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kaggsy59 · 4 minutes ago
"… it’s better to die violently and not too old." #georgeorwell
“… it’s better to die violently and not too old.” #georgeorwell
I can’t recall now what it was that prompted me to dig out my old Penguin edition of vol 4 of Orwell’s Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters, to seek out a specific essay; but I’m glad I did because as usual George is spot on… The essay in question is called “How The Poor Die“, and it was first published in November 1946. In it, Orwell looks back to time spent in a public ward of a French…
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seraphicwept · 40 minutes ago
Tbh the moment I decided to let Mya and Seph share a space I played myself very hard because now all I can think of is writing a massive meta post about the parallels between them based off on the lyrics of Bloody Angel by Avatar.
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dearratroi · 50 minutes ago
I am 👌 this close to making a video essay about why Snape is not a fucking incel
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lizziesgf · 51 minutes ago
lesbians will read adrienne rich’s essay ‘compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence’ and say ‘is anyone else going to misinterpret that?’ and then not wait for an answer
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pharry · 58 minutes ago
I don’t get a lot of chances to talk to other Arcana/Lucio fans and as a WLW asexual my reasons for him being my favorite are probably not the norm. I would like to know why people chose him as their favorite, he certainly is a strange choice by comparison to the others!
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siriusblacksactualwife · an hour ago
Hey, I was the anon asking about maid.
I’m so sorry to hear about that, I do wish you all the best it sounds like it’s incredibly tough right now.
Don’t burn yourself out writing fics! I just want you to know how lucky the fandom is to have such talented & dedicated writers like you :) it’s really a pleasure to read your stories & good luck with your original work!
Sending you love x
ps loved Inside
howdy anon,
thank you. I appreciate your kind words so much <33333
Really, I do. I definitely can be a bit spacey, so having someone remind me that my fics exist and that someone out there is enjoying them is enough to drag me out of my apathy and get me working. I opened a draft for chapter 7 of maid just for you!
again, thanks <33333333
Inside was so good. so good.
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pedropascalisathot · an hour ago
Why is it just because someone didn't like the casting of Joel and wanted someone else that they had their hearts set on for years that they are suddenly racist?
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anyways, i don’t need to explain to you why certain people hating on pedro’s casting solely because he’s latino is Bad...
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thebooksaidthat · 2 hours ago
It has taken me all my life up to now to fall in love with the world, but I've started to feel it the last couple of years. To fall in love with the world isn't to ignore or overlook suffering, both human and otherwise. For me anyway, to fall in love with the world is to look up at the night sky and feel your mind swim before the beauty and the distance if the stars. It is to hold your children while they cry, to watch as the sycamore trees leaf out in June. When my breastbone starts to hurt, and my throat tightens, and tears well in my eyes, I want to look away from feeling. I want to deflect with irony, or anything else that will keep from feeling directly. We all know how loving ends. But I want to fall in love with the world anyway, to let it crack me open. I want to feel what there is to feel while I am here.
John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed
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mmesutozill · 2 hours ago
1. the story ipytm set out to tell definitely required more than 5x1 hour eps and it does feel like the pacing suffered as a result of time jumps and lack of time to delve into some of the storylines or more like storylines i was more keen on (and the run time of the longest ep in ipytm is like shorter than the shortest ep in itsay i think ??)
2. kinda wish they talked about conflicts related to self/loneliness/identity/growing up/chasing their dreams etc that could have caused rifts between them rather than smth like cheating that took like 2 eps of a show that already needed more screen time to tell it’s story. if i pretend like they broke up due reasons like growing apart, the reunion actually feels earned and heartwarming but i can’t help but feel like i needed to see teh beg and mope and repent more than i did to be fully satisfied
3. k drama/bollywood/cliche ep 5 but meh i am not really complaining at this point lol i think we all deserved a bit off fluff after everything we went through with eps 4&5
4. ngl they did get me with the scenes of them reconnecting at oh-aew’s workplace and the play with parallels to itsay that brought back some of the itsay feels 
5. when skyline ost played nyahahahahah 
6. it was nice seeing all the itsay characters now having grown up and thriving (esp tarn !!!! )
7. wish they had included scenes between teh and khim in particular for closure cause i do think he needed to apologise and make amends there
8. the last beach scene was so pretty tho i couldn't help but be kinda enamoured with it and they both looked really good there so a bitch can't complain
9. the new ost sounds really nice tho ??
10. as much as ipytm put us through hell over the past couple of weeks, i'm at peace and relieved with the ending despite knowing it’s not impeccable or completely satisfying (or congruent) from a narrative standpoint. but maybe that doesn’t really matter at this point as well. and i will miss these characters and possibly rewatch especially itsay in the future when im yearning for some angst/enemies to friends to lovers trope/coming of age stories. 
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enbyuu · 2 hours ago
i love reading my own writing because im so good at it. im so good at writing despite never finishing anything ever. i have google docs of snippets that i didnt bother to finish and its all gold i am so great
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passengerpigeons · 3 hours ago
howdy! does anyone have any reading recommendations regarding uranium extraction and nuclear testing in the American Southwest, esp. in relation to indigenous rights and environmental injustice?
I'm writing an essay about an artwork that deals with nuclear stuff in the Southwest and tying it to thoughts I'm having about iron mining in the UP, but most of my leads and sources are more on the Northern Midwest side than the Southwest side of things. thanks besties
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mallowstep · 3 hours ago
🔬 ashes but no spoilers
from this post of writing asks
so okay sticking to scenes i've already written...(obviously spoilers if you're not up-to-date.)
and also so okay this is kind of hard to explain, because i wrote up an explanation and then i realized that it's hard to do this without spoiling, so rather than do the thing i usually do, i'm going to give you a few things and try not to ramble for too long.
cinderpaw's injury. i think this had the right impact! also please look at the comic @bird--egg drew of it: i'm obsessed! (it did have the unfortunate effect of me overthinking the dialogue in the scene but i cannot Express how much i love the comic. i queued it but it's very relevant.) anyway. yeah this scene was important to me.
marigoldkit. she's only alive for one chapter, so it was important to me that her death had weight. there's very little suspense in it, so i wanted to make sure it had a lot of other feelings and weight tied into it.
leafpool, ashfur, and squirrelflight's conversation. that was one of the first scenes i wrote, so the moment where i actually got to write it felt Incredible.
the conversation between the three, ashfur, and squirrelflight. it's the last major bit about the three/their plot for a while, and while a lot of stuff is happening off-camera, i just wanted it to hit well.
jaypaw's first gathering. i'm not super happy with how this scene turned out, but it did the job i needed it to: making sure jaypaw's weaknesses were shown, giving him and brightheart a chance to get on the same page, and absolutely blazing us through the end of the sight. i know there's a bit more after that, but it's not super important.
basically, the take-away here is that chapter eleven (analog) was a very stressful chapter for me to write because so much shit happens in it.
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