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Eris: I have twelve infamous hunting hounds that are faster than wind and can track down any prey

Me, a horny idiot: awwww he likes dogs 😍

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I think I might have to disagree, but not for the reasons you might think. I think Eris as a character is so interesting, and that his anti-hero narrative is certainly new and exciting for many people. Agreed. He has a lot of potential as a character, on his own. And I do see how Nesta and him had a bit of chemistry, but it looked purely sexual and some sort of admiration only on Eris’ part. Nesta didn’t seem to care much for him, and I’m not sure how she would’ve felt comfortable with him after his history with the IC and Feyre. It was only in that one dance that we could see how they were together, and honestly, Nesta is more of the type to be with someone like Cassian, a man with utter good in his heart who would stand and take every thing she threw at him. I don’t think Eris would be able to handle her at all 😂 He seems quite unstable, but I’m again hoping for more of his backstory in thr upcoming books

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ACOTAR fandom, here’s why Steph’s live today was a huge mess and why i can’t respect their opinions anymore:

1) if you watched the whole live you’d know that they didn’t give two shits about Elain and her feelings.

2) called Az a creep for staring at the gift Elain gave him….ok….

3) they are also among the people who think Azriel thinks he “deserves” Elain even after we’ve seen how he repeatedly stayed away from her bc he felt like he didn’t deserve her

4) they shipped Mor, a bisexual homoromantic, who prefers females, with Eris, the guy who left her after she was assualted and slut shamed her. CAN YALL SEE THE PROBLEM??

5) Also shipped Elain with Koschei, Eris and Tamlin, knwon abusers, literally all the males except Azriel for whom she has feelings for but hey who cares about that right

6) they wanted Elain to hook up with Koschei to save Vassa….you mean forcing herself to be with a man is fine but Azriel staring at his gift is creepy??

7) again I wanna stress this, no talk about Elain or how she might feel. All they cared about was which male is fucking whom and the misogyny is crystal clear.

All in all, i don’t even care that they jumped from Elriel to Gwynriel, I could honestly care less but I’m never gonna take someone’s word on these things when they casually ship literally every male (actual abusers) with Elain but not Az bc he’s “creepy”….. Disliking Elain’s character is one thing but they didn’t even take into account her feelings and the whole live was a repeated invalidation of the characters’ sexualities and trauma. And they also kept saying how they don’t even remember the plot of the book so I’m even less inclined to care about their opinions now.

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Eclipse - SignificanttOtter - Destiny (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
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I PRAY gwynriel happens and that eris is Gwyn’s grandpa, if only for the family reunions:

Eris trying exercise authority over Azriel because he’s his grandpa-in-law

Azriel getting on his angsty teen bs calling eris “old man” even though they’re both old af

Gwyn just stuck in the middle, trying not to think about how messed up the family tree is with her grandpa’s ex-fiancé being her husband’s crush and that her husband’s other crush was her half-granduncle’s mate

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*Asking RHYS if he can marry Nesta and being and overall prick*
*Cannot function cause he's so jealous*
*trying not to laugh*
“You can return every Solstice present in exchange for letting me tear him apart”
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Everyone here wanting an Azriel book and I do too but.. But tbh, I really really reaally want an Eris book!

I want him to marry someone who hates him, for political reasons, and then watch as his wife slowly uncovers the truth about our boy Eris…

I want an Eris book and I want it with an arranged marriage trope.



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You know what hot take I have? Who decided that Joe Rogan was closer to a leftist awakening than Chrissy Teigen?  

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Youre not thinking big enough, Sinbad. Steal the book for ransom and you can be rich enough to lounge on an island beach. Steal the book for me, and you can buy the beach. And the island.


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Affection? Hardly. Tolerance, perhaps. Appreciation? I suppose, yes. She is a fine Death Eater. Valuable to the cause. But affection? I barely use the word affection for Bellatrix, and she bore me a child. 

Ah. Eris…there is no standard procedure, at least not within the realm of Wizard magic. Once a person dies, they remain so. I mean, there is the point of necromancy and the possibility of ghostly form, but nothing fully restorative. I should know - I have devoted quite some time to the field of preservation of life. 

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He knows 100% sure SJM you can reveal that already .


If it is not that what the hell would be then

But I wanna know more about Eris’ reasons, what was the cost and what more he regrets.

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After 10 years of dormancy, Intermittens, the Discordian magazine, has released its issue number 11, titled “Post-Truth”.

Get it from the Library of Eris or from the DisLib.

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