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#erik x black reader

Part II

A/N: Hey babies, I really hope y’all are being safe in these uncertain times. Here is more cuteness. It’s a bit long, but I have ground that I wanna cover and this is what will make sure everything gets touched on. Happy reading!!


Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

The Present..

Anxiety has fully set in as the class reunion was underway. Wiping your hands on the sleek fabric of your little black dress, you frantically check in on the headset with your team at their designated stations in the auditorium. Leah manned the bar, Terri held down the games corner, Janiece at the food table and Renee acted as sentry at the DJ booth. Eyes were everywhere to anticipate your guests’ every need, while you were at the entrance, greeting everyone who arrived ready to get a blast from the past.

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Originally posted by pantherclawz


Part I

Warnings: Smut, Dom Kink

Pairing: Erik x OC/Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: Processing a break up can be hard, especially as the perfect woman to an ungrateful asshole. Healing from heartbreak Elle finds herself finding comfort in Erik’s company but he’s offering more than just kind words as a consolation. Oh, and Erik’s the ungrateful asshole ex’s cousin.

Bayyyyyyyybeeee I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’

“Honestly Elle whats wrong with you? He cheated so what if you fuck his cousin? At this point I encourage it cause you’re interrupting my me time with your lonely ass” Her bestie says over face time getting an annoyed eye-roll in response. There was something about Erik that Elle couldn’t shake. The little details of decor in the house, how kind he’d been, how he’d seriously just given her such a nice place, for free and with no strings attached. He was mindfucking her, literally. He was there in almost every idle thought.

“Put yourself out of misery and just do it”

“You’re giving me bad advice” Elle shout’s continuing to cook when she hear’s footsteps. “Hello?” She ask’s bracing herself until Erik rounds the corner.

“Hey sorry to bother you, I just need something” He comments looking at his phone and somewhere else. Its disappointing when he doesn’t make an effort to give her further acknowledgement disappearing down a corridor.

“Look at you all pouty like a puppy” Reese whispers making Elle rush to her earpods - “come on you deserve to be fucked and good by someone who knows how” Reese says sending Elle into full blush. Only her best friend could repurpose romantic lines from movies to get her all worked up.

“Shut up Reese, I’ll call you back”

“When you do I want full details, offer him some food - balls empty, belly full” Reese winks over the phone before Elle hangs up heading back to the pot of food and stirring.  Elle continues with her culinary delights even after she hears footsteps and feels Eriks eyes canvassing her body, her hair tucked neatly into a low bun as she cooks in a short house dress.

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since corona is here and i’m stuck in my house for two weeks the fics are coming. destiny part two and needed me part two are most def coming; soooo catch up on my blog!!

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I’ve decided to write all ideas that come to me rather they have an interesting plot or not. I want to grow as a writer. I told myself that for 2020, I’m going to do all the things that scare me. **Like writing more and actually sharing. So this is a small, random piece that came to me this morning. Not sure what inspired it but I wanted to post. This is a (1) of (2) parts.

Erik Killmonger x Reader

Finally sitting down on your sofa felt like heaven. The usual Sunday morning cleaning was done. Dinner was cooking in the crockpot. You still had about two hours before it was done, so you curled up on your navy sectional. You had just rediscovered your comfy part in the right hand corner near your large windows, when your phone started to ring. The groan that left your lips echoed throughout your spotless apartment. Someone from the main lobby of your building was calling you.

“Hello. This is Y/N.”

You do your best to sound eager for the call.

“Hello, Ms. Y/L/N. I have a delivery down here for you.”

You roll your eyes so hard that it takes a second for your vision to refocus. You blink a few times to gain control of your eyesight again.

“Does it say who it’s from?”

“I’m sorry Ms. Y/L/N, it doesn’t. Would you like for me to send it up?”

“No, no. I’ll come down to get it.”

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Originally posted by oeuvrs

A/N: Heyyyyy my babies, back at it again with a new story! Life after Rekindle has forced me to get creative and I am soooo happy about this new story that I haven’t seen yet in the fandom. Thank you, thank you for all of the support and please let me know if you want to be tagged!!!

Pairing: Erik x Thick Black OC

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Delta Airlines, it’s my pleasure to welcome you aboard Flight 4915, with service from Oakland to Paris, France. Federal regulations require that all carry on items are stored away in the overhead compartments or completely under the seat in front of you before the aircraft door is closed. If you need any assistance with stowing away your personal items, please do not hesitate to let an attendant know. In order to expedite the boarding process, please make your way to your seat as quickly as possible. Also please take a few minutes to review the safety placard in your seat pocket. My name is Allison, and again, thank you for flying with Delta Airlines.”

The first class cabin was at capacity this lovely spring day. Flying out of SFO Airport to Charles de Gaulle in Paris, the flight was an excruciating 15 plus hours, not including the layover. Gabrielle made sure to stay up all day and night before the trip so she could sleep for most of the way. She splurged on herself for a Delta One cabin, complete with a flat bed with plush bedding and an oversized duvet, a full height door for privacy, premium dining options, her own personal flight attendant and countless amenities to keep her occupied for this long haul.

Entering her third decade of life in two days, getting out of Oakland for a spell would give her much needed time for herself. Work made her feel under appreciated and underutilized and she and her current boyfriend, Kenneth were on the skids. Paris would be her first international excursion by herself; she had to do it up for the big 30, to commemorate this new stage of life. Gabrielle spent a lot of time brushing up on her French; her itinerary was kind of extensive and she wanted to blend in as much as she could with the locals.

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A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter! Last was kind of a shift, and hopefully I didn’t write myself in a corner. I might be taking a little bit of a mandatory break since I’ll be starting on night shifts next Monday but hopefully I will have time (and ideas) to write! As always likes, reblogs and comments appreciated! 

(side note: my dumbass finally realized I was tagging people into chapter 2 every time i wrote a new chapter smh)

“You can survive if you just blame him. Let him take the fall. Say he kidnapped you and you just don’t remember where he went. Okay?”

“I… can’t.”

“Just lie, Nkiru! He’s not even there to suffer any consequences!”

“I’m the one who broke him out. I can’t lie about that. It’s not even a believable lie. King T’Challa already suspected me long before all of this.”

Amina gave you an exasperated look.

“If you stand in front of the king and do not give him up, you will die,” she both warned and pleaded.

You bit your lip, the salty-sour taste of dried tears sharp on your tongue. You wanted to speak, but the words choked up in your throat. Tears yet again began to well up in your eyes, and you wondered if they would ever run out. You weren’t even sure what the use was of crying at this point, you’d done so much crying already. You had committed treason; tears would not spare you. Instead, you looked away from Amina, towards the door through which she came.

Amina ran her hands through her dreads, and shut her eyes tightly, rubbing her temples. She opened the cell door and took you lightly yet firmly by the arm. Then a pair of vibranium-infused handcuffs clapped onto your wrists.

The evening of the day Erik had abandoned you, you had been discovered after wandering aimlessly, just a bit too far into the Wakandan borderlands. It’s not as if you knew where you were going. Some of the patrolling Border tribemen even questioned whether or not you were an insane person. You were unrecognizable as the priest’s daughter, wearing only a set of frayed pajamas and a dejected look on your ashen face. When you were delivered to the palace and finally thrown in jail, Amina in her pity had offered you a rope, a way out: Plead to T’Challa. Beg for your old life back.

Yet, you refused, and as a result you were exiled.

Now, almost half a year later, you had found a home for yourself in an unassuming, rural village a several miles north of Wakanda’s territory. The locals were overall welcoming, and you appreciated their hospitality but kept your distance, for the most part. Carving your own locale up in the mountains and living quietly was enough for you.

You woke up early this morning, with the intent of deep cleaning your not-so-new home, trying to forget the memory of the last conversation you had with Amina as you swept and dusted. You, much like every other day, worked tirelessly to try to forget Erik. You even tried to forget Bast, to no longer hear her voice. To your misfortune, Bast wouldn’t forget you.

Over the scritch-scratch of handmade broom reeds, you could hear the patter of footsteps outside your entryway get louder and louder until they slowed to a stop just before your door. Multiple people had come by the sound of it. There was a problem in the village.

“Sisi, please come out!” You heard a young boy exclaim.

You stopped sweeping the floor of your thatch hut, setting the broom to rest on the wall and opened the door. Keeping a warm, inviting smile on your face, you welcomed the group of pre-adolescents clustered at your doorstep.

“Good morning, loves. What brings you all here?” You asked.

A particularly bold young man made his way through the small crowd and bowed, hands pressed firmly by his side. “Sisi, can you please come down to the village? My brother is sick. My family and I are worried.” He made his plea quickly yet determinedly like someone who wouldn’t possibly take no for an answer.

You patted his shoulder lightly, and reassured him with a nod.

“Just lead me to them. I’ll try my best.”

With that, you went back into your home to grab your supplies: a couple of clay containers with lids, three large banana leaves, and a mortar and pestle. Finally you plucked a tiny portion of the glowing purple herb that lay planted in a small pot. You may have left Wakanda, and you may have been trying to sever your connection with Bast, but this part of home you would keep with you forever. You were off to do some good.

As you made your way down to the village, children in tow, you passed by a slow-coursing river, where a group of middle-aged women washed their clothes downstream and younger women collected drinking water upstream. A few of the young women you had helped during the pains of labor and childbirth smiled and greeted you as you walked, while the older women tut-tutted when they saw you.

The village had mixed feelings about you once you had arrived. You had appeared suddenly, alone, in nothing but a robe with a small knapsack on your back. In exchange for a place to stay, you had offered services as a healer and midwife, presenting the sacred, glowing herb as your right to these privileges. They didn’t know what it meant, but you had arrived at just a time when a woman was dying of postpartum hemorrhage, and her husband and children would have taken help from anyone. Proving yourself as a skilled medicine woman, you quickly assumed a role in the village. However, your continual refusal to marry despite being well into your 20s was taken as personal offense to many of the older women who initially doted on you. Soon, rumors swirled that you were a witch who fabricated many of the same illnesses you cured. Still, to some you were a godsend, and while you were not desperate to be liked, you tried your very best to be integrated in your new home. You had no choice.

Today’s victim was a young man who had been hurt in some kind of hunting accident. Claw marks sank deeply into his chest and the flesh of his thighs. Coughing up a significant amount of blood, he heaved quickly and irregularly, unable to breathe.

Repositioning him so that he would not aspirate any of his blood, you asked for fresh water, and ground uMhlakavuthwa plant with a miniscule bit of Heart-shaped Herb into a drinkable concoction.

“I’m preparing something he can drink.” You said, as you worked your mortar and pestle.

Once his airway was stable, you handed the concoction to the harried mother watching, a deeply-complected, life-weary woman whose hands shook as she tried to make her unconscious son drink, eyes darting between him and looking at you warily.

A few seconds passed and his breathing began to normalize.

Reassured, you checked the pulse in his arm, still a little bit cool to the touch but with a strengthening rhythm. He would do better, as the herb would help him regenerate some of his tissues to prevent his demise.

“He will do better by this afternoon,” you ensured the family. Then you removed some uQhwangu-qhwangu leaf paste from one of your clay pots, and pressed it onto some of the largest wounds to decrease pain and swelling.

“Apply this to help with the pain for when he wakes up,” you instructed, showing the young boy who had come to your doorstep how it was done.

You stood up quickly and turned to leave, but the young boy who had pleaded with you grabbed you by the arm.

“Sisi, please stay until he has awoken.”

Life in this village was both calm and boring. An hour here seemed to stretch on forever but the freedom from the ever-present technology and the fast-paced society was well-appreciated. You felt as though you could meditate everywhere.

You wouldn’t lie and pretend that you didn’t miss the technology. Reading and writing under the gleam of a kerosene lamp in the night would only be romantic for about a week before it became a nuisance. It was startling to see how people lived without the comforts of Wakandan society within only a few miles of the metropolis. You decided, however, to quell your righteous indignation for the time being. There was no need to stir up anger where there was none. The villagers seemed perfectly content, and you would do the best you could to work on serving their health and spiritual needs. It was all you could do.

Sitting quietly in the small hut besides your patient’s cot, you let your mind wander. Since you had come down here, you hadn’t prepared anything to cook so you hoped that this family would feed you as recompense. The mother had left in a hurry, saying that she needed to prepare today’s meal after all. Even the young boy, Thandiwe, had run off somewhere. You liked his name, Thandiwe. One that is loved.

Much better than your own with a cryptic, maybe even inauspicious meaning.

Your patient’s sudden loud cough almost made you jump. Coming to his side, you saw that he still hadn’t woken up. Yet before you could sit back down, you took another hard look at his wounds. It was as though they had rearranged.

Your brow furrowed in confusion, your eyes widened in shock. Then the image of young Erik crying over his father’s wounds flashed into your memory once again. Then again an image flashed, that of Erik giving you that signature, cheeky smirk.

This time, instead of the soft gnaw of regret you were accustomed to, you were filled with an almost explosive level of rage and hurt. Your face grew hot, flaming hot; your fists tightened so hard the nails dug into your palms, and soon you began to hear her.

This is all their fault… You were used, a raspy, vitriolic voice whispered. You were just a tool for his escape, nothing else…

Redeemable? The voice scoffed. He didn’t think twice about ruining your past, present and future? And Bast thinks he’s worthy of anything else than war and destruction. Ha!

You needed to leave before you hurt this innocent man. You could feel a desire to kill and maim rise into you.

You ran out of the room in a hurry, still feeling as though your body would burn up into a crisp. You could barely speak, barely breathe, barely see as you ran. The calls of the villagers behind you were unintelligible as you ran past the very same river, up the mountain back to your home. If anyone had thought you were suspicious before, you definitely were now.

You burst through your door, finally releasing the breath you realized you had held as you crashed onto your cot. You breathed in, breathed out, breathed in, breathed out. Sekhmet no longer said a word. Your heart rate slowed and the invisible flames haunting your body seemed to subside. You pressed your face, hard, into the blankets and screamed through your teeth.

You didn’t want to go through this. You were tired of being used and tired of feeling these strong, untempered emotions. Were they even yours? These goddesses needed to let you exist, unbothered.


Someone was in your home with you.

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Note: welcome bacc :3

Includes: fluff + innuendos + slow burn

Summary: Kleio meets Erik one day on a bus ride and falls for him the moment she sees him. Though their friendship grows into something more intimate, Kleio’s insecurities put a halt on Erik’s advances.

All my main characters will always be a darkskin black girl with weight on her so do what you will with that info. Reblog (!!) and give me feedback (!!), please! Thank you!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7][Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 11]


Originally posted by guardiansofthexwomen

unknown: morning princess

That was the first text Erik sent right when Kleio woke.

Of course he knew when her alarm rang – one of the things he found out while randomly swiping around on her phone as she munched on the funnel cake from their date.

Kleio rolled around in her bed, a low moan emitting from her lips. She cracked open an eye and looked at the illuminated message on the screen of her phone, craning her neck slightly to read over the messages.

A smile erupted on her lips, a yawn contorting her face as she grabbed her phone and unhooked it from the charger, rolling onto her stomach.

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I Can’t (Erik x POC Reader) One Shot


Originally posted by killmongerthiskoochie

Pairing: Erik x POC Reader

Warning(s): angst, self worth issues, cursing, crying, the most fluff

Word Count: 2,7k+

Summary: Reader can’t take much more of the uncertainty Erik provides.

A/N: I’ve been work in this for a while and think its finally done. It was gonna be all angst but I needed to feel good. This my first Erik fic so be gentle plz.

Erik traces the forming hickies along your neck as he gropes your inner thigh.

You breathe heavily as you try to regain some of the energy you’d lost in round three with Erik in the last couple hours. You could feel his chest vibrating beneath you as he hums. Your lips curl into a smile against his neck.

Erik isn’t the kind to strike you as a singer.

Too brooding.

Too distance.  

Too militant.

But every once in a while when he’s feeling content or peaceful even he’d hum or sing a few lines or two.

Always the same song.

A vaguely familiar melody you couldn’t quite place. If you mention it he’d stop and completely deny it.  

He used to be in some choir at his Gigi’s church or something like but that’s all that he’d tell before slipping into his drunken comma after a particularly rough round and a couple shots too many of Hene.

Not that you could complain. He laid that shit all the way down.

You glance at the scars that liter his upper body. He smiled when he saw your eyes fill with intrigue rather than fear the first time he told you how he got them. That night you knew you weren’t special to Erik.

Neither was anyone else.  

Sure he’d never say that to you but he didn’t have to. If these casual hook ups ever became too real and someone tried to use you as leverage you’d be dead in a heartbeat. And Erik would be the one to pull the trigger.

He couldn’t afford to catch feeling with so much at stake. Neither could you in your line of work it just didn’t make sense.  

Contract killers don’t fall in love.

Everyone comes with a price tag and a body bag.

No unnecessary complications. Commitment means baggage and baggage means sacrifice. Sacrifice could mean your life.


Here …

In these sheets…

These sheets are where you love each other.  The way his body fits perfectly in yours. Tangling into one another with keen precision.

The way his temper and passion matches yours. Your strength is an even opponent to his… Almost. The way that you only really satisfy each other.

Sure Erik had other girls but they weren’t even in your league.

The throaty growls of your name pulled from his chest. The countless hickies he leaves in his wake as his fiery touch ignites your soft skin. His primal need to drag lusty cries from your lips. Moans are traded like currency between the two of you. The  jealousy banging after you “casually” mention you fucked another guy just to see him steam.

You sigh letting the long awaited tear  trail down your cheek and hit his chest.

You’d miss this.

Erik stopped humming. You try to wiggle out of his embrace, but his grip tightens.   

“Y/N, where you going stay a little longer.” He chuckles half sleep.

You pull yourself free from him.

“No Erik I’ve got a flight in the morning. ”  You sing-song nonchalantly pulling back on your lace thong.

“Come on we’ve got time. It’s not till 10:00, right?” He groans pulling you by your waist against his chest.

“Wow you were actually listening.” You tease attempting to bruise his ego.

“Baby, don’t play. Ya kno I love what mouth do.” He grins while running his tongue over his lips then your earlobe before nipping the lower half of your neck.

“Oh don’t play coy, bitch. I thought an MIT grad could read between the lines. Erik, you kno what I mean.” You shrugged trying your best not to tear up.

He huffs letting you go and leaning against the baseboard.

“This shit again?” Erik says rolling his eyes and handing over the lacey hot pink push-up he eagerly undid within minutes of your arrival.

“Well E, give one real reason I should keep wastin my very valuable time on you?” You smirk and without missing a beat you take your bra and put it back on. Erik kisses his teeth as he rolls his eyes.

“We’re having fun. Ain’t that the point of all this.” Erik laughs shrugging his broad shoulders.

Why does every asshat have to be built like a demigod?

You sigh and stand up and spotting your jeggins lying in his doorway exactly where you’d thrown them to earlier.  

Easily gliding your curvy hips into the flexible fabric.

“Bye Erik.” You hiss while walking out of the bedroom to find your top.

“Come on, Y/n. Quit playin this hard to get shit.”  Erik sighs pulling on his Adidas sweatpants. He follows you out of the bedroom.  

You search the living room for the peach tank you came in but it’s nowhere to be found.

“Who says I’m playin? Maybe you’re not fun anymore?” You hum brushing pass him to get to the couch. Erik rolls his dark eyes letting a cocky chuckle escape his chest.

“So who’s your new dick?” Erik says flooding his arms with the slightest hint of jealousy in his voice.

You smirk over shoulder to meet his burning gaze and roll your eyes.  

“No one, just know your limp dickass ain’t doing it for me. That stroke game has been pretty damn weak lately. ” You giggle pushing the cushions apart before climbing onto the sofa itself to hang over it. His deep brown eyes burn as you brush pass him.  Proving you have bruised his pride. Something he couldn’t let pass.

Erik gropes your ass forcefully enough to nearly send you onto the floor, but pulls you firmly to his waist.

“ErIk!” You gasp as you brace yourself on the couch.

“Yea say ma name just like that, Baby girl. If you need me to jog your memory I’m more than willing to remind you.” He growls sliding his hands to your hips and grinding against your ass.

You lean back into him rolling your hips to match pace with him. His fingers slip into the side of jeggins prying at the lace fabric of your panties.

“Who says I forgot.” You whisper biting down on his earlobe. Erik groans in ecstasy just as you push him away.  

You dismount from the couch and swinging your hips as you sashay across the room having spotted your shirt.

“Oh my God you’re such a fucking tease.” Erik huffs watching your hips bounce before following.

“I’ve learned from the best.” You sneer reaching for your tank that had somehow made its way onto the top of the bookcase just out of reach.

A warm hand finds the small of your back as the other plucks the peach tank from the shelf.

“So you gonna tell me what’s up, Y/n?” He breathes into your ear.

You swallow the lump sitting in your throat and turn to look him in the eye.

“Trying to be decent. How about you?” You try to laugh off the cracks in your voice.

Does he have to look like he could care.

You feel your chest clench.

“Y/n cut the bullshit. No strings. No lies. No feelings. Remember, Baby girl?” Erik hums moving his hand from your back to your cheek.

Like you could forget the pact you two made to avoid a real feelings and relationship.

Yea no feelings.

Your head dips unable to meet his deep brown gaze anymore.

The tears you’ve been holding finally stream down your cheeks.

“I’m cutting my losses, Erik. I can’t play this game anymore. It’s not fun anymore it just hurts. I kno you don’t care about this shit for real.” You shrug.  

Erik drops the tank and gently lifts your chin.

“Hey Trap Queen, I care about our shit.” He smiles wiping a few tears away.

He presses his forehead against yours just before tangling your lips with his. Passionately kissing you. Like he has to remind you.  Like action is the only way he can prove it.

You bite his bottom lip and he groans allowing you in. Heavy breathes and quiet moans trade between you as one tries to overpower the other.   The pit in your stomach twists tighter and you pull away.

“Erik…You really don’t…Not Really. And I can’t keep doin this with you.”  You choke out pushing away and tugging on your tank. You drag an arm across your face as you pull on your sneakers. Searching for the jacket you came in only to realize it’s one of his.

“FUCK IT!” You huff snatching up your keys. You go for the door but Erik yanks you back by your wrist.

“WHAT THE HELL! Y/n, you don’t get to decide that!” Erik fumes.  

“LET ME GO! I’m not doing this.” You rage back.

“No! Yo little ass started this shit and we damn sure gonna finish it! You ain’t gonna tell Me who I care about! Until everyone you’ve ever given a real fuck about leaves you all alone don’t come at me with ‘You have intimacy issues bullshit’! No shit I do! I WAS FUCKING 8, Y/n! Did it EVER occur to you this is the best I can give you? Y/n get yo uppity ass off yo damn high horse! You don’t care. That’s why you’re walking away. YOU’RE SCARED! SCARED SHITLESS THAT YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT US AND YOU COULD LOSE IT!” He counters his voice spewing his repressed resentments like blood from a cut.  

“The Hell If I Am?! Like You’d Kno! You Don’t Kno Shit About Caring! Or Being scared. You haven’t felt anything real in a long ass time! YOU TOLD ME.  You kno if it came down to it and you had to choose me or yo own ambitions. It wouldn’t even be a contest. Despite what you may believe Erik WE’RE ALL BROKEN! IN OUR LINE OF WORK WE ALL COME FROM SHIT SHOWS! And with yo big headass I’m sure you think this is the best you can give to me. Letting me just close enough to this best version of yourself that way I’ll come back to you legs open and praying that what we have is special. We can’t keep pretending this shit is real. Find some other dumbass bitch to play Bonnie and Clyde with you!!” You spit ripping your wrist from his grasp.

You stare him down before turning to the door.  

Erik steps in between you and doorway. His nostril flared as bit down on the the inside of his cheek.

“That’s what you think this is to me, Shortie?! A damn game of pretend? That we playin some fucked up version of house!” He says taking a couple steps closer.

You roll your e/c eyes.

“What the hell else was I supposed to think.”

You stare back at him for some form of a contradiction. But it doesn’t come.

“That I-” He just swallows the rest of his words.

He keeps opening his mouth to speak but no words come out. His chest tightens as he balls up his fists trying force a decision from his lips, but his pride won’t let him.

You can almost hear the war raging in his head and you can’t help but pity his dumbass.

Sucks to be you.

You shrug barrelling past him.

“See!!! You’re A SHITHEAD, ERIK!” You shout throwing up your middle finger as you slam the door behind you.

Numbed by your own disappointment you barely notice the cool breeze whipping against your skin. You snatch open the  black hummer’s door. As the door shuts your forehead falls into the steering wheel.

Your heart rams into chest at full speed.  

All the childish vulnerability you refused to let Erik see came pouring out. You wrap your fingers around the steering wheel. You throw head back and scream at the ceiling.

Everything you hated and loved about him spilling out of you like fountain. Curses muffled by the reinforced glass.

“WHO THE HELL DOES THAT PUNKASS BITCH THINK HE IS TELLIN ME I’M SCARED! HE’S SCARED! HE’S JUST ANOTHER DUMBASS DICK,”  you yell staring yourself down in the rearview mirror, “JUST CAUSE I DON’T WANNA WASTE MY TIME ON HIM DOESN’T MAKE ME PUSSY. I LEFT THAT UNREQUITED SHIT IN HIGH SCHOOL.  I’M TOO GROWN FOR THIS! I AIN’T GOT THE TIME TO BE STRUNG ON HIS DUSTY HOTEP ASS! …even …if he does smell amazing all the damn time. even if he has an immaculate skincare routine and does the dumbest shit just to make me laugh and for the first time in long time doesn’t make me feel like I’m a monster… FUCK!” You groan leaning your forehead into the horn.

This is the end and you give a fuck.

Too Many FUCKS.

It just isn’t fair he came out unscathed.

You slam your fist into the horn over and over again.

A quiet knock from outside the window makes you freeze completely.You crack the window just enough to see his brown eyes.   

“Not to interrupt ya moment but you might wanna cut that shit out before somebody calls the cops.” Erik says attempting to sound like his usual smartass self, but cracks in his voice won’t let him.

“Nigga, you need the number or somethin cuz I got em saved in my contacts.” You croak wiping your face on your arm. Trying not to sound half as bitter as you’re feeling.

“Nah I need you to open the door, Ma.” Erik says gripping the handle.

“Why, you wanna pic for motivation as you type that vague Insta story about how ‘bitches ain’t shit’?” You flare over the window.  

“No thothina, so I can curse yo smartass out for havin me so damn whipped I’m out here standing in the cold with no shoes in front of a locked car of a woman I’ve already smashed tonight.” Erik huffs looking you dead in the eyes.  There isn’t an ounce of sarcasm in his voice.

The lock snaps up as you just stared at him wide mouthed and confused. He pulls open the door, but he doesn’t make a move to touch you. He just props himself on the door with the jacket you wore to his house that night in his fist.

“I wasn’t gonna say shit. Too fucking tough for that vulnerable shit, right. I wasn’t  gonna let you kno you got to me. But watch in u walk out that door…I couldn’t do it. You had to kno that We’re real. Babygirl, whatever this is it sure as hell ain’t pretend…at least not for me. I kno I’m hard to read and sendin out all kinds of signals sometimes but it’s not you. There’s a lot of hurt shit in here. It’s terrifying to care this much about someone again.” He pauses offering a hand to you and as hesitantly give him yours he steps closer placing both on his chest, “But for so reason I don’t really mind if you see that shit. I’m not askin you to stay.  I just want you to kno it was real. We were real. It’s fuckin insane how much I care about some wildass assassin I met in some dank ass hole in wall nightclub with a hit out on my mark. You got me sprung, Y/n. I think I… love you.” He smirks at you with uncertainty shining in his deep brown eyes.

You swallow the lump in your throat and step out of the car. Closing the distance between you and him as you take his hand from his chest and place it on your neck and cheek.

“You really mean that shit, Stevens?” You hum looking down not quite ready to meet his eyes. Never before have you seen that kind of openness in his expression.

Like he was ready to risk all. He gently lifts your chin so you’d meet his gaze.

“Baby, you’re everything I need and more.”

You pull your arms around his thick waist. You cover your bubbling laughter in his chest.

“E, you do realize you just quoted Halo right?” You smile biting your bottom lip as to not all out laugh in his face.

Erik frowns slightly before scooping you into his arms and belting into the chorus in key as he carries you to the door and you erupt in laughter.

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Prompt: What is Erik’s favorite season and why?

This is angst with a dash of fluff.

Growing up in the hoods of Oakland, the changing of the seasons meant more than just a raise in the temperature. Each season sparked different behavioral patterns in the residents of The Ghetto. Young Erik loved the summertime. Although the boiling heat forced the local hoodlums outside, summer meant the ceremonial ringing of ice cream truck jingles, vacation from school, and being allowed to stay out a lot later. Despite all the trauma he faced growing up, Erik had many valuable memories associated with the warmer months of the year.

Erik sat with his legs sprawled out in front of him, atop the window seat overlooking the star-filled Oakland night sky. From the window came a heated breeze that barely cooled the sweat droplets atop his skin. Out across the way, he could see a group of kids playing kickball on the deck of one of the condo balconies. The joy of a little black girl spinning around in a circle ripped a smile from his lips. She was about four and it was clear she had no idea how to play the game. Watching the bigger kids include her sparked a longing in him for two things. One, to have little black kids of his own one day, who too would find fulfillment in dark summer nights and kickball games. And two, to be young again.

He thought back to the basketball games, held at twilight, he and his cousins had every night in the summer of 7th grade. They played passed the street light coming on, passed the traffic of the rift and the raft, til people dwindled out. They even played til the streetlight itself finally fizzled out one night and all that remained was the watching eye N’jobu, cheering him on.

The echoing of a brass voice pulled him out of his nostalgic labyrinth; the calling of the children to come inside by someone in the apartment allowed silence to befall the neighborhood.


Out in the suburbs of Oakland, in the absence of city lights, the night sky illuminated the wondrous patterns of the galaxy. Erik stood up, closed the window and walked over to his side of the bed. 

You felt the mattress shift and it woke you out of you slumber. 

“You okay,” you asked in a tired mutter.

“Yeah…I’m glad it’s hot again,” he mumbled with half of his face pressed into the pillow.


“Yeah.. shit went by fast. Mad we didn’t get to go the beach or nothin’ like that,”

You were awake now, carrying the weight of his words. To a stranger it may have sounded like he was grieving his chance to swim in the ocean or walk in the sand, but you knew that it was only partly that and partly him mourning one of the only good parts of his childhood. A  time where he had the unconditional love of at least one parent and before he knew how malevolent life was going to get for him. Your heart ached for him. In the brokenness that rarely manifested itself so somberly with Erik, you felt privileged to know him in ways no one else ever would.

You threw a lazy arm over him, snuggling into his neck. 

“Well, next week we can fly to Miami; it’ll still be summer there. We can go the beach and walk around our hotel in swimsuits, then–” you whispered lacing your fingers in his, “when summer ends there, we can go someone else where it’s hot, each month, each week, each day. It’ll never end,” you spoke hoping it would be enough to satiate his craving.

He lay in silence for a while, considering your proposal. The humidity made the room feel thick. You were suffocating in his silence.

“Nah, I’m not trippin’. Summer is.. wherever you at. If I’m with you, then I got it.”

“Okay,” you whispered.



Hope you enjoyed this drabble. I am both a goth and a sap, clearly.

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Sneak Peak of Baby Boy Chapter 2

yes you read it right (finally)

“So what you tryna do while mommy’s at work pop?” Erik said looking over at his son.
“Can we go to the park and hoop with CJ and cousin Cameron please?” Sage said. He enjoyed being around his cousin CJ since he was close to his age. CJ was Cameron’s oldest son, they had their kids around the same time so they’re always around each other.
“Lemme see where they at.” Erik said dialing Cam’s number.
Erik shook his head chuckling, thinking about his crazy ass cousin Cameron.They were know as the Demon Twins when were together.(Let Solana and Terry tell it) Cameron is the loud outgoing smooth talker, while Erik was seen but not heard as much. But don’t think for one second they would let something happen to one another. People know not to test Erik but anyone that tries Cameron better move out of the country. They went to juvi together, hit their licks together. Shit they even had their kids together. They were thick as thieves, since they were youngins if you seen one you seen the other. Even though they were cousins ,they were brothers to outsiders.

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Written by OnyxVixen 

Note: Other chapters found on my page under the tag Genesis. Onyx’s page is deleted but the stories are there. And yes we will be finishing this story.


Unbearable, excruciating, pulsating pain thrummed form every fiber of Ororo’s being. Bed ridden for three consecutive days within the four walls of her bedroom and between her dislevel soaked lavish grey sheets, she gritted her teeth against another shockwave of acid torment.

          “Let this be your one in only time in disobey me.” Serqet reprimanded, finally releasing the mental hold that paralyzed Ororo.

The amulet, which rested between her damp cleavage finally dissipated its glowing aura, signaling the end of her punishment. Though her body was struggling to regain its equilibrium, her mind was completely still. Composed even. Not once did she scream, cry, or beg during the whole ordeal. Why should she when she did not regret the passionate fire that burned fiercely throughtout the night as T’Challa provoked her sexual nature.

A nature she had no clue could crack open the skies and strike in series of flashing pure white lights. Every word, caress and thrust sent her higher and higher into lust abyss. Releasing a steady even breath, she gently shifted her aching body up, leaning against the hand craved wooden headboard to rest her flustered cheek on the cool surface.

What I did was within reason to not only gain his trust but his heart to further crush him…

For a spilt second that estrange woman from the alley’s voice echoed through her thoughts.

“Nonsense, I live to serve my Mistress and to see the destruction of Wakanda.” She murmured whilst closing her eyes. So why then did she not believe her own words

1 week later

As if never missing a beat, the wall inside the club shook to the hypnotic rhythm, with swarms of able bodies gyrating and twerking out on the center floor. Liquor continue to flow into the empty cups that awaited the many at the bar, while even a selective few ordered bottles to celebrate whatever joyous event that may have occurred in their life.

The atmosphere held a sort of ecstatic feel to every person who step into the club but, perched against the steel guard rails, Ororo continued to watch in disinterest. Tequila Limeade in hand, she took another lethargic sip. Ever since her encounter with the King, she had been receiving daily secret messages that were left in place only she would venture too until finally being summoned to join him for another private dinner to which she replied with an excuse that she would be traveling for business and did not have an exact time frame in when she would be back. And for a moment, after sending her message, a twinge of regret filled her.

Tightening her grip on the tumbler of liquor, Ororo tossed back the remainder of her drink.

“Having a bad night, baby girl?”

Jerking around at the sound of a male’s voice from behind, Ororo came face to face with Erik’s dark ethereal presences towering over her in his standard two-piece tribal wear that showed off his keloid chest.


At one point she would have been disgusted to see himself so exposed but being within reaching distance, she could make out every dip and cut into his muscle front which sent sudden flutters spiraling deep into her belly, putting a flustered warm heat to creep up her neck.

Damnit, how the hell did he get in?

Glancing towards the double wide stained doors, she noticed how the door handle was barely hanging by a thread. Luckily for her, she assumed her double personality as Serena and selected a dress that was meant to slay.


And, judging by the way his eyes stayed glued to her breast, she would have assumed she had chosen well.

“I can always make it better princess, just say word and its done.”

Shooting her gaze back to his, Ororo regaining what little composer she had before brushing passed him.

Big mistake.

Not even two steps in had Erik grabbed hold of her wrist that was closest to him and spun her around, pushing her soft supple body flush up against his steel velvet front.

“Nuh uh, shawty. You done ignoring me for good and besides, don’t you know I always get what I want?”

“Mighty bold to think you can have whatever quenches your thirst for time being but, sadly I’m not one of them.”

She tried to shove away from him but only earned a deep rumbling laughter.

Damn him. and DAMN my hormones.

Struggling harder, Ororo emitted a small amount of electrical current straight through his chest. Before she could brace or react, Erik’s movement became sharp as he yoked her up by the neck and somehow closed the distance to the rails and slammed her into it.

Clutching at the hand wrapped around her neck, he wedged himself between her thighs while a growl left his lips.

Fear. Fear should have been the sensation wreaking havoc on her body as his rip tighten a little more but, with him nestled firmly against her, it was hard to reel in the squirming butterflies that so desperately wanted to be free.

Pupils dilated, they both continued to stare down each other. Waiting for the first move.

Feeling the edge of her dress slowly creep up along her lushes’ thighs, his rough textured hand sent shivering quakes straight into her now sopping wet pussy. With the amount of air left inside her lungs, Ororo panted a low whimper.

“I gotcha ya. Let daddy do his work.”

Dress now bunched around her waist, he made quick work of his trousers before pulling her panties to the side. And before she knew it his girthy length was invading her.

“Ohh fuck.”

“That’s it baby. Let me feed you.”

Blinded by the pressure that slowly started to build from him pushing further and finally being seated fully in her depths, his grip on her neck tighten as he gave her the ride of her life.


Disheveled and exhausted to the point of sleep, Erik cradled her in his lap while a server pour them another drink before replacing the bottle of champagne he had order back into the ice bucket and leaving. The passion between both T’Challa and Erik was night and day. With T’Challa, it had been one of ballet. Gentle, precise with anough intensity to have one floating to the heavens…

But with Erik…

The nature of his jaguar was untamed and ruthless. Having lost her mind after the second orgasm, she slightly remembered the fact that they we’re in the open. And if it wasn’t for the bass trembling from the sound system, the entire club would have heard her shrieks of pleasure. Even in the midst of him devouring her thoroughly, Ororo ignored all warnings from Serqet. Furthering earning her warth but she didn’t care…

She wanted this and would have it.

Snuggling deeper into the crook of his arm, she completely missed his words.


“I said I wanted ya to come with me tomorrow. I got this thing and want you there.”

Taking a sip of her apple Cîroc, Ororo resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Well if that isn’t vague as ever.”

She expected him to have a slick comeback ready to roll off his tongue but, instead he took hold of her chin, his eyes leveling with hers.

“Say you will.” His voice dripped with every expectation that she would agree.

In moments like this, she would have dismissed him way before anything had gone down. Her resolve still intact. But something, right there in the center of her chest, her heart began to beat to an entirely different rhythm and made her say.

“I will.”

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Summary: Erik hadn’t always been a man of patience, yet when he met and eventually dated Tiffany, he learned that patience is a virtue. So when he discovers that the woman who taught him patience suddenly wanted to lose her virginity to him, he wanted to make sure that their first time together was the best she’ll ever have.

Pairing: soft! Erik x virgin! black Reader

Word Count: 1672

Warnings: smut, language, daddy kink

(A.N): This was a request from @tiffanywritesstuff so I hope I did it justice! I’ll do more requests in the future, but right now, I’m trying to re-upload past imagines onto this blog (one-shots, series, stuff like that lol) so I will make a post [and change the bio] when I’ll be accepting more requests!/ Also, I’m so sorry this took so long to write lmao smh I really forgot how to write smut sooo hopefully it good! Also also, this post helped me with the daddy kink stuff so big ups to op of that post!


Erik has just returned home from work for the day when he receives a text from his loving girlfriend, Tiffany. “I miss you, handsome. Come over whenever you can.”  Erik softly smiles at this text. He replies, letting her know that he’ll make his way over as soon as he finishes showering. “You can always shower at my place, babe…” was her reply. He shakes his head, laughing at her persistence. He found no issue with showering at her place, so he put away his work bag and replaced it with his overnight bag.

It takes a good 20 minutes to make it to her place without traffic, so when his trip took almost an hour, Tiffany became antsy. Erik’s a speed demon, so it isn’t like him to show up to her place late. His tardiness isn’t the only reason why she’s antsy. Tonight, is the night she decided to lose her virginity to him. The couple has been together for almost 10 months and she felt ready to give herself completely to him. He has been such a patient, loving man towards her; he deserves it.

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Lollipops n Basketball Part 2

Some people wanted a second part to the one shot. And it was one of my favorites so I figured why not.

Here’s Part One.

Warnings: There’s some smut and obviously cursing.


If someone didn’t do something soon, you were going to explode. The sun beaming down on your back did nothing to help you calm your self. Your shorts rode further and further up your thighs. Erik didn’t seem to mind as his eyes often glanced at them. But you were just too hot. The further you walked away from the park the sweatier your palms became and the heavier Erik’s arm around your shoulders got. The lollipop had long been sucked away leaving a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

The two of you had been friends that very quickly developed feelings for each other. The mutual attraction between you guys only ignited the unusual trajectory of your relationship. Though you denied it and rarely mentioned it to anyone else, Erik constantly reminded you that if you stopped playing he’d wife you up. “Even though he’d never fucked or tasted your fat ass pussy”, his words not yours.

Erik stopped to dap up some of his friends and you noticed his arm tighten its possessive hold on you.

As you watch the exchange between friends, a heat comes over you as feel the friends’ eyes run along your body more than a few times. You bite your lip and turn away. You hands itch to pull your shorts down.

“Dats you?” The friend tries less than his hardest to whisper to Erik. “She a littler thicker than the others. Still fine though. Shiiit… I’d hit.” The friend’s eyes roam your body again. Your shorts suddenly feel too short. The heat courses harshly through you, embarrassment creeping up as you ready yourself for rejection. You and Erik have never shared more than a few kisses and he was known for a lot of different things on the block. And claiming a ‘female’ wasn’t one of them. Even if you were his “future wife.”

Erik must of felt you tense next to him. His thick furrowed eyebrows and intense glance at you made you no less nervous. Erik chuckled and eyed his friend.

“Yeah. She is.” The ability to hide the immense confusion in your face was commendable. Erik bent down and placed a wet kiss on your cheek. You grimaced and pulled away wiping it off.

Erik’s smile grew broader. He dapped up his friends and muttered under his breath towards him.

“If I catch you checkin for my girl again… we gonna have some issues.” Erik smiled, the gold in his mouth gave him a sinister look, and clapped his friend roughly on the back. Erik lead you further down the street and up to his front door. Erik bent down, his lips at your ear.

“Wipe off my kiss again and see what happens.” His deep voice hit your ear before his lips left a wet kiss on your cheek again.

You looked up at him and wiped your cheek again.

“Two threats in three minutes.” You smirked up at him. “Scary.” Erik’s jaw twitched. Then his hand reached forward to open his front door.



Loud cries escaped your lips. Your hand barely containing the whimpers that left your lips. With your other hand wrapped behind your back and your chest pressed deeper and deeper into the soft mattress you were only on your first orgasm.

“Fuuuck baby. This pussy sweet.” Erik’s mouth covered your entire pussy from the back. His unoccupied hand gripped your hip tightly holding you in place. His lips mumbling against you about how much he loved a runner.

The heat swelled in your belly as you released your first orgasmic wave. Erik’s tongue lapped up any and everything you gave him.

“Eriiik.” You moaned pulling away harder than before. “Shit.” You were ready to collapse when you felt Erik position himself behind you. You weren’t sure even with how wet you were if you would be able to take him.

Erik must have felt your fear because he flipped you gently onto your back.

“Just this once.” He eyed you and aligned himself, the head pressed in slightly. You whined and arched into him. The further he slid in the more lost in you became in your own utopia. Erik’s lips found your neck and after he marked up one spot he groaned about how tight your were.

“Shiiiiit.” You grinded against him. You felt full. Fuller than any other time before. Your heart clutched when he bent down to press his lips against yours. His hips snapped into your repeatedly. Erik’s lips successfully muffled moans, your bottom lip was bitten softly. The sensual manner of the kiss made you dive closer and closer to your next orgasm. And the thought of Erik being so gentle with you threw you for a loop. All the rumors you heard about him suggested that he merely fucked girls solely for his pleasure, which was okay with you because you usually did the same.

“You can’t be fucking me like this.” You attempted to push him off of you. He digs into you deep, preventing you from pulling away.

“Why not? You feel good as fucck.” You feel your core tighten around him. “Shit. Don’t do that.” You felt Erik shiver above you.

“I can’t help it.” You whined, your body writhed underneath him. Your hardened nipples arched against his raised scars in a way that only brought you more pleasure.

“Fuuuck I’m finna buss. I can’t go out like this.” Erik pulled out and flipped you over, making sure that you resumed your previous position. The thick head of his dick slid into you much more easily now, the stretch was delicious and caused you to let out a loud content sigh.

“Oh shit. My dick got you feeling like that?” Erik said from above you, his hips snapped into you repeatedly. His hand gripping and slapping your ass. His hands occasionally kneading the ample fat there. Every touch from him lit you on fire. Your moans quickly became screams. Erik’s hand reached around your belly softly grasping and massaging the extra fat there. A sound of embarrassment squeaked our last your lips.

Erik bent down to place soft kisses at your shoulder quickly calming you while still sending deep thrusts into your wet core. You could feel how wet you were, it was beginning to coat your thighs at this point. Erik’s fingers continued to massage slowly journeying to your clit and took up new residence there.

“Damn you don’t know how much I love your body.” You moaned at his confession. Something set him off and his thrust became rougher. His fingers circled your clit rapidly and his other hand held your hip forcing you to take the strokes he delivered.

“Annnghhh” You cried out as you felt your orgasm swell.

“That’s it cum all over this dick.” Erik slapped your ass. “Thick ass, fat ass pussy. Perfect combination for me. Cum all over my shit.” His words drove you to completion. You were done as you cried out his name and came all over him. The wetness created a sound complemented the smell of sex in the air.

“Damn. Look at this shit. You creaming all over my dick. Finna make a nigga bust.” His fingers and strokes prolonged your orgasm. Shivers ran down your spine.

“Fuck Erik. Cum in me.” You whimpered. Erik’s strokes paused. You quickly began to throw it back not wanting the fun to end. His thrust started up again more harsher and erratic than before.

“Don’t say shit like that if you don’t mean in it. Gonna make me fuck around and put a baby in you.” His concentration was gone his pupils blown. You turned your head to look back at him a small tired smile on your face as you made eye contact with him.

“All these threats… You must not really be bout it.” You bit your lip as Erik reacted to your words.

“Bet.”His hips slammed into yours as he drove you into another orgasm… or just the 2nd half of the one before. Either way it was exhilarating and had you seeing the stars when you felt the warmth of his seed coat your walls. Erik groaned deeply as he released himself into you, his hips jerking sporadically. Erik collapsed on you pressing small kisses into your neck.

“Ain’t neva came that hard from pussy before…” Amazement lit up his voice.

“You too heavy to be on me like this.” You whined from exhaustion.

“My bad babygirl.” Erik went to the bathroom to grab a rag to clean you up. You threw on the shirt he threw at you and laid down. Once he finished with himself in the bathroom he walked out in his boxers and laid next to you, turning on the T.V. clicking through the channels for something to watch.

“So you not gonna kick me out?” You joked sleepily.

“Nah.” Erik wrapped his arm around you and laid you on his chest. “That fat ass pussy got about another 5-6 rounds left in her tonight. Better take a nap.”

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“Birkin Bag” (7)


Originally posted by prxttygxrltrappxn

|Part Six|

Summary: Erik finds out he might’ve rubbed off on his best friend a tad too much and that she’s really with the shits

Warning: Language, Angst, Blood Mention(s), Violence

A/N: This shit gets a little gory at the end so *BEWARE*


“I bought my bitch a Birkin Bag so she could hold my fucking strap..”


Even from the entryway, you could see Trey’s body begin to tremble at the sound of your voice. Stepping into what was now your evil lair, you signaled for Erik to follow, silently mouthing for him to follow your lead as the plan was set into motion.

“What up, pussy! Miss me?” You twisted your hips going further into the room as your voiced gradually darkened, “Or at least pretend to? Because, you know, that’s what you seem to do best, apparently.”

His eyes practically gouged out of his head, speaking a mix of fury and panic that his gagged mouth currently couldn’t. Still though, Trey loudly muffled out something incoherent through the white rag against his lips. “Mmphmfm!”

“What?” You snatched the cloth away from his mouth. “Don’t nobody know what you saying, speak English.”


But the empty threat was cut short when your left backhand thwacked across the side of Trey’s face.

“Wrong answer, bitch.” You immediately tied the bandana back around while Erik blatantly snickered under his breath in the background. Peering deviously over your shoulder at the source of the laughter you asked, “Oh you think that’s funny? You shoulda been here for the beat down me, Rodney, and Ray Ray gave this nigga. Ain’t that right?”

Trey did nothing but blink at you furiously, beads of sweat making his forehead glisten.

“I mean, then again, it was only fair. What, with all the trouble you put me and my friend Mr. Stevens over here through.” At this point you had begun circling around your victim like a vulture painstakingly slow. “But seeing as to how you made me spend weeks searching for yo’ ass, some of those injuries were thrown in as…compound interest.”

And plenty of contusions there were. It was only right you gave back every scrape, cut, and bruise that horrible trio had given to Erik when they had him tied up here a month ago. The swollen eye, busted lip, and endless trails of blood falling from various places were evident of that.

“You didn’t make it easy for me, though, Stokely, I’ll give you that.” The false praise fell from your lips in a chuckle, half sarcastic, half genuine.

“Wait,” Erik interjected, being pulled from the trance of watching you playing with your food. “Stokely…why does that name sound so familiar?”

The wicked grin that’d been playing at your lips, per waving one of your knives dangerously close to your captive’s face, officially broke free at the ex mercenary’s speculation.

“Probably because it’s the name attached to the warehouse where this urchin and his cronies held you, i.e. the one we’re currently standing in.”

Erik nodded in acknowledgement, but his furrowed brow gave away that wasn’t the lightbulb he was looking for.

“Or maybe because it was part of the signature on the baby’s death certificate, when it supposedly should’ve been ‘Stevens’.”

Ah, there it was.

“Come again?” Though Erik had managed to keep his relatively cool demeanor, it was still evident that the piece of news had thrown him for a loop. He continued blinking repeatedly at you as if it would change what he heard. “What do you mean ‘supposedly’?”

“You were right about Lynda being pregnant when you shot her; the ultrasound they showed you was proof of that,” you remarked. “But that didn’t necessarily mean she was carrying your baby. Isn’t that right, Trey?” Both Erik and Trey’s head perked up simultaneously, and when the latter began shaking like a stripper, Erik’s wild eyes bore straight into him while speaking directly to you. “Go on.”

You knew the royal to be no dummy, at least when it mattered that is, but you could also tell he wanted to be sure of what you were getting at as well.

“It seems as though Lynda was trying to have her cake and eat it, too. She wanted herself a piece of the legendary ‘Erik Stevens’ just like every other girl at MIT, but once she got it, she just couldn’t seem to let go of her high school sweetheart over there.”

“So what you’re saying is that-”

“Trey was really the one who got the girl pregnant and not you?” You picked up the rest of his sentence, sparing him of having to finish it. “That’s exactly what I’m saying. Why else do you think Little Miss Lynda was holding out on you all that time and then magically wanted to jump your bones? She wasn’t about miss out on securing that bag for her family,” you disclosed, whipping your gaze back to Trey trembling in his chair. You were confused when his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Until you felt Erik remove the pistol from your hand while breezing past you.

“Erik, wait, I wasn’t done ex-”

“Hold that thought.”

The former shell of Killmonger marched straight up to Trey and planted a bullet right in his left kneecap, forcing the loudest stifled shriek in all existence to sound through the room.

That’s for making me think I murdered my unborn child.”

The combination of his act and words sent a tremble down your own spine, regardless of you both being on the same team, but it also put a twinkle of admiration in your eye, and strangely a spark of desire below your stomach. Luckily, Erik had only discovered one of the two as he went back to address you.

“What? Auntie said no more ‘murderous rampages’ so better to put a bullet there than through his brain,” Erik shrugged, followed by a right hook to Trey’s jaw to shut him up. “Now,” he breathed, dimple chasing the dark aura away quickly as it’d come. “You were saying?”

“I was saying,” you deadpanned, pinching the bridge of your nose at his block-headed ass. “That my head was spinning a million miles a minute after all the shit went down that night, so I started breaking it all down, play by play. And that’s when it hit me.”

Erik only blinked in anticipation.

“Remember everything I told you on the drive over? And what Tracee said about Trey not really ‘loving me’? Well she was right.”

Trey’s cries cut through the room, once again, just as fast as your knife landed deep in his bicep.

“Not that I wanted that weak ass shit from you anyway,” you spit, squinting at him in fury. You wanted to do much more than that, but your best friend’s pulled you back into focus.

“Relax, baby girl,” Erik cooed, sensing the flare of your bloodlust. “I’m still in need of some clarification here.”

You inhaled a deep breath upon realizing that he was right. Killing Trey could wait just a few more moments so you dove back in, picking up where you left off.

“Right. It made sense as to why Tracee and Jay wanted revenge against you; they were Lynda’s older sister and best friend. But recalling Tracee’s little slip up, it was only a matter of time before I put two and two together about those conniving little love birds. Though I don’t really think that’s my secret to tell, now is it?”

Creeping back over to the prisoner, you twisted the blade buried in his muscle while stooping to stare him in the eye.

“You listen here and listen good,” you threatened Trey. “It’s already been decided that you’re definitely not going to leave out of this room alive so unless you want to make dying any more pain than I planned for it to be, I suggest the words spoken in your final hour be nothing but the truth. Got me?”

You snatched the cloth from his mouth a second time once the groans of pain subsided, but kept your grip on the weapon in case the memo hadn’t been fully received.

“Alright, fine,” Trey panted out at last. “Lynda was my ol’ lady, so what?! Had been since we was fourteen. We grew up together-all of us did. Me, her, Tee, and Jay; couldn’t nobody come between us. Until yo pretty boy ass decided you just couldn’t stay away from my girl.”

“Aye, ain’t my fault she wanted to upgrade,” Erik bit back. “She came onto me.”

“Yeah, but the grass ain’t always greener, is it?. Sure she was feeling you for a quick lil’ minute, but ‘breaks’ don’t always mean ‘break-ups’.”

A grimey smirk formed at Trey’s mouth, beginning to feel himself courtesy of the sense of pride budding in his chest. “Me and her was going at it cause all she wanted to do was be on her Tomb Raider shit, but it wasn’t long before she was back to calling me ‘Daddy’-AGHHH!”

His spiel was interrupted by the curve of your wrist, bringing about more pain and blood from the wound.

“I don’t think I said anything about adding your irrelevant and grotesque commentary,” you sneered from behind him. “Keep going, and be sure to stick to script, please and thanks.”

Trey scowled and sighed in frustration, but did as he was told and continued telling on himself.

“It had been some months since me and Lynn had spoken since that particular falling out, so I suppose that’s when she starting kicking in with you in the meantime,” Trey concluded, the disgust evident in his voice. “But then I hit her up one weekend, told her I was coming that way to work shit out and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We talked about a lot that night, and needless to say some shit went down when we met up.”

With every new piece of information Trey dished out, you stole a glance at your homeboy to see how he was processing it all. He was simply shaking his head and casting an ironic grin that flashed his gold fronts. “Breezy always said these hoes ain’t loyal,” he recited, quoting the well known R&B hit.

“Anyway,” the deviant mocha man went on, rolling his eyes. “Lynda and I kept in touch on the low after that, but a few weeks later she sent me a text saying she was positive she was pregnant. At first she was panicking, worrying about your reaction and how it might throw a wrench in the scheme y’all had going with that Klaue dude, especially y’all hadn’t slept together yet.”

“And lemme guess,” Erik cut it. “That’s when you told her to try and start hopping all on my dick?”

Trey clapped back harshly, trying to establish his dominance for whatever reason. “You damn skippy I did! She told me about your master plan for heading to Wakanda, so I told her to stick it out, act like everything was still normal. The second you took over she was gonna tell you about the pregnancy; play the whole ‘heir to the throne’ card. Wasn’t no point in missing out all the wealth one measly little job had to offer.”

It was your turn to finally speak up now. “Yeah, and how well did that work out for y’all Jokey and Harley wannabe headasses?”

Obviously Trey didn’t take a liking whatsoever to your taunting, so he began to go off when you rounded out to face him again. “REAL FUCKING WELL UNTIL YOUR BITCH ASS BOYFRIEND PUT A BULLET IN MY GIRL’S CHEST!!! Me and Lynn coulda had it all made, but HE took it away when he murdered her. So when that king announced the start of all their outreach shit with him overseeing it all,” his voice growing colder, tears in the brim of his eyes, “I knew that was my chance. It took months of plotting, and waiting, but once Stevens was back in town, it was only a matter of time till he learned who I was.”

The hurt that was apparent in his face almost made you feel sorry for him. Though you didn’t find his actions anywhere near justifiable, this was the first time you realized how big of a loss it was for him to lose the love of his life, and child, so tragically.

“And now that Lynda’s gone, and this whole thing caved in on your head, you don’t have anything left to show for it. Do you?”

Trey drew in a sharp breath attempting to draw back the water beading in his eyes, erasing the agony that had threatened to break free. “Maybe not,” he begun maniacally. “But at least I got to dig in them guts for a while to keep you away from golden boy over there, hm sweet cheeks?”

“Excuse you??”

When those words hit your ears, you felt that familiar snap pop off somewhere deep inside your psyche. How dare this nigga have the audacity to even utter something so ignorant and crude, like you needed a reminder that you’d given him access to such a vulnerable part of yourself. Not knowing if it hit a nerve because you dared to sympathize for him a few seconds ago, or because it was brought to your attention yet again how stupid you felt for being used, it had been the final nail in Trey’s coffin either way.

Erik had been silently watching the exchange all the while, and though highly tempted to yank all of Trey’s teeth out due to the disrespectful comment, he could see he had to reign you in quick, fast, and in a hurry.


“Nah, E,” you declared chillingly calm, smiling as your tongue ran along the space between teeth and gums. “It’s all good.”

Your fingers flexed tightly around the grip of your gun, and with one lighting fast motion, you were knocking directly into the middle of Trey’s face before any of you really knew it.






The hits just came rolling in, one after another and another, driven by all the rage and pent up emotion you had been harboring for entirely too long. Truth be told if it wasn’t for Erik overpowering the now bloody weapon from your hand, you probably would’ve kept at it until who knows when. Fortunately though, he restrained you from behind, stopping you in the midst of your last swing.

“Hey-look, hey, shh. I gotchu now, hey, it’s all good, I’m here.” He steadily swayed the two of you back and forth until he felt you drift somewhat back to reality. It took a minute, your eyes glued Trey’s now disfigured, and lifeless, head that was bashed in and bludgeoned in all sorts of places. You took a moment or two more to calm yourself, feeling the warmth of fresh blood splattered across your face and clothes.

Erik let go once he felt you beginning to uncurl from underneath him. He knew for a fact that you didn’t mind getting your hands dirty, but still awaited your next direction, aware you were still reeling from the deed you’d just committed. Back erect once more and shoulders squared evenly, you instructed your sidekick of the next move without turning around one inch.

“Help me get him and the rest of this junk down to the basement,” you enunciated with a robotic like tone. “There’s an incinerator we passed on the way in.”



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“Bitch this nigga hit with a project brick” Cayce cackled as she swiped through Tinder.

“Ha! You really dumb, witcho picky ass.” Yanni spoke. They were supposed to be having a girls day but it turned into a wine and chill day.

“Girl I’m bouta delete this sh” Cayce words stuck on their tip of her tongue.

“You good bitch?”  Yanni looked at her friend worried. The energy shifting as Cayce let out an excited squeal while jumping up from her seated position. “Hold up bitch let me see.”

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Lesson Learned


Mentions of: break-ups and chocking

Note: Just something I was thinking about a in-denial Erik.

Enjoy!- I just tagged who came to mind, if you read leave feedback

Cayce and Erik had been together for a year before she decided to end their relationship. The relationship ended three months ago she was fed up with the late night calls, leaving the house to run “errands” at all times of the night, her fighting because he kept cheating, she couldn’t do it anymore. He was still in that hood nigga mindset when he didn’t need to be, he wasn’t in the hood anymore. It was very weird to watch him to not even try to change. Even though they weren’t together, they would still talk on the phone as friends.

“Come see me bae.” He spoke into the phone.

“Boy I’m not your bae, but I aint doing shit so okay”

“It’s almost lunch want to just grab some food.” He asked.

“Nah I can’t be too long I have to go run some errands, I’m just passing through.” she clarified.

Cayce was a little nervous since she had not seen him in three months, but she missed him. A little, she convinced herself, but it was more than that. She slipped on her Nike leggings, white t-shirt and her slides hopping into her black Toyota Camry. When she pulled up to his apartment building she texted him her arrival and waited. He came out his apartment doors wearing gray sweats, no boxers, a tank top, and some slides, his hair was hanging in his face. Beeping her horn looking at him through the rearview mirror and damn he looked good as hell. Walking to the car he slips into the passenger seat and reaches towards her. She opens her arm and squeezes tightly and starts to rub his hands up and down her sides softly, she should have pulled away, instead she settled in his arms.

“Damn why you always gotta smell good,” she raised her eyebrow at him.

“Why you always gotta look so damn good.” Turning his body towards her with his bottom lip between his teeth, releasing it flashing that beautiful smile.

Turning away from him, she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face, he always made her nervous when he stared at her. She just never got used to being with such a beautiful man. His smile falters and she feels him staring at her profile.

“So, what’s up” she spoke trying to avoid the awkwardness that was not settling.

“When we getting back together.” He pauses and raises his hand to motion her to not interrupt. “Listen I know I fucked up and I know you been out dating and shit but you know I love you right? Let’s start over I’ll forgive you, and you can forgive me.”

“Erik you know I didn’t come over here for all this and forgive me for what? Leaving you when you couldn’t get your shit together. Nah you tripping I can’t believe that dumb shit just came from your mouth.” Erik was full of shit he just didn’t want to see her with anyone and she didn’t care.

Her glare not wavering, she stared at him like he had 3 heads. His attitude abruptly changed, his nose flared, and he reached out and grabbed the back of her neck. In shock she sat still as he began to rant.

“Look I love you, that nigga you fucked.” He paused and she looked in his eyes, he looked furious and for the first time, she feared Erik would hurt her. “Cay that nigga you fucked don’t love you I fucking love you, you my girl.” Gripping her neck harder he pulled her towards him and looked in her eyes.

A single tear fell from her eyes, and she couldn’t hold back from letting the rest fall. They stayed in that position for a while just looking each other in the eye, she was too scared to turn away.

“Give me a kiss” he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, she didn’t move wanting to wish that it was not really happening to her.

He pulled back seeing the tears falling from her and wondered what was wrong.

“Why you crying bruh, you know I hate when you cry.” Pulling her closer once again he kisses her cheek.

Erik didn’t mean to hurt her he truly loved her. Seeing her cry made him so angry with himself for not controlling his emotions better. So he did what he did best.

“I gotta go but I’ma call you later okay.” He once again angled her face to look him in the eyes again. “Okay.”

“Yeah, Okay” she sniffled. Her body was just going through the motions, still shocked that he chocked her.

“Cay remember I love you.” He kissed her again and opened the car door exiting the car. When she saw him walk in the building she sobbed uncontrollably.

After that day Erik called and texted her everyday and she ignored his calls. She always told herself no man could touch her in an aggressive manner and get away with it. So she decided to leave him alone for good. She ignored his calls and ducked his pop-ups. He even called her mother and begged to talk with her but soon got the picture that whatever they could have would never happen now.

Her heart still aches when she thinks of him but she couldn’t let his anger destroy the both of them.

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Genre: Smut

Warnings: cursing and reader and Erik do the nasty

Summary: When Erik hears you not claiming him, he makes you eat those words.

Song recs: ‘Rachet Happy Birthday’ + ‘In my Feelings’ by Drake and ‘Get you alone’ by Kyle Dion

A/N: THIS IS FOR THE AMAZING @blowmymbackout WHO WANTED SMUT FILLED ERIK GOODNESS FOR HER BIRTHDAY. Which was last week, but IT’S STILL YO BIRTHDAY MONTH SO HERE YOU GO. Also many thanks to the ladies of the BF chat. Ya’ll the G.O.A.T. 



Originally posted by champagnepaps

The smell of alcohol permeated the air as countless drinks were spilled to the sound of the beat flowing through the club’s speakers. The smell and the sweat didn’t bother you though. You wanted this—it was your birthday after all.

“Who told you to look this cute?” You giggled and almost splashed your cocktail on the man in front of you when someone knocked into you. 

“Erik, you were the one who left a versace box on the bed with this dress in it so,” you paused for dramatic effect before smiling widely up at him, “you I guess.” Your laugh was cut short as he pressed his lips against yours in a soft kiss.

“Oh so you wanna be smart now?” His breath fanned across your lips and you almost were ready to leave the club after only an hour of being there until a familiar beat started coming from the DJ’s mic. 

It’s your fucking birthday, it’s a fucking celebration.

You let out a squeal that made Erik’s dimples pop out for a brief moment as you started swaying your hips to the beat. Erik mimicked your exaggerated arm movements, pointing at you as you took turn rapping the lyrics.

It’s your birthday baby, it’s your birthday, who’s gonna love you on your worst day.

After a while, it was clear who was the better lip sync rapper so you let Erik continue to work it in front of you. You nodded along and laughed when it got to the part where Drake rolled his Rs, Erik pulling you close and turning you until your back was pressed against his chest so that he could rock with you. You smiled, enjoying yourself until you heard your name being called out in the club.

Your eyes snapped open and you quickly stepped forwarded and out of Erik grasp, not missing the sound of him clicking his tongue in annoyance behind you.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!” Lyanna, Tia, and Dawn all said in unison, circling around you and effectively cutting off your view of Erik. You didn’t miss the slight nod he sent your way before making his way across the club, giving you a chance to laugh and catch up with the newly arrived trio. 

Erik disliked your friends.

“I know it’s your birthday and all, but please tell me I didn’t see you dancing with bitch ass Erik.”

And for good reason.

“Huh?” You feigned ignorance as you began to guide your friends to the bar, ready to get them drunk enough to forget what they saw.

“Three Jaeger Bombs and a tequila sunrise please.” You smiled at the bartender and he returned it, already knowing who’s tab to put it on. Your friends began to chatter around you, complimenting you on how nice you looked in your dress. 

After the drinks arrived and they all downed the Jaegar Bombs, you felt relieved that Erik hadn’t come back up, but that all came crashing down when Dawn spoke up.

“So about that clown from earlier.” Dawn stared at you as you sipped your drink. Your throat clenched when you noticed Lyanna and Tia look your way as well.

Here we go.

You and Erik had been dating for about a year now and you knew it was odd not to tell your friends. They were good people, but also critical of any relationships that weren’t their’s. You had seen them convince all three of each other, and even yourself, to end at least one previous relationship, finding almost expert reasons as to why one another was making the wrong choice. You knew if they found out that you and Erik were dating, their gossip and advice would put a strain on the relationship and so you and Erik decided to keep your relationship private from them.

“You really need to stay away from him, you know my friend’s cousin’s niece’s sister’s friend went out with him right? I heard he was just another no good fuck  nigga.” You subtly rolled your eyes at Dawn’s comment, knowing exactly which girl she was talking about. 

Her name was Dominique and Erik told you all about how she cheated on him with multiple dudes in her apartment complex…but that wasn’t your tea to spill so you just nodded in mock agreement. 

“Yeah he looks fine as hell, but he’s definitely trouble.” Tia nodded in agreement.

“We’re just looking out for you, he’s known for breaking hearts.” Lyanna added on. Your fingers began tapping against the bar counter without you noticing and you wanted nothing more to end this conversation as quickly as possible. It was your birthday and the last thing you wanted to hear today was your friends bashing your boyfriend.

“Well I ain’t his girl so it doesn’t even matter. We were just messing around.” The air ran cold and your heart sank before you even finished your sentence. It wasn’t the guilt you felt for lying to your friends. It was much worse. As soon as you finished your sentence, something told you to look up and when you did, you found Erik looking back at you, sipping on a drink, fingers clutched on the table. 

He was across from you, but you knew he heard what you said. It was the way his Adam’s apple continued to bob even after he set his drink down that alerted you that he was either pissed, hurt, or both. He didn’t break eye contact with you and you saw how sharp and heated his eyes looked as he stared you down.

“Can she have her face back nigga damn!?” Tia yelled, noticing Erik from across the bar and you were sure that was the only reason Erik broke eye contact with you. You watched as he sucked his teeth in annoyance before he grabbed his drink and disappeared into the sea of clubbers.

“Like I said, a fuck nigga.” You were too busy analyzing Erik’s actions to join in on the girl’s laughter. 

Erik was understanding and knew how your friends were so what you said shouldn’t be a problem right?


After entertaining and dancing with your friends, you made a point to throw glances across the club in hopes to find Erik and talk to him, but it was useless. When Erik didn’t want to be found, you wouldn’t find him.

It wasn’t until you made sure all of your friends were escorted safely into a lyft, Lyanna being the designated non-white girl wasted person, and watched it pull off that Erik appeared, arms crossed as he dangled the car keys in front of him.

“I actually didn’t drink as much as I thought I would so I can drive.” You voiced, hoping to break the silence as he made the way to his car. It was true, you only got halfway through your tequila sunrise when you locked eyes with Erik at the bar. All urges to get wasted flew out the club’s doors at that point.

“Same.” You cocked your eyebrow at him, surprised because he said he was going to turn up for both you and him on your birthday. He only shrugged when he caught your eyes, “Wasn’t feeling it anymore.”


The car ride was more awkward especially the universe seemed to be on Erik’s side.‘That’s How you Feel?’,‘In My Feelings’, ‘Loyalty’ seemed to take forever to end on a random playlist and when the lyrics from The Weeknd began to play, you were ready to jump out the car.

You were more than happy to swing the car door open as you finally arrived back to your place, but even the walk up to your door was still silent.

When Erik unlocked and opened the door, you decided that you couldn’t continue in silence anymore.

“Erik look. I’m sorry okay — ” Your voice jammed in your throat when you stepped in the doorway after him and noticed all rose petals and candles that formed a path from the main entrance to the bedroom. “When did you?” Your voice trailed off and you watched as Erik stepped over the well lit path and made his way over the couch instead. 

“Doesn’t matter.” Erik sucked his teeth before taking off a shoe and by the time he was done taking off the other shoe, you were in front of him looking at him with pleading eyes. He stared back at you before letting his head fall against the back of the couch. “So you ain’t my girl huh?”

“I was just irriated with the girls speaking about you like that, but you know I’m your girl.”

“Nah you ain’t.” You went to speak, but Erik grabbed your hips and pulled you into a position where you straddled his legs on the couch. “That’s too bad though.” Your body shivered as he began placing wet kisses on your exposed neck, “because I told myself I was gonna come home and make love to MY girl in that bedroom right over there. But since you ain’t my girl, I guess this couch is gonna have to do huh?” 

“Erik…” You whimpered, ready to apologize for the 6th time that night.

“Nah, don’t try to be cute now. Where’s all that base that was in ya voice at the club?” You yelped as he carelessly ripped the fabric of your panties off. “I really can’t stand ya friends sometimes y’know?” He mumbled before leaning back and pulling off his shirt, exposing all the raised skinned that peppered his body. “Making my princess say some dumb shit like that,” He tapped your ass, signaling you to lift up so he could pull down his pants and boxers in one swift motion. 

“So you aint my girl? Then what are you? My bitch?”

Your head shook from side to side and you weren’t sure what you were disagreeing with. Being called Erik’s bitch instead of his girl or the pressure that overtook you as your pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. 

“F-Fuck…I’m s-so sor-” The words were caught in your throat while Erik thrust into you, hands wrapped securely around your hips as you moaned helplessly above him. More wet kisses were pressed against the column of your throat, trailing further up until Erik’s lips were pressed firmly against yours. His grunts were muffled even as he opened his lips to intertwine his tongue with yours. 

Sounds of wet skin and groans filled the living room, the candle lights producing an ethereal hue that highlighted both yours and Erik’s bodies. The atmosphere his aura created completely consumed you and your body bent to his every whim.

The close position allowed your clit to be pressed sinfully against his exposed stomach. Erik wanted to smirk as you began to ground your hips into him, attempting to create that delicious friction that would eventually snap the coil within your stomach. 

Breaking the kiss with half lidded eyes, he admired the sight of your body becoming undone before he delivered a heavy smack to your thigh. He wanted you to let go, to have his pussy show him exactly what he, and only him, did to it.

“You said you weren’t my girl, but you damn sure riding this dick like you my girl huh?” This time you could only nod helplessly, groaning when you were pushed closer by the small of your back. The push and pull of each of your thrusts meeting the other quickly began to be too much and tears began pooling in your eyes. 

“E-rik! I’m so close!” You warned. 

“Already? Aight, come on then. I’ll give you this one for free.”


Before you questioned him, Erik picked up his pace, shamelessly lifting his body from the couch to make sure you impaled yourself even farther on his shaft when he brought you back down. The new position had you silently screaming and crashing down in an intense orgasm.

Erik rocked you through your orgasm that had your toes curling and you had to weakly push at his chest, trying, but failing to escape when he showed no signs of stopping.

“You tryna tap out girl?” He growled, moving forward to grunt in your ear. “Nah. Only my girl gets to pull that shit.” You whined as Erik pressed himself back against the couch, making sure to still torture your soaked pussy with powerful thrusts.

Erik had a point to prove, and you were going to learn it by the time he was done with you. Your whines turned into sobs as he angled himself to press the tip of his dick to the spot that never failed to have you a mess underneath him. Within seconds your hands fumbled and ran across Erik’s shoulders, chest, hair and even the back of the couch, desperate for something—anything—that could help you feel grounded as Erik kept pushing you further into another orgasmic high. 

Your chest heaved, and you were sure that you looked a mess, but in Erik’s eyes, you looked beautiful. His tasty and beautiful birthday girl he was going to devour until there was nothing left. 

His eyes screwed shut and a murmur of a growl vibrated throughout his chest as he felt you shake and clench around him. He refused to let you take him with you as you came for the second time. 

Your ears began ringing and you barely registered that he began to talk to you throughout your high. It felt like forever of built up tension before your orgasm finally ripped and released through you. 

“Who bought you that dress?” A simple nip to your shoulder even felt overwhelming as he continued to worship your body with precise strokes. “Who’s tab you use at the club? Who makes sure you’re set every.” 

Your fists clenched when he forced you to take an unexpected hard thrust. 


You wanted to cry about how good you felt. 


He bit your neck this time and you yelped.


“Damn straight.” His gold slugs shined as he gripped your chin and forced you to look into his intense eyes. He didn’t even care that your mouth seemed to be permanently open as moan after moan flowed passed your lips. “Then what they say to make you say some dumb shit like that?” 

Your arms shot out and wrapped around Erik’s head, thighs weak from having to stay in their straddled position for so long. The sounds and bounces of him fucking your wetness echoing around you. You whimpered when Erik pressed kisses on the valley between your breast from his now smothered position. Your eyes fluttered when he smacked your ass for an answer.

“They said that you would break my heart!” You shouted, throwing your head back, leaning into Erik’s secure grasp.

“And you entertained that shit? Now look where that shit got you.” He let you lean back, following and enjoying this new position where he had so much leverage over you. “You could’ve been in that room, being fucked like a queen. You know what I was going to do to you in there baby?”

Erik didn’t give you a chance to answer, not that you could when you were too busy struggling to even breathe.

“I was gonna worship you. Anything you wanted, would’ve been yours.” Erik’s groans began to match your own as he thought of his previous plans. “I was gonna take s-such good care of you baby. You know why?” 

“B-because you l-love—oh fuck—me.” Erik chuckled and leaned forward to press his lips against your neck.

“I’m close baby, but imma need you to say it.” His hips snapped into yours at an uncontrolled pace and you knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

“I’M YOURS! I’M YOUR GIRL ERIK!” You screamed before dark spots clouded your vision, candles flickering at just the right time to capture you and Erik reach your highs.

He let you lean and slump against him before slipping out of you, impressed with the mess he created between the two of you. Your chest tightened and you rolled over to the side of him, immediately clenching your legs together in case he tried to come at you again.

Erik laughed, a sweet raspy laugh, before leaning forward and kissing the side of your cheek.

“I aint coming for you again until you ready for more birthday sex.” You snorted in response and flopped your head against the back of the couch.

“I rather just have my present.” Erik rolled his eyes.

“It’s in the room,” his eyes snapped to your form as you shot up and ran to the room, “oh so you too tired for more sex, but you can get up and sprint to your gift…witcho spoiled ass.” 

It wasn’t a sprint really, more of a hobble, one that made Erik a little too proud when he saw you make your way back to him, gift in hand and hobble still in place. You perched next to him once more before taking the thin paper out of the black gift bag. 

Your hands wrapped around something soft and you squealed in delight as you realized that Erik had bought you the item you were eyeing in the store the other day. 

“I love it!” You shouted and went to hug him before your eyes locked onto a small box in the corner of the bag. The type of box that had most women in movies fainting. “E-erik?” Your heart began to pound, but before you could reach it, Erik snatched the bag from you.

“Yeet!” He grinned and placed it behind him, ready to cackle at your shocked expression.

“Erik! What was that?!”

“Something for my girl.”

“I AM your girl.”

“Sometimes.” Erik placed his hand on your shoulder as you tried to reach behind him. 

“Erik, I’ll tell all my friends! Hell, I’ll even update my facebook status. Just give me the damn box.” 

“Nah.” He laughed and bucked his hips, forcing you back after you climbed on him. It didn’t take him long to have you flipped over and subdued, hand pressing down on your lower back. Your body arched with his hand and he grinned as you got into his favorite position. “Now.” You shivered as he licked down the spine of your back. “You really want that box babygirl?”

“Mmhm.” You nodded, face pressed into the couch as Erik rubbed against your entrance.

“Then,” Erik groaned as he slipped inside of you once more. Ready to give you at least 20 more birthday orgasms, “you know what to do.”

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