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His hand squeezed your shoulder, pulling you back away from your cousin. T'challa knew too well you would have gone even further than you already did if he wasn’t there to stop you. He loves you, of course, but he didn’t always love that temper of yours. When Erik burst through the doors, demanding his throne, demanding your home, he knew you would have rone anything to stop him, even things that would have put you in serious danger. It wasn’t worth it, and he’d tell you. It’s not worth the fight. You never did know when not to pick your battles. He’d figure something out. You, and him, and the rest of your family. Come up with a plan that made sure everyone’s safety was ensured, that kicked Erik out of your home once and for all. Until then, there was nothing you could do other than to bow your heads to your new king and back away. Things like this took time, but you had never had that kind of patience…

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Open Wide [ Erik Killmonger ]

summary — porn without a plot.

warning — smut.


Originally posted by ovtrojeon

“When we get in the house, I want you naked and on your knees by the end of the bed. Do you understand me?” He mumbled in her ear. His breath laced with Hennessy tickled your skin as he spoke. YN’s whole body shuddered when he hissed the dictation to her. With no words to reply, YN nodded her head and sunk her teeth into her bottom lip. 

Pushing the door open, she left him at the entrance and swiftly as possible, carefully ran up in the stairs in her stiletto heels. Erik’s dark eyes trailed up after her. He licked his lips as he watched her bubbly ass jiggle with each eager step. Kicking the door close behind him, Eric dragged his feet and dropped his body onto the couch and placed his feet on the coffee table and continued to take a swig at his half empty bottle of alcohol. 

YN’s body was riddled with anticipation. It prickled her skin as her nerves tingled. When she had gotten into his bedroom, she gingerly took off all her clothes and placed on an empty chair. The soft, fluffy carpet of Erik’s bedroom tickled her knees as she kneeled facing the door. Her hands were on her thighs as she then waited. 

Fifteen minutes passed before she finally heard his heavy steps come up the stairs. YN’s breathing picked up as her ears began to ring. The feeling of nervousness puddled at the bottom of her stomach when the door swung open. YN’s brown eyes lit up when she saw Erik standing there. Dreads hanging down his face, creating a curtain for his eyes. Beard trimmed perfectly well encasing his juicy lips. Her eyes seemed to brighten when she finally took note that he was shirtless. The sight of his keloid scarring had her nipples hardening. The temptation to trace them with the tip of her tongue was making her lips tingle. Erik’s jeans were riding low on his hips and the button was popped open and his feet were bare. 

“Look at you.” His voice was raspy and it sent shivers down her spine. Erik licked his lips as he soaked in every inch of her naked body and then smirked. When the door closed behind him and he dimmed the lights, YN knew what was in store for her. 

Once he was standing directly in front of her, his hand came to her face and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. A smile came to his face when YN leaned into him. Erik abruptly gripped her throat, causing her to gasp. His thumb traced her bottom lip before pushing in into her mouth. 

“Daddy’s mad at you princess.” Erik spoke with his hand still on her throat. A groan escaped from his mouth when she sucked harder on his thumb. He pulled it out and and sunk his fingers into her jaw. “Do you know why Daddy’s mad?" 

"I let someone dance with me." 

"And…” His grip on her face tightened. 

“I let him touch me.” YN’s voice came out timid and soft. Her lips were pouted. The innocent expression on her face wasn’t going to save her but she hoped that it would at least soften the blow of her punishment. 

“You let him fucking touch you.” He hissed. “Why did you do that princess?” Erik finally let go of her face and let his hands fall to his side. 

YN softy gulped as she conjugated a sentence that would be satisfying to the rebellious prince. “I was mad at you." 

Erik frowned softly with a pout. "You were mad at me?" 

She tenderly nodded her head. "You left without saying goodbye and then for two weeks, you barely spoke to me." 

"Awe I’m sorry baby.” He knelt down so that their eyes were on the same level. Despite the hardness on his face, there was a softness to the look in his eyes. “I got distracted and I neglected to take care of my princess. For that I’m truly sorry.”

“It’s okay Daddy." 

"But I’m still going to have to punish you for being a little brat. You broke Daddy’s rules and I can’t look it over." 

"I know. I deserve to be punished." 

Her answer melted his heart. Erik groaned as his hand returned to her neck. "Yes you do.” He mumbled before he branded her lips with his. He swallowed her whimpers as his tongue protruded into her mouth. The kiss was so demanding and at every turn , YN tried to match his energy. If she wasn’t wet before, she was drenching now. His kisses tended to do that. The passion that coated his lips sipped into her system and got her fired up. Even with their lips locked, the moans broke free from within YN. 

Unanticipatedly, Erik pulled away and stood up, leaving YN breathless. As she looked up at him with wanton eyes, Erik dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, fully exposing his body to her. 

YN licked her lips as she eyed his dick. Long, thick with a fat tip swollen red. Veins ran along the length of his shaft that was a beautiful dark shade of brown. YN had always thought that Erik had the most beautiful dick that she had ever seen and each time she saw it, she was in awe. 

“Now open up for me.” When those words left his lips, YN opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out, ready for his intrusion. Erik wrapped his hand around his base and tapped his tip onto her tongue repeatedly and slid into her mouth before slowly withdrawing. He kept doing this until he finally he slipped his whole length in her mouth and groaned feeling the tightness of her throat softly. 

“Fucccckkk.” Erik whispered as his eyes closed. He wanted to go slow to go easy on her but her mouth felt so good, he found his hand slipping into her braids to grip them as he thrusted his hips faster and faster. 

YN’s mouth was beginning to slobber but the messier it became, the hornier Erik was. He looked down at her. Her eye makeup mixed with her tears was trailing down her cheeks. Spit mixed with his pre-cum drooled out of her mouth and onto her chest. He growled as he felt his balls tighten at the sight. 

“You look so fucking beautiful like this.” Erik licked his lips, slowly his thrusts. “That pretty face all fucked up because you’re letting Daddy fuck your mouth like a good girl." 

YN frequently nodded her head and shifted closer to take more of him. Erik chuckled as he clenched on her braids harder. "Oh you want more of my dick huh? You greedy bitch.” Suddenly he shoved his whole length into her mouth which caused her to begin gagging. 

But Erik didn’t care.  

He pushed her head back so that it was cushion for her and placed one foot onto the bed to hover above her. He brutally fucked her mouth. YN’s neck was aching along with her jaw and she struggled for air. But the groans and moans of the man above her not only motivated her to stay in position to please him, YN felt her wetness drenching the inner part of her thighs as she was aroused the action of being used for Erik’s pleasure. 

“Bad little girls like you deserve to get their mouths fucked.” Erik mumbled as he felt his dick begin to throb. His words effected YN, causing her to moan around his girth and clench her thighs tighter to give some form of relief to her aching cunt that weeper for attention. 

Breathing through her nose, YN relaxed her throat to take Erik deeper into her throat canal before squeezing his shaft. 

“Oh fuuu— I’m gonna cum!” Erik moaned, letting his eyes close. His breath hitched as his thrusts became sloppy. “Uggghh!” He groaned as he exploded in her mouth. He stilled his vibrating body he emptied his load down her throat. 

“Mmmm.” YN hummed softly as Erik pulled out. YN smiled at him when he placed his foot down and stood up straight. He smirked down at her as he moved away from her. 

“Should I just leave you like this? Dripping wet with your face all messed up.”

“I’ve been good daddy. I deserve to be fucked.” YN pouted softy. He bit his lip as he stroked his length mixing his leaking cum with her spit. He licked his lips and stared her down with darkened eyes of desire. 

“Get on the bed and arch that ass." 

YN got onto the bed and positioned herself in her familial arch with her legs parted. She placed her hands on her ass cheeks and parted them to expose her slick budding flower. Her cream coated her slits and was dripping from her opening like a ripe and juicy fruit enticing Erik to come and have a taste. 

Erik was now in between her legs with his dick, erect and ready to impale her. Both of his large palms came down heavy on her cheeks which caused her to squeal. Erik groaned as he watched YN’s ass jiggle in waves. "All this ass is fucking mine. Do you hear me YN? This is my ass. Both these holes are mine for the taking.” As he spoke, he pushed a thumb into her puckered hole. 

Her moans rang out as she pulled on the sheets to steady herself. “Yes baby. I promise it’s all yours. No one else." 

Without using his hands, he pushed inside of her. Both of their mouths parted as a soft sigh escaped at their connecting. 

"Fuck this pussy. So fucking wet and tight.” He pulled her cheeks apart and watched himself dip into her. It didn’t take long for her to coat him with her cream and each time, it got creamier and creamier. Erik then placed his hands on her hips and brought her back to meet his thrusts. 

“Ohhh babyyyy.” YN lifted her head lightly and flipped her braids over her shoulder to look at him. “You’re so big." 

"You got this big dick deep in your pussy?" 

"Mmhhmm.” YN softly frowned as her eyes slowly closed. Her teeth dug into the softness of her bottom lip as she focused on the pleasure that he was bringing to her. She gasped when she felt her hair being tugged back and his thrusts become harder and faster. 

“Oh my goooddd! DADDY!” YN screamed as her body started to tremble, her orgasm already about to peak. 

“I can feel you squeezing my dick. Are you about to cum?" 

"Yessssss.” And just before she was, Erik pulled out which caused her to groan loudly in frustration. YN heard him chuckle behind her as her body collapsed onto the bed. Out of everything, YN did not expect Erik would deny her orgasms. He knew how much she hated that. 

The bed then dipped from his weight being on it and he leaned down and trailed kisses up her spine. YN squirmed when Erik’s lips neared her neck and his hand travelled up her thighs and pushed them open. A soft moan left her lips when his fingers played at her entrance. She pushed her body down onto his fingers to create some type of relief. 

Her lips parted when his fingers then entered into her. Erik wrapped his free hand around her neck and pulled her head back so as to bring her lips closer to his. As their lips passionately moved against each other, her moans fell onto his tongue. 

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” She apologises as her walls began to clench around his fingers. Erik pushed them deeper into her and increased the pace. The sounds of her wetness echoed in the room as she was ready to cum once again. 

“Do you mean it?” Erik whispered against her lips. “You won’t break Daddy’s rules again?" 

"Yes, I promise! Fuuucckk baby, pleassee I need to cum." 

Erik was having too much fun. As he felt her trembling once more, he withdrew his fingers and straddled her body. His whole body covered hers as he entered into her. He was much deeper this way and it had YN ready to explode. The deep and long strokes he was giving her had her body shaking and there was no stopping to it. 

YN’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body convulsed as she squirted all around his length. She couldn’t stop it, in fact YN kept squirting because Erik wasn’t stopping with his relentless thrusts. His hand came to the back of her neck, pushing her face down as he fucked her through her orgasm. Her muffled screams reached his ears as he watched her tap on the bed, pleading for mercy. 

"I’m gonna cum this good puss.” Erick groaned and bit his lip as he thrusts became sloppier and sloppier. Before she could even speak, he shoved his fingers into her mouth to silence her. He used her body as his personal fuck toy and it had YN clenching around him. Erik was never the one to shy away from being vocal in bed so hearing him moan and grunt above her had her ready to cum for the second time. 

His head fell onto her shoulder and sunk his teeth into her skin as he erupted deep within her cunt. Their bodies stayed joined as they took deep breaths to steady their beating hearts. Erik fell beside her and turned to look at her. YN had a sedated smile on her face which caused him to chuckle. 

“You good?” He asked her. 

“Mhm.” She sounded as her eyes stayed closed and her breaths shallowed indicating that she was falling asleep. Erik moved closer to her and placed a kiss on her lips before getting off the bed and walking towards the bathroom, leaving YN spread and thoroughly fucked on his bed …


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Baby It’s Cold

Summary | Erik and his girlfriend have a cute moment outside at a party.

Pairing | Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens x Black!Reader

Prompts | “It’s freezing. Come here.” + “You’re shaking.”

Authors Note | This is really short but I thought it was really cute! So I wanted to share it.

Erik laughed at the story his girlfriend of two years was telling about the time her mother caught her older brother with a girl in the house. The two sat out on the balcony at a party his cousin threw deciding to step away from the celebration inside for a little bit of quiet time.

The two continued to talk for a bit as they sipped on the drinks they had. They talked about everything under the sun, from this event to work and their families. [ Your Name ] let out a shaky sigh feel the crisp cold air, feeling goosebumps form on her arms.

“You’re shaking, baby are you cold?” He questioned finishing his drink.

She nodded, rubbing her hands down her arms trying to warm herself up. “It’s freezing. Come here.”

She pulled Erik to her causing him to wrap his arms around her. “If you wanted me to just hug you all you had to do was say so.”

[ Your Name ] giggled into Eriks chest, scooting closer, getting a little more comfortable. “I really love moments like this with you E.”

“I know baby, I do too.” He mumbles kissing her.

prompt list

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  • Characters: Reader x Erik Killmonger
  • Warnings: mentions of death & violence
  • Gif credit: brolinjosh
  • Spotify Prompt: 12. Not What I Meant (feat. Lewis Watson) by dodie: “Will I have grown a little empire, or made a fucking mess?”
  • Word Count: 460
  • A/N: i really love this lyric but i don’t think i did it justice. anyway…….. i miss him (spotify prompts are not open)

He was always hungry. It was all he ever could be, devouring everything in his path despite it never being enough. He’d grind his jaw together, gnaw on every morsel of power he could get his hands on, but it’d disappear into the black hole inside of him, wasted on a body that would just keep eating and eating and get hungrier and hungrier. He grew so used to the emptiness that made a home in his organs, he didn’t even realise it had completely taken over him.

You knew you would never ben enough for him. You were a pit stop on his much longer journey, a journey which would end with him on a throne he believed belonged to him. He didn’t care how many bodies he needed to get through to make it to the top. It’d be just another mark on his skin, another notch amongst many others he had already forgotten. He was so used to trekking over bones as a shortcut, it didn’t matter if his throne was bloody by the time he got to it, didn’t care if his crown was stained. What mattered was that it was on his head, and no one else’s. 

You matched his ambition in the beginning, the both of you hungry for power — and you were starving. The two of you were unstoppable, merciless, took no prisoners and showed no sympathy. He had a goal, and you were his loyal partner in crime. You loved him to the point where it consumed you, where life without him seemed impossible.

Until it all became to be too much. Erik overtook you in every way, pushed you in ways you had never imagined yourself going down. You followed his orders at first, even had fun with it, but it became messy. He wasn’t focused anymore, ruthless violence as he got closer and closer to achieving what he wanted to achieve. The more he tasted the power he craved, the more ravenous he got, and you couldn’t follow him down a path you never meant to step foot on.

When it came time to it, it was easy for Erik to toss you aside, to advance onto the next step of his plan without you. It stung, as if he’d press his fingers directly into your wounds that he inflicted. Perhaps you should’ve seen it coming, but you let your love blind you, delude yourself into thinking that it would always be the two of you, even though Erik’s throne only has space for one.

You always told Erik he deserved an empire. And he’d believe the same. But he’d burn the whole world down to get it if he needed to, and he’d burn you with everyone else. 

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Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black F!Reader x Erik Stevens

Summary: Based off this prompt from @wawakanda-btch​ 


Warnings: smut, cursing, a bit of violence, more smut, jealousy, and idk what else

Word Count: <2,700

A/N: So, this is the beginning part of the Good Morning and Sunday Mornings series that I started a while ago but it can be read alone… It’s kinda like how they got together. Also, big thanks to @tgigoldie​ for beta reading this for me, you’re super amazing and you all should follow and read her writing, it’s amazing 💖


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Shoutout to all the fan fiction writers for continuous new content. We’re all facing challenging times right now. Thank you for sharing your amazing work that keeps our minds at bay, and away from depressing headlines. You guys are truly appreciated. Sending positivity and love to each and every one of you.


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Corazón (‘Chunk’ Series)


PAIRING: Erik Stevens + Black!Chubby!OC

SUMMARY: Who is it that your heart beats for?

WARNINGS: Language, Pregnancy

A/N: The time frame is a little different this time around. I didn’t just quite as far back. You’ll see why.




[ 21 Months Ago - Oakland, CA ]

Erik had been to the doctor with Gabby plenty of times before, but things were starting to change as she entered her final trimester. Gabby winced and reached out for Erik’s hand as the technician spread the cold gel on her belly. He grabbed it reluctantly. 

“Do we want to find out the sex of Baby Stevens today?”

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• characters: erik, black!reader, jacoby (oc)

• warnings: langage, suggestive content

• 2625 words

Towards the end of your cognitive psychology class, you had concluded that one of the most powerful lullabies in human existence was the voice of a college professor.

Of course, there were those rare instances of attending a class taught by a professor blessed with the gift of a refreshing tone. But usually, most courses (at least the ones you took) were led by monotone lecturers who spoke at just the right volume to guide anyone into slumber. On one hand, you respected and appreciated the time that each of your professors put into educating you and your fellow peers. However, it wouldn’t kill anyone if they added some inflection.

Blinking your eyes open for what seemed like the thousandth time, you peek over at Jacoby. Somehow in the fatigued atmosphere of the lecture hall, he had managed to find a way to diligently scribble down whatever he could catch from the professor. After a few minutes of staring at the pretty dark skin boy next to you, you begin to nod off again.


The sound of a whisper forces your eyes to slowly open.

Blinking lazily, you meet the amused gaze of Jacoby, who has paused from his note-taking after realizing that you were falling asleep. There are a few moments of silence between the two of you before you share a quiet snicker. The sound of laughter isn’t loud enough to interrupt the end of the professor’s lecture (considering you are seated near the back of the hall), but it catches the attention of a few students around you.

“Sorry, y'all.” Jacoby smiles at the turned heads before looking back at you. “You good? You’re gonna start droolin’ on yourself soon.”

“Shut up,” you whisper, “I was just resting my eyes.”

Jacoby only smirks as you both listen to the professors closing remarks. After two more minutes, your ears are finally released from the uninteresting drone that was the professor’s voice, and the lecture hall begins to clear.

As you rise to gather your belongings, a question from Jacoby catches your attention.

“Why you so tired today, lil mama? You’re usually fillin’ up pages of notes during a lecture…” He trails off as he looks over to you. Your arms are now lifted high above your head as you try to stretch the tired out of you. Jacoby rolls his eyes down to the small area of soft skin that was peeking out from under your shirt as you stretch. He then takes a “subtle” peek at your unintentionally poked out ass before licking his lips.

“I was up until the butt-crack of dawn finishing a paper, so I wouldn’t have to work on it tonight.” You pause, pulling out your phone to check for any notifications you had missed, “Apparently, Erik has something special planned for us this evening.” Your shy smile causes Jacoby’s heart to speed up, but he knows he can’t do anything about it.

“Ah, that’s nice. I wonder what it is.” Jacoby’s voice noticeably changes at the mention of Erik, but you’re too busy reading a message from the formerly mentioned to catch it.


meet me at my place after you get done with your last class.


what are you up to, stevens?


don’t worry bout it yet. just bring your pretty ass over here after you’re done so i can taste those lips already.

You smile and take a deep breath to calm yourself before sending a quick message back.


you better be ready. i wore the gloss that tastes like peaches today just for you.


don’t make me come and drag your ass off-campus now, because you know i will.


sorry baby. i’m just really excited to see you.


i know babygirl. just a few more hours and we then got all weekend. now go eat lunch and tell Jacoby’s bum ass to keep his eyes off what’s mine.

Containing your laughter, you turn to Jacoby, who was occupied with something on his phone.

“Erik says ‘hi’.” You lie, grinning at the knowing man next to you.

“No, he didn’t, girl.” He doesn’t even glance in your direction as you throw him a sheepish look, before turning back to your phone.


chill baby lol. i’ll see you later. i love you.


love you more babygirl.

Slipping your phone in the right pocket of your sweatpants, you bend down to retrieve your backpack. As you lean over, you notice a small pocket open and take a second to close it. Not realizing that you are giving Jacoby a full view of your thick backside, you are confused by the groan let out from the man behind you. You raise back up as you secure your backpack on your back, before grabbing your Coach purse and slinging it over your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You innocently gaze up at him through your eyelashes as he rises from his seat.

“Nothin’, cutie,” he sighs, “let’s go find Angie and Marvin in the dining hall before they get pissed at us for being late again.” He gives you an up-and-down before moving to the side so you can lead the way to the dining hall.

“Okay. I’m starving, so please don’t judge me when I start stuffing my face.” You smile sweetly, not noticing the look he gives you.

“Imma stuff your face with somethin’ else if you keep smilin’ at me like that,” Jacoby mumbles as you begin walking, hoping you didn’t hear him.  

“Huh?” You turn back to him, straining your neck to look up at him.

He just shakes his head and laughs.

“Nothin’, ma. Let’s go.”

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

After a little over two hours of preparation, Erik was finally satisfied with his hard work.

The candles were in place around his two-person bathtub, waiting to be lit as you snuggled together in the warm water. The chicken alfredo casserole (one of your favorites) was still warming in the oven for later in the evening, and the wine was chilling in the cooler in the dining room. The lights throughout the house were dimmed, except for in the kitchen, and a playlist of old school R&B ballads was cued to start as your night together began.

Erik leaned against his marble kitchen counter as he took a moment to breathe.

If one year ago, someone had told him that he would be putting all of this together for anyone, he would have laughed in disbelief. But then he met you.

(As soon as he met your shy gaze from across one of the campus libraries, it was over. The bashful glances you repeatedly sent him finally beckoned him over, and it was history. The fact that you had a perfect face, pretty tits, and a thick ass also didn’t help the matter.)

Erik lightly smiles to himself as he hears his front door unlock and open.  

“Erik?” You call out, gently setting down your purse and backpack, then slipping out of your shoes in the foyer. Erik doesn’t answer you and has to stop himself from smiling when you appear around the corner. Your eyes light up when you spot him still leaning against the counter. You pause for a second to take a moment to look at him and secretly calm the butterflies in your stomach.

“Hi,” you breathe out, clasping your hands together as you stand in the middle of his kitchen.

“Wassup.” He nods his head upwards with a blank face, and you giggle.

“Come here, baby doll.” Erik’s face breaks into a smirk while the sound of your laughter causes his dick to twitch.

Erik holds his hand out for you to take, and you all but run up to him. Your arms snake around his neck and you as squeeze tight as possibly can. He laughs to himself before lifting you a few inches off the ground and squeezing even tighter. No words are said between the two of you for the next few minutes as you each revel in the company to one another.

“How’s my baby?” Erik’s question is muffled due to his face being buried in the crook of your neck, and you playfully squirm from the vibration of his smokey voice.

“She’s good,” you mumble. “Missed you.” You pout a little and gently pull his head out of your neck.

“How’s Daddy?”

Erik finally straightens but keeps his arms around your waist.

“He missed his baby, but she’s here now, so it’s all good,” Erik answers, before pulling you up into him again so he can suck on your neck. His tongue begins to dance around your jawline and collarbone, causing you to whine.

“Why you so fuckin’ sexy, hm? You got me ready to bust in my pants, and I ain’t do nothin’ but suck on this pretty little neck.” Erik reaches down to grab a large handful of your ass, before reluctantly pulling away from the soft skin of your jaw.

“As much as I wanna pound you into every surface of this house,” Erik pauses to palm and squeeze at your ass for a second before continuing, “we have time for that tomorrow. If I can last that long.” Erik finally makes eye contact with you again and you swear you were blushing.

“Right now, I want you to go upstairs to the bathtub and wait for me there, baby girl. Go ahead and start runnin’ the water, but don’t get in 'til I get up there.” You nod at the instructions and begin to walk away, but Erik catches you delicately by the arm before you can getaway.

“You better get back over here and give Daddy some love.”

You beam up at him before rising on your tippy-toes and pressing your soft mouth against his. The sound of smacking lips fills the kitchen as your hands raise to carefully cradle his cheeks. You slip your pillowy tongue into Erik’s mouth and he grunts. You smile against his lips and then hesitantly pull away from his warmth.

Erik bites his bottom lip before speaking, “Get upstairs.” The rasp of his voice causes goosebumps to rise all over your body. You can feel Erik’s eyes pierce through you as you scurry from the kitchen, and he can’t contain the smile that breaks out on his face.

“Fine ass…” you hear Erik mutter as you exit the kitchen.

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

As Erik enters the bathroom with a lighter and the plate of strawberries, he is greeted with the sight of you sitting on atop his large sink, your thick legs swinging back and forth. You turn your head towards his tall figure and smile.

“Thank you for starting the water, baby girl,” Erik walks over and pecks your lips before moving towards the tub to turn off the faucet. “Lemme just light the candles really quick and then we can hop in.”

After nodding your head, you jump down from your place on the sink and remove your shirt. As Erik works to light the vanilla-scented candles, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your sweatpants and set it on the counter. After your shirt, bra, and pants are off, you travel over to the laundry basket and place the clothes inside.

Erik goes to set the lighter down as he takes a glimpse at your almost naked body. His eyes run over your exposed perky breasts and black lace boyshorts before slipping out of his plain white t-shirt. He watches you pointedly avoid his gaze as you walk across the room to the large mirror, and start to put your week-old box braids into a messy bun.

“I gotchu, sweetheart.”

The next few moments are silent as Erik skillfully forms your braids into a bun high enough so that you wouldn’t have to dry them afterward. As he concentrates on putting your hair up, you take the chance the examine him in the mirror. His short locks sit perfectly on the top of his head, and you can tell he had gotten them retwisted earlier today. His thick arms and chest flexed as his fingers moved expertly throughout your braids. His pink tongue ran across his plump bottom lip in concentration, and you nearly melted.  

You didn’t realize he had finished until his arms wrap around your middle.

“You’re so pretty you know that?” Erik whispers into your ear as he makes eye contact with you through the mirror. “Imma treat you like a queen and plus some tonight. 'Cause that’s what you are. My Queen.”

You thank him quietly, drunk on the compliments and love oozing out of your boyfriend. “You’re too much, Erik Stevens. I should be the one pampering you. You’re the one that really deserves it.” He laughs at you, before backing up and sliding down your panties. You stand still as he drops them down your legs, and you hear him moan.

“Goddamn,” Erik breathes out, trying to refrain from dropping to his knees and making you sit on his face. “We better get in before the water gets cold.”

Taking his large hand into your much smaller one, you pull him over to the tub. You enter first, nearly moaning at the warm water against your skin. As you get situated, Erik grabs the strawberries and sets them on the thick ledge of the tub. He then removes his basketball shorts, only to be bare underneath them. You both release a chuckle as he tosses his shorts to the side.

Erik slides into the bath behind you and tugs your back into his chest. After he gets situated, your head rolls back into the warm crook of his neck, and he tightens his heavy arms around you.

“So how was class, baby girl?

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

The last forkful of chicken alfredo casserole on your plate was fed to you by Erik. You finished chewing and swallow as you unwrap your short legs from his. Erik raises from the couch to take the now empty plates to his kitchen sink. You watch him walk away before picking up your glass and sipping at the red wine that you can’t even remember the name of.

Erik takes a few minutes to rinse off the dirty dishes and then returns with another bottle of wine.

"You’re tryna get me drunk.” You giggle tipsily, while Erik sets down the bottle onto the coffee table. He smiles knowingly and then laughs when you make grabby arms up at him from the couch. Bending down, Erik lifts you up into his arms, and you wrap your thick legs around his hard waist.

“Maybe I am.” Erik sasses, causing you to give him a wide smile. Your arms tighten around Erik’s neck as his hands travel from your back to reach under his t-shirt that you had stolen after the bath. Erik takes a minute to turn around a sit you both back down on the couch, before beginning to palm and massage the large cheeks of your ass.

You melt into Erik’s chest, while your eyelids flutter closed. His hands move from rubbing your bottom to your back, and he can feel you growing heavier as you are dragged deeper and deeper into slumber. After another few minutes, Erik concludes that you are finally asleep.

All he can do is laugh to himself, before kissing your forehead and looking at the unopened wine bottle on the table across from him. Behind it sat a duplicate of his house key that he had snuck in after dinner. Erik quietly sighed to himself, disappointed that nerves had gotten the better of his carefully thought-out plan.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Some couples liked to stay at home and binge TV. When you told Erik about your photography hobby, he indulged you as much as he could. Erik took you art museums, weird locations, and anywhere he thought you could take pictures.

This evening, both of you watched a sunset on a beach. Your heels dug into the cooling sand. Your toes touched his. Both of your toes seemed to touch the sun as it said goodbye. You snapped a few pictures of the unique foot pose until Erik spoke up.

“You gonna sell those online?” he joked.

“No,” you chuckled. “I just want to remember us, right here, right now.” Erik kissed your cheek and pulled you back on the towel you both laid on. His eyes looked into yours.

“Then don’t blink. Just look at me,” he said.

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So corona virus decided to stop by my state and also decided that my college (Scad) should close for a quarter and make everything online so I have no excuse to use if I feel lazy not to write.

Thanks corona ( not really)

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Erik Killmonger x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1366 words

Warnings: none 

Summary:  Erik using Klaue’s niece as a connection to the arms dealing world. But what happens when she becomes more than that to him? 


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(Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Black!fem reader)

Just over 2,000 words!

Prompt: The main idea is that you are trying to understand the real reason why ya boi Erik won’t have sex with your fine ass. Intended for my thicc/chubby/plus sized black lady readers 😚💕.

A/N: In all honesty, I don’t know why this scenario popped up in my head. It’s questionable how you guys will receive it. If you guys don’t like it, oh well! My mind works in weird ways🤷🏽‍♀️

Warning: slight angst, self-body shaming, cussing, teasing, and KINDA SMUT (it’ll be my first time y'all, bare with me) 😬


You were fed up.

You had been dating Erik for a while and thought everything was great. He was rough around the edges, but overall he was a good boyfriend. Loyal, mostly sweet and playful. Maybe not husband material, but he was who you wanted in your life right now. Every aspect of your relationship was positive…except for one part.

You hadn’t went all the way with him– sexually speaking.

You had amazing chemistry as a couple and you knew that sex with him would be mind-blowing.

You were supportive of people waiting until the right person or until marriage, but that wasn’t you. You desired sex and with Erik. You were patient up until this point, but needed real answers. So you decided to ask him.

“Baby, I’ve been wondering…” You trailed off, chopping up some peppers for the meal you were preparing.

“Huh?” He answered, walking into the kitchen and going straight to your fridge for a drink.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw that he only wore black sweatpants that hung at his hips to subtly show his v-line and the gold chain with his late father’s ring hanging around his neck. His built torso and scars exposed to the cool air. They were something to get used to, although, they were interesting and felt strangely soothing when you two cuddled.

You’d never seen any type of keloid show up on someone’s body simply due to killing someone. You had only heard of such thing labeled as tribal scarification in African History as a means to distinguish African warriors.

It alarmed you when Erik had told you on one of your first dates since you kept glancing at them. You should have ended the date there, but you went against your gut and carried on dating Erik.

It seemed to make an impression on him that you stuck around.

You opened your mouth to finish your question, but he stopped you before you could start.

“Hol’ up.” He said as he opened a Gatorade, taking a long sip.

Clearly, he had made himself at home at your place, leaving clothes and miscellaneous items around the apartment. It warmed your heart to know he was so comfortable with you, but that didn’t explain why he wasn’t comfortable having sex with you.

He finished his sip, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Okay, wassup?” He asked, placing his bottle back in the fridge.

“Why can’t you–” You cut yourself off and sighed, suddenly getting discouraged.

“Nevermind…it’s stupid. ”

“Nah, what’s wrong?” He pried, immediately coming up to hug you from behind.

“I just want to understand. Why won’t you make love to me?” You questioned, cutting the vegetables slower. He took a deep breath and sighed, seeming hesitant to answer.

“Why you askin’? ” He nuzzled your neck for reassurance, but it wasn’t working.

You stopped prepping the food and put down the knife. You turned your soft body to completely face him. You could feel the back of your eyes starting to burn as tears welling up. Maybe he didn’t want to be completely intimate because a part of you disgusted him. You weren’t as slim like the Instagram models he probably follows.

“I’m not skinny. I don’t wear 00 pants. I don’t have a thigh gap. I don’t have a 26 inch waist. I have fucking stretch marks and a belly. Is that why you won’t have sex with me?” He responded by his right hand going down to your hip, softly gripping it in minor irritation.

He searched your face for sincerity and to his surprise, you were serious.

“Baby, listen. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous. Beyond beautiful, inside and out. Your beauty is one reason it’s hard for me to stay away and keep my hands off you. Off this especially…” He trailed off, kissing the corner of your mouth as his left hand rubbed your backside before giving it a light smack.

“I always wanna feel you in some way. I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t want to see you bouncin’ on my dick though.”

You chuckled and felt at ease slightly, but you needed more of an answer.

“But WHY can’t you act on those feelings? Answer that question for me.” You asked, more firmly.

A scoff left his mouth just as fast as his touch. The air conditioning immediately made you miss his warm body as air breezed through your lavender silk robe.

“Why the fuck does it matter?” He mumbled before walking into your living room.

You heard him flop on the couch and turn up the volume on your television. He was done.

But the conversation wasn’t over as far as you were concerned. How dare he dismiss you like what you had to say was unimportant. Fuck that. You needed to make sure he understood you.

You marched into the room and stood in front of him to snatch the remote from his grasp.

“Hey! I was watchin’ that!” You turned the TV off and threw your remote in the opposite chair, across from the sofa.

Before anything else was said, Erik stood up. Glowering down at you. Challenging you while trying to silently understand what the hell was your problem.

“Y/N, what the hell wrong with you?!” He yelled, frustrated.

“You are what’s wrong with me! You’re not listening.” You bit back, pointing at his chest and pushing his chest to make him flop back on the couch.

You didn’t give a damn if he was mad. He would be alright.

“Just tell me why and I’ll leave you alone.” You pleaded angrily, crossing your arms under your silk covered chest.

That simple action caused Erik to glance at your breasts. The silk made them look more pronounced, fuller. Not to mention, your nipples were hard under the fabric.

You didn’t really care, but you cared that Erik noticed it.

He only responded how any young man would…licking his lips like a hungry predator watching his unsuspecting prey.

He grinned slyly at you. Knowing the game you were playing.

“It’s complicated. I wanna do so many things to you…” He admitted, sitting up straight on the couch.

“Nigga, isn’t that a part of sex? I’m not seeing the problem.” You sassed, rolling your eyes dramatically.

“It is, but the one thing I want to do to you is kinda wild.”

“That’s what I want. The sensible you. The wild you. I just want all of you.” Your hands met the small ridged marks on his chest as you pushed him to sit back. You lifted your legs slowly, one by one, to straddle him.

“Please, Erik.” You begged, adjusting your hips to settle on his fabric-covered dick. Your fingers went down to the hem of his sweats, playing with the white drawstring.

His chest rose and fell as his breathing quickened. His hands brushed your plush thighs before cupping each ass cheek of yours. You rocked your hips slowly as you leaned in to kiss him passionately. He returned the kiss and was eager to use tongue. You quickly allowed, earning a few groans from him as your kisses became heated.

After a few moments, he pulled away. You whimpered, wanting his tongue back in your mouth.

“I’m crazy as shit, Y/N. That’s the reason.” He breathily said as his dilated eyes met yours.

“So am I–”

“Not my type of crazy…” He ominously grinned before leaning in to leave soft-lipped pecks at your jaw. You smiled, entertained by the idea of what could be his crazy, unorthodox way of thinking. You were curious.

“Well, what is your crazy then?” You sensually questioned, going back to play with the drawstring of his sweats.

“So many damn questions…” He chuckled darkly and gripped you tighter. His hands slowly dug into your supple ass, pushing you into him more. More onto his hard-on.

He wanted to keep you right there.

You moaned in response to the increasing pain and without much thought, wound your hips for friction. Your arms went around his neck for support and he shifted his hips to satisfy your growing need.

“Do you get strange urges like I do?” His deeper, lust-coated voice took you by surprise. You felt yourself becoming wet at his tone and opened your mouth to answer, but bit your lip instead to keep quiet as he spoke.

“Like right now, I want you tremblin’ under me, my hand ‘round your throat, squeezing just enough as I fuck you senseless.” He proclaimed, your bottom lip coming between his teeth as he lightly tugged before letting go.

“Maybe I’ll get another scar this time.” A mischievous gaze met your curious eyes. Scars?

“Erik…I thought you only got those scars if- if-”

“You think all these scars are from just killin’ people? Oh babygirl, some of these are from killin’ pussy too.”

A rush of heat surged through you, making you feel weak and strong all at once. Those words. His words did something and ignited a fiery passion within you.

“Well, do it then…” You provoked as you bucked your hips once more. He took that as a command and hooked his hands under your legs, lifting you off of him to playfully throw you onto your couch.

You sunk into the soft cushions and adjusted so your head was on the armrest, your body now across the sofa. A devious smile crept onto your face as you tried to wrap your head around what was happening. After all this time, your man was going to beat your pussy up.


“You got me losing my got-damn mind over you.”

He turned to climb over top of you to open your legs up and come in-between them. He undid the ribbon of your robe and pulled back the fabric, revealing your unclad chest. Your nipples hard from the palpable sexual tension and exposed air. The only undergarment you had on was your matching silk panties.

Those would soon be gone.

Erik scanned over your body, taking in every bump, curve and stretch mark. He loved every inch of you.

“So beautiful..damn..” he whispered, more so to himself.

It was like he didn’t know where to start. His mind most likely running frantic, almost like a child figuring out a new, complex toy.

You looked at him the same. Your smooth hands massaged his forearms, feeling the peaked scars. It was a perfect contrast, much like you and him.

“I don’t think ya ass prepared for what I’m 'bout to give you.” He cockily spoke before kissing your lower abdomen. His thumb fell to your clothed clit to check how wet you were for him, making you groan in anticipation.

He leaned down to your belly button, tracing the ring of your belly button with his tongue before dipping into it once. You closed your eyes in bliss at the fascinating feeling. He thumbed your clit again, causing you to tense up in pleasure. Instinctively, your legs began to close around him, but he grasped your thick thighs.

“Keep ya fuckin’ legs open.” His voice rang through your ears in a growled demand.

“Yes, d–” Your breath hitched as his cool lips trailed up your waist to the valley of your breasts. You closed your eyes and melted under his touch, his fingers hooking the waistband of your underwear. You lifted your hips for him to yank down your panties, throwing them somewhere on the floor.

Fondling your breasts, you pinched your bottom lip in the middle of your teeth as you gazed up at him through hooded eyes. You needed him.

He mentally absorbed the sight of you. It only inflated his ever-growing ego as his deviant grin showing two gold canines gleamed back at you.

“Allat behavior. Ain’t nobody teach you no decency?” He teased as he scooted down, getting better access to your now aching core. You shook your head 'no’ at his question.

“Well that’s too bad. I'mma have to teach you how to behave…” He tsked. You couldn’t react as he wasted no time taking you in his mouth, not giving a fuck if you were ready or not.


And I oop 👀…

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Summary: After you and Erik break up, he sees you posting on Instagram with different niggas, he don’t like that shit. 

Erik Killmonger x Black! Reader

A/N: This is my formal apology for making y’all cry. 


Originally posted by xdeepsoulsx

    The gym was mostly empty, Erik and a couple of his friends had decided to get a late workout in before they parted ways. Erik wiped his brow, “So?”, he shrugged when his friend, Rakim, showed him a picture of you and some dude posted up at the club. “Nigga…you know you care.”, his other friend, Chris, laughed. Rakim and Chris began cracking jokes and Erik was fed up, “Can y’all shut the fuck up with all that fucking cackling.” Rakim laughed harder, “This nigga butt hurt.” They laughed harder. Erik grunted and got up, “Dumbass niggas.”, he grabbed his bottle of water and checked his phone. Nothing. 

    Erik heard hushed whispers from his friend and looked back at them. They were staring wide-eyed at something. He glanced in the direction they were looking and froze, “What the fuck?”, Erik said a little louder than he needed to. There you were, all cute in your gym wear with a dude Erik didn’t recognize. Erik bit his lip, preventing himself from saying anything. He wanted to confront you, he thought about, watching you giggle and touch up some nigga that wasn’t him made his blood boil. “Fuck this.”, he murmured as he started in the direction you were. 

    You looked up to see Erik walking towards you and groaned, “Oh shit…”, your friend Andre turned to see Erik, “Oh shit…”, he sighed. Erik leaned on the counter you were by and blinked. Like he literally blinked, and it was so slow, “What’s up.” He was pissed, you could tell. “Hey Er-”, you started but he interrupted you, “You knew I would be here. You tryna show off yo new nigga?”, he gestured to Andre. “Erik…I didn’t come here to see you. I came to work out with my friend.”, you looked at him, “It shouldn’t matter to you anyway.” Erik was currently having a staring contest with Andre, he didn’t hear anything you had said. “A friend?”, Erik studied Andre. Maybe he did hear you. “Yeah, I’m a friend.”, Andre looked at Erik. You watched them and sighed, “Can y’all stop? I just wanted to fucking work out.”, you picked up your water bottle and bag, “I’ll see you later Andre.”, you tried to walk off and Erik grabbed your arm, “You over me already?” You scrunched up your face in disgust, “Don’t. “, you yanked your arm away from him. You knew you shouldn’t have messed with his crazy ass. 

    You walked out the gym, your unlocked your doors and got in your car. You looked up to see Erik and his friends walking out the gym followed by some of the gym employees. “Oh my-auughhh.”, you let out frustrated sigh. You got out the car and stomped up to Erik, “What did you do?” Erik looked you up and down, “Tell yo ‘friend’ to watch his mouth with he speaking to me.” You were beyond pissed, “What the fuck is the matter with you?!”, you pushed him,”You always starting shit! You are so fucking immature and insecure!”, you poked his chest. He grabbed your hand and flung it away from me, “Don’t act you this shit isn’t yo fucking fault!”, he snapped back. “My fault? My fault?! Are you fucking dumb?! Yo stupid ass broke up with me! And that you don’t have me anymore, you wanna play the fucking blame game.”, you pointed at him. “Getcho finger out my face.”, Erik growled. “Shut the fuck up Erik.”. you rolled your eyes. “That’s why we ain’t together now, ‘cause you do stupid shit like this.”, Erik gestured towards you. Rakim and Chris were standing there quiet, not sure if they wanted to butt in.

   “I hate you Erik. I’m glad I’m not with yo stupid ass. You’re so fucking sick in the head.”, you walked past him and went into the gym to check on Andre. He was sitting down with an ice pack over his eye. “I’m sooo sorry Andre.”, you walked up to him. “It’s aight. You ain’t responsible for his grown ass.”, Andre chuckled, “I’m not gon press charges or anything. I shouldn’t have said what I said anyway.” You moved the ice pack away from his eye to see what it looked like, there was a bit of bruising starting on his top lid, “What did you say?”, you looked at him. “I don’t want to repeat it.”, he shook his head. “Well…do you want me to take you home?” Andre put the ice pack back on his eye, “It’s fine. I can drive.” You sighed, “Are you sure Andre?” He nodded, “Don’t worry about me.” You got up and hugged him, “I’ll see you tomorrow?” Andre laughed, “Probably not.”, he replied. 

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pairings: Erik Stevens x Reader

summary: Reader is cheating on Erik. Inspired by Unfaithful by Rihanna.

warnings: light smut, angst.


Originally posted by robertpattisons

Erik loved you.

He loved you more than anything. He had shown it multiple times, told you multiple times. He cared for you. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Hell, he wanted to spend every second of his life with you. Making love to you, holding you in his arms and listening to your laugh. He was so, so good to you.

Did you know that? Yes. Did you love him? Cared for him? Of course, what a question! You were convinced he was the love of your life. You absolutely adored him.

Then what was wrong? Nothing. Why were you cheating? You didn’t know.

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