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And thus begin the Christmas Crimes


I have five ridiculous drawings for the five fandoms that were most prominent for me this year (and I’m dumb and drew the last one I’m posting first lmao) Carole and Tuesday was super fun and I especially enjoyed drawing for and getting to know @pajama-cats through it

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Ertegun (Carole & Tuesday): @pumkinportfolio

Photographer: AngelRogers

Tap on the pic for better quality.

@catuesdayy @carole-and-tuesday03 🤗

Twitter/IG: PumkinPortfolio (hiatus)

ACParadise: Pumkin

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I know is not the focus and people don’t like him(besides of the ship with Roddy) but that episode of Ertegun.

God it shows how your own sike affects you when you are depressed.

That was an amazing moment.


Originally posted by flowerymoments

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To keep the good vibes up, here is a Roddy for your soul.

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Fancy fancy


So I don’t like this. Bu that’s okay. I referenced the texts from way too many different issues of vogue. I’ve never actually even touched one of those I think? But yeah. Thanks @my-mass-hysteria for awakening this idea in me

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this still cracks me up idk hahahahha

good job mamo 😂👌👌

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Ertegun is probably the kind of drunk who forgets he’s in a relationship and then cries when Roddy tells him he’s his boyfriend

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cursed concept:

Ertegun is a cosplayer. but he only cosplays female characters. the beard stays.

just. magical girl ertegun.

(blame @asmallnerd for this)

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Ertegun is really hot but I also hate him


He’s such a horrible person and I hate him so much but damn if that isn’t good character design


Also I low key ship this


Look how cute he is like c’mon

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