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#erik stevens fanfiction

Read Part 1

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik takes the reader to the shooting range and learns some interesting things.

Warnings: Language, a dash a violence, Fuckboi!Erik but mostly softboi!Erik, and mentions of smut

A/N: I’m loving this series, so I hope y’all enjoy!


Hanging out with Erik was a total shock. Back home you were used to people talking shit by dressing it up and making it seem like a compliment, but Erik, but Erik Stevens didn’t have no trouble speaking his mind.

If he didn’t like an idea you had for work it wasn’t a ‘Oh, it could be better.’ It was a ‘Texas, that shit fucking sucks. If you wanna beat them colonizers you need something better. Wake me up when you have something better.’

He had no filter on some of your outfits. “Y/N/N stop dressing like you about to go to the hoe down! This is New York City, dress like it!”

Sometimes you wanted to gouge his eyes out, but then you remembered whenever one of your coworkers insulted you, you didn’t break down and cry in the restroom, because Erik was already thickening your skin. You even found yourself snapping back at your coworkers when they tried you.

Then the self-defense training was a whole another beast! Erik was ruthless.  He trained you like you were gonna join the ghost operation, he was a part of in the Navy. It didn’t matter if you just threw up, your ass better be ready, his words, not yours.

Also, it was pure torture, but not because of the physical pain. It was because somehow someway Erik always ended up naked. His raised scars were a little jarring at first, but once you got used to them, it added to his appeal.

Erik was an Adonis, a Greek statute in the living flesh. Half of the time you got knocked on your ass because you were too busy gawking at his body. Sometimes it felt like he knew you were staring because he would just smirk at you.

And then those damn gym shorts he’d be wearing, do nothing to hide his dick print. And what you could tell from it was that it was nothing to play with.

Today he was teaching you a new lesson: how to shoot. Little did he know that you had expert marksmanship. Daddy-daughter bonding with your dad was spent hunting, fishing, and shooting. Erik Stevens was in for a surprise.

“Texas, you need to keep your legs shoulder width apart and keep your feet planted,” Erik instructed, sticking his leg in between yours, forcing you into the stance.

Having him this dangerously close to you made you tremble. His scent was intoxicating and having his hard body pressed against you made you want to lean back into him and stay there.

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Welcome to Social Distancing Sessions: brought to you by one sentence prompts and my refusal to do actual work from home. 

This one comes from the mind of the BP Librarian herself, @chaneajoyyy​.


1151 words.

Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.

“I don’t trust the government,” you mused as you scrolled on your phone. Your timeline was littered with hastily written articles on the novel coronavirus. Your eyebrows knit together in irritation when you came across a White House press conference where they assured the American people that they “had it all under control” while dodging every legitimate question from the reporters present. 

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t,” Erik Stevens confirmed, kissing your bare shoulder as punctuation. “Only trust your gut.”

Your gut had told you that this was going to be a bigger deal than officials let on. Even your limited medical knowledge was enough of a warning that this untamed virus would spread fast with the American healthcare system woefully unprepared to handle it. And if there was one thing you could always count on, it was that American people were too fucking stubborn and frankly stupid to take any legitimate steps to stop the spread.

You were in an incredibly lucky position that you could work from home before it was mandated. You had elected to do just that. You’d marched to the grocery store a week early and calmly stocked up on groceries; things you could freeze or had a long shelf life, along with your usual items. Your boyfriend Erik had tagged along, an amused smirk on his face the entire time.

“Look at my little survivalist! Going for the sardines,” he’d jested.

“You make fun of me for liking these, but now is my moment!” you’d declared. You felt no guilt while cleaning out the shelf full of salty, canned fish. No one buys them anyways. At least you weren’t losing your mind over toilet paper. One pack would do unless something with the sardines went horribly wrong.

Erik had insisted that you buy some “normal” snacks that wouldn’t stink up the house, and you’d agreed. Sometimes you just need some Oreos or cheesy puffs.

It had been eight days since that final grocery trip and things were going well in your apartment. Erik and you got along famously and had thus far avoided cabin fever. Between work meetings on Skype, daily walks, dance offs, Netflix, and fantastic sex, you were set. The two of you were coming down from the height of ecstasy when your current conversation over mistrust of the government began.

“Is it sick that seeing Trumplestiltskin’s orange face makes me want Cheetos?” you turned to ask Erik. He cringed at the name.

“I would’ve never enlisted if I knew that blimp of a man would have been elected,” he groaned.

You slid your naked body out from the sex soaked sheets and padded to the kitchen on the hunt for snacks. You grabbed your salty indulgence of choice and opened the bag to find it empty. 

“What the hell?” you murmured. You tried to remember if you had already eaten them already, searching through your memory of the last few days, but came up with nothing. Other than initially opening them, you definitely had not eaten the rest of the Cheetos. 

In a quarantine situation, that left no other culprit than Erik.

You stormed back in to the bedroom, gripping the emptied bag in your hand. You didn’t fuck around about your snacks. This nigga had the audacity to eat them and put the empty bag back on the counter. You were going to let him have it.

Erik giggled at his phone screen, not noticing the anger on your face.

“Babe, did you see that people are saying they’re making everyone stay inside so they can replace the batteries in pigeons? And that the 5G networks are what’s actually making people sick?”

“What the fuck, Erik?” you announced.

“I know!” he guffawed, not looking up. “These conspiracy theories are sending me.”

“You ate my snacks?” you accused him, finally getting Erik’s attention. “That’s not cool. We both bought our own stuff.”

Erik looked up at you in confusion. You’d given him no warning that you were ready to fight.

“Uh… no.”

“Nah. You did. I bet you’re hiding shit too!” You stomped back in to the kitchen, determined to find proof. Erik followed you, unsure of what you were on about.

You began to open the cupboards one by one, slamming them closed when you didn’t come across any hidden Takis or Chessman cookies.

 “Mind telling me what this is about?” Erik inquired, leaning against the bedroom doorframe.

“This!” you rounded on him, shoving the empty Cheetos bag in his hands. “I can’t believe this!” 

Erik inspected the bag carefully as you ranted about trust and rationing. His eyebrows lifted as he found the problem.

“Uh, babe,” he interjected coolly. 

“WHAT?” you yelled, just reaching the precipice of your rant.

Erik turned the bag upside down and pointed at a small hole at the bottom. You looked at it closely. It wasn’t a rip or a tear. It had been chewed through. 

“You have a mouse.”

You shrieked and pulled back.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! What do we do?”

Your cat had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, staring at the stove, but you figured it was one of those weird things cats just do. You’d never seen or heard any evidence of mice. You kept your apartment clean. You definitely didn’t want exterminators coming in when you were trying to socially distance yourself. This timing couldn’t be any worse.

You looked to your cat, now camped at the foot of the bed.

“You knew about this and didn’t say anything?!”

Erik braced the edges of the stove and pulled. The unit detached from the wall easily and Erik bent down. He illuminated the wall with his phone and hummed to himself.

“Mice really are some smart motherfuckers. Looks like they haven’t been here long, but they sure like Cheetos.” 

You gagged. 

Erik stood and turned to you.

“I can have my buddy here to handle this in an hour. In the meantime, let’s check the rest of our provisions.” 

You nodded, itching to pick up your cleaning products.

“Isn’t there something you’d like to say to me?” Erik probed as the two of your sorted through your bounty. You looked at him quizzically.

“Something that begins with ‘I’m sorry, Erik…’?” he said languidly.

You scoffed. 

“I’m sorry, Erik. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You didn’t eat my Cheetos,” you apologized lowly, guilt in your voice. You pushed out your lower lip, silently trying to convince him that you couldn’t be held accountable for your actions when it came to food.

He chuckled, gold fanged teeth flashing. He reached forward to hug you, having already received a confirmation text from his exterminator friend.

“I can’t say the Teddy Grahams are safe though,” he joked, eliciting a small slap on the pectoral from you.

“If someone’s going to be in this house, I need to put on clothes!” you yelped. “And a mask!”

Erik rolled his eyes.


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Originally posted by pantherclawz


Part I

Warnings: Smut, Dom Kink

Pairing: Erik x OC/Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: Processing a break up can be hard, especially as the perfect woman to an ungrateful asshole. Healing from heartbreak Elle finds herself finding comfort in Erik’s company but he’s offering more than just kind words as a consolation. Oh, and Erik’s the ungrateful asshole ex’s cousin.

Bayyyyyyyybeeee I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’

“Honestly Elle whats wrong with you? He cheated so what if you fuck his cousin? At this point I encourage it cause you’re interrupting my me time with your lonely ass” Her bestie says over face time getting an annoyed eye-roll in response. There was something about Erik that Elle couldn’t shake. The little details of decor in the house, how kind he’d been, how he’d seriously just given her such a nice place, for free and with no strings attached. He was mindfucking her, literally. He was there in almost every idle thought.

“Put yourself out of misery and just do it”

“You’re giving me bad advice” Elle shout’s continuing to cook when she hear’s footsteps. “Hello?” She ask’s bracing herself until Erik rounds the corner.

“Hey sorry to bother you, I just need something” He comments looking at his phone and somewhere else. Its disappointing when he doesn’t make an effort to give her further acknowledgement disappearing down a corridor.

“Look at you all pouty like a puppy” Reese whispers making Elle rush to her earpods - “come on you deserve to be fucked and good by someone who knows how” Reese says sending Elle into full blush. Only her best friend could repurpose romantic lines from movies to get her all worked up.

“Shut up Reese, I’ll call you back”

“When you do I want full details, offer him some food - balls empty, belly full” Reese winks over the phone before Elle hangs up heading back to the pot of food and stirring.  Elle continues with her culinary delights even after she hears footsteps and feels Eriks eyes canvassing her body, her hair tucked neatly into a low bun as she cooks in a short house dress.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger X OC (Fey) X Trevante

Status: In Progress


Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.












Author’s Note:

This story is still in progress, if you would like to be added to the taglist comment and I’ll make it happen.

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Characters: Erik x black!reader

Summary: Erik promises to help the reader navigate New York.

Request: “Country Girl goes to New York and meets a tough guy New Yorker who teaches her the ropes and then they get together”

Requested by @nervouspetsonanime


With a lot on your mind, you set your purse down on the table and went to refill your drink. The stress of the workday was getting to you and you were only midway through it. Before you went back to work you had to figure out a way to deal with some of your shady coworkers.

Making your way back to your booth, you saw two men standing there arguing. You were hesitant to go back and was about to find a new seat to avoid the scene but then you remembered your purse.

“Man, I’m telling you put that shit back or we gonna have a real problem here,” you heard, getting closer to the two.

“How about you mind your business?” The other guy asked, moving his arm behind his back. That’s when you noticed he had your purse in his hand. The dread head was trying to get this thief to put down your purse.

Noticing movement near him, your savior turned to you. Pointing to your bag, he asked, “Aye, lil mama is that your bag?”

Your mind short-circuited for a moment because of this man. He was so damn sexy. Tall, dark, and thick just like you liked em. He sorta reminded you of the guys back home except for the Oakland accent.

Finally, gathering your bearings you answered the man. “Yeah, that’s my bag and I don’t know why it’s in his hand.”

The Good Samaritan stared down the potential thief and pulled up his shirt to reveal his gun and v-cut you couldn’t keep your eyes off of. “You got 10 seconds to figure out if that purse is worth a hospital bill.”

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- New Oneshot/Short March 15th - OUT NOW

- Revised Masterlist : March 15th - COMPLETED

- New DNA Chapter: Mach 18th - OUT NOW

- Ending PULSE: March 19th 

I will also be taking requests this week so send them my way I’m open to writing for new characters. 



Originally posted by hoechlin



Originally posted by unfcollection

Jamie from Topboy, 


Gabriel Maddox/Rome Flynn from HTGAWM 


Originally posted by soapoperaworld

so don’t be shy :)



Masterlist Here

Also Comment if you would like to be added to my taglist. I only have 1 ATM but I can start making separates.


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A/N: Someone on here was interested in a tidbit where this happened with a BP guy, so I thought I’d try my hand at writing it lol. Something quick, something light.


Faux locs still slightly wet and skin moisturized from a shower, you lay across your bed scrolling through Instagram. It was finally Friday and you’d been planning some self-care all week. Work was stressful, and a little drama between your friends left your brain fried and drained, so this time was vital. You planned on ordering your favorite meal via DoorDash while catching up on your favorite YouTubers, and then starting on a new Netflix series everyone on your timeline was talking about. Phone on Do Not Disturb. No friends, no annoying work emails; just Y/N and what Y/N wants.

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Originally posted by untmd

Pairing: Erik Stevens X Reader will always be black and chubby or just black
Summary: Reader and her family are hosting their annual Christmas party and reader gets the shock of her life.
Warnings: None
Song Suggestion: Mistletoe x Justin Bieber
A/N: Should I do a Part Two?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, lights fill the streets; spreading so much cheer…

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in sickness and in health

Pairings: Erik Stevens x Reader

Warnings: soft! Erik

Summary: Erik catches a bad cold.

A/N: why is it always during my exams that I actually get to writing smh. a lil sumn sumn I’ve been thinking about🤗


  • you had married a man baby.
  • Erik was a big man baby, you thought as you watched him whine about his blocked nose.
  • he never got sick.
  • when he did, it was just for a couple of days, and it was never dramatic
  • but now? God help you.
  • he’d spent the night tossing and turning, talking about being cold one second and hot the other
  • the worst thing – which was also the best thing?
  • he was extremely needy and clingy
  • good because Erik was never one for cuddles. sure, he’d be down if you were to crawl into his arms and settle there, but he never initiated it or asked for it.
  • he wanted you close to him, he wanted you to take care of him
  • worst because you couldn’t do shit
  • you’d gone out one night with your girls. nothing fancy, just dinner. but this man had your phone ring every fifteen minutes talking about “Babe, I can’t find the pills for my throat”, “Where do we keep extra tissues?”, “Do I heat up the chicken soup or the tomato soup?”, or “What’s my prescription for the antibiotics again?”
  • exhausting
  • taking him to the doctor when he started getting worse? a nightmare.
  • “I’m a damn Navy SEAL. I’ll be damned if I go to the doctors for a fucking cold.”
  • “first of all, you was a Navy SEAL. second, you got the flu. now get in the goddamn car before I go Killmonger on your ass.”
  • he did get in the car but not without pouting all the way there.
  • probably regretting the day he proposed to you but eh, too late.
  • but at the end of the day, even as exhausting as he was he was your man baby
  • that’s the thought that crossed your mind that day when you came home after work one day, finding him in your bedroom laying on his stomach only wearing his boxers
  • he was already better, no more mucus but he still had chills and headaches
  • you just stood there, observing him in his half asleep state
  • “well you gonna come cuddle me or you just gonna stand there?” he said, opening one eye.
  • you rose your eyebrows at him. he sighed.
  • “will you please cuddle me?”
  • satisfied, you dropped your purse and kicked off your heels, rounded the bed to climb on your side and spoon him.
  • once your arms were around him, he released a satisfied sigh and kissed your wrist just as you kissed his bare shoulder.
  • “you know we’ll be switching roles pretty soon, right?” you whispered.
  • “hmm. in sickness and in health, or whatever we said.”
  • you giggled. “that’s right, baby.”
  • may I just add that that nap was one of the best you’d ever had
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Pairing: Erik Stevens x OC

Content: Romance, Drama, NSFW

Medinah has never had a problem with getting what she wants and having success. She’s got it all. So how is she still feeling like something’s missing? An unexpected newcomer comes to push her to her potential, and learn a little bit about their own.

Author’s Note: Okay, so this is gonna be my first full fledged and premeditated attempt at a piece of fiction. I’ve been planning long and hard on this one, and I still am lol, but I’m winging it. First chapter dropping this weekend, maybe before then. Really excited! (writers pls help lol)

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Pairing: Erik Stevens x Reader

Word count: 4.1k

Warnings: Smut per usual lol.

A/N: So this one is a request someone made in December, hence the New Year’s theme. (I’m so late lol I’m so sorry) It was a request for jealous sex. So I gave it a shot. Hope you guys like!

You were putting the finishing touches on your makeup. Smokey eye, glossed lips, and gold highlight; a simple but classic look for the occasion. Tonight was the company holiday party for your job, a New Year’s Eve celebration, and making a good impression was an understatement. It was no secret that for the past three years, your contributions at work were making waves in the Atlanta tech industry. You were one of the most talented black female coders in the area, and a highly sought out expert for new coming businesses. Company owners and city donors from far and wide would be in the building with offers for collaborations and donations to your program, and it was your job to keep them happy and entertained. You were more than willing to do whatever you needed to do to keep your rank on top, so if dressing up and cheesing for old white men was the ticket, then so be it. The planner opted for a local lounge for the event as opposed to the usual stuffy hotel ballroom. Clad in a satin red slit dress, you were more than ready to be see.

After moisturizing your hair, setting in the organic waves of the Malaysian extensions, you stepped into your bedroom to slip into your shoes and head for the door.

“I’ll be there, just hold off until then. Can you get the files from finance?” you heard from the living room. An occupied Erik sat on the sofa engrossed in a phone call with one of his assistants, you assumed. Being a director at the Wakandan Outreach here in Atlanta, Erik had been invited to the event too. You’d asked him to be your plus one a couple weeks ago, to which he strongly declined to your dismay. When you started dating almost 6 months ago, you both decided it was best to keep your situationship under wraps. You didn’t need anyone thinking he was your key into the tech business, and he didn’t want anyone thinking he showed favoritism to you or your company. By now you figured it was time to go public and just enjoy the holiday together. Erik, however, saw it as a bigger risk than you’d thought.

“Baby I’m headed out.’ you slipped out as you stealthily headed for the door.

“Okay babe, I’ll lock the do-” he started towards the door, stopping in his tracks once his eyes landed on you. His gaze traveled from your toes, painted white just like he liked, up past your supple thighs and cleavage that fit the dress like a glove. He didn’t overlook your French manicure and the special details in your makeup. His girl looked perfect.

“Damn Y/N, you know this is a work thing right?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, though his lip was wedged in between his teeth with lust.

“Yes,” you rolled your eyes and folded your arms. “A work thing you refused to go to with me.”

“Well if I knew you were goin’ out like this…” he muttered as he extended his hand for yours, prompting you to spin around. He stopped with your back turned to him, fully drawn in to your ass and how it sat in place against the fabric. He let out a gutting groan once he started feeling himself grow and strain against his sweats. Even though he got to see you next to naked nearly every day, seeing you dolled up did something different for Erik. It reminded him of how you would dress up for you guys’ first set of dates. Lately you both hadn’t had much time between work.

“Why don’t we just skip this thing and celebrate 2019 at home?” he grumbled into the flesh of your skin, peppering wet kisses along your neck and shoulder. You giggled at the tickle of his lips and fingers.

“I can’t baby, this is really important for me and we’ve got a lotta big faces coming.”

“Mmm my girl is so talented, so beautiful.” Erik mumbled the praises into your ear sweetly, moving to rest his forehead against yours.. “I’m so proud of you.”

You gave him a small peck and smiled against his lips. “Thank you. Now seriously I have to go. My ride is waiting.”

“You riding with Ayana?”

Here came the moment of conflict. Ayana was your best work friend, so it makes sense that Erik assumed you would ride with her. Erik had met her a few times going to work outings and conferences. Dallas Jackson, however, he didn’t take well to. Your 34-year-old supervisor was extremely easy on the eyes and charismatic for days. It was no secret that he was one of Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor. But his keen sense of entrepreneurship was what you admired, and lacked. Knowing this, Dallas had agreed to be by your side as you mingled with the big rigs.. Did Erik need to know all that? No. But you imagined how you would feel in his shoes, and it didn’t feel right withholding the information.

“Actually…I’m going with Dallas.”

Erik pulled away, jerking his head back and smacking his lips.

“Oh hell nah Y/N you know ion trust that nigga. I’m taking you,” he said blankly, sweeping his phone up from the couch and heading towards his shoes post-haste.

“No the hell you’re not, he’s my boss and he’s helping me talk to our clients. And how the hell are you gonna try to go now when I begged you and you said no?”

“That’s before I knew this nigga asked you. I ain’t having it.” He was almost completely dressed at this point, tossing his blazer on.

“Actually, I asked him.” you retorted, folding your arms and leaning your weight on your left leg. Erik shot his head up at the information, eyes glazed with malice and jaw clenching. The staring contest he was trying to hold lasted for about 10 seconds and you weren’t backing down.

“So you just gon’ ask this sneaky nigga to take you out like you single or some’, and I’m just supposed to show up and let it happen?”

“You can’t let or not let anything happen because I’m not asking. You not my daddy nigga.”

Erik unwillingly chuckled and smirked at your choice of works, leaning his head forward with a knowing look. You both knew good and well that he had definitely been Daddy on a couple of occasions.

“I’m not joking with you Erik, I needed a date and you said no, so I’m going with Dallas. Period.” You half-yelled, grabbing your clutch and heading for the door again. He stayed put in his spot, face still smothered with distaste and anger. He’s always been a little jealous, so the behavior didn’t surprise you. You wouldn’t ever tell him out loud, but the jealousy he had for you held a piece of sentiment that you liked. The competitive spirit and protectiveness he upheld in these moments made you feel wanted, safe, connected. But again, you weren’t telling him that.

“Y/N I’m serious!”

You sung out a smug goodbye, strutting out to the car and making sure that you were in Erik’s view. Served him right.


The ride to the lounge was fairly short and smooth. Dallas was dressed in a grey suit ensemble that accentuated his tall, slender figure. His reddish curly hair and low cut was shaped into a sophisticated updo that reminded you of the 30’s. Not quite your type, but handsome nonetheless.

Upon entrance to the club, you both were greeted by coworkers and other managers. The lounge was decked out in classy holiday decor, gleams of gold and silver lights along the high walls and tables. The doorways were all embezzled by glamorous satin ribbon pieces. The DJ was centered in the back of the space, currently playing a holiday selection that was scattered with jazz instruments. You casually sipped on a selected punch as Dallas chatted with an older white couple, the woman laughing infectiously. You observed the interaction closely, zeroing in on Dallas’s mannerisms. He would occasionally hold her hand or whisper in her ear, and she would blush like clockwork. From this view, you could see why Erik was cautious about him.

After a few more minutes, Dallas was back at your side, right arm draping across your shoulder..

“Okay Y/N, we got a big set of rounds to make. A few donors are ready to drop, so we’ll hit them first. You think you ready?” he asked, smiling down at you.

“I don’t know if I persuade like you can,” you said truthfully.

“Probably not yet,” he chuckled, “but you’ll learn. This is all just a game of cat and mouse. You know the business, and you look beautiful.” He eased out the last compliment fluidly. He may not have been serious, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t make you want to blush just like the woman he was just talking to. “Just be confident, and go with the flow. And when all else fails, let the dress do the talking for you. ” He nudged at your side playfully, pulling a more relaxed smile out of you. You accepted the small comments as platonically as you could and relaxed.

For the next two hours, you were joined at the hip, moving around from person to person. You had almost established a routine; if it was a woman, you would strike up conversation by complimenting her dress or shoes, and Dallas would segway into a pseudo-deep explanation of your company’s mission and goals to appeal to the ethos. For the men, he would introduce you and have you explain your programs, and you would do so while trying to ignore the old man’s eye on your breasts or legs. At any rate, each encounter ended with a check written in hand or a scheduled follow-up meeting to discuss donor options. It was astounding to watch Dallas memorize these people’s stories and lives and be able to recite it back to them. He was like a machine. You two were dynamic and racked up donations and collabs like it was nothing.

Every hour it struck close to midnight, you  two would take shot or drink. You had just taken another when you finally spotted Erik walk in with a few guys from the center. He spotted you out like a sore thumb, but didn’t dare speak to you. Everywhere you went with Dallas, you could see him out of the corner of your eyes, smiling and laughing with everyone. Women were flocking to him like magnets, and you couldn’t blame them. All black suit and shirt, dreads pulled effortlessly, but neatly to the back in ponytail, gold jewelry, Tom Ford dress shoes. A staple look for Erik that you never got tired of. What you didn’t see was how irritated Erik was getting as the hours went by, noticing yours and Dallas’s body language loosen up with every drink. If he didn’t know it, he would think you two were actually dating. It killed him.

It was now 11:37 pm, and soon after you lost count of how many people you’d met so far, your feet were begging for relief. Dallas picked up on your disinterest and excused you both from the older couple, leading you over to the bar. He helped you perch up in the high-set barstool and sat in the one to the right of you.

“Thank you, you don’t know how bad these heels are killing me,” you admitted as you rotated your ankles to recover the sensation in your heels and toes. He chuckled at the faint expression on your face.

“Well they look incredible, and thanks to you we’ve almost pulled in more contributions in one night than we had all year. All praise to them heels baby,” He put his hands up in surrender, pretending to bow and kneel. You cracked up at his serious expression, shamefully gushing.

“Shut up. For a second I thought I was gonna be overdressed.” you mumbled, adjusting your neckline.

“No such thing for something like this. These old niggas let their eyes do the thinking, and between your knowledge and that,” he motioned towards your dress, “they’re stuck like magnets. If I was your man I’d be scared to let you out the house like that.” He threw a playful wink before grabbing the attention of the bartender. If only he knew how close to home he’d hit.

“Champagne?” You thanked him as you took the tall slender glass from his hands, sipping and savoring the crisp and sweet beverage. You closed your eyes in bliss and opened them, only to be met grimly with a set of eyes you weren’t expecting heading your way. The sight sent you into a coughing fit before you even realized it.

“Y/N you okay?” Dallas urged, tending to you urgently. He patted your back until you calmed down. “Breathe, breathe.” You allowed the even breaths to get you back to normal. All the while, Erik fixed his eyes on the interaction until he was right in front of you.

“Can we help you?” Dallas asked, orientating his body towards Erik.

“Nah, we good fam. I got it from here.” He slid right past Dallas to stand in front of you.You peered your eyes up at him menacingly. There was no way he was really doing this. You were dreaming, maybe.

“Excuse me?”

“I said we good, bro.”

You stood up immediately, placing yourself in between the two.

“I’m sorry D, this is my…a friend of mine, Erik Stevens.”

“Ohhh I remember from the outreach program, nice to see you man.”

Erik stared at the man’s extended hand once before mugging back at him, uninterested in the gesture.

“Like I said we cool D, she wit me for the rest of the night.”

“Ah can you give us a minute please Dallas?”

“You sure?” he asked cautiously, unconvinced that Erik was in his right mind and was safe for you to leave with. You probably would’ve thought the same thing if you were in his place.

“She asked you nicely to leave, I’m not gon’ fuckin’ ask you dawg.” Erik asserted himself towards Dallas. He had officially lost his mind. Erik followed you as you dragged him towards the back of the lounge until you arrived at one of the private powder rooms. It was very spacious and lush, accompanied with a vanity mirror, granite countertop and a velvet bench. Erik followed in as you locked the door.

“Have you lost your damn mind?!” You gritted threw your teeth.

Me? You lost your damn mind if you think I’ma let that nigga parade around here with my girl like that!”

“Newsflash nigga, I am not a piece of meat, I can make my own decisions! Just like you decided not to come with me tonight, right? And second of all, technically you’re not my boyfriend. What was I supposed to do, not let him touch me?”

“He touched you?!” he raged, leaning towards the door.

“Erik you’re going crazy! What do you want me to do, huh? Go out there and tell my boss to fuck off? Or tell the donors to not look at me while I’m trying to rally their support? This is my job Erik, a job I’m damn good at. I’ve been working hard to get to this point and Dallas was helping me with that. Do you even care to know that we pulled in more donations tonight that we’ve done all year?”

Erik remained silent at the statement, shame settling in.

“Of course not, cuz all you care about is who’s looking at my ass.” you retorted, turning towards the mirror.  You wanted to just leave his ass in here, but you were too embarrassed and ticked off to face Dallas again now. Erik slumped up from the bench and came behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Look baby, I’m sorry. I tried to stay away but all I could see was that nigga touching on you and talking shit, and you look so damn good tonight.” he kissed your cheek before looking at his and your reflection in front of you.

“And the fact that you’re jealous gives you the right to act an ass?”

“No, no it doesn’t. I didn’t mean to flip out like that, I just…” he sighed running his hand across his face. “I fucked up didn’t I.”

“Yeah genius, you did.” you shook away from his grasp turning towards him.

“Look I’ll talk to dude. Tell him I was drinkin’ and got caught up. It’ll be fine.”

“That’s not gonna fix this Erik, Dallas isn’t the problem.”

He studied your face for a minute, seemingly putting an answer together. The truth was, he trusted you with everything in him; he trusted you with his life. The past months with you had been some of the most transparent and memorable moments he’d ever had with a woman. You made him feel at home, a feeling he never wanted to lose. Perhaps that fear was exactly what kept him up in arms.

“I trust you, okay? Shit…it feels like I trust you too much sometimes. You’re one of the only people I trust, and that’s probably why I can’t stand seeing someone shiesty like that nigga come around you. I really am sorry, Y/N.”

You digested his words, and hated yourself for almost succumbing to him. Your time with Erik has taught you about his trust issues with the world, and you knew deep down that learning to be transparent with his feelings was a process. His constant need for your approval stemmed from something in his past that he didn’t want to revisit. However, you weren’t interested in becoming the punching bag for his insecurities.

“Can I tell you something else?” he murmured.


“You look sexy as fuck when you’re mad at me.” He grinned, purposely letting his golds show. His whole demeanor had changed, and you’d be lying if you said your body hadn’t noticed. He picked you up quickly set you atop the vanity.

“No no no no, you’re not about try to pull me back in with some compliments and a cute face.”

“I can’t compliment my girl now?” he grumbled into your neck and collarbone, sucking gently. The sensation was unexpected, pulling sounds from you against your will. The devil knew your spots and weaknesses too well, especially when liquor was in your system.

“I’m not your girl remember?” You moaned out as best you could. Erik didn’t seem to care, his kisses getting sloppier and hungrier. The party sounded like it was picking up once you heard the DJ announce that there were 15 minutes left until midnight. Erik had moved from your neck towards your chest, and then quickly to your legs. He opened them by gripping your knees and proceeded to meet face to face with your pussy underneath a lacy black thong. The inside of your thighs had emitted enough heat to have the aroma hitting his nose. As angry as you were with him, he knew this might be his last time tasting you for a while. He groaned at the thought of that before pulling your panties to the side and diving straight into your lips.

Erik ate your pussy like he would never eat anything again. He shifted between sucking you up whole and flicking at your clit. As usual your mind went somewhere else; eyes shuttering, mouth stuck open, legs twitching. You tried to focus on not making too much noise up until he pulled away and full-on spit directly on your pussy and slapped it before eating it again. The vulgar move shocked you, causing you to peer down at his smirking face. He knew his girl liked the back of his hand.

“Mmm you eat my pussy so good baby,” you cooed at Erik, your hands moving to cradle his head. The small gesture of affection motivated him. He fucked you with his tongue expertly, hitting just the right spot. You were only a handful lip smacks and sucks away from cumming directly into his mouth. He used his power over your orgasm to mess with your head.

“You think that nigga can fuck you better than me?” he muffled out, face stained with your juices.

“No, baby.”

“Can he eat your pussy like this?”

You shrieked in fear, almost falling off the vanity from thrashing your legs. Erik anchored you down gently by your stomach to keep you steady and giving himself better access to your G-spot.

“You forgive me?”

Unfortunately, you weren’t that close.

“Ughhh, noooooo!” you hollered out, though it came out more like a loud moan. He didn’t like that; he was determined to break you.

“You sure?” This time, he kept his eyes on you during his attack. Seeing Erik on his knees, which was rare, and looking directly into your soul was sending you upwards. You both knew that you had forgiven him as soon as he started kissing you,but verbally saying it was another thing. Your hearing started to weaken aside from the repetitive sucking sounds against your clit until the waves of pleasure  rushed over you and out onto Erik’s face. You were out of breathe at this point, panting as his expanded lips kissed yours.

“I think your body is saying otherwise princess.”

“Just shut up and fuck me.”

He chuckled at your boldness. You’d managed to get up on the countertop on all fours, thong removed and dress pulled up above your waist. Erik marveled at your round cheeks and spread lips peeking out, arched just for him. He massaged them before tasting you one more time, then proceeded to undress his bottom half and press into you. The strokes were absolutely perfect, alternating between quick and hard to slow and slippery. As sated as he made you feel, you knew it had been a while since you stepped away and you needed to get back out to Dallas as to not raise any suspicions. Erik was purposely playing with your nut and you weren’t having it.

“Erikkkk I gotta g-, I gotta get back out there.”

“You want me to stop?”

“No I want you to make me cum,” you scowled looking back at him with a look that dared him to stop. Your pussy clenched at the sight of him watching you, making him hiss out.

“Shit, your pussy too good to rush baby. You should see how creamy yo-”

His praises were interrupted by the DJ calling out that there were 5 minutes left until countdown.


“Okay! Whatever you say.” Erik grappled one hand around your waist and started pounding you. He covered your mouth with his other hand once your moans turned into small screams..

“Careful what you wish for princess,” he grunted out between strokes, not that you heard him. You were focused on heat rising in your stomach and flutters spreading. Erik slowed down, still stroking expertly,  determined to get his apology from you before letting you cum.

“Tell me you forgive me.”

“Stoooppppp Erik,” you groaned out. If you weren’t so close you might’ve started fighting him.

“Tell me and I’ll give you want you Y/N,”

“No! Shit fuck it,” you rose your upper body up from your elbows to perch on your hands, throwing your ass back athletically. If he wasn’t gonna give it to you you were more than prepared to take it. Erik’s strategy fell apart right in front of him, weak under your control.You were milking him at this point, pulling strings of curses and compliments from his lips. If this is what unforgiveness felt like, he considered making you upset more often.

The next thing you knew it was ten seconds until the new year. You continued to ride Erik to the sounds of the party congregation yelling and counting down, encouraging the orgasm you’d built up to release.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6….”

“I feel that shit Y/N c’mon, I’m right there with you.”

He started to meet your thrusts with his, climbing towards his own climax.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1….HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

The cheers and applause fluidly swallowed the sounds of you and Erik’s screams and orgasms. Though you were still worried about Dallas and your friends, neither of you could imagine a better place to be going into 2019.

You both caught your breath and started to freshen up quickly.

“You still don’t forgive me?” he asked buttoning up his pants.

“No, Erik I don’t. You embarrassed me from

You rolled your eyes at him through the mirror while reapplying your lipstick. Finishing and putting your makeup back in your bag, you threw him a hell no over your shoulder as you headed out the door carefully.

“More makeup sex for me,” he threw back.

Once the coast was clear, you headed out stealthily to the dance floor. You played at the hem of your dress, jumping at the touch of someone’s hand on your shoulder.

“Hey girl where’d you go? You missed the countdown?” It was your coworker Ayana.

“Oh I was in the restroom. Too much champagne girl,” you giggled out nervously. She gave a knowing smirk and mmmhmm at your statement, as if she knew something was up.


She averted her eyes downward st your dress. You inspected closely until you landed on a white wet stain on the hem of your dress.

You definitely weren’t forgiving him now.

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Aka: Erik _____ Stevens

Suggested Listening: House Party by Floyd Fuji

This is my entry for @hoopshoney​ and @purple-apricots​‘ celebratory Fic Fest “From Wakanda with Love.”

I chose the prompt “Car sex looks way easier in the movies.” It will be in bold in the fic. 

Obviously this is smut you might as well take your panties off now.

Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.


Erik Stevens.

Erik Dick-Me-Down Stevens.

There was just something about that man that had you absolutely dripping. Your primal need for him to bend you over and fuck you in to oblivion came roaring to the front of your mind any time he flashed that golden smile or glanced your way. The sleeveless shirt he wore, exposing his massive muscular arms and peculiar body modifications that dotted the top of his shoulder, tugged deeply at your gut and had your need pooling between your thighs.


Keep reading

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Lemme tell y’all about the stupid shit my brain is doin…

So, I started writing the next chapter of Love Is Divine but it’s basically in pieces right now. However, I have the next two chapters after that (16 & 17) pretty much completed. So… yeah… I don’t know when 15 will be finished but I’m gonna shoot for sometime this week.

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This one is a little shorter than usual but I’ll have the next one out quicker plus a little something else… 😉

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks, he’ll in the past few days. In the midst of all the drama, I’ve been letting my relationship with Erik absolve all of my focus and I’ve seriously neglected to make classes and school work a priority. Not that I’m failing to complete assignments or anything but they definitely haven’t been up to my usual standards.

So for that, I decided that I would skip partying tonight and actually buckle down on some homework. I even firmly put my foot down when Erik called me up wanting to go to Nico’s ratchet as party. But Erik, of course decided to pop up at my apartment anyway with a damn textbook. Now he and I are sitting on my couch doing homework which kind of works in the opposite interest of me focusing on my school work.

It’s been a week since we ended our sexual relationship and, aside from the fact that we now stay fully clothed in each other’s presence, nothing’s really changed. He’s still Erik, I’m still me and we’re still best friends. Which is why we can sit across from each other while I suffer through my Entertainment Law homework and he reads up on Electromagnetics, whatever the hell that is.

I reach my leg over and tap him with my sock covered foot. “What is that?”

He looks up at me and then back down to his book. “A textbook.”

I roll my eyes and suck my teeth. “Obviously. I meant what the hell is Electromagnetics?” I’ve become a little bored with my homework and since he’s  here, annoying him would provide the perfect distraction.

“You want me to explain Electromagnetism to you?” He says it like I just asked him to scale Mt. Everest naked.

“Is it hard to explain?” He chuckles at my question but doesn’t look up from his textbook.

“Nah, I could explain it, I don’t know how much you would understand, though.” I heave a sigh and toss my assigned reading on the table.

“Whatever. Take a break with me.” I reach over and try to snatch his book but he moves it out of my way before I can get to it.

“Ain’t you the one who wanted to study today? Now you over here tryna fuck wit my education.” I roll my eyes at his dramatics. I’m fuckin with his education but he was plannin on goin to a damn party tonight.

“So what if I wanted to study, I’m bored now and I wanna take a break.” He picks up my discarded papers and hands them back to me a tad roughly.

“Nah. I couldda been at Nico’s gettin faded a whole hour ago but you wanted to do homework, so that’s what we doin. You betta read that shit.” I instinctively reach for a pillow to hit him with but he has both of them behind his back propping him up.

I settle for the next best thing and kick his thigh, but he grabs my ankle before my foot can make contact and pulls me forward on the couch. “Ain’t nobody told you to bring yo ass over here in the first place.”

“Why you got a attitude today?”

“I don’t have an attitude.” I say snappily, somewhat proving his point. “I’m just tired of this damn essay.” I toss the papers on the table and flop back onto the couch with folded arms.

Erik picks up the papers and skims over the pages. “What class is this for?”

“Entertainment Law.” I sigh. I’ve only been taking this class for one month and it’s already draining the life outta me.

He laughs and puts my homework back on the table. “You still on that pre-law shit, huh?”

I raise back up so that I’m sitting on the couch. “I’m not actually, it’s apart of my music business elective.” He looks at me a little surprised. “Unfortunately, switching my major did not make me exempt from shit like this.” I gesture lazily toward my discarded homework.

Around this time, almost a year ago, I was in college earning a political science degree and planning to go to law school. Generally whenever I’d tell people about my plans, I’d receive congratulations and well wishes. Erik is the only person that ever challenged me on it, in the most Erik way possible:

I was ranting to him about how I was kind of dreading going back home for the week. Even though I loved my family, I just knew I’d have to field all the damn questions about school and law school and just about everything I didn’t want to talk about. And the whole time I was talking he just listened to me attentively with this contemplative look on his face.

“Why you goin to law school if you don’t even wanna be a lawyer?” His question kind of caught me off guard because I didn’t think I’d ever said out loud that I didn’t want to be a lawyer.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be a lawyer, I just don’t like all the damn questions. I mean, I just started college, why do they constantly ask me about something that’s years away?” Going home on break always felt like going home to an interrogation and I hated it. All anyone wanted to know about was law school and my damn grades, nobody ever just asked about me. And if they did, it only led to the questions about school.

“Nah,” he shook his head. “I known you for a whole year now and this is definitely the first time I ever heard you mention law school or any of the shit you just said. You know what I hear you talk about all the time, though? Music.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “That’s just a hobby—”

“A hobby you could make a career out of if you tried to. I heard you sing before, I seen the way you look even just talkin about music. You got talent and you love it, that’s all you need to make that shit ya lifestyle.” Erik’s always had this way of holding the mirror up to me and making me confront my own bullshit. A lot of the time it could make adjust my perspective, other times I’d be stubborn and try and fight it.

“You don’t understand my family, it’s just not that simple.”

“Why? Who you doin this for? For ya mother?”

“No, for my dad.” He just looks at me, waiting for me to elaborate. I never talk about my father or his death, more than that, I never talk about all that me and my family went through afterwards. “My father died the end of my freshman year in high school. I never talk about it. It was really hard for me at first cuz me and him were so close and it was really really sudden.” I cleared my throat and tried my best to continue to speak around the lump that was forming.

“Maybe like a year after I started to notice that some things were… different around the house. My mother was always stressed out, her whole entire mood would change whenever she’d check the mailbox. And then one day I came home and heard her crying and not just crying but sobbing, with a literal pile of bills in front of her.” For as long as I live, I still don’t think I’ll ever get that sound or that image of my mother hunched over the kitchen table crying out of my head.

“And when I saw that I just always promised myself that my mother wouldn’t have to struggle like that. My father was a lot of things and one of them was a provider. My mother never stressed about bills when he was alive, he would never have let that happen. So I had to step up.” I didn’t even look at Erik, I couldn’t. Unloading all of that on someone else made me feel raw and extremely vulnerable, I hated it.

“So you wanna take care of ya mom? I get it. But why does that mean you have to throw ya life away?” I never looked at it as me throwing my life away, more like giving something back to my mom.

“I’m not—”

“If she knew you was plannin to put ya self through 8 years of school so you could get a job doin somethin you don’t even care about, just to take care of her, you think she’d be aight wit that?”

“No. I guess not.”

“I guess I can understand wanting to take care of ya family but you don’t have to put ya life and ya dreams on hold to do that. You can take care of them when you take care of you first.” This is what I meant about Erik being able to just switch my perspective. I always thought I was just doing what I needed to do, but maybe he’s right, maybe I need to focus on me right now. After all isn’t that what college is for?

“So maybe you should stop doin what you think she want you to do and just do you.”

At that time in my life, almost all of what motivated me was doing what I thought my family needed from me. Erik made me understand that doing that at the expense of myself wasn’t worth it. When I went home that week and told my mother what I was planning to do, she wasn’t even a little surprised. She was happy for me. So when I got back to campus my first stop was the registrar’s office.

“You know, if it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be on the path to law school right now.” He looks up at me from his textbook confusedly.

“What'chu mean?”

“That day, right before Thanksgiving break, that talk we had about me bein a lawyer and taking care of my family. I changed my major after that conversation.” I just realized that we’ve never talked about this. He probably has no idea the impact he had on me moving forward with school.

“Word? I ain’t think you was gon take what I said that serious. You tryna tell me I changed ya life?” He’s joking but he really did. Making the decision to change my major was about way more than just what I’d be studying, it was about changing the way I approach my life. That was a big deal to me, it still is.

“Yes.” I say simply and he just stares at me dumbfounded, I think he underestimates how valuable he can be. The truth of the matter is, just the words that come out of his mouth his can change somebody’s entire life.

Without another word, he turns his attention back to his textbook and for the next 2 hours we sit in silence while we complete our homework. It’s just like old times, like back in freshman calculus when the two of us would stay up late studying. At that time we were in constant competition for the highest grade in the class. But usually we’d go out and blow some steam off after studying and even though I told myself I would chill out on the partying from now on, I really don’t wanna fuck with tradition?

“Hey,” he looks up at me from where he’s packing up his books. “Why don’t we go hit up Nico’s? It’s only 11 and you know that fool is gon be partyin til like 3 in the mornin.”

“You sure?” He looks adorably excited at the prospect of getting to spend his Friday partying like he originally planned to. I giggle and nod in agreeance.

“Why not? I’ve done all of my work for the weekend, it’s still early, we might as well.” He jumps up excitedly and slings his bag over his shoulder.

“I’ll be back in like 30 minutes, be ready when I get here.” That’s very unlikely but I smile and nod anyway. He shoots out of my apartment like a rocket and heads down to his car.

When he gets back 45 minutes later of course I’m still in my room. I’m showered with my make up done but still trying to put together an outfit, which he is less than pleased about.

“Yo, you still naked? Just put somethin on!” I roll my eyes and ignore the commentary. Erik’s not one of those guys that just jumps out of bed and throws something on. He actually puts a lot of effort into his fashion choices but even he doesn’t understand the process of picking the perfect outfit. Lookin this damn good takes time, you can’t rush this.

“I’m almost ready, I’m just tryna figure out the shoes.” He stalks over to my bed mumbling about “it’s always the shoes.”

I dig in my closet for my lemonade Air Max 97s that I practically had to lock up to keep away from my sister. All the while I can hear Erik shuffling impatiently on the bed behind me. He’s such a child sometimes.

“Damn. You can take all fuckin night if it means I can keep lookin at this.” What the hell is he talkin about? I turn around to find him sat up on the bed, eyes roaming my body greedily.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen that look in his eyes directed at me but it’s a hell of a thing not being able to act on it. He gets up off the bed and walks toward me slowly but purposefully.

He stops once he’s standing in front of me with barely a hair’s breath between his face and mine. “It’s been a lil minute since I seen you wit no clothes on. You ain’t wanna wear nothin wit a lil more lace? Like that lil red one I like.”

I look down and I’m reminded that I have nothing on except my underwear. Simple, black and cotton. It’s not like I have on granny panties or something, I don’t even own a pair of those. I wasn’t even thinking about it. Nudity, partially or otherwise, hasn’t been something I needed to be conscious of around Erik for weeks now.

“Whatever Erik. How bout you just go downstairs and wait in the car?”

“And miss out on the view? You don’t wanna dance for me first, babygirl? Turn around and bend over again.” He licks his lips and hits me with the infamous smirk. Just like that, the spell is broken. I dress quickly and avoid his gaze as much as possible.

“I will not be dancing for you… again.” I maneuver past him without making any physical contact and head for the door.

“Yeah, that’s what you said the first time until I threw on that Jodeci.” I was really hoping to just leave that night in the past and never have it brought up again.

“And that’s just gonna have to be a memory you hold close for the rest of your life. Cuz like I said, it’s never gonna happen again.” He laughs lowly and bends to speak directly in my ear.

“Trust me, I do.” He places a soft kiss behind my ear and gives my ass a firm pat.

He walks away with a bit more of a swagger in his step than usual. I look after him as he goes and take a deep breath. 

Lord, help me. This just friends thing is gon be harder than I thought.

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Erik Stevens x Black!Reader

A short one shot inspired by Mack Wilds’ Senses ft. Tink (It’s literally the only song I listen to on that album. I heard the whole thing was good but, I couldn’t get past the song. It’s a bomb melody, Not to mention it’s freak goals!)

Warnings: Lots of teasing, a tiny bit of smut.


“Ah shit, girl. Waiiiwaiiiwaiiiwaiiit!” Erik scoots up out of his chair away from his horny girlfriend’s kiss and grip. He’s been with Y/F/N Y/L/N for five years now. They decided to celebrate their anniversary by having an intimate dinner for two. As an appetizer, she chose the grilled oysters. He should’ve known by the time dinner was over, she’d be all over him. The wine they had didn’t make it any better! “CHECK!” Erik clears his throat as he yelps at her hand traveling to his hardening member, “Check Please!”

Bend it over, back it on me like a tow truck
Tryna spread ya legs apart like a toe touch
Just keep fuckin’ me, hugging me, loving me
Giving me something I need
And no she ain’t no stripper
But she on this pole e’r night

The smooth base of Mack’s song blasts through the speakers of Erik’s 350z as he’s going a steady 70 mph. That’s until he catches a glimpse of Y/N’s right leg on the dashboard. He takes his foot off of the gas as his head turns in her direction, she is tossing her thong that lands in his lap.

See, she gon’ spin on it like a DJ
Taking off her panties on the freeway
Can’t wait, can’t wait
Can’t wait, can’t wait no more
Baby, we’ll be there in twenty
Hold on, take it slow for me
Ooh, you got a body on you
Oh, if there could only be two…

Erik bites down on his bottom lip, groaning in response and gripping the gear shift; pressing back on the gas. Y/N is strumming herself, burning into Erik’s side profile as he attempts to drive straight on the highway so they can get home. She starts thinking to herself, then she grasps her man’s hand from the gear shift and places it on her clit where she’s been rubbing while he’s been sheepishly watching. As soon as her wet result brushes against his wrist, he swerves and pulls the car over. “What are you doing?” Y/N asks as she leans forward. He leans his seat back to show her, pushing her body back against the door. He kneels on his seat as his upper half reaches over on her side. He stares right into her eyes as he places a singular lick down her center.

The result is you coming quick… quick like…
In and out, treat you like a robbery
All I wanna see is you on top of me
Just fuckin’ me, sucking me
Giving a nigga that something I need…

Erik creates small figure eights with the tip of his tongue and then sucks Y/N in. She holds her breath before letting out a high pitch cry of pleasure. “ want?” Erik pauses to stroke in and out of her with his tongue while pressing against Y/N’s asshole, knowing it drives her crazy. She nods over and over before her breath hitches and she clings down on his tongue. “Mhmmm” was all Erik could let out before she’s panting hella hard and he’s sopping up her creamy cum with his skilled muscle. Erik leans his body back by his door and captures her image, spent and slumped. He chuckles asking the infamous question, “You good baby?” She nods, “Can you hand me my panties?” He picks up the bundled up garment, sniffing the seat of them, then placing them in his pocket, “Nah I think Imma hold on to these.” His smile spread upon his face, gold canines peeking through.

Baby, we’ll be there in twenty
Hold on, take it slow for me
You ain’t gotta loan this shit
You ain’t never had it like this, have you?

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“Baby, you takin me home wit'chu tonight, right?” This girl is breathin all in my face, her breath smell like backwoods and whatever cheap ass beer Rell got in the kitchen. The shit is makin my stomach turn.

“Me and Tasha over here already made plans, you don’t want me to be out here breakin promises, do you?” I got her and Tasha on either side of me and about four more of their friends all around me on this couch. I ain’t tryna go home alone tonight, whoever and however many want to tag along are more than welcome.

“You gonna leave me here? I wanna join the fun too, daddy.” She just said the magic fuckin words. I already know how Tasha’s wild ass is in bed so she was goin wit me no matter what, but her fine ass friend been on me since they got here, I don’t think I should have to choose.

“Then let’s go.” Ain’t no need in wastin no more time, I grab both of them and we head to my place. I’m drunk as shit so I’m leavin my car at Rell’s and we take a cab to my crib. These two bitches is nasty as fuck, Tasha ain’t take her hand off my dick since we got in this car and the other one is on the floor basically eatin box in the backseat.

When we finally get to my apartment the other one, Sienna or Sierra or some shit, she starts tuggin at my zipper tryna get my pants off. We ain’t even move past the living room yet, I barely got the damn door closed. Tasha’s drunk ass is over in the corner tryna get her dress off while her friend is on her knees ready to put my dick in her mouth.

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