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werelivingarts · a month ago
ways to learn foreign languages
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Hi it’s werelivingarts and I’m back with some unique tips on learning foreign languages. I love learning Mandarin and Korean, and my foreign friends absolutely love it when I try to speak with them. ✨
Learning languages is tough but really fun. Remember that you need to set goals, such as by the end of today, I will finish studying the alphabet, not the simple “getting fluent” goal. It’s okay when things you first say are gibberish because you will certainly get better by learning your mistakes. 
Here are just some extra weird ways to help you learn:  ● Use region-specfic social media (Weibo for Chinese, Kakao Talk for Korean, etc) ● Narrate in other languages as you commute (e.g. the mysterious man who wears brown cap-toe Oxfords just get his cats turn left and is now entering the supermarket) ● Read newspaper and magazine  ● Change your phone language    ● Get help from your native speaker friends  ● Take notes in other languages
P/s: Do you have any useful methods to learn foreign languages? If yes, please share it down here 🤩⬇️
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emgoesmed · a month ago
Tumblr media
Back at it again for round 2!
It's been nice but also there have been plenty of awkward moments since I'm having trouble recognizing my classmates (in person wearing masks vs. seeing faces over Zoom).
Do you read a lot in the summer?
Yes, if I can. Last summer I read 20 books because I had free time in between quitting my job at the end of June and started med school in mid-August. This summer I read 9 books.
What book are you currently reading?
The Iliad by Homer (Stanley Lombardo translation)
Pájaros en la boca y otros cuentos por Samanta Schweblin
What is your favourite summer ‘beach read’ book?
I don't have one.
What TV show are you currently watching?
None — if anyone has suggestions please let me know!
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spanishskulduggery · 4 months ago
Just some vocab in Spanish
I don’t honestly know how many of these random vocab lists I’ve done but here we go again!
la noria = Ferris wheel [in Spain it’s la noria, sometimes it goes by other names in other countries often related to la rueda “wheel”; I’ve seen la rueda Ferris, la rueda de fortuna “wheel of fortune”, la rueda muscovita “wheel of Moscow” / “Muscovite wheel” and others; some countries also say la vuelta al mundo “(trip) around-the-world”]
el jabón = soap
las tijeras = scissors
la encrucijada = crossroads, junction / “a crossroads” (in the sense of a turning point or a time where you have to make an important decision)
la medusa = jellyfish
agregar = to add, to add to
la decepción = disappointment
el mazo = mallet / deck of cards, sheaf/bundle of paper
el rasgo = trait, characteristic
el avión = plane, airplane
disparar = to shoot (a gun)
crujir = to rustle (leaves) / to grind (teeth) / to crunch (food, like potato chips or something “crunchy”, or said of rocks like gravel or something scraping)
la subasta = auction (also a “bid” as in making an offer of money)
interpretar = to interpret / to play a part (in a play/movie/show, used in acting or theater or movies)
el bizcocho = cake, sponge cake [sometimes it means different things like “biscuit” or “lady finger” or “tea cake”, or sometimes it’s just a default word for “cake” or “baked good”; it generally just means a soft cake]
el señuelo = decoy, lure
la pala = shovel, spade
el papel = paper / a role hacer el papel = to play a role, to play a part
la trompa = trunk of an elephant / long nose of an animal, proboscis / French horn
el lodo = mud / sludge
machacar = to pummel, to mash, to slam
el faro = lighthouse
el giro = a spin, a turn / a twist / a turn of phrase
el pomelo / la toronja = grapefruit
la aleta = fin (of a fish), flipper (of seals/whales etc)
teñir = to dye / to tinge teñirse el pelo/cabello = to dye one’s hair
la cuna = cradle / “birthplace”
avivar = to intensify, to give life to / to stoke (a fire) / to goad, to incite, to spur on / “to fan the flames”, “to pour fuel on the fire”
el gesto = a gesture
el meollo = marrow / “the important part”, “the heart of the issue”
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thatgirlandyboi · 7 months ago
Animaniacs... but in Spanish #2
The Spanish Dub for the Animaniacs has its gems and this scene from Wakko's Wish is one of them
For those that don't understand Spanish, don't worry, the dialogue here translates pretty well, almost perfectly, as it does in the English version.
One of the differences in translation is in Dots dialogue when she says her iconic, "Call me dotty and you die" line. Instead she says, "I hate it when they call me Dotty,".
BUT WHAT I WANT TO DRAW ATTENTION TO IS THIS: In the original, Yakko says "Goodnight sis," as he tucks her in bed. But in this version... AHH! Instead of saying "Buenas Noches hermanita," which is the direct translation of Yakkos line...
He says "Descansa linda," which translates to "Get some rest beautiful," AND I-
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If anyone wants to know what Luz said in “Through the Looking Glass Ruins” here’s a translation:
“No te preocupes todo va a salir bien.”
“Do not worry everything will be fine.”
“Nada functionará a menos que lo haga funcionar.”
“Nothing will work unless I make it work”.
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ivydoomkitty · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The week is almost up. You've got this! What is something you're most proud of this week? For me: Im proud of the fact that I've survived it so far. It's been a rather rough week, but I'm here. . La semana casi ha terminado. ¿Qué es algo que le da mucho orgullo esta semana? Para mí: Estoy orgulloso de haber sobrevivido hasta ahora. Ha sido una semana bastante dura, pero estoy aquí. #latina #bodypositive #espanol #ecuadoriangirl #thorsday #loki #positivevibes #eclipse
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beautifulespanol · 8 months ago
15 ways to express your opinion in spanish !!
A mi juicio = In my opinion
Es importante que = It’s important that
A mi modo de ver = In my opinion
Desde mi punto de vista = From my point of view
Francamente = Frankly
No es sorprendente que = It’s not surprising that
Es un tema que me confunde = It’s a topic that confuses me
Es algo que me preocupa = It’s something that worries me
Es controvertido = It’s controversial
Lo más importante es = The most important thing is
Me da igual que = I don’t care that
Si no me equivoco = If I’m not mistaken
No estoy de acuerdo con = I don’t agree with
Estoy a favor de = I am in favour of
Es una actitud que comparto yo = It’s an attitude that I share
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sin-ammonroll · a year ago
✨ 11 Spanish saying and proverbs with their meaning ✨
1. “No hay mal que por bien no venga.”
Literally: There’s not evil which hasn’t came from a goodness.
Meaning: We always can get something good from a bad situation.
2. “En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo”
Literally: In blacksmith’s house, wood knife.
Meaning: This is the saying for those people who do activities that don’t make at home (ex. a chef who doesn’t cook at home, a tailor who doesn’t make her dresses, etc.)
3. “No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver”
Literally: There’s not worse blind that the one who doesn’t want to see
Meaning: Often we have the truth right in front of us, but we don’t see it because we rather not to do it.
4. “No hay mal que dure cien años, ni cuerpo que lo resista”
Literally: There’s not evil which last one hundred years, nor any body which resist it.
Meaning: We can’t desist no matter how hard it gets, because the hard times don’t last forever.
5. “El que mucho abarca poco aprieta” 
Literally: Who embraces too much tight too less.
Meaning: We can’t do everything at the same time, or we’ll end doing nothing at all!
6. “Al mal tiempo buena cara”
Literally: To bad weather, good face.
Meaning: We can’t lose our smiles for a bad circumstance.
7. “A caballo regalado no se le mira el colmillo”
Literally: A gift horse doesn’t look at his tusk.
Meaning: To people who doesn’t like what they give them and are always criticizing the gifts. The proverb’s lesson is the gratitude.
8. “Barriga llena, corazón contento”
Literally: A fully belly, a content heart.
Meaning: Food is happiness folks!!
9. “Cuando el río suena, piedras trae” 
Literally: When the river sounds, it carries rocks.
Meaning: When we intuit something about a person we don’t like even before of having proofs about them.
10. “Cuando los gatos se van, los ratones hacen fiesta”
Literally: When the cats go out, the mice party.
Meaning: When we do something because no one’s watching.
11. “Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho”
Literally: From the saying to the making there’s a long path.
Meaning: Our actions are more worthy than our words.
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trying-for-100times · 9 months ago
Basic Spanish vocab you probably should have learned by now and used everyday 🤔
la puesta de sol - sunset
hacer frontera con un país - to border on a country
meter el dedo en la llaga - to hit a nerve
El mundo es un pañuelo. - It's a small world.
el dedo meñique - pinky finger
a escondidas - in secret, secretly
el encargado = el gerente - manager
el administrativo = el funcionario - state official
el bufete de abogados - law firm
sin entrar en detalles - without going into detail
el colchón - mattress
la sábana - bed sheet
el guion - dash -
el guion bajo - underscore _
la carpeta - file folder
marrón - brown (doesn’t change form no matter the grammatical gender)
charlatán/charlatana/ - talkative
el mango - handle
coger algo por el mango - to grab sth by the handle
la cometa - kite
la pala - shovel
la margen - river bank
el cajón - drawer
el escaparate - store window
visionar algo - to watch
el celo - adhesive tape
el tablón - board
el teleoperador - telemarketing company
el perchero - coat rack
la pajarita - bow tie
estar malo - to be sick, to be unwell
el sótano - basement
la esquina - corner
en punto - o’clock
Tumblr media
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emgoesmed · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I got major Sunday Scaries today. I spent like 2 hours making increasingly elaborate charts on Notion for the upcoming Cardiology block.
I spent my weeklong break skiing with one of my best friends, practicing my super rusty Spanish, and learning to knit. It was so nice.
I’m not ready to go back to work yet!
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spanishskulduggery · 4 months ago
Pokemon Vocabulary in Spanish
Tumblr media
Because I’ve been playing Pokemon a lot lately I decided to throw together a vocab list. Keep in mind that a lot of the words are usually direct translations that work really well in English or they’re closer to the original Japanese. I’ll make notes where needed.
Some of these are a little different between the European Spanish version and the Latin American Spanish version. For example, “brick break” in Spain is demolición which is “demolition”, and in Latin America it’s karatazo meaning “karate chop”. Most of these are the same, but some are regionally distinct. I’m going based off of Spain because I’m consulting my game which is European Spanish.
Note: Any official names or names of moves will be Uppercase. Me explaining what they more literally mean will be lowercase so there’s no confusion
Los tipos / Types
Normal = Normal normal = normal, regular
Fuego = Fire el fuego = fire
Agua = Water el agua = water [technically a feminine noun]
Planta = Grass la planta = plant [“grass” is usually la hierba or sometimes words like el pasto, or for a “lawn/grass” it’s often el césped] 
Volador = Flying volador(a) = flying, capable of flight
Tierra = Ground la tierra = earth, ground
Roca = Rock la roca = rock [synonymous with la piedra “stone”]
Eléctrico = Electric eléctrico/a = electric
Bicho = Bug el bicho = bug [slang for el insecto “insect”, though el bicho can sometimes mean other things]
Lucha = Fighting la lucha = a fight / wrestling [la lucha libre]
Psíquico = Psychic psíquico/a = psychic
Veneno = Poison el veneno = poison, venom
Fantasma = Ghost el fantasma = ghost [surprisingly, fantasma is masculine]
Hielo = Ice el hielo = ice
Dragón = Dragon el dragón = dragon
Acero = Steel el acero = steel
Siniestro = Dark siniestro/a = sinister, shady, underhanded [in older contexts siniestro/a is “left” or “left-handed”]
Hada = Fairy el hada = fairy [technically a feminine noun]
Remember that the Pokemon types themselves are considered adjectives 
Me gustan los Pokemon tipo Agua. = I like water-type Pokemon.
No me gustan los Pokemon tipo Hada. = I don’t like fairy-type Pokemon.
Los Pokemon tipo Fantasma son mis favoritos. = Ghost-type Pokemon are my favorites.
El (tipo) Siniestro es débil contra el tipo Hada, Bicho, y Lucha. = Dark is weak against Fairy, Bug, and Fighting.
El (tipo) Psíquico es fuerte contra el tipo Veneno y Lucha. = Psychic is strong against Poison and Fighting.
¿Cuáles son los Pokemon tipo Acero más fuertes? = What are the strongest steel-type Pokemon?
Los ataques / Attacks
Malicioso = Leer malicioso/a = malicious
Cara Susto = Scary Face la cara = face (el) susto = scare, fright da susto = scary
Placaje = Tackle el placaje = tackle [in football/rugby]
Derribo = Take Down el derribo = demolition derribar = to knock down, to bring down
Doble Filo = Double Edge el filo = edge, blade
Picotazo = Peck el pico = beak -azo = [suffix meaning “a strike from”; thus it’s “a strike with a beak”]
Mofa = Taunt la mofa = ridicule, mockery, taunting mofar(se) = to taunt / to make fun of
Arañazo = Scratch el arañazo = a scratch arañar = to scratch
Cuchillada = Slash la cuchillada = a slash or stab (with something sharp) acuchillar = to stab/slash (often with a knife which is el cuchillo)
Constricción = Wrap la constricción = constriction
Atadura = Bind la atadura = binding, ties atar = to tie, to tie up
Atizar = Slam atizar = to stoke, to stir up / to slam, to whack
Impactrueno = Thundershock el impacto = impact el trueno = thunder
Ascuas = Ember el ascua = an ember [technically feminine, las ascuas in plural]
Pistola Agua = Water Gun la pistola = pistol, gun el agua = water [technically feminine]
Destructor = Pound destructor(a) = destructive
Burbuja = Bubble la burbuja = a bubble
Mordisco = Bite el mordisco = a bite morder = to bite
Triturar = Crunch triturar = to crunch, to crush, to mash
Ataque Arena = Sand Attack el ataque = attack la arena = sand [or “arena” as in a stadium]
Pisotón = Stomp el pisotón = a stomp, a stamping (of the foot) [lit. “big trample/step”] pisotear = to step on, to trample pisar = to step on, to step foot on
Golpe Cuerpo = Body Slam el golpe = strike, hit el cuerpo = body
Contoneo = Swagger el contoneo = swaying, swaggering contonear = “to swing your hips”, “to walk with a swagger”, “to strut”
Bostezo = Yawn el bostezo = a yawn bostezar = to yawn
Más Psique = Psych Up [lit. “more/plus” + “psyche”]
Corpulencia = Bulk Up la corpulencia = size/girth/bulk (of the body), corpulence corpulento = large/fat, bulky
Reserva = Stockpile la reserva = reserve, a stockpile reservar = to reserve, to save up
Escupir = Spit Up escupir = to spit [they probably went with escupir “to spit” because “to spit up” in English sounds more like vomitar is more gross]
Tragar = Swallow tragar = to swallow
Rayo = Thunderbolt el rayo = a lightning bolt, a bolt
el rayo = a beam/bolt Rayo Hielo = Ice Beam Rayo Solar = Solar Beam Rayo Carga = Charge Beam Rayo Confuso = Confuse Beam Rayo Burbuja = Bubble Beam Rayo Aurora = Aurora Beam Psicorrayo = Psybeam Hiperrayo = Hyper Beam
la onda = wave [often in the sense of electromagnetic waves, microwave, wavelengths etc.] Onda Trueno = Thunder Wave Onda Ígnea = Heat Wave Onda Voltio = Shock Wave Onda Tóxica = Sludge Wave
el puño = fist / punch Puño Fuego = Fire Punch Puño Trueno = Thunder Punch Puño Hielo = Ice Punch Puño Sombra = Shadow Punch Puño Drenaje = Drain Punch
la patada = a kick Doble Patada = Double Kick Patada Baja = Low Kick Patada Ígnea = Blaze Kick
la garra = claw Garra Dragón = Dragon Claw Garra Metal = Metal Claw Garra Umbría = Shadow Claw
el colmillo = fang Colmillo Veneno = Poison Fang Colmillo Ígneo = Fire Fang Colmillo Rayo = Thunder Fang Colmillo Hielo = Ice Fang
Vendaval = Hurricane el vendaval = gale, strong wind [el huracán is “hurricane” literally]
Fuego Fatuo = Will-O-Wisp el fuego fatuo = will-o-wisp [ghostly lights]
Tóxico = Toxic tóxico/a = toxic, poisonous
Lanzallamas = Flamethrower el lanzallamas = a flamethrower [lit. “launches/throws-flames”]
Ventisca = Blizzard la ventisca = blizzard, flurry
Cornada = Horn Attack la cornada = goring [being gored by the horns or tusks of an animal]
Bote = Bounce el bote = a bounce, a jump [among other things]
Buena Baza = Assurance la baza = a trump card, “ace up the sleeve”, “secret weapon” [so literally it means “a really good trump card”]
Maquinación = Nasty Plot la maquinación = machination, plot, plotting, sneaky plan
Látigo = Tail Whip el látigo = whip, lash
Latigazo = Power Whip el latigazo = lashing, a lash, a whipping  [lit. “blow from a whip”]
Azote = Flail el azote = a whip, a flail, a scourge, cat-o-nine-tails / a smack from a whip azotear = to whip, to lash
Carámbano = Icicle Spear el carámbano = an icicle
Brillo Mágico = Dazzling Gleam el brillo = shine, gleam mágico/a = magical
Absorber = Absorb absorber = to absorb
Megaagotar = megadrain agotar = to drain, to drain away, to exhaust
Gigadrenado = gigadrain drenar = to drain
Polvo Veneno = Poison Powder el polvo = dust / powder
Paralizador = Stun Spore paralizador(a) = paralyzing
Somnífero = Sleep Powder somnífero/a = inducing sleep el somnífero = a sleeping pill
Fuerza Lunar = Moon Blast la fuerza = strength lunar = lunar/moon
Rueda Fuego = Flame Wheel la rueda = wheel
Terremoto = Earthquake el terremoto = earthquake
Bola Sombra = Shadow Ball la bola = ball la sombra = shadow, shade
Psíquico = Psychic
Paranormal = Extrasensory paranormal = paranormal, ghostly, spooky
el tajo = a cut or slash Tajo Aéreo = Air Slash Tajo Umbrío = Night Slash Tajo Cruzado = Cross Chop
Sombra Vil = Shadow Sneak la sombra = shadow vil = vile, evil, fiendish
Tinieblas = Nightshade las tinieblas = “darkness” [used euphemistically as “darkness” or “the shadows”]
el pulso = pulse Pulso Umbrío = Dark Pulse Pulso Dragón = Dragon Pulse Pulso Cura = Heal Pulse Hidropulso = Water Pulse
la cola = tail Cola Férrea = Iron Tail Cola Veneno = Poison Tail Cola Dragón = Dragon Tail Acua Cola = Aqua Tail
Hidrobomba = Hydro Pump la bomba = pump / bomb
Hidroariete = Liquidation el ariete = battering ram, ram (of a ship) / striker, forward (in football/soccer, sometimes called el delantero in Spanish) [literally hidroariete would be like “hydro-ram”]
Liofilización = Freeze Dry la liofilización = (the process of) freeze-drying
Testarazo = Head Smash la testa = head [another word for la cabeza] testarudo/a = stubborn, hard headed la testarada = headbutt [another word for el cabezazo] -azo = (a strike with)
Mazazo = Wood Hammer el mazo = mallet, hammer -azo = (a strike with)
Pantalla de Luz = Light Screen la pantalla = screen la luz = light
Reflejo = Reflect el reflejo = reflection / reflex
Avalancha = Rock Slide la avalancha = avalanche [snow] / rockslide [rocks]
Alud = Avalanche el alud = avalanche [slow] / rockslide [rocks] / mudslide [mud] / deluge, spill
Picadura = Bug Bite la picadura = bite, sting (from an insect)
Zumbido = Bug Buzz el zumbido = a buzzing, buzzing noise, droning noise (mechanical)
Chirrido = Screech el chirrido = a shriek, a screeching noise chirriar = to squeak, to shriek, to screech
Descanso = Rest el descanso = a rest descansar = to rest
Ronquido = Snore el ronquido = a snore, snoring sound roncar = to snore
Sonámbulo = Sleep Talk sonámbulo/a = a sleepwalker [in Spanish it’s more “to move around in your sleep” but in English it’s “talking”]
Viento Hielo / Viento Helado = Icy Wind el viento = wind hielo = ice helado/a = icy
Torbellino = Whirlpool el torbellino = a whirlpool, a waterspout
Rapidez = Swift la rapidez = quickness
Ida y Vuelta = U-turn (de) ida y vuelta = “round trip” [lit. “going and returning”]
Infortunio = Hex el infortunio = misfortune, accident, bad luck, a jinx/hex
Otra Vez = Encore otra vez = “again”, “once more”, “once again”
Señuelo = Follow Me el señuelo = decoy, lure
Premonición = Future Sight la premonición = premonition, prediction
la púa = spike, barb Púas = Spikes Púas Tóxicas = Toxic Spikes
Puya Nociva = Poison Jab la puya = lance, spear / a sharp jab nocivo/a = noxious, poisonous
Joya de Luz = Power Gem la joya = jewel, gem la luz = light
Furia = Rage la furia = fury, rage, anger
Enfado = Outrage el enfado = anger, rage, outrage
Cascada = Waterfall la cascada = waterfall, cascade
Salmuera = Brine la salmuera = brine / pickling liquid
Escaldar = Scald escaldar = to scald / to blanche (vegetables)
Pájaro Osado = Brave Bird el pájaro = bird osado/a = daring, bold [not as common but synonymous with audaz and atrevido/a for “bold”, though more in the idea of “daring” and “reckless”... not the same as valiente “brave”]
A bocajarro = Close Combat a bocajarro = “(at) point-blank (range)” / “no holding back”, “blunt”
Agua Lodosa = Muddy Water el agua = water [technically feminine] lodoso/a = muddy, sludgy, murky (water)
Bomba Lodo = Sludge Bomb la bomba = bomb / pump el lodo = mud / sludge
Dragoaliento = Dragonbreath el aliento = breath
Cometa Draco = Draco Meteor el cometa = comet [masculine; la cometa is a “kite”]
Perforador = Horn Drill perforador(a) = perforating, something that makes holes
Frío Polar = Sheer Cold el frío = cold polar = polar, of the poles
Canto Helado = Ice Shard el canto = stone, pebble, stone chip, little piece of something / a song, singing, canto helado/a = icy
Poder Pasado = Ancient Power el poder = power pasado/a = past, ancient
Roca Afilada = Stone Edge la roca = rock, stone afilado/a = sharp, razor-sharp
Espada Santa = Sacred Sword la espada = sword santo/a = holy, sacred
Excavar = Dig excavar = to dig
Fuerza Equina = High Horsepower la fuerza = strength equino/a = horse, equine
Llamarada = Fire Blast la llamarada = flash of fire, flare-up
Sofoco = Overheat el sofoco = a hot flash / a feeling of being suffocated or stifled
Lanza Mugre = Gunk Shot lanzar = to throw, to shoot, to launch la mugre = grime, filth 
Tierra Viva = Earth Power la tierra = earth vivo/a = alive, living
Corte = Cut el corte = a cut [from cortar “to cut” / not to be confused with la corte “court”]
Fuerza = Strength la fuerza = power, strength
Surf = Surf el surf = the surf [also surfear “to surf” or hacer surf]
Vuelo = Fly el vuelo = a flight [from volar “to fly”]
Buceo = Dive el buceo = a dive, diving [from bucear “to dive down underwater” as in like “scuba diving” / not to be confused with zambullirse which is someone “diving” off a diving board in swimming]
Destello = Flash el destello = a glimmer, a flash [from destellar “to twinkle” or “to shine, to flash”]
Some Pokemon moves have pretty clear patterns. You might see ígneo/a “fiery/igneous” for fire-related things or just fuego, you normally see umbrío/a “shady, gloomy, dark” for dark or shadow things, férreo/a or de hierro for “iron” for metal and steel moves, or you might see helado/a “icy” for others. Sometimes you see voltio “volt” or voltaico “electric”... things like that.
You can typically spot the patterns and figure out what type they’re talking about if you recognize any cognates in English. So if you know aéreo means “air”, then you can sort of piece together that Golpe Aéreo “Aerial Ace” will be a flying move, since it literally means “air strike”.
Día Soleado = Sunny Day
Sequía = Drought la sequía = drought
el sol pega fuerte = “the sunlight is harsh” [lit. “the sun beats/sticks/strikes hard”]
Llovizna = Drizzle
Tormenta (de) Arena = Sandstorm la tormenta de arena = a sandstorm la tormenta de arena zarandea a ___ = “the sandstorm buffets ___”
zarandear = to shake, to buffet, to knock around
Granizo = Hail el granizo = hail / hailstone granizar = to hail
Los estados, Los problemas de estados / Status Problems
envenenado/a = poisoned causar envenenamiento = to cause poison / to cause poisoning
quemado/a = burned la quemadura = a burn
congelado/a = frozen
paralizado/a = paralyzed
dormido/a = asleep
daño de retroceso = recoil damage
amedrentar = to flinch, to cause flinching [in Pokemon it’s “flinching”, in regular Spanish it means “to intimidate” or “to instill fear”]
confuso/a = confused
enamorado/a = in love [often caused by (la) Atracción which is “Attract”) estar enamorado/a de = to be in love with
debilitado/a = fainted  [lit. “weakened”]
inmune = immune
Most of these status effects are used with estar given that they’re temporary and states of being
La eficacia / Effectiveness
eficaz = effective
supereficaz = super effective
poco eficaz = not very effective
fallar = to miss, to fail
el golpe crítico = critical hit
sin efecto = no effect
afectar = to affect no afecta a ___ = (it) doesn’t affect ___
evolucionar = to evolve (Un Pokemon) ha evolucionado = (A Pokemon) evolved (Un Pokemon) está evolucinando = (A Pokemon) is evolving
debilitarse = “to faint” [lit. “to weaken / to go weak, to go limp”; when someone “faints” or “passes out” it’s normally desmayarse, but debilitarse does also have this idea in it too] (Un Pokemon) se ha debilitado = (A Pokemon) fainted
Un Pokemon salvaje te corta el paso = “A wild Pokemon appears” [lit. “a wild Pokemon cuts into your way”, sort of like “a wild Pokemon cuts you off”]
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theoiprayers · 15 days ago
Prayer to Hestia
Prayer to Hestia to help with household workload. English Beloved Hestia, immanent Goddess of time and Home, You that spend your eternal days tending to the flame of the Hearth, I call to your patient name. Divine Hestia, help me manage the time at my home, So I can serve its duties, the family it shelters, and the studies that thanks to it thrives. Give me calm to rest and recover when needed. Bless me with a fraction of your eternal perseverance, so this silent and everlasting work come to fruition. Oh, Blessed Hestia, if I have ever pleased you, please hear my praise. Español Querida Hestia, Diosa inmanente del tiempo y el Hogar. Tú que pasas tus eternos días atendiendo la llama de la Hoguera, clamo tu paciente nombre. Divina Hestia, ayúdame a gestionar el tiempo en mi hogar, para poder atender sus labores, la familia que cobija, y los estudios que gracias a ella prosperan. Dame calma para descansar y reponerme llegado el momento. Bendíceme con una fracción de tu eterna perseverancia, para que este trabajo silencioso y sempiterno dé frutos. Oh, Hestia Bendita, si alguna vez te he complacido, por favor, escucha mi canto.
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I'm been using Duolingo for the last 280 days, only missed 4, and while I'm at least a year away from completing the course, my Spanish is definitely improving. I work in customer service, and a few times a week I get to practice over the phone with people who call in and only speak Spanish; I let them know that I only speak it a little, but for the most part I'm able to help them with what they need (using liberal Spanglish to smooth over the gaps).
To practice even more, I just bought a copy of El Marciano, the Spanish edition of my favorite book The Martian. I've read The Martian a dozen times, so I know every scene by heart; I'll be able to follow along with the Spanish edition even if I can't parse every individual word. If my El Marciano experiment is a success, I'll start buying more of my favorite books in Spanish. This is the only New Years Resolution I've ever kept up with! God as my witness, I WILL become fluent before I turn 30!
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beautifulespanol · 7 months ago
12 ways to express your opinion in spanish !!
A mi modo de ver = In my opinion
Opino que = I think that
Opino lo mismo = I think the same thing
Tengo claro que = I am sure that
Hay que recordar que = You have to remember that
¿De verdad? = Really?
¿En serio? = Really?
No debes olvidar que = You mustn’t forget that
¡Es increíble que digas eso! = It’s unbelievable that you say that!
¡Basta de excusas! = No more excuses!
¡Es una locura lo que dices! = What you are saying is madness!
Desde mi punto de vista = From my point of view
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keuhkopussirotta · 5 months ago
Hey, can y'all name some good, funny blogs that post mostly or entirely in Spanish? I'm trying to learn the language, and regularly seeing it on my feed would be really useful.
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