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#erik killmonger x black!oc

Author: youcantkillamutant

Fandom: Marvel (Black Panther)

Pairing: Erik Stevens/Killmonger x Black!OC

Summary:  Some things have to be earned

Warnings: Cursing (Is ‘hell’ a bad word anymore?)

Words: 1.6K

A/N: Joining in on the Quarantine Writing challenge hosted by the lovely @shaekingshitup & @chaneajoyyy. Thank y’all for getting me writing in this time of corn teen lol. I only own my original characters of course, Marvel don’t sue me I’m broke.

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[One] [Two] [Three] [Four] [Five] [Six]

A/N: We’re winding down on the story of Salome and Erik and next chapter the action will start picking up before it all comes crashing down or all comes together…

Recommended Listening: Fire We Make by Alicia Keys, As of Late by Insightful, Blood Sport ’15 by Raleigh Ritchie, and You Got Me by The Roots

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[Erik Killmonger x Black OC]

Word Count 5.8k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Originally posted by olubirruhmisali

Erik has a meeting one morning to discuss the upgrades he has planned for key components of the new model Boeing airplane that is set to begin manufacturing early the following year.  Erik stood at the sink in the master bathroom reciting lines to himself that he had prepared with notes on his phone.

“As you can see, the planes trajectory following take off can be more smoothly….more smoothly…smoother?  Uhh– SHIT!”

Erik curses to himself as the blade angled in the wrong direction, cutting his jaw.

“You ok in there baby?”  Kimara calls out from the bedroom.  

Erik watches the blood begin to bubble and drip onto his shirt before he could get a tissue to catch it.  

“Fuck!  Yeah…I’m aight.”  Erik calls back.

Kimara is putting on an earring when she walks in to see him.  “Oh damn, Erik. You cut yourself today of all days?.” Kimara reaches for the tissue to survey the damage.  

“Ain’t it some shit?  I gotta be at the office in one hour and I fucking maim myself and stain my fucking shirt.”  

“Ohh, now stop.”  Kimara pats his chin as the blood begins to clot instead of run.  “At least now you have an excuse for the bald spot right around there.”

Erik pins her arms down giving her slight shake.  “What I tell you bout that?”

Kimara cracks up uncontrollably.  “HAHA! About what?!”

Erik stares her down sticking his chin in her face.  “Say it again, I dare you…”

Kimara bites her lips choking back her laughter.  “I meant to say…you look very handsome.”

“Uh huh.”  Erik says unconvinced but satisfied.

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(Erik Killmonger x Black!OC)

Part 1 Part 2


Originally posted by we-dine-with-meerkats

Kimara pays the barista for her green tea and goes across the street to the studio.  This week has been a hectic one for her since she’s been working with Peter Gafflin, an alternative rock artist who is on the come up since his EP dropped last year.  Kimara was owed a favor from the owner of the studio, Rick, after Erik helped get him some new equipment from a group that trashed the place after a drug fueled mosh pit they formed to add ambiance to their album.  Suffice to say, they would not be returning to record any time soon.

When she enters the studio, Rick is there playing in his grey locs nervously.

“Kimmy!  Good to see you 15 minutes past showtime, I really appreciate it.”  He smiles, dimples still displaying powerfully under is grey beard.

She shrugs.  “You know I have a process, Ricky Kanicky!  It all works out in the end, thanks for the hookup on this gig.  Are they waiting on me?”

Rick holds out his arm to escort her to the back.  “Nah, I stalled them with some mic check mumbo jumbo, so at least their warmed up properly.  You need some time in the booth before we start?”

She shakes her head as he opens the door.  A gust of patchouli hits her senses.  Peter Gafflin and his gang were warming up in a way much different than how Rick described.

“Rick!  Thank God, I was ready to call the police, you were gone for like three hours man!”  Peter’s rough Carolinian accent boomed as he walked wistfully over to you two in his holely jeans and cowboy boots with his fringed black leather jacket and matching wide brimmed hat.

“No, I just had to go get some extra talent to guide our recording session along.  This is Kimara, she’s the third part to our banging backup we keep on hand for artists.”

Peter towers over her at 6’7, but humbly bends to kiss your hand like a prince.  “To God be the glory for creating women and music.  Put them together and I’m a happy Papa, you know what I’m saying?!”  He ribs Rick before clapping thunderously to liven his group.  “Aight y’all!  Look alive.   Dave get your Fender, Bill get your wide ass behind them drums, everybody take your places!”

Kimara goes over to the mics with her other singers.  “Wassup Brenda?  Tara?”

They roll their eyes at you before mumbling their hellos.  You put your headphones on to get ready for the track to play, not studdin them today.  They were the fourth pair this year to work for Rick and the studio.  They all get inspired to be solo artists or get too wrapped up in the artist of the day and think they can keep up with a touring schedule to only come out of it broke with no plan B, and pregnant.  

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Summary: So much can change within 2 years. Erik Killmonger was able to briefly infiltrate Wakanda when he defeated his cousin, T'Challa, in ritual battle; at the end of the day, T'Challa won back his throne, but wanted his cousin to heal. After spending time in Wakanda for healing, Erik returns to Oakland with his cousin and becomes reunited with his childhood best friend after abandoning her a few years ago.

Pairing: redeemed! Erik x black female OC [Nia]

Word Count: 3173

Warnings: angst, language, slow burn

A.N: what’s this?? another part to Back to Oakland? an abandoned fic?? lmao yes! I have returned!! thanks to @texasbama​, @princessstevens​, and @youreadthatright​ (for shading me about this fic sksksk) and @ju5tp3achy​ for reminding me of this fic lol I missed it soo much and I still have big plans for it so enjoy!

[Faces] [1] [2] [Int. 1]

*gifs aren’t mine


Deafening silence expands over the room. It seems as if time has slowed down. Nia couldn’t fathom Kiersey’s words. God daddy? She knows of Erik. The only plausible reason for this could be Keyon showed pictures of him from when they were younger. Nia tilts her head slightly to the right, trying to make sense of the situation. Being a godfather takes responsibility and… you have to agree to be one, which means…

She sees red and immediately lunges at Keyon until she’d held back by India and Julian. Keyon quickly backs himself into the wall, remembering how well she could fight. T’Challa’s eyes widen at the scene in front of him. He thought his drama with Erik was bad. A shocked Erik puts a confused Kiersey back on the ground and cautiously approaches Nia. He takes extremely slow, calculated steps towards her. Although the siblings are trying their hardest, their strength is no match to her anger. She curses loudly as she accuses Keyon for this drama.

“Really Key!? You stayed in contact with Erik this wholeee fucking time and not tell me!?” She screams, moderately struggling to get out of the siblings’ grasps (apparently, they are strong enough to match her anger), “Is that why you had been distant over the past 2 years?”

Keyon sighs deeply and opens his mouth to speak. “Erik told me not to tell, aight! Fuck, Nia, he told me not to tell…”

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S/O to @shaekingshitup​ and @chaneajoyyy​ I needed this challenge to get me back. It pushed me to finally get this out of my head. I played with the idea of adding a third chapter to this mini series, but damn it we deserve. I just love a happy ending and I couldn’t help myself. It’s short but nice. I’ll be doing another one. :) Hope y’all like it.


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Mahari Khamisi Owens is an undergraduate biology pre-med student with aspirations of becoming a neonatologist. Reserved, and a lover of all things anime, her junior year at Oakland University takes an interesting turn when she develops a crush on the Graduate Assistant for her least favorite class. Erik Stevens is charming and charismatic, but is harboring a secret that changes Hari’s entire perspective on him and awakens a side of her she never knew existed. Can she keep this secret or will the obsession consume her?





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