#especially the choreo
ambivartence 4 months ago
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馃枻 happy han jisung day 馃枻
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soppa 5 months ago
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ra pam pam - choreo shots
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gaykey a year ago
ok but kibum ATE this
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lesbianedmund 13 days ago
swings understudies and standbys are literally the only reasons your plays can run聽
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courtneymack 2 months ago
i literally have theatre brainrot i cant believe im analysing a fake musical about a fake person in a fictional future reality
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jinsbts 6 months ago
neat little tip from one army to another; focus on the stuff you actually like! believe me it will make your experience exponentially better聽
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limjiminz 4 months ago
good morning have u all seen limji doyum byeonghee geonu covering next level
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taeks a year ago
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send me a number and i鈥檒l make you a gifset 猡 9. favorite gfriend choreos for @soppasofi apple聽鉁 rough 鉁 fingertip 鉁 love whisper 鉁 memoria 鉁 me gustas tu
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0x1lovebot 5 months ago
Currently watching the drunk-dazed dance practice vid cuz I plan on learning the choreo,, and I can already tell niki's part at the end is gonna be hard af馃様 but wish me luck馃檹
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sanstropfremir 7 months ago
are you watching any of the kingdom behind the scenes videos the groups are posting? and if yes, is there anything interesting or surprising to you?
i am watching a few of them! i've seen stuff from ikon, btob, sf9, and ateez, but i'm only really following what ateez and btob are putting out. what i've seen is about what i expected it to look like behind the scenes, so a lot of this is me going 'ah yes i love being right.' i think the most surprising thing for me is that btob's choreographer/performance director is blocking EVERYTHING in that tiny cube rehearsal room. like that takes a lot of strong spatial skill and memory to plan out, especially when you see them do runthroughs. like i'm gonna hazard a guess and say that the mnet double stage is three to four times the size of that room? those dancers and btob are so skilled for being able to do that kind of fast spatial adjustment, because it looks like groups maybe only get one or two rehearsals in the mnet/studio rehearsal hall. most of the other groups were renting out larger rehearsal spaces, which is the general protocall for if you have to work on a big stage with a lot of people. sf9's dance practice videos are a great example of this (they rented a stadium for believer rehearsals lol), and they also look great, it's really clear they though about shot order and composition when choreographing. here's a fun tidbit for you! in the jealous dance video, you can a bunch of lines and shapes on the floor; that's the floorplan of the mnet stage! this is a technique that's used in theatre by stage management to mark out where the stage is and where obstacles are so directors and performers aren't making movements that would be clipping into walls. basically the stage managment team comes in before the start of rehearsal with a dimensioned groundplan and tapes everything out using accurate measurements. the most satisfying bit is pulling up all the tape on the last day of rehearsal. so this was a nice confirmation what there actually was someone with theatre training involved behind the scenes.
from what i've seen from the ateez videos i hope they're all taking very long naps right now, because they fucking deserve it after promoting and filming for kingdom at the same time. i know they're probably going to have a comeback soon because that's in line for what most groups did after rtk and i think skz has a confirmed comeback for july??? but i hope ateez (and ikon, i think they were promoting too during filming) get a fucking break because you could really tell they were tired during music shows stages.
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wooyukh 20 days ago
My toxic trait is that I think I can dance the entire zoo choreo perfectly even though I have zero coordination
no bc literally!!!!! my toxic trait is thinking that i can learn any kpop choreo if i actually try and want to
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junityy 5 months ago
my brain actually refuses to believe that beomgyu is 1.80m like literally
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iluwooseok 3 months ago
idk anything about to1 but i love their next level cover so much
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kuiinncedes a month ago
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tw-shawnmendes 2 months ago
That lil hand wave thing is their favorite move huh
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jaemtens a year ago
half of ateez attempting to dance to seventeen鈥檚 fear... they tried 馃檮
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wickymicky 8 months ago
pixy's choreos are so interesting
#and Ella especially just like... i can't keep my eyes off her #she's my bias for sure #and I'm not just saying that because i knew her from Cherry Bullet... #because tbh i actually didn't haha #i knew about Cherry Bullet and i liked q&a but i really didn't get into them until Hands Up #which was their first comeback without the three members who left #like when i first watched Pixy Wings i didn't know which one she was because like... #i never really had a good idea of what she looked like in chebul anyway lol #it turned out that the pixy member who makes me lose my mind is the one who was in that other group #but it could have been someone else lol i didn't know #and now when i watch q&a i think it's so weird to see pixy ella there... she just fits pixy sooooo well #it's a much lower budget and a much smaller company and yet... it looks like she's thriving #and really loving their concept and all the things she gets to do in it haha #and that's awesome #i don't think either title track has been perfect yet but i love the choreos #and honestly Let Me Know is pretty good! i like it a lot more than Wings #again not perfect but definitely pretty good #i think they could do a lot more with a bigger budget and you can tell that they're limited by that but... #hopefully that will change! Wings did really well in streaming on korean sites right? i think i saw that #anyway ella is great and I'm very excited to follow her career #and the other pixy members too!!!!! like that that's the thing... they all look like they're giving it their all #Ella is just the one who makes me audibly gasp the most #thoughts tag #pixy
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thorsdreams 3 months ago
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pure serotonin in just two videos馃ズ
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soonhoonsol a year ago
[210123] Episode 179
If AH! LOVE has a choreo, I am gonna scream
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cheekblush 7 months ago
YIXING 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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