the point of having to take the door off of the break room from the amount of employees fucking in there. The den of people she had been casted to work with was ….something.

“It’s a means to an end. It’s a means to an end,” she kept repeating to herself as she unlocked her door, trying to quell her negative thoughts and week of annoyances before entering her sanctuary.

“Hmm, what’s this?” she says picking up a larger package and her excitement growing ten fold as she read the Savage label on the side. Another box on the ground from Sephora, knowing it was full of Fenty. The good sis Rihanna was coming all the way through!!

Kicking her shoes off and washing her hands, she grabs her dinner, left over from cooking the other day, slides her wine out of the fridge, pouring heavily into her big pimp cup, the largest wine glass she owns, with little gold specks in the glass, truly giving that luxurious aesthetic. Curling into her pillow soft couch, she flicks the TV on and her phone begins to ring. Not even looking she answers.

“Hi Mom,” she smiles stirring her cheese stuffed gnocchi, chicken and spinach, her stomach grumbling with anticipation.

“Heyyyy! I heard you come in. Why didn’t you stop down here first,” her mother asks.

“I’m tired Mom. I’m trying to go to sleep,” she answers before tasting the heaven on her plate.

“How are you tired when I hear that TV on? Did you get your packages?” Her mom continues.

“Mom why do you play so much? And yes I got them,” Deaysha continues wanting to get off the phone soonish to maybe watch a little of a Scandal rerun and go to sleep at a good time.

“What did you get?” her mom asks, sounding like there was slim chance in her wanting to hang up first.

“Clothes and Makeup. Alright Mom, I gotta go. See you in the morning. Byeee,” Deaysha tries to rush it.

“Wait, come down here with me. Your father is working on somebody’s house. Stay with me till he gets back,” her mom says.

“Uhn uhn! Not tonight! You not keeping me up all night watching movies or reruns of I Love Lucy, I’m going to sleep. Bye Mom!” she says again.

“Fine, have a good night,” her mom says hanging up. Deaysha smiling at it actually working in under 3 minutes this time. She loves her parents more than anything but its time for her own space.

Past 25 and before 30, a woman not willing to divulge her age, it was more than enough time to be on her own. The only thing holding her back was her expensive ass champagne taste and these damn beer pockets. Looking at her savings balance, soon she would have enough, just not right now. Till then, she would have to make due.

Scooping more food onto her fork, her phone rings again. “This Nigga” reads across the screen as she rolls her eyes and answers.

“What do you want?” she says pausing her TV once again.

“I want that fine thick ass on my dick. Can that be arranged, princess?” He asks, his voice hitting that low cadence she kind of likes.

“Erik, get the hell off my line. I’m in the house and I’m staying in the house. You had all day to ask me that but you was too busy mediating between your flock of biddies. Go continue mediating and get off my phone,” she says trying to hang up.

“Baby, don’t treat me like that. You know you my number one. Let me come over and show it to you,” he says, his arrogance reaching around level 200, to the point where she can picture him licking his thick ass lips right now.

“Erik, I’m not driving to your house and having to come all the way back, and you know you’re not coming in my place so stop the games. Bye Erik, see you tomorrow,” she says ready to hang up.

“Come outside, I’m already here,” he says, Deaysha walking to the window in disbelief, seeing him standing and leaning against his car looking up at her window. Hanging up, immediately she barrels down the stairs.

“What the fuck, Yo?” she says hitting him upside the head.

“I told your ass to always park down the street and why the fuck you here dude? Get in the fucking car,” she continues fussing at him, pushing him away as he tries to grab her hips and pull her close. Raising her foot about to step on his white J’s, he comes back to his senses and backs up, not before opening the passenger door.

“Get in,” he nods to the car, not really listening to anything she is saying, those lust filled eyes already taken completely over.

“Listen, I had a quiet evening in planned. Leave me alone! We have work in the morning,” she says, regretting ever coming outside in the first place.

“Deaysha, get your ass in this car before I bend you over the hood and show you who your real Daddy is,” Erik says pressing himself against her, pulling her back onto him with a firm grip on her hips, laughing at the shock on her face.

“The day I stop messing with you will be the happiest day of my life,” she says pushing him and slipping into the passenger’s seat.

“Yeah, yeah, say that shit in an a hour when I have you pinned to the bed, legs in the air, sucking on them cute toes, bustin on me like you never have before. Not one toy you have is better than that so stop playing and come give me a kiss,” he says reaching over, pulling her close and kissing her lips.

The exploration of his tongue, sucking on her bottom lip like he owned it, and flicking at her nipple rings was her weakness. She melts against him as all her resistance comes crumbling down to a pile of ash. Sucking on her neck and reaching a hand up under her skirt had her more than ready to go.

“Okay,” she whispers against his lips, feeling the sexual energy throbbing between them as the windows start to get foggy.

“Let’s go,” she says kissing him again, losing what little control she thought she had as he sucks on her tongue. Pulling away, he returns to his seat and turns on the ignition. Sliding her closer to him, her ass almost on his lap, spreading her legs, putting his fingers in her mouth to suck, and returning them right back under her skirt as he expertly drives with one hand.

“Act up again and I’m putting that ass over my knee,” he whispers in her ear as he works his fingers within her, circling her sensitive pierced clit with his thumb, hearing her slick grow with every stroke.

“Okay. Whatever you want, just drive,” she says, coming to terms once again that even though he wasn’t shit and could never satisfy her yearning for a real relationship, the sex would always keep her coming back. Yet another thing not going according to her plans.


A/N 2: Don’t forget to COMMENT if you enjoyed it!! If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know!

Next Add will be on @ghostfacekill-monger page! Stay tuned to what happens next at Food-4-All!!! We selling more than groceries!!

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So, I had to read this like sooo many times before I responded. First, I just wanna thank u ever so much for taking ur time to read my writings! I’m so grateful that u were able to feel the intimacy and emotions the way I did when writing these works, cuz that’s what I aim for! I just have so much imagination, on top of being a hopeless romantic, so my SINGLE ass is right there with u!! 🤣🥰💙

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Hello everyone, bet you weren’t expecting a third. This idea was pitched by @whoawhoababywhoa last night. I started drafting this as soon as she suggested it but it’s taken some changes along the way. I was doing my best to make this a one shot but I’ve had an idea for Killmonger from months ago that fits into this narrative very well. So this will have multiple parts. So for the most part, I’ll be dedicating my writing time to The Bachelors, Drug of Choice, and now On The Run. In the event another idea pops into my head, I’ll write it but these will be the only series I write about.

So look at this part as a backstory/prelude in a way. I hope you enjoy it

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The Art of Kissing

Erik Killmonger x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: There’s nothing like teaching your lover how to please you, love you, take care of you, and most of all appreciate you. 

A/N: One shot

Warnings: Uh, not really. Just some soft core, Soft!Boi Erik loving. 

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Football Sunday was boring as hell, today, especially with none of my teams playing. So, I’ve been sitting on this couch for the last two hours just switching through social media apps. As I browsed through people’s snap stories, I saw that you had posted something five minutes ago. I pressed your icon, and saw our bedroom TV displaying an episode of “Broad City.” (Chuckles) You sure do love that show, as this is like the fifth time you’ve watched all of the seasons. Next, was a snap you’d taken with the filter that enlarged your lips, and I watched as you spoke in that high-pitched voice it has.

“Y’all, they need to go ahead and let Keisha and me be in the new season of “Broad City.”” This show is legit us going through our early twenties.” You laugh.

As you spoke about a scenario from the show that reflected you and your best friend, I watched your mouth form every word. The light from the camera shimmered from the gloss on your lips, displaying its fullness in high definition. I loved every part of your gorgeous body, but those lips? Man, if I could just carry them with me everywhere I went, I’d be a happier man. I could be upset over something, but the moment their softness is pressed against me, all of the tension leaves. When they grace my favorite spots, I’m officially a slave to your every need. The middle of my back. All around my neck. My ears. My forehead. My V-cut pelvis, and further down to the tip. But, nothing is sweeter than when they press against my lips. The energy is always different; it’s warm, sensual, passionate, intense, and it silences everything around us. The command of your kisses can leave me speechless, as I wonder what you’re going to do next.

Are you going to climb on top of me?

Are you going to grip my face with your delicate hands?

Are you going to give me that deep, dimpled smile?

Or my favorite… are you going to tell me you love me, while looking directly into my eyes?

Whatever it is, I’m always ready for it, because after every kiss there’s a gift waiting for me.

I glance up from the screen, seeing the beauty from Snapchat saunter into the room. You look back at the TV for a second before turning back to me. I smirk at what you’re wearing, one of my white dress shirts that’s left unbuttoned, so I could see your comfy T-shirt bra and striped boy shorts. Your thighs jiggled with every soft step, reminding me of tranquil water waves.

“Enjoying your football?”

I twist my lips. “Not really, my teams aren’t even playing today.”

“Hmm.” You stand between my spread legs. “Are you busy right now?”

I sat up, scooting closer to your frame. I could smell your signature fragrance, which caused me to bite my lip. “Not at the moment. What’s on your mind?” I grabbed the remote, turning off the TV.

You shook your head coolly. “Nothin’ much, just wanted to show you some love.”

There go those hands, cupping my face and trailing my cheeks with their thumbs. I close my eyes to add more focus to the ‘touch’ sense. It’s like the pads of your fingers painted their prints all over my face, embedding them in every pore. I could feel your body move closer with the help from my hands following the same pattern to the back of your legs. The fragrance grew as your breasts neared closer to my nose. I could just bury it between the cleavage, feeling the warmth from your heart clothe my face. I took in a long inhale, releasing the breath through my lips against your skin, before placing a kiss there. I loved the gasps you produced when my lips touched there, quiet but sharp. Your chest would rise, signaling the energy toward your nipples. My hands gripped the back of your thighs, as I added another kiss to that spot. This time, your eyes shut off the world, focusing everything into my touch. I couldn’t stop looking up at you, watching your features surrender to the small sensations. Could I make you look any more breathtaking than you already are right now?

Of course, I can, and I will.

I braced one hand on your lower back, securing the other around your thigh. What I’m about to do is going to throw you off balance just a little. With parted lips, my tongue slowly bathes the crease between your breasts, leaving behind suctioned kisses. Your hands quickly latched onto my head and shoulder, as your knees shook from your body slightly bending back; trying to maintain your stance. I brought you back forward, motioning for your leg to land on the couch. Instantly, you climbed on my lap, hazy eyes greeting me once again.

“Show me love, then.” I urge.

You drew across my lips with your thumb, before connecting your lips with mine. The charge shooting through me is like an effect you’d get from a drug, it tingles all the way down to my toes. The soft pecks started off short and sweet, transforming into the long and passionate ones that I’ve grown to love. You described it as going from holding someone’s hand to locking your arm around theirs. What I loved most about this type of kissing was the amount of love they carried without the use of your tongue. It was solely these lips. They showed me what they could do on their own. They could make me yearn for them just as much as I would the tongue. They had the power to have me prowling for you like a predator toward its prey. In return, they showed me that my lips could do the same thing. My lips, alone, could weaken you, make you ache for me, send tingles down to your toes, and have you patiently waiting to pin me on my back like Nala did Simba.

“We use our tongues to communicate, keep our mouths lubricated, taste our foods, and as a pleasure tool. But what about our lips? They aren’t just there to keep us quiet, or curve into the shapes of our moods. They can soothe any soul that’s seeking comfort, just by pressing themselves on that person. They’re made to be soft for a reason. They could please you just as well, if not better. We just have to know how to use them.”

I was always a quick, rough kisser, never caring if the kisses had any emotion to them. I didn’t get that chance to see my parents kiss, or been to a wedding where the groom kisses the bride. In high school, I seen teenage couples carelessly kiss in the hallways but nothing worth gazing at. The kissing in porn I’d watch was always sloppy with an excessive use of tongue, or you could just tell it was all for the audience. To see two people kissing from pure romance was taboo in my life, so I always figured that it wasn’t a big deal to do well. Most of the girls I’d been involved with mostly kissed with the intent of becoming aroused for sex, not to simply enjoy that form of intimacy. So, when you spoke that Word to me, I knew that my days of dry lip locking were coming to an end. You reminded me that I was too grown for that, and as a grown woman you deserved more than that from me.

“You know how you marvel at a plate of home cooked food when it’s placed in front of you? There’s this anticipation for the first bite, as the seasoned steam rises toward your nostrils. More saliva forms from just forking through it, blowing some of the heat away, and readying for that first intake. It’s now in your mouth, leaving you to bask in its goodness with every chew. Just from that first bite, you’re ready to savor every last crumb, and soak up every drop of liquid it produced. Then what do you do afterwards? Use your tongue to lick your lips clean, sucking from top to bottom just to taste more, and it’s like that with everything we eat and drink. It’s your lips that hold the most flavor.”

It’s your lips that hold the most flavor.

I didn’t fully grasp that concept until you showed me exactly what it meant. All it took was for you to still my head, pull your lips from mine, and say…

“Let’s try it my way.”

From that moment on, everything I consumed had a better taste. I learned to appreciate and savor, instead of mechanically chewing and swallowing. I wanted more than seconds, and when it came to you I was never full. I was always ravenous for you, desperate for every course you prepared from your lips. This art of kissing wasn’t for the mediocrity, or the feeble minded. It’s what separated the adults from the children, the soulmates from the playmates; the organic from the artificial. It wasn’t to be made a mockery of, or put on display for likes and views. This nature of this kissing transcended our basic beings, forcing us to awaken our higher selves, and make love among the stars like we’re supposed to.

You taught me that.

I broke away from your lips, diving into your neck. You taught me that it didn’t matter where you kissed someone on their neck, they’ll always surrender to you. The neck is a vital instrument that holds the pathway to our lungs and hearts; two main organs that keep us alive.  So, when we have someone’s neck in our possession, we’re in control of their very life source. We start to contribute to the air they breathe by adding in some sort of excitement. We have the power to make them inhale any emotion we want them to feel, just from our lips.

“That’s it, baby.” You whispered, pressing my face onto your neck. “You remembered.”

I surely did, beautiful. I remembered that I could change your breathing pattern. I remembered that I could cause your body to twist and wine. I remembered that I could get you to grip my locs for support. I remembered that when I wanted you at your wettest, this is where I’d go.

“I love you, Erik.”

Most importantly, I remembered that I could get you to say that. It sounded velvety and sweet, just like how you’d say it when I’m kissing your pearl. I knew you meant it. The breathy declaration dripped with passion always ignited me. As I exhaled my response, you’d shiver and smile. With my lips alone, I became fluent in your love language.

“I love you, too.”

Our bodies soon collapsed back onto the couch, my hands moving into the opened shirt. I massaged your back, rubbing my fingers across your spine. My hands roamed over your whole torso, not knowing where to give most of the attention to. Everywhere felt warm, soft, and womanly. I just wish I had more hands to touch you everyone all at once without being selfish toward a specific part. You deserved that.

With the winding of your hips, I can tell that you’re close. Close to squeezing me tighter, as you ride the space in between us. You’re not even grinding on my lap, but I can feel that phantom grind from your raining pearl. My hands gripped your hips, adding more pressure to your rhythm so that you could feel it more. Our lips stayed connected, deepening our kisses to match the intensity that was soon to come.

“Erik.” You sighed, pressing your forehead against mine. “I think you’ve mastered it, baby.”

Your relaxed smile with your eyes closed was all I needed to confirm that I was the attentive lover you needed. I’d mastered a new form of intimacy that I never knew existed. I didn’t think I needed to improve or upgrade from what I had already acquired to get the job done. There were so many indulgent, magical ways to make a woman of your stature climax, and my plain methods just weren’t going to cut it. You made me realize how much I’d been holding myself back from my fullest potential of pleasuring a woman. I could actually do way more than the usual tricks. I could channel energy to any body part during intimacy, and make it the catalyst for an amazing trip to Nirvana.

I returned your smile, bringing you down to the seat cushions with me. As I rested my head on your chest, feeling your heartbeat settle down to its usual tempo, you kissed my forehead tenderly. Your right leg wrapped around my waist, securing me between your legs. Your left hand catered to my head, while the other blessed my face; thumbing over my lips.

Who knew that I could make love and climax just from kissing?

You did. You taught me that, gorgeous, and I’m forever thankful.

I’m forever honored to be both your lover and your student.

“With this art of kissing, you’ll see the goddess within me in a way you’ve never seen her before. She’ll make you feel invincible, desirable, and show you what the Universe is really like. But you have to know how to awaken her, serenade her spirit, and take your time with her. Savor her just like the food you eat, the liquid you drink. Learn her language, and watch her bring out that god within you.”

 The End. 


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Where The Hoes At? (The Boys™ One Shot)


PAIRING: College!Erik/T’Challa/M’Baku + Black!OCs

SUMMARY: Erik drags T’Challa and M’Baku out for hook-up with some cute girls. Things don’t quite go as planned.

INSPIRATION: This post right here officer! ; And this one, too!

SUGGESTED LISTENING: Rode It Like A Soulja by DJ Ray Ray, Let Me See It by UGK, Ooh Nothin’ by Project Pat, Sippin’ on Some Syrup by Three 6 MafiaSlob on My Cat by La Chat

WARNINGS: Language, Drug and Alcohol Use

A/N: College!AU. Y’all should know I love goofy shit by now.



The smell of marijuana was pungent and the music was loud, even from outside the small house. T’Challa nodded his head to the muffled bass as Erik brushed the sides of his fade and his patchy beard one last time in the rearview mirror.

“Are you done?!” M’Baku grunted, his knees nearly folded to his chest in the backseat of Erik’s Mustang. He shifted several times trying to find a spot where his legs wouldn’t cramp. He didn’t have much luck.  “Fucking tiny American cars!”

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