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PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3

Author: youcantkillamutant

Fandom: Marvel (Black Panther)

Pairing: Erik Stevens/Killmonger x Black!OC

Summary: Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens is the biggest bootlegger in South Carolina, but he wants to be more than the middle man. After he receives a letter from an ‘old friend’ of his father, he embarks on a quest to find his homeland. Enter Audrey Cade, the finest mapmaker in the County.

Warnings: Mentions of corpses, cursing

Words: 4K+

A/N: Back with that 1920’s AU! Thank you to everyone for reading liking and reblogging and recommending (!?!??!) this story. That’s so wild to me, but I love that y’all like it and I especially love hearing what y’all think of the story :)

I only own my original characters of course. As usual Marvel don’t sue me I’m broke.

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Chapter Thirteen

Erik Stevens x Black OC (Phoenix

A/N: This series is almost to its end. I will be ending with Chapter 15. Thank You so much to everyone who has read and shared this story. I adore all of you soooooo much :)


How did two months go by so fast? Tour was coming to an end and It was bittersweet for Phoenix. She was able to finally see just how many people enjoyed her music and travel alongside one of her greatest friends but she missed Luna. She missed Erik? That’s been the confusing part. She didn’t really miss him but seeing how he’s been with Luna has warmed her heart. He’s been sending her videos and pictures daily. His bright smile seems to light up her world when she FaceTimes him to see Luna.

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Part VI

A/N: Ayeeeeee back at it with more of the mess!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!!! I’ll keep it short, so yall keep on reading and let me know how you feel about everything!! Thank yall babies!!!!


Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black OC

“Oh yeah? You always watching me huh? I think you just like looking at me.”

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