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#erik stevens x reader

Originally posted by fandomnom

I do NOT own this image. It also kinda doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter but mmm he looks good.

Summary: The reality of your situation settles over you and you have to make a difficult choice on what to do moving forward

Pairing: Erik KIllmonger x Reader

Words: 2045

Warnings: Angst, whoopsie, I promise it’ll get happier…. eventually

A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoy this chapter, please like and share. I’m trying to give this writing thing a go and it would mean a lot if you could give it a quick share. if you wanna be tagged in future parts let me know and I’ll add you

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Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader, Nicky Fury x daughter!reader

Summary: Its time for your dad to meet your boyfriend.

Warnings: None

A/N: Based off this imagine. After almost a year its finally here! I hope you all enjoy it.


Originally posted by gwensstacy-archived


Originally posted by savvy-ivvory

“Okay, remember to play nice. My dad can be intense.” You warned Erik before ringing the doorbell.

“As long as he ain’t on some fuck shit.” Erik was already not too fond of the work your father did.


“Aight, I’ll be nice.” He changed the tune of his story when he saw the crazy look in your eyes.

The front door opened and revealed Tony Stark. “What are you doing here?” You asked shoving the cake in his hands.

“Nice to see you too, kid.” He kissed the top of your head. Despite your love-hate relationship, Tony was like a big brother to you. Actually, all the avengers were like older siblings to you.



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So I’m thinking of a new series, really it’s gonna be a collection of one-shots.

Plus sized reader, does their friends in fashion school a favor. Ones a fashion designer and the other a photographer. For their project she models for their photoshoot. The photoshoot is avengers themed.

3 outfits (lingerie, casual wear, and evening gowns) inspired by each avenger. The photoshoot becomes viral and the avengers notice and is extremely attracted to the model up to the point they have to meet her.

Who’s interested?

PS: I’ll probably write for Erik even though he’s technically not an avenger 😂

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Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN (lol that’s all you’re getting) 

Warnings: THE FLUFFIEST SMUT lol.  Its 6.1k words.

A/N: I’m so happy I finally got this out! I think I got about 2-3 more chapters then this series will be finished. 


Originally posted by savvy-ivvory


Originally posted by darianf0rrester

Erik did not want to be at this day party at all. He rather be bothering you, getting on your last nerve. But today you had plans with Deja and Shannon, and he promised T’Challa he would socialize more. So, when some of his old associates from the kill squad wanted to link up, he said yes.

He saw the group of guys sitting at a table in the back. “Killmonger, what’s up, man” The man he known as Slice asked.

“Nothing much,” Erik said taking his seat. “And just call me Erik. That Killmonger shit is done.”

“Shit, I heard you were out, but didn’t believe it. What fuck you doing now?” Roman another teammate asked.

“I’m an engineer at the Wakandan Outreach Center.”

Bones, the biggest out of all of them shoved Erik excitedly almost knocking him over. “Word? I knew your smart ass would be doing big things!”

A grunt came from the corner, Erik’s been ignoring. Although Erik wasn’t particularly close with his crew members, but he couldn’t stand Painkiller’s ass. Something about that light-skinned nigga rubbed him the wrong way. Perhaps it was because they were too alike. Alphas among alphas, cocky, methodical, smart, and ruthless.

“Getting soft, Killmonger?” Painkiller asked, hiding a smirk behind his glass.

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Erik Killmonger X Black!Reader

Warnings: Angst(?) 

Word Count: 1,854 

This is the first fic I have ever written and I have no clue if this is good or not, ngl. I am super nervous about posting this, I’ve read so much fanfic and been too scared to write but today I just said F it! The gif is not mine!


Originally posted by kaijukoffee

“Bye girl!”

“Bye Leigh! Thanks for the party, tell Marvin if he tries some shit imma beat his ass when I see him next!” I shout at one of my homegirls who has been fucking around with this high key chill but hella ignorant POS.

“Take yo fine ass to bed sis, GOODNIGHT!” She scoffs as she speeds off in her whip. I chuckle as I make my way into my shared apartment with one of my besties from college, Cameron. I have known her for the past 10 years and she truly has been a ride or die who makes sure that we both have our heads screwed on straight. As I make my way up into the apartment I notice that the lights are all off, which isn’t unusual because it is about 2:30 and she heads off to bed hella early, always talking bout how she “got work in the morning”. She gets her ass up at 8:00 every morning… weekends included, I don’t know how somebody would willingly wake up that early on weekend but Cami does. I cut on the light over the kitchen and notice a note on the counter that just tells me that I’m on dish duty next week and that there is also a surprise in my room. I swear if I walk in that room and there is some random shit in it, Imma wake her up and keep her up till the sun say what’s poppin’. I trot into my room carrying my shoes and drop them by the side of my dresser, when they make contact with the floor the light abruptly turns on. I grab tightly on my clutch and get ready to swing.

“Damn Ma, chill, its just lil’ ole me”

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A/N: Here’s the highly requested part 2 that I’ve taken forever to write and release! Click here for part 1!


Originally posted by theandrophile


“Is my daddy late again?” Ashanti questioned aloud as she sat at her tiny desk with her eyes still focused on her drawing.

It was half past 3 and school let out at….3. So yes he was late again.

You sighed deeply coming up to her desk and crouching down. “Yes he is. But while we wait for him, We can do something fun.”

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Part 18: Visitor

In the early hours, Erik walked casually through the next hotel’s parking lot dressed in comfortable all black with his bag of equipment, following silently and subtly a few feet behind a clueless older white man, mid-50s in loafers. The guy was making his way to a small silver Ford c-max with key in hand. He hit the unlock moving to the passenger side and luckily, he was parked next to a truck. Erik hopped in the cut behind him and between the two cars, wrapping his right arm around the guys neck, catching his chin in his elbow. The guy grabbed Erik’s arm trying to resist and protect his throat, but Erik gripped his shoulder before locking his left arm behind the man’s head, thumb to his own right ear. The throat was caught between his arm and bicep as he squeezed for ten seconds feeling the man go slack. He released him gently to the ground and took the keys, sliding into the driver’s seat. Pulling out of the hotel lot, he turned on the radio grimacing when country music flared from the speakers. He switched the radio to the hip hop station. After thinking over the dinner incident, he knew exactly how he’d been located. He knew the risks earlier when he’d taken that damn picture despite being in the middle of a game of assassins. He needed to get to the computer at the Reunion Tower to access employee files. That was his start.

Parking a block away, Erik created his own route to side entrance, carrying his bag over his shoulder. It would’ve been so much easier if he could’ve strongarmed an employee to get in, but they were all long gone as were the police so fuck all that. He didn’t need anyone to get the job done, he’d do it himself. Checking out the lock, he wondered about the security system. If he weren’t on a time crunch, he’d have waited to scope the place out for cameras and to check the security system. All he had to go on was what he’d picked up earlier in the day. His knowledge was something, but not thorough. He knew they probably had a security alert system in place but it likely wasn’t sophisticated and officers were not 24/7. He’d probably trigger a silent alarm so time was of the essence as well as a mask for whatever CCTV they had. He had an unassuming black ski mask that he put on, tucking his gold necklace. He also wore gloves so his race wouldn’t be known.

Picking the side lock instead of the front or back was the better decision. Typically it was the least congested when it came to security, in his experience and now that he was into the tower, he had to be efficient and brief. He had two goals. 1) Hack into the employee records for staff schedules and staff personal information. He could get this from payroll. 2) Delete all photos they have on file that way he could delete his own image without singling himself out.

The harsh bounce of the plane as its wheels drop loudly and beat the runway shakes you awake and throws you around in your seat, the mechanical whirring of the machinery rushing forward like a giant car. Judging by the hush that had been as a blanket over every passenger, it seems that you’re not the only one who was knocked out. As the lights shine on in the plane you can see and hear people waking up, shifting to life in their seats. The sky is still black, but the plane is guided by by amber artificial lighting. When it finally rolls to a stop, you have to wait along with everyone else to get off. Fighting the urge to close your eyes, you check the time. It’s close to 2:45, which means it’s almost 5 in Texas.

Erik is probably stretched out right now on his face, buried under pillows and enjoying having that hotel bed to himself. Maybe he’ll let the maids into the room this time… or not. Knowing him, it’s still not likely.

Finally the first few rows stand up starting the exit wave. You jump up with sleep still in your eyes to tug your bag down from the overhead bin, following the quick moving line of passengers through the suspended hall into the airport gate. They all move like they have somewhere to be in a hurry the way they speed speedwalk from the plane like they weren’t just knocked. Meanwhile, you’re ready to take a nap in one of these many empty seats you keep passing up.

“We ain’t that reckless,” you mumble. If you fell asleep in a public area with your luck you’d wake up with half your  luggage or items missing. “..Sleepy sleepy sleepy,” you mumble.

The good thing about flights at this time is that the airport is practically empty which means there’s no one in your way, no one to compare your pace to, and no one to dodge or speed walk against. You can take things at your own pace without the social pressure to keep up without looking fatigued. Collecting your checked luggage from the baggage claim, you go your own pace to the parking lot hitting the unlock on the key fob. The familiar lights flash on and you head on over settling in.

It feels so strange driving Erik’s car without him in it. You feel yourself blinking a little too much and too long, yawning into the side of your wrist with watery eyes. The same energy from the airport is on the road, borderline deserted. There aren’t a lot of cars out riding around past 3 especially where you’re headed. You flip on the radio turning it to a pop station and High Hopes by PATD has just started. Cranking it up, you sing along as loudly as you can muster to wake yourself up. You can feel yourself swerve a bit. The music carries you all the way to that exit where you turn off into some stretch of rural nothing. It’s where you take an unmarked and nearly unnoticeable road that looks like it leads to nowhere. Following it, you find that familiar long and dark backroad, riding through under a canopy of tall grass and weed-like plants that shoot up from the dirt like walls. You drive slowly fearful of a frantic deer or some large animal jumping out in front of the vehicle. Finally, you’re met with the large isolated modern house with glass panels. It’s very dark. Strong shadows are cast all over the surrounding area, the greenery… the only light comes from the stars up above, twinkling mildly off of the glass.

How does Erik see anything when he comes home at night with the lights off? The place isn’t even lit properly, he ought to leave the lights on! How does he feel safe like this?

Come to think of it, he does pack guns. You’d counted three. One he gave to you for emergencies, one you’d seen in his hand when he came to your rescue in your apartment, and one you’d seen at dinner when the restaurant got shot up. You cringe at the memory of the blood and the shots. It looked like someone had died yet Erik had been so ready to rush out to play hero, confronting the situation head-on as if he were still active duty and on the front lines. That part of him while honorable is still very scary because his overconfidence and meddling nature could potentially be the death of him. Then what? He’s only human and not immune to attacks but he just won’t back down. It seems to be embedded into his makeup.

Three guns. That’s only what you’ve seen! The thought makes you shake your head. Maybe that’s it right there. Maybe Erik doesn’t feel safe either. Maybe that’s why he has so many guns.. to protect himself.. because of the life he’s lived. He’s seen some awful things, you’re sure. Things you can’t imagine and the way he hardly blinked watching those attackers… You shiver. He wouldn’t call it fear, he’d call it being prepared. Either way, he feels a strong need to watch his back, that much you can gather.

The first thing you do when inside the house is go through and flip on all the lights downstairs and then upstairs. Well, not all of them, but enough to start to feel like you aren’t the main character in a horror movie with some homicidal maniac hunting you from the woods. The influx of light enough to ease your mind for the time being and you use the excess jittery energy to unpack and put your brand new belongings away. You hadn’t gotten a chance to wear everything you’d bought in Texas, but something told you that you would. Erik was entirely too extra to not find an occasion. He’d probably create one.

Stripping down, you locate his hamper tossing in your belongings. You’ll wash them all tomorrow. As for now, you head naked down the hall and into the bathroom more excited than ever to use his spa room of a shower. Looking over the contents arranged on the long and exposed shelf under his double sink, you pull from the neatly folded white washcloths and towels stacked next to the wicker basket of Erik’s grooming items. To the left are a gang of small white candles in simple glass jars with black labels and white print. He’s got at least two of each scent.. Vanilla, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, Coconut Mango, and Leather. Heading back into the hall, you snatch the lighter from Erik’s bedroom drawer, lighting the Coconut Mango before carrying your body wash into the shower.

Once out, you wrap a towel around yourself carrying the candle and head to your own assigned room to lotion down and put on a tank with some small shorts to sleep in. Only suddenly, after showering you’re not ready to sleep just yet.. so you head back downstairs with the spare blanket you found in the guest room’s closet and help yourself to a yellow gatorade and some popcorn figuring you probably ought to cook something tomorrow so his groceries don’t go to waste. There’re some good ingredients in his fridge. You aren’t doing any of it tonight though.

Sitting on the couch and flipping on the TV, you get cozy under the blanket as the current commercial break ends. There’s a lady with a blunt blonde bob popping corn over the stove like she’s in the stone age. You eat a handful of your own popcorn as she picks up the phone and the voice sounds creepy.

Who the hell is she speaking to and why is she entertaining him? Wait, is that Drew Barrymore?

“Wait.. Oh hell no,” you change the channel not wanting to watch a horror movie right before bed, especially Scream.

“Nope,” you repeat suddenly a tad paranoid. Not while you’re in a bigass house in the middle of nowhere alone, like a cabin in the woods and your phone is upstairs. No ma'am, no sir. You keep flipping, sipping your gatorade.

After flipping through nonsense, however, curiosity gets the best of you and against your better judgement, you go back to Scream. You’d never actually watched it before though it was hailed as a classic.

“No he doesn’t have her doing trivia,” you snicker.

“…And he kills her boyfriend. This is crazy… He done stabbed her in the chest and choked her? That’s a little personal, he must have known her. This killer is someone she knows.”

“Dang, he must have stabbed her in the lung because she couldn’t even yell to her parents. Will he kill them too or are they not on his hit list? Her only targets teens who cook their popcorn weird.”

Shovelling more popcorn into your mouth you ignore that you’re basically her right now, choosing instead to watch the mom as she looks outside.

“Don’t tell me… Oh NO.. NO NO NO.”

When you see the body hanging, you almost turn it off but then these homicidal 90s suburban teens come on screen and each of them seem not just capable of murder, but intrigued by it. You can see this creepy film is gonna be a whodunnit. Suddenly, you’re more aware of the chill on your arms and the sounds in the house.

It’s just the house settling, you remind yourself. There’s no one out here. Erik lives away from society and that includes psychotic knife-weilding murderers.

Flu pops into your mind threatening to make you frantic, but you cast his face down immediately.

Nope… no one is out here. It’s just me and I’m okay. I’ll be okay.

The doorbell rings your heart hops into your throat. There’s an accompanying aggressive knocking on the door causing your head to snap right to face it as you sit still as possible.

Who the french toast is all the way out here at 4:40 a.m. and why? Keep it together. Find a weapon.  Don’t freak out. Get up… quietly.

Again, someone knocks and you continue to stare at the door like a deer in headlights. The doorbell rings twice and your eyes widen when a feminine voice yells.

“ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE.” You listen closely. “I WILL BURN ALL THIS SHIT DOWN, KILL,” she threatens as if she’s looking for somebody.


Against your better judgment again, you pad to the door and peep through the peephole spotting a slim brown girl with long dark curly hair in a big sloppy top bun. She’s looking you dead in the eye and you have to remember that she can’t actually see you.

Looks about his type though. Exactly his type actually.

“Stop looking at me and open the door, Kill. This is business.”

With your hand on the knob, you unlock the door and pull it open to a crack. Staring at the woman in front of you, she’s about an inch taller but it’s close. She opens her mouth but her eyes widen briefly in surprise and she closes her mouth, squinting in pure bewilderment.

Who.. are you,” she tilts her head with an pained expression that says you are way out of place and far from home. You know that already and she doesn’t need to look like that. Afterall, she’s the one banging on the door at close to 5 in the morning while you’re inside. So who’s really out of place? “Hello?”

“..That’s none of your business. Who are you and do you know what time it is?”

Her eyes are unwavering, staring you down. “It’s none of your business,” she remarks. You start to shut the door in her face, but she pushes it back open.

“His car is here. Tell him to come out.”

“He’s not here. Check back in a few days.” Rolling your eyes, you try to shut the door again and she pushes her way in going straight to the staircase.

“KILL,” she yells from the bottom. You fold your arms and glare at her until she looks your way.

“Are you done? I don’t know what you two are on, but like I said he’s not here.”

“Look, I’m not the one you wanna toy with,” she retorts, her finger twirling dismissively at you. She takes off upstairs and you follow to keep a keen eye on her, but you need to grab your phone from your room to call Erik. He answers on the second ring.

“What’s up, baby,” he mumbles.

“Why.. what you doing?”

“Taking a shit.”

You frown looking at the woman who’s standing in the doorway watching you. Her eyes narrow and her lips pout.

“There’s a woman here looking for you. She just scared the living daylights out of m-”

“You opened the door?”

“Yeah because she-”

“You don’t know who’s on the other side or what they want so why would you open the fuckin door?”

“Pause. How did this become an attack on me?”

“I’m not attacking you but if she was someone dangerous you’d be dead right now.”

“Erik, anyone out here is out here on purpose as far out into the cut as this damn house is. That means they either know you or they’re extremely lost and looking for civilization. So you tell me who dangerous is lurking around the middle of nowhere? You got evil exes to destroy?”

“KILL. ANSWER YOUR PHONE,” the woman yells from the doorway.

“You never heard of serial killers,” Erik asks. “People who be FUCKIN people up for no reason?! You don’t answer the door at 4 AM, stupid!”

“Don’t call me stupid, asshole! What do I do about this girl here staring at me. Did you not hear her screaming like an idiot-”

“I heard that shit! Tell her ass to chill the fuck out! I’ll get with her tomorrow,” Erik snaps. “Don’t be answering the door so late at night. All them damn movies you watch, you’d think you’d-”

“You’d think you’d control your damn subs! Y'all are both irking the hell out of my nerves.”

“Don’t be doing stupid shit when I’m not there to protect you. What if it were someone dangerous?”

“You so damn paranoid! I’m a ask you one last time then I’m leaving because this is some bullshit and I don’t have to take it.”

“Oh you real bold when I’m not there. Keep that energy in life and you’ll be good.” He’d just left the home of a man on staff who’d gone home early in the day before shit went down.

It seemed a bit suspect when Erik saw it on the schedule and when he was the man’s face on his scanned ID, the man looked like he could be a relative of one of the shooters, maybe a younger brother.

Erik’s hunch turned out to be right and with a gun to the guy’s nose in his sleep, he rushed out an address while begging for his life. Apparently big bro was into some shit he ain’t know about. At least that’s what he’d claimed. It could’ve been the truth. It could’ve been a lie. Erik pulled the trigger and left him there as a stain and a warning to anyone involved that they would be located and exterminated in the same manner.

“She a friend. We collab on projects,” Erik muttered closing the car door as he hopped out and started walking.

Swift wasn’t playing if she showed up on his doorstep. She never did that. She’d never had to, he was typically efficient and even quick. But this time he was fuckin up and trying to fix it. She wanted this job wrapped up.

Of course she had other shit to do and places to be that would make her money, but she was hanging around and standing by for him solely because she had a crush on him. He was very aware although she’d never admit it and he was grateful for her help and support. She was an invaluable partner, much like Rell. He hoped he’d never have to end her the same way.

“Give her the phone,” Erik softened, ignoring Y/N’s grumbling as he walked on a dirt path into a wooded region surrounded by pitch black.

“Hey,” Swift said simply. She knew not to talk in front of his subs. She’d already met Shay once and Jaliyah twice.

“You’re scaring my sub, stop that shit she’s skittish and very sensitive.”

She sighed.

“I was compromised and targeted,” he divulged knowing the expression she’d wear. In his mind he could see her jaw drop, the thinly veiled panic in her brown eyes. “Relax, they took out the wrong guy. I know exactly how they found me and I’m on them as we speak.”

The line went quiet and he waited for her response, standing still.

“Fine. Have fun,” she enthused finally. He knew what that coded response truly meant. Be careful.

“I’ll be fine.” She was probably thinking of coming to Texas just to back him up. She was powerful. However, he was confident in himself and finally in a space where he was thinking clearly. “I got this,” he assured her. “Go ahead to Mazatlan. I’ll hit you up when this is done. No one gets the drop on Killmonger.”

Hanging up, Erik walked carefully and quietly until he heard voices, then he moved stealthily around the clearing that was set up with a camper, fire, and lights to check out the surrounding area. From far back where he stood, there was a narrow road and a few other trailers. The main road was near, but he’d come a back way through the trees on foot. He counted four voices and they were discussing ways to get their hands on more military grade weapons. One of them had a collection of assault rifles for trade and another was looking to invest in a tank. Erik stood positioned in the woods unnoticed with his bag on the ground and 27 lb AS50 assembled and aimed once he got the visual. The AS50 had a lower recoil than his AW50 so it would be easier to hit four targets quickly. He waited a moment making sure he could actually fatally hit each target, determining that he easily could. Before anything could go wrong, he braced himself and quickly hit the trigger four times. The bodies fell and his sharp ears no longer picked up conversation.

Moving quickly to a different position with a visual, he got low. The next person to come into view got popped and fell. Going in closer to the trailers, he waited, but no one else came out.

“Fuck it,” he said after fifteen minutes. He stepped into the clearing and nudged the bodies with his foot checking for reactions and movements. Two responded. He shot them both again. The third body brought him great glee.

“Been chasing yo ass,” Erik frowned staring down. It was undoubtedly his target.. in the flesh. He was late, but he’d gotten him and now Swift could get up off his back and he could go- “Shit.."He felt a bullet go through his leg.

He fired instantly in the direction from which the bullet came and his shot went through the trailer in front of him under the cracked window. He only hoped he hit whoever it was.

Limping, he forced his hit leg to carry him into the trailer where he saw a small blonde boy on the ground bleeding out with a .40 caliber pistol in his still hand. A touch of guilt touched Erik’s heart. It was just a little kid, a kid who likely knew nothing of what was going on and had been raised in the bullshit, taught early on to shoot.. This was probably his first real gun. The little guy was probably the son of one of the five men he shot. He felt even more guilty knowing he’d taken someone’s father away like that. It probably didn’t really matter since the boy was dead now, but still… The world was a fucked up place.

Even more fucked up was the fact that he now had to go into each of the trailers and shoot whoever was holed up in each one. They were probably innocents, but he had to be thorough. No more fuck ups. He ripped a peice of material from a shirt hanging over a chair and quickly tied it around his leg under his pants. He controlled his limp moving to the next trailer finding a haggard older woman holding a little girl to keep her calm. The woman shook her head but before she could speak, Erik spoke first.

"I’m sorry,” he whispered pulling the trigger twice.

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Hi! Hello!

Ladies and ladies (gentlemen not excluded 😘)

Eyes up here everyone, please and thank you! 😊


This an idea💡 for all my famous Erik Killmonger FanFiction Writers who appreciate blessing us; their dedicated readers— with the Readers insertion😭💕

Because honestly truly we deserve it!!😌🔥

And we just love you so much for it and all that you guys do.😍🥳


Originally posted by realitytvgifs

SOOoooooOooooOOoooooOO!!! Moments ago I was just listening to Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ Ft. Dixie Chicks 👌🏾💕 and


Originally posted by allreactions

You say??


And I wanted to put this thought on a

Thiccc!BlackCountryReaderXErikKillmonger Fic out there.

that’s on three C’s too btw 👀


Originally posted by danks-gif

Where she’s a true, blue country/daddy’s girl, and


Originally posted by studentsofthebarricade

It would all takes place at her own little home on the ranch, not too far from the city. One night about a year after her fathers death she takes on his one famous advise and ends up shooting Erik when he mysteriously came up prowling on her property.

It was meant to be a warning shot but she actually shot him instead. ( and I oop— 😶)

Due to the kind heart she had been given to her by her mother she takes him in, feed and cares for him ‘till he’s way better than he actually puts on as an apology. (Daddy tried to raise a killer but mama said there’s enough out ther already 🥴)

Might even let him wear some of her fathers old close since he didn’t have much on him but a couple guns and other weapons; that she obviously confiscated.

(👆🏾Thought inspired by this beauty right here.👇🏾)


Originally posted by naturalxcauses

Even though Erick knows he has an important mission on hand he couldn’t help but indulge in the little peace and love she gave him before being tossed by into his old chaotic life.



Originally posted by streetlightsandbaddreams

Obvious Plot twist!!!!

Something happens to the reader..! 👀

(Ion know what actually 🤷🏾‍♀️ but shiiiiiiittt. Is. about. to. go. down!!!!!)

Pow 💥 Pow 💥 BtCHes!!




Now someone please drink this inspirational tea I just made on high and pretty please with Erik Dck on top make your magic happen!! Thank you. 🙂


Originally posted by stuckinthelastcentury

This can go on ignored but …


And of course for those of you out there who agree with me 😘

And would also like to see this come to life, PLEEEEEAASEE don’t be afraid to tag youR favorite FanFic writer on this! 😩💕🔥

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Hey y’all! I finally started writing my own imagines and I’m so excited to share them with you guys!!!!!! 🥺🥺❤️


Erik Killmonger x OC



Let Me Help You: Prologue to Expecting

Part 1: Acting Different

Part 2: My Baby


Stop Playing With Me.

Trevante Rhodes x OC



Quarantine Date


Make It Right

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Originally posted by harley-quinn

Title: I Like That
Pairing: Erik X BlackFemale!Reader
Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2

summary: just uh….hide your purse aight?

(author’s note: uh, …so…um…it’s been a while right? very sorry about that but it’s here now and I already know how i’m ending it so that’s great. …this part is written in erik’s pov cause that really helped me break the block i had on it. …I hope you enjoy it. only one more part to go.)

He knew he had fucked up. She wouldn’t even look at him and had scooted as close to her door as she possibly could. He mentally cursed himself and his ego. He wasn’t even sure why he had snapped at her so hard. What she said was fundamentally true and she had the right to speak on what she knew first hand, but it must have been the mixture of David, her being so mad at him, and the fact that her blow had hurt that had him acting up.

“Y/n, listen.”

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Erik “Killmonger” Stevens || word count: 1,983 || Erik had love before the world took that away from him, too.

» for @trashmenofmarvel​ / @wolveria​ inspired by Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave. Congrats on your 2k, you deserve a million more followers. And happy, happy birthday, my darling! Didn’t edit this one a lot, so please forgive me if it’s too horrible.


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 part 1

paring: erik x black!reader

summary: ….it’s smutty.

warnings: slight bdsm. ruined orgasm. teasing. cheating. uh…just be warned!

(authors note: this took forever, but it’s here. i’m a little rusty at writing full on smut so…forgive me)

               His apartment was pitch black other than the warm orange light coming from the window that led to his fire escape. With the warm light you could only make out the start of the living room, but everything else was shadowed. You flattened your back to the door, and wrapped your arms around your body feeling a bit nervous.

“Relax.” Erik’s voice resounded but you couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Where are you? And why aren’t the lights on?” You looked around and then gave up looking for him in the dark turning back towards the door to look for the light switch. When your hand found the switches, his hand came over yours gripping. His body followed pressing you against the door again.

“Leave them off.” He kissed down your neck. “Pull out your phone.”

“Why?” You asked him turning towards him. “Ain’t gon’ be no movie making tonight.”

He chuckled softly and placed his mouth on your ear, “Take out your phone. Now.” With that he moved away from you leaving you feeling weightless. You faced towards the window again and pulled your phone out of your pocket.

“It’s out. You happy?” You waved your phone.

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Pairing: Erik Stevens x plus size!reader

Word count: 2 192

Summary: Owning a company and working for it is not easy, but with a special someone by your side, it can become bearable. But what if that special someone ends up making it harder than it already is ?

Warnings: A little bit of Angst and then more fluff.

A/N: Hey guys, ever since I started reading fanfic, I’d rarely find any fanfic where the reader is the ceo, and those are actually some of my favourites to read. I’ve always wanted to write a fic where the reader is a strong independent woman, not that those don’t exist I actually read plenty of them, and I got recently inspired by @jalapenobarnes​ ‘ amazing series Sweet Life, except that I wrote this one-shot for Erik Killmonger instead of Bucky Barnes. I hope you guys like this one, and I recommend you read Sweet Life because it’s honestly one of my favourites.


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The light of your laptop in front of you just blended with the sunlight breaking through your curtains. It’s a normal office day, except, it wasn’t so normal..

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