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Shoutout to all the fan fiction writers for continuous new content. We’re all facing challenging times right now. Thank you for sharing your amazing work that keeps our minds at bay, and away from depressing headlines. You guys are truly appreciated. Sending positivity and love to each and every one of you.


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Sooo this song reminds me of Erik. The lyrics, the vibe of the song. Anyone talented writers that want to do a fic based on this song.


Sooo these two songs remind me of Erik. Anyone wanna write a fic for these? (Anyone is welcomed, I just tagged a few writers that came to mind) 🤗 @supersizemeplz @killmongerdispussy @erikismybitch @eriknutinthispoosy @erikslulbaby @madamslayyy @mareethequeen @marvelpotterlove @wakanda-4evr @wakandaforeverwrites @bartierbakarimobisson @thehomierobbstark @killmongersbootycall @killmonger-dolan @killmongurl @another-imaginesblog @amethyst1993

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14. He’ll Be Here

When Ivy’s eyes opened, she felt delirious. Wake up, she commanded of herself, green eyes flashing over the monochromatic room she’d been confined to. How long had she been trapped there in that room? Her legs were tingling painfully from having been tied for so long. How long had she been asleep? Her mouth felt dry and on top of that, she had to piss furiously.

Hesitantly looking down, she couldn’t miss the mess of her thigh and she recoiled inwardly, disgusted by herself. He was right, she did know what this “picture” was.

“I hate him so much,” she whispered, vibrating in anger. Of course his self-important psychopathic ass would literally carve his own self portrait onto into another person’s body. If her mouth weren’t so dry, she’d puke. She needed him dead sooner than later. This could not be forgiven. Never.

The door behind her unlocked and the dentist came to her side, picking up the spray bottle and the black towel. He sprayed her thigh down and it seemed to be regular water. He then patted the area dry before producing a jar of medicated rub which he rubbed over her wounds with his bare hands.

Her blood stained shredded capris were unsalvageable, but ruined pants were the least of her concerns. She mentally did a run down of her body to see what had changed while she was sleeping. For all she knew he could’ve shaved her head and kept the twists to sniff and play with like a pervert. He did seem like the type to get hard off of that weird shit. No, still there. She felt them swing when she moved her head.

“Gotdamn,” she groaned wriggling in the ropes hoping that maybe, just maybe, they’d loosened. “God if you get me out of here I won’t watch no more insertion porn, hentai, or orgies. I won’t have sex with anyone I’m not dating. I’ll tithes to mama’s church and I’ll even fast on Easter just please.. please get me out of here,” she whispered feeling as though she would go crazy cramped in the same position. How long had it been?

“God ain’t listening to you,” he scoffed, seemingly amused.

“I’ve got to pee. Badly. I’m too serious.” Her thighs pressed together.

I swear if he don’t let me get up to go to the toilet and I mess around pee on this couch, I don’t care what happens.. I’m biting his nose clean off.

“Fuck it,” he spit dropping everything to walk out. A minute later, he appeared wielding a giant kitchen knife that looked to be sharpened to an evil degree. The look in his eye was sinister and said he was sick of her shit. She held her breath preparing to finally die as his knife wedged between her body/clothes and the rope, roughly pulling up to saw through the red. They were tight and pressing into her before they all went slack. Before her legs could be deemed functional, she was pulled from the chaise, snatched up by her elbow into a hobbling stance.

“Try something and I can’t promise the safety your mother,” he blurted tossing the red ropes back onto the chaise.

Her leg gave and he pulled her back up.

Damn. What do I do now. I can’t leave her, Ivy thought, troubled. She couldn’t abandon her mother although Ms. Renee would probably tell her to run the first chance she got. Come to think of it, it was exactly what she’d say..

“Walk to the door…. Now move.”

Once Dr. Stevens unlocked the door, Ivy walked ahead of him as he instructed. From the living room to the hall to the bathroom. She truly had to go and figured the exit was locked as well.

Where is my mother locked away in this place?

He stood back as Ivy went into the bathroom, closing the door behind herself. Getting down to the toilet hurt because of her thigh and her legs still felt like Bambi legs.

I’m a find something in here to kill that motherfucker dead.

As quietly and quickly as she could, she opened his cabinet finding it pristinely organized. She stole his beard trimming scissors.

“Ms. Stevens, are you alright in there?”

“What you think,” she called.

“Do I need to come in?”

“I’m on the toilet!”

Where do I stab him to get the best chance of running away? What if he blocks it or takes the scissors?

“Come out, little Ivy,” he sang. He already suspected something. She couldn’t try it. This was the only opportunity she had to catch him off guard and she couldn’t blow it by doing things she knew would not work. Tucking the scissors into her covered cleavage hoping he wouldn’t frisk her. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands, not daring to check her reflection. The door flew open.

“Come on,” he called.

She continued to dry her hands on the towel before walking out ahead of him. He didn’t touch her and she was thankful to the God above.

“I’m hungry. My mouth is dry. I need water too.”

“Do you.”

“Do you treat all your guests like this? Yes. I’m a human and humans require food and drink to convert to energy in order to live. But then again I’m not the doctor here, am I?” Wanna be doctor headass.

“No, you’re not, but you’re correct. I am being rude. Follow me.”

He led the way to his kitchen and the second she saw the front door, she reached between her titties to pull those little scissors.

One chance. It was now or never.

With all her might, she slammed the scissors into his back where his spine would be and he yelled stumbling as she pushed him, kicking his head as she herself stumbled over him. He grabbed for her ankle but she stomped on his fingers and ran for kitchen knife and a big pan. The skillets were hanging drin the ceiling over his island.

When she turned, he was on his feet but adrenaline was coursing through her body so strong, she swung the pan with all her strength to fight and he went down. He was still. Out cold it looked like. Something in her said hit him again, so she did to make sure. He had to dead. She stabbed him in his thigh and he didn’t move.

Sill nervous, she kept the pan in hand as she approached him on the ground to search him for keys. She found them. She didn’t know how much time she had though to explore looking for her mom and something told her to get out of there fast before he opened his eyes. She could come back, but she herself had to go. It was dumb, but somehow she felt like he was superhuman. Even on the ground bleeding and still. Maybe it was the trauma. She was scared and her brain said RUN. NOW.

Sprinting to the door, she fiddled with the keyring trying every key until she heard a click. She unlocked the regular double lock and sprinted.

There was no sign of a police or police car. But she figured she wouldn’t have access to it anyway if she didn’t have that car key. She was on her own, on foot, on her own cut up and wobbly ass legs.

I’m sorry mom.. I’ll be back once I get help.

She would not stop moving until she got as far away from his neighborhood as she could. Her body would not let her.

“ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE,” Araya paced in the parking lot of the hospital. Her tears were dried on her face and her hands shook as the operator directed her to leave another message. This was the eighth one, and as the beep came, she was wailing into the phone, begging him to appear.


She didn’t know how else to get his attention and she was too afraid to leave her sister’s side. Too afraid that if she left, the worse would happen. All she could do was trust the hospital surgeons and cry, with all her faith in Dr. Stevens.

He has to come.

He wouldn’t leave us, we’re too special.

No, no, she sniffed with a smile. He loves us. He’ll be here. He’ll help her. He can do anything. He can make this right.

Her body still shook, but any negative thoughts, she cast out not giving them a chance to be fully thought out.

“He’ll be here,” she whispered wrapping her arms around herself and taking deep shuddering breaths. “He’ll definitely come.. He’ll be here.. He’ll come.. Yes.. He’ll come.. It’ll be okay..”

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13. Close Your Eyes, Ivy

“We had a visitor, it seems,” Erik muttered returning to Ivy’s side in a smooth unhurried stroll. He was home free at least until the next threat, which he figured.. would be a while. He had days before he needed to worry about it. With a spray bottle of water and a black towel in hand, he looked on the young and delightful Ms. Stevens strapped by red rope to his french chaise. She had gotten a bit of blood on it, but it was a nice contrast. A nice picture in totality. He covered the ornate work on her thigh with the black towel and pressed down, holding her thigh firmly to stop the bleeding.

“That officer,” he sighed. “The one you called?” Her eyes brightened briefly with recognition. “Yeah, her. She’s a idiot.”

The roll of her eyes showed that she agreed and Erik smirked.

“Can you believe… the bitch came here to investigate me, yet she actually drank what the fuck I gave her?”

He had to laugh at that. Ivy didn’t laugh, but she had to have found it as funny as he did. The whole thing was ridiculous. The police come just to end up captive by the nigga they came to question.

“You can’t write shit like this,” he laughed, his weight still on her thigh.

“Tell me, who does that shit? Oh yeah.. You.”

Her eyes stared ahead. Though verbally she was unresponsive, her body could not block its reactions and neither could her face. He put a little more pressure on the towel not missing her expression as she tried her best to control it. Pain was what she felt.

“Hold on Little Ivy,” he smiled. “Almost done.”

After putting pressure on her thigh for a few minutes, he lifted the towel. “Typically, I’d suggest stitches for cuts like these but nah.. these are too pretty. Let’s let it air out a minute,” he said walking slowly to take a seat on a couch facing her.

She didn’t look well. Her face, it looked tired as though she were exhausted, dehydrated, low in energy. He decided to let her rest a few minutes more, saying nothing as she stared at him. He simply stared back as he sat on the couch.

Her eyes began to droop as he stared, wide awake. After another minute, her eyes shut and held. He counted one, two, three, four.. before her green and red eyes popped open again focusing warily on his. They struggled to stay, even crossing, and he sighed, not getting enjoyment from it at all.

“Close your eyes, Ivy,” he commanded standing to his feet. She needed a few hours of rest at the least. He much preferred her to be awake and aware for their games. In the meantime, he could be starting on another set of custom grillz.

Heading out of his living room, he shit the soundproof door leaving her in there. Should she call, he had the monitor on where he could see and hear her. Until then, he had another creative hobby to attend to.

“Oh.. Look whose finally coming to,” a thick Carribean accent came through the haze as Trinity’s head pounded and pulsed.

“Where the hell am I,” she blinked noticing that she was on the floor on her back looking up at a ceiling. She wanted to panic, but training had taught her to remain calm in uncertainty. Turning her head, the ache was like a mallet pounding ice, but the ice was her head. There was an older woman sitting proudly on a couch with a glass in hand, legs crossed and staring in disapproval.

“Funny how the tables turn,” she glared taking a sip before waving her hands in anger. “If you’d just done your job to start with wouldn’t NONE of us be in this mess! You put my daughter at risk,” she pointed. “And now Lord knows what’s happened to her.” Her face turned glum as she rolled her eyes looking away.

Trinity rolled herself onto her side gingerly and hoisted her body, resting on her arms. Finally upright, she was able to right herself completely and stand, wavering on her feet. She sighed before addressing the angry older woman. “Mrs. Stevens..,” she recalled feeling the back of her head. She checked her hand. No blood. The woman’s green eyes were memorable. The family resemblance was strong.

“You shoulda died right on that floor.”

“The way I feel, Ms. Stevens, I might have,” Trinity retorted. She felt horrible like she’d been hit by a bus. Groaning, she held the sides of her head tightly. “I always knew liquor would be the death of me..”

“You’re a damn addict.”

“No, Mrs. Stevens, I’m an alcoholic. My job is very stressful… As you can see,” she gestured to the room they were enclosed in. Though clean and stocked, it was indeed a prison.

“No, officer. You’re a glorified idiot with a badge is what you are and your damned reckless stupidity is gonna get us all killed.”

Trinity glared. The woman didn’t seem so Christian with all the venom she was spewing, but Trinity could understand. She was angry for good reason. That’s as far as Trinity planned to go down that train of thought.

“Attacking me isn’t gonna solve the issue. We need to find a way out of here.” Checking her sides and pockets, she patted her body down for some sort of communication. Some item. Anything that could be useful. She came up empty-handed, sighing as she looked at the unimpressed Mrs. Stevens, who did nothing but take another sip of whatever liquid was in her cup.

“You think I didn’t try that already,” Mrs. Stevens scoffed. “Gal, I searched your tall behind hours ago. That lil nappy headed boy done took everything ya got.”

“What can you tell me about what you’ve experienced with him? Any weaknesses? Accomplices? How often does he come back here? How long have you been here?”

“If you think.. I’m counting on you for anything.. you are out of your wretched mind.”

Trinity looked at Mrs. Stevens face that was set in stone. She was on her own in figuring a way out. She needed a way to make it to her vehicle.

“Look,” Trinity’s chin dropped. She was serious, catching Mrs. Stevens eyes to make sure she understood. “When he comes in here, I need to get out of here and get to my cruiser. If I can do that, I can call backup and then we can save your daughter.”

“Now why wouldn’t you call backup when investigating an abduction and claims of attempted murder from the start? Hm? Ask yourself that, Ms. Hot in the Pants? What type of police work is that?” She kissed her teeth. “Oh, what, you thought you’d somehow dazzle him with your rugged looks? Turn him somewhat-normal? The foolishness in this girl, Lord,” she whispered, eyes shut.

Trinity looked down briefly out of respect.

“Yeah. I could’ve brought backup initially..” She made eye contact again. “But-”

“There is no but. You should’ve brought backup! You were cocky and thought you had it. Ain’t no further explaining need to be done. Now I’m sick of hearing from you. If I see an opportunity, I’m taking it.”

“Ain’t no opportunity,” Erik announced through the speaker he’d installed in the room. The both of them jumped looking about the room. Meanwhile, he shook his head. They didn’t understand their predicament but they’d be well cared for. As long as they didn’t fuck up. Particularly, Mrs. Stevens. She had produced a fine specimen afterall. The officer, he had to think about.

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Summary: Erik has been hired to find an embezzler for an old friend. What happens now that LaNyah is back?

Pairing: Erik x Black!OC

Genre: Suspense

It’s Friday morning and business as usual at GBI. No one on the accounting floor knows why or cares that they have to answer to Stacey. Matt’s office was occupied two days ago when he ran from Mr. Green and Mr. Stevens, but now, it is empty. It was cleaned up overnight, door placard removed, and no news from the man himself. Mr. Green dropped by the floor on Thursday to hold a meeting. He let them know that he will be reorganizing the current teams, and Stacey will oversee the entire department until further notice.

Stacey is upstairs at the coffee machine, making her first cup for the morning. She turns as she hears the elevator ding. Ashley and Alex walk in together, waving at her on the way to his office. Finished doctoring the coffee to her liking, she walks back to her desk and sits down as the elevator goes off on the floor again. Stacey looks up to see Erik walk out of the car. He nods in greeting to her before heading into Alex’s office.  

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❝falling for me❞ - jessica garvey finds something alluring in the determined erik stevens  (coming soon)

❝kiss it better❞ - the last thing erik steven expected was to fall for kori adams, his childhood best friend (coming soon)

❝crush❞ - vanessa turner spends the night with the elusive erik steven after an almost botched mission (coming soon)

❝naked❞ - the last thing lola needed was her leaked nudes to fall into erik steven’s lap (coming soon)

❝softest place on earth❞ - tatiana porter has soft skin erik stevens wants to feel under his rough hands (coming soon)

❝love on the brain❞ - erik stevens can’t keep kaia monroe out of his mind (coming soon)

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It’s…complicated II
With her plus one for tonight’s banquet solidified, Ayanna followed the mass of commuters into the express train, grateful to snag a seat.
Resting her dogs, she candidly mapped out a set of plans to turn herself from rags to riches in a matter of hours.
When the express pulled into the 125th street train station platform, Ayanna was out the doors in a hurry, freely descending up the steps in her New Balance sneakers that she’d managed to swap out with her Mary Jane’s.
“Why hello, Ms. Pierce.” Her landlord greeted her. 
“Hello, Ms. Rosie.”
Parked on top of the first few steps with her walking cane in hand, Ms. Rosie craned her neck up at Ayanna with a puff of smoke trailing out her mouth, “In a rush?”
“Kind of…”
Renting out a quaint, two bedroom apartment in the heart of Harlem wasn’t quite what Ayanna expected it to be but, nonetheless, she was grateful to have a place to call her own.
Throwing her purse along with the shopping bags down, Ayanna kicked off her New Balances, sending each sneaker flying in separate corners of the living room.
Her work clothes were the next pieces to be strewn across her apartment as she hightailed into the bathroom.
The anxiety that berated her body was temporarily inhibited by the warm sprinkling water, massaging the soreness that throbbed amidst her lower back.
The idea of seeing my T’Challa tonight got Ayanna all worked up. 
Slipping two fingers between my legs, she stroked the sensitive bead of flesh within her core at a slow pace. 
‘I had no business pleasing myself with such little time on my hands, especially one that was already spoken for.’ Ayanna chastised herself. But self satisfaction was the best endorphin to calm her apprehension about tonight’s festivities.
Getting carried away, Ayanna massaged her breast with her free hand, right before she brought herself to the peak.
Coming down from the quick high of a release, she twisted the nozzle of her shower head and stepped out.
Draping her bathrobe over her body, Ayanna scampered into the living room to collect the shopping bags that nearly rendered her bank account into the negatives.
Laid out across her bed was the sexy red silhouette Valentino gown, accompanied with black peep toe stiletto sandals from Zara, which Carla urged her not to buy. ‘This woman must think I have a bevy of sugar daddies to fill up my bank account with coins.’
All equipped in her gown, heels, and matching velvet clutch, Ayanna opted to slick her hair up into a high top bun. 
There was only one more thing left…
Hustling through the revolving doors of Macy’s, Ayanna trotted off into the makeup department.
“Help me, I’m basic.” Ayanna whined, throwing herself over the glass counter dramatically.
“Ho, sit down.” Her roommate Ravyn, waved her over to a seat across from her makeup booth.
“You are a lifesaver.” 
“No need to kiss my ass girl, just sit so we can get started.”
Ravyn was a true artist in the world of makeup. So Ayanna knew her wondrous hands would work it’s magic.
Resting her chin on her hands, Ayanna leaned over the glass counter that distributed an array of designer makeup, and let Ravyn beat her face.
The buzzing of her iPhone, along with the brief text message from Erik,
‘Where you at?,’
Broke the tranquility of being pampered.
“Hmmph, let me find out.” Ravyn’s saucy voice rang as she tilted Ayanna’s head to get a better angle.
“It is not even like that, he is just my plus one for tonight.” She affirmed, gripping her phone with both hands as Ayanna replied to Erik’s message.
“Now why would you go ahead and do that?” Ravyn countered, smoothing out the base of Ayanna’s foundation. 
“I couldn’t think of anyone who would be available in such short notic–.”
“Yea, keep telling yourself that.” 
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Squinting her eyes at Ayanna skeptically, Ravyn pursed her lips. “You can keep it 100 with me Ayanna, Erik I were just fuck buddies.”
“Oh gosh here we go again. Erik and I go way back since, M.I.T. I told you this from the first day he helped me move into our apartment.” 
“I just don’t understand how you could be around a man that fine for that long and not once get the dic–”
“I know Erik has the ability to pry any woman’s panties off at the wink of an eye, I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing it a time or two, but I pride myself on my strong will to maintain my dignity.”
“Well I’ll remain undignified, the dick was bomb.” Ravyn boasted.
“Congratulations for adding yourself as another notch on his bedpost.”
“Girl, and how is saving yourself for the right man, treating you?”
“Very well I might add.”
“The lies.” Ravyn brushed her off.
Allowing the busy noises of Macy’s to filter out her badgering nerves Ayanna slipped in a lil cat nap, enjoying the strokes of Ravyn’s brush against her face.
The frequent buzzing of her iPhone rattling over the counter caused her to pop one eye open to view her messages from, Erik
I’m outside
You still ain’t done?
“That’s my cue, Ray.” I’ll text you when I’m heading home.
“Don’t bother get you some dick, preferable rated E dick,” a nickname Ravyn conjured up for Erik, causing Ayanna to gag instinctively. 
“I don’t do sloppy seconds, or thirds or fourths. I can’t even keep count of his hoes, but anyway…thanks for the beat face.” Ayanna smooched her lips, waving away as Ravyn gave her the finger.
Her gleeful exterior didn’t last for long once she made it past the threshold of the Macy’s revolving doors.
She couldn’t even hold back her irritation as she eyed Erik’s attire. “I can’t believe you!” Ayanna squeaked. 
Eyeing his sherpa lined jacket, African beaded necklace, down to his white tee, baggy trousers, and his infamous combat boots.
“What?” He coaxed taking one last pull of his blunt before he flung it aside.
“I told you it was a black tie event.”
“I’m black and I couldn’t find my tie”
Screeching in horror as she stomped over the pavement, Ayanna paced before Erik. “Go in there and get a suit.” She demanded.
“You must not want me to be your plus one after all.” Erik laughed.
“I can’t believe you would do this to me.”
“Did you forget who I am?”
“No, but I thought you would do me this one solid.”
“With no pussy in return, nah.”
“You said I could cook and clean instead.
“I said for a month and you talking about two weeks.”
“Well you can forget I even agreed to that.” Ayanna growled, retrieving her phone from her clutch to request an Uber.
Ten minutes later, Ayanna was sitting in the Uber en route to Lincoln Center, she drew her attention outside the passenger side window. Unable to even look at Erik sitting beside her in the back seat.
“This is your stop.” The driver announced. 
Ayanna’s nerves were back with a vengeance, making her perspire profusely. Even if her plus one looked and smelled like an extra from a Kendrick Lamar video she was thankful for Carla’s choice of a gown. The sheer material easily masks any signs of sweat.
‘Sorry, not gonna make it, something came up.’
This night just couldn’t get any worse, Ayanna whined, crumpling her iPhone in her hand, eyes scorching the text message, right as they coasted out the elevator.
Her disdain mounted. 
This bitch had some nerve, after she pushed me to attend the banquet, and her ass decided to leave me to fend for myself.
The rest of the night Ayanna was stuck trying to blend in with the swarm of white faces in their tailored suits attached to women adorning those infamous red soled shoes that she could only dream of owning.
She sipped on a flute glass of champagne, railing as she scanned the room of high profile degrees, and six-figure salaries, trying to mask her discomfort from the smugness in the room.
Carla crossed her mind a few times during the night and Ayanna made it a point to leave her with a few harsh words before the night was up. Shrugging off those thoughts, Ayanna became instantly sick to her stomach at the sight of two modelesque attendees draped across Erik’s arms like his finest accessory. His little stunt annoyed Ayanna to no end.
She glared at him as he walked around the ballroom, eating up all the attention he procured from the bourgeois from his unconventional attire. Erik loved nothing more than to make white people uncomfortable. She should have known he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make some sort of racial-political statement in front of New York’s elite.
With the sound of silverware tapping against a champagne glass, Philip Coulson descended onto the brightly lit stage, grasping the mic before he made his proper speech, announcing the total donations that have been offered for the evening.
Thankfully, the food was the only satisfying piece of the event. 
“Excuse me.” 
Seeing T’Challa over her shoulder released all the tension in her body.
“May I have this dance?” He asked.
“You look absolutely beautiful by the way.” 
Ayanna smiled coyly.
His hand settled firmly at the small of her back, drawing their bodies closer, she could have fainted with the close proximity.
She shifted awkwardly across the dance floor as she tried to let T’Challa lead.
“Enjoying the event?” His voice resonated over Ayanna, riling up her anxiety.
“Uh…it’s nice.” Really bitch? Pinocchio is a better liar. Her inner cynic bantered.
His gaze studied her profile, but she pretended not to notice.
“You don’t have to lie, these banquets are kind of stiff and boring.” T’Challa’s voice lulled her back in with a hint of mirth.
Ayanna squinted at T’Challa, questioning his response. She managed to smile when his devilish laughter followed right after.
“To be honest, I’m not used to attending…an event this…extravagant.” She admitted
“I’m kind of jealous, I wish I never had to attend any of these things, ever again.”
Ayanna glanced at T’Challa trying to read him, but his buoyant grin seemed sincere.
“Then why even go if you’d rather not be at these events?”
“Okoye…my general says these events are detrimental for our induction into society.” He responded swiftly. It wasn’t so long ago when the secretive nation finally revealed it’s true riches and technological advances to the rest of the world.
“It must be nice to always have protection.” Ayanna looked around the ballroom, noticing T’Challa’s bodyguards dressed in fine armory, eyeing them intently.
“Some Days it is.” He chuckled.
Once the band transitioned into another song, Ayanna’s attention would bounce back and forth between T’Challa and Erik who was much too comfortable with some new voluptuous bronzed prize.
“So…I see my cousin has caught your attention.” T’Challa chuckled.
The revelation captivated Ayanna. 
“Your cousin?” Something instantly shifted in his demeanor, overcasting his keen disposition with eager curiosity.
Ayanna studied the way T’Challa’s lips pulled at the side, forming into a slight smirk. 
She bit her lip nervously, ashamed that she had been caught.
Checking on Erik once more out of habit, Ayanna noticed him slithering out of the arch of the entryway, cradling two woman of interest underneath the cusp of his broad arms. 
“Yes, his father N'Jobu and my father T’Chaka were brothers.”
Ayanna jerked to a halt at T’Challa’s revelation. She knew Erik to be a very private person, but the cryptic pieces of his past he shared with her always pointed her to the conclusion that Erik was an orphan. 
“I feel like you’d rather be somewhere else.” T’Challa whispered closely against her ear.
“Uh—” Ayanna muttered, silenced by the feeling of T’Challa’s baited breath brushing against her jawline.
“I just need a moment.” Ayanna began, raising the hem of her gown before she bolted towards the exit in search of Erik.

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Summary: Erik has been hired to find an embezzler for an old friend. The whole gang is back at GBI, ready to fight an old enemy and save their friend. 

Pairing: Erik x Black!OC

Genre: Suspense

Bridges checks the time; it is about 4 in the afternoon. The sun is still out, so they have to make sure they set up where they will not be easily found. Green pulls the SUV into a parking lot across the street from where Gina’s warehouse is located. They are guarded by another abandoned warehouse. Kill’s phone is out, checking for any heat sources coming from the inside of the building. He nods to Green, who parks and gets out to stretch out after the drive.

Kill, Bridges, and Green walk around the SUV together. Inside the back is a trunk full of lethal goodies for their use. Kill pops the lock, showing them the inventory. Matt stays inside, looking on as they make their decisions on what to take with them. All the items are equipped for hand-to-hand combat. They already know that this fight will be up close and personal. Gina made it that way both in her intentions and her chosen location for this meeting.

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Summary: So much can change within 2 years. Erik Killmonger was able to briefly infiltrate Wakanda when he defeated his cousin, T'Challa, in ritual battle; at the end of the day, T'Challa won back his throne, but wanted his cousin to heal. After spending time in Wakanda for healing, Erik returns to Oakland with his cousin and becomes reunited with his childhood best friend after abandoning her a few years ago.

Pairing: redeemed! Erik x black female OC [Nia]

Word Count: 3173

Warnings: angst, language, slow burn

A.N: what’s this?? another part to Back to Oakland? an abandoned fic?? lmao yes! I have returned!! thanks to @texasbama​, @princessstevens​, and @youreadthatright​ (for shading me about this fic sksksk) and @ju5tp3achy​ for reminding me of this fic lol I missed it soo much and I still have big plans for it so enjoy!

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Deafening silence expands over the room. It seems as if time has slowed down. Nia couldn’t fathom Kiersey’s words. God daddy? She knows of Erik. The only plausible reason for this could be Keyon showed pictures of him from when they were younger. Nia tilts her head slightly to the right, trying to make sense of the situation. Being a godfather takes responsibility and… you have to agree to be one, which means…

She sees red and immediately lunges at Keyon until she’d held back by India and Julian. Keyon quickly backs himself into the wall, remembering how well she could fight. T’Challa’s eyes widen at the scene in front of him. He thought his drama with Erik was bad. A shocked Erik puts a confused Kiersey back on the ground and cautiously approaches Nia. He takes extremely slow, calculated steps towards her. Although the siblings are trying their hardest, their strength is no match to her anger. She curses loudly as she accuses Keyon for this drama.

“Really Key!? You stayed in contact with Erik this wholeee fucking time and not tell me!?” She screams, moderately struggling to get out of the siblings’ grasps (apparently, they are strong enough to match her anger), “Is that why you had been distant over the past 2 years?”

Keyon sighs deeply and opens his mouth to speak. “Erik told me not to tell, aight! Fuck, Nia, he told me not to tell…”

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Part VII

A/N: Here it finally is! Finally, the aftermath of Erik and Gabby doing the horizontal dance and how quickly they fall. Enough chitchat, lets get into it!!! Babies, please comment and reblog and let me know how you’re feeling!! Be safe, babies!!


Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black OC

Fascination. Infatuation. Obsession. Their coupling had them sliding down a slippery slope where an end was nowhere to be found. Erik’s passion and fervor combined with Gabby’s gentleness and nurturing ways were a balm to each other’s battered spirits. This new way of life had both of their minds scrambled. Yet even in the midst of being ashore in a place not known to the outside world, they had each other.

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Summary: Erik has been hired to find an embezzler for an old friend. The whole gang is back at GBI, ready to fight an old enemy and save their friend. 

Pairing: Erik x Black!OC

Genre: Suspense

A/N: *steps up to the mic* Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone who has supported this story. Also, to let you know that this story is coming to a close. I will be dropping a chapter each week until its conclusion. 

LaNyah stares at the older women whose hair is much longer and darker than when she helped her out in the parking lot, however long ago that was. Then she looks over at Laura, who is rocking back and forth, whimpering about not wanting to die. Why would she even ask such a thing? What does Laura know about this woman that LaNyah doesn’t? How does she know her? Did Gina say before her friends arrive? Does she mean Alex, Ashley, Stacey, and Erik? LaNyah tries to hold back her smile and closes her eyes to focus on keeping calm while this lady begins her tale.

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S/O to @shaekingshitup​ and @chaneajoyyy​ I needed this challenge to get me back. It pushed me to finally get this out of my head. I played with the idea of adding a third chapter to this mini series, but damn it we deserve. I just love a happy ending and I couldn’t help myself. It’s short but nice. I’ll be doing another one. :) Hope y’all like it.


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This is for the Quarantine Writing Challenge prompted by @chaneajoyyy​ & @shaekingshitup . I’ve been trying to get  this out of my drafts forever! Now I can check it off my list.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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