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#erik kilmonger fic
can I get 3 with Erik? please

@alittlejd ! You were our first request, so thank you for submitting one! We had a lot of fun writing this one!

We hope you like it!

3. “Ok, but first kiss me.”


Synopsis: Erik had a reputation of being a fuckboy. That meant you had to be careful around him. Guard your heart. It was a solid plan until he came in and ruined all your plans.

Word Count: 3,408

Warnings: cursing

You stared quietly at your friends as you approached them from the Uber you took to the state carnival. You cocked your head in confusion because their boyfriends were with them. And never once in the three weeks of planning this excursion did they mention bringing their fucking boyfriends. 

Of course, why would they, you were the only single one and they really wanted you there and they really wanted you to not feel left out. But how could you not feel left out? Each of your three best friends had their gorgeous boyfriends and you, well let’s just say your Friday nights had become super lonely. 

As you slowly approached them you noticed a guy standing off to the side awkwardly. You immediately recognized him as Tonya’s boyfriend James’ best friend Erik. 

Fuck Erik. 

Well… not literally… plenty of women have already done that and you weren’t interested in being the next notch on his bedpost, as much as it seemed like he wanted to, and deep down, in a place you’ll never acknowledge out loud, you wanted to. 

You meant fuck Erik in a what are you going to do kind of way. Erik was one of those heart stopping, stomach dropping, butterfly causing looking niggas and you struggled to deal with it. Especially because he made it a point to flirt with you incessantly whenever you were around each other. 

“Hey guys.” You hugged your friends Tonya and Fiona and their boyfriends James and Trey. You smiled with heated cheeks when Erik approached you with his arms spread open wide for a huge hug. Erik wrapped his arms around your waist tightly and bent down to whisper in your ear. 

“Missed you Bunny.” His subtle cologne fills your nose and it takes everything within you not to pant like a bitch in heat. You smiled politely at him and pulled away. Turning around to glare at your friends. 

“What the fuck!” You whisper harshly. They smile devilishly and wrap their arms around you while walking to the front entrance of the fair. 

“You’re always at the dorm girl, we had to get you out.” Tonya said as she stood in the long line. 

“I already agreed to come out with you guys. I wanna know why the fuck is he here!” You quickly glanced back at Erik only to find him shamelessly checking you out. He made eye contact with you and sent you a full on smile, unashamed of him eye fucking you. 

“You stay at home too much whenever we tell you he’ll be there. He likes you and it’s clear that you’ve been avoiding him.” Fiona mentioned. 

“So we figured that we would play Cupid AND have a great time.”

“What if I don’t like him like that.” You started, but your friends were not having it.

“Bullshit. We know your pussy gets a heartbeat whenever he’s around.” Tonya utters with annoyance in her tone. 

Your jaw drops at her vulgarity. She was right. But she didn’t have to say it. 

“Now go have fun. Nothing has to come out of this. Just enjoy your time with him and we will all meet up in like two hours.” Fiona pushed you slightly towards Erik, while walking towards her man Trey. 

“Wait we aren’t going to walk around together?” You whisper back. 

“Uh…no.” Tonya uttered and pranced off with James. You watched in awe and shock as your friends left you standing next to the guy that made you fucking weak in the knees and crazy in the head, and he knew it. The longer you watched your friends walk away with their boyfriends. The more you realized that they set this up for the both of you. 

“So what do you want to do first, Bunny?” Erik looked down at you, his arms gesturing that he would buy your tickets for the fair as you approached the ticket booth and entrance. His nickname for you sent shivers down your spine. 

“I’m down for anything.” Erik smirked, licked his lips and stepped forward to buy your tickets.

“I’ll remember that.” You rolled your eyes at his stupidity. Erik shyly took your hand and led you toward your first ride. 

You rode two rides together and got matching henna tattoos, you were surprised when he agreed to get one with you in the same spot. Laughter bubbled up through your throat when he tickled you to distract you when the two of you went into a haunted house. His hands rested gently on your hips, following you slowly through the house of horrors.

The two of you ran out shrieking and giggling when Erik felt one of the actors accidentally brush up against him. 

You slowed down when you passed a booth with a giant stuffed elephant, your eyes big and wide as you stared wantingly. 

“You want it?” Erik asked. You took in your surroundings and noticed the elephant was for a basketball game. Maybe it was your height but you sucked at basketball. 

You slowly shook your head no and started walking ahead of him and away from the giant colorful elephant. 

“Come on bunny, if you want the elephant. I got you.” Erik grabbed you by your waist and pulled you back in front of the game. 

“How many girls have you done this for I wonder.” You muttered. Erik rolled his eyes and pulled out his wallet… again and paid the guy. He explained the game and passed Erik three balls. Erik looked back at you and gave you the sweetest smile. A fuckboy shouldn’t be able to smile like that, it’s disrespectful really. 

“Can I get a kiss for good luck?” You blushed and shook your head. No way! You weren’t getting sucked into that trap.

“Damn, worth a shot.” Erik winked at you and turned back to the game. Crossing your arms in front of you, you sway back and forth watching Erik sink three balls easy. 

“Take your pick, bunny.” Erik smirked and turned towards you, his arms spread wide as if he wanted to offer you the world. He really did have game, no wonder so many girls have fawned over him.

You pointed meekly at your elephant and smiled brightly when Erik reached up and got it for you. 

“What are you going to name it?” Erik whispered in your ear. You shivered but smiled softly when he handed it to you. You loved it already.

“N’Jadaka.” You smirked at his shocked face and held back laughter. “Psych.” That was a close one. He looked so genuinely happy that you almost forgot who you were dealing with. You had to be careful. This guy could really hurt you if you got too close.

After winning your prize, Erik took you to the concession stands. “I’m starving. What do you want to eat?”

You shrugged, “I just want a corndog. I’m not really hungry.” You were way too nervous to eat right now. It’s a wonder you’ve managed to make it this far. But fate was a cruel ass bitch and you were her favorite victim. Right before Erik started to speak your stomach let out the loudest growl. Louder than anything you’ve ever heard before. Your eyes flew to the ground with a quickness and you shrunk into yourself, your face hot with embarrassment.

And Erik, the asshole was laughing his ass off. “Lying ass! Ain’t no way you got ass and titties like that and you don’t eat proper. I don’t fuck with girls who don’t eat. Makes absolutely no sense to me.”

You hit his shoulder as hard as you could, but he didn’t even seem to notice it, he didn’t even flinch. “Oh, so you have a fetish?” You let a smirk form on your face, some light teasing will smooth over all this awkward energy.

Erik frowned, “What? Fuck no! Take that shit back right now.”

“Look, I get it. Thick women are all the rage right now. Do you, buddy.” You shook your head.

Erik moved in so quickly. One second you were staring at the back of his head as he walked in front of you and the next he was so close you could count the different flecks of brown in his eyes. You took a step back in shock, but he grabbed your waist and pulled you back. “First of all, don’t ever say no shit like that to me again. I’m not like these weak minded niggas out here. I don’t need a trend to tell me what I like. And I’m not your buddy. I’m not tryna be your friend, Y/N. I don’t know how many times I need to say it.”

“Ah, there he is. How many girls has that line worked on?“ You smirked and rolled your eyes. 

Erik rolled his eyes, "I’m not a hoe, Y/N.”

“Of course not.” You deadpanned.

You both agreed to split a corndog and a huge slice of pizza. You fought, but Erik insisted on paying for all of it and carrying it all to your table. You huffed as you sat down. 

"I could have paid for half, Erik.”

He scoffed and scrunched his face, “What kind of weak nigga lets a girl pay for a date? You don’t touch your wallet when you’re with me Princess.”

You couldn’t lie, the way he said that, like you actually offended him by mentioning it at all, was a bit of a turn on. You never would have pegged Erik as that type of guy, he had fuckboy written all over him. 

While you were in your thoughts Erik cut the pizza and corndog in half and set up a plate for you. He reached across the table to set it in front of you. “Here you go, Bunny.”

You just looked at him, the shock clear as day on your face. “Thank you. I didn’t know you could act civilized." 

"There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” He frowned.

You smirked, “I think I know enough.” You took a bite of your corn dog and moaned quietly. There was something magical about fair food. It always tasted so much better than anything else. You heard a groan and opened your eyes to see Erik with a pained look on his face. “What’s wrong with you?”

He laughed humorlessly and shook his head. “You’re killing me, Y/N.” He leaned across the table and grabbed your face. You were so shocked you couldn’t react, you just froze, your eyes wide. He slowly leaned in closer, like he was going to kiss you. Part of you was losing your shit and the rest of you waited with bated breath, the anticipation damn near killing you. Erik stared into your eyes, his own half lidded and seductive. After a beat, he wiped his thumb along the side of your mouth. 

“You had some mustard on your face, beautiful.” Once your heart rate slowed down a bit, his words finally registered and you were pissed. There he goes playing with your feelings again. And you fell right into it. You looked over at him and he was holding in laughter. You hardened your glare and he laughed so hard he almost fell off the bench.

“Asshole.” You muttered under your breath.

He worked hard to reign himself in, all that was left was the occasional snicker. “I couldn’t resist. You’re so cute when you’re angry. Like a bunny.”

You pouted and crossed your arms. “I hate you.”

“You don’t. You like me.” He grinned. 

“That would be a negative.”

He shrugged and licked his lips watching you bit yours. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Princess.”

You ignored him and started looking around the fairgrounds for what to do next. You couldn’t hide your excitement when you landed on the ferris wheel.

Erik followed your line of sight. 

“You wanna go on it?”

“Can we please?” You even pouted for good measure.

“Whatever you want, Princess.” He smiled. 

You squealed in excitement and shot off toward the ride. The ferris wheel was your favorite. When you were a child you used to go with your dad and he’d let you sit in his lap and watch the lights. The ferris wheel has always had sentimental value to you.

While you were caught in your thoughts you weren’t paying attention to where you were going. One second you were running through the fair, ignoring Erik’s pleas for you to slow down and the next you tripped and were catapulting to the ground. You closed your eyes and braced yourself for impact, but someone grabbed your wrist and pulled you before you made it to the ground. 

You were spun around so quickly you lost your balance and fell into Erik’s chest. He wrapped his hands around your waist and steadied you to his body. You looked up, you actually hadn’t really noticed how much taller he was compared to you, you only came to the center of his chest. Erik’s face was full of concern. He grabbed your face with both hands and scanned you from head to toe. 

“You ok, Bunny? Did you scrape anything?” You could only shake your head silently, you were still in a bit of a daze. You could feel the shift in the air, you felt it earlier when he wiped the mustard off your face, but it was much more potent now. The air was crackling with electricity. 

Erik pulled you in closer, his head tilting slightly. He was definitely going to kiss you this time. You closed your eyes and leaned in. Just a few more inches, a few more centimeters…

You were both startled out of your bubble when a kid ran by and bumped into you. You inwardly groaned with frustration, but you took some comfort in seeing that Erik was irritated too. That was definitely a close call. You almost got swept away. You had to be careful, Erik may be nicer than you expected, but he was still a fuckboy who would break your heart eventually. You shook off the haze and pulled away. You both made your way to the ferris wheel together, but it was different this time. You refused to acknowledge it, because acknowledging made it real, but Erik didn’t let go of your hand the entire way there.

The wait in line for the ferris wheel was awkward to say the least. You could feel the heat from Erik’s hand as it held yours. You tried a few times to separate the hold when your hands started to sweat, but he wasn’t having it. 

He eyed you sternly after your most recent attempt, “Why do you keep trying to let go? I slaved over a carnival game and won you a prize and you can’t even hold my hand? That’s cold, beautiful.” He pressed his other hand to his chest in playful hurt. 

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, trying your hardest not to swoon at the fact that he called you beautiful again. 

“Oh please, you have girls drool over you all the time, I’m sure you’re not worried about me.”

He moved forward and handed over your tickets. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bunny.” Both of you stepped forward as the ride came to a stop and got into the car. You smirked as you slowly rose up as the other cars were loaded. “Sure sure.”

Once you were close to the top, Erik shifted so he was next to you. His hand reached to grab yours. “I’m really happy you came today, Y/N. I hope I get more chances to spend time with you.”

You turned to him and smirked to hide your internal swooning. “You are definitely smooth. I’ll give you that. No wonder all those girls fawn over you.”

Erik pulled back to rub his hands over his face. “Stop saying that shit Y/N! You’ve been taking little jabs at me all night and it’s annoying! Why do you keep shutting me down every time I try to talk to you?”

“Because I refuse to be another one of your hoes who pines away for you while you’re on to the next set of open legs! I’m not that kind of girl and I’m not interested in a one night stand with you!” You sneered. 

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about! You’ve been calling me a hoe all night! Where are you getting that shit from!” He raised his voice slightly. 

You scoffed. “Practically every girl on campus. ‘Erik’s the best I ever had’ 'Erik ruined me for other guys’ 'Erik turned me out’. It seems like you’ve fucked everyone on campus but me. Is that why you’re so fixated on me now? Because I’m the one pussy you haven’t fucked yet?“

Erik’s hand shot out and landed on the top of the bench, the loud sound made you jump. He leaned in closer to you, his mouth in a snarl.

"They’re all fucking lying! I havent fucked any girl on campus because I’ve been checking for YOU!" 

Your eyes started to water. How dare he try to play you for some fool. "You must think I’m stupid. Am I a joke to you? You really expect me to believe that?” You tried to hide the break in your voice and the tears threatening to spill, but you were a terrible actress and your face was far too expressive. You looked away to stare at the lights and people down below. You needed a second to get your guard back up.

He frowned, “Yes! I’m not a liar Y/N. I’ve told you nothing but the truth since I met you. I had no intentions of getting with anyone when I started school, because I wanted to put all of my attention on basketball. I didn’t want any girls distracting me from that. I only went to parties because someone had to drive my drunk ass teammates back home. But that changed when I saw you at one of my games freshman year. I didn’t know you yet, but you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I’ve been checking for you ever since, trying to get your attention, trying to get to know you.”

You knew you were gaping, but you couldn’t help it. “I don’t understand. Why would all of those girls lie?”

He scoffed, “Because I turned down so many of them, they were probably embarrassed so they tried to get clout by saying they had sex with me. I heard a few rumours, but I didn’t pay it any mind because I knew they were all lies.”

You paused, “So all the play flirting?”

Erik kisses his teeth and leaned back, spreading his legs out so his thigh rested against yours. “Wasn’t playing at all. I like you Y/N. I’ve been trying to get you to give me the time of day for over a year. I want to date you, get to know you.”

Suddenly all of the things that didn’t make sense earlier pieced together. Erik paying for your food, his concern when you almost fell, all of the little pet names he calls you. It all added up and the realization hit you in the gut. 

“I’ve been horrible to you. You must hate me.” You covered your face in your hands. Erik scooted closer to you and pried them away. “I don’t hate you at all. Now that I understand where your head is I get why you acted like that. But that’s not me, beautiful. I’m not that guy. Everything I’ve shown you has been genuine.”

You nodded, “I know. I see it now.”

He smiled and grabbed your hands, “I really like you Y/N. You’re smart, and funny, and beautiful, and everything else I want. I want to make you mine, if you’ll let me?”

You nodded. “I like you too, Erik. Way more than I wanted to admit.”

He smiled brightly and grabbed your face. You closed your eyes as he got closer and tilted his head. You could feel his breath on your lips as he closed in, you could smell his cologne and the crisp night air. When his lips made contact you sighed and leaned into him, your hands fisting in the front of his shirt and pulling him closer. Your lips moved together like they were already familiar with each other, perfectly in sync. Way too soon, Erik pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.

“Y/N, will you be my girl?”

You smirked, “Ok, but first kiss me.”

He grinned, “As you wish.”

Taglist: @aislinnsilver @wawakanda-btch @chaneajoyyy @marvelmaree

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Synopsis: Erik gets into a lot of fights because of you. Maybe you aren’t what he needs anymore.

Word Count: 2,233

Warnings: mild angst, cursing, mild smut


Getting ready with Erik was always, ALWAYS, a hassle, the two of you could never keep your hands off each other. And tonight was no different. You watched intently in the mirror as Erik showered in the clear glass shower. He looked spectacular as the waterfall showerhead cascaded him with water.

You were supposed to be doing your makeup, but how could you with a sight behind you like that? You took a deep breath and tried to focus on the task at hand, this was exactly why you two had to take separate showers, the temptation was real, it always had been. But you both promised your friends that you would be on time tonight, especially to help them set up. The two of you were leaving to visit Wakanda for two months this time and your friends always missed you while you were gone. 

“Babe!” Erik shouted as he stepped up behind you, his wet muscles on display and his dark blue towel hung loosely around his hips. You clenched your fist tightly in order to keep your hands to yourself. 

“Yeah?” You leaned back to look at him. He smirked down at you then kneeled down in front of you a gently wet hand caressing your face.

“You ain’t even got no foundation on. You’ve been staring at my dick this whole time from the mirror?” Your eyes widened in surprise, a heat crept over your cheeks. You kissed your teeth and pushed Erik away from you. Erik fell back laughing, his deep boyish laughter, filled you with rage. You smirked at him as you stood up to take off your robe, showing off the new lingerie you’d bought to tease him with. His jaw dropped as he watched you step around him and walk into the walk-in closet that held your outfit for the night.

Erik’s jaw clenched as he watched you slip the red dress over your hips. He stood up quickly and approached you in the closet.

“Where are you going with that on?” His hands grazed your hips, his fingers playing in the lace.

“To the party, duh.” Erik planted two soft kisses on your neck. His fingers started gripping your hips tightly. Your ass coming into contact with his hard-on.

“You wearing that, you must be planning on letting me hit it in Cam’s backroom?” 

Your heart rate increased at the idea of fucking him in public. Again. You pushed your ass back on him, sighing when you heard a deep groan leave his mouth. His fingers crept around to the front of your dress and snuck their way into your panties, pressing a delicious pressure into your clit.

You nodded, not completely aware of what you were agreeing to, your only thoughts were prayers that he wouldn’t stop. And he didn’t, his fingers dove deep into your wetness and quickly brought you to a leg-shaking climax, your new panties effectively ruined. You rested your hand on the railing in front of you. Trying to catch your breath as you watched Erik put his fingers into his mouth to taste your essence.

“You are not leaving the house in that short ass dress with this sexy ass lingerie on under it, choose one.” He softly kissed your neck again and left your closet to go change in his. 


The party was going well until this guy approached you, aggressively. You tried to dissuade him repeatedly. You knew Erik would be pissed if he saw how aggressively this guy was handling you. Things could escalate quickly.

“No Tish don’t go get them we got this. Sir please leave me alone, I’m not interested.” You tried to remove your wrist from his tight hold, which was growing more painful by the second. 

“Come on sweets, you know I can take good care of you.” You tried to wrestle your arm free some more. You knew it was only a matter of time before Erik showed up on his own or Tish went to get him. 

“You’re hurting me.” You cried out. You stomped on his foot roughly only to be manhandled harder. Tish tried to step in only to be shoved aside. You knew this wasn’t going to end well. You really didn’t want Erik to have another body to add to his scars. You wanted him to get out of that lifestyle. But every five seconds it seemed like you were just pulling him right back in. 

You finally felt the guy let go of you and you looked up to see Erik’s hard eyes find you. He quickly checked you for injuries only to see you cradling your wrist delicately. 

You calmly watched Erik as he got into another fight. You knew his reputation preceded him because in the back corner of one of his homeboy’s house parties, no one paid him any mind as Kill knocked this guy out for putting his hands on you.

You were used to it by now, the annoyance blatant on your face as he continued to beat the guys face in. You looked around looking at the sparse crowd that paid Kill no attention. Most people knew that you were Kill’s fiancé, but you were fine enough that the ones that didn’t would always approach you trying to hit on you. Most stepped back once you told them you were engaged, but the few that didn’t made things more difficult for themselves. 

You understood why he was fighting right now, the guy had put his hands on you trying to get you to go home with him. 

But Erik’s anger began to scare you, it became too much sometimes. Erik told you before once he got started it was hard for him to stop. Especially when it has something to do with you. 

Erik loved you, it surprised you how much this man felt for you. Some days you couldn’t believe how much of a different person he was with you. But as much as he loved you. You loved him.

“Erik.” He stopped as soon as he heard your voice glancing back at you in the corner of the house party you two went to. “That’s enough Kill.” Erik looked back at the guy that he was holding up by his shirt, then back at you. He whispered a threat to the man, who now was sporting a swollen eye, then made his way to you. He placed a soft kiss on your lips and pulled you on to the dance floor. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close to him. 

You sighed as you rubbed your ass on to his growing hard-on. He rested his chin on your shoulder and wrapped his arms around you. You danced with him for a bit before pulling away asking him to come with you to the car. 

He held your hand, dapped up his friends with the other as you led the way out of the party. You lean against his brand new sports car and watch him as he lights a blunt. He offers it to you before he takes his first hit, shrugging when you decline his offer.

“This is getting to be too much Kill.” You state looking away from him and up at the starry sky. 

“What is?” He asks quietly looking at you, you make eye contact with him briefly then look down the car packed street and the full house party that you just came from. He stared at you from under his long eyelashes as he flicked the ashes off his blunt.

“This.” You pointed between the two of you. “Us.” Erik straightened up quickly, a growing sense of dread rising in his belly. He loved you so much, but sometimes you feel like a dream to him. Too good to be true. He knew after the first time you saw him fight, and you stuck around, you’d be the one he would marry. And when he told you about his plans for Wakanda, and you didn’t flinch but helped him perfect his ideas, you would be the one to carry his child. But even after all of that certainty, there was a small part of him that knew you were too good for him.

“You leaving me?” Erik stepped up to you. His height towering over you, his intention to intimidate you. But he forgot that you knew, you knew how much he loved you, that he would never do anything to intentionally harm the only light that’s been in his life for years other than school. 

So you shrugged in response to his words and his proximity. Your chest hurt doing this. But you knew this was coming, Kill was making more and more appearances and you were starting to believe that you were the cause of that. And it pains you to believe that he would go downhill into that dark place again, because of you. He told you about his past, who he ‘used’ to be before he met you. Before you helped him reconcile with his family, and help displaced people of African descent around the world.

Erik chuckled as he looked down at you, the love of his life, then away down the same empty street you were watching. You scared Erik, the very thought of you alone scared him. How in the world did you wrap him around your finger? The love he had for you was nerve-wracking, and the idea of you leaving was devastating. But he knew when you were this calm about something like this that he couldn’t react with all of his emotions. So he remained calm, he watched you quietly and took note of every reaction you had towards him.

“Why,” He asked softly, though he wanted to scream it.

“Cause, I don’t think I’m good for you. I can see how having me around tempts you to be more violent. I’m sending you backward, not helping you move forward like your cousins. I feel like being with me reminds you of a darker time. A time that you’ve grown past. You’re a prince now baby, and I’m not helping you wear your crown well.” An incredulous look crossed his face.

“Baby what are you talking about! You are my crown. None of this means shit if I don’t have you.”

“I can’t be your crown when I cause you to react like this. Imagine if someone caught wind that the long lost Prince of Wakanda was with some hood rat like me. Someone who constantly jeopardized the safety of royalty.” Your voice lost its edge, you lost your fight. The more you spoke the more you realized you were right.

“I refuse to lose you because of some of the illogical fallacies you have created in your head. You mean too much to me for me to allow anyone and I mean anyone to put their hands on you, and you know that’s not going to change. Maybe what we need to do is move.” Erik said a tone of hope returning to his voice. He quickly stepped up to you and grabbed your hand, his finger gliding over your engagement ring. You’d agreed to marry him, that meant you loved him right? He’d had this thought running through his mind constantly ever since he proposed to you, and you agreed before he was acknowledged as a prince.

“Move?” You jerk your head back in confusion. You didn’t want to lose Erik, and if he had a compromise that took the two of you out of these dangerous situations then you were all ears.

Erik pulled you closer wrapping his arms around you tightly, his fingers grasped your chin and angled it up towards his face.

“I have been thinking about it. T’Challa offered me the job to stay here and work at the outreach center. But like you said I can see how this place has affected us, just like it did my father. I don’t want you to lose me like I did him. So let’s move, let’s go back to where we were supposed to be. T’Challa offered me the job here because he thought I wanted to stay, but he says Wakandans have a great need for a historian that can inform them of the lessons, the pain, and the history that they missed out on while being hidden away from the rest of the world. Not to mention Shuri demanded I bring my engineering skills back to her lab immediately.” Erik chuckled and swiped his thumb across your bottom lip, before pressing a soft kiss on your lips.

“You want to move to Wakanda?” You asked softly, your lips still tingling from his sweet kiss.

“With you. Yeah.” Erik mimicked your shrug from earlier, a soft smile fell on his face as he admired your beauty. “Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready.” He kissed you again, a slight pressure and sense of urgency fell behind this kiss. You smiled into the kiss as you felt Erik’s hand graze your ass, a tell-tell sign that you’d be getting some that night.

You couldn’t say what your future looked like, but at that moment you knew with complete certainty that Erik was at the center of it. You looked into his eyes and smiled, your love for him clear in your expression.

“I’m ready.”


@aislinnsilver @wawakanda-btch @chaneajoyyy @marvelmaree

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Synopsis: You and Erik have some fun in the movie theater

Word Count: 1,264

Warnings: smut, cursing


“You are really bad at hiding how turned on you are.” Erik leans over to whisper in your ear, as the movie plays in front of you and his friends. Your ears burn hot as you try to focus on the screen in front of you. Your skin felt cool and sweaty at the same time. Sharing a spacious recliner with him had been the worst idea. The smell of him alone was fucking with you right now. Erik watched you squirm with amusement. It was only fair that you suffer the way he had to. You thighs always begging for his attention. The constant need to hide his hard-ons whenever he’s around you.

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Synopsis: You and Erik got into a fight and you were ready to cool off on your own. Too bad Erik had other plans

Word Count : 1458

Warnings: cursing


Originally posted by ovtrojeon

“I’m tired of having the same argument with you Erik! I’m done!” You could barely see through the tears building in your eyes, but you knew you had to get some space. There was no way you would be able to have a civilized discussion with him right now. You quickly made your way to your bedroom, ready to pack yourself a bag for the night.

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Synopsis: You made sure to not eat around Erik, you were too afraid of what he’d think. After a mishap, you still will never eat in front of him, but for a completely different reason.

Warnings: smut, cursing

Word Count: 1,725


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“Alright, babe I have to go. Come walk me to the door.” Erik lifted himself from the kitchen chair. Your stomach rumbled as you cleaned up his plate for him.

You hopped up to walk Erik to your front door, pouting the entire way, but secretly giddy he was leaving. “Bye Erik. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

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So this part is going to go into a little more detail about the guys and the whole fantasy/nymph aspect. I’ll also be  introducing a few new characters. Some were originally a teenagers but I aged them up. I’ll add their photos at the bottom of whichever part they’re in. This is a very ambitious multi-fandom story. I have no idea how many parts there will be but I enjoy writing it. 

 I hope you enjoy it. (Other gifs found @/fvuckyeahmikaelsons and @/adam-strange. I didn’t tag because I don’t think they’d want to be but I still wanted to give credit)

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