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#erik killmonger fanfiction

Welcome to Social Distancing Sessions: brought to you by one sentence prompts and my refusal to do actual work from home. 

This one comes from the mind of the BP Librarian herself, @chaneajoyyy​.


1151 words.

Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.

“I don’t trust the government,” you mused as you scrolled on your phone. Your timeline was littered with hastily written articles on the novel coronavirus. Your eyebrows knit together in irritation when you came across a White House press conference where they assured the American people that they “had it all under control” while dodging every legitimate question from the reporters present. 

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t,” Erik Stevens confirmed, kissing your bare shoulder as punctuation. “Only trust your gut.”

Your gut had told you that this was going to be a bigger deal than officials let on. Even your limited medical knowledge was enough of a warning that this untamed virus would spread fast with the American healthcare system woefully unprepared to handle it. And if there was one thing you could always count on, it was that American people were too fucking stubborn and frankly stupid to take any legitimate steps to stop the spread.

You were in an incredibly lucky position that you could work from home before it was mandated. You had elected to do just that. You’d marched to the grocery store a week early and calmly stocked up on groceries; things you could freeze or had a long shelf life, along with your usual items. Your boyfriend Erik had tagged along, an amused smirk on his face the entire time.

“Look at my little survivalist! Going for the sardines,” he’d jested.

“You make fun of me for liking these, but now is my moment!” you’d declared. You felt no guilt while cleaning out the shelf full of salty, canned fish. No one buys them anyways. At least you weren’t losing your mind over toilet paper. One pack would do unless something with the sardines went horribly wrong.

Erik had insisted that you buy some “normal” snacks that wouldn’t stink up the house, and you’d agreed. Sometimes you just need some Oreos or cheesy puffs.

It had been eight days since that final grocery trip and things were going well in your apartment. Erik and you got along famously and had thus far avoided cabin fever. Between work meetings on Skype, daily walks, dance offs, Netflix, and fantastic sex, you were set. The two of you were coming down from the height of ecstasy when your current conversation over mistrust of the government began.

“Is it sick that seeing Trumplestiltskin’s orange face makes me want Cheetos?” you turned to ask Erik. He cringed at the name.

“I would’ve never enlisted if I knew that blimp of a man would have been elected,” he groaned.

You slid your naked body out from the sex soaked sheets and padded to the kitchen on the hunt for snacks. You grabbed your salty indulgence of choice and opened the bag to find it empty. 

“What the hell?” you murmured. You tried to remember if you had already eaten them already, searching through your memory of the last few days, but came up with nothing. Other than initially opening them, you definitely had not eaten the rest of the Cheetos. 

In a quarantine situation, that left no other culprit than Erik.

You stormed back in to the bedroom, gripping the emptied bag in your hand. You didn’t fuck around about your snacks. This nigga had the audacity to eat them and put the empty bag back on the counter. You were going to let him have it.

Erik giggled at his phone screen, not noticing the anger on your face.

“Babe, did you see that people are saying they’re making everyone stay inside so they can replace the batteries in pigeons? And that the 5G networks are what’s actually making people sick?”

“What the fuck, Erik?” you announced.

“I know!” he guffawed, not looking up. “These conspiracy theories are sending me.”

“You ate my snacks?” you accused him, finally getting Erik’s attention. “That’s not cool. We both bought our own stuff.”

Erik looked up at you in confusion. You’d given him no warning that you were ready to fight.

“Uh… no.”

“Nah. You did. I bet you’re hiding shit too!” You stomped back in to the kitchen, determined to find proof. Erik followed you, unsure of what you were on about.

You began to open the cupboards one by one, slamming them closed when you didn’t come across any hidden Takis or Chessman cookies.

 “Mind telling me what this is about?” Erik inquired, leaning against the bedroom doorframe.

“This!” you rounded on him, shoving the empty Cheetos bag in his hands. “I can’t believe this!” 

Erik inspected the bag carefully as you ranted about trust and rationing. His eyebrows lifted as he found the problem.

“Uh, babe,” he interjected coolly. 

“WHAT?” you yelled, just reaching the precipice of your rant.

Erik turned the bag upside down and pointed at a small hole at the bottom. You looked at it closely. It wasn’t a rip or a tear. It had been chewed through. 

“You have a mouse.”

You shrieked and pulled back.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! What do we do?”

Your cat had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, staring at the stove, but you figured it was one of those weird things cats just do. You’d never seen or heard any evidence of mice. You kept your apartment clean. You definitely didn’t want exterminators coming in when you were trying to socially distance yourself. This timing couldn’t be any worse.

You looked to your cat, now camped at the foot of the bed.

“You knew about this and didn’t say anything?!”

Erik braced the edges of the stove and pulled. The unit detached from the wall easily and Erik bent down. He illuminated the wall with his phone and hummed to himself.

“Mice really are some smart motherfuckers. Looks like they haven’t been here long, but they sure like Cheetos.” 

You gagged. 

Erik stood and turned to you.

“I can have my buddy here to handle this in an hour. In the meantime, let’s check the rest of our provisions.” 

You nodded, itching to pick up your cleaning products.

“Isn’t there something you’d like to say to me?” Erik probed as the two of your sorted through your bounty. You looked at him quizzically.

“Something that begins with ‘I’m sorry, Erik…’?” he said languidly.

You scoffed. 

“I’m sorry, Erik. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You didn’t eat my Cheetos,” you apologized lowly, guilt in your voice. You pushed out your lower lip, silently trying to convince him that you couldn’t be held accountable for your actions when it came to food.

He chuckled, gold fanged teeth flashing. He reached forward to hug you, having already received a confirmation text from his exterminator friend.

“I can’t say the Teddy Grahams are safe though,” he joked, eliciting a small slap on the pectoral from you.

“If someone’s going to be in this house, I need to put on clothes!” you yelped. “And a mask!”

Erik rolled his eyes.


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Do you know any plus size reader black panther fics?

I sure do!!!


- golden girl, fingers dipped in gold series, early morning concerts, do it, a single prick series, singing lessons, lose that attitude, i’ve been going, his sixth sense, nice & comfortable, three kings of dreams, you may, comfortable, possibly, up and alert- @supersizemeplz

- family isn’t always everything, t’challa dealing wth his s/o having guardianship of her little bro, you and t’challa had a really bad breaku but he sees you at an event?, group text: date, in my feelings, t’challa after a hard day funning wakanda, “lemme show you how much i love you”, group chat: plans for tonight, love through tragedy, my apologies my queen, “choose”, lazy days (includes m’baku)-  @plussizeappreciationfics (search: tchalla and tchalla x reader)

-anonymous series, gentle giant series, the twisted ones, selfless series, all the stars series- @cassidyconner

- how the guys for the avengers would react to being twerked on (includes t’challa);  imagine you decided to post a sunbathing picture for instagram, knowing your husband, the king of wakanda will see. everything goes smooth until erik killonger decides to give you a lil too much attention. he ends up learning not to mess with the queen (fake social media au); imagine t’chala and his queen are execting their first child. the world is overy joyed by the little bundle of joy, imagine it ‘s halloween and you decide to dress up as your idol sorm leaving the entire internet shook (fake social media au), imagine it’s your anniversary with your boyfreind t’challa and he surprises you with a trip to the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen- @papi-chulo-bucky (search: tchalla)

- headcanons: short reader, king of spring, hot cheetos, rays of sunshine, pineapple princess, your highness, jealousy- @littlemessyjessi

- cats, why series, enough for now, jealousy headcanon, lingerie headcanon, nsfw headcanon, kinks headcanon, dom/sub headcanon, height headcanons- @madamslayyy

- queen by spring series, “i have a right to what is mine”, t’challa is straight up missing you, t’challa needs to feel your finger in his hair, imagine t’challa helping you find more peace by bringng you into meditation, wakanda now bath salt baths and tantric sex; your favorite physical aspect of t’challa is his mouth, t’challa and m’baku both like gap tooth play but t’challa like to run it along the outer lips while m’baku likes to work it over the nipples (includes m’baku and sam wilson); cater, matchmakers, show me, to our bedroom (search t’challa x reader)-  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers

-miles apart series-  @eriksjournal

- t’challa with his first bbw- @sisterwifeudaku

- he spills series @captainsaveasmut (includes m’baku and erik)

- where are we?, the wakandan boys when the’re sick (includes erik and m’baku) - @sonofnjobu

- al fics- @eerythingisshaka

- learn ya series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- let’s play- @wakandamama


- all m’baku fics- @plussizeappreciationfics

- your cherries, wakandan events & natural charisma series, love berries, ain’t got no time, shadows in the closet, tamed, change in schedule, big baby, intersting theories, why?, forever my chieftess, three kings of dreams, long days and longer nights, i wouldn’t mind- @supersizemeplz

- gaining favor- @littlemessyjessi

- healing gardens series, it’s complicated series, extra credit series, coming home series (includes what’s for dinner?), warrior spirit, diplomatic affiars, fading away, gemini rising: birthday edition, just business series-  @jellybean531

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- warm colors series- @mermaidchansons

- a special visit- @yaachtynoboat711

- tradition series, mr. stamina, truth or dare series, give it to me, the garden,, princess, 2 hours, i’m right here, the wakandan boys when they’re sick (includes erik and t’challa), would you rather-  @sonofnjobu

-chieftess, giving m’baku a lapdance, t’challa and m’baku likes gap tooth play (inclues t’challa and sam wilson), tradition, watch-  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers (scroll for m’baku x reader)

- an m’big surprise- @pastelastronomy24

- and i you, my love; hands, his girl, untitled, you are mine- @marvelmaree

- v.i.p (includes erik), you owe her an apology, no i can’t take a break, scraped m’baku headcanon, m’baku titty worship headcanon, whipped headcanon, the prince seires, is this love? series (ncludes m’baku) (with don’t be scared)- @madamslayyy

- fated instinct series, cabin in the snow series, whipped cream a la m’baku-  @greennightspider

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- sweet thang series, the best part, bow to me- @wakandamama


- how i feel, right now, animal, chains series, purple herbs & gardens, risks & new beginnings series, better with time, let’s play, without a doubt, sizzling pans & slow jams, misinterpretations, visions of gold, out business, come through and chill series, nights, slow burn, a siren’s allure, venom, the one, maybe they’re right, sore loser series, i’ll be alright, spooky cookies & vampire fangs, screams in the night series; knock, knock series; imagination, the cure series, poptart man series, this must be our song, conversation starter, heaven is a place on earth, twins?, say it, i’m there, his princess, his for the night, sugar baby series, authority series, baby shark, lemme try, take our time, say the word, sudden reunions series, memories of you, more ways than one, lemme try it again (that’s my face), not in budget, i would like to see it, pease mama bear, she likes me, guess what, times like these, tell me your secret series, he gets it from me, baby see baby do, see what had happened was, who me?, so relax, three kings of dreams, deck the b-…halls?, do it again, be quiet, you so crazy, how that sound?, you’re so handsome, sit still, leave me aloneee, don’t hide, or maybe, send it to mommy, but i’m sick.., you thought i wouldn’t find out, he’d make you his, ballet baba, ain’t that right?, he wasn’t having that, being honest, that’s all it took?, then stop ignoring me, since you can, but i thougth…, jealous, i won’t tell you again series, hit me, no reply, i’ve alway been, you sure?, no more tummy time, toss ‘em, you done now?, sing it baby, doped up, battle it out, for however long, bath time, bedtime stories, i’m sorry, was that so hard?, i owe you that, whatchu say?, hard headed, it should’ve been you, take our time series, baba’s day, whatever she wants, nope, can’t even look at you, not again, nose wide oen, just a bit longer, come on over to my place, fences & bullriders- @supersizemeplz

- all erik fics and headcanons- @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- all erik fics and headcanons- @eye-raq

- teach me series, when you’re mad series, waffles series, slow ride series, movie night series, let’s talk about sex series, mines, thunderstorm, girl fuck you, eat your breakfast seres (with eat your dinner), secret admirer, amusement park fun, displays of affection, night at the movie theaters, silent hearbeats series, kissing strangers series, worship, loving the way you love it, day drunk, smile for me daddy series, just like you, we goin to hell, breeding time- @thehomierobbstark

- refuge series, champion series, soft series, all dadmonger fics, erik’s getting soft series, erik and his princess, erik’s afraid of live, erik takes care of his sick princess, erik witha shy girl, erik’s created a monster series, afraid of heights, erik loves to spoil you, you want it rough, t’challa’s trusted advisor, first kiss, the legend series, you hurt erik, i love you, erik backslides, the proposal, daddy, accountability, noral, kinky, foolproof, erik ad your burn marks, erik helps you do pole fitness, i do, first date, erik teasing his short gf, erik cuts his hair- @killmongersgurl

- late again, halloween party, imprint, a man in love, v.i.p (includes m/baku), daddy’s home, y’all again?, okay? okay, prisoner of love, family cookout, kiss, what’s cooking good looking, expecting headcanons, food headcanons, crying headcanons, nsfw headcanons, foot fetish series, halloween headcanons, lingerie headcanons, jealous headcanons, kevin’s  heart series, untitled series- @madamslayyy

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- headass youtube couple series, fix my crown series, all skate, cutting ties series, #tsrbaewatch,  @apantherinmypastlife

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- all fics- @hearteyes-for-killmonger

- say my name series, beg for it, the coat room, charley horse, full court press, house party, boyfriend makeup challenge, gumby, the let out series, disorderly, token, all i wanted for christmas is you, hit the showers, neo, erica; veni, vidi, vici, i will be here, trick or treat, the wakandan boys when they’re sick (includes t’challa and m’baku)- @sonofnjobu

- mine, unravel me series (includes belong to you), i missed you series (inlcudes you a’ight and if they ain’t looking), rated e, on braodway, no average bitch,  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers (scroll for erik killmonger x reader and erik killmonger imagine)

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- all erik fics- @stripper-patrick

- he spills series (with t’chala and m’baku)- @captainsaveasmut

- i’m cleva series, do me baby (part 2 of @killmongersgurl‘s serieserik’s created a monste)-, @killmongerdispussy

- sorry he’s gone, mad issues series, curiosity happy weight- @curls-and-crosses

- nah baby i got you- @inxan-ity (scroll for erik killmonger)

- all fics- @writerbee-ffs

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- all fics- @eriksjournal

- the sweetest taste series, late night drive- two of a kind series (includes ‘03 bonnie and clyde prequel), beyond the lights series, mad love series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- all erik fics and headcanons- @plussizeappreciationfics

-thanksgiving w/ mr. stevens and the udakus series (with valentine’s gumbo),  @mermaidchansons

- all erik fics- @muse-of-mbaku

- all fics- @eerythingisshaka

- all fics- @artisticestheticreads


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Recommendations for Erik as friends w/benefits


- act right- @soufcakmistress

- imagine: the reader finding out she is pregnant so she tries to leave but erik finds out anyways, imagine: the reader having an office fling with erik/work hubby series, imagine: reader’s dad is a big mob boss and him and erik are enemies. reaer meets erik and holds the biggest crush on him but erik doesn’t give a fuck about that-  @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- the freight elevator- @eye-raq

- red bottoms series- @hearteyes-for-killmonger

- slow burn, a siren’s allure, his for the night, sugar baby series, say the word, ain’t that right?- @supersizemeplz

- late night workout- @killmoncoochie

- until the quiet comes series- @muse-of-mbaku

- what you need series- @killmvnger

- stay here tonight- @hidden-treasures21

- broken telephone- @wakandascrystal

- make the bullshit worth it series- @wakandansunsets 

- parachute series, questions series, price list series, pussy power- @erikismybitch

- like what you see series- @panthergoddessbast

- cherry bomb- @ourwakandanerik

- drunk on you- @bbybucky-fics

- irrestible- @dragonglassx

- affiar series- @melaninkpopimagines

- patterns series, bridal party series- @loosewindmill


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pairings: Erik Stevens x Reader

summary: Reader is cheating on Erik. Inspired by Unfaithful by Rihanna.

warnings: light smut, angst.


Originally posted by robertpattisons

Erik loved you.

He loved you more than anything. He had shown it multiple times, told you multiple times. He cared for you. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Hell, he wanted to spend every second of his life with you. Making love to you, holding you in his arms and listening to your laugh. He was so, so good to you.

Did you know that? Yes. Did you love him? Cared for him? Of course, what a question! You were convinced he was the love of your life. You absolutely adored him.

Then what was wrong? Nothing. Why were you cheating? You didn’t know.

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Hey hey! There's this one fic where Erik's girl is enamoured by his cakes and is being hella goofy with 'em. Do you know who wrote it or can you link me to the fic, please?

By the good sistren @killmongersbootycall and @killmoncoochie

I know there’s at least one headcanon too but here are two fics i know of! If I come across/find the headcanon, I’ll send it to you!

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AN: OK so I’m kind of in love with this fic like hardcore love it. But like y'all I had to write a toxic Erik it just felt like the right thing to do. SORRY! Like always big ups to: @chaneajoyyy for da proof read!

Summary: A relationship that’s dragged on and off for years has come to it’s peaking point.

Pairing: Toxic Erik x reader

Warnings: cussing, threatens of killing, yk the normal Erik shit

Word count: 1,843

Suggested listening: So Gone (What My Mind Says) - Jill Scott  

“C’mon bring ya ass outside Y/N this is your last warning.”

“Erik please can we just talk about this over the phone we don’t need to be face to face.”

“Y/N you know I have no problem killing that punk ass nigga that’s in there with you, I suggest you get you shit and come outside right now before it gets bloody.” 

“Fuck” you hissed. You knew Erik wasn’t playing around about what he said. You grabbed your purse and jacket and opened the front door.

Keep reading

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hi! any good erik x reader fics? I miss them thank youuuu



- computer blue series- @ghostfacekill-monger

- mistletoe series, clean up woman, i wish you would, discipline and it’s companion piece not my sons, he wasn’t man enough for me, polygamy and it’s companion piece sharing (with t’challa and m’baku)- @snowbaku

- patterns series- @loosewindmill

- all erik fics- @supersizemeplz

- sandcastles series- @thehoodsweetheart

- all erik fics and hc’s- @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- i gotta leave you alone series, the freight elevator, i wanna try a new play, sweat, mounds, angel series, wet dream series, doctor’s orders,  writer’s block; oh, daddy! series- @eye-raq

- cater 2 you, one shot based on tweet: why girls look at you so hard when you rolling up? damn you wanna get licked next- @vintagedynamite (search erik stevens x reader)

- what we used to be series, personal trainer series, beyond the lights series, on the run series, obessed, jealous, daddy, date night, could loud, wet dreamz, good moaning- @dacreskars

- around the world and back again series, until the quite comes series, she’s gotta have it, coronation, i will deck you, fuck i missed you, we’ll always be together, i’m gonna help you, summer in slow motion, to boldy go, safe, velma and the glasses (includes m’baku and t’challa, jokers wild- @muse-of-mbaku

-getting ghosted by erik after a one-night stand includes, headcanon: erik and m’baku fighting over you, headcanon: pass out, just say it, headcanon: first date, headcanon: kinky honeymoon, easy, everything,headcanon: keep you two safe, heacanon: honeymoon night, group text: pregnancy, gone too far, headcanon: soft spot, reader x erik go to a party and have a quicky, anymore, doing it well, group chat: wrong text, killmonger reacting to his gf buying a personal stripper pole, erik stevens loving to pick you up, headcanon: win you back, pettiness in the club, sex and cigarettes, soldier, were you….jealous?, scars, story of my life, careful, partition, jealousy, out of my league, be careful- @plussizeappreciationfics

- teach me series, when you’re mad series, waffles series, spoiled little brat series, slow ride series, movie night series, let’s talk about sex series, mines, thunderstorm, girl fuck you, eat your breakfast and its companion piece (eat your dinner), secret admirer, amusement park fun, displays of affection, night at the movie theaters, silent heartbeats series, kissing strangers series, worship, loving the way you love it, day drunk, smile for me daddy series, just like you, we goin to hell, breeding time  @thehomierobbstark

- paragone series- @dynastylnoire

- best you had series, fried green tomatoes series, (un) written in the stars series, the playlist, forget you not, his nightmare (or his queen) series, move, just the way you are series (included in), suits and secret moments series, new day, nobody like you, make you believe- @iliketowrite1996 (search erik stevens x reader)

- knockout series, attention- @killmongerdreams

- blessed, sing to me, let em know, get that, lips, i love it- @zxddy-panther

- all things erik- @killmoncoochie (search: coochiefic, erik killmonger fic, erik killmonger smut, erik killmonger x reader, commissioned fi, coochie short, erik killmonger imagine, erik killmonger headcanons, killmonger x reader, erik killmongerxreader)

- 9soft series, all dadmonger fics, erik’s getting soft series, erik and his princess, erik’s afraid of live, erik takens care of his sick princess, erik with a shy girl, erik’s created a monster (companion piece by @killmongerdispussy). afraid of heights, erik loves to spoil you, you want it rough, t’challa’s trusted avisor, first kiss, the legend series, you hurt erik, i love oyu, erik backslides, the propsal, daddy, accountability, normal, kinky, foolproof, erik and your burn marks, erik helps you do pole fitness, i do, first date, erik teasing his short gf, erik cuts his hair- @killmongersgurl

- i’m cleva series and all its companion pieces, do me baby (companion piece to @killmongersgurl ,’s fic erik’s created a monster), killmonger pornhub hc masterlist series- @killmongerdispussy

- late agin, untitled series, halloween party, imprint,a man in love, v.i.p. (includes m’baku), daddy’s home, y’all again?, okay? okay., prisoner of love, family cookout, kiss, what’s cooking good looking, expectng, food, crying, nsfw headcanons, foot fetish headcanon series, halloween headcanons, ligerie headcanons, jealous headcanons, kevin’s heart series, wakandan boys foot fetish (includeded in)- @madamslayyy

-all erik fics- @supersizemeplz

- destiny series, stripes, photos, sunsets series, if you must series- @mbakusprincess

- by bast series, erik couldn’t keep his promise, ta!reader x erik stevens (your a ta and erik is your student), pregnant!reader x sadboi!erik- @sickandtideeeee (seach erik x reader)

- it’s okay and its companion piece (liberosis), erik the wise, one punch man, consider me finished, leave me series- @marvellovegalore (search masterlist)

- numb,somebody to love, but… i’m still horny, it’s just a shirt- @goldvnkillmongerbarnes

- house huntng series, you sure?, football jersey, come lay on me, stretch marks, good morning series (with sam wilson)- @marvelmaree

- summertime magic series, let it drip, crying out for me, wishing, simle things, easter bunny through sickness and through health, sweeth tooth, soulmates, no scrubs allowed, happy juneteenth, pretty thing, meetin’ in my bedroon, a long ride-  @artisticestheticreads

- kindred series, one night only series, house rules series, in my mind series, red bottoms series, in the middle series, strawberry shortcake, no place like home series, arguements series, baby fever, oh ecstacy, finger rings, panic! at the movie theater, crusin’, 24 hours, darling erik, euphoria, tattoo party, can you handle it series-  @hearteyes-for-killmonger

- whispers in my head series- @drsunshine97

- fuccboi troubles series- @issajuju-bug

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SoftBoi! Erik x Reader

Summary: A continuation of ‘Thanksgiving w/ Mr. Stevens’; You and Erik spend Valentine’s Day cooking gumbo and reflecting on the past and your hopes for the future.

Words: 1800

Warnings: SEX. 18+

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I haven’t written in so long and I wanted to give you guys a taste of desire before I continue Warm Colors with sugar daddy M’Baku. Let me know what you think. Thanks for rocking wit me! - Shanti

‘Up late, again

Head on my chest, 

hand on my ass

Up late again

Back it up on ya

Breathing fast’

You paused the song and added it to the playlist titled ‘Valentine’s Moans’. February 14th had come faster than you anticipated, and in your rush of work, you’d forgotten all about your plans with Erik up until the night before. Although the plans were simple; grocery shopping, gumbo, and movies; you’d forgotten all about them up until you laid down to sleep. 

After being together for so long, none of the theatrics was needed. You never asked for any gifts and neither did he. Both of you just wanted each other’s company. 

But this year, there were actual plans and you were far from prepared; hell, you hadn’t even wrapped his surprise. Here you were, rushing to finish this playlist and hopefully your makeup before meeting Erik at the market in 10 min.

‘You on your way? Don’t be late, cheeks.’ - E

‘I’m leaving now’

You pocketed your phone and headed out into the Wakandan heat. You felt it buzz a couple times but ignored it as you walked to the market; grocery list in hand. After a few minutes of fast walking, you had finally arrived. You sighed with relief as you walked into the bustling market. The smells of fresh fruit and shea butter wafted through the aisles. You looked around for a while before spotting Erik looking fine as usual. The cream and magenta of his outfit beamed against his warm brown skin; the gold rim of his glasses gleaming in unison with his fanged grill. You would never tire of looking at him. He made his way over to you with a grin on his face. 

“Look who’s actually on time!” Your smile dropped as he laughed. 

“All this takes time; I could just go back if you want-“ He pulled you in by your waist and kissed your cheek. 

“Nah, cheeks; you know I’m just playing. Come on.” You giggled quietly as he kissed your neck. 

“I missed you,” Erik said, leading you by the hand,” I feel like I haven’t seen you all week.”

“That’s because you haven’t, E.” You chuckled inwardly; he could be such a softy sometimes. 

“I have half a mind to take you in the car right now, y/n,” he whispered into your ear as you walked hand in hand. 

Your sex twitched at the thought and you had to stop yourself from biting your lip. He grabbed your ass as he kissed your cheek and you moved his hand, laughing. 

“Would you stop?! Prince N’Jadaka should be behaving like a prince amongst his people,” you scolded, half laughing at his expression. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what I’m supposed to behave like. If I miss you, I’ma act on that shit.” He stopped in his tracks, peppering kisses all over your face and neck. 

You knew he missed you; he always went straight for the neck when he missed you. 

Erik had agreed to the outdated Wakandan tradition of living separately until the wedding day arrived, but that didn’t mean he liked it. You held his face as he pouted. 

“I missed you too, daddy. I know you don’t like this arrangement but it’s only a few more months. Queen-mother personally requested it and we have to respect her wishes. She is your auntie, after all.” He rolled his eyes and you laughed. 

“Yeah, and I should have never said yes,” he muttered.

“Now come on. Let’s get our ingredients, go back to my place, and enjoy this holiday,” you said softly, rubbing his beard. Erik kissed your cheek and sighed.

“All right, come on cheeks.” 


When you arrived back at your place, you immediately began to cut the celery, bell pepper, and onion as Erik got started on the roux. 

“You know, I remember watching my pops cook gumbo. The smell is still the same,” he recalled. 

You stopped chopping the celery when you heard him sniffle. You hugged his waist from behind, kissing his shoulder. 


“I’m good, cheeks. It’s just, all these wedding plans got me thinking and wishing that he could be here for this. I want to be a good husband to you and I can’t even ask my dad how to be that.” 

“Erik, look at me,” you said. 

“The recipe says not to take your eye off the roux, I literally can’t look at you, y/n,” Erik chimed sarcastically, causing you both to laugh. 

“The roux will still be there, boy! Just look at me for half a second,” you demanded. He turned to face you and you cradled his cheeks in your hands. 

“N’Jadaka, your father would be so proud of how far you’ve come. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You’ve become your own hero as well as mine. You’re going to be a great husband. Don’t ever doubt it; and even if you do, I got you. I always will,” you sighed, tears running down your face. 

Erik rested his head against yours and held your face in his hands. 

“See, when you say shit like that, I know you’re going to be a great wife. Damn it, y/n. I still can’t believe you’re mine.” Erik’s watery eyes met yours and he kissed you passionately; his fingers navigating through your coiled tresses. 

“I love you so much. You are my entire world, y/n,” he cooed, his gold fangs peeking through his smile.

“I love you more. You may now pay attention to the roux,” you laughed, pecking his lips. 

“Oh, now I can? After you done made a nigga cry before the food’s even ready,” Erik chided, stirring the roux again. You turned back to your station and finished cutting the celery. 

“So, I know we agreed not to do gifts but I made you something,” you said, connecting your phone to the bluetooth speakers.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” He asked, turning down the fire on the stove. Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby began to blast through the kitchen. 

You walked over to the pot of roux and poured the holy trinity into it. 

“I may or may not have made you a playlist for Valentine’s day; I hope it’s not too corny,” you feared, mixing the contents of the pot. Erik stood beside you and kissed your temple. 

“Maybe I like corny,” he said, scrolling through the playlist. “Damn, Saba, Snoh Alegra, and Mac Ayers? You must be tryna get fucked tonight, y/n.” 

You smiled in response, as you both combined all the ingredients; covering them in chicken stock and topping it off with a lid. The song faded into the next; I Want You Around by Snoh Alegra.

“Well, it’s simmering. What do you wanna do for the next hour?” You inquired, wiping your hands with a towel. 

“I mean, I got some ideas,” Erik trailed off, his hands caressing your thighs as he kissed the back of your neck.

 He turned you around, kissing you fiercely. You struggled to stand on your toes, trying to keep your lips aligned with his; silently cursing him for his height. Erik sensed your frustration and lifted you by your ass, wrapping your thick legs around his waist. 

He carried you to your bedroom and made quick work of discarding your dress. You helped him take off his shirt and added it to the puddle of fabric beneath you. At that moment your eyes found his and it was as if the whole world stopped as you admired God’s work. The man was simply enamoring and looked at you like you were enamoring as well. You were so caught up in the moment that you had barely noticed Erik removing the thin piece of and wires covering your breasts. Your nipples hardened at his touch; knees buckling at the sight of his lustful gaze. 

Erik guided you to lay down; his lips meeting your neck once again, accompanied by his tongue and the too fleeting love bites of his teeth. He pinched and pulled your left nipple as he gave birth to the desires you had kept to yourself over the past few days. He moved down to lay between your thighs, licking his fingers as he gazed at your dripping wet sex. 

“Damn, that pussy nice a wet for daddy,” Erik said, pushing two fingers into you, beginning a steady pace. 

You moaned loudly as his thick lips covered your clit, sucking it madly. He always worked wonders with his tongue and lips, and it always drove you to the point of insanity. The special attention he paid to your clit was unmatched as if he was desperate to please you. In these moments, he worshipped at the temple of your body with every lick, suck, and bite. Scrambling your mind and thought process by the second.

“I missed you so much, baby girl; you know that?” He asked, staring you down. You nodded but he slammed his fingers into you harder, causing your mouth to go agape. 

“You know I need to hear you, y/n. Come on, baby,” Erik cooed, quickening the pace of his fingers. 

“Fuck, okay, daddy, okay! You’re gonna make me cum,” you moaned, throwing your head back. He kneeled over you and used your juices to rub his manhood. 

“Nah, princess; you ain’t cumming on nothing but this dick tonight.” He pushed your knees back and slowly entered you, painstakingly slow. 

“Erik, please stop playing. Please, daddy,” you begged as his hips rolled with every thrust. 

“Oh, you want me to stop playing, huh?” He asked rhetorically, placing your leg over his shoulder. He began to thrust harder, the sounds of clapping skin and moaning overbearing the beats of the playlist. 

“Fuck, daddy; I don’t think I can hold it!” You could feel the orgasm building and you were trying to delay. 

“Nah, you wanted me to stop playing; you better take this dick, y/n,” he grunted, tightening his grip on your thighs as he laid into you. You bit your lip, trying to hold it. 

“Ooooh, fuck; I’m bout to cum, baby. You gone cum with me?” Erik asked; the pace of his thrusts became sloppier with the second. 

“Yes, cum in this pussy, daddy!” you cried, squirting all over his dick as he shot his seed into you. His member pulsating in unison with your sex. He slid out of you and laid next to you; both of you seeing stars on the ceiling as you breathed in tandem.

“Well, Happy Valentine’s day,” he said as he glanced at you; you both chuckled, breathily. 

“I think that gumbo might be done now, E.” 

“Babygirl, I forgot all about that gumbo.” He pulled you into his chest as you both laughed. Y’all could eat gumbo later. 

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*Pretends I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth and delivers an update* 

“Erik! Wait!”

“Wait? For why?! Me don’t know her!”

“Nigga, WAIT!”


The weather was hot and sticky, and not the typical Wakandan Jungle humidity, something about the air made the environment feel different. The birds didn’t chirp like usual at the crack of dawn this morning, the pack of Jaguars that Erik introduced Jhene to didn’t show their faces today, and the tensions between Jhene and Erik were at an all-time high. It had been six months since Jhene was “rescued” by Erik and forced to live by his side in this green wonderland. At first the experience was thrilling and life changing for Jhene. She saw Erik and the situation as a project she could tackle… and tackle she did. Over the course of these months Erik was able to comprehend enough of the English language so that Jhene could have a proper conversation with him, even though there were times when Erik was stumped and not sure what to say. His ability to learn in such a little time was miraculous to Jhene. On top of that, Erik was a sexual beast. Erik’s willingness to learn only enhanced the sexual relationship between him and Jhene. Every time they fucked, Erik would treat their sex sessions as a moment to learn more about Jhene’s body and what makes her tick. AND on top of that, due to Erik’s keen sense of smell Jhene never had to ask Erik for sex because he always knew when she was ready and willing for the taking… especially during their bath sessions.

The lovey dovey honeymoon phase between the two changed a month ago when a search and rescue team came close to taking Jhene out of the Jungle…

One Month Ago:

It was the middle of the night and the jungle was pitch black with only rays of light from the full moon illuminating the place Jhene finally accepted as her home. Jhene was fast asleep cuddled in Erik’s muscle defined arms when the sound of helicopter propellers spiked his interest. Since Erik was a night owl, he spent most of the nights he shared with Jhene either silently nuzzling his face into her neck or just watching her sleep and caressing her face with a feathered touch so that he wouldn’t wake her up. Erik was in the middle of watching Jhene sleep when the sound alerted him, and he swiftly and quietly shifted his body from under Jhene to sneak out and see what the hell was going on. To Erik’s surprise, the moment he peaked his head out from the waterfall entrance to his home to look out into the world, he was greeted with 10 armed men and a familiar looking woman standing amongst them.

Erik’s eyes darkened the same way a Jaguars eyes would darken when they spotted a threat and needed to show dominance. Without hesitation Erik walked all the way out from the waterfall entrance and flexed his shoulders showcasing his height and strength. Erik eyed the guarded men one by one, instilling a sense of fear into all of them, and he allowed his eyes to stop on the woman in the middle. Erik tilted his head to the right side and deepened his voice to a harsh growl showcasing his golden canine fangs, “Who you?”

The 5’4 woman with fire burning beneath her pupils quirked up her eyebrows as she eyed the naked beast man, “I believe the real question is, who are you? And have you seen a missing woman lately?”

Erik stalkily paced around the entrance of the waterfall cave, never taking his eyes off of anyone in the group down below. “No. No missing here.”

The 5’4 woman cautiously took three steps forward causing Erik to bashfully eye her curvavious frame. She wasn’t tall and slender with defined curves like Jhene. She was thick in all the right places and stacked like a plate of pancakes. The 5’4 woman noticed the way Erik’s dick twitched when she walked causing her face to blush red. “My friend went missing about 5 months ago. I’m not sure if you are a native to this land… but if you are, then you must have come across her. She was badly hurt when I left to go get help, and when I returned, she was gone.”

Erik’s eyes widened with surprise as he finally recalled who this woman was. It was Zaire. “Hmmm… Me see. No missing here. Sorry.”

Zarie took another three steps forward and was now at the bottom of the waterfall entrance. Erik’s eyes stayed glued to Zarie’s size DD breast that now slightly bounced when she walked. Erik also noticed that Zarie’s chest was also different from Jhene’s. Erik took mental notes on how she would look naked as the waterfall water drenched her clothes causing them to stick to her body. “Listen, I know this situation might look scary because of these guys and their guns, but please… If you know anything about that girl, please tell me.”

Erik slowly squatted down allowing his third leg to dangle between his toned thighs. “Me said… No missing here. Bye.” Erik cut his eyes to the group of armed men and noticed his tribe of Jaguars who had been sitting in the trees and lurking in the bushes waiting for a command from their King. “Tell them to leave. Now.”

A cold shiver went down Zarie’s spine as the sexual tension she thought she was sharing with this beast of a man soon vanished. Zarie soon felt the presence of 40 other beings lurking around that shared the same aura of the beast man. “He said he doesn’t know anything so let’s just leave.”

As soon as Zarie turned to walk back to the group of armed men the faint sound of a recognizable voice filled her ear drums. “Erik… What’s going on baby?” Zarie quickly turned her head to look back and her world went black as the sound of gunshots, screams, and the tearing of flesh came together like a horror symphony of music.

The light of the hot Wakandan morning sun beamed onto Zarie’s eyelids as she turned on what felt like a bed sized smoothed rock. “Ugh… What the fuck?…”

“Oh, thank God you are okay!”

“Who care?”

“Erik, shut the entire fuck up…”

Zarie slowly sat upwards on top of the hardened bed and rubbed her eyes until she could focus on the two faces sitting in front of her. “J…Jhene?!”

“Yes! It’s me!” Jhene quickly jumped into Zarie’s arms as the two friends shared a tearful reunion. Erik scoffed in the distanced and decided to sit in a corner and watch the interaction. Something about Zarie didn’t sit right with Erik and he wasn’t sure if it was because of his sudden jealousy. This was a new emotion for Erik to process and after being scolded by Jhene for wanting to throw Zarie off of the waterfall cliff this morning for sleeping on his side of the bed, he realized that Zarie wasn’t going anywhere soon… not as long as Jhene had a say in it.

Erik’s fist clenched as he sat in the corner and watched Jhene cry. She wasn’t hurt, but Erik only knew to associate tears with sadness, pain, hurt, and anger… and maybe even frustration when Erik’s English lessons turned out difficult. Jhene’s ears peaked up at the sound of Erik cracking the bones in his knuckles. Shit. The realization of Erik not understanding the situation soon sparked red flags as Jhene hastily wiped away her tears of joy and turned her attention to Erik. Jhene couldn’t help but laugh at the way Erik’s bottom lip poked out like an angry toddler. “Erik… Zarie is not hurting me. I promise.”

“Promise?” Erik stuck out his left pinky finger waiting for Jhene to solidify what she said.

Jhene shook her head at Erik’s antics and slowly walked over to him before sticking her pinky out and interlocking it with his. “I promise.” To top off the promise Jhene and Erik both kissed their pinkies before letting go. To the outside looking in this might seem silly, but Jhene knew that small intimate moments like this helped her “normalize” her interactions with Erik and not only fed his need for intimacy, but also her need for intimacy.

Zarie watched the interaction between Jhene and Erik with confusion, “Bitch… you know this wild nigga?”

Jhene whipped her head towards Zarie and grinned. “His name is Erik, and he has been my protector the whole time I’ve been out here in this Jungle… Hell, he even saved your life last night.”
Zarie stood up and walked over to Jhene, “Saved my life? My life wasn’t endangered until this lying ass nigga said he didn’t know you and knocked me out!”

Jhene mimicked Zarie’s actions and stood up as well, “No… Erik didn’t attack first. That group of dudes you brought out here attacked first and shot one of the Jaguars. Thankfully Erik saved the cubs life too.”

Zarie may have been almost half a foot smaller than Jhene, but her energy was 6’10. “Why are you parsing this weirdo like he’s some savior? He literally kidnapped you, tried to kill me, and… wait… where is the rest of the search team?!”

This time it was Erik’s turn to stand up, as he positioned himself in front of Jhene, resembling the dominant stance he took the night before. “Dead… All dead. Try to hurt my family… you die.” The way Erik spoke when he was serious caused Jhene to silently clench her thighs and Erik noticed as he quickly broke his stance to look back at Jhene with a knowing grin.

The sensual moment didn’t last long between Erik and Jhene once Zarie fully processed everything Erik was telling her. “DEAD?! ALL OF THEM?”

Erik agitatedly turned his attention back to Zarie, “Dead. Gone. Bye. No more.” Jhene knew the situation wasn’t funny, but she couldn’t help but silently giggle at Erik attempting to say all of the words he knew that meant “gone”.

“H…How- How did you kill 10 armed men?” Zarie slowly began backing away from Erik until she bumped the back of her legs onto the stone bed, causing her to fall onto her butt.  “P…Please don’t kill me!”

Erik glided his eyes over Zarie’s thick thighs as she nervously sat down and rested his gaze on her covered lotus flower before rolling his eyes and walking away. “You not threat. No need to kill. Waste me time.”

The feeling of fear that Zarie once had soon vanished as she jumped up from the bed and marched over to follow Erik. “First of all, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I am not the one or the number two. Don’t play with me nigga. Talmbout, “waste me time”. Ole non-English-speaking ass motherfucker. Who the fuck do you think you are? Bitch, I am the beginning and the end! The only time that is being wasted is me staying in this funky ass cave.”

Erik stopped dead in his tracks causing Zarie to bump into him and fall onto the smooth ground. “You no hurt, so you leave. Now.”

“Okay you two, that’s enough.” Jhene could sense Erik’s irritation a mile away and the situation was already a lot for him to process. Jhene knew that Erik wouldn’t be able to handle everything AND Zarie’s strong personality on top of it.

Erik turned his neck slightly so Jhene could see the side profile of his hardened face. He was dead serious. “You stay. She go. Now.” The emphasis placed on Erik’s “now” sent the tension sky high in the cave. There was no wavering in his voice, and his mind was already made up. Zarie could sense Erik’s aura and it was similar to last night. The chilling aura of a killer… No… Erik possessed the chilling aura of a predator protecting his peace. Jhene was his newfound peace and if anyone dared get in the way of his peace, then may God almighty be with their soul.

Jhene cautiously walked close to Erik and touched his shoulder. Erik immediately flinched his shoulder forward causing Jhene to take a guarded step back. “Erik… don’t be like that. She is a friend of mine and because you and your tribe killed off the search rescue team, we have to take her in, and you have to protect her the way you protect me.”

Erik glared at Jhene and snarled, showing his fangs. “I don’t like repeat myself. You stay. She go. Me no say again, Jhene.”  And with the final word Erik began heading out of the cave when he quickly turned around and stormed towards Jhene and wrapped his hands around her waist. “Kiss?”

Jhene looked over Erik’s shoulder at a dumbfounded Zarie and wasn’t sure about the feeling she had all of a sudden. Shame? Humiliation? Embarrassment? Jhene wasn’t sure, but she knew that Zarie was judging her relationship with Erik and she couldn’t stand it. “Um.. Maybe later Erik.”

Erik squinted his eyes and tilted his head to the side while analyzing Jhene’s face. “No kiss me? Why? Why no kiss?”

“Because Erik… We have company and its rude to kiss in front of company…” Jhene knew that Erik would tell when she was lying and tried to divert her eyes away from his piercing gaze.

“Kiss. Kiss me.” Erik leaned his face close to Jhene and she could feel the heat of his breath on her top lip.

“E…Erik..” Jhene knew that her act of denying Erik couldn’t last long. Erik knew her body better than any man she had ever been with and he knew exactly what to do in order to get her into the mood.

Erik moved in closer and pulled Jhene’s bottom lip between his teeth, while letting his right hand slide down to the cup of her plump ass. Who would have guessed that the wild Jaguar Jungle beast would be an ass man? Everyday Erik made it apart of his routine to slap Jhene’s ass, grip his claws into it, jiggle it, and rest his face on it. Erik slowly raised his hand from Jhene’s small but thick ass and landed a hard smack on it that could have been heard miles away from the cave. A sly grin spread across Erik’s face when Jhene let out a sensual moan and leaned her body in closer to him. Got her. Erik moved his mouth away from Jhene’s lips since she denied him of a kiss and decided to kiss and suck the tender skin on her neck. Slowly, but surly Erik was turning Jhene into his favorite toy to play with and tease… His personal sex toy. Erik placed a hard bite on the sweet spot behind Jhene’s neck that caused her to let out all the moans she tried to keep tucked away inside her mouth. “Mmm… Sound good…”

“Erik…We have company baby…” Jhene knew damn well that once Erik heard her moans there was no stopping him until he had her begging for mercy from cuming too hard.

Erik lifted his head to look and Jhene and bit his bottom lip, “Since you no kiss me here…” Erik paused and placed a small peck on Jhene’s lips that were now sore from her biting down on them trying to contain her screams of joy. “I kiss pussy. Now.”

Without waiting for a response, Erik lifted Jhene over his shoulders and waltzed over to their bedded area. Zarie watched the scene unfold while subtly clenching her thighs. A part of her felt that this whole scenario was 50 shades of fucked up, but she didn’t care. A bigger part of her wanted to watch the wild beast of a man ravish her best friend. And Zarie decided to indulge the side of her that wanted to be a spectator to the main event.
For a split second Jhene was in the heat of the moment and ready for the taking, when she felt a pair of lustful eyes watching her and Erik’s every move. Surprisingly, Zarie watching Jhene make out, do foreplay, or have sex wasn’t out of the ordinary for the two. Zarie had a kink for watching, and Jhene had a kink for putting on a show… but under different circumstances.  “Eri- Wait…”

Before Jhene could finish talking, Erik placed his hand over her mouth and held one finger up to his lips. “Shhhh. Jhene talk enough for today. No talk unless say “Erik”. Ok? Or other word…ummm… Za…hmm… Zaaa…uhhh…”

“Do you mean, “Zaddy”? Jhene calls you, Zaddy?” Zarie sucked on her lip as she inquired deeper about the relationship Jhene built with the wild man.

The way Erik rolled his eyes you would have thought that they would eventually get stuck in his eye sockets. “Why still here? I say leave. No? So, why still here? Get out. Bye.”

Jhene slapped Erik’s chest and gripped his chin, forcing him to look at her and stop shooting dagger eyes at Zarie. “Where the hell is, she supposed to go Erik? What the hell is she supposed to do?”

Erik rolled off of Jhene and shrugged his shoulders as he stood up and marched towards where Zarie was seated on the floor. “No care. You leave now. No care where you go. Bye.” With no hesitation Erik swooped Zarie off of the ground and continued to stroll towards the waterfall cave entrance. Erik foolishly though that Zarie would go quietly. As soon as he picked her jiggly body up off of the floor she began thrashing around in Erik’s arms. As Zarie continued to wiggle around in Erik’s hold and call for Jhene for help Erik laughed to himself. “I kill animal bigger than you with my hands. You think moving like a bug will make me drop you?” Zarie’s movements came to a complete halt when Erik deliberately squeezed his arm tightly around Zarie’s waist, focusing his strength on a known sedative pressure point in that area. “Sleep little mouse. No more talk from you. And no more seeing your face.”

When Jhene saw that Erik was seriously considering tossing her best friend off of the waterfall ledge she leaped into action chasing after Erik. “Erik! Wait!”

Erik looked back at Jhene with darkened pupils. He was horny, beyond irritated, and slightly hungry. A dangerous combination for a dangerous man. “Wait?! For why? Me don’t know her! Me don’t care about her. Care about you and only you.”

“Nigga, WAIT!” Jhene called out after Erik but it was too late. “ERIK!” Jhene frantically ran to the edge of the waterfall entrance and watched as her friend’s lifeless body fell into the bustling body of water below. Jhene slowly stepped back from the edge as her body began to shake with rage and hurt. “How… how could you?! How could you do something like this Erik?!”

Erik started at Jhene with a nonchalant expression. “Either her or me. Me no go. She go.”
Out of nowhere Jhene came rushing towards Erik waling her arms everywhere hoping to connect her fist to his skin. “How fucking could you Erik?! You don’t just throw people off a fucking ledge because you don’t like them! She was the only family I have out here, and you killed her!”

Erik turned his head to the side in perplexed and swiftly grabbed Jhene’s wrist so that she could no longer attempt to hit him. “Only family? Me your family. We family, Jhene.”

Jhene snatched her wrist from Erik’s hold and wiped the tears that poured from her eyes. “We aren’t family Erik. You are a beast that was raised in the Jungle. You probably aren’t even human for all I know… I hate you.”

Jhene watched as Erik’s chest raised up and down in an erratic motion. It looked almost as if you could physically see his heart breaking at the sound of Jhene’s words. “I hate you”, played over and over in Erik’s mind. “Hate? No… No… Jhene no.” Erik’s voice was barley above a whisper, and if Jhene wasn’t standing mere inches away from him she wouldn’t have been able to hear him over the background splashing of the waterfall.  

“I. Hate You. Erik. Do you understand me? We. Are. NOT. Family. We are nothing.” Jhene couldn’t believe the words she was saying. On one hand she was beyond pissed that Erik just threw her best friend over a cliff, but on the other hand she genuinely built a bond with Erik and had a deep love for him. Deeper than any relationship she ever had… Even deeper than the love she had for Zarie.

“Ok. I hate you too.” For the first time ever Jhene heard Erik’s voice crack as he fought back the desire to cry. Instead Erik forced his face into an unconvincing frown and pushed passed Jhene before swinging off into the distance on a vine.

As Jhene began walking back into the cave and crying her eyes out, her sadness was interrupted by the sound of a body slapping against water. Jhene cursorily whipped her head in the direction of the sound and saw Erik standing over Zarie’s wet and dead looking body. With hatred burring deep within Erik’s perfect mahogany almond shaped eyes he glared one final time at Jhene. “She no dead, just sleep. I checked and she still breathing.”

“Er- “But before Jhene could call out his name one last time Erik was gone.

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A/N: Someone on here was interested in a tidbit where this happened with a BP guy, so I thought I’d try my hand at writing it lol. Something quick, something light.


Faux locs still slightly wet and skin moisturized from a shower, you lay across your bed scrolling through Instagram. It was finally Friday and you’d been planning some self-care all week. Work was stressful, and a little drama between your friends left your brain fried and drained, so this time was vital. You planned on ordering your favorite meal via DoorDash while catching up on your favorite YouTubers, and then starting on a new Netflix series everyone on your timeline was talking about. Phone on Do Not Disturb. No friends, no annoying work emails; just Y/N and what Y/N wants.

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Erik Stevens x Black Reader

Summary: You and Erik are looking to move into a new house. You’ve found one that you really like, but Erik says no, and you don’t know how to deal with it.

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Hella Fluff, Erik being a sweetie pie, and a bit of angst

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Epilogue

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One-shot. Erik discovers his teenager is dating and older man.


“Uniqua,” Erik yelled from the kitchen.

He was peeling boiled potatoes, getting them ready to mash as mac and cheese baked in the oven over pan-seared steaks next to potatoes. The greens were already boiling with a hambone. The fried chicken was done. The tea was made and the sweet potatoe pie was on the counter for dessert. He listened for the footsteps of his little helper, but they didn’t come.

Erik sighed. Uniqua knew he was cooking for Christmas. It had been their tradition since her mother ran away. Eight years later, they still liked to cook and spend time together as a family, just the two of them on special holidays. She’d already missed her favorite parts, putting the cheese in the macaroni and sweetening the tea. She was about to miss the potato salad.

Dropping the hot potato back into the bowl in the sink, Erik walked to the bottom of the stairs. “Uniqua,” he called up the staircase. Her room was over the kitchen, he knew that she could hear. He was starting to get irritated. Even if she didn’t want to come down, she could at least answer.

Thudding up the stairs, he gently knocked on her door, the ‘KEEP OUT’ road sign swaying from the movement. He didn’t hear her moving inside and her music wasn’t on, so why couldn’t she hear him? Was she asleep? Was she feeling okay? Concerned, he opened the door and his heart sank.

There in the John Brown nude was his only child dancing in front of her iphone’s camera. Erik was frozen. In the second before he lunged at the camera, he saw what looked like a grown man on her screen. He had full facial hair and was definitely out of high school. Late twenties at least.

“DAD!” Uniqua shrieked snatching her blanket from the bed to wrap her naked body in as she dropped down to the floor. Her air pod fell from her ear onto her pink rug.

The call ended and Erik was left with his daughter’s unlocked phone. Until now, he never felt a need to go through it. He opened her gallery and was mortified. She had nudes that she’d undoubtedly been sending. There were some saved images of a man too. They were all the same man, he could tell. The dick pics were all of the same dick.

Uniqua looked terrified. Her face was ghastly and rightfully so. He wanted to whoop her ass until the white meat showed. She KNEW better than to do something like this.


He held the dick pick in her face before grabbing it back to flip through the images again. He found a face in a mirror’s reflection. It was that nigga she was facetiming.


Uniqua’s eyes were huge as if she may have a heart attack.


“H-he’s m-my boyfriend,” she whispered with uncertainty, clutching the blanket around herself.

“YOUR WHAT?!” Erik’s eyes got huge. She had to be out of her rabbit ass mind. His head was beginning to hurt.

“Oh hell nah,” he mumbled pulling up her text messages. She’d been texting a number saved as 'Daddy😜’ but it wasn’t him. Hell nah it wasn’t him. He wanted to vomit as he scrolled through their conversation. This was a grown ass man talking to his sixteen year old daughter. She was sending him images and videos of her body like she was grown.

“OH! So you think you grown now,” he nodded, fuming inside.

“N-no,” she whispered.


He dialed the number and waited on the man to pick up, but he didn’t. Erik heard his voicemail, but his name wasn’t recorded.

“What’s his name? Where he live? What you know about this nigga? I wanna know everything you fucking know. Matter fact, I’m reading all these texts and you can get dressed and sit ya ass right there because you ain’t leaving the fuckin house until you 18. KEEP FUCKIN UP. YOU SIXTEEN! YOU CAN’T EVEN KEEP YOUR FUCKIN ROOM CLEAN!”

She sat closed in on herself, afraid to move as she cried, silently hiccuping. Erik was furious. She KNEW better.

“Get the fuck outta my sight,” his lip twitched. He watched as she stood with her blanket and snatched her clothes from the floor, scrambling from the room. Standing, he watched to make sure she went into the hall bathroom.

“What the fuck,” he groaned holding his head. Uniqua had never given him problems of this nature. This was illegal and her so-called boyfriend was a pedophile.

As Erik read through all of the messages, his heart beat faster. He felt fear, actual fear. He saw that the conversation went back to February. How had he missed it? How had she hidden him that long? Was he a bad parent for not noticing? He felt like a horrible parent, like somehow he’d failed. What else had he missed? What if he hadn’t walked in. He’d have never known and his only daughter could’ve gone missing. His pride and joy, she could’ve been trafficked or dead somewhere. He exited from the messages and his foot tapped the floor anxiously. He could hear his daughter out in the hall as the bathroom door creaked.


She shuffled down the hall and back into the room with her head down in shame, not knowing what else to say or do as her father stared, his expression stern.

“Dad, I’m sorry,” she whined, fresh tears in her eyes. It looked like she genuinely meant it.

“Did you meet up with him,” Erik asked.

“No!” She leaned forward with strong conviction. “I was going to but I didn’t. ”

“So you didn’t have sex with him.”

“I swear I did not!” Her hand raised in a solemn vow as her tears continued. She sniffled. Erik wasn’t sure whether to believe her, but she’d NEVER done anything like this before.

Erik frowned, trying to read her. This only made her cry more.

“I-I d-don’t.. want you.. to be m-mad.. at me,” she sniffled, her eyes now red. “I d-don’t want.. want y-you to,” she sniffed, “to be disappointed!”

“Tell me EVERYTHING you know about this guy,” Erik stressed again.

His daughter began to break down, coming clean about everything that had been hidden. Erik thought his head would spin. He sat and listened as she spoke, saving his comments. He wanted her to continue with the honesty even if he hated what was coming out.


Erik waited outside of the apartment building where his daughter had directed him. She was currently on lockdown at the house with no phone, laptop, or mp3. The wifi password had been changed and he made it very clear that if she left the house, he would definitely beat her ass and then she’d never see her phone, mp3, laptop, or room door again. He wasn’t one to bluff and she knew that.

Erik’s eyes followed the tall, skinny brown skinned male from the building to the lot. Before he could get to his car, Erik hopped out of his black truck approaching the man.

“Aye nigga..” Erik swung as soon as the man turned around, hitting him square in the nose before gripping his collar to hit him again in the same spot.

The man grabbed at his face, gingerly touching his bloody nose. It was definitely broken.

“FUUH-SHIT!!” The man howled in pained surprise. He didn’t know who Erik was.

Erik held up his daughter’s school picture. She had a blown out ponytail and sat smiling angelically, blue and pink braces on display, with an electric blue and white hoodie which said 'Billie Eilish’, large silver hoops, glittery lipgloss, and her hands crossed over each other. It was obvious that she was young.

“She’s sixteen,” Erik emphasized. “She’s my CHILD and she’s SIXTEEN. LOOK AT THE PICTURE.”

He pushed it in the guy’s face, looking out the corner of his eye at the couple of onlookers, an older black couple.

“He’s a grown ass man talking to my teenage daughter,” Erik explained showing them the picture. Their judgmental gazes turned to the man who held his hands up as if innocent.

“Whoa! Wait now.. Nah, she told me she was 19!” His head shook as he tried to defend himself.


Before the man could lie again, Erik pulled up the screenshot he took on his daughter’s phone.

Daddy😜: I’m 31 is that okay with you?

Uniqua: that’s fine I look 19 anyway 😜👌

Daddy😜: You’re very mature for a teen 😚

The man looked at the message as if it were brand new and he’d never seen it before.

“OH HELL NO,” a loud voice came from the left. A young man early 20s drinking a Red Bull with his phone in his other hand. “HE’S A KIDDIE DIDDLER?!?!”

Erik held up the picture of his daughter as the guy came nearer, squinting at the photo.

Without warning, Red Bull lunged ahead jumping on the man in question as Erik stood shocked.

Red Bull beat the breaks off the nigga, spitting on him before stumbling back.

“All yours cuz,” he mumbled.

Erik didn’t hesitate. He couldn’t forgive any man who would prey on his one and only child. A man who would do it once would do it again, only next time it would be someone else’s child.

He kicked the man in the ribs six times before he came to himself. Stepping back, he glanced at the couple. The woman waved him on.

“Beat his ass!”

“I’m a grandfather. You do what you gotta do for your family,” her husband shrugged watching on. The neighborhood was out today.

Erik circled the man on the ground. He started to pull his gun and in his mind.. he saw himself pulling the trigger. However, he took a step back. He was a father who needed to be there for his daughter. Especially now more than ever. She was more important. She was his first priority.

Still, Erik needed to make a point.

Snatching his gun from the concealed holster on his waist, he racked it fast and put it to the man’s head as he laid busted up on the concrete. No one made a move to stop him, walking around him instead.

“If you so much as breathe in my child or ANY child’s direction.. I’ll kill you AND your entire family. Do you FUCKIN hear me.”

Erik leaned down further as the man groaned in agony.


“YES, YES, I hear you,” the man winced as Erik stood, staring down at him before stepping over him and heading back to his car.

He nodded to the couple and Red Bull before pulling off.

“Alright,” Red Bull nodded back. The couple waved as Erik drove away.


“I’m sorry,” Uniqua whined when Erik walked in the door. She was sitting in the living room, watching Christmas movies and waiting. When he entered, she stood walking toward him slowly, the way she always did when something was heavy on her mind. She walked up until she collided with him, tucking her head into his chest and he sighed. He couldn’t stay mad at his own child. She was only a kid afterall.

He swallowed her up in an embrace and walked her back to the kitchen. There was a pan of cornbread sitting on the counter.

“Ah, you made cornbread,” he smiled.

She beamed, her eyes still red. He could tell she’d been crying the entire time. His heart broke, but at the same time he knew he had to be tough for her own safety.

“You understand why I got so angry, don’t you? I just want you to be safe. Grown men, especially men that age don’t need to be messing with little girls your age. They only to that because they’re predators and grown women don’t put up with that shit. Promise me you’ll never talk to anyone like that without telling me.”

“I promise!” She looked like she might cry again.

“Aight,” he said letting it go. “Come here.” He raised his arms beckoning her to collect her hug.

She came quickly, hugging her father tightly as he sighed.

“Stick to boys your own age, just let me meet em first,” he said putting a heavy hand atop her head.

“I promise… No one over 19,” she said.

“Sixteen,” Erik corrected.

“Oh! That’s what I meant,” she nodded quickly getting the message. “Sixteen.”

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Veni, Vidi, Vici


Summary: You and Erik have had to move out of your community due to gentrification. Erik has a plan to make you feel better.

One Shot. Word Count: 1061

READER IS BLACK. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.

You parked outside of your new apartment and took a deep breath in before exiting the car. It came out as a heavy, stress filled sigh. You didn’t want to move. You’d loved the home you’d built for yourself and your boyfriend Erik, but a sudden influx of people looking for the “next trendsetting neighborhood” sent rent skyrocketing. You’d been in your place for almost four years when your landlord flipped and raised the price by almost two thousand more a month, claiming it was now market rate.

“But this is the hood!” you countered, trying not to show the exasperation on your face. “It doesn’t matter how many dog bakeries they put in here. It’s still the hood!” You loved this Black and Brown neighborhood. With all of its faults, it had the best sense of community you’d ever experienced and you weren’t going to be pushed out without a fight.

The landlord didn’t budge. He was determined to renovate the building and sell it to the suburban white people moving there for the “luxury city experience.” You’d seen how quickly they’d slapped up these supposedly luxury buildings. These new people were paying 4K a month for a look. It wasn’t quality. And suddenly, everyone who had always been in town had to move.

You’d burst in to tears when you found out your building had been turned in to a high end salon that didn’t even service Black hair. They had the audacity to put a large sign on the front that said “Shop Local!”

Erik had remained stoic throughout the entire thing. You were sure that his rage was bubbling beneath the surface. He channeled it through single handedly packing and moving all of your belongings and setting them up at your new, smaller apartment.

You couldn’t exactly call in to work sick. “I’m grieving the loss of my home to gentrification” wasn’t on the list of acceptable absence excuses. So you’d done your hair and makeup, forced yourself to smile, and made it through your first work day. Erik had stayed behind to work on the apartment.

You opened the door to the smell of dinner cooking. Your furniture was all set up and a bottle of wine greeted you in the living room. Kicking off your shoes, you padded in to the kitchen with mild trepidation.

Erik stood over the stove, tilting the skillet to let the juices run over the steak he was cooking. He hadn’t noticed you come in yet, so you just watched him work; his muscles flexing and his brow furrowed behind his dreads.

“Are you enjoying the view?” he asked, never looking away from the meat.

You laughed. It was naïve of you to think you could sneak up on a man like Erik.

“Oh, yeah. This apartment comes with a great view!” you purred. “What is all of this?” 

“Dinner,” he answered matter-of-factly. He peaked at you quickly to see if he’d succeeded in annoying you with his terse reply before laughing lightly.

“I just wanted to do something special for you, babe. I know this move has been hard.” He transferred the steak to the plates. “This has to rest for a second. Plus, I have a surprise for you!”

 “A surprise?”

Erik grabbed your hand and pulled you to the back room. It wasn’t big enough to be a bedroom, but they sure advertised it as one. You had been at a loss for what to do with it. You’d figured general storage may be the move.

“Close your eyes.”

“What? Erik.”

“Just do it!” he commanded. There was no bite in his bark, but you knew he was serious.

You shut your eyes and stepped in to the space, following the guidance of his wide hand on your lower back.

“Okay. Open!”

You clapped your hands to your mouth in surprise. 

Erik had painted the small room a light yellow and built you an entire vanity in to the wall. All of your makeup and hair products had been carefully sorted (to Erik’s best ability) on mounted shelves. And the pièce de résistance, taking up the majority of the space in the room was an olive green, glass shampoo bowl and chair.

“What? Where did you get this? How did you even get this in here? Is there even a water hookup? I don’t…” 

“Shh. Stop talking,” Erik whispered. He never revealed his ways. “Sit down.”

You did as you were told, and Erik followed, positioning himself behind the bowl. Within moments, he had your hair detangled and shampooed, with his fingers massaging your scalp. Your eyes rolled back in to your head. This was practically orgasmic, and so unexpected. You could fall asleep right there. He rinsed your hair and applied a leave in conditioner from your favorite natural hair spot. The scent of it helping this new apartment to feel a little more like home. He pushed you lightly to let you know to sit up, and wrapped your hair in one of his cotton t-shirts. 

You were in a daze when he led you back out to the living room and brought your plate to you. He popped the cork to the wine and poured you a glass.

Erik’s love language was providing. It wasn’t mushy words or sappy songs. He would build, lift, defend until the end of days and barely say a thing. And you were hopelessly in love with him. You felt full to bursting and it wasn’t the food. There was absolutely no one else you’d rather struggle through this messy life transition with.

Erik took the used dishes back to the kitchen and you clicked on the TV.

“News at Eight. A local salon vandalized mere days before their grand opening.”

Your old apartment building, now the “Veni Vidi Vici Salon” flashed on to the screen. A crying blonde woman stood next to it. 

“I just don’t know who would do this! We love our community and can’t believe this would happen to us. The police don’t even know what to make of it. The burglar took an entire washing station, but only one.”

Your eyebrows shot up. It couldn’t be…

Yes, it could.

You turned to look back at the kitchen, and you and Erik made quiet eye contact.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici,” he shrugged.

The two of you burst out laughing. 


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So this part is going to go into a little more detail about the guys and the whole fantasy/nymph aspect. I’ll also be  introducing a few new characters. Some were originally a teenagers but I aged them up. I’ll add their photos at the bottom of whichever part they’re in. This is a very ambitious multi-fandom story. I have no idea how many parts there will be but I enjoy writing it. 

 I hope you enjoy it. (Other gifs found @/fvuckyeahmikaelsons and @/adam-strange. I didn’t tag because I don’t think they’d want to be but I still wanted to give credit)

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