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Thoughts on Monster by King Princess as a Cherik song?

“I know we’ll never grow old together ‘cause you’ll never grow old to me.”

You’re the pink in my cheeks and I’m scared cause it means I’m a little bit soft”

“We were messed up kids who thought ourselves how to live - so scared that I’m not good enough”

“Only seen as a monster just say I’m used to it”

And I grew tough cause love it only hurt me back but loving you’s a good problem to have”

I mean it’s highly specific to Bubbline but I have Cherik feels and it fits them perfectly

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Very indulgent jealous Charles ficklet (based on the ballroom dance scene in Emma).

Part 1

The ball was in full swing around him. Charles was jubilant as he danced with Warren. His partner was pleasing in both his manner and conversation, and if the word going around was to be believed, quite the catch. Warren smiled at him widely as they stepped into the next sequence, leading him through the moves flawlessly. Around them sparkled the sound of good music and laughter, enlivened by the easy flow of good wine and champagne. Charles caught eye Moira’s eye as she twirled past him in the arms of Lord Janos and winked at her. 

He was breathless with laughter by the time the set came to an end. Charles fought a blush as Warren took his hand and raised it to his lips after they had bowed to each other. After agreeing to dance another set with him, Charles made his way to the refreshment table tired and absolutely parched. He had danced every song so far. He chatted merrily with some of his acquaintances as he had another glass of mulled wine, tonight felt like a success and he felt exuberant. If only Erik were here, Charles sighed to himself a little despondently. He had been called away on business a fortnight ago but he was supposed to have come back this afternoon. Charles hoped he would be here tonight, Erik’s absence always left him feeling out of sorts. There was no one to bicker with or make fun of. It left Charles feeling strangely bereft.

He was interrupted from his wallowing by Raven who had just arrived. She was dressed in soft chiffons with her hair styled according to the latest fashion. She looked wonderful. Charles pushed through the throng of people to reach her, she stood near the entrance of the room uncertainly. She had still now grown used to the niceties of society and it reflected in how she held herself. Charles frowned to himself as he neared her, he should have come with her. It was thoughtless of him to have abandoned her to her own devices.

Raven gave him a huge smile as she saw him, her face transforming instantly from its previous reluctance.

“Raven!” Charles exclaimed, “you look beautiful my darling”

Her cheeks reddened as she laughed at his compliment, “I had better, considering the number of hours I spent on my toilette this evening”.

Charles laughed as he took her hand and pulled her along, introducing her to people along the way. He had the perfect partner in mind for her. Lord Shaw stood in the corner with his usual retinue of followers. He had gained his title rather recently, but he was obscenely rich and rather charming. Like Raven, he was somewhat of an outsider in their society, but a welcome one no doubt. She would find it easier to be with him than any of the other more stuffy suitors. Somewhere in his head he could hear Erik’s disapproving voice telling him he was being presumptuous. He ignored it feeling miffed. Erik should have been here. It made very little sense for him to miss this ball, especially since he had been away for so long. Especially when he knew Charles would be there.

He shook off the unpleasant feeling in his chest as he introduced Raven to Shaw. The conversation flowed smoothly between the three of them. Raven seemed pleased, while Shaw seemed uncharacteristically hesitant and shy. He kept trying to draw Charles into the conversation, good naturedly laughing at him with Raven. Charles was just thinking of a way to extricate himself from the situation and leave Raven to make a new friend, when he caught sight of a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. Erik! Exclaiming in pleasure Charles hastily made his excuses and ignored Raven’s knowing look as he turned and hurried towards his friend.

Erik stood in the corner of the room talking to Mr Burchfield. He carried himself as stiffly as he usually did when he was out in society. Leave it to him to enter a party and find the most boring individual to talk to. Erik caught sight of him as he drew closer. The expression on his face softened and his stance relaxed almost imperceptibly. Erik’s lips curled at the corner as they usually did when he was happy but unwilling to show it.

“My dear Mr Lenhsherr” Charles cut into the conversation smoothly, firmly tucking his hand in his friend’s to tug him lightly towards himself. He gamely ignored the exasperated look Erik gave him.

“And Mr Burchfield” he said giving the man a little bow, “a pleasure as always”

The older man seemed a little taken aback by the sudden interruption, but he was also used to the quirky ways of the nobility. After a few polite words he was glad to leave them, but not before eliciting a promise from Erik to meet the next day to continue the conversation. 

Charles finally turned to face his friend fully, beaming at the familiar expression on the well loved face. 

“Charles, I am glad to see you remain as impetuous as always“ Erik said, his eyes crinkling at the corners as they did when he smiled. As rare as that was.

“And I am glad to see you remain as severe as always old man“ Charles shot back affectionately, while carefully observing the man before him, “you look tired, maybe you should have rested tonight“

“And risked you whining at me for ditching you for a month after?“ Erik said dryly, his eyebrows raised. 

Charles bristled a little at that expression, it was the same expression that Erik always adopted when he was feeling particularly lofty and disapproving. As if Charles was still a child and not a well respected adult. It stung a little, he wanted Erik to see him as an equal. He had long ceased to be the little boy who would Erik around and hanging upon him with stars in his eyes.

“I did not even note that you were gone“ he retorted with a poorly disguised scowl, turning to pick up another glass of wine from the passing server.

“Really?“ Erik was smirking at him now, “have you found more projects to keep yourself employed? I saw Raven on my way in, she looked beautiful by the way. I would keep her from Shaw if I were you“ he gestured towards where Raven was standing with the man, “he is an awful opportunist”. 

Charles felt himself flush with annoyance.

“I was actually glad to have the opportunity to enjoy myself without someone judging my every move“ he looked away, taking a fortifying gulp from his glass.

“Raven is doing quite well actually, Shaw has taken to her marvellously. In fact“ Charles paused for effect and finished the remains of his wine, “he has asked her to dance the next set with him“.

He looked triumphantly at Erik, only to falter at the contemptuous expression on his face. 

Charles could feel his temper rising. Coupled with the wine he had, he felt a bit light headed and brash.

“In fact“ he pushed on, ignoring the thinning of Erik’s lips, “I quite enjoyed myself in your absence, there was no one to check my every move and pass judgement on my manifold follies“ Charles looked away from Erik to glare at the glass in his hand.

“In fact, contrary to your opinion, people do find me pleasing company and I am not the spoilt child you make me out to be”

“In fact“ he said as he gestured towards Warren at the other end of the room, “Warren Worthington, the most eligible bachelor in the county, has been seeking my company of his own voilition. I am to dance the next few sets with him and I have not even noted your absence in the very least. So you see“ he paused to draw in a steadying breath, “I will not have whined at you, for I do not even care if you aren’t here. Indeed, I am far happier when you are not!“ 

Charles finished his diatribe with a pleased flourish of his hands, only to stop when he saw the expression on the other man’s face.

Erik’s face was a passive mask, his grey eyes cold and distant. Charles flinched at the sight as he realised he had overstepped as always.

“Erik..“ he hastily moved to correct himself, but he his friend was already moving away from him, untangling his hand from his.

“It is quite well Charles, I apologise for burdening you with my presence. Indeed you were only to say a word and I would have obliged“ he paused only to give him a stiff bow. Before Charles could say another word, Erik was striding away from him with his quick decisive strides, disappearing into the milling crowd.

Charles stood there feeling sick, an awful feeling rising in his chest. He felt alarmingly like he would cry. He was rescued from the moment by the arrival of Warren himself. Their set was due to start next. He allowed himself to be led to the floor and mechanically followed the steps of the song. His mind kept going back to the fight with Erik. It was unfair, it was terribly unfair. It was his fault, he never could control his tongue around him. But Erik had no business chastising him at every turn. He ignored the questioning look Warren sent him as they twirled together into the next sequence.

Tomorrow he would go over to Erik’s with some books and the chess set. They would work it out. Erik would be aloof at the start, but he would forgive him with the ease of practice. Perhaps in the evening they could go out riding to the river. Charles felt his chest unclench. They would be alright. He had missed Erik terribly. 

He smiled at Warren reassuringly, everything was okay. 

Suddenly a familiar couple whirled away next to them. He turned to look curiously only to stop short in surprise. It was Erik and Raven,

He tried to suppress the surge of betrayal that rose within him at the sight. Erik never danced. He had never danced with Charles, despite him asking a hundred times. Erik always claimed it was beneath his dignity to fail at anything, and he would certainly fail at dance. And here he was, gracefully twirling Raven through the set, with the soft smile that indicated he was genuinely enjoying himself. In the amber light of the room, with cheeks flushed with exertion, Raven looked beautiful. She was radiant. Erik looked effortlessly handsome as he always did. Heart achingly familiar and his. But dancing with another. 

Charles tore his eyes away from the couple, stumbling over the next few steps with a foreign clumsiness. As soon as the dance ended he bowed to his partner and mumbled a few excuses to make his way out of the stifling atmosphere of the room. There was a burning sensation in his throat. The idea of Erik dancing with Raven was unbearable. The idea of Erik dancing with anyone who was not Charles was unbearable. He was his best friend. The possibility of the fact that someone else could ever come between them was intolerable. 

He found an empty library and closed the door, his eyes burning. This was irrational, the logical part of his brain supplied. Erik was his friend, he was allowed to have other affections. Had not Charles himself enjoyed Warren’s attentions. No, the other part of him supplied fiercely. It was not the same. Charles knew that he did not feel anything for Warren, he was a pleasing companion and nothing more. Erik on the other hand did not make friends easily, and he had genuinely seemed taken with Raven. Even now they were there, dancing together without a care about him. 

Charles wanted to punch a wall, he wanted to break the crystal vase on the table, he wanted to pull Erik to him and shake him for being so foolish, he wanted to kiss Erik senseless till he forgot about anyone else, Oh.


He wanted to kiss Erik. He wanted. He wanted

He groaned in distress and sank into the sofa, covering his face with his palms. 

He loved Erik. It was a revelation. It was the most obvious thing in the world. 

He groaned again, shaking his head. Moira and Edie would be so smug.

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I was just watching a youtube video about the Romanovs and saw this nexflix poster, now for days I can’t stop thinking about Erik. Historical events aside I love how much emotion this composition exudes plus I can see Nina or Peter in the child’s position. Might want to draw something inspired by this image someday.

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Summary: You run a coffee shop for Anti-Heroes and Vigilantes, you didn’t know they cared about you so much until you’re put in what they consider to be danger.

Warnings: none that I know of

Word Count: 2186

Running a shop for Anti-Heroes was interesting to say the least, but no one dared come close to here. I walked up to the glass door of my shop and unlocked it, switching the sign on the door from Closed to Open.

I flipped on the lights and wasnt surprised to see Deadpool sitting at one of the tables “Goodevening, Deadpool” I said, like most nights. “Oh, finally! You take forever” He teased. I scoffed “Sure I do, you’re just impatient” I responded.

I walked behind the counter and turned on the smaller light to highlight the muffins, doughnuts, and other pastries. “Ooo, Timbits in America, that’s nice” Deadpool said, walking up to the counter. He took off his mask partially, I could only see his mouth, and dug into his pockets.

“Uuuhh, I have…” He looked down to the dollar bills he had “Four dollars, how much will that give me?” He asked. “Well, the Timbits are usually five, but I can make an exception for you” I smiled. “You know, if you keep cutting prices then you’re going to go out of business” Daredevil walked into the café, red suit and all.

I huffed “Well- ugh” I gave up, unable to think of a reason for my defense. Eddie came next, saying hello for both him and Venom, he ordered a coffee and gave me some tater tots to cook, aswell as asking for some chocolate.

Daredevil got a few Timbits, or donut bites as I called them as to not get sued. The Punisher walked in, skull shirt and black trench coat in all. He had a small gun strapped to his hips. He ordered a small coffee.

These were the usual four that came in almost every night, others came by occasionally. Wolverine walked in, he always had a frown on his face and said he only came in because this coffee shop was the only one that would serve him, but I thought he came in because he was lonely.

He took a donut and a beer, ones I have in a mini fridge especially for him. As I waited to see if anyone else would come in, I chatted with my costumers, mostly Deadpool but the others chipped in on the conversation.

The bell on the door rang as another man walked in, the Winter Soldier. I recognized him, he only came in every once and a while though, and didn’t like it when the place was too packed but that rarely happened. I waved a greeting and gave him a smile.

“And what can I do for you, Mr. Winter?” I teased. He huffed “I’ll try those new Timbits… the blueberry ones” He said, gesturing to the ones displayed. I nodded and got a bowl, taking out the small tray and scooping some up with a scoop. “How much?” He asked.

I thought, counting how many were in the bowl “Five, please” I stuck out my hand, leaning casually against the counter. He pulled out a five and handed it to me, going to sit in the back near Wolverine.

“So, how has being a super hero done to you guys? Have any interesting encounters or anything? I heard that the Avengers were going about, are you guys being safe?” I asked, looking over the small group of people.

Deadpool nodded “I dont know about these guys but I think I could beat them!” He said proudly “I dont know how I would get in a fight with them in the first place but still” He continued. I laughed.

“Sure, you could” Wolverine said from the back, “You wouldn’t even get a punch on any of them” He said, biting into his donut. Deadpool scoffed but didn’t say anything “My boyfriend doesn’t let them get near me” The Winter Soldier said, referring to Captain America “And how is he doing? I haven’t been able to ask” I said.

“He’s okay, a little stressed but fine” He assured, mechanical arm whirring as he waved me off. “Good, good, that reminds me” I tapped my chin “How’s Spidey doing?” I turned to Deadpool.

“Oh he’s great, always complaining about being sore but I think I’m helping” He said, not leaving much to the imagination. I shook my head, silently agreeing with the sounds of disgust across the room. “Sorry I asked” I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

I went to make myself a coffee. Once I was done, I went to from the counter to sit at a table, sitting next to Daredevil “So, Red, how are you?” I asked, sipping my coffee. “I’m fine, I haven’t been able to get much sleep though… my job has been keeping me up, plus this” He gestured to his costume.

“I understand, anyways I can help? Another coffee perhaps?” I asked. He nodded, giving me a dollar bill and a few coins. I got up and went back to the counter, making a coffee and handing it back to him.

The bell rang again. “Erik…” Wolverine growled, not having to look up from his beer to know it was him. “Hello, Erik, what would you like today?” I asked, ignoring the small feud between them. Magneto ended up getting a donut too, unknown to him was full with rich cream.

He bit into it and the cream exploded from the sides. I burst out laughing, falling against the counter for support. The others laughed too, Frank, who was next to him, slapped his shoulder when the metal accessories around the shop and the counter began shaking around us.

“I’m sorry Erik, do you want a tissue?” I asked, grabbing some napkins and bringing them over to him. He grunted and cleaned himself up. “Its okay… just tell me next time?” I nodded.

I went back to the counter, going to the side of it, sitting on the edge while sipping my coffee again. The bell rang again.

“Hello? Who are you, Lovely?” I asked, looking at the black haired man with curiosity. “My name is Loki” He said. I jumped off the counter and got behind it, beckoning him over.

“Choose something from the counter or the blackboard” I pointed up towards the blackboard with names of drinks and coffees scribbled on it. He thought for a moment, his face scrunched with confliction. “I will have… a few ‘cream puffs’, they sound delicious” He let out a hesitant smile.

I smiled reassuringly and took out a bowl, copying what I had done when I took blueberry Timbits for the Winter Soldier. I handed him the bowl and watched him take a seat farthest from everyone, glaring as Winter followed him with his eyes, glaring back. They seemed to know each other. I didn’t say anything though.

“I have to bake some more, does anyone want to help?” I asked, looking around the small café. Deadpool was the first to offer, Daredevil and Frank next, Wolverine and Winter said they would help next time. Loki said he didn’t want to mess anything up.

Eddie had fallen asleep, Venom probably having tired him out. Magneto grumbled in the corner and I didn’t want to bother him. I nodded with a smile and opened the door to the kitchen, letting the men through before going through myself.

I took the aprons off their hooks and handed them to the boys, each had their names embroidered on the front, they helped me bake a lot and I thought it would help with the arguments as to with apron was who’s.

“We are going to make some donuts and use the holes for Timbits and cream puffs since that was what you guys ate today, need to restock everything. Remember, if the bell rings up front, just continue to work, I’ll get it” They nodded and we got to work.

It had only been five minutes before the bell rang up front and I left them to work while I walked to the front. Erik had rung the bell. “What can I do for you, Magneto?” I asked. “Ironman has been circling around this place fro a while, I wanted to tell you because I think he wants to come in” He informed me.

I nodded, putting on my tough face. I went to the back. “Guys?” I asked, they all turned to face me with cute faces, well one cute face and the other two I could imagine. They were covered in flour and struggling to knead the dough. “What’s wrong? You have your "I’m trying to be tough but I’m actually just looking really cute” face" Deadpool asked, concerned.

I huffed but answered anyway “According to Erik, Ironman has been circling the place and I’m getting a little scared…” Daredevil immediately came up to me, holding my face in his hands, towering over me. “Dont worry, my Flower, you’ll be safe with us” He said.

Daredevil suggested we go to the main room and wait out the evening together, also suggesting that he walk me home. The others fought back saying they should should bring me home.

I sat on the corner of the counter and watched them fight. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind, a hand cupped over my mouth. I screamed against the hand though, struggling against whoever was holding me down, my feet hit the metal part of the counter loudly and everyone was alerted.

Their heads whipped in my direction and they were beating the man off of me in seconds. The Winter Soldier held the man against the wall by his neck “What do you want!” He growled.

The man struggled against the wall like I did against him, his feet kicking at the air. “Dont kill my men please” I heard from behind us. The guys surrounded me protectively and I didn’t get a chance to see who was talking. Daredevil, who was behind me in the circle, held me close to him so I would feel safer.

The man that was against the wall scrambled towards whoever was talking when the Winter Soldier let him go. “Director Fury” Winter mumbled, going to the front of the circle to face him.

“Getting your agents to attack an innocent woman? Sounds very like you” He growled, sounding very angry. I didn’t know they cared about me so much. I looked around the circle mad eup of everyone except Loki, he must of been part of this. If I did get the chance, I would probably forgive him, he could of been forced.

I didn’t like to hold grudges anyways. “I just wanted to know what was going on around here, a café full of all the people we’ve been hunting for years? All in the same place, I couldn’t resist” He said in defense of himself.

I huffed, as did most of the men around me. “Well, if you wanted to know so bad, it’s a small café, that’s it. Theres nothing special here besides handmade food and a nice woman who accepts us, unlike you” The Winter Soldier defended.

“And the rest of your agents dont have to hide from us, unless they make a move they’re going to be fine” Daredevil said, his body was tense. The Avengers seemed to come out of knowhere.

With some hesitancy, Daredevil let me go and I peeked out front he circle, feeling small compared to the people in the room. “Whoa” I watched the Avengers stand behind 'Director Fury’.

Although most of them were tense, with cold eyes scanning the group, Captain Amrerica looked soft, he didn’t want to fight. I noticed Loki in the group, he looked out of place and I waved to him with a warm smile, hoping he would feel better.

This was supposed to be a safe place for Anti-Heroes and Vigilantes like Loki, I hated to see anyone feeling unsafe here.

He looked surprised I even noticed him. He crossed his arms and suddenly found the floor very interesting. “Are you guys going to leave? If you didn’t notice the sign outside said this is a shop for Anti-Heroes and Vigilantes, not superheroes” I pointed out.

They huffed, leaving, bar the Captain and Loki of course, the odd man grumbled something to Captain America before leaving with his agent. “Hey, Mr. Rogers, come to see your boyfriend?” I asked coolly.

He had a sheepish smiled but nodded nonetheless. I let them sit at their table alone, giving them some time to themselves, while I got acquainted with Loki.

“So, how are you?” I asked, pulling up a chair for myself at his seat while everyone else went back to their seats cautiously, keeping an eye on me in case.

Meanwhile, the entire time, Eddie and Venom had somehow slept through the entire thing and the boys enjoyed playing with him that night.

I wrote this in like two days and I know that I posted yesterday and I’m sorry for being super inconsistent but like… I don’t know-

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