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A veces es más una escusa que una razón ya sea para irte o quedarte.
Alba Arnaud
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Whumpee running from Whumper in a huge, hard-floored office building foyer with a high ceiling; every footstep echoes loudly
Whumpee makes a movement that accidentally cracks their shoulder while trying to hide
Whumpee falls over while trying to escape from Whumper because of an injury and injures themself further, while also making a lot of noise
Whumpee A accidentally sets off Whumper’s security system when Whumper is looking for Whumpee B; they’re terrified when Whumper finds them
Whumpee A purposefully sets off Whumper’s alarms and sacrifices themself as a distraction so that Whumpee B can escape
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In Plain Sight V
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Warnings: captivity, torture, wounds, restraints, escape, hurt/comfort, hurt/aftermath, hurt/recovery, caretaker and whumpee
“Can you walk, sunshine?” Caretaker asked as they liberated Whumpee from the table they lay on. 
“I think so,” Whumpee croaked. The started to rise off the table and fell back. “No,” they moaned. 
“That’s ok, I can walk for the two of us. Come here. Lean on me, sunshine.” Caretaker lifted Whumpee’s arm over their shoulders, forcing Whumpee to lean on them. 
“Let’s get the fuck out of here.” Caretaker started down the hallway. 
“You came for me,” Whumpee sobbed as Caretaker hobbled along with them. 
“Course I did. I couldn’t leave you with Whumper. I’m just sorry it took me so long to figure out how to get out of here. And that I had to hide from you, sunshine.”
“You...came...” Whumpee’s sobs grew quieter, they grew limper in Caretaker’s arms. 
“Whumpee,” Caretaker said sharply as they cleared the front door of Whumper’s compound. “Whumpee?” They shook Whumpee’s arm. 
But Whumpee had fainted. Whether it was from the relief of a rescue, the cumulative effect of the torture they endured, or the latest torture Whumper inflicted on them, Caretaker didn’t know. They just knew they had to get Whumpee to help. And fast. 
Whumpee’s time in the hospital was short: only a few days. But Caretaker didn’t leave their side the entire time they were there. And on the morning of Whumpee’s release, Caretaker ordered food, flowers, and balloons to be delivered to the house. “It’s something to celebrate, sunshine!” They crowed as they drove Whumpee home. “You’re home. You’re finally home.”
“Home,” Whumpee repeated. They didn’t think they were going to see home again. They hadn’t thought they would see Caretaker again. Tears filled their eyes again.
“Don’t cry, sunshine. I’m sorry. I should have asked if it was ok.” Caretaker put their hand on Whumpee’s arm. 
“Happy tears, happy tears, Caretaker.” They blinked up at Caretaker. “I’m just so happy to be home. And to be with you.”
“I wasn’t going to let Whumper take my sunshine away.” Caretaker squeezed Whumpee’s arm. “I love you so much, sunshine.”
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No encajar,
no encajar en el pueblo,
no encajar en la ciudad,
en la ciudad dentro del pueblo,
no encajar en el balcón,
en la cocina,
en el comedor,
en los besos que no nos dieron por miedo,
por no poder,
o peor aún,
porque faltaba poco,
pero nada.
No encajar,
no encajar en el tiempo,
en los baños,
en la espera,
en la mediática pausa de un te quiero dicho a prisa,
y no encajar en las agujas,
o con las agujas,
no ser lo que esperas,
y tener que escuchar tu odiosa vos repitiendo,
una y otra vez,
una y otra vez,
“no te consumiré,
porque no eres el extremo que busco”,
y es que quizás soy tanto cariño,
que de tanto no me vez,
y volvemos.
A no encajar,
no encajar en la cocina de nuevo,
en los platos,
en los cubiertos,
en la comida que comes de menos,
o en las porciones que ingieres ante las miradas de más,
no encajar cuando te miran,
en los ojos punzantes desgarrando la ropa,
en lo desubicado,
en lo correcto,
en el por qué,
en la respuesta que no me dejaron decir,
y desarmarnos,
y rompernos,
y destruirnos hasta darnos nombre,
y no encajar.
No encajar en tu mano diciendo adiós,
en mis traumas de abandono,
en tu atención desmedida a mis pasos desalineados,
no encajar en el odio,
porque aun creo en el amor de ser tan único,
que abrazo la esperanza
y entonces,
es al mundo al que le pediremos que encaje,
porque nosotros,
ya estamos hartos.
-danielac1world ~La existencia de los visibles~
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Teamwork makes the dream work
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
by julia.shevtsova
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Tumblr media
by grif
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Rye/Mariah Niccole
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Tumblr media
by walasavagephoto
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No hagas una pregunta, a menos que estés listo para la respuesta.
Alba Arnaud
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Looking for Loneliness
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secret garden @earthtowildrose
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Close call
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Tumblr media
September 22 2020 - A Hillsboro man convicted to 6 months for drug possession managed to make his escape from the courthouse. A cop trying to stop him gave himself broken ribs and a concussion and had to be taken to hospital, while the hero of our story managed a clean getaway and is still on the loose. [video]
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Tumblr media
by gapfel
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Tumblr media
by lineamaria
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Tumblr media
"Spectrum Embrace", part of The Lucid Fate Exhibition- Wiley Wallace; 2021
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yearn 2 waste away with u
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