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#erik killmonger x black!reader

Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Summary: The best way to fight your monsters is to have a bigger one standing at your back OR the socialite with the perfect life, you find yourself on the run and in hiding in your parents’ old neighbourhood, and suddenly under the protective wings of a man who’s just dangerous enough to be enticing

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: the happy ending they both deserve

A/N: wow this has been a long time coming. big thank you to all the love and support y’all gave me through this journey. i hope this lives up to what you want


||  Not small and warm and gentle, but burning, exhilarating, larger than life could ever be. ||


T’Challa had taken you, stricken and unresponsive, to Wakanda. A king. A king had gently led you from the ship, his voice low and soothing in his lilting accent. His sister, a princess, a princess, had greeted you just as gently, as kindly, and if tears sparkled on your cheeks, they pretended not to notice.

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hello, erik and reader in a toxic relationship where he cheats and then she cheats back and it almost turns violent? could you help me pleaseeee

Hey!!👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾!! I think i remember the series now! It’s called Medicine series by the very good sis @wakanda-inspired 😘.

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Okay so, I think Erik and the reader were married and she was standing in the doorway looking at him while he slept. There was also smut afterwards I believe.

I’ve been looking high and low for this fic and I think the person that wrote it left   :(. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be of better help. If anyone does have this story/know who wrote please hit me up!!!!

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Read Part 2

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik and the reader visits her hometown.

Warnings: Flufffffyyyyyyyyy and some language

A/N: I just noticed I’m doing a slow burn. So, I hope y’all enjoy the ride. Also, I didn’t get to put this part as soon as I wanted because my job deemed me an essential worker lol. I hope this makes you’re quarantine a little bit more bearable. And I may have went a little overboard, this is 5.8k words and I still could’ve wrote some more for this part. Enjoy!!!!


During your time at Stark Industries, you made friends with Deja and Shannon. Deja was a scientist in R & D, and Shannon was your work rival’s assistant. Being the few black women working for the company, y’all quickly bonded inside and outside of work.

Many Sundays with the ladies was spent at brunches, just like this one. Except this time, they brought their boyfriends and you dragged Erik along. Currently the three you were cutting up waiting on their boyfriends and Erik to bring more drinks.

“So, you telling us that after all the time you two spend together, you and Erik ain’t together?” Deja asked, desperately trying to get one more sip of her mimosa.

You shook your head at your friend. As soon as they met Erik, they were trying to push y’all together. “There is nothing going on between us! We’re strictly just friends.”

“Girl, for now. You should see the way he looks at you. He would kiss the nasty ass streets of New York because you walked them.” Shannon said, cutting into her waffle.

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Corazón (‘Chunk’ Series)


PAIRING: Erik Stevens + Black!Chubby!OC

SUMMARY: Who is it that your heart beats for?

WARNINGS: Language, Pregnancy

A/N: The time frame is a little different this time around. I didn’t just quite as far back. You’ll see why.




[ 21 Months Ago - Oakland, CA ]

Erik had been to the doctor with Gabby plenty of times before, but things were starting to change as she entered her final trimester. Gabby winced and reached out for Erik’s hand as the technician spread the cold gel on her belly. He grabbed it reluctantly. 

“Do we want to find out the sex of Baby Stevens today?”

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Read Part 1

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik takes the reader to the shooting range and learns some interesting things.

Warnings: Language, a dash a violence, Fuckboi!Erik but mostly softboi!Erik, and mentions of smut

A/N: I’m loving this series, so I hope y’all enjoy!


Hanging out with Erik was a total shock. Back home you were used to people talking shit by dressing it up and making it seem like a compliment, but Erik, but Erik Stevens didn’t have no trouble speaking his mind.

If he didn’t like an idea you had for work it wasn’t a ‘Oh, it could be better.’ It was a ‘Texas, that shit fucking sucks. If you wanna beat them colonizers you need something better. Wake me up when you have something better.’

He had no filter on some of your outfits. “Y/N/N stop dressing like you about to go to the hoe down! This is New York City, dress like it!”

Sometimes you wanted to gouge his eyes out, but then you remembered whenever one of your coworkers insulted you, you didn’t break down and cry in the restroom, because Erik was already thickening your skin. You even found yourself snapping back at your coworkers when they tried you.

Then the self-defense training was a whole another beast! Erik was ruthless.  He trained you like you were gonna join the ghost operation, he was a part of in the Navy. It didn’t matter if you just threw up, your ass better be ready, his words, not yours.

Also, it was pure torture, but not because of the physical pain. It was because somehow someway Erik always ended up naked. His raised scars were a little jarring at first, but once you got used to them, it added to his appeal.

Erik was an Adonis, a Greek statute in the living flesh. Half of the time you got knocked on your ass because you were too busy gawking at his body. Sometimes it felt like he knew you were staring because he would just smirk at you.

And then those damn gym shorts he’d be wearing, do nothing to hide his dick print. And what you could tell from it was that it was nothing to play with.

Today he was teaching you a new lesson: how to shoot. Little did he know that you had expert marksmanship. Daddy-daughter bonding with your dad was spent hunting, fishing, and shooting. Erik Stevens was in for a surprise.

“Texas, you need to keep your legs shoulder width apart and keep your feet planted,” Erik instructed, sticking his leg in between yours, forcing you into the stance.

Having him this dangerously close to you made you tremble. His scent was intoxicating and having his hard body pressed against you made you want to lean back into him and stay there.

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• characters: erik, black!reader, jacoby (oc)

• warnings: langage, suggestive content

• 2625 words

Towards the end of your cognitive psychology class, you had concluded that one of the most powerful lullabies in human existence was the voice of a college professor.

Of course, there were those rare instances of attending a class taught by a professor blessed with the gift of a refreshing tone. But usually, most courses (at least the ones you took) were led by monotone lecturers who spoke at just the right volume to guide anyone into slumber. On one hand, you respected and appreciated the time that each of your professors put into educating you and your fellow peers. However, it wouldn’t kill anyone if they added some inflection.

Blinking your eyes open for what seemed like the thousandth time, you peek over at Jacoby. Somehow in the fatigued atmosphere of the lecture hall, he had managed to find a way to diligently scribble down whatever he could catch from the professor. After a few minutes of staring at the pretty dark skin boy next to you, you begin to nod off again.


The sound of a whisper forces your eyes to slowly open.

Blinking lazily, you meet the amused gaze of Jacoby, who has paused from his note-taking after realizing that you were falling asleep. There are a few moments of silence between the two of you before you share a quiet snicker. The sound of laughter isn’t loud enough to interrupt the end of the professor’s lecture (considering you are seated near the back of the hall), but it catches the attention of a few students around you.

“Sorry, y'all.” Jacoby smiles at the turned heads before looking back at you. “You good? You’re gonna start droolin’ on yourself soon.”

“Shut up,” you whisper, “I was just resting my eyes.”

Jacoby only smirks as you both listen to the professors closing remarks. After two more minutes, your ears are finally released from the uninteresting drone that was the professor’s voice, and the lecture hall begins to clear.

As you rise to gather your belongings, a question from Jacoby catches your attention.

“Why you so tired today, lil mama? You’re usually fillin’ up pages of notes during a lecture…” He trails off as he looks over to you. Your arms are now lifted high above your head as you try to stretch the tired out of you. Jacoby rolls his eyes down to the small area of soft skin that was peeking out from under your shirt as you stretch. He then takes a “subtle” peek at your unintentionally poked out ass before licking his lips.

“I was up until the butt-crack of dawn finishing a paper, so I wouldn’t have to work on it tonight.” You pause, pulling out your phone to check for any notifications you had missed, “Apparently, Erik has something special planned for us this evening.” Your shy smile causes Jacoby’s heart to speed up, but he knows he can’t do anything about it.

“Ah, that’s nice. I wonder what it is.” Jacoby’s voice noticeably changes at the mention of Erik, but you’re too busy reading a message from the formerly mentioned to catch it.


meet me at my place after you get done with your last class.


what are you up to, stevens?


don’t worry bout it yet. just bring your pretty ass over here after you’re done so i can taste those lips already.

You smile and take a deep breath to calm yourself before sending a quick message back.


you better be ready. i wore the gloss that tastes like peaches today just for you.


don’t make me come and drag your ass off-campus now, because you know i will.


sorry baby. i’m just really excited to see you.


i know babygirl. just a few more hours and we then got all weekend. now go eat lunch and tell Jacoby’s bum ass to keep his eyes off what’s mine.

Containing your laughter, you turn to Jacoby, who was occupied with something on his phone.

“Erik says ‘hi’.” You lie, grinning at the knowing man next to you.

“No, he didn’t, girl.” He doesn’t even glance in your direction as you throw him a sheepish look, before turning back to your phone.


chill baby lol. i’ll see you later. i love you.


love you more babygirl.

Slipping your phone in the right pocket of your sweatpants, you bend down to retrieve your backpack. As you lean over, you notice a small pocket open and take a second to close it. Not realizing that you are giving Jacoby a full view of your thick backside, you are confused by the groan let out from the man behind you. You raise back up as you secure your backpack on your back, before grabbing your Coach purse and slinging it over your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You innocently gaze up at him through your eyelashes as he rises from his seat.

“Nothin’, cutie,” he sighs, “let’s go find Angie and Marvin in the dining hall before they get pissed at us for being late again.” He gives you an up-and-down before moving to the side so you can lead the way to the dining hall.

“Okay. I’m starving, so please don’t judge me when I start stuffing my face.” You smile sweetly, not noticing the look he gives you.

“Imma stuff your face with somethin’ else if you keep smilin’ at me like that,” Jacoby mumbles as you begin walking, hoping you didn’t hear him.  

“Huh?” You turn back to him, straining your neck to look up at him.

He just shakes his head and laughs.

“Nothin’, ma. Let’s go.”

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

After a little over two hours of preparation, Erik was finally satisfied with his hard work.

The candles were in place around his two-person bathtub, waiting to be lit as you snuggled together in the warm water. The chicken alfredo casserole (one of your favorites) was still warming in the oven for later in the evening, and the wine was chilling in the cooler in the dining room. The lights throughout the house were dimmed, except for in the kitchen, and a playlist of old school R&B ballads was cued to start as your night together began.

Erik leaned against his marble kitchen counter as he took a moment to breathe.

If one year ago, someone had told him that he would be putting all of this together for anyone, he would have laughed in disbelief. But then he met you.

(As soon as he met your shy gaze from across one of the campus libraries, it was over. The bashful glances you repeatedly sent him finally beckoned him over, and it was history. The fact that you had a perfect face, pretty tits, and a thick ass also didn’t help the matter.)

Erik lightly smiles to himself as he hears his front door unlock and open.  

“Erik?” You call out, gently setting down your purse and backpack, then slipping out of your shoes in the foyer. Erik doesn’t answer you and has to stop himself from smiling when you appear around the corner. Your eyes light up when you spot him still leaning against the counter. You pause for a second to take a moment to look at him and secretly calm the butterflies in your stomach.

“Hi,” you breathe out, clasping your hands together as you stand in the middle of his kitchen.

“Wassup.” He nods his head upwards with a blank face, and you giggle.

“Come here, baby doll.” Erik’s face breaks into a smirk while the sound of your laughter causes his dick to twitch.

Erik holds his hand out for you to take, and you all but run up to him. Your arms snake around his neck and you as squeeze tight as possibly can. He laughs to himself before lifting you a few inches off the ground and squeezing even tighter. No words are said between the two of you for the next few minutes as you each revel in the company to one another.

“How’s my baby?” Erik’s question is muffled due to his face being buried in the crook of your neck, and you playfully squirm from the vibration of his smokey voice.

“She’s good,” you mumble. “Missed you.” You pout a little and gently pull his head out of your neck.

“How’s Daddy?”

Erik finally straightens but keeps his arms around your waist.

“He missed his baby, but she’s here now, so it’s all good,” Erik answers, before pulling you up into him again so he can suck on your neck. His tongue begins to dance around your jawline and collarbone, causing you to whine.

“Why you so fuckin’ sexy, hm? You got me ready to bust in my pants, and I ain’t do nothin’ but suck on this pretty little neck.” Erik reaches down to grab a large handful of your ass, before reluctantly pulling away from the soft skin of your jaw.

“As much as I wanna pound you into every surface of this house,” Erik pauses to palm and squeeze at your ass for a second before continuing, “we have time for that tomorrow. If I can last that long.” Erik finally makes eye contact with you again and you swear you were blushing.

“Right now, I want you to go upstairs to the bathtub and wait for me there, baby girl. Go ahead and start runnin’ the water, but don’t get in 'til I get up there.” You nod at the instructions and begin to walk away, but Erik catches you delicately by the arm before you can getaway.

“You better get back over here and give Daddy some love.”

You beam up at him before rising on your tippy-toes and pressing your soft mouth against his. The sound of smacking lips fills the kitchen as your hands raise to carefully cradle his cheeks. You slip your pillowy tongue into Erik’s mouth and he grunts. You smile against his lips and then hesitantly pull away from his warmth.

Erik bites his bottom lip before speaking, “Get upstairs.” The rasp of his voice causes goosebumps to rise all over your body. You can feel Erik’s eyes pierce through you as you scurry from the kitchen, and he can’t contain the smile that breaks out on his face.

“Fine ass…” you hear Erik mutter as you exit the kitchen.

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

As Erik enters the bathroom with a lighter and the plate of strawberries, he is greeted with the sight of you sitting on atop his large sink, your thick legs swinging back and forth. You turn your head towards his tall figure and smile.

“Thank you for starting the water, baby girl,” Erik walks over and pecks your lips before moving towards the tub to turn off the faucet. “Lemme just light the candles really quick and then we can hop in.”

After nodding your head, you jump down from your place on the sink and remove your shirt. As Erik works to light the vanilla-scented candles, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your sweatpants and set it on the counter. After your shirt, bra, and pants are off, you travel over to the laundry basket and place the clothes inside.

Erik goes to set the lighter down as he takes a glimpse at your almost naked body. His eyes run over your exposed perky breasts and black lace boyshorts before slipping out of his plain white t-shirt. He watches you pointedly avoid his gaze as you walk across the room to the large mirror, and start to put your week-old box braids into a messy bun.

“I gotchu, sweetheart.”

The next few moments are silent as Erik skillfully forms your braids into a bun high enough so that you wouldn’t have to dry them afterward. As he concentrates on putting your hair up, you take the chance the examine him in the mirror. His short locks sit perfectly on the top of his head, and you can tell he had gotten them retwisted earlier today. His thick arms and chest flexed as his fingers moved expertly throughout your braids. His pink tongue ran across his plump bottom lip in concentration, and you nearly melted.  

You didn’t realize he had finished until his arms wrap around your middle.

“You’re so pretty you know that?” Erik whispers into your ear as he makes eye contact with you through the mirror. “Imma treat you like a queen and plus some tonight. 'Cause that’s what you are. My Queen.”

You thank him quietly, drunk on the compliments and love oozing out of your boyfriend. “You’re too much, Erik Stevens. I should be the one pampering you. You’re the one that really deserves it.” He laughs at you, before backing up and sliding down your panties. You stand still as he drops them down your legs, and you hear him moan.

“Goddamn,” Erik breathes out, trying to refrain from dropping to his knees and making you sit on his face. “We better get in before the water gets cold.”

Taking his large hand into your much smaller one, you pull him over to the tub. You enter first, nearly moaning at the warm water against your skin. As you get situated, Erik grabs the strawberries and sets them on the thick ledge of the tub. He then removes his basketball shorts, only to be bare underneath them. You both release a chuckle as he tosses his shorts to the side.

Erik slides into the bath behind you and tugs your back into his chest. After he gets situated, your head rolls back into the warm crook of his neck, and he tightens his heavy arms around you.

“So how was class, baby girl?

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

The last forkful of chicken alfredo casserole on your plate was fed to you by Erik. You finished chewing and swallow as you unwrap your short legs from his. Erik raises from the couch to take the now empty plates to his kitchen sink. You watch him walk away before picking up your glass and sipping at the red wine that you can’t even remember the name of.

Erik takes a few minutes to rinse off the dirty dishes and then returns with another bottle of wine.

"You’re tryna get me drunk.” You giggle tipsily, while Erik sets down the bottle onto the coffee table. He smiles knowingly and then laughs when you make grabby arms up at him from the couch. Bending down, Erik lifts you up into his arms, and you wrap your thick legs around his hard waist.

“Maybe I am.” Erik sasses, causing you to give him a wide smile. Your arms tighten around Erik’s neck as his hands travel from your back to reach under his t-shirt that you had stolen after the bath. Erik takes a minute to turn around a sit you both back down on the couch, before beginning to palm and massage the large cheeks of your ass.

You melt into Erik’s chest, while your eyelids flutter closed. His hands move from rubbing your bottom to your back, and he can feel you growing heavier as you are dragged deeper and deeper into slumber. After another few minutes, Erik concludes that you are finally asleep.

All he can do is laugh to himself, before kissing your forehead and looking at the unopened wine bottle on the table across from him. Behind it sat a duplicate of his house key that he had snuck in after dinner. Erik quietly sighed to himself, disappointed that nerves had gotten the better of his carefully thought-out plan.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Characters: Erik x black!reader

Summary: Erik promises to help the reader navigate New York.

Request: “Country Girl goes to New York and meets a tough guy New Yorker who teaches her the ropes and then they get together”

Requested by @nervouspetsonanime


With a lot on your mind, you set your purse down on the table and went to refill your drink. The stress of the workday was getting to you and you were only midway through it. Before you went back to work you had to figure out a way to deal with some of your shady coworkers.

Making your way back to your booth, you saw two men standing there arguing. You were hesitant to go back and was about to find a new seat to avoid the scene but then you remembered your purse.

“Man, I’m telling you put that shit back or we gonna have a real problem here,” you heard, getting closer to the two.

“How about you mind your business?” The other guy asked, moving his arm behind his back. That’s when you noticed he had your purse in his hand. The dread head was trying to get this thief to put down your purse.

Noticing movement near him, your savior turned to you. Pointing to your bag, he asked, “Aye, lil mama is that your bag?”

Your mind short-circuited for a moment because of this man. He was so damn sexy. Tall, dark, and thick just like you liked em. He sorta reminded you of the guys back home except for the Oakland accent.

Finally, gathering your bearings you answered the man. “Yeah, that’s my bag and I don’t know why it’s in his hand.”

The Good Samaritan stared down the potential thief and pulled up his shirt to reveal his gun and v-cut you couldn’t keep your eyes off of. “You got 10 seconds to figure out if that purse is worth a hospital bill.”

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Just The…Six Of Us

A/N: You wanted it and I’m giving it! Coastal Rota, part two!

Summary: You and your boys spend some time together.

Pairing: Reader x Everyone

Warnings: It’s just fluff this time, babes! Or is it? …it is. Or maybe 👀

Word Count: I still don’t know, lmao. I’m not trying at this point


Originally posted by fuckoffthecouchcunt-blog

“I swear to god if you don’t get the fuck off me I’m going to slap the highlights from your hair.” Steve huffed as he shoved Thor over as he grabbed his suitcase. “Like I said, you try anything and I will politely break your spine.” Thor spoke up, nudging Steve with his shoulder, Bucky watching the interaction alongside Erik and Trevante. “Is it gonna be like this the entire time?” Erik spoke up, staring at the two blondes bickering and nudging each other.

Bucky shrugged. “For the sake of all of us, I hope not. You know how Princess gets when we fight.” The brunette pinched the bridge of his nose after adjusting his duffle bag in his shoulder. “Speaking of Princess, she’s outside waiting. Says she rented a Van for all of us to fit in.” Trevante spoke as he made his way towards Thor and Steve. “Come on, kids. She’s waiting outside!” That statement made Thor and Steve perk up, the two of the shoving each other out of the way to rub towards the end exit.

Bucky glanced around Erik, chuckling at his exasperated expression before patting his back. “Come on, E. It won’t be that bad.” Erik sighed, grabbing his bag while following the other four men out. “I pray to whatever god is up there that it truly isn’t.”


You squealed as Thor dashed out of the door, wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you from the ground. He spun you around and you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I missed you, beautiful.” He murmured, pressing his face into your neck and smiled, kissing the top of his head. “I missed you more, handsome.” He set you on your feet and you barely had time to catch your breath before being picked up from behind again.

“You look so pretty, Doll.” A heavy Brooklyn accent spoke into your ear and you laughed, tapping Steve’s hand to put you down and he obliged. You turned on your heel, pressing your lips to his cheek while giving him a proper hug. “You don’t look so bad yourself, even with your bed head.” You grinned as he attempted to smooth out the messy hairs around his head. Before you know it you were engulfed in a group hug, being squeezed with love.

“Oh my God.” You gasped and all the men laughed. You sighed pleasently, feeling the cool metal of Erik’s chain resting against your neck. Your hand rested on Bucky’s head as he rested his head on your bosom (you were, once again, not on the ground), Trevante’s beard rubbing against the skin of the juncture of your neck. “Okay, okay. Guys, you’re gonna have to put me down. Picking me up all the time is truly going to make me forget how to walk.”

Trevante chuckled and kissed your cheek, followed by Erik and Bucky. “Sorry, Princess. We’re just so happy to see you.” You giggled softly, an “Awww” escaping the men simultaneously. You rolled your eyes and walked around the car to get in on the driver’s side. “So whipped, alright fellas! Put your bags in then hop your buff asses in.”

“Wait!” Bucky called out and you turned, tilting your head. “What’s up, Buckaroo?” He smiled at the nickname before reaching out. You reached to grab his hands but his hands surpassed yours and went straight to your breasts. “Bucky!” You squealed, snacking his hands away while he laughed. “ I’m sorry, doll. Just wanted a quick feel.”

“You’re getting in the back. The very back.” Bucky’s eyes widened. “What?!” You shook your head. “Erik! Get in the front!” You spoke and Erik glances around the car. “Why?” You turned, raising an eyebrow. “Do you want the front seat or should I give it to Tre?” Erik shook his head and got in before you turned back to Bucky. You grabbed his face, pulling him down to your height. “That’s strike one, don’t try me again.” You raised and eyebrow as Bucky shifted, clearing his throat before nodding. “Yes, ma’am.”

Bucky climbed into the car and you followed, putting on your seatbelt. You glanced in the rear view mirror, smirking at Bucky looking like a kicked puppy in the back. Steve chuckled, sitting up and kissing your cheek. “I really missed you, honey.” Steve spoke and you smiled, making your way into the far left lane to exit the airport. “I missed you more, however. Just letting you know.” Thor spoke up and Tre groaned, leaning his head back. “Please do not start this shit. You literally just argued like children in the airport.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Did they now?” Erik nodded in agreement with try and Steve opened his mouth to object before Bucky pulled him back against his seat. “Don’t. She’s not Princess, right now. Don’t make it worse.” Steve slumped in his seat, glancing at Thor who was sinking in his to try and hide himself. Steve followed suit, taking in a shaky breath. “Yes, ma’am. We were.” Thor bit his lip before speaking up. “But it wasn’t like that it was just friendly—“ he was cut off by the curt look you gave him through the rear view mirror.

Trevante subtly let him know to just stop while he was ahead and Thor sunk into his seat again. “I’ll handle you two later, let’s just enjoy our first day together. It’s been forever since we’ve had a trip like this.” You smirked and Erik grabbed your hand, kissing it gently and you grinned before rubbing his scruffy chin. “I missed my boys.”

The men all smiled, admiring you silently. They were all excited for this evening and they couldn’t wait to see what you had in store.


“Alright, go put your stuff in the room and change into something nice, let’s go to dinner.” You smiled as you stood off to the side, letting the men file in. Your next door neighbor, an elderly black woman with short gray hair and the type of style that screamed “I’m old but I still got it” opened her door at the sound of the heavy footsteps.

“Hey, Mrs. Robinson. Were they too loud?” You peeked you’re head out and the men turned around, giving her sweet smiles. She shuffled her way over and into your apartment, you didn’t mind since she was like your grandma away from home. “No, baby, I was just on my way out but it’s so good to see you boys again. Especially you, Thor.”

You grinned, knowing that Mrs. Robinson had a crush on Thor since the first time she had seen him. He blushed every time someone reminded him of it and right now he was as red as a cherry tomato. “Nice to see you again, Mrs. Robinson.” You giggles as he hugged her, her hands immediately going to perch on his rear. He sucked in a deep breath when she gave it a light squeeze while Bucky and Tre chuckled to each other and Steve and Erik made their way over to you.

“Is this considered sexual harassment?” Erik chuckled and you turned your head towards him. “It is, let me step in before she goes further.” You giggled, taking a step closer to the two of them and politely pried Thor away. “Alright, Mrs. Robinson, I know he’s your favorite but the others are here too. Don’t want them to get jealous.” You leaned closer to whisper in her ear. “I heard Steve’s got kind of a thing for you.” You smiled as she slapped your arm playfully, moving to give the rest of the men hugs.

Thor looked down at you and you looked up at him with a shrug. “She has a thing for lumberjacks. Can you really blame her though?” You giggled, smacking his ass causing him to yelp before squeezing your sides. You pulled away and the two of you made your way to the others, right as Mrs. Robinson was planting a kiss on Steve’s cheek. “Such a sweetie. Alright, y’all I better get going. Before you leave, come over for dinner.”

You all nodded and waved her off, Erik shutting the door behind her. “Well, she hasn’t changed a bit.” Bucky spoke up and you giggled before plopping down on the sofa. “You alright there, Thor? You look a little red in the face.” Tre spoke up and the men laughed while Thor rolled his eyes. “Ha ha, very funny. You try having your ass squeezed by a very forward woman.” Erik pointed towards you.

“We have, it’s quite nice.” You smiled brightly at them. “Alright, alright. Enough chit chat. Go change into something nice and easy to rip off.”

“ I thought we’re supposed to say that to you.” Bucky spoke up and you stood to your feet. You grabbed his cheeks, squishing them together. “Oh, Bucky, baby. You naive little baby. I’m in charge tonight.” You pecked his lips before turning around and making your way back to your room. “You have an hour. No drawers or I’m getting the belt.” You yelled before shutting your door.

“We need lots of alcohol, like a lot.” Steve spoke and Erik shrugged. “It’s on me tonight, god help us all.”


A/N: That’s it! Hope you enjoyed! Make sure you read my Author’s Note at the beginning! Love you guys!

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SUMMARY |  When Erik makes his way back to Wakanda to fight for his spot. And along the way he runs into a familiar face.


WORD COUNT | 3.2K (sorry if this is too long)


Wakanda 2018
             Finally, months after being on a strenuous mission in Europe [Your Name] was home in Wakanda. She smiled as she flew into the city, an overwhelming feeling of happiness washed over her. Soon, she would be able to see her family after debriefing with her superiors about her mission.

Unbuckling herself she made her way to the front of the carrier sitting next to Xoliswa, she smiled at the Dora before looking onto Wakanda once again.

“As many times as I’ve seen this view, I never tire of it.”

“I feel the exact same way, [Your Name]. Especially the sunset, it’s truly breathtaking.”  Xoliswa responded.

An uneasy feeling settled upon [Your Name] as the sunset was mentioned. Nodding agreeing with Xoliswa, as the carrier started to land. The two made small talk as they gathered their items making their way off the aircraft, where they were met with another member of the Dora and [Your Name]’s older brother. As they made their way onto the runway she noticed a worried expression on the faces of her the Dora and her brother.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x reader

Summary: Erik knows exactly what he’s doing to her.

Word Count: 533


his aura ~ she can feel it when he walks into a room, like lightening whispering across her skin in the most pleasurable way, chills through her body, shivers up her spine. He stands in the corner, speaking quietly to T’Challa, one hand tucked lazily into his pocket, the other tapping a slow pattern on the side of his leg. He’s larger than life, larger than her hopes, wants, desires, and she doubts he even knows it. T’Challa moves across the room, and he moves with him. She can feel when he leaves, just as she can feel his eyes lingering on her, less like lightening and more like a gentle spring storm.

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SUMMARY | Erik and the reader have a serious conversation about where they see their lives going. And they have completely different ideas.


AUTHOR’S NOTE | I decided to redo this series to give it a little bit more depth, and detail since I couldn’t move past the second part. So enjoy!



Massachusetts 2014
             [Your Name] took a deep breath walking up to her boyfriend’s apartment, it was their usual movie night. With some takeout from different places from all over the city, a few new movies from Redbox and Netflix. The two would just have a relaxing night in that usually got a little heated.

But now, here she is, at his doorsteps with the food for movie night nervous about the news shes about to give him. Knocking on the door, she waited a few moments for him to answer the door. Trying to steady her breath and calm her nerves so he wouldn’t pick up the mental battle she was going through. As soon as he opened the door she smiled up at him leaning in to give him a quick kiss, making her way into the apartment. 

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SUMMARY | After Erik makes his presence know in Wakanda, a spy from Wakanda is in his sights that he knows from his past. And this time he makes sure he won’t let her go.

PAIRING | Erik ‘Killmonger’ Steven x Black!Reader

WARNINGS | Mentions of violence, emotional abuse, and abandonment issues. More will be added as this series continues.

                                        ORIGINAL VERSION


                                                 REMAKE [ INTRO ]


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A/N: it’s part two to a request I did a while back. I’ll reblog it after I post this so you guys can read them in order! This is for @thickemadame !

Summary: Erik is an ass and gets what he deserves.

Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Warnings: Erik is a jackass. ERIK GETS HIS ASS BEAT. That is all.

Word Count: Don’t know, why do you even bother looking at this part?


Originally posted by pantherclawz


“Yeah, and then he kissed me.” You paced back and forth in front of Jeremy as he sat, legs spread out while he watched you. “You’re gonna set the floor on fire with all that pacing, baby.” You stopped and looked at him, dropping your arms. “Are you not taking this seriously?” Jeremyshook his head and stood up, his height towering over you as he rubbed your arms. “I am taking it seriously but I rather conceal my anger for a moment and let you get your emotions out.”

You looked up at him and sighed, plopping down on the couch. “I’m mad. Pissed even. Why the fuck would he do that?! And after I told him I was happy!” Jeremy slipped his hands into the pockets of his sweats and shrugged. “It’s like you said. He was a selfish asshole, ma. Don’t let that shit get to you. What happened after he kissed you?”

“Well, I was shocked for a moment but when I realized what was happening I slapped him and pulled away. Gave him a few choice words, got in my car and left.” Jeremy nodded and sat beside you, rubbing your back before pulling your body against his. “I’m not gon’ lie to you, baby. I’m pissed that the nigga had the nerve to touch you at all. But…I think the two of you should talk. At least about what happened and why it happened.”

You bit your lip, playing with the strings attached to his sweatpants. “Maybe. I just…he friend zoned ME. Why the fuck would he do that?” Jeremy shrugged and gently played with your curls. “Probably because he’s done it before and it worked with other girls. So he figured it would work with you too.” You looked up at him and he glanced down at you, a gentle smile on his face. “I see why I’m with you. You’re not just pretty.” You spoke and Jeremy leaned his head back, letting out a laugh. “Oh, that makes me feel good, Princess. Thank you.”

“Oh and here’s another reason.” You gestured to the very poorly hidden print of his outer appendage and he looked down. “And the truth comes out. I’m still just a piece of meat to you.” You smacked his chest and giggled before standing up. “I’m gonna go make dinner.” Jeremy lazily tapped your ass, watching your figure walk away while he bit his lip. “When your done, can you make dessert too?”

You nodded. “Yes, only because I feel generous. What do you want?” You looked over your shoulder, smiling at him. “You.” Jeremy shot you a bright, white smile and you chuckled before winking. “Well, only because you’ve been so sweet and you’ve been my voice of reason.”


You called Erik shortly after dinner and explained to him in minimal words that the two of you needed to speak. You gave him a time and place, not wanting to have to speak with him longer than necessary and hung up the phone. He told you he’d make the reservation. It was as short as you hoped it been.

“You want me to be there?” Jeremy asked quietly while lightly tracing his fingers over your shoulders. You shook your head and hugged his large body closer to you. He chuckled and ran his finger over your head full of curls. “You don’t need to be. I don’t expect anything extreme to happen. And if it does happen you work like 5 minutes away.”

Jeremy laughed and tightened his hold on you. “I’m assuming you did that on purpose.” You nodded. “I know Erik. His ego is huge and even though he is relatively harmless, he throws tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants.” You sighed and Jeremiah kissed your forehead, letting the kiss linger.

“Just call me if you need me then.” You nodded and kissed his lips. He pulled your body closer to his, dipping you down a bit causing a giggle to bubble out of your chest. Your nails scratched at his beard and he pulled away, smiling down at you. “I’ll see you later, baby.”

You nodded and pecked his lips again before he walked to his car. You waved to him as he pulled off before turning around and walking inside. You made your way to the hostess, giving her a polite smile. “Hi, I’m here to meet a friend of mine. Stevens?” She nodded and led you to the table and sure enough he was sitting there. “What can I get you to drink?” She asked kindly and you gave her another smile. “Just a water for now.”

You sighed looking at Erik and he gave you a weary half grin. “Hey, uh, you look great.” You nodded and gave him small smile. “Thank you. You as welll.” He nodded, picking at his palm. “How’s things with uh…Jeremy? He seems like a great guy.” You nodded in agreement. “He is. I remember telling you that. Which is why I don’t get why you felt kissing me would be appropriate. Even after you friend zoned me.”

“And there it is…” Erik spoke, looking down at the menu in front of him. “Yeah, there it is. That’s what I’m here for. To get an understanding of what demon possessed you into thinking kissing me was the proper thing to do when I was gushing over my boyfriend moment prior.” Erik took in a deep breath, looking up at you with a slightly irritated look in his eye.

“No, you don’t get to give me that look. You were the one that fucked up. You were the one that attempted to play me and use me because you saw I wasn’t sulking about you rejecting me. So, give me the damn truth. I already know it. But you need to say it.”

Erik scoffed, shaking his head as you took a sip of your water. “What do you want me to say? I already told you I’m sorry and I really don’t know what else you want me to do.” You looked at him, revelation and disbelief taking over your features. “Are you kidding me right now? You don’t see the issue in you kissing a person that you clearly have no feelings for, the only reason being because you want control and power over who you THINK should be miserable?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? It was an accident and I said I was sorry. This ain’t got shit to do with me wanting ‘power’ over you.” You shook your head, biting your cheek. “Stop bullshitting me, Erik.”

“Bullshitting you? Don’t. Because last I remember you were trying to get at me and what? You’re all of a sudden over it? You ain’t even like a nigga forreal in the first place.” You tilted your head. Did this nigga just—? He did, sis. He did. You stood to your feet, grabbing your phone and keys. “I’m not about to sit here and try to explain something to you that you obviously don’t get. You weren’t interested! What the fuck do I need to hold on to you for?” Your voice began to raise. You reached in your pocket and left a tip for your waitress.

You turned around, walking toward the door with Erik close behind you. The moment you stepped outside he gripped your arm. “Fucking listen to me.” You tried yanking your arm from but his grip tightened. “Get your fucking hands off me, Nigga. I’m not about to let you take me out my fucking character.”

“I’ll let you go when you listen to me.” Erik huffed out and you continued to try to pry he hands from you. “Or you could let her go now.” You turned to the voice, visibly relaxing as you spotted Jeremy making his way toward you in his nicely fitted dark jeans, white t-shit, and gold chain swinging with each step.

Erik’s hand dropped from your bicep and you leaned against your car, taking a few deep breaths to calm down. “Look man, all due respect. This ain’t got shit to do with you. This is between me and her. “ Jeremy shook his head, stopping in front of you. “Well, you know, when I’m making my way up here to see how my girl’s doing and I see her ex-best friend gripping her arm, I get worried and then all this shit? Becomes my business. Now, step back or we gon’ have an issue.”

You looked up, lightly rubbing your hand over Jeremy’s back as Erik clenched his fist. “This really don’t concern you man just let me talk to her.” Erik took a step toward you and Jeremy placed his large hand on Erik’s chest. “I said, no. I’d hate to hurt you, bruh. Just keep it moving.” Erik glanced down at his hand, pushing it off his chest.

Everything happened a bit too quickly. It started with Erik pushing Jeremy and ended with Erik on the ground, blood running from his nose and a scowl on his face. Jeremy’s fist clenched and unclenched a few times, his large body heaving. You sighed and politely helped Erik to his feet before pulling his shirt over his nose. “Go to the hospital, Erik. But don’t mistake me helping you up as me saying I forgive you. I don’t. You’re selfish, egotistical, and you’re an asshole. You proved that to me today. Delete my number, unfollow me on all social media, delete my damn email. I don’t want anything to do with you.”

You let him go, taking Jeremy’s hand and the two of you walked away to your car. Erik expected you to turn back, give him a fleeting look but the only time you did turn was to stop and to give Jeremy a kiss of gratitude. He’d never been an expert at reading lips but he could clearly tell, even through the large smile on your face that you were thanking Jeremy. Thanking him for standing up for you. Thanking him for being there for you. Thanking him being everything Erik wasn’t.


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A/N:  Okay, coming at you with part two of Smile For Me Daddy!! @ Anon who requested this, I hope this is encompasses what you were asking for! This part took a much softer turn than I expected, so if you’re not satisfied or was hoping for something else, feel free to hit my inbox!! Tags are coming! They’ll be on a separate post. 

Warnings: At the bottom 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿.

This is for all my lil cute ass black gorditas out there rockin back fat, belly rolls and thick ass thighs that touch!!  x Reader is always gon be black, chubby, and sassy.



Originally posted by neaarty

“Why are you being so shy? You act like I haven’t seen it all before.”  Y/N snickers from her spot on the black couch, legs dangling over the edge and her back against the seat, her hand running comfortingly over the pelt beside her head.

Erik was currently in the bathroom adjoining the studio, getting ready for his photo shoot. He’d initially protested heavily against the idea, refusing to be half naked by himself in the “cold ass fuckin studio,” but when she posed the question of who else she could get to do it on such short notice, he grumbly stomped into the restroom with no further argument.

After about 10 minutes he finally emerges, wearing one of the Terry Cloth robes she’d put in there for him with the matching slippers on, and beard freshly lined up using his razor she’d stolen from the apartment a few weeks ago.  He’d been complaining nonstop about how unkempt his face was starting to look, but Y/N absolutely loved it, selfishly enjoying the feel of it when he rubbed his face across her skin.

She could tell by the way he was standing that he was a little out of his element, and she hops up from the couch, immediately switching over into her photographer role.

“Okay, take a few breaths baby, relax your mind a little. You look good! You’re about to kill this shoot right now, I’m mad I didn’t think about this sooner.”

He kisses his teeth, not believing a word that comes of out her mouth.

I’m mad you really got me out here doing this shit.  I look mad dumb right now babe.  I don’t know if I can do this.  You not bout to post these pictures around your studio, are you?”  He was starting to ramble and waver a little, so she grabs his hand and leads him over to the couch, pushing him down to sit.

“Hey,” she whispers, climbing into his lap to straddle him.  “Stop worrying, okay?”

She strokes her hands up and down his arms in an attempt to soothe him, kissing him around his face.

“You look fine Erik.  I promise.”  She lets her kisses trail down his neck, focusing on the spot he liked, and his hands move to caress her big thighs around him as he lets out a satisfied sigh.

She can feel the tension leaving his body as she comforts him, and she continues with her pep talk.

“Shit… you look more than just fine… you look edible as fuck right now.”  She pulls at the tied belt around his waist and the robe loosens, bringing her hands up to slide the garment off his shoulders and pepper more kisses there.

“You look so sexy daddy.  Don’t you want to look sexy for me?”

She looks at him with her big brown doe eyes, and all he can do is give a soft grunt in response.

“I promise nobody will see the photos. Just you and me.  For our eyes only.”

He looks up at her, eyes searching between hers for any signs of deception.

“You not bout to play me like you did at Thanksgiving in 2017, are you?” He narrows his eyes, and she covers her mouth to muffle her laugh, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.

“Aye! You said you weren’t gonna bring that up anymore,” she reminds him, and he grunts a low yeah, whatever.  

“I’m just tryna make sure you don’t do me dirty again,” She rolls her eyes at that.

“Boy hush.  Ain’t nobody bout to do you dirty. I am a pro-fes-sion-AL thank you very much.  Now, take off your robe and go stand over there so I can oil you up, ZADDY.”  She gets off his lap, sniggering and pointing to the “oiling station” where all the baby oil was.

He groans and rolls his eyes deep into the back of his head, getting up and shaking off his robe onto the couch.  Bending down he growls viciously into Y/N’s ear, snapping his teeth at her neck and making her squeal before smacking her on the ass.

Only for Y/N would he go through such nonsense, just to see her smile.

Running his thumbs along the band of his boxer briefs, he stands by the table, reaching up and pulling his dreads free from the bun they were in atop his head and shaking them loose.

Y/N goes into the bathroom to grab a towel, taking her camera from around her neck and placing it off to the side.

Coming back and grabbing a bottle of oil, she squirts some into her palms, rubbing the slick liquid between her hands and warming up the product.  Stepping up to him she observes the studded keloids that cover his broad chest that spread over to his arms, all the way down to his wrists and down his stomach just below his hip bones.

“Okay, you ready?” she asks him, trying to gauge his nerves since they were once again moving forward in the process.

“Girl, if you don’t get to oiling me down and stop playing so we can be done with this!”

He complains, and she slaps him on the stomach with a sickening *splat*, stinging him a little.

“Mean ass,” she mutters, but she rubs at the spot to soothe away the sting.

Incorporating her other hand, she works the product around his torso, taking her time to evenly coat it everywhere and cover every inch of his keloids.  She squirts some more product on her hands and continues, moving around him as she makes her way to his back.

Erik doesn’t provide any more commentary as he watches his girl, eyes focused on her concentrated face and the movement of her hands.  It felt so nice the way she was loving all over him, even if she didn’t necessarily mean to at the moment, and every brush and stroke of her fingers was done with care and precision.

When she gets to his shoulders she makes him kneel down, which he uses as the perfect opportunity to hug himself around her waist and lay his head on her stomach.

“Erik, cut it out! You’re gonna get oil all over my clothes,” she whines at him, flicking him on the ear.

He flicks her back on the butt, shrugging his shoulders.

“So, take them off.  I’ll do you next,” A sly smile parts his lips and she snorts.

“That ain’t how this works, nigga.  You not slick.”

“Yeah, and it bednot work like that either.  You not gone be doing this for everybody, are you?”

“No, Erik,” she laughs, tapping him on the shoulder to stand again.  “They’ll be doing it themselves, in the bathroom.  I only did it for you because I’m 90% sure you don’t know how to do it right.” She jokes, and his face deadpans at her, making her giggle some more.

And cuz you my mans,” she adds, giving him a cheesy smile and angling her face up at him.

“Yeah, dat’s right,” he leans down, placing a kiss on her lips.  

“Cuz I’m ya mans,” he murmurs against her lips, smooching her goofily for a few seconds before she finally pushes him away.

Taking the towel, she pats at his body to take away any excess oil, careful to keep enough shine for it to be subtle but still appear on camera.

She instructs Erik to get started by laying on the bed, telling him to pick a comfortable position while she goes to wash her hands.

Toeing off his slippers, he pads over to the bed and lays directly across it on his stomach, hearing the bathroom door close and the water run.

After about ten seconds, he moves, this time laying with his back against the pillows and facing forward.  

A few more moments pass and he grows dissatisfied with that position as well, and he shuffles around some more, this time ending up with a pillow in his lap while he sits cross legged in the middle of the bed.

Not even two more seconds pass before he throws his head back and groans at the ceiling, tossing the pillow behind him and getting up altogether.

Y/N had only been gone a few minutes, but the more time he spent alone, the more his mind filled with incessant thoughts about the shoot.

This was ridiculous.  There was no reason he should be so anxious, they were just pictures.

With the way his nerves were getting to him, he felt as if he was reliving the time he and Y/N were about to have sex for the first time, when he was so nervous he couldn’t stop pacing back and forth and picking the petals off the roses he’d bought for her.

Running his fingers through his dreads, he decides to just tell Y/N that he’s too nervous to go through with it when the bathroom door opens and she steps out.

Starting at her feet, an intricate floral design on black colored lace stretches up over her calves and past her knees, stopping midway at her thighs.  From there, two black bands on each side connect the thigh high stockings to the black garter belt she was wearing, the red g-string she wore peeking out from underneath.

Covering her full C-cups was a cherry red lace bralette that stretched thinly across her mounds, the delicate band under the cups stopping a couple inches above her belly button.  To top off the sexy ensemble, flowing effortlessly around her as she walked was a black silk robe with decorative Cherry Blossoms on the back, with branches crawling up the sleeves.

She looked delectable.

The way the red lighting bounced off her chocolate skin as she moved gave a sensual shift to the room, making Erik swallow thickly.

He was speechless as her soft foot steps carried her over to where he was, stopping to grab her camera and place it back around her neck along the way.

His mouth was hanging open, racing mind completely wiped clean as he looked down at his gorgeous baby girl standing in front of him.

She always knew just how to put his mind at ease.


The shutters of the camera blink as she snaps a quick picture of Erik’s awe inspired face, making a mental note to print an 8x10 to frame for her desk after they were finished.

His eyes were so lasered in on her cleavage, he almost missed the small twitch of her lips making her smirk a little.

“Like what you see?” She angles an eyebrow up at him, running her index fingers under the straps of her bra, pulling lightly and letting them snap back against her skin, the sound piercing in the otherwise silent room.

Erik doesn’t even bother with an answer before he bends down and scoops her up, grabbing her behind the knees as he lifts her to his chest, hooking her legs around him.

Her off guard shriek is cut off as his lips latch onto hers, muffling her little protests as he backs up until the edge of the bed hits the back of his knees, and he sits down on the bed with her in his lap.

Laying back, he wraps a hand around her neck to pull her down with him when she stops him with a hand on his chest.

“Wait Erik, slow down,” she pants trying to catch her breath, her hair wild around her face from the sudden intensity.

He cuts off her words again with pecking kisses to her lips, leaning up on his elbow as his full lips cover her mouth and quiet her.

With a hand to her back he flips them over, pushing her knees up and apart on either side of his waist and sinking his body down in between her legs.

He moves his face into the crook of her neck, his skillful tongue snaking out to lick and swirl all over the skin there, reaching up to push her camera out of the way and onto the bed.

She starts whining and grinding herself up against his stomach, feeling the bumpy texture of his skin rake against her barely clothed center, and he grinds with her, moving in sync with her movements.

She tosses her head back with a frustrated grunt, her nails digging into his shoulders and feeling his teeth sink into her neck.

An unfiltered moan escapes her mouth, and her breathing deepens as she falls further into the hungry lust Erik is pulling her into.

Feeling her arousal climb, he switches up their position and flips them back over again, lying back on the bed while she straddles his waist. His fingers reach for the flimsy material between her legs but she pushes his eager hand away.

“Nuh-uh, stop it you fiend.” She laughs, trying to catch her breath and fend off Erik’s wandering hands.

“We’re not here for that. You sposed to be posing for my photoshoot.” She reminds him, and he kisses his teeth, rolling his eyes as he blows out a frustrated breath.

“You forreal right now babe?  How you expect me not to be all over you when you walk out the bathroom looking like a whole meal?” He asks her, fingering her robe and pulling it open a little to stare at her gorgeous frame again.

Snickering, she snatches the material away from him, covering herself back up and tying it closed. She knew the affect she had on him.

“I wore this so I could help make you feel more comfortable.  Don’t think I didn’t hear your worrying ass while I was in the bathroom.”  Reaching over to grab her camera again, she puts it back around her neck, hoping it doesn’t get taken off again for at least the next hour and a half.

He tries and fails to come up with an excuse before letting his head fall back against the bed, closing his eyes and taking a deep sigh, looking off to the side.  Y/N sensed a serious shift in the mood, and she tucks some stray curls behind her ears before smoothing her hands over Erik’s chest.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Talk to me.”  Her voice drops down to a whisper, and her nails scratch softly over his keloids right at his favorite spot.  He turns his face back to her, grabbing her waist with one hand and lightly tracing his thumb along her tummy.

“I think I’m… a little nervous.  I mean, what if I look stupid babe? I don’t wanna ruin your idea just because I can’t deliver like you want me to.”  There was a touch of sadness in his eyes accompanied by something else she recognized, although he rarely showed it. Fear.

Getting off his lap, she lays on the bed, turning on her side to face him. Reaching up to brush a few dreads out of his eyes, she takes his face in her hand, turning him so he can look at her.

“You could never look stupid baby. Not to me. And especially not with this.”  He holds her gaze, mind working overtime to try and convince himself to believe her words. It may have been just a photo shoot, but to him, it was deeper than that. He was so vulnerable when it came to her, and he was afraid that one day she’d figure out that he would never be enough. That he didn’t fit in her world. Even if it was something as simple as taking pictures.

Her brows wrinkled at the uncertainty lining his face, annoyance scratching at the back of her brain at whatever, or whoever, had led him to believe that he had to second guess himself when it came to what they had.  As if he hadn’t been one of the best things to happen to her, a fact his actions reminded her of every single day.

Sitting up on her elbow, she leans forward and places a kiss on his lips, letting herself linger there as she enjoyed the sensuality of it.  She’d been so busy lately they hadn’t had the time to enjoy the simplicity of each others presence, and it showed in Erik’s hesitancy.  If he needed to be reminded of just how strong her feelings were for him, she had no problem letting him know.

Pulling back, she rests her head on his chest, him having laid back down flat on his back.  The lines of worry that were previously decorating his face had dissolved back into the smooth brown skin, a sated look replacing it.  The kiss had worked.

“You know I love you, right?”  She peeks up at the curve of his jawline, enjoying the view she had of the curly black hair peppering his chin as her fingers played in it. His lips twitched into a smile as he opens his mouth to answer.

“Yes, I know.”

“But you also know that I’m in love with you, right?”

She felt his chest tighten underneath her with the breath he held, not expecting her words.  She lets him take a moment to digest it, watching as he licks his lips and swallows.  

After a few beats, his breathing returns to normal, and he tilts his neck up to look down at her.


She smiles.  “Yes, I am.  Unconditionally.”  She lets her finger trace along the outline of his jaw, up to the lobe of his ear, massaging it soothingly between the pads of her fingers.  “I’ve never felt what I feel with you with any other person. It scares me sometimes, knowing just how powerless I am about my feelings when it comes to you.”  A twitch overcomes her soft smile, and she bites her lip, burying her head in his tummy to hide her face from him.

He feels a small leak of wetness touch his navel, and he gently lifts her face, pulling her up to him and cradling her, chin resting atop her head and her chin tucked into his neck. He rubs at her back with large circles, stopping every few moments to give her a tight squeeze, wanting her to feel safe.

She gives a small sniffle, reaching up to wipe at the bottom of her nose.

“Hey,” he bends his neck down, pushing her curls back from her face and wiping away a droplet beneath her eye with his thumb.

“Why the tears, huh?  Tell me.”  He whispers his soft command at her.  He kisses the top of her head, giving her time to steady her breath and clear her throat.

“I’m just….so happy.”  She looks up at him and places her warm palm at his cheek, an emotional smile on her lips.

“You make me feel really happy.  And safe.  And loved.”  As she continues talking the tears return, pricking at the corner of her eyes and she rushes to continue.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been loved the way you love me.  It’s the realest thing I’ve ever felt, and it scares me. Cuz I don’t wanna lose you.”  Tears fall and stream her face, but she wipes them away quickly as she grips Erik behind the neck, pulling herself closer to him.

“And I don’t want you to think I’ll ever want to.  Erik, you’re everything I could’ve ever asked for and so much more. Please never doubt that.”

He blinked, pupils wide and mouth a little open in shock as he stares down at her.  She did it.  He didn’t know how, but she managed to read him perfectly, saying all the right things at just the right time.  Squashing all the anxiety and fear he felt just a moment ago.  

And then he remembered the studio rooms.  The portraits hung delicately and intricately along every wall, the decor picked out just right for each room to help tell a story without using any words.  

Behind her camera or not, she had the ability see into people.  It’s why she was so amazing at what she did.

Erik feels a wave of emotion come over him as he looks into her eyes, and his heart swells at the feel of her wrapped in his arms.  He leans forward, closing his eyes and angling his face to press a slow sweet kiss to her lips, holding her face in his hands and savoring the moment.  He lets his tongue peek into her mouth playfully a few times, licking at her top lips before fully engulfing himself in the kiss.

They both get lost in each other, gripping and pulling at one another as they try to get as close as possible.  Y/N winds up on top of him, straddling his legs and grinding her hips into him as she kisses him feverishly.  He holds her waist with one arm, his other hand roaming over her body, stopping to squeeze at her breasts.

Suddenly he pulls his mouth away, stilling her hips.

“Wait,” he stops her.

She pauses, her breathing still heavy from kissing him.

Cupping her face in his hands, he strokes both of her cheeks with his thumbs, leaning up to press his forehead to hers.

“I’m in love with you, too. You know that, right?”

A bright smile spreads her lips, and she bites her lip, nodding.

“I know.”

He returns her grin, pressing another kiss to her lips.

“Good.  Now get ya sexy little ass up and grab your camera.  These pictures not gonna take themselves.”


Warnings: Softboi! Erik, Fluff, Anxiousness

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