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#erik x t'challa

I’ve been thinking about this question. It’s a good one.

T'Challa would have to hit Erik where it hurts most. And that would be not being actually sensitive to all Erik has been through in his life. From his mom being away in jail, his dad’s murder, growing up quickly, and wanting to avenge his dad’s death. T'Challa empathized with him, but if it all turned out to be a lie just to get Erik to not destroy Wakanda, he’d do more than hate T'Challa, he would want to kill him all over again.

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Erik masturbating while t’challa watches from below

T'Challa simply can’t say anything. All he can do is lay on the bed and watch Erik jerk himself off above him, his dick right over his face. There are light groans coming out of Erik’s mouth that T'Challa loves to hear. This is the second time they have done this, but before with Erik watching from below.

Like last time, T'Challa wants to touch Erik, but Erik specifically told him not too unless he tells him too. T'Challa didn’t mind at all. All he can do is lay back and be excited about what’s taking place.

Erik is getting close as pre-cum starts falling onto T'Challa. They both have that same kink, even though Erik will swallow too. T'Challa moans as he feels the substance falling on him, no longer able to keep quiet and soon Erik let'sgo, more cum landing on T'Challa’s face and some on chest.

When Erik is done cumming, he leans down to kiss T'Challa before getting ready for round two.

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So, with the “T’Cherik/KillChalla” people is like:

‘Eeeew, gross! They’re cousins! It’s incest, it’s horrible!’ and other kind of sh*tty things. And I’m like: 

Excuse you? And why the actual f*ck does nobody sees wrong the Thorki? DON’T BE LIKE THAT! They grown together being brothers! This guys doesn’t know each other from nothing, NOTHING!!! THERE’S NO AFFECTIONAL RELATIONSHIP OF THE FAMILIAR KIND BETWEEN THEM!!!!


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