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#erza x mirajane
zai-doodles · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi i still have brain rot
i made a horrible connection in my brain that erza’s full offense armor looked like guy fiieri flames and my brain wouldnt let me sleep until i drew it so here 
also also a bonus mira design im thinking abt using 
they r girlfriends bc i said so
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teekayeh · 2 years ago
If you want to could you draw a picture of Mirajane and Erza together
Tumblr media
Outfits are from that one fairytail Opening ( 18 i think) where they all looked very mafia inspired and cool~ 
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melanie-hiiragi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
AU: Erza and Mirajane are in the troupe of itinerant actors ✧
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fuckyeaherzaxmirajane · a year ago
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The Erzajane Love Fest is here!
Although there was a week for this pair (run by the lovely @erzajane-week), we decided that we wanted a totally romantic event as well.
A love fest can be regarded as either a sexual event, or a romantic one, so as such we have opted for six prompts in total, with both SFW and NSFW connotations.
The prompts are:
The event will run from November 29th through to December 1st 2019, and we will only be accepting romantic content for them, no matter the capacity. This can be:
Writing (FanFiction, poetry, drabbles, analysis)
Art (traditional, digital)
Edits (AMVs, aesthetics, icons)
However, we will NOT be accepting anything which includes non-con, paedophilia, or incest. Any other trigger warnings must be tagged.
Thank you to @theseventhstar for allowing us to use your lovely art.
We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
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theerzajanerevolution · 2 years ago
I HC that Laxus is the Erzajane wingman, sort of taking the gay friend role for Mira (sometimes Erza). And Mira can have his back with Freed. (Sorry idk if u ship Fraxus). But anyways ya, Laxus knew before anyone else how Mira felt and when they got together.
no you DO NOT understand how deeply this resonates with my entire soul, anon!! I’m even planning on writing a fic about this ahhh. 
In my mind, it goes something like this:
Laxus and Mirajane date when they’re like… 17? And it’s super awkward and they don’t even especially get along but there’s something about each other that is familiar; safe. Worth the risk.
Soon after they become each other’s first time and it’s super uncomfortable for them both.
Even now, as adults, they don’t talk about it.
Soon after, Laxus breaks down and tells Mirajane that he doesn’t like her, not like that, and he thinks there’s something wrong with him because she’s attractive but he isn’t attracted to her and he should be but there’s something… missing. Something not right.
And he apologises and he’s crying and it’s vulnerable, the most vulnerable Mirajane has ever seen him.
And despite the absurdity of the situation and the uncertainty of her own heart, Mirajane laughs.
Because ohmygodimsogladimnottheonlyonenotintothis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She comes out to him a week later, after talking to Cana about how she knew that she was attracted to men and women.
Still, Laxus is the first person she ever told, and then Lisanna dies and it’s Mirajane’s biggest regret, that Lisanna died not knowing her sister properly.
As a result, she comes out to Elfman not long after.
Her and Laxus remain Bros though, and whenever there’s a guild event they take each other as “dates”, because it’s safe and non-committal and they can truly be themselves. 
Although Laxus is dense as shit and it literally drives Mirajane crazy.
Like, Freed could come into the guild wearing a rainbow jumper and bootyshorts saying *I love men” and Laxus would still be sat, frowning, with his head in his hands, 
“Mirajane… do you think Freed is gay?” 
She straight up hits him a couple times.
After he gets thrown out of the guild, and then the seven year time skip, he finally comes out to Makarov, and then soon after he and Mirajane are tag-teaming each other, being the best wingmans.
( @jinx13gxa2 has a great fic about Laxus coming out to his granddad by the way ahhh)
Eventually Mirajane manages to force Laxus and Freed on a date, but the thought of talking to Erza about her feelings? Unacceptable. Unheard of.
Laxus teases her constantly.
When Erza eventually confesses Laxus is secondhand freaking out because he knows how much Mirajane has liked the other women for years and finally they’re both living their dream!!
They go on double-dates but it’s super troulbesome because they’re all so powerful and intimidating everyone is scared to approach them
Still… they’re soft for each other, romantically and platonically. And they’re happy.
Also Gay bffs yo.
- Mod Mollie 
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zai-doodles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
strong gfs
anyway i love them
i also really like the linework for this have that too
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bedazzfangirl · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yooooou guuuuuuys!!!! I'm a bit hurt that everyone's doing Unison Raids nowadays but OH M G my #mirza #erzajane heart yeeeeees. & Erza got annoyed when Mira jane jumped her lol. Accept your girlfriend's love you fool!!!
src: Play Station Youtube Channel
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