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#erik killmonger fic
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Hey all! I wrote this last year and then never did anything with it. It’s my birthday so I thought, why not share some WIP’s with y’all to celebrate. Here’s the first one an ABO fic that was gonna be apart of a whole Dark!Erik series that never happened.


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SUMMARY |  After Erik makes his presence know in Wakanda, a spy from the country is in his sights that he knows from his past. And this time he makes sure he won’t let her go


WARNINGS | Mentions of violence, emotional abuse, and abandonment issues. More will be added as this series continues.

                                   ORIGINAL VERSION


                                   REMAKE [ INTRO ]


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Do you have face claims for Baby Daddy ?

Yes! I do!

This is the lovely Ruby


This is her twin sister Ruth


This is Oliver (Ruby’s baby daddy)


And this is Erik cause I couldn’t resist


The baby is still cooking so we’ll see what they look like once its born.

Also my inbox is open for any cute ass baby pics if y'all want to send some

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I Would Like To See It

Erik ‘Dadmonger’ Stevens x Black PlusSized Reader

Another mini #supersizedfic. So I seen this video on twitter and instantly thought of our little princess. Hopefully you enjoy!


The members of the Wakandan council sat in their self assigned seats, looking to the King as he spoke on the events of the upcoming week. T’Challa spoke in his usual monotone ‘meeting’ voice. His hands moved with every few words as he sat at the head of the table. On the other hand, Erik sat across from him at the opposite end of the table. His usual laid back demeanor on display as he half-listened to his cousin.

Every once in a while he shifted slightly in his seat so he wouldn’t lose focus, smoothing his shirt. It helped the meeting pass somewhat, but not as much as the texts he snuck to you when he thought no one was paying attention to him. One of the tribe leaders spoke to T’Challa as Erik felt his African printed Apple Watch vibrate. Which he preferred to keep on his right wrist, opposite of his kimoyo beads.

He couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at his lips as he thought of you. The image of you dancing around the kitchen as you fixed breakfast with a happy Amari on your hip this morning still fresh on his mind. Your matching yellow sundresses and sandals were the cutest to him, earning a photo for him to set as his new wallpaper. He’d made sure to get a dance for himself with you both before he’d left.

Tapping the small device, it’s screen came to life and he seen the notification was from you. He gave his cousin a final glance before looking to the video. With an AirPod in his ear, he lowered the volume a little in case it was too loud. Amari was the first sound that greeted him.

His little princess laid in her playpen, looking up to the camera. Relaxing on the soft white furs of a baby shower gift from M’Baku, Amari focused on what he assumes was you behind the camera. Though when the bottle came into view, he had to force down a chuckle. Baby girl loved her bottle. Her legs got to kicking and her arms flapped, a smile on her lips as she giggled and cooed.

Calming down when you’d moved it away from her, she instantly began her happy dance again when you brought the bottle back to her. Another trait she’d gotten from you, just as silly. Amari tried her best at words, reaching for the bottle happily. He was for sure smiling from ear to ear, and it was instantly confirmed by his cousin.

“I hope whatever you’re smiling at is an addition to this meeting, Erik.” T’Challa’s voice pulled Erik’s eyes from his watch. Gathering the eyes of the council as well. His aunt gave him an eyebrow raise as they awaited his answer.

Erik calmed the smile on his lips a bit, chuckling as he nodded to the device. “It’s a video of Amari, actually. If you wanna see it.”

Queen Mother, as well as Okoye, leaned forward a bit with interest. She gave a big smile to her nephew at the sound of her little princess’ name. “Actually, I would like to see it.” Followed with a very low ‘I second that’ from Okoye. T’Challa gave a soft look of shock at his mother, allowing her to give his hand a soft pat of dismiss. “Eh. It’ll only take a moment, my son.. Erik, put it up for us to watch sweetie.”

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Previously On ‘Tis the Season:

“Fallon, I don’t even know where to fucking start with you right now,” Fallon could hear Erik fighting to keep from yelling at her. “Why the fuck,” he lost his cool. Fallon flinched at the force of his shout. She might as well have smacked him. His face crumpled and he sighed.

Erik worked for some time to get himself under control. Fallon leaned forward, licking her lips and feeling bold.

“I’m not yours just because you want me.” her voice was low, cautious.

Neither one of them wanted to yell at each other. So they settled for this strange, intense middle ground.

“You should be.”

Once again I’m challenging myself to post a chapter of this fic every day until Christmas on the 25. This fic will extend to Russian Christmas thanks to petitioning by my lovely readers. So this fic will end on January 7th which means more Christmas-y goodness for you guys!

Thank you so much for your support of this. I’m still kind of surprised that so many of you like this little challenge I gave myself. I’m definitely doing this next year so if any of you want to join me make sure you tag me in your fics!

Just to be clear: This is an AU of my fic A Catfish Christmas. We’re kind of halfway through this story and I wanted to clear up any confusion about that.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Summary: The best way to fight your monsters is to have a bigger one standing at your back OR the socialite with the perfect life, you find yourself on the run and in hiding in your parents’ old neighbourhood, and suddenly under the protective wings of a man who’s just dangerous enough to be enticing

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: descriptions of violence

A/N: It’s been months and I am so sorry. This is the second to last chapter, and I’m working on the next chapter right now so hopefully it won’t be as big a wait next time. I do plan on finishing this story, though!


|| chapter seven ||

|| chapter eight ||

|| “Becoming the creature of wild and shadows that you’d never wanted to be, and that Erik had taught you how to use.” ||


The memories come as you wait for him to wake up, sitting by his bedside in the small patch of morning sun, reminiscent of other mornings with him. Of course, those mornings had been innately better, if only because of the fact that they’d been a place of safety and happiness and an odd sort of quiet recklessness.

That’d been what got you caught, and you sigh bringing the paper cup of coffee to your mouth and taking a dainty sip. You’d gotten sloppy, lazy, enchanted with the idea of what you almost had.

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Erik Killmonger x fem!Reader [One Shot]

Warnings: SMUT! Unprotected sex. Don’t be silly, wrap that willy.

Word Count: I mean, who am I to say no to a 2am wishful thinking of my brain who heard WAVES by Normani once and decided it wanted a full-fledged smut with this bad boy. Have your way brain. It was such a smooth ride. I definitely didn’t sweat the entire day just thinking about it. Neither did I have breathing problems while writing it. And vivid scenes? Naw! Not at aaaaall!

My neighbours are having a party right now and I can hear mum’s friend singing songs off tune while being jovially drunk. Hihihi

MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)

There is something about these lights. The dim-lit corridors with just a single subtle line of blue guiding you to the equally lit floors but with strobe lights and a lot of people. The place smells of alcohol, smoke machine and something citrusy going about in the air. Smells like pent up emotions just waiting to get out and have fun. Smells like the edged nerves before sex.

Everyone here is with someone. Tables filled up with friends buzzed into the night. Booths filled up with couples with hands roaming each other without any restrictions. There is something about this place.

Talking of place…

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Hello everyone, bet you weren’t expecting a third. This idea was pitched by @whoawhoababywhoa last night. I started drafting this as soon as she suggested it but it’s taken some changes along the way. I was doing my best to make this a one shot but I’ve had an idea for Killmonger from months ago that fits into this narrative very well. So this will have multiple parts. So for the most part, I’ll be dedicating my writing time to The Bachelors, Drug of Choice, and now On The Run. In the event another idea pops into my head, I’ll write it but these will be the only series I write about.

So look at this part as a backstory/prelude in a way. I hope you enjoy it

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Y’all I know it’s been a long while since I lasted updated but…it’s 11k words. I’m sorry. Idk how this happened, but here we are lol.

part 2

Producer/Rapper!erik x black reader (Cherie)

“Listen,” Bianca answered. “You better be glad Chicago is an hour behind and also that I stay up late. Also this better be good.”

“Biiiiiiitch. Let me tell you about my got damn day!”


“Ok bitch,” Bianca adjusted on her bed on FaceTime. “You. Mm. You about to work for dreamville?!”

“Right?!” Christina, Cherie’s best friend, who conveniently lived a floor above her, yelped. “And then got the nerve to celebrate with ‘king killmonger’ of all people,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m disgusted. I mean I’m very happy for you, but disgusted that you celebrated with him,” B crossed her arms in faux annoyance. 

Cherie sat back on her couch and looked between her friend on her laptop screen and her friend sitting next to her. She’d just given them the rundown of everything Ib told her about working for them from going on tour with Courtney in about a month to her basically now being her visual creative director. “Y’all done or nah?” The both of them shrugged. “Woowww.”

“Anyways. So for your birthday, I’m just gonna assume we’re all going to be in Atlanta with you celebrating and what not,” Bianca probed. 

“Oh definitely!”

“Ok, but I’m actually quite curious about sir Killmonger,” Christina eyed Cherie making her fight back a grin. “Oh you really feeling this nigga! Oh lawd, B what we gone do with her. She’s too far gone.”

“Hoooemygawd. It’s too late. She all grinning and shit. He’s sunk his thot grills into her too deep. She’s too far gone,” Bianca cried out. 

“You seen her all cuddled up with his cute ass puppy on her IG story too?” Christina shrieked. “He got her already man.”

“Oh my god. I’m not even-. Oh shit he’s FaceTiming me!” Cherie panicked. 

“Well bitch answer it,” Christina shoved her. “Got me out of my apartment at 3 in the damn morning, you better make my loss of sleep worth while.”

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Chapter 9: Rather Be With You

A College AU

Texas Southern University (Houston,Tx)

Ship: Chiron Harris x Erik Stevens

Warning(s): none


It’s been about 2 ½ weeks into Erik’s initiation process and Chi’s can’t help but miss him. He keeps himself occupied with track conditioning and hanging out with his friends, but his mind always wanders back to Erik.

He looks forward to the random times they’re able to see each other and the early morning/late-night phone calls to keep Erik up. And although he loves talking to him whenever he can, he hates how tired Erik sounds every time they talk. “I wish they would let you rest.”

“I know. Shit, but it’ll be worth it soon, baby boy”

“I know,” Chi sighs dejectedly, “I just miss you.”

“I miss you too. We still get to see each other in class though.” Erik tries to cheer Chi up a little, “I’ll come over tomorrow night if I’m free for a little bit,” which makes Chi smile a bit.

“Thank you for staying up with me this whole time” Erik yawns and rubs his eyes.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” And he meant it. Being with Erik, whether it was in person or over the phone, made Chi inexplicably happy.

Before either of them can say anything else, Erik’s dean calls him away, “I gotta go, baby boy.”
Chi sighs as he and Erik say their goodbyes and hang up.

“These next few weeks need to go by faster” Chi mumbles to himself as he closes his eyes to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, the two don’t have their shared class the next day, but Erik facetimes Chi while in the locker room waiting for practice to begin.

Running on 4 hours of sleep and a can of Monster, he tries to look wide awake and well-rested so Chi won’t worry. Of course, it doesn’t work and Chi notices anyway. One of the perks of being a quiet person is learning to be very perceptive.

“Are you good to play this week?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I got this.” Erik’s not the only one whose exhaustion is noticed.“What’s wrong with Chance?”

“Same shit” Erik looks to his teammate and line brother, “I gotta go,” Erik rushes off of the phone,” I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye,” Chi whispers dejectedly as the telltale beeps of an ended facetime call comes from his phone. Chi is not only missing him, but he’s worried, too. He can tell that Erik’s exhausted and he wants this whole thing to be over.

After practice, Chi waits on Erik to say something about coming over, but he never does. Chi’s worry is mixed with disappointment. In reality, Erik fell asleep during his small window of free time after doing some homework.

Chi goes to sleep early, trying to forget about what happened and how Erik’s accidental ghosting reminds him of many nights with Sean. The next morning, Erik texts him.

My bad for not coming over, I ended up doing some homework and fell asleep right after practice. I’ll make it up to you. I promise

Chi knows that Erik isn’t one for empty promises, so he feels significantly better about the whole situation.

The final days go by and Chi’s more than over it. He hates barely seeing Erik.  The same goes for Erik, but he knows this is something he wants, so he won’t quit. Erik’s determination is one of the things Chi loves about him so Chi attempts to look at the glass half full, thinking of how accomplished Erik will feel after this whole process is over and done with.

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Author’s Note: Megan the Stallion is the shit. Her nasty self has me motivated. Sooo uhhh here’s some smut! It’s a continuation of this series tagged below. Taglist Open! Requests open but no lie I’m slow.


Originally posted by mbjsource

Warnings: Argument, Daddy Kink

Pairings: College!Erik X WOC!Reader,

Requested by Anon: Erik establishing he’s daddy in subtle and not so subtle ways until he finally has a convo and claims me in that dom voice is A FANTASY/DREAM KINK

Firsts Masterlist

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Chapter 8: He Needs Me

A College AU

Texas Southern University (Houston,Tx)

Ship: Chiron Harris x Erik Stevens

Warning(s): none


Things were finally back to normal. Chi and Erik are sitting next to each other in their sociology class once again, both eating breakfast that Erik got for them. Erik remembered to get two apple juices instead of one this time.

Chi’s bashfulness seemingly fades over time, exchanging more and more of those longing glances with Erik throughout the class.

Erik notices every glance Chi makes, smiling to himself each time. They’re joking around with each other and Erik gets to see Chi’s personality a little bit more. Before class is over, the professor reminds the class of an exam next week. Erik takes this opportunity to ask Chiron on another date. It’s not too soon, he thinks, Right?

“I have a class right after this, but maybe after that?”

Erik agrees, suggesting that they meet at a coffee shop near campus.

We can do that cute shit like in the movies.

They meet by a bench near a building close to the edge of campus, greeting with a small peck, which almost makes Chi blush. As they walk, their hands keep brushing until Erik grabs Chi’s hand, smirking at him as they walk. 

They make small talk, flirting back and forth. Erik notices that the more they talk, the bolder Chi gets. It shocks Erik, but he likes it. As they’re talking and getting to know each other more, things seem to fall together naturally and you’d think they’ve known each other for years from overhearing their conversation. 

They finally get to the coffee shop where Erik orders a black coffee while Chi orders a soy chai latte. I guess he has a sweet tooth. Erik nods silently to himself, Noted.

They pick up their drinks and sit down and continue talking. Erik loads his black coffee with enough sugar to kickstart diabetes. I knew he had a sweet tooth Chi muses. 

They get so lost in conversation that they almost forget the whole reason that they’re there: to study. Chi the one that gets them on track by being the first one to take out his textbook first and Erik quickly follows.

Their study session lasts for about an hour and a half before Chance walks in with his girlfriend. Erik looks up when he hears “I see you E!” Chi just smiles up at him, shaking his head.

When they approach the 3 hour mark, they wrap up their study date and decide to head home. Walking to their cars, they begrudgingly part with a goodbye kiss and go their separate ways. The next day they spend apart, but still keep in touch through text. Chi offers to bring Erik breakfast to class next time.


Chi spends the next day with Kendall, telling her about him and Erik. She immediately facetimes Bryson so he can hear too.

“So,” Kendall begins,  “y’all good now?” Chi just nods “Yeah” with a smile that can’t be wiped off of his face, “we’re good.”

“So what’s next with you two?”

“I don’t know, we’ll see, but I think this is gonna be good. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited.”

“I’m happy for you. It feels so good to see you smiling again” Kendall gets up to hug him.

Bryson chimes in “Yeah man, it’s good to see you happy. I’m glad you talked to him so I ain’t have to fight you.”

“He asked me out on another date soon,” Chi announces, smiling thinking about their phone convo from a few nights ago, “to a concert.”

“Oh shit, whose concert?” Kendall asks as she lets him go and sits back down.

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(Erik Killmonger x Reader)

Word Count: 8.8k

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 8 Part 9 Part 10


A/N:  Thanks for your patience in waiting for the newest update to this story!  Hopefully it hasn’t lost it’s edge and it still makes sense.

“Had you heard from him yet?”  You ask, balancing a bracelet around your wrist to wrestle with the closure with frustration.  If you could wear the amount of clothes that equals the amount of fucks you give, y’all would be Adam and Eve in that piece.

“Nah.  He gonna be there though, no doubt.”  Erik ties his dress shoes on the couch.

Finally you get the click of the closure.  “Well could you text him again to make sure he’s actually coming?”  You ask in a tight tone, going back to your bedroom.

Erik calls after you.  “I ain’t textin a grown man 3, 4, 5 times asking for his whereabouts.  Got me bent with that shit.”

“I don’t understand why you’re making this so damn difficult, just do it!  He’s our heads up if we walk in and see her there!  Nobody thinkin about your manhood right now.”  You yell towards your bedroom door, taking a lint roller to your black dress you had to buy from a discount store at the strip mall down the street.  The neck is high so cleavage wasn’t an issue and it has a fit and flare construction; people shouldn’t be eyeing you like you’re tryna hoe for a deacon.  

Erik leans in your doorway in his all black button down and pants.  “I got him.  He’s on his way, aight?”

“For real?”   Erik nods.  “Lemme see the message.”

Erik pauses.  “I called him.”

“I didn’t hear you talking to anyone just now.”

“H-He did all the talking cuz he knew what I was calling for and hung up on me.”

You kiss your teeth.  “You’re as bad a liar as you are a basketball player.”

“Woooow, oh now that’s some serious words.”  Erik chastises you, passing the threshold.  He come up behind you, tucking your tag in back of your dress.

“Thanks.  And also, you took the hot water again.  Imma need you to chill on your shower time man.  Coordinate schedules or something.”  You say, separating your curls from your twist out a little too roughly, hearing the pops of your strained strands under your fingertips.

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Wreckless pt 1: Erik

Author’s Note: This will be a two part Drabble series. Here is part one!! Tag list open!! Black Panther/Marvel Requests are open!! I hope you enjoy.

You all voted for it to be Erik based on this PROMPT. Thank you all so much for voting!!!

Black Panther Masterlist!!

Pairing: WOC!Reader X Erik Killmonger

Warnings: Language


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

“What do you mean I don’t have a job anymore?” You say to Karen. Ten years of coming into this hell hole of place and then like that you were gone. Hell no. Hellllllll no.

“You’re services are no longer needed. We’ve enjoyed your work.”

“No, I’m hearing some bullshit.” You scoff.

“You can leave now, Y/N.”

“Excuse me!”


Ten hours passed slowly behind the bars of the county jail. Maybe you shouldn’t have hit her. Maybe you should have just got your cardboard box full of shit and left but nope. You hit her and left with a charge.

“Y/L/N!” The bailiff called.

You stood from the hard metal bench and headed out the cell. There he stood. Erik always said he would bail your ass out, and here he was grinning and pissing you off before you could grab your shit.

“Tell me you won,” Erik said shaking his head.

“Shut up.” You say rolling your eyes. You take your purse and walk out of the double doors. This was one fucked up day. The end.

He opened the door for you and hopped in the driver’s seat. “Aight Muhammad Ali, we going home or you wanna eat? They give you three hits today or….”

“Erik get it alllll the fuck now! Yeah I hit her hoe ass! She know damn well I’ve been working my ass off there for years!! And then she fire me!”

“I told you to leave there, did I not?”

“Shut up.”

“Be mad if you want I told yo ass months ago, you ain’t even gotta work. But you wanted to. Now you at work hitting people like Rocky and shit, you don’t listen.”

“Hey… fuck you.”

“What you gone do hit me?” He laughed. “I thought not. Your temper always gets the best of you. Now look at you.”

The car stops in the driveway of your home and you waste no time climbing out and charging up the steps. Erik always had some slick shit to say. Always. You fumble with your keys and unlock the door heading to your bedroom. The door slams behind you and Erik is at it.

“Why you slamming doors?”

“Leave me alone!”

The door clicks and then opens as if it wasn’t even locked and Erik strolls in. “So you mad and you think you can just walk around here running shit?” Erik rolls his eyes dramatically pulling you over to him. “I’m gone let it slide this time cause you all sad and shit.”

“I’m not sad.”

“Pshhh, yes the fuck you are.” He laughs as you rest your head on his chest. You rub your fingers over the small bumps you feel through his shirt. “You better be walking around here wreckless.”

“I worked hard there.” You finally give in shaking your head.

“It’s aight to be sad.” He playfully pulled the strands from your face and his lips touch your head. “I can fuck the sad right out of you though.”

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