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#established relationship
presidentmonica · 14 hours ago
You know who, it's kinda obvious but idfc, Shouta Fucking Aizawa x reader, at a big family gathering, can be sfw or nsfw. also can it please contain comfort of some sort? kinda having a rough night and this man always makes me feel better
Tumblr media
Social Battery pt 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shouta Aizawa x reader
Tumblr media
monica's notes: I hope your night got better hun, I apologize that didn't bring this out early, something came up while I was writing this (I got into a fight with someone) but here it is.
warning(s): not proofread, doesn't really follow canon plot, just pure fluff because you deserve fluffy Aizawa.
rated: 16
Shouta was never a big fan of large gatherings.
You would know, after all you've been his partner for about three years now and you knew he tends to keep to himself during parties while you socialized and had fun. As much as you liked to have him talk to new people instead of perching on the wall like a potted plant, you didn't force socializing on him and he didn't ever stop you from having fun either with other people.
So imagine your shock when you see Aizawa kneeling down beside your four year old nephew, who you were convinced to be the spawn of the devil with that razor mouth of his, making a huge sand castle with a fortress and tiny sand soldiers. Apparently today was your family gathering -which your mother didn't inform you of until last minute-
Shouta insistend on coming with you despite your protests since he didn't want either of you to be alone. You were genuinely worried about him straining his social battery limit because your family was a bit overbearing and brutal to new people.
Clearly, you didn't need to worry about a thing at all because apparently your boyfriend was getting along with every difficult family member.
Your lips stretched out into a smile as two of them having a fake territorial war. You watched with a grin as your boyfriend and nephew demolished the made up enemy, thereby winning the war and getting a plastic ring from your nephew as a prize which he wore with pride.
Shouta walked back to you after your nephew ran off to his parents to tell them how cool your boyfriend is with his usual facial expression, save for the little smile that graced his lips, causing you to smile wider in return. Once he was infront of you, you immediately wrapped your arms around his waist, lips pecking all over his stubbled chin until you rested your head in the crook of his neck.
"I didn't think you had it in you." You mumbled in his neck, his arms pulling you closer to him. "This is the most I've heard you talk in a social gathering and the most peaceful my nephew has been in a family gathering."
Shouta chuckled quietly once you pulled away from him, nodding in reply to your happy aunt and uncle waving at the two of you with huge smiles on their faces. "I guess today's different?" he replied awkwardly, his attention now focused on your features. "He said he won't leave me alone until I play with him and stop being a grouch." Shouta finally confessed, sighing in exhaustion. "Honestly, I just wanted to lay with you under your umbrella and watch everyone else."
You laughed at Shouta much to his chagrin, before pressing a soft kiss on his stubbled cheek, interlacing your hands with his until they intertwined. "You did well Shouta." You replied in a soft tone, praising him as you guided him back to the house. To be honest, seeing him play with your nephew made your heart leap for joy, even if that's the only social interaction he was going to have here apart from you.
However, you're perfectly fine having your introverted boyfriend all to yourself as well.
"Well," You said softly, now pulling him towards your umbrella until both of you were under its shade, lying next to each other on the blanket laid across the beach sand, your right leg sprawled over his legs, his arm draped around your waist, pulling you closer to himself, noses touching each other as he relaxed in your embrace.
"now we have each other all to ourselves."
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ithoughtitwasobvious · 2 days ago
All That I Have To Give
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit (Here be smut! 18+ Mature Readers Only) 
Pairing: Plo Koon x Female Reader 
Warnings: Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it y’all) 
Words: 3.1k
Summary: You are spending a quiet evening in your Coruscant-Skyline apartment, attempting to catch up on some reports while waiting for your lover to return home. Once he does, your reports and all else are quickly forgotten. There is a severe lack Plo Koon content on this website, and I intend to remedy it.  
Tags: Plo Koon x Female Reader, Established Relationship, Fluffy Domesticity, Smut, PIV Sex, Fingering, Alien Sex, Begging, Size Kink if you squint, Plo Koon is husband material and he deserves all the good things. 
Read on AO3   
It was hard to imagine yourself being more relaxed than you were right now. The Coruscant skyline glittered in the darkness of night, casting streaks of light through the large picture window to your left. The cool colors of the city contrasted with the orange glow of candle light flickering around your apartment. 
  You readjusted the shimmering, deep burgundy silk of your robe around your legs and absentmindedly dug your toes further into the crease of the plush armchair you were curled up in. A contented sigh left your lips as your index finger scrolled further down on the datapad balanced on your knees. It was the first quiet evening that you’d had in quite some time, and you were determined to get some work done before your lover returned home and inevitably captured all of your attention.  
A few more moments of comfortable silence ticked by. Just as you were finally reaching the end of your report, you heard the familiar chime of your door panel being activated. The entrance slid open and shut again, and you couldn’t help but smile softly to yourself as you cataloged his ritualistic movements; the dull thud of his boots dropping to the carpet, the rustling of fabric as his outer robes were removed and hung on a hook nearby, the clang of a lightsaber hilt being set down on the counter, joined by the gentle tapping of his talon guards landing on the hard surface. 
You trained your eyes on the datapad in front of you, no longer reading any of the words as you waited on his next move with bated breath. Muffled footsteps traveled from the entryway toward where you were seated in the living room. Before you could turn around, two warm hands engulfed your shoulders. You craned your neck backwards until your head hung partially over the arm of the couch so your eyes could meet the upside down image of the masked face you’d come to know and love. 
“I’m sorry I disturbed you, my dear,” Plo spoke, his voice soft through the modulator. You smiled sweetly up at him. 
“You are never disturbing me, my sweet Plo.” A warm expression spread across his features as one of his hands moved upward to gently caress the side of your face.  
“I know that you had said you had reports to read through,” He explained. “However, it’s hard for me to resist when I come home to you looking so beautiful.” You felt your face begin to heat up at his compliments. You discarded your datapad on the end table opposite you in favor of placing one of your hands overtop his and giving it an affectionate squeeze. 
“I was just finishing up my reports when you walked through the door,” You assured him. “I wanted to be finished by the time you got home. It’s just as difficult for me to resist you, Master Jedi.” You sent him a flirtatious wink and he chuckled quietly. 
“Is that so, my dear?” You hummed your agreement before leaning away from him to stand up out of your chair, not wanting to stare up at him from the unfavorable angle any longer. In one fluid motion you rose to your feet and came to stand before him. Your chest barely brushed against his as your arms wound around his neck. His hands traveled upward to settle on your hips.
“How could I resist a man who is as kind and giving as you?” You doted on him. Your fingers slid across his shoulder to toy with the color of his undershirt, eliciting a noise more akin to a purr.
“You deserve all that I have to give to you, my love.” He countered softly. One of his hands began to move again, bunching some of the silky fabric of your robe as it came to rest on your waist overtop the strip of fabric that secured the garment.  
“In fact…” He trailed off as his skilled fingers tugged the knot apart. You gasped as an invisible force like a gentle breeze blew the article of clothing off of your body altogether to drop unceremoniously to the floor.  
“I believe that I have a few things I’d like to give to you right now.” A shiver wracked through your body, due to both his words and the chilled night air of the apartment making contact with your bare skin. You pressed your body closer, seeking out the warmth that only he could provide. 
“I’ll take whatever you have to give me, Plo,” You whispered, staring wide-eyed up into the viewports of his mask. With the swiftness and grace of a skilled warrior, Plo gripped your hips once more and lifted you through the air to wrap your legs around his waist. You squealed in surprise as your hands flew to his broad shoulders in search of stability.  
He began to walk the familiar path down the hallway to your shared bedroom. All the while you pressed kisses to every inch of his skin that you could reach, paying extra attention to the area where the edge of his mask met his face. You knew first hand that sometimes that specific area grew sore, especially after a long campaign where he didn’t have any access to a room that could be pressurized to allow him to remove his mask intermittently. You often offered to wear your own mask in your home in favor of allowing him to remove his, although he often refused. Plo was the single most selfless and altruistic being that you had ever met. Your comfort took precedence above all else, even if it meant sacrificing his own. Though this trait caused you to have to practically force him at times to allow himself some brief moments of self interest, you also wouldn’t have him any other way. His unwavering willingness to help others no matter the personal costs was one of the many reasons that you had fallen in love with Plo. He was kind and generous in all areas of his life, especially when he was with you.  
As you finally reached your bedroom, Plo set you down gently on the dark satin sheets. They were a deep burgundy color, much like Plo’s robes and any aforementioned pajamas or lingerie that he purchased for you. Candles were already lit around the room, bathing the space in a soft orange glow. He loved seeing you in candlelight, open and vulnerable as you sprawled across his bed. It was an image that he told you he would often return to when he was away for long periods of time or stuck sitting in on a particularly long-winded council meeting. The thought of him picturing you naked in a less than appropriate setting sent a new wave of arousal spreading throughout your body.  
He removed the last of his clothing quickly before coming to stand at the edge of the the bed. The skin of palms, a bit rough and calloused from years of wielding a lightsaber, smoothed up and down your shins as he stared down at you. You squirmed beneath his gaze, reaching out futilely into the space between you in an attempt to beckon him closer. 
“Please Plo,” You begged, your voice coming out more desperate than intended. “Please don’t make me wait.” He chuckled softly as he rubbed a few affectionate circles on the side of your thigh. 
“Oh darling, you should know by now that I believe patience is a virtue. However, you also know the effect that your begging has on me.” The bed dipped as he moved to kneel between your spread legs. One of his palms traversed up the soft skin of your side, pausing briefly to grasp onto one of your breasts. His adept fingers tweaked one of your nipples for the sole purpose of watching you gasp and arch your back off the bed. You stared up at him through half-hooded eyes as his hand resumed its path up your body. He paused once more at your chin, tapping your bottom lip with his index finger.  
No words had to be spoken. You knew from experience what he was asking. Without hesitation, you took his thick fingers into your mouth. You hallowed your cheeks and swirled your tongue around the tips, treating them similarly to how you would suck his cock. A low moan rumbled from deep in his throat. 
“You are so good for me sweetheart,” He praised you as he delicately withdrew the digits from your lips. Your eyes focused in on his hand as it traveled back down your body to settle above the apex of your thighs. The pads of his saliva-soaked fingers met your clit and you gasped, your arms flying upward to fist the sheets above your head.  
“I believe you deserve a reward, don’t you think?” You moaned at his words. Plo’s voice did things to you, especially when he was whispering the dirtiest things in your ear while taking you apart piece by piece in the sanctity of your bed. He began to swirl his fingers around your clit in the way that he knew you liked. You moaned louder as your back bowed and your hips began to move of their own accord. However, before you could become too lost in the moment, his other hand that wasn’t already touching you wrapped around your throat. Your eyes flew open as he tilted your chin to meet his gaze. 
“I asked you a question, little one.” You shuddered at the sternness of his tone. Your brain scrambled through the thick fog of your arousal to come up with a coherent answer.  
“Yes, I do deserve a reward,” You quickly agreed, your voice coming out more wrecked than intended. “Please Plo, please touch me. I’ll be so good for you, please!” Plo shushed you softly, his thumb delicately stroking your cheek as though you were liable to break.  
“Relax my dear,” He soothed. “How could I ever deny you when you beg for me so sweetly?” The fingers that had been steadily rubbing your clit slipped below to easily slide into your cunt. Your eyes screwed shut as another loud moan dislodged itself from somewhere in your chest. One of your hands that had been previously gripping the sheets flew to your breast while the other curled itself around the wrist of Plo’s hand that was still holding your throat. You hung on for dear life as he began to pump his thick fingers in and out of your center at a steady pace. He curled them upwards until he found the spongy spot on the inside of your walls that made your muscles clench and your eyes role back in your head. Plo had spent many hours exploring your body, to the point where he knew your most intimate parts better than you did. He knew all the ways to have you falling apart for him, and was not shy about using them to his advantage.  
“Plo please!” You screamed his name to the ceiling as you white-knuckled his wrist. Your release was imminent, building hard and fast in your gut. Heat tingled up your spine and goosebumps spread across your skin. You knew immediately that you weren’t going to last long, but you also knew better than to cum without his permission. 
“Please, can I cum? Please Plo I’m so close, please please!” Your begging always became more frantic the closer that you got to your end. It only spurred Plo further into action as he continued to thrust his fingers over and over again into your g-spot. His grip on your throat tightened to apply the lightest amount of pressure, just enough to wipe away all other trains of thought until you had no choice but to focus on your own pleasure. 
“Yes my dear. Show me how beautiful you look when you cum for me.” His words were all you needed to fall over the edge. Your vision whited out and your body pulled taut as you came hard around his fingers. A rush of slick coated his hand and your inner thighs, your hips grinding down onto him at an irregular pace as you rode out the waves of pleasure.  
When you finally began to drift back to the present moment, you opened your eyes and immediately whined at the sight before you. Plo had sat back on his haunches, his large hands digging into the meat of your thighs as he drew your legs upward to wrap around his waist. He stroked your soft skin reassuringly as the hand that had brought you to your first orgasm of the night spread your release along the length of his cock.  
“You’ve done so well for me, my love,” He praised you. “Are you ready to take me?” No matter how many times you had been together like this, Plo always made sure to check in between each act and confirm that you still wanted to proceed.   
You eagerly nodded your consent. “Yes Plo, please. I want you inside me.” He hummed his approval as he dropped down to his elbows, fingers reaching out to stroke your hair.  
“Your wish is my command,” He retorted. You could’ve sworn he was teasing you, but before you could respond he sheathed his cock inside you in one swift movement of his hips. You gasped, your hands scrambling for purchase along his shoulders.  
There was a reason Plo insisted upon prepping you with extended sessions of teasing and foreplay; he was huge. His cock was long, thick, and had several ridges. He’d warned you when you first got together that he was most likely different than any man you had been with previously. He spent the first couple of weeks leading up to your first time together preparing you to be able to take him. The man had an entire arsenal of sex toys of all different shapes and sizes, spanning from vibrators to oral sex simulators. His sheer dedication to your comfort and pleasure was as arousing as it was endearing.  
No matter how many times you’d been with Plo, the sensation of him filling you still took your breath away. You could practically feel him in your throat. The stretch was nearly overwhelming, but utterly delicious. It was a feeling that no toy could duplicate, and you often found yourself fantasizing about him filling you while he was away.  
Ever the gentlemen, Plo allowed you time to adjust. He always waited until you began to squirm and grind your hips against his, or if you were particularly impatient you would begin to beg. He did not leave you hanging for very long tonight. He soon began to move. His pace was slow at first as he watched your face and adjusted his angle accordingly. It was always immediaty evident from your reaction when he hit the correct spot. 
“Plo!” You cried out his name suddenly, your nails beginning to claw their way down the tough skin of his back. “Harder, please!” 
Plo instantaneously began to pick up the pace, withdrawing his hips until just his tip was inside you before snapping forward. Your voice was high and breathy as you moaned his name, repeating it over and over again like a prayer. The molten heat of impending release was beginning to build once again. You were becoming completely lost to your pleasure. It was impossible to tell where Plo ended and you began.  
“That’s it sweetheart,” He encouraged you, the deep baritone of his voice in your ear only pushing you further toward the edge. “Tell me how good it feels.” 
“So good Plo! Feels so good.” Words were no longer coming to you easily as your walls began to flutter. You were quickly hurtling toward your end. Your eyes met his as you tried to babble out some sort of semblance of a warning. 
“Cum for me darling. I want to feel how tight you get when you cum.”  
His encouragement was enough to send you straight into your second orgasm of the night. You held onto him to try to ground yourself as your release washed over you. You screamed salvation to the darkness of your bedroom, a mix of praises and curses spilling off your tongue faster than you could catch them. You could vaguely make out Plo singing your praises into the sweat-slicked skin of your chest as he finally chased his own release. He drove his cock into you a few more times before plunging himself as deep as he could and spilling his seed within you. You moaned at the warmth of his cum painting your walls and the way his cock pulsed as he shook with the force of his orgasm.  
Once you’d both begun to drift back down from your highs, Plo ever so gently slipped out of you. He retrieved a damp cloth from your adjoining bathroom and proceeded to gently clean you both. When the cloth had been properly disposed of in your laundry bin, he settled back amongst your many pillows and pulled you into his arms. You clung to his chest, pressing kisses to his heated skin. Plo idly scratched your back in kind, soaking up the unique closeness that came between you in the afterglow. 
“How are you feeling, my dear?” He asked, breaking the silence. You turned your head to meet his eyes, a contented smile pulling at your lips.  
“Perfect. That was perfect Plo.” An expression that could only be described as pure adoration graced his features. 
“I am glad I could be of service,” He joked while affectionately pinching your side. You giggled in delight at his antics.  
“What about me? Was I of service to you, my sweet Plo?” A chuckle rumbled in his chest as he gripped your waist to pull you fully on top of him.  
“You give me all that I’ve ever wanted, and all I could ever hope to have.” Your breath caught in your throat, having not anticipated such a sincere response. It made your stomach flip and your heart begin to beat faster. Even after all this time, the sheer depth of his love for you was still just as astounding.  
Your shock must have been written all over your face, as Plo began to laugh softly. He looked all too amused as he gazed down at your flabbergasted expression.
“Although,” He began, his lithe fingers traveling downward to rest dangerously close to your backside.  “I would much rather discuss what I give to you.”  
Your eyebrows knit together in confusion. Before you could ask him what he meant, he made his intentions clear. At a speed so fast it almost could have given you whiplash, he flipped you both over so you were once again lying beneath him.   
“Plo!” Your screech of his name devolved into laughter as you melted back into him, determined to focus on only each other for a while longer. 
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mimisempai · a day ago
I want to be the one who makes your eyes light up with surprise
Mobius, eager to make Loki live new experiences, takes him ice skating. Will Loki let himself be caught up in the game?
Day 7 : Ice skating
I am not responsible for the way Loki and Mobius took over this story (almost not)
1038 words - Rating G
Tumblr media
"Mobius, where are we going?" Loki asked, a little impatient because, without telling him anything, Mobius had forced him to bundle up to face the cold and dragged him outside.
"We're almost there," Mobius reassured him, patting his hand.
"Why do we have to be out in this cold? I had planned an evening of cuddling and making out in the warmth of the house."
Mobius chuckled softly at his displeased lover's pouty face. "It's still early and besides we do this every night -not that I'm complaining- and in the end you'll enjoy it even more after what we're about to do."
Reluctantly, Loki allowed himself to be guided by Mobius. Honestly, he appreciated being able to hold his hand no matter what the occasion, but was slightly annoyed by the thickness of their gloves. Loki preferred to feel the warmth of Mobius' unfiltered skin against his own.
"Good," Mobius said, "Here we are."
Loki looked up, they were in front of a giant ice rink and many people were skating on it. Loki had never been ice skating in his life. When you're a frost giant, as the name implied, you don't need an artifact to move on the ice. But he couldn't possibly take his Jotun form.
"Mobius," Loki complained. "I'm going to make a fool of myself."
"Loki, you don't really think I'd let you make a fool of yourself, do you? Besides, I'm sure you'll learn very quickly. Just look at the way you fight, it's as beautiful as choreography. I am sure that you will quickly find your rhythm on the ice and it is you who will make a fool of me" He stroked Loki's face, then seized his hand and dragged him behind him.
In front of the flood of compliments, Loki let himself be dragged without resisting.
"You're such a smooth talker..."
"Only with you." replied Mobius in a playful way. They headed to the place where the skates were rented and took a ticket. Then they sat down on a bench where they could put the skates on. Loki stood up cautiously, unsure of how to move. "This feels weird."
"It'll feel more natural on the ice," Mobius said as he approached Loki, who had moved away from the bench. He wrapped his arms around Loki's waist and looked him in the eye.
"You'll see, you'll be fine."
Loki was amused by his lover's encouragement and couldn't help but blow a kiss on his nose. Mobius smiled softly and grabbing his hand he said, "Let's get on the ice."
They approached the opening that gave access to the rink.
Loki was entertained by the way Mobius acted, between coach and mother hen : "It's going to be unsettling at first, but trust your balance. Keep your back straight. Imagine you're on daggers, you like daggers right?" Mobius winked at her. "Don't lean too far to the left or right. And especially don't spread your legs too far apart."
"That's the first time you've ever said that to me," Loki murmured a mischievous look in his eye. Mobius rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"I'll hold your hand at first okay?" asked Mobius.
"You don't need an excuse to hold my hand you know love?" This time it was Loki who winked at him.
With the first few steps, Loki tensed up, because he felt like he had no control over anything.
"Relax, Loki," Mobius whispered softly before placing a gentle kiss on his lover's temple to calm him down, "Lean into me and just follow my rhythm."
"Okay," Loki replied. He had no problem doing both of these things since he knew Mobius. Lean on him and go with his flow.
When the first lap passed without incident, Loki smiled proudly and regained a little more of his poise. But he did not let go of Mobius' hand.
He dared to take slightly bigger steps to increase their speed a little. The breeze was exhilarating. Loki looked at the rest of the trees and the landscape around them, the Christmas lights and let himself be intoxicated by the speed.
"How many days is this open?" He asked Mobius.
"As long as the temperatures allow, I guess."
"So we can come back?" asked Loki eagerly.
"We just started, and you want to come back already?" asked Mobius.
Loki turned to Mobius and gave him a warm smile. "As long as I'm with you, I'll do anything! And this is nice so of course I want to come back."
"Anytime you want Sweetheart." Mobius pulled Loki in, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him tenderly on the ice. They stayed like that, indifferent to the skaters who were making a curve to avoid them.
By the end of the evening, Mobius had kept his end of the bargain. They were now both pressed up against each other, making out on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, two steaming cups of hot chocolate on the coffee table. When they separated to catch their breath, Loki said softly, "You're right it's even better this way."
"I think so too, sweetheart.." Mobius, with his head on Loki's shoulders, drew random patterns on his lover's chest.
He marveled, "It's great that neither of us fell today."
Silence answered him.
He looked up to see his lover's face and noticed the guilty look on Loki's face.
"Did you do something?"
"A little balancing spell on our feet?" replied Loki without meeting his eyes.
Mobius burst out laughing.
When he finally calmed down under Loki's amused gaze, he straightened up and straddled him.
"Boy, if you only knew how much I love you! If I hadn't loved you for ages, I'd have fallen in love with you just now. Only you would think to do something like that."
He laughed softly again before leaning in and kissing him passionately.
When he pulled back, Loki said to him mischievously, "If I had known that a little trick of the God of Mischief like that would earn me this special treatment, I would have used them more often."
Mobius laughed again, then put all his skill into wiping the cheeky smile from his lover's lips.
As always, bear with me as it is not beta'd and english is not my native language. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless🥰
Lokius Christmas series : here
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perlukafarinn · 23 days ago
idea by @ltleflrt​
Dean has been growing out his hair.
It takes Cas a little while to notice but one morning at the breakfast table, he watches Dean brush a stray lock from his forehead and realizes he's never seen him do that before.
"Uh, yeah, I guess it’s getting kinda shaggy," Dean mutters when Cas points it out. There's a strange hesitancy as he adds, "Do you mind it?"
He's shy, Cas realizes. This is Dean being sensitive about his appearance, afraid of being judged.
"It suits you," Cas answers honestly.
A faint blush rises to Dean's cheeks. "Whatever. Guess I'll keep it for now."
Cas smiles, knowing his answer pleased Dean even if he's not quite willing to admit it.
Wearing his hair a little longer does suit Dean. It makes him appear softer, yet another layer of protective armor pealed away now that he's got the safety to do so. There is also more to hold onto (or even grab) when Cas runs his fingers through Dean’s hair now, a fact that pleases them both greatly.
But it does make Cas wonder about his own hair. He's never had much of an opinion of his physical appearance before but he’s found that with his newfound humanity comes a certain vanity.
He examines himself in the mirror that afternoon. His hair has grown, which shouldn’t be a surprise but somehow is. It’s longer than it’s been since Cas first took on this vessel; longer, Cas realizes, than he likes it to be.
Unsure of what exactly the protocol is for getting a haircut - does he call a barber or just show up? How does he find one he knows will be suitable? - he asks Dean.
"You don't need to waste money on a haircut, we've got perfectly good scissors at home."
Cas frowns, tugging uncertainly at the hairs by the back of his neck. How is he supposed to cut his hair if he can't even see it?
"I'll do it, dumbass," Dean says in response to Cas' unasked question.
"Yeah, me." Dean crosses his arms, defensive. "I've been cutting my own hair since I was thirteen. Hell, I used to cut Sam's too, back when he would still let me at that mop."
“I would like it if you cut my hair,” Cas says.
“Oh.” Dean clears his throat. “Well. Good, ‘cause that’s what’s gonna happen.”
“No time like the present.” Dean puts his hand on Cas’ shoulder, patting it. “Let’s go Rapunzel, we’re not doing this in the kitchen.”
They go to the bathroom first. There are scissors in the cabinet by the sink, which Cas had always assumed would function as a concealed weapon in case of attack. There are enough of those hidden around the house that it wouldn’t be unusual. It hadn’t occurred to him that they were for personal grooming.
Dean grabs them, as well as a comb and a towel, and instructs Cas to wash his hair and then come out to the porch.
“Less to clean up if we do this outside,” he explains. “Besides, it’s a nice day.”
Cas finds himself in agreement as he joins Dean outside a few minutes later. The sun is out and the air is warm and still, a rarity so late in the fall. Dean has stripped down to his t-shirt, the towel slung over one shoulder, and he gestures for Cas to sit down in one of the patio chairs. 
Cas obediently sits, feeling a little strange as Dean wraps the towel around his shoulders. 
“To keep the hairs from getting on your clothes,” Dean explains.
“I’m aware.”
“Just looked a little lost there.” 
Dean runs his fingers through Cas’ hair and Cas finds himself closing his eyes on instinct. Dean’s touch is soft but assured as he gently untangles the damp locks from the top of his hair to the back. He repeats the movement a few times, fingertips caressing Cas’ scalp lightly as he goes, 
“How short do you want it?”
Cas hears Dean chuckle but he doesn’t repeat the question, simply keeps combing his fingers through Cas’ hair. His fingertips dig into Cas’ temples, kneading, loosening a tension Cas didn’t even know was there. His thumbs rub in circles behind Cas’ ears, down the sides of his neck, and Cas feels like he’s melting in his seat, like every bone in his body has been replaced by jelly.
“Man, you really like this,” Dean muses quietly. “Bet if you were a cat, you’d be purring.”
Cas doesn’t doubt he’s right. 
“Seriously though, how do you want your hair?”
How Dean expects him to speak when he’s this comfortable and relaxed, Cas has no idea. Still, he manages to mumble, “Don’t care. You decide.”
Dean’s fingers go still. “You sure?”
“I trust you.”
“...Okay.” Dean’s voice sounds oddly strangled but he starts kneading again so Cas figures he said something right. “Your funeral.”
Rather than begin cutting right away, Dean keeps massaging Cas’ scalp for what simultaneously feels like hours and mere seconds more. By the time he finally picks up the scissors, Cas has started to nod off. 
The feel of metal against his ear wakes him up. There’s a soft sound as Dean starts to cut, close enough to his earlobe that Cas would be nervous if it were anyone else.
It’s a different sensation than the massage earlier but a relaxing one as well. Dean isn’t touching him as much but his movements are efficient and confident, almost rhythmic. There’s a kind of pleasure to it, to the knowledge that Dean could hurt him now and the certainty that he won’t. 
Cas isn’t sure how long he sits there, listening to the scissors work, feeling Dean’s fingers comb and pull.
“There,” Dean finally says, breaking the silence that had settled between them. “I think that’s it?”
Cas opens his eyes. He looks up, meets Dean’s eyes as he leans over him, still running his fingers fussily through the hairs at the back of Cas’ neck.
“How does it look?” Cas asks.
Dean grins. “Looks good, babe.”
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queen-rowenas · 19 days ago
@godstielsbody’s milestone creator event day one: beehaw (cowboys and bees)
There’s no denying it. Cas is the sexiest person at this costume party.
Dean has hardly been able to take his eyes off of him. The angel is practically glowing—not literally this time—in his costume, beaming as he stops to speak with Garth, hovering by the drinks. His smile is just infectious, with the creases at his eyes and the irresistible crinkle of his nose. And if that wasn’t already enough to knock the breath out of Dean, the black jeans he’s wearing certainly are.
Dean hadn’t anticipated this when Jack had begged them for a costume party after their Halloween was spent fighting actual monsters instead of dressing up as one. And once word had spread, a surprising number of their hunter friends had shown up, apparently having had the same experience.
At first it was just Jody and Donna and the girls who had been invited at Jack’s very insistent request.
Claire and Kaia were werewolves. While Kaia’s costume still has the Party City tag on the back, Claire’s was definitely handmade and incredibly accurate. Jody had just shrugged in her Despicable Me minion overalls—matching with Donna—when Dean gave her a questioning look. “She thought it’d be ironic. I’m just glad Alex and Patience got their vampire costumes at Party City, too.”
Word eventually got out to Garth, and he hadn’t even hesitated to load up Bess and the twins in their matching Addams Family costumes and drive over.
So they’re having a costume party. In November.
And Dean is thriving. He’s one beer and way too many pieces of candy into the evening, surrounded by people he loves, and he’s dressed up as a freaking cowboy. His stirrups clink as he practically bounces in his cowboy boots, tipping his hat at the compliments his costume earns. And he’s already mastered the twang on his howdy. Needless to say, it’s a hit.
But despite how great his cowboy getup is, his costume isn’t the best one tonight.
That award goes to Cas. Obviously.
Dean keeps catching the angel off to the side, hooking a finger in the belt loop of those tight pants, and tugging him in for a classic dark-corner-of-the-party make out session. He nearly lost his hat during the last round, knocked off of his head by Cas’s fingers winding in his hair. Totally worth it.
Because, as previously stated, Cas is the sexiest person here.
“Will you please stop saying that?” Sam says, exasperated as he sneaks another piece of candy in the pocket of his Han Solo vest, “He is dressed up as a bee. A bee, Dean.”
“Yeah, I know, Sam. I have eyes.”
And Dean is certainly making good use of them, scanning over the angel from across the room. Cas is helping Claire fix her costume makeup and fangs, turned so his back is facing them, so it’s a good view. “It should be illegal for him to walk around like that.”
It’s a good thing they’re not at a bar for this because Dean would be spending the whole night fighting people off his boyfriend. In the safety of the bunker, he can just enjoy the view.
“Like what?” Sam frowns, taking another sip of his drink. “He’s literally just a middle-aged white guy in a striped sweater.”
“I know, man. And it’s a cropped sweater. It’s awesome.”
Earlier, Cas’s sweater slipped off one of his shoulders and Dean nearly blacked out. And when he had reached up to help hang some of the orange Halloween lights around the bunker? Well, Dean tries not to think about the strip of tan skin he spotted since there are children present.
“It’s not even a sexy bee costume,” Sam says, nose still wrinkled in confusion, “He’s just a regular bee. With regular bee wings and a bee antennae headband. There’s nothing sexy about that.”
“Hey, if you knew anything about bee mating patterns, you wouldn’t be saying that.”
“Yeah, probably because I’d be too busy throwing up.” Sam’s frown deepens. “Do you even know about bee mating patterns?”
“I know about that bee’s mating patterns,” Dean says with a smirk and a wink.
Sam exaggerates a gag, turning to grab a swig of his beer. “Gross.”
“Whatever, man. You don’t see me saying anything about Eileen’s Princess Leia costume,” Dean says, motioning over to where Eileen, her space buns wrapped to perfection, is talking to Alex. Probably about her ASL studies based on the slow hand signs.
“Because she looks great!”
“Yeah,” Dean mutters, “She’s killin’ it.” The fact that she’s gone the whole night in her white boots with heels that high is impressive.
“Alright. Well,” Sam sets his bottle down, clearing his throat. “When she’s done talking to Alex, I’m gonna steal her away for a sec.” He turns back to Dean, his face serious as he point a finger at him. “If I run into you and Cas sucking on each other’s faces in a corner again, I’m gonna throw up on you.”
“You’re just upset that we’re stealing all the good make out spots from you and Eileen.”
“The threat still stands.”
“Whatever. You better stay out of our way.” Dean waves him off as Sam turns to walk away, quickly taking a detour to Baby Sam and Baby Cas.
Because it’s been too long since he’s looked at Cas, Dean stops to look for the angel. As soon as he spots him, his beer is forgotten on the table.
Cas is laughing at something Donna said, the sleeves of his sweater pushed up to his elbows, revealing the miles of usually hidden skin on strong forearms.
Literal honeypot, Dean thinks, already knowing he’s doomed, but he’d gladly accept this fate.
Cas tugs at the collar of his sweater, which simultaneously reveals an extra shot of collarbone and an expanse of skin above the waistband.
Yep, gotta get some more of that. Dean straightens his hat and starts strolling over, making the most of his cowboy strut and mentally rehearsing the smoothest howdy he can deliver.
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breakiebunny · 3 months ago
New Beginnings| JJK
Tumblr media
Part 2
summary: When your son starts his pre- school, both you and Jungkook don`t know what to do with yourselves, well other than being all over each other, you two definitely need help.
genre: fluff, smut, DILF Jungkook, established relationship, domestic.
pairing: Jungkook x female reader! 
warnings: tooth rotting fluff, smut, fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), spanking, panty sniffing, Jungkook pout, Impregnation kink, pet names(you already know)
words: 9.4K tag list: @thatsokait @xmagicxshopx @mwitsmejk
Jungkook was not doing well, he got up in the middle of the night to check up on your three year old son, Junghoon to see any signs of discomfort in his sleep so that he can delay his first day of pre-school.
“Jungkook, come back to bed.” You croak when you see him wake up for the third time that night.
“I wanna check up on Hoonie, what if he needs something” he says rubbing his right eye, voice tired, it had to be, it was two in the morning.
“He`s not a baby anymore Jungkook, He`s three and usually sleeps through the night, we have the monitor don’t worry too much, I know what this is about so come on, back to bed.” You hold the blanket up and wait for him watching him pout and mope around for a hot minute, looking a lot like Junghoon right now.
“My arm is getting tired baby, come on be good.” You shake the blanket a little to coax him in much like you do with your three year old.
Jungkook was in denial since last week when you told him that Junghoon needs to start pre-school now, he told you to look at your son.
“Y/N, look how tiny he is, he cannot go to school right now, no!” he shakes his head, arms crossed on his chest.
“Jungkook, you`re not sending your son off to college, its just pre-school, everyone is gonna be just as tiny as him.” You giggle, rolling your eyes at your husband`s over protective ass.
“My little man, already…off to school” Jungkook hiccups a genuine cry in the back of his throat while picking up Hoonie from his playing mat.
“Daddy, Hoonie wants play” Junghoon pouts, big doe eyes mimicking his father`s eyes right now, he was definitely his twin, same eyes, same smile, same hair, same pouty lips.
“He already doesn’t want anything to do with me” a sob bubbles inside Jungkook`s throat again and you try not to laugh because you`ll definitely be in trouble if you did.
“oh you`re so dramatic, you just interrupted his Dino play time, you know how much he loves his Dinos, you do right? That`s right you do” you tickle Hoonie and he giggles cutely in his father`s embrace,
“Yes mommy, love dinosh” he giggles and wraps his chubby arms around Jungkook`s neck.
“Daddy ouchie?” he looks concerned for his father`s disheveled state.
“Yes baby, daddy`s tummy ochie, can you give him a kiss and some hugs so he`ll feel better?” you ask, kissing his chubby hand.
“I could use some hugs and kisses right now, I sho sad and ochie” Jungkook blinks up at Hoonie who was already looking at him, eyes still concerned to see his usual all happy and smiley father so down, without wasting another second, Junghoon smothers his dad`s face with tiny kisses, starting from his forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin and with a loud exhale after working his little lungs so much, he hugs Jungkook, tight.
“Daddy, don be shad, I lob you ok” he says against him and you watch Jungkook melt physically, you smile at your boys, eyes telling “I told you so” to Jungkook.
“Ohhh, I love you too little man” he squeezes him and Junghoon squeals. Jungkook kisses his round cheeks and lets him play on the mat again.
Now he was back again on the bed, head resting against the headboard, you scoot closer to him resting your head on his chest, rubbing circles into his side, Junghoon was not the one to keep you up at night anymore but it was your overgrown baby that was doing your toddler`s job now. During the pandemic, Jungkook has been mostly if not entirely working from home, so he really got used to being around Junghoon all the time and now when his son is ready to step out, he is not taking it very well.
“What if he doesn’t like the place?” you hear him mumble.
“My love, I`m sure he`ll love it, I`ve seen his class, it is dino themed” you chuckle.
“What if the other kids are mean to him?” he speaks into your hair, and you know he`s on already on another breakdown.
“Baby, they`re all three year olds, he`ll be fine okay and if someone is mean to him, we`ll be there to create chaos right?” you joke kissing his droopy sad cheek.
“Now, cheer up you know I don’t like seeing my big baby sad” you run your thumb over his bottom lip and see the corners of his mouth lift up.
“I love you” he says, biting slightly on your thumb.
“I love you too” you squeeze his cheek and scramble back to your side of the bed.
In the morning, you wake up before Jungkook, after a restless night you see him sleeping peacefully, cheek squished against the pillow, you notice the dark shadows under his eyes. He works really hard for his family and you know it, despite being so busy with his job he never fails to make time for you and Junghoon so much that now when Junghoon is ready to start a new chapter in his life Jungkook is going feral, he was so different from the guy you met in your freshman year in college, that guy was not at all “a father material” guy and you were okay with it when he told you he wasn’t ready and then one day after one year in your marriage, when you already came two times on his tongue, mind hazy and veins vibrating with the intensity of your back to back orgasms. He goes “I want…a baby” you look down at him, neck straining, his mouth and chin still shining with your arousal and for a moment you thought that maybe its just your fucked out brain playing games on you. He never mentioned such desire although you were ready from the start but never really pushed him, because you never wanted a “half there” father for your child, so you were willing to wait for him.
“What my love, I thought you said you wanted a baby” you chuckle, brushing away his long hair from his eyes.
“I did say that, I`m ready, I really am if you are” he places a sweet smooch against your lower belly.
“Baby” you sit up. “Did someone say anything? You don’t have to listen to anyone okay?” you cradle his cheek into your palm and he smiles so sweetly you swoon still after being with him for five years.
“I would never make such an important decision in my life by listening to someone sweetheart, have faith in me” he presses a kiss into your palm, hot lips sending shock waves into your entire being.
“Well, in that case, give me your baby Mr. Jeon” you whisper against his lips, seductive tone making every hair on Jungkook`s body (along with something else) stand up in attention. He growls and tackles you on the bed, you shrieks turning into moans soon. You smile at the memory and decide not to disturb Jungkook`s peaceful slumber. You wash up and head to Junghoon`s room, that is a whole another story when Jungkook didn’t want to let him sleep in a separate room.
“Y/N, how would we know if he cries or needs something?” Jungkook whines, cradling your one and a half year old son on his hip, the little boy in nothing but his diaper, chubby legs dangling as he giggles trying to play with his father`s dangly earring. Jungkook had to learn it the hard way and stop wearing those around him after that.
“Jungkook, we have a baby monitor for a reason, but how would you know? You`ve never let us use it” you try to move a cream colored cart into Junghoon`s room.
“You don’t wanna leave daddy right Hoonie?” he blows a raspberry on his belly, a loud screech followed by little giggles filled your ears.
“Yes, he does, my son is a big guy now” you take him from Jungkook`s grasp.
“Our son” he pouts and you take out your tongue at him, to which Junghoon giggles again making you kiss his pink cheek, the urge to bite him was getting out of your control now and you sometimes just held his bread like bicep in your mouth for the effect when he was getting a bath.
“I will get him dressed, please get this thing inside his room, he needs a nap immediately after his bath” you say and walk away with Hoonie on your hip not letting Jungkook whine more to you. He stomps his foot with a huff and gets to work.
You get Junghoon ready for his first day, he was rather excited to which you were pleasantly surprised because Junghoon was normally a little cranky when he wakes up, just like you. You kiss his nose and he squeals.
“Mommy, school” he says, voice a little scratchy because of his good night sleep.
“Yes, my big boy is getting ready for school, wow” you clap, taming his curly brown hair.
“I big boy mommy, I alsho have dinosh bag and batal and wunchboshh” he tells you, clearly excited for his dinosaur themed things.
“Oooo, so cool, who got it for you?” you show your interest in his things and his bunny teeth make an appearance, the wonky smile specific for occasions when he`s excited or too happy.
“Daddy did” he hugs the bag on his little lap, the T. Rex looking rather friendly.
“He did? Wow daddy is so cool isn’t he?” you fix his shorts for him and he nods “yesh, sho cool” you kiss his cheek and make him stand on the ground, he waddles his way to the living room, with his cute little outfit a white button up cotton shirt with some shorts and his T. Rex bag, now that he was ready to leave, you felt your heart drop a little, you were trying to be very cool and stern around Jungkook but it bothers you just as much maybe even more to leave this little munchkin alone, since the day he was born until now, you two have never been away for even a minute and now all of a sudden he`ll be gone for five hours, that too daily.
“Good Morning my loves” you hear Jungkook`s deep raspy voice as soon as you enter the kitchen. He was already making eggs and pancakes with blueberry jam, Junghoon`s favorite. He was obsessed with blueberries these days for some reason.
“Goo moning my lobs” Junghoon mimics his dad and he chuckles.
“Are you all ready for your first day sir?” Jungkook kneels in front of Hoonie, straightening his shirt. “You look so handsome Hoonie” he makes a fist and Hoonie bumps it. A usual bonding gesture between son and father. You pack the lunch box, dino nuggets of course and his water bottle while Jungkook tries to get something in Junghoon`s system to which he said multiple no`s and nah`s because of his adrenaline right now. After breakfast, you all get in your car to get to school, Junghoon refusing to let his backpack go even in the car, he was so happy your heart grew at the sight, Jungkook was doing well too after last night`s multiple breakdowns, this morning he was alright well as of now.
“We`re here sweetie” you turn around to clap at your son, who was a squealing mess in the back seat. You go to the office where the teachers were collecting the new badge today and saw Junghoon`s teacher immediately, Hoonie got a little shy when he saw a lot of kids but with little comforting he went with the teacher.
“Bye mommy, bye daddy” he waved at you two.
“Bye little man” Jungkook grins as he waves. “Bye Hoonie” your eyes soften, heart beating a little fast now. When he turns with the teacher, you feel Jungkook squeeze your hand a little and you immediately lace his fingers with yours giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.
“How are we doing kookie?” you look at him, his eyes glistening a little now.
“Great Y/N, my baby bird just left my nest, how am I suppose to feel?” he mutters under his breath, bottom lip jutted out.
“Oh there he is, my dramatic husband, I was worried where he went” you giggle. “Your baby bird is just out for five hours, don’t worry” you kiss his cheek.
Five hours were no big deal right? That`s what you told Jungkook right? But here you were, completely lost and on the verge of a very bad mental breakdown, being a parent is hard, a child is like a leech not in bad way but like it is attached to your hip 24/7 and being a parent without that cute little leech is even harder, you don’t know who you are anymore or what to do with yourself. You thought you`d be alright, have a little me time, do what you wanna do but all of it went straight out of the window when you came back home, the house looking completely different without Junghoon`s whines and giggles in the morning, he would cuddle with you all morning, a true mama`s boy. Jungkook went to the study to get some work done, leaving you alone with your loneliness. You tidy up the kitchen and take out Hoonie`s clothes to change into when he`ll be back, now what? After scrolling through your phone and reading a book you started a month ago, you decide to go to Jungkook. The door creaks when you peak your head through it, Jungkook is seated on the small couch, he looks up at you from his laptop.
“Hey babe what`s up?” he chirps with a small smile.
“Nothing, are you busy?” you mumble, still lingering by the door.
“Never for you my queen, come here” he puts his laptop on the side table and pats his lap.
You walk towards him, you whole demeanor down, a lot different than your usual bubbly and happy persona, Jungkook frowns noticing something`s not right immediately when you don’t say something equally cheeky in return. You quietly settle your head on his lap like a moody house cat, his hands shooting up to caress your hair, playing with the long strands.
“Why is my baby so sad?” he leans down to press a kiss to your ear, the sensation tingling.
“I miss Hoonie” you say, voice barely audible, you expect Jungkook to laugh at you and make fun of you because of how tough you acted when he was a mess this past week but he was Jeon Jungkook, full of surprises since day one.
“Aw my baby, I miss him too but he`ll be back in about three hours hm?” he massages your shoulder, easing the knots there.
“I feel horrible, I thought I`ll be fine but no, I hate it here without him” you turn to bury your face in his stomach, voice getting muffled. Jungkook chuckles fondly, you looked so cute right now whining about your son leaving for school which was your idea in the first place, he stroked your hair, obviously he cannot imagine a mother`s heart and its hard to admit for him but Junghoon is a total mama`s boy, he`s completely obsessed with his mother, what can he say? He was his son after all. His hands move down to your back when he notices you stopped talking, your breathing now calm, his hands move inside your shirt to sooth the skin of your back, lifting it up he`s met with the smooth skin of your stomach, faint stretch marks around the lower belly and sides, a reminder of how you brought his son into this world, he traces each line with his fingers, pressing another kiss to your temple, you dozed off in his embrace and he felt at ease that he still had that affect on you, you would come to his dorm after a long day and rant about it while he stroked your hair like this and in minutes you would go down, snoring peacefully on his lap. His hands go down to your lower belly, the small pooch still visible, you were very insecure about it despite Jungkook`s attempts of comforting your by kissing every inch of your body which usually led to you coming undone on his tongue or his fingers or both.
“Baby you know I like my women with some meat, so much to hold onto” he pressed down on your belly to prove his point as he dived back into your pussy, the strong grip leaving you motionless and his tongue action leaving your breathless. The memories had him reminiscing the times of your pregnancy, you looked so cute and round all the time, had the weirdest cravings like pickle juice and banana smoothie, he would massage your feet every night, apply different creams on your legs and belly and woke up in the middle of the night during a hurricane if you asked him you were craving Mcdonald`s because he read in some article that pregnant women should not be denied their cravings, they gotta have what they gotta have and Jungkook wanted to be the perfect husband and a perfect father. He missed those times; he really did so what if you both had another child? The thought hit him like a truck and he got excited, leg twitching up.
“mm, baby what happened?” you ask, looking up at his beaming face.
“Ssh nothing, go back to sleep, I`ll wake you up and then we`ll go get Junghoon from school okay?” he settles himself behind you on the couch, half of your body on him, as he tangles his legs with yours. The new idea his mind came up with buzzing in his veins, he was so excited he could pounce on you right now but of course he needed to talk to you first, after all it`s your decision in the end.
Junghoon came running to you and Jungkook.
“Mommy, daddy” he squealed as Jungkook picked him up.
“Hoonie” you kiss all over his face and he giggles, screeching in excitement.
“We missed you so much Hoonie” Jungkook pouts, hoisting him up a little.
“I mished you too daddy” he holds his face in his little hands, emphasizing that he has missed him.
“And what about mommy?” you bat your eyes at him.
“Mommy too, mished you, today a dino was looking for his mommy and she was not with him mommy and then I was shad, I told my prens that when I call mommy she comes.” He rants about some movie he saw today with the class.
“Aww you were sad?” you take him from Jungkook`s arms and Jungkook rolls his eyes, mama`s boy strikes again. He really wants a daughter now, a daddy`s girl, he needs support in this house too.
“Yes I always come wherever I am when Hoonie calls” you coo and kiss his head when he hugs you, tiny arms wrapping around your neck. At home, after Junghoon changes his clothes and have a small bowl of blueberries (he had his lunch in school) you decide to put him down for a nap. Your phone vibrates and you tip toe out of his room. It was Namjoon`s wife, Namjoon is a common friend since college.
“Soyeon, hi” you greet once you are away from Junghoon`s room.
“Hi Y/N, how are you?” she asks, her voice cheerful.
“I`m great, what`s up?”
“I called to invite you all to Ara`s birthday party tonight, it`s a small gathering nothing big but Ara really wanted her friends there and she is specifically asking for Junghoon to come, I hope you don’t have plans for tonight.” Soyeon chirps, hopeful, you could hear Ara in the back, excited when she heard Junghoon`s name. Ara was three months younger than Junghoon and they both love each other, Junghoon is more on the shy side when it comes to making new friends but he is quite comfortable and happy around Ara.
“No actually we don’t, we`ll be there” you smile, excited for the little reunion, its been months since you all got together.
“Great, see you at 8 and Y/N please pack some night clothes for Junghoon, our little lady is hosting her first sleep over” she says.
“Right, Okay, I`ll ask Junghoon and then pack if he wants to stay” you say because he has never really slept over anywhere.
“Yeah sure, okay see you” she hangs up.
“Babe?” you call out to see where your snack of a husband is.
“In here” ironically his voice comes from the pantry.
“Here you are, we are invited to Kim Ara`s birthday party tonight” you tell him, leaning onto the door. His back was facing you and it looked delicious than everything in the pantry right now.
“Oh cool” he says while munching on something.
“What are you eating?” you turn him around and press your lips to his, licking into his mouth, he was definitely caught off guard but got himself back quickly when he kissed you back.
“Hmm, sour patch kids…strawberry” you lick your lips and his gaze is still fixed on yours, darkening with each passing second, he licks his own as if to remember if you are right or not about the strawberry part. You were.
“Yeah but you like the lemon ones right?” he says near your lips as he fishes for two lemon ones and pop them into your mouth, you take them in your mouth, eyes not leaving his and he feels his cock stir when your soft lips wrap around his finger.
“hmm love” you say as the sour and sugary thing melts into your mouth, eyes shut making Jungkook want to bend you over right here, right now but also hold you close, peppering your face in little but multiple bunny kisses, but he decides on kissing you again, you gasp when you feel the urgency in his kiss, his tongue already licking every inch inside your mouth.
“Mmm, love but I would also love if I could eat your little pussy right now” he breaths on your parted, kiss bitten lips and you shudder at his bold words. He was always like this, bold and out there when it came to having his way with you, you telling him to mind his language now that there`s a child around him but his words instantly flooded your panties that was for sure, more than you would like to admit and every time when he ripped your panties down your legs, your verbal admission seemed irrelevant, his cocky smirk enough to let you know that he knows what he does to you. You are broken out of your daze when you feel him lift your sundress up, cupping your sex in his hand earning a sigh from you. He goes down to his knees in front of you, eyes not leaving yours.
“I missed this” he kisses your hip bones, hands stroking the soft skin of your thighs. You loved your son but it can be a little hard getting it on when you have a child who needs mommy or daddy, one or the other all the time, he was a loving child and you cherish him for that, you never want him to think he doesn’t need mommy and daddy but then again it is not really good for your sex life, it has boiled down to making out in the bathroom, groping under the sheets and sometimes shower sex but honestly you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Me too, look at us, hiding in the pantry like some forbidden love” you giggle and feel him chuckle against your pussy, the hot puff of air on your neglected clit sending beams of pleasure through your body.
“Well I must admit, it adds to the thrill of eating you out my love” he presses a loving kiss to your labia, a slap to your ass makes you melt like chocolate on a hot day.
“Sir would you mind stop talking and getting to work?” you grab his hair and yank his face more into your pussy.
“Hm Sexy mama, I love it when you get rough with me” he laughs slapping your ass again making you gasp and wet.
“I`m drier than the Sahara desert now” you deadpan a complete lie.
“We`ll see about that” he says and licks a wide stripe from your entrance to your clit, sucking it in his mouth.
“Ohhh!” your knees buck forward at his merciless licks and sucks, he taps your knee to let you know that he wants your leg on his shoulder, you oblige, wobbling a little but he holds you steady with a sweet peck to the side of your knee. The new position favorable for his magical tongue.
“Oh my…oh my god, yes baby” your fingers get lost in his thick brown hair, they were so soft and silky to the touch, a certain suck makes you tighten your fingers in his locks smothering his face into your pussy, he moans into you at the sensation, the sound almost sending you to the edge.
“You`re so good…so good” you encourage him, although your state right now doesn’t allow you but you know that`s what he likes, he loves it when you tell him you are satisfied and happy with what he does to you, and you always give him that satisfaction and it is the easiest thing to do because your husband delivers what he promises. You buck forward and he holds you in place, nails digging into your thighs, another slap delivered to your ass.
“Ahh Jungkook!” you squeal, almost on the verge of tears, the love for this man, the pleasure pounding in your blood just lets you settle on a long whine.
“I`m…fuck I`m coming” both of your hands hold onto the shelves behind you, back arching. He takes this announcement as the cue to go faster and deeper with his tongue.
“Mmmmfghhh!” you let out a shameless long moan and come all over his face, he licks you clean of your arousal making you hiss and flinch at the slight overstimulation.
“Always so perfect for me” he presses his lips to your labia once again and then to your hip bones, pulling up your panties and you let him since you`ll have to change and get ready for the birthday party. “Sweeter than all the candy combined in this pantry” he stands up, hands still holding you and you are thankful because your legs are jelly.
“No, you” you give him a lopesided grin, brain all mushy, not really able to form proper thoughts let alone sentences. You go down on your knees but he stops you halfway.
“Nah-uh baby, its already six, we need to get Hoonie ready, get a gift on the way, no time” he rubs his thumb over your bottom lip and you pout looking down at the delicious bulge in his pants.
“But what about you? Jungkook you always do this, I don’t like it” you huff, fingers going back in his hair, massaging gently and he sighs, leaning into your touch.
“Trust me baby, I can die a happy man buried in your pussy, I fucking love it, no regrets my queen.” He grins wide, eyes squinting and you almost feel blinded by the overload of cuteness and at the same time his filthy words send another gush of wetness down your panties. He was always like this, putting your pleasure before his own, he just gives and gives and gives, asking for nothing in return.
“I`m gonna go crazy if you don’t stop being this cute, it`s been goddamn five years, a woman has her limits, honeyboo” you playfully nip at his neck hugging his waist and he giggles like he didn’t just suck you dry like an orange wedge five minutes ago.
“I love you so much, you cannot even imagine” you kiss his Adam’s apple and he hums.
“I`m sure I love you a tad bit more my love” he chuckles and you bite down on his chin. “Ah, but you`re not ready for that conversation” he laughs. “Nope!” you bury your head in his chest, savoring the moment, he smelled like vanilla and flowers and you wanted to inhale all of him in more than one way.
You decide on a floral midi skirt, a pretty lace top and red lips, Junghoon was getting ready with daddy because he felt like it and of course Jungkook was over the moon when he ran away from you, wobbling on his little legs. “Daddy, wan daddy” and you shrug with a smile, Jungkook puffing his chest dramatically.
“Hoonie, Ara wants you and her other friends to sleep at her house tonight, without mommy and daddy, do you want to stay there?” you ask him, smoothing out his hair.
“Shleep over?” he has heard the term before.
“Yes yes sleep over” you chuckle.
“I`m big boy mommy, I can” he holds your face.
“Yes you are” you smile, not entirely happy because he was not home today and you missed him but hey it was his first sleep over, you can`t be a crazy controlling mother.
After getting ready and packing Hoonie`s clothes, getting a gift for the birthday girl, you all head to the Kim abode, Junghoon really excited to see his friend, he wanted to carry the gift but the box was just too big for him. “Daddy you cavyy this pleazh” he requests sweetly when he sees you carrying the big box, it was whole kitchen appliances toy set and not that heavy for you. “Mommy will get ochie” he looks up at Jungkook with his big round eyes, and your heart swells at your little angel`s concern for you, you look up at Jungkook tears swimming in your eyes, you swear you`re 100 times more emotional when it comes to these two handsome men in your life.
“My little man, a gentleman” Jungkook ruffles his hair fondly and takes the box from your hand.
“Just like daddy” you say, your height allowing you to kiss his jaw, a hue of pink decorating his cheeks and ears now, the sight heart flutteringly gorgeous. You all walk in, Soyeon and Namjoon greeting you with wide smiles.
“So good to finally meet again.” Soyeon squeezes your hand and you hold hers, she was a good friend. “I need to tell you something” she whispers in your ear, your face suddenly serious, is she okay? is it about her and Namjoon? Ara? But when you see her grin close to you, your hand still in her hold, you feel better about the secret she was going to tell you. “Okay” you smile. You look over at Jungkook, who already meshing with Namjoon and the other guys (dads), his black button up was tight around his broad shoulders, chest straining against the black material with a slight satin finish, he and Namjoon worked in the same business but at different places so their talks were always so smart and technical, you couldn’t understand a word of it, the terms and stats too boring and irrelevant to you but today the sound of his smart rambling was going straight to your core, even the way he licked his lips after talking constantly made your heart skip a beat and your brain remember what he did with that mouth hours before coming here.
“Mommy, I wan to play with Ara please?” a tug on your skirt cleared the fog of lust in your eyes.
“Yes, sure sweet boy” you boop Hoonie`s nose.
“Thank chu, mommy” he says while running away with bunch of other kids.
“Don’t play near the plants kids” Soyeon yells after them.
“Come on, let me introduce you to some of my friends, well I`m friends with them because of Ara, but you know” she rambles and you know she`s excited about something.
Soyeon introduces you to three other ladies, one of them a single mom, they were quite nice but one thing you couldn’t shake off was how she was eying Jungkook, you thought it was just your head but then you saw her pulling a Debby Ryan towards him when he looked over at your table, knowing Jungkook he was obviously oblivious to her advances and you were proven right when he gave her a polite smile before his eyes turned to you, sending a cheeky wink your way, your heart took it all by itself, butterflies emitting at the impact, the woman looks a little embarrassed and honestly you don’t blame her, your husband was a walking sin and you were aware of that, with his tattoo sleeve, eyebrow piercing, well built tall frame everyone is drawn to him and by the time they get to know his beautiful, tender and caring heart with a sense of humor bestowed upon him from the Gods, people stand no chance against him or in front of him. He just completely demolishes them with his bunny smile and cute giggles, you knew that because you were one of those people but just lucky enough that the man himself was completely and utterly obsessed with you.
“Come with me” Soyeon whispers in your ear.
“Excuse us” she smiles at the other ladies and they all nod with a smile and get back to talking among themselves. You get up and walk behind her, Soyeon walks into the and turns around grinning.
“Y/N, I`m pregnant!” she whisper yells, she and Namjoon had been trying for a second baby and Soyeon was really upset when it didn’t happen, but God has his ways and his timings.
“Oh my God Soyeon!” you lunge forward to hug her, the grin not wavering from your face.
“when did you know?” you touch her stomach, although there were no apparent signs of pregnancy right now.
“Yesterday, you are the first to know” she holds your hand.
“I`m so happy for you girl, I wish you a happy and easy pregnancy” you hold her hand, squeezing a little.
“Thank you” she grins. “well now that I`ve spilled in front of you, I can eat happily” she laughs and you chuckle.
“Come on, its almost time for the cake” she says.
“I have to use the bathroom, I`ll be right out in a sec” you walk towards the hallway, the house was familiar you knew where everything was. You fix your lipstick because you had this annoying habit of eating all your lipstick in minutes, smoothed your hair, there will be pictures so you had to look a little presentable. You were also over the moon for your friends and the beautiful gift they were about to receive for the second time. Will it be a boy? A girl? You don’t really care you just wish for a happy, healthy and not cranky baby for them. You were in your thoughts when you heard a knock on the door, after few moments you see your husband`s fluffy head peak inside.
“There you are” he simply says and walks towards you, stopping behind you.
“Here I am, you want anything?” you say straightening out your top.
“Yup, just you” he playfully nips at your ear and you giggle.
“You`re such a dork” you squeeze his cheek, letting the mirror guide your hand towards him and he grins, clearly satisfied with his tactics.
“Soyeon is pregnant”
“Oh wow, that`s awesome” he smiles, rubbing your arms.
“I know!” you make a fist, but you are pretty sure you breathed three breaths in one go when you see Jungkook moving your hair to your shoulder and kiss your nape, hot breath making the hair stand there, you thought it was harmless at first but when his hand came up to knead your boob over your top, you had to intervene no matter how much you`re gonna hate yourself for that.
“Jungkook” you warn, hand holding onto the tattooed one that was holding your boob as if to keep it there and God did you want that but the place and timing was just not in your favor.
“Mm” he mouths at the side of your neck, sniffing to take your aroma in.
“Baby, not right now” you clear your daze again and turn in his arms, heart breaking when you see him pout, his ultimate weapon that can defeat you when you are inches away from your win.
“Oh not the pout!” you kiss it, he looked like a kicked puppy.
”Want to kiss you” he says, pout still intact.
“I know, me too but we have a cake cutting to get to right” you coo, you swear you had two toddlers.
“One condition” pout gone, a cocky smirk was now plastered on his handsome face. That chameleon.
“What?” you say a little confused and understand what he was implying when he kneels down in front of you again, slapping your ass making you buck into him. he had a thing for slapping your ass, he did it everywhere, a nice soft pat on your cheek when hoonie was not looking or when his parents were not around or when you stand in the line to get yours groceries checked out. Your glare only adding to his fun.
“NO!” you step back Knowing his intentions.
“Baby, I`ll feel a lot better” he bats his pretty eyelashes at you.
“Y/N, are you almost done? We`re waiting for you” you hear Soyeon outside the door.
“Yes, coming” you say quickly and hear her walk away.
“No time pretty girl” Jungkook smirks and you huff, this man always finds a way to have his way with you.
“You are crazy” you feel a smile creeping on your face as you walk towards where he knelt.
“Just for you my love” his nose scrunches when he beams up at you, his hands were quick to hike your skirt up, you hold it up for him and he winks at you making you roll your eyes, you were acting so cool but your heart was hammering against your chest and your panties were probably ruined. This man is going to be the death of you. You feel him sliding down your black panties down your legs, index finger intentionally brushing against your pussy, making you flinch and him smile. You see him smelling your panties, face almost hidden under them.
“Oh my God Jungkook, let`s go now” you slap his chest, your cheeks getting a little red for sure at his bold actions.
“You`re blushing” he kisses both of your cheeks. “So cute” and you look down, a smile fighting for its way to your lips but you decide on pressing them together. Jungkook shoves your panties in his pocket.
“I`m not so sad all of a sudden” he claps and takes your hand in his leading you out of the bathroom. You were all commando under your skirt now, the air feeling extra cold on your core with each step, but at least you were not afraid that you might traumatize everyone because your skirt was long enough. Soyeon smirked at you when she saw you and Jungkook coming out of the house together and you glare at her. The cake was finally cut and distributed, there was a huge table for everyone to sit down and have dinner, you sat with Soyeon and Jungkook and Namjoon were sitting across the table from you two. You were eating your food, talking to Soyeon and the others here and there but you still had your husband on your mind, your panties were stuffed in his pocket but he didn’t looked bothered at all, well that was Jungkook, he was still on his smart talk with Namjoon, what if they fall out of his pocket you will run for the hills and live there forever. When Namjoon got up to get another spoon, Jungkook looks over to you and you short circuit for a second but what he does next has you gulping down the entire tall glass of water to ease the heat within you. He takes the same index finger that he ran inside your pussy and collects some frosting on it, licking the finger into his mouth. “Hmm” he lowly hums and you gulp looking away quickly, you hear him laugh and you were glad Soyeon was talking to the other moms, something about nut allergies.
When it was time to leave, parents saying byes to their children, the children buzzing with this new sense of being a grown up that they are going to spend a night outside their house.
“Bye Hoonie, be good” Jungkook kisses his nose, you knew he was not really thrilled about it either but hey parenting isn’t always about the thrill.
“Bye mommy, bye daddy, I lob you, I will mish you” he waves to you both when Ara drags him with her, your heart full at his words.
“Bye honey, we love you” you wave back at him.
Back at your place, you wash up and get changed into one of Jungkook`s tee shirts, they are really comfortable to sleep in and he lets you do whatever you want so yeah you're spoiled like that. you walk inside, closing the bathroom door to see Jungkook lying on the bed with no shirt on, the blanket is covering his lower body and you`re sure he`s just in his boxers, he uses glasses when he works on his computer, they rest on the tip of his cute button nose, his big eyes focused on the laptop on his stomach as he types away on it.
“What are you doing?” you crawl over to rest your head on his shoulder, his skin was warm and soft under your cheek.
“Just emailing Namjoon some stat references he needs for his new project, I might forget later and its important.” He mumbles, eyes still locked on the screen. “And done” he says and closes the laptop.
“You are so cute when you talk all business” you coo and he chuckles eyebrows raising.
“Really? I thought you found it annoying” he laces his fingers with yours, pressing a kiss to the back.
“I do, but today, I couldn’t decide whether I want to kiss your boopy nose as you talk or suck your cock” you whisper against his shoulder, feeling him shudder at your words. You were so gorgeous, smart, caring, mother of his child and all his and on top of that you wanted to suck his dick. He wanted to explode with your voice alone but he maintains his composure once again.
“You can do both if you want honey bunch” he whispers back and now it was your turn to loose all bodily functions. You two were a mess for each other and seriously needed help but no one was complaining.
“Hm, Is that right?” you turn towards his neck completely and suck on the side, mouth open really wanting to eat him whole. Jungkook breathing quickens at your actions and you move your leg to straddle his waist, holding him down by the shoulder as you suck and lick at his creamy skin, his hands move under the loose fabric of your shirt and settle on the plump skin of your hips, kneading the flesh under his huge hands, he groans when the shirt rides up, revealing the lack of underwear.
“Do you think you deserve that after the little stunt you pulled back at the Kim house?” you bite down gently around his Adam`s apple and he moans, you move down his chest, open mouthed kisses decorate the soft smooth skin.
“Don’t be mean, you love it” his voice is breathless as he slaps your ass, the sting sending waves of pleasure to your core.
“Wanna touch you always, everywhere, don’t care where we are” his hands move up to your breasts, filling them with the soft flesh, he moans.
“You are so pretty like this, I can do this all day, every day if you let me” he sits up, adjusting you right on his boxer clad cock, hands still on your boobs. Your head was spinning and your senses didn’t know where to concentrate, the hardness that is poking your bare cunt or the warmth that is engulfing your chest.
“But you`re a mean little brat, not letting me touch what`s mine” he nips at your pulse and you moan. “Whining like a brat even though you love what I do to you in all the wrong places we`re at, you dirty girl” he bites down your collarbones and you look up at the ceiling in ecstasy, allowing him to devour your throat more. He has the reputation of fingering you at every family dinner while you have to keep talking like a pro without making a noise and gulp down the wine to suppress any noise that comes out into the glass, you were so good at it now, but one thing you couldn’t get out of your head was when he slurped on his fingers in front of everyone while complimenting the chef. The guy was filthy but he was right, you loved it, you loved him.
“I do” you squeak, it was breathless as if you were running, you look to see him smiling at you with stars in his eyes. You lean down and kiss his nose.
“Boopy nose done” you whisper against his lips, pecking them softly as you glide down his body, hands feeling and massaging over his chest and stomach, pressing softly against his chest to push him back and he lets you.
“Need another pillow?” you pepper tiny kisses around his lower stomach and Jungkook flutters like a leaf under your touch.
“No, I`m fine” he smiles to himself, typical Y/N, worried even now that he`ll hurt his neck or something, he feels you dragging down his boxers and his bones vibrate at the anticipation. That is probably his favorite sight when he looks down at you, your long hair a little wild, eyes burning with lust, your throat definitely has some red marks after His loving abuse on it and you look like you would eat him whole without batting an eye and enjoy it too. Just knowing that you enjoy sucking him dry makes his heart swell and want to fuck you into the mattress at the same time but he`s not picky when it comes to you, he`ll take whatever you`ll give him whenever you`ll give him.
“You always take care of me, love me even when I`m being a brat” you kiss his thighs and he sighs, your soft lips were so soothing.
“Let me take care of you, yeah my love?” one hand softly brushes against his abs, his hand comes up to hold yours on his stomach.
“You deserve all of this and so much more pretty girl” he breaths, doe eyes blown out, his cock now fully hard. “I love you so much, I always will and I will show you that every day for the rest of our lives” he brings your hand up and kisses your knuckles.
“Can you stop making me all mushy? I`m trying to suck your dick” you feel tears blinding your eyes as you bat them away. Ugh this man.
“I`m sorry I`m sorry, carry on my love” he shakes his head and settles his head back on the pillow.
“Got me all soft just before I`m gonna suck this dude dry” you roll your eyes and kiss him deeply, he smiles into the kiss but responds with equal fervent, your hand sneak down to hold his length, now fully hard, his moans into your mouth, your mouth swallowing every sound as you pump him, his pre cum making it easier for your hand to slide up and down, he bites down on your bottom lip when your thumb presses against his slit, you whimper at the tug and pull back with a pop, gliding down once again but this time taking the tip in your mouth without wasting another moment, he hisses, you gather your hair in a pony and shake it a little, mouth still sucking on his tip like a lollypop. He takes the hint and wraps your hair around his hand and wrist, giving him a better view of your pretty lips on his length, the hot suction seizing his senses already. You try to take more of him inside your mouth, no matter how many times you do it you can't really get used to his length, tears build up in your eyes but now for a complete different reason as he hits the back of your throat.
“Ahh, good girl, that`s my good girl” you feel proud of yourself at his praise and keep up with your actions.
“So g-good to me, always so perfect for me” he looks down at you, tears streaming down your face when you look up at him, long eyelashes batting making him thrust up into your mouth a little but you handle it like a pro.
“Oh fuck, oh yes” he whines, loosing himself in your sinful mouth but you let his cock slip out of your mouth, his head shoots up again as he sits up.
“Baby are you okay?” he asks, worried he might hurt you with his thrusts.
“Jungkook, I don’t want you to come just yet” you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand.
“Oooo edging, we`ll try it if that`s what you want precious” he brushes his thumb across your bottom lip.
“No silly” you laugh at his assumption. “I want us to” you look down, suddenly feeling a little shy, what if he doesn’t want that right now, you would ruin the whole mood, the whole night maybe.
“What do you want gorgeous? You know I`ll give you anything you want” he pinches you cheek, eyes drinking in your features.
“I want us to try for a baby” you finally spill; “If you want, of course if you want, I can wait” you add quickly when he doesn’t speak.
“Are you serious?” he makes you look up at his eyes, he was make those googly eyes at you, like some anime girl.
“Yes, of course why would I play around about something like that?” you mumble.
“Oh my god baby, I was thinking about it for some days now, I would love to have another baby with you, can`t believe you said that yourself” he pulls your naked body into a hug, his heart was beating so fast against your chest and you hold him close.
“I`m so relieved we`re on the same page” you kiss his temple.
“Well, let`s get to baby making then mama” he pulls back with a smirk.
“I can`t believe I married you” you roll your eyes.
“Because you love me” he pouts.
“I do” you admit, kissing the cutest pout in the whole entire world.
“Gonna ride you” you whisper and push him back once again, straddling him.
“Go on beautiful, get yourself a baby” he says and it sends a gush of wetness to your core, you were stretched out from your little rendezvous in the pantry and even if you weren’t you couldn’t wait anymore, you line his cock in your entrance and slowly sit on it.
“Ohhh!” you cry, both hands on his chest.
“Easy, don’t hurt yourself” he moans, you walls flutter around him as you take more of him in.
“That`s it pretty girl, a little more” he encourages, hands on your hips keeping you from getting over excited.
“J-jungkook!” you whine when your walls sheath around him.
“I`m right here gorgeous, right here, take your time.” His thumbs rub your hip bones.
“M-moving” you announce as you move up and down on his cock, heavy cock creating a friction against your walls making you squeal.
“Oh yes, fuck, you`re so good, feels so tight” he moans, eyes threatening to close but he wouldn’t miss the look on your face right now for the world. Your eyes are closed, soft hands on his chest as you focus on the rhythm you want to create on his cock as you become a moaning and crying mess on him.
“My pretty girl wants another baby? Hm?” he coos, as he helps you ride him, your legs were not the strongest but he never kills your soul by saying that, just helps you ride him when you wanted to ride him.
“Y-yes, want your baby” you cry as he fuck up into you.
“And I will give her as many as she wants” he flips you over so that you were on your back.
“You don’t have to work your pretty legs, I will do everything for you, hm?” he slams back into you and you swear you saw stars dancing in front of you.
“You like that mmm…sweetheart?” he moans, nibbling at your collarbones.
“Mmmhmm, I love it, love you” you wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, making him go deeper. “Oh fuck” he growls.
“I love you” he says as he increases his speed, each thrust has you moving up a little, but you were tangled with Jungkook so it kept you in one place.
“I missed the pregnant you” he moans, “Tits falling out of your summer dresses, so full so round oh fuck” he whines into your neck and you kiss the place that joins his neck to his shoulder.
“Oh yeah? Fill me…ahhh…up then, knock me up handsome” you moan, his speed not wavering as he growls again.
“I will, I will knock you up, get you all round and cute…oh fuck unggh…just like I want.” He cries out.
“I…oh…I would love that, want that…ahhh with you.” You feel him rubbing your clit with two of his fingers.
“Oh shit, oh fuck, I`m close…Jungkook!” you whine into his shoulder, as he jack hammers you into the bed, your arms holding him close, legs tighten around his waist, making sure he doesn’t stop. He would never.
“Me too, oh me too” he rambles.
“Ahh…fuck fuck fuck” you chant as your high hits you like a truck, leaving you behind as a bag of pudding, Jungkook notices that and hold your legs up, still thrusting inside you, chasing his high desperately as you mewl.
“Oh, ahhh baby, ughngg fuck!” he cries as you rub the hair on his nape.
“Come for me angel” you kiss his eyebrow and it seemed like the command he needed to spill his seed inside you.
“Hold me up a little, don’t let it out!” you hold his forearms in urgency and he does it in haphazard, holding your hips up to keep his fluids inside.
“sheesh woman, you scared me” he says weakly, the aftershocks of his orgasm still visible on his handsome features.
“Well, you want a child right? Hold me up macho man” you kiss his chin, after staying in the same position for about ten minutes, Jungkook doesn’t complain once. you tell him to let go.
“Are you sure? I can hold you up if you want, I`m fine” he says looking all dreamy and you want to have a go again and mess him all over again but your body won`t let you.
“Nah, its fine come on” you pat your boob and he snuggles closer to you, head resting on your chest as he lies between your legs.
“Another emotional support child on the way” you giggle brushing his soft and now a little damp hair away from his face and he puffs out a small chuckle against your skin.
“We need help” he jokes.
“I really want it to be a girl this time, I need a supporter too" he says. "Hey! My son and I love you very much sir, we are your biggest supporters." You defend. "I know baby girl, just kidding,I`ll be happy as long as you have an easy pregnancy and our kid is healthy” he lifts his head to kiss your lips.
“I would cry like every five minutes seeing you interact with our little girl, I`ll be doomed” you scrape your nails against his scalp and he hums.
“I would only have you crying on my cock or my tongue I'm not picky, so no other modes of crying okay” you feel him smirk against you boob and you yank a strand on his head.
“Behave daddy” you joke.
“Oh shit, I`m getting hard again” he gets up.
“NO please!” you whine.
“Come on baby, gotta make sure JK or Y/n junior stand a chance, just lay back and let me do all the work” he grins and wrap your legs around his waist again. You roll your eyes, once again this man is coaxing you into things and you are letting him because you love it just as much and you love him a little too much.
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galahadwilder · 5 days ago
I have a very specific love for post-reveal miraculous fics from the class’s perspective
Like Adrien and Marinette have shifted overnight from “we can barely speak complete sentences” to “their lap is my Favorite Chair and we Only use Pet Names” and it doesn’t occur to them that this might be unusual or surprising
So the entire class is just freaking out like WHAT IS HAPPENING but Adrienette are entirely oblivious to it
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doctorgerth · 6 months ago
a/n: this has been heavy on my *click* noggin’ for a while now...didn’t include Sabo this time just cuz I’m already doing a make out imagine with him for the milestone celebration! I’d be happy to do this with more characters, just ask nicely 💋
featuring: Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, & Ace + f!reader
summary: privacy is hard to come by when you’re a pirate. you’re bound to get caught kissing eventually.
warnings: suggestive content ! ! !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ ZORO growls as you tug at the base of his green hair, his massive build driving you to slam you against the nearest wall. He allows you a quick second to catch your breath from the sudden force before his lips are plastered against your own once more, leaving you to whimper his name over and over. One hand falls to wrap a leg around his waist, the other to cup at your ass, strong fingers digging into the flesh as he continues to kiss you wildly. His tongue slips past your parted lips, swiping at your own before groaning a deep, “Fuck, I need you.” Just as he goes to wrap your other leg around him, pelvis pushing against you, the door opens up to reveal Franky and Robin, whistling with pride as they catch you two in the act. Zoro nearly drops you right on your ass as he fumbles over his words, “S-stupid perverts, we weren’t even doing anything!” The duo eye each other with sly grins before Brook pops up behind them, of course asking about your panties. “GET OUT!” Zoro slams the door in their faces then turns to you, face flushed from both embarrassment but also that same need from earlier, “You’ll have to be quieter this time, baby. I’m not done with you yet.”
✦ SANJI digs his fingers into your waist as he pants your name in hot, open-mouthed kisses along your jawline. You are seated on the kitchen counter, arms wrapped around his neck and legs spread wide to offer him home as his lips devour you. When he finds your waiting lips again, he starts off tender, working your lips until you’re breathing heavily into his mouth. He swipes his tongue across your bottom lip, a silent request, before entangling his slick muscle with yours. Your nimble fingers slide down to toy with the buttons of his shirt, his own rubbing circles on the bare skin of your waist, dangerously close to the hem of your pants. “So beautiful, angel. Can’t control myself.” As you go to respond with an encouraging “then don’t”, the kitchen door bursts open, “Hey Sanji, can I get a-AGHHH” a flustered Usopp covers his eyes as Sanji covers you. “Dude gross! That’s where you make our food!” Sanji screams at him to get out, feet already flaming up as he chases Usopp out of the kitchen. Meanwhile you fix your appearance and make yourself a snack to eat your embarrassment away.
✦ LUFFY tangles his limbs with yours, pulling you impossibly closer and chasing your lips endlessly. He smiles as you whimper against his eager lips, taking note of how your chest heaves, flush against his own. He swallows every moan, every cry from you as his tongue dances with yours, easily overcoming you as you become putty in his embrace. His hands trace the length of your body, gripping at your waist when you tug at his disheveled black locks, hands dropping down to remove his red cardigan with haste. He grinds against you, eliciting more sweet noises from your pretty lips as you claw at his now bare back, “You taste so sweet, (Name). I want more.” His lips move to your neck, sure to leave marks as he attacks your skin lovingly, but he bites down a little too hard when Chopper suddenly bursts into the room. You squeal at the sensation, and Chopper’s innocent mind can only assume the worst. “Luffy! Get off of (Name), you’re hurting her!” his tiny hooves attack at the captain, you can’t help but to laugh at the scene as Luffy struggles to remove himself from you. But it was all fun and games until Zoro and Robin found out. Now, you have to reserve your make outs for when Chopper is as far away from you two as possible.
✦ ACE tugs at your bottom lip as his hands slide under your shirt, admiring the goosebumps that litter your skin in the wake of his touch. He moans as you return the favor, taking his bottom lip between your own teeth as you rake your nails against his chest, grinding down on him beneath you. “Shit, babe, you’re amazing.” he cries out as he pulls you closer to kiss you heavily, and just as his hands are about to pull your shirt over your head, he quickly pulls the comforter over you instead as Marco makes his presence known in the doorway. You could practically feel Marco’s judgmental glare even under the weight of the comforter as you buried your head into the crook of Ace’s shoulder in embarrassment, fighting back giggles as Ace swears that you are in fact not hiding under the blanket. “We’re not having babies on this ship any time soon, so you’d better get your hormones in check before I make Izo start chaperoning you two-yoi!” Marco eventually leaves after a brief, heated chat about the reproductive system and Ace pouts when you roll away, “Come on, baby, they’re just kisses! I can control myself!” he pulls you into him and nibbles at your ear, “Not my fault if you can’t.”
Tumblr media
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mercurygguk · a month ago
comfort | jjk
Tumblr media
➵ summary; jungkook is always there on days where you need him the most.
pairing; jungkook x female reader
content; pure fluff, some angst, jk being the comfort that he is
a/n; a comfort fic for y’all, mostly bc i needed it a lot myself, but also bc i know a lot of people have struggles they deal with everyday and sometimes all you need is someone who listens and hugs you while you cry <3 have a wonderful week, everyone!
today is what most people would call a very shitty day.
everything is tumbling down on top of you, crumbling in your hands and breaking right by your feet. just as you step through the front door of your apartment, you feel as if today is the last drop before your cup of water flows over. except, it isn’t water flowing out of a cup. instead, it’s tears pressuring on behind your eyelids and blurring your vision to a point where you can’t see a thing.
your feet feels heavy as you kick off your shoes, your coat doesn’t make it to a coat-hanger, and your purse lands on top of the coat on the floor. when you enter the living room, your favorite person looks up at you with a smile so bright that you feel really bad when it falters again in a matter of seconds.
man, it feels good to ruin someone else’s mood!
jungkook doesn’t think twice about it as he gets up from the couch, making his way to you in three long strides. your bottom lip is quivering as he cups your face softly. there’s a deep, worried frown on his face and now you want to cry even more, your heart breaking at the sight of him feeling your pain as if he was the one having a shitty day.
“bad day?” he asks, voice tender and comforting somehow.
he offers you a small smile as you look up at him, nodding as a tear escapes and rolls down your tear. his thumb quickly wipes it away and keeps brushing over your cheek, touches so soft and careful because he knows. he knows exactly what you need and what you need, you’ll get.
“c’mon,” he says, hand dropping to intertwine with yours. you let him pull you along towards the couch, following his every move and before you know it you’re cuddled up in his arms, underneath a fuzzy blanket. he’s hugging you tightly to his body, lips continuously pressing soft kisses to your forehead. “just let it out, baby, i’m right here,” he whispers, giving your entire body a squeeze as an encouragement.
you close your eyes, letting out a heavy sigh and that’s all it takes for the tears to finally fall. all of them, one by one, rolling down your cheeks. jungkook stays silent, letting you hide your face in the crook of his neck. his heart breaks at the sound of your sobs but he knows that it’ll help if you just let it all out at once. he knows you’ll feel better, lighter and relieved after you’ve cried all the struggles away. not that they’ll be gone forever but for now, they will.
“i love you so much.”
his words are comforting, they bring a warmth to your chest and your heart as you finally feel lighter in his embrace. there are no more tears, just damp lashes and slowly drying tears on jungkook’s neck. he smiles to himself as he feels you sniffle lightly before kissing his neck a few times. it’s the small gesture he needs to know that you’re grateful for the simple, small things he do in times like this.
he’s your comfort and he’s your anchor, keeping you grounded and sane on days where everything feels like nothing will get better. he’s right here to remind you that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life and that things will get better with time. it just takes a bit of patience and strength.
“everything will be fine,” he says into the quietness of the living room, hand rubbing up and down your back in comforting strokes, “i promise.”
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syubseokie · 2 months ago
jealous (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
jealous (m) | jjk
― pairing: fem!reader x jungkook (jeon jungkook); fem!reader x vmin if you squint
― genre: established relationship!au, non-idol!au, smut
― warnings: age gap (2 years), swearing, alcohol, jealous!reader x jealous!jungkook, noona kink (sorry not sorry), explicit sexual content, softdom!jungkook, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, overstimulation, light choking, squirting, creampie
― summary: reader is jungkook’s hot older girlfriend and is well-acquainted with the clubbing lifestyle. Along with yoongi, hoseok, jimin and taehyung, they head out to one of the clubs where jungkook fights an internal battle regarding his girlfriend.
the one where our reader has a ‘noona’ kink and jungkook almost fucks her in an elevator
― notes: this is a re-written version of my 2015 story that you can find here. loosely inspired by nick jonas & tinashe’s ‘jealous (remix)’ (2016) and man-bun!jungkook | cross-posted from ao3
Friday night.
You carefully apply a coat of what you have dubbed your favourite ‘black like my soul’ lipstick, then place a tissue between your plump lips. “How far away are you and the boys?” you ask into your cell phone that sits atop your vanity dresser. You closely examine your painted lips in the mirror, liking what you see.
Perfect, you smirk.
“We’re around the corner,” a deep voice on the other end of the core replies and your core clenches in memory of the face the voice belongs to. “Are you almost ready?”
Stepping back to admire your reflection, you smooth down the wrinkles in your skirt and turn on every angle to see if anything is out of place. “I’m just doing my final touches,” you answer, raising the volume of your voice just a tiny bit so they can hear. “Do you want to beep and I’ll come out, or did you want to come inside first?” You begin to pack the necessary makeup, your ID, and credit cards into a small purse.
Some rustling on the other end is heard before the male responds, “We’ve actually just pulled up in front of your apartment if you’re ready.”
Checking your reflection one last time and sending a quick selfie with the caption ‘guess who’s going out tonight?’, you switch your bedroom lights off, then proceed to make sure that all the necessary electrical switches around your apartment are turned off as well. “I’m just locking up now and I’ll be down in less than two.”
“Okay then, noona,” the voice says, “see you soon.”
“Is she on her way down?” Jimin asks, squinting out the car window for any sign of the female.
Jungkook makes a humming noise as he ends the call and slides his phone into the pocket of his jeans. “She’s just locking up.”
“Are you excited, Kook?” The excited grin Taehyung wears matches the energy in his voice. “This is your guys’ first time clubbing together, right?”
The youngest male shrugs with nonchalance, hiding his nerves.
“Why wouldn’t he be?” Jimin exclaims. “He gets to show off his hot, older girlfriend.”
Even before the two of you had started dating, Jungkook knew you were a social butterfly that thrived on having your Friday and Saturday filled with drinks and dancing. It is how we met after all, he muses. Your reputation for getting “turnt up”, as Taehyung had once so eloquently put it, was renowned within the group, and it was common knowledge that you were a “go hard or go home!” type of party person.
A smack on his shoulder brings Jungkook out of his thoughts and Jimin points out the window. “Here she comes.”
Hoseok, who is sitting in the driver’s seat as the night’s DSD (Designated Sober Driver), whistles in appreciation.
“Better watch your girl,” Taehyung jesters, wiggling his eyebrows.
Jungkook glances out the window and he can’t help that the sight of you exiting the building makes the area around his crotch a just a little bit tighter.
You look drop-dead hot and you know it. Sauntering towards the vehicle wearing a black velvet spaghetti strap mini dress and your ‘step on my neck’ thigh high stilettos in the same colour, you know the boys are looking at you and you can’t help but add a little more sway to your hips as a smirk graces your dark lips. The front passenger seat window rolls down to reveal Yoongi giving you a once-over.
“Is it too late to say I like pussy?” he jokes, and you playfully twirl like you’re on a catwalk; revealing a cheeky glimpse of your backside and the thin black material that sits comfortably between your round cheeks.
“Only if Hoseok joins.”
The car door opens and Jungkook steps out, looking absolutely delectable in a light charcoal gray suit with his freshly dyed purple locks pulled back in a bun. The two of you share a hungry look, and as you slide into the car, Jungkook is tempted to pull you back out and drag you back into your apartment.
“Gentlemen,” you greet, putting your seatbelt on, “How are we all?”
They greet you excitedly, complimenting your look for the night.
“It’s giving Ariana Grande’s ‘Break up with your Boyfriend.” Taehyung muses, childishly snapping the strap of your dress. “Spicy.”
You roll your eyes and focus your attention on the boy sitting next to you. A genuine, soft smile appears on your face as you take Jungkook’s hand and place a kiss on his tattooed knuckles. “Hi baby,” you whisper softly, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
He squeezes your hand affectionately, loss for words, when the black choker around your neck catches his eye and he zeroes in on the small diamante initials dangling in the centre.
His brain short-circuits and his pants grow uncomfortably tighter. The sound of your voice saying his name brings him out of his stupor and his gaze quickly travels down your form, soaking you in. When his eyes meet yours, he notices the pink in your cheeks and the slight hitch in your breath when his fingers reach up to touch the material around your neck.
“Do you like it?” Your words are barely audible, only loud enough for him to hear, and he nods before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead and wrapping you under his arm.
“You look beautiful, noona.”
You preen at the compliment, but you can’t help but notice that there is something off. You are not sure how or what it is, but the slight twitch in his pierced brow and the clenched fist on his lap has you concerned. “Jungkook,” you cup his face, bringing his attention to your slightly worried face. “Are you alright? You seem a little on edge?”
He isn’t sure how to answer but he feels awful when he sees your eyebrows stitch together in uncertainty. “I’m fine,” he reassures. He un-clenches his fist and caresses the apple of your cheeks. Your eyes close and you lean into his soft touch; the smell of him overwhelming your senses with comfort and longing. “Just a little tired, that’s all. I’ll be fine once we get to the club.” He boops your nose affectionately, breaking into a smile that warms your heart and the space between your legs.
You return his smile and whisper playfully into his ear, “We don’t have you go out tonight if you don’t want to. I’m happy just to stay home and have our own little birthday celebration.”
“We already did,” his tone matches the sultriness in your own, “On my actual birthday night, remember?”
You smirk knowingly. “Oh, I remember. And I won’t argue against skipping tonight if we get to do it again.”
A gagging noise breaks the obvious sexual tension between the two of you, and you both turn to glare at Jimin who is staring back at you with a semi-disgusted look on his face. “I don’t know what kind of kinky shit you two get up to in the room but unless you’re inviting all of us, please don’t make me privy to it.”
You grin mischievously. “All you have to do is ask, Park.”
His cheeks are red with embarrassment - and arousal, which he will vehemently deny - and you send him a flirty wink and air kiss before settling back into Jungkook’s embrace. The light touch of your lips on his cheeks and the cheers from your friends as Taehyung passes around a flask is enough to calm Jungkook’s nerves.
The club is as busy as expected. You weren’t really one to skip lines, but seeing that you actually knew one of the bouncers ― “Namjoon!” you cry happily, engulfing the tall blond in your arms and placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek. Your eyes bulge at his solid chest. “Since when did you get these?” ― you and the boys were lucky enough to bypass the thirty minute wait and get a free round of drinks from the Bar Manager and Namjoon’s boyfriend, Seokjin.
Jungkook won’t admit it, but your friendly personality and knack for knowing everyone did have its benefits.
However, standing at the bar next to Yoongi and Hoseok watching you and the dynamic duo grind to the beat of whatever generic pop remix the DJ is spinning, does nothing to placate the irritated feeling in his chest. His grip on the glass in his hand tightens and his left eye twitches when you grind your backside provocatively against Taehyung’s belt and Jimin slides his thigh between your legs. Your arms are wrapped around Jimin’s neck loosely and your head is thrown back against Taehyung’s shoulder while his hands rest comfortably on your hips, guiding them along to the beat of the music.
“I know that look,” Seokjin says loudly as he rests his arms on the counter, slightly scaring the younger male. “Think of it this way; at least she’s not doing that with two complete strangers.”
Jungkook’s frown deepens as he takes a sip of the strong drink. “I would rather her not be doing that with anyone at all.”
Yoongi side-eyes Jungkook with concern. “Are you alright kid? You seemed upset earlier this evening.”
“It’s nothing.” Jungkook waves his hand dismissively before finishing his drink. Yoongi raises an eyebrow, encouraging the younger to speak. “It’s just that...” he sighs, unsure of how to continue, “I know the three of them have history―”
“The three of them have been friends for a very long time,” Hoseok, his chin resting on Yoongi’s shoulder, interrupts with a comforting, but firm, smile. “I know where your mind is at, JK, but Yoongi and I have also known her just as long as those two have. Trust us. Trust them.
“Trust her.” Yoongi finishes, sending Hoseok a thankful smile and subtly rubbing the back of his hand with his thumb.
Jungkook casts another look out onto the dance floor and sees you sandwiched between Taehyung and Jimin, head thrown back in full laughter as they lead you in a very awkward yet hilarious three-person tango.
Sighing guiltily, he scans the nearest bathroom and tells his friends he’ll be right back. Thankfully there is no line and he nods at the security guard standing in front of the bathroom door. It is empty inside so he quickly relieves himself then washes his hands. As he pulls his hair into a small ponytail ― “Man bun,” he hears you chide with a small giggle ― letting a few tendrils frame his face, he stares at his reflection.
Come on man, he scolds, get it together.
He splashes some water on his face, and then with one final look in the mirror for confidence, he exits the bathroom. He immediately spots Hoseok and Yoongi on the dance floor with you, and his eyes soften as he watches the four males cheer and hype you up. He is undeniably in love with you, and when he locks eyes with you amongst the crowd, your lips curling into a coaxing smirk, he feels the blood from his head rush down to the semi-hard appendage in his pants.
He begins to make his way through the crowd when suddenly, he feels a light tap on his shoulder.
Confused, he turns around and is greeted by a petite female he doesn’t recognise.
“Sorry,” she says, nervously biting her lips, “I don’t mean to bother you…” she casts a quick look backwards.
“Are you okay?” he asks, brows furrowing in concern. He follows her gaze, trying to see what she is looking at or looking for, but the woman is already facing him. She steps closer to him and he forces himself to remain in his spot. “Is something wrong?”
She lowers her head hesitantly and Jungkook has to bend to hear her, “My ex is at the bar and has been harassing me all night.”
Not one to leave someone unhelped, Jungkook scans the area for any available security. “Do you need me to call security?”
“No!” she cries, confusing him. Before he can react, she grabs his hands and places them on her hips before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself closer. “He’s not dangerous, just persistent. If he sees me dancing with someone else, he’ll leave me alone.”
“Oh.” Jungkook gulps nervously and he can feel his hands getting clammy. “Um…” he tries to inconspicuously wipe his hands on her dress, but the movement is misconstrued when the female takes it as a sign to press her body closer to his.
“I should probably go and help him,” you sigh pitifully, watching your sweet, sweet boyfriend struggle to politely remove the woman’s arms wrapped around his neck. You can’t help but feel a certain type of way as your eyes rake over Jungkook’s toned figure. His shirt sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows, revealing his tattoos, and your mouth salivates at the sight. Never have you been so attracted to someone before.
It’s something you consider making very clear to the woman trying to seduce your boyfriend on the dance floor.
“Is that a hint of jealousy I hear in your voice?” Taehyung jokes as he and Jimin stand either side of you, also watching the scene in front of them. The three of you are resting against a wall that gives you a full visual of the dance floor, while Yoongi and Hoseok have wandered to the bathroom.
“Please. I don’t get jealous.”
As if mocking you, the DJ smoothly transitions the current set into Nick Jonas and Tinashe’s remix of ‘Jealous’, and your two friends snicker at the irony.
“I think both the universe and the DJ disagrees with you.”
“Don’t make me stab you with my heel, Kim.”
He has the audacity to wink. “Wouldn’t be the first time, babe.”
“I’ll make sure it hurts this time.”
“Promises, promises,” he tuts, running a hand through his honey-blonde locks.
“If you two are finished sharing your pain kinks,” Jimin interrupts with an eye roll at your antics, “I think our golden boy might actually need rescuing.”
Landing one last jab in your friend’s abdomen, you redirect your attention back to your boyfriend. Your eyes narrow when the female whispers in his ear, a flirtatious smile painting her red lips, before she spins and seductively slides her body down his front and then slowly grinds her backside back up his leg.
Wordlessly, you push yourself off the wall and make your way towards Jungkook, leaving Jimin and Taehyung watching you maneuver through the crowd. They admire the way your presence alone has people seamlessly moving out of your way.
“The power she holds…” Jimin murmurs.
Taehyung nods in agreement, licking his lips.
Jungkook is frozen when the woman turns around and faces him once again, her chest against his and her lips dangerously close to his neck. He doesn’t deny that the woman in his arms is attractive, but the strong scent of her perfume tingles his nasal senses in a not-so-nice way, and he fights the urge to sneeze.
She peers up at him with a small, flirtatious smile. “I’m sorry for coming so strongly onto you like this,” she purrs, and Jungkook notes that the coquettish lilt in her tone is anything but apologetic. “But I really appreciate you coming to my rescue.”
I didn’t though, Jungkook thinks to himself. His fists clench at his side. “It’s not a problem…” he curses the way he stumbles over his words. “Do you think your ex has left yet?”
The woman hums, throwing an all-too-quickly half-hearted look over her shoulder before returning her attention back to the young male. “No, he’s still there. We’ll just have to keep dancing until he gets bored.” Her eyes flutter innocently. “You don’t mind, do you?”
“Uh…” Before Jungkook can even think of a reply, he feels an arm slide between his and gently grab his hand. The touch is familiar and Jungkook visibly relaxes as you stand next to him and uncurl his fist to interlace his fingers with yours. “Noona…” he breathes in relief.
To anyone looking, the smile on your face appears warm and easy-going. But Jungkook recognises the look in your eye, and he’s torn between being grateful or nervous. “Baby,” you coo, placing a soft kiss on Jungkook’s cheek that has him blushing at the public display of affection. “Who’s your friend?”
The woman pauses, the frown on her face declaring her obvious unhappiness at your presence, then folds her arms defensively. “We were just dancing.”
The woman falters. “When what?”
“When did I ask?” Your tone is sharp, scathing, as you finally turn your attention to her and raise a perfectly arched brow; silently daring her to speak.
Like something out of a K-drama scene, the female scoffs. “Who are you? His girlfriend?”
You almost laugh at the cheesiness. Thanks to the inches in your heels, you stand a few centimetres taller than her, making your presence that more intimidating. “As a matter of fact, I am.”
“Is he not allowed to dance with other women?” she sneers and you sigh, bored.
Deciding to ignore the woman altogether, you gaze at Jungkook, who is staring back at you adoringly, your free hand creeping up his back to lightly graze the back of his neck. You ask, “Home time?” and he nods fervently. Without sparing another glance at the female, you lead Jungkook by the hand. Just like Jimin and Taehyung, he is in awe at how your presence parts the crowd on the floor like the Red Sea.
The two of you reach the rest of the boys by the bar, and with a simple, “we’re off; love yous” followed by Hoseok reminding you to text them when you get home, the two of you exit the club and catch a taxi back to your apartment.
Although the ride back to your apartment is quick, Jungkook struggles to hold himself together in the backseat as your hands lightly trace non-existent patterns on his thigh while holding a small conversation with the driver. He doesn’t know how you’re able to multitask so effortlessly when he’s shifting uncomfortably at the tightness in his pants, but he draws it up to one of your many talents.
When the taxi pulls up outside your apartment complex, Jungkook hurriedly places a large bill in the driver’s hand, telling him to keep the change, before helping you out of the car and pulling you towards the entrance to your building. Your melodic laughter rings throughout the lobby as you wait for the elevator ― your building’s security guard acknowledges the two of you from their post with a knowing smile ― and when the doors close and the lift ascends, Jungkook’s large hands are cupping your face as he presses his lips against yours. He licks at the seam of your mouth, foregoing any softness you’re used to, and when you part your lips, his tongue is exploring every crevice inside.
There is urgency and want in the kiss which you return happily.
Reaching up, you playfully tug on the man bun that has been giving you grief since the start of the night and Jungkook moans at the sensation of his hair being pulled. The sound shoots straight to your core, and you grind helplessly against his thigh that slides between your legs. You moan at the friction.
With one hand, he frantically pulls your already short dress higher; his palm sliding the material further up before gripping your thigh and wrapping it around his waist, the heel of your boot digging into his back deliciously. You sigh happily; the cool metal of his buckle hitting your centre. It’s not exactly what you want, but you don’t complain. Anything will do if it is rubbing against your covered clit.
Jungkook smirks into the kiss and grinds his hard, albeit clothed, cock against your core. The sound you make drives him crazy. “You’re so needy, noona.” He pants, trailing kisses down the column of your neck. He is greeted by the velvet material around your neck, and the bejewelled initials dangling in the centre brings out something feral in him. “Did you wear this just for me, hm?” he asks, fingers lightly grazing the choker.
He raises a pierced brow and you can’t find it in yourself to argue at how hot the simple action is. “While I enjoy hearing my name spill from your lips, that’s not the answer I was looking for.”
You’re dazed and confused, the bright lights from the elevator blinding you as you feel Jungkook’s deft fingers lightly graze your neck, your clavicle, down between the valley of your breasts, and then disappearing beneath your dress. You can barely breathe his name, but when you feel the briefest of touches against the material covering your centre, you can’t help the long drawn out “yes” that falls from your lips. The sound is embarrassingly pornographic, and you hate that with just the simplest of touches, Jungkook has you reduced to a wanton mess.
“Say it again for me.” Your boyfriend coaxes, his long digits inching towards the band of your underwear. “Did you wear that choker just for me?”
You bite your bottom lip in an effort to keep your noises at bay, but Jungkook is having none of that. He kisses you harshly, nipping your lip hard but not enough to draw blood, as his fingers slide beneath the material that guards the place where you want him most. You move your hips reflexively against his thigh, but the pressure isn’t enough, making you whimper needily. “Kook...please...want you…”
“Right here?” Jungkook asks, his fingers caressing your lower lips. “In this elevator?”
You whimper again and Jungkook offers you a moment of reprieve. The pads of his fingers find the nub hidden between your lower lips, and you sigh in relief. Gently, he rubs circles and whispers words of encouragement as your arms come up behind his neck and your hands find purchase in his hair. Sliding your wetness from your clit to your entrance, you shiver at the feeling, pleading with him to use his fingers. “Jungkook…” you moan, grinding down. “Stop teasing. Please.”
His thumb on your clit feels euphoric, but your core clenches around nothing and you want more. Need more. His lips are on your neck and his voice is soft when he says, “Whatever you want, noona.”
Satisfaction and excitement courses through your body when he rubs his middle finger against your entrance, but the feeling is interrupted when the sound of the elevator doors opening pulls you from your reverie.
“Fuck!” Jungkook growls in frustration and he reluctantly retracts his fingers to help adjust your clothes.
The two of you are breathing heavily when you part, dishevelled, but the look you share is animalistic and impatient. You exit the lift and swiftly walk to your apartment door; Jungkook right at your heels, his hands tightly gripping your sides and his teeth lightly nibbling on the clear expanse of your neck. Your mind is clouded with arousal and want as you struggle to open your door.
“Noona,” he grunts, grinding his hard length against your cheeks, “If you don’t hurry and open your apartment, I will fuck you against this door and I won’t care who sees us.”
You are tempted to just let it happen when your core clenches around absolutely nothing, but the sliver of conscious that reminds you that you like living in this building and footage of you having sex with your boyfriend in the hallway is a one-way ticket to eviction is enough for you to clumsily unlock your front door. The two of you stumble into your place, quickly dropping your belongings on the side table near the entrance followed by a swift back kick that slams the front door close.
Without warning, Jungkook pins you against the door, the look in his eyes commanding you to stay put as he drops to his knees. His hands are soft as he brings one leg up over his shoulder and noses your thigh up your dress. The smell of you is familiar and the purple-haired boy snarls at the memory of your taste.
“Can’t believe you got all dressed up like this for me,” he whispers and you nod frantically, hoping he foregoes the teasing and puts his tongue where you so desperately want it. You thread your fingers through his hair, discarding the elastic holding his hair together, and push your hips against his face. If there is one thing you’re not, it’s patient. Jungkook knows that all too well. He smirks at your frustration. “You looked so fucking hot tonight, noona―” the title makes you preen and your boyfriend teases your centre with his fingers with a chuckle. “I really wish we had just stayed home like you suggested. But then I would have missed the show tonight. Who knew you could be so possessive?” He slides the flimsy material covering what he so desperately craves and swipes his tongue between your lower lips.
“Fuck!” You pull his hair and dig the heel of your boot into his back. There is vague recognition of the pattern he draws against your clit to be the spelling of his own name, rendering you speechless, but then he is pushing a single digit into your dripping core. The stretch is pleasant and you throw your head back whilst pushing his face against your centre.
Jungkook smirks at your reaction. His eyes close as he savours your taste, adding another finger and drawing out another sinful moan from your lips. Your hips move in tandem with his tongue on your clit, words stuttering into nothing but delicious moans and cries. He feels you clench around his fingers and the memory of you clenching around his cock is enough to cause said cock to harden in the tight confines of his pants. As desperate as he is to fuck you senseless, he needs you to come on his fingers first. Reluctantly, he pulls his mouth away, hushing your whimpers with gentle praises as his fingers move in and out of you.
“You’re so good for me, noona.”
“Look at you; so pretty while fucking yourself on my fingers, pretending it’s my cock.”
“Tell me what you want, baby, what you need.”
The coil in your gut is winding tighter and tighter with each thrust of his fingers inside of you. With the added pressure of his finger rubbing your clit, it takes no time at all for you to be falling over the metaphoric edge of your climax. You cry out in euphoric pleasure, chanting his name like a mantra.
Both your hands find purchase on the door behind you, grinding down on his fingers as you allow his soft words to guide you through your orgasm. His fingers slowly pull out of you and he brings the digits to his mouth. Your breathing is heavy and uneven, but the sight of Jungkook slurping on your juices makes your pupils dilate. He groans as if he’s never tasted anything better, and without warning, pulls your hips forward and thrusts his tongue up into you.
Jungkook chuckles darkly. “That’s not my name.”
You’re sensitive, but the younger male is relentless. “Kook...please...I can’t…”
“Need one more from you, noona,” he urges, staring up at you with desperation in his eyes, “I need one more from you and then I’ll give you my cock.”
The promise has you keening, his tongue working fucking magic on your clit, and your hands frantically find purchase anywhere they can hold on to. One hand grips Jungkook’s locks tightly, making him moan earnestly, and the other finds your nipple and you play with it voraciously. You can feel your second orgasm inching its way deliciously up your body, making your toes curl in anticipation. “Oh my god,” you pant, “Fuck!”
Jungkook ignores the sharp pain of your heel but relishes in the sting of his hair being pulled and the taste of you trumping all other sensations. He’s desperate for you to come. “Come on baby,” his words coax you gently, muffled by your pussy. “Come for me.”
You’re forced to do nothing but obey as the work of his tongue and the commanding tone in his voice brings you over the brink a second time. Your eyes roll back as your juices gush out and Jungkook laps it up like a man starved of hydration. Your grinding comes to a slow halt, releasing your grip on his hair, and when he feels that he’s had enough, Jungkook pulls away with gentle kisses marking your thigh. His chin glistens with your juices and you swear the image almost makes you come a third time. He drags your panties down your leg before slowly standing to his full height and wrapping your leg around his waist. He kisses you softly on the lips.
You’ve never been a fan of tasting yourself after you’ve come, but Jungkook loves the way you taste and loves kissing you, so you fall complacent to his touches. You whine when he grinds his hard cock against your bare centre and you see his eyes turn feral.
“C’mon baby,” his sweet, velvet voice comforts you as he undoes his belt and pulls his cock from the confines of his pants. “Do you think you can take me, noona? Hm? I think you can…”
You’re absolutely exhausted but the promise of a third orgasm and Jungkook’s thick cock has you spreading your legs willingly.
“That’s a good girl…”
Bracing himself against the door with one hand and holding your body up with the other, he uses your juices to coat himself before sliding into you in one gentle thrust. You both moan at the contact.
“Oh god―fuck!”
“Christ, you’re so tight.”
“Kook...please move!”
At those words, he begins thrusting in and out of you, gently at first, and as your moans increase in volume, as does his pace. You’re oversensitive and tired but the feeling of his thickness dragging against your walls is too immensely pleasurable for you to ask him to stop. He’s breathing heavily into your ear and the feeling of your slickness mixed with sweat is driving you crazy. He whispers your name and you whimper in response.
“I want you to ride me. Can you ride me? Please?” His voice is deeper and needier.
Without words, you use all your strength to push him off, and when he sees the hungry look in your eye, Jungkook is quick to take off his shirt and his pants. You momentarily admire his tattoo sleeve before pouncing on him. You disregard the fact that the two of you are still in the entrance of your apartment as you line your wet centre with his pulsing member. It’s not like it’s the first time it has happened. Sliding down on his cock elicits a deliciously loud moan from your lips, harmonising with Jungkook’s deep growl.
With your hands on his firm chest, you find it easy to bounce up and down, setting the pace; sharp, quick, deep. You cry out when his tip hits a particular spot inside of you that has you seeing stars.
The look on your face is pure pornography and Jungkook can’t get enough. Not happy being the only one naked, he tugs at your dress, bringing it up over your head and throwing it in an unseen direction. Next is your black lacy bra and Jungkook, with a proud smirk, unclasps it in record time with one hand. As soon as your chest is bare, his large hands have engulfed them and his fingers are twisting at your pert nipples.
The sight of you bare with nothing but your boots and choker is a memory he hopes to have for the rest of his life.
Your mouth forms an ‘o’ shape as you throw your head back and grind down relentlessly on his cock. The pain from the oversensitivity melds into desperate pleasure as you rock back and forth.
“That’s it, noona.”
“You’re so perfect for me, you know that?”
“God, I love watching you ride me.”
“You are so fucking beautiful. Can’t believe you’re mine.”
His words are deep in your ears, bringing you closer and closer to your climax.
Jungkook can see how close you are and his thrusts upwards, matching your movements, to also bring him closer to his orgasm. With one hand occupied with your nipple, he brings the other one up and encloses it around your throat.
His grip is loose, but the knowledge that he could apply pressure at any given time makes you even wetter.
“I want you to come for me a third time, baby. Can you do that? For me?”
You nod, whimpering when you feel his thumb stroke your windpipe. His smile is dark and wanting.
“Good girl.”
Wanting to please him, you increase your movements; slamming down and then grinding against his pelvis. You are so, so, so tired but Jungkook’s thrusts continue to match yours, bringing you closer to the feeling you so desperately crave. Your pussy clenches around his cock and he grunts, the sound going straight to your core.
“Baby,” you whimper, digging your nails into his chest and leaving crescent-shaped marks, “I think I’m going to…”
“Are you going to come?” he asks.
You nod frantically.
“Good. Come.”
With the feeling of your clit dragging against his pelvis as he pistons in and out of you, his fingers playing with your nipples, and the slightly added pressure against your throat, you come hard with a ragged, choked cry; Jungkook’s name falling from your lips. Your eyes roll back as the orgasm takes over your body and you feel your wetness gushing out of you, soaking his thighs and making a mess on the apartment floor. Your body twitches, your pussy clenches, and yet your hips still rock against his.
Jungkook is in absolute awe of you as he gently removes his hand from your throat. His eyes struggle to find a solid place to rest as he etches your expression into memory, before dragging his gaze down to the wetness still gushing out and coating his cock. He has never seen anything hotter and he says just as much.
“Fucking look at you, noona,” his voice is thick with lust as his hands guide your hips back and forth. “You’re absolutely drenched and you’ve made such a mess.”
You whimper, pleading with Jungkook that you’re too sensitive to continue.
“I know baby,” he coos, his thrusts never ceasing. “I’m gonna come now, okay? I’m gonna come inside of you.”
You nod, too exhausted to reply, and allow Jungkook to use your body to his liking. Sweat dots your face as Jungkook increases his pace, and with a softest smile, he smashes his lips against yours and comes with a guttural moan. The feeling of him coating your insides spurs you into a surprising fourth orgasm, and you tremble in mild delight.
“Fuck―” Jungkook’s eyes closed as holds you close. “Baby, are you coming again?”
You nod tiredly, grinding down softly as to prolong the glorious feeling. Exhausted, you collapse on top of Jungkook, sighing when you feel your juices and his semen drip down your thighs. “Holy fuck…” you murmur.
The smell of sweat and sex linger the air; the smell of a good time.
Jungkook quietly laughs as he brings his arms around you. “You can say that again. How are you feeling? Did I push you too hard?”
His fingers stroke your bare back mindlessly, lulling you into a safe space of sleepiness. “No,” you answer softly. “But I do regret not taking this to the room because now we have to move and I just don’t have the energy.”
“Tired you out, did I?” His tone is cocky and if you had the energy, you would smack him.
“Something like that.”
Jungkook smiles lovingly at your fatigued form. “C’mon noona,” he cajoles tenderly, both of you wincing when he pulls you off of him and sluggishly removes your boots. “I’ll go run the shower and then we can snuggle into bed. How does that sound?”
You hum contently, your legs feeling like jello as you slowly stand before making your way to your ensuite bathroom. “I like the sound of that.”
a/n: hiya!
this one took a little bit longer for me to write and edit. i decided to write this as i was planning the sequel-not-sequel for my hobi fic i posted last week because i found that i was struggling with trying to write smut. i figured that an easier way to get me into the groove of writing smut again would be to just re-write one of my old smut fics. So here we are! i'm super nervous about it, but i would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.
i am currently working on the sequel to 'can we talk', as well as revamping (read: re-writing) some of my older fics, so i will do my absolute best to write those and try to get some consistency in my life.
thank you so much for reading my work. I'm always open to thoughts and feedback, so feel free to drop a like, reblog or send me a message!
please look forward to my other work ♡
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drarrily-we-row-along · a month ago
Day 149: Stuffed Animals
cw: mentions canon typical child neglect
Harry liked being a godfather.
It had been a little overwhelming with Teddy; he'd been such a mess from the war, and he had really still been just a child himself, and he'd had no idea how to take care of a baby. Thank Merlin for Andromeda stepping in.
But it was different now with Ron and Hermione expecting. Six years and a load of therapy had made a world of difference. And so when Ron and Hermione had asked him to be the godfather, he'd been overjoyed and readily agreed.
Now he and Draco were shopping and buying heinously expensive things for the baby; they'd decided to buy everything left on the registry after the baby shower. As they were walking through the nursery section, Draco saying something about cribs and bassinets, Harry got distracted by an elephant plushier.
Smiling at the long-nosed, fuzzy, purple creature, he picked it up and stroked it's super soft head and gave it a little squeeze for good measure.
"Harry," Draco said.
"Mm?" he asked, glancing over at the other man.
Draco looked down at the toy in his hands, "That's not on their list, is it?"
"What?" he asked, glancing down at the elephant again, "Oh, no. It just looked soft," he said with a shrug, worrying the elephant's ear between his fingers.
"It doesn't really match the theme of the room," he said uncertainly.
Harry nodded, "Yeah, I wasn't thinking about it for the baby," he said. "Just," he shrugged, "Dunno. It looked kind of nice to touch." He set it back down amidst the other stuffed animals and turned to Draco with a smile, "What's next on the list?"
Draco looked at him calculatingly for one more minute before looking back at the piece of parchment they'd brought with them. "I think we're still trying to find the bassinet that you can charm to rock itself."
(Read more below the cut)
Harry didn't think about the little elephant again after that, they were too busy making sure that they'd gotten everything on Ron and Hermione's list.
At least not until the next day when he came home and went to change into sweatpants and saw the plushy sitting on their bed. "Babe?" he called, tentatively reaching for the toy and picking it up.
Draco appeared in the doorway, "Yes?"
Harry turned, the elephant held gingerly in his hands, "What?" he asked, looking between the elephant and Draco. "Where did this come from?"
"The store," he said, brow furrowed.
"Why is it here?" Harry clarified.
Draco shrugged an elegant shoulder, "It seemed like you liked it."
"It's," Harry started as he clutched the elephant a little closer to his chest. "It's for me?" he asked.
"Yes," Draco said, brow furrowing in confusion. "Unless you don't want it," he added, "Which is fine."
"No," he said quickly, "No. I want it."
Draco stared at him like he had two heads, "Alright, then." He nodded once, "I'm going to go finish making dinner. It'll probably be done by the time you're done getting changed."
"Alright," Harry said.
"Okay," Draco replied, giving his head a little shake as he turned to head out of the room once again.
"Draco?" Harry said, stepping across the floor and toward the doorway.
"Yeah, love?"
He stepped forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Thank you."
Draco looked at him quizzically, "You're welcome." He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead, "I'm going to finish dinner."
Harry turned his attention back to the elephant in his hands and carefully stroked the elephant's trunk, trailing his fingers lightly over the plushy softness. His throat felt strangely tight and he squeezed the elephant tighter as he sat down on the edge of the bed.
He wasn't quite sure how long he sat there on the edge of the bed but it was long enough that Draco came back in. "Harry," he said.
And when Harry looked up Draco was suspiciously blurry.
"What are you doing?" Draco asked.
"I-" Harry started, pushing his glasses up to swipe at his eyes.
The other man was at his side in an instant, sitting next to him and resting a warm, comforting hand in the middle of his back. "What's wrong?"
"This was just really thoughtful," Harry said, stroking his thumbs over the elephant's chest.
"It's just a toy," Draco replied. "I don't understand," he confessed.
He swallowed, "I've never had a stuffed animal before."
There was a pause then Draco said very calmly, "excuse me?"
"Oh, the Dursley's thought that buying toys for me was a waste of money," he shrugged, staring down at the plushy. "And any stuffed animals that Dudley had got wrecked before they could get handed on to me."
Draco was quiet for a long moment, "How many plushies do you want?" he asked eventually.
"Oh, this one is perfect," he said shaking his head and giving Draco a little smile. "I love it. Thank you."
He rubbed his forehead, "I hate them," he said. His voice was that vaguely scary sort of calm that Harry never quite knew what to do with. "I would be genuinely happy to kill them. Or at the very least to make their lives absolute hell."
Harry leaned over, resting his head on Draco's shoulder, "Not worth it," he murmured.
"Maybe," he conceded, "but it sure would make me feel better," he huffed, pressing a kiss to the top of Harry's head as he pulled him down until they were laying on the bed, Harry's head resting on Draco's chest, the elephant still wrapped tight in his arms. "There's nothing I wouldn't give you, you know?"
"I love you," Harry breathed, nuzzling into Draco's neck and letting the comforting familiarity of home and family surround him.
"I love you, too," he whispered back. Kissing the top of his head once more. "So much that it scares me sometimes," he confessed. "The feeling is so big, so terrifying, so consuming. And I just-" he felt Draco squeeze him tighter. "You're everything to me and I don't know what I would do if you-"
"Hey," Harry said softly, gently curbing the thoughts that he knew still raced through Draco's mind. "I'm not going anywhere," he said, sitting up slightly so he could look down at Draco. "I feel like you're the one with a reason to leave."
"Me?" Draco asked incredulously.
Harry shrugged, "Yeah. I mean I'm still pretty messed up sometimes," he added softly.
"You're healing," Draco corrected. "As am I," he reminded him.
"I know," Harry said, snuggling back in under Draco's chin. "Thanks for loving me in my mess," he added.
"Always," Draco murmured, trailing his fingers through the hair at the base of Harry's neck.
"We should go have dinner," Harry said, even though he was loathe to move.
Draco hummed, "It'll keep," he said softly. "This is more important."
Harry pressed a kiss over Draco's heart, feeling lucky beyond all measure that he had found someone who loved him as deeply and as well as Draco did, and whom he could love in return.
Day 148: Hair Dye | Day 150: Babies
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thisisapaige · 2 months ago
he said yes
"He said yes?" Cas asks.
Jack nods. "He said yes."
"In those exact words?"
"In those exact words."
The keys are cold in Cas's hands. He eyes the Impala, shining from last night’s wax even in the dim light of the garage, and looks at Jack again.
"You're sure he said yes?"
“I’m sure.”
Cas knows Jack is incapable of dishonesty. Every word Jack speaks is earnest and true. Yet, Cas finds it impossible to believe Dean will allow Jack to drive the Impala.
“We’re married,” Cas says, “and I’m not allowed to drive it.”
“I did ask him directly.”
Cas runs his fingers over the edge of the key, letting it tickle his skin. “Maybe I should go ask him.”
Jack smiles, as kind and earnest as ever. “Okay. I’ll wait here.”
Cas leaves the garage and takes the familiar route down the bunker’s hall to his and Dean’s shared room. When he enters, Dean, sitting on the bed, looks up from his laptop with a raised eyebrow.
Holding up the keys, Cas asks, “You said yes?”
“I said yes,” Dean says.
“Without coming with us?”
“Buddy, it’s just a trip to the grocery store.”
“But it’s your Baby.”
Dean smiles and set the laptop aside. He stands from the bed and steps in front of Cas. Dean’s eyes are sparkling.
“She sure is,” Dean says, cupping Cas’s face between his hands, “and who better to keep an eye on her than you?”
“But you never let me drive it.” Cas tries to protest but his words come out breathy as Dean closes in.
“Because you look so pretty in the passenger’s seat.” Dean leaves a soft kiss against Cas’s lips and pulls back. “But, hey, if you wanna drive so bad, consider this your trial run. Get my Baby back without a single scratch and I might consider it.”
“Jack has driven twice, Dean.”
“Well,” Dean says, leaning in for another kiss, “I guess it’s a challenge then.”
Five minutes later, Cas returns to the garage. He tosses the keys to Jack, who catches them just before they hit the ground.
“He said yes,” Cas says.
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samstree · 4 months ago
Jaskier lies on his side and lets the sweat cool on his bare skin. The post-sex haze refuses to fade so he leans into it, revels in it. Behind him, the sound of Geralt’s fumbling is so distant even though Jaskier knows they are only a few feet apart.
The mattress dips. Soft lips are pressed to Jaskier’s biceps, slow and lazy. Tiny kisses pepper across his shoulder but Geralt doesn’t seem to be eager to move up. Instead, his attention stays there on the thickness of Jaskier’s arm and moans into his skin contently.
“Most people don’t spend that much time there, you know?” Jaskier turns to look at his witcher with heavy-lidded eyes. The curtain of silver hair blocks his view.
“I like it here.” Geralt presses another open-mouthed kiss with a pop. “It’s my third favorite part of you.”
Surprise replaces the fog in Jaskier’s mind very quickly.
“Wait,” he says, “there’s a list?”
Amber gold meets cornflower blue, warm and indulgent. Geralt is in no rush to explain, which only serves to stoke Jaskier’s impatience.
“Why arm? And why third? What else is on the list? Geralt of Rivia, I demand answers, and don’t you think you can grunt your way out of this one!”
Geralt’s hand wraps around Jaskier’s biceps and squeezes gently. His palm is so hot it feels like a scorching brand.
“Because you are strong here, Jask.” Despite the teasing, Geralt’s reply is unexpectedly serious and his tone contemplative. “You are stronger than I ever imagined.”
Jaskier snorts. “That’s the effect of wearing puffy sleeves all the time. Hides all the assets.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t hide.” Another kiss right above the elbow. Oh, Geralt is in a spoiling mood tonight.
“And stand next to the mighty White Wolf? I don’t think so, darling. I may be strong, but it’s nothing compared to you.”
Geralt’s brows furrow. He almost looks offended.
“Allow me to disagree, poet.”
With those words, Geralt’s hand trails down on Jaskier’s arm, leaving behind goosebumps along the way. He nudges Jaskier’s hand so their fingers thread together.
“Your hands. Second.”
The kisses on the back of Jaskier’s hand are featherlight and so careful. He watches with fascination as Geralt gives each knuckle equal attention before moving to his wrist. Beneath the thin skin are the once-broken bones that used to keep him up at night—not anymore, not when he’s all healed with Geralt at his side every step of the way.
Jaskier smiles. He realizes that, at this moment, he loves Geralt even more than the last. It should be an impossible endeavor, but somehow, he manages.
“The things you overcame, Jaskier, showed me how strong you are. Never doubt it.”
His witcher is being too sweet. Jaskier needs to kiss him senseless for it later. As for now, curiosity is getting the better of him.
“And what’s your first? What is your favorite feature of mine, my love?” The adoration overflows in Jaskier’s voice but he pays no mind.
Geralt takes his time soothing the non-existent aches of Jaskier’s wrist before putting it down. His palm cups the cheek of Jaskier’s ass, massaging at the sore spot he left earlier that will definitely bruise the next day. Jaskier is giddy with excitement.
“Should have known it’s my ass, you brute. Here I am, thinking you are a man of class—” His tirade is interrupted by the gentle shake of Geralt’s head. “No? Then what is it? My dashing haircut? My piercing eyes? Answers, please. Have mercy on me!”
Jaskier must look a ridiculous sight, pouting and whining like this, but Geralt only lets out a low, rumbling laugh. He loosens his grip and guides the bard to lie on his back. The next thing Jaskier knows, Geralt has plopped down on top of him and buried into his neck.
The position is so familiar that Jaskier settles into it without another thought. He makes sure Geralt’s head is pillowed comfortably and cards his fingers through those silver locks. Hmm, if Jaskier had a list, the long hair will certainly be on it. As for the placement…
“It’s—” Geralt’s fingers are tracing absent patterns over Jaskier’s chest. It tickles a bit. “It’s your heart, Jask. My favorite part of you. The best part of you. Your love, your songs. It’s all…you.”
“Oh,” Jaskier breathes, all his bardic eloquence stumbling. “I—thank you.”
Suddenly, it is also his heart that’s currently growing three sizes. Is it a terrible time to cry? As if sensing Jaskier’s turmoil, Geralt nuzzles into his neck a little to offer silent support, but it only makes it worse.
Jaskier sniffles as a grin breaks out on his face.
“Your heart is my favorite too. Just in case you were wondering.”
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grufflepuff-writes-stuff · 3 months ago
Hold Me Tight (Loki/Reader Lullabies #200)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Plus-Sized Reader (like I don't go on and on about it; tiny readers should fit just fine here too, but I do specifically imagine this reader as plus-sized)
Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.
Rating: G.
Summary: When a promotional package from a toy shop arrives at the Tower, the rest of the Avengers are tickled to see their gifts--but Loki isn't so pleased.
Warnings/Notes: So this lullaby was inspired by the Loki bear that I got from Build-a-Bear’s website around this time last year. Since I got him, I’ve probably told myself almost exactly this story in my head a million times to try to get to sleep. This feels excessively self-indulgent because of that. I hope you like it? I don’t think that Build-a-Bear has bears of all the superheroes, but let’s say that the BAB counterpart in the MCU does have one of everybody. (Also I kind of desperately want a Hawkeye bear?)
New but Retroactive Reminder for this and all of my fics: I do not, have not, and will not give anyone permission to copy/paste, translate, or otherwise take or modify this story to post it anywhere else. You can find my stories here on Tumblr or under kaeorin on AO3, but nowhere else. This does not apply only to fics which hold this disclaimer--NONE of my works are to be stolen or modified. Additionally, please remember that Liking a post on Tumblr does not increase the author's exposure. I don't run your life, but readers should be reblogging the works they like.
Hold Me Tight
Tumblr media
It struck him, in all honesty, as a bad joke. What else could it be? One afternoon, a large box arrived at the Tower. When Wanda checked the return address, she gave a rather uncharacteristic squeal of delight and immediately tore into it as Loki looked on. Gradually, the sound brought most of the others down to see what was going on. Just as Rogers entered the room, she pulled a stuffed toy from the box and hoisted it aloft for all to see. It was a stuffed bear, but dressed in some sort of imitation of Rogers’s suit. It even had his shield. Wanda grinned and pressed it into his arms, and then dug out another bear—this one in a skintight (such that stuffed bears had “skin”) black catsuit. There were bears for nearly everybody, and most of the heroes reacted with quiet, appreciative laughter. Loki wasn’t surprised, necessarily, when you appeared beside him and slipped your hand into his, but he did...well, twitch a bit.
Wanda reached into the box one last time, for one last bear, and pulled back with a surprised laugh and fixed her eyes on the two of you.
Neither of you really felt like a part of the team—it was the first thing that you’d bonded over, in fact. You didn’t mind so much: you said that staying back and working the computers from the safety of the Tower was much preferable to having to go out there in tights and risk your life every single day. And Loki, of course, held no delusions about exactly who he was. SHIELD sent him out on missions and the occasional farcical PR assignment, but he knew that Midgard would never see him as anything but the monster who rained down hell upon them.
And that was fine, really. He didn’t expect them to change their minds.
So he fully expected that the final bear that Wanda would produce would be one that looked like you: soft and plush and warm, perhaps with the glasses you wore when you had to be in front of your screens for very long, or maybe even with a determined little furrow stitched into your brows. Rogers’s bear had his shield; would yours have a laptop? A case file? Some small part of him wanted to squirm with excitement. Your face upon seeing your bear was sure to be one of wonder. Already he wanted to cup your cheeks in his palms and kiss you over and over again.
But the bear was not of you; it was Loki.
Unlike all the other bears that Wanda had given out already, this one had sharp, scowling brows. Or...perhaps it didn’t, but the design of the helmet gave it the illusion thereof. The effect was there, and surely that was what had made the witch recoil at first. The other bears were far more typical of Midgardian toys for children: warm, friendly eyes; mouths that curled up into soft smiles; overall appearances that would make children long to cuddle them and seek them out for security. His own bear just looked mean. When she held it out to him, he started to reach for it, but then thought better of it and crossed his arms instead. Already he could hear the snickers starting up from the heroes around him.
“Look at that, it’s got your eyes!” Barton typically kept a wide berth from Loki, but now he aimed his bear’s felt crossbow at him and grinned. Aware as he was of everyone else’s attention on him, Loki did his very best not to roll his eyes at the man, but it was...difficult.
“Loki, he’s so sweet!” You cooed from beside him and reached out to take the bear from Wanda. A quick, sharp stab of something rushed through him when he saw how tenderly you held the toy, but Thor’s quiet laughter made him shove that to one side. You caressed the plush’s belly, and then squeezed it softly before looking up at him with starry eyes. “Look at him!”
“It’s stupid,” he said. He knew perfectly well how his words, and the tone of his voice, would effect you. Sure enough, your face fell a little, though your grip on the bear did not loosen. “It’s a waste of resources. No one wants a toy like that, least of all me.” Still, he reached for it. He wanted to tear it apart, though of course he knew it would be foolish to do such a thing in front of all these people.
But you twisted away and held the bear close to your chest. “I want him. Please, can I keep him?”
He sighed. You were giving him That Look. For all his strength and powers and abilities, he was helpless against That Look. The two of you had circled each other for ages, bonding over your aforementioned outsider statuses, but by now you were pretty firmly entrenched in one another. Everyone in the Tower knew about it (mostly because you didn’t allow their presence to stop you from touching him or kissing him or just generally showing him that you cared for him), and, by now, everyone in the Tower also knew that there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for you. He allowed his hand to fall away from the plushie and fixed you with a steady glare of his own.
“You can keep him. As long as I never have to see him again.”
And if a lovely warmth flooded through him, at the excited little giggle you gave just before throwing your arms around him even in front of all the others, well...who was to know?
It was a long mission. Not difficult, necessarily—it was hard for Midgardians to come up with tasks that were too daunting for Loki—but...long. All that time spent in such uncomfortably-close quarters with Thor was just a lot to deal with.
And he missed you.
He didn’t like acknowledging things like that. It was more your style, really: you with your open heart and your utter lack of shame when it came to sentiment. Sometimes, in the dark of the night, he’d lie awake wondering if he was keeping you away from something—someone—better. After all, didn’t you deserve someone who could match your energy and take you into their arms and whisper things against your ear without having to think about it or build themselves up to do it? But every time his mind slipped down those sorts of paths, you were there to put your arms around him and kiss him sweetly and thank him for being yours.
It was late when the jet finally touched down, but they were still technically back early. He hadn’t bothered to try to get in touch with you even after the mission was over, which he was regretting now that he was back on solid ground. He was weary, but it felt like something that couldn’t be resolved with mere sleep. He wanted to see you. He wanted to touch your skin and kiss your shoulders and hear the sound of your voice. But you were sure to be asleep by now, and he hated to wake you.
So he headed to his own quarters. He’d made it this long without seeing or touching you; what was one more night?
He didn’t bother to turn on the light in his bedroom. He could see fine without it. As quickly as he could, he stripped out of his suit and traded it for clothing more suited for sleep. Perhaps he should have been paying more attention. It took him ages to notice the quiet sounds coming from his bed. Breathing. Somebody was breathing in his bed. He spun to check, half ready to attack whoever had intruded on his personal space in his absence.
It was you. You were curled up on your side with your head resting on his pillow. Something in his chest tightened as he looked down at you. Even in the dark, he could see the perfect way that your eyelashes curled against your cheeks. Without thinking about it, he reached out to caress your face. How were you here? How did you know?
It was somewhat of a regular occurrence, now—you winding up in his bed. Sometimes you’d go straight there with him, as though you didn’t care who might come across the two of you in the corridors and give you a hard time about it, and sometimes you’d knock quietly on his door in the middle of the night. He liked having you in his bed. That went without saying. He liked falling asleep with you in his arms, listening to the sound of your breathing in the night. He liked waking up in the morning with his sheets and blankets and pillows carrying your scent. He liked catching your gaze as you woke up and kissing you despite your protests that you looked awful.
You never looked awful.
He looked at you now. Helpless. Delicate. Perfectly trusting, here in the lair of a beast, that you would not be harmed. He was torn between the desire to sweep you up into his arms and kiss you awake, and the desire to protect your sleeping form the way you deserved. It was like you knew not only that he’d be back tonight, but also that he’d want so desperately to see you. You were warm. You were everything that he’d needed on the jet. You were everything he needed right now. He leaned down a bit to kiss your forehead, and it was only then that he noticed the odd little horned creature in your arms.
The bear. The one that was meant to look like him. You were holding it close even in your sleep. As he watched, you shifted a bit, likely becoming aware of the weight of his gaze, and you pressed your face against the back of the bear’s head. It was such a tiny gesture, but it took his breath away. Something about the innocent way you held the toy as you slept gave it a slightly different air. It didn’t look conniving or sinister here, but pleased. Maybe even protective. He did his best not to sigh even as he finally pressed his lips to your head.
You gasped a little, and he felt the way you jolted beneath the covers. Even before he’d begun to pull away, though, he also heard your sigh of relief and the soft, sleep-raspy way you murmured his name. He gave you the best smile he could manage at this time of night and moved back a bit so you could sit up.
It was then that you seemed to remember the bear. You pulled the blanket up to cover it quickly, and then gave him a guilty look from beneath your eyelashes.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice was still sweet, even though he could hear the way your heart beat was increasing. “I didn’t know you’d be back tonight. I like cuddling him when I have to sleep alone because he’s you and I love you. Please don’t take him away.” The guilt in your eyes shifted, then, to something wide-eyed and worried.
His chest tightened again. Even if he’d wanted to do away with the bear here and now, of course he couldn’t do it when you looked at him like that. As you gazed up at him like that, wildness and sleepiness warring in your eyes, all he wanted to do was hold you. Soothe that look off your face, maybe guide you gently back to sleep. Rather than trying to put that into words, he just leaned down again and kissed you gently before straightening and going over to ‘his’ side of the bed. He could feel the confusion in you, but you didn’t press him any further as he joined you beneath the covers.
When he wrapped his arm around you to pull you in closer to him, you helped to close the distance between you and shaped your body against his. As soon as you did, he pressed his nose to the back of your shoulder and drew in a deep breath of the scent of you. It didn’t even surprise him anymore, how something so small could make him feel so much better. He shifted so he could kiss you, then, once, twice, three times, over and over again like a meditation. Slowly, you relaxed into his arms. He treasured the sigh that escaped your lips.
You weren’t holding the bear anymore. When you’d moved closer to him, Loki realized, you left the bear alone by the edge of the mattress. With some of the very last energy that he could dredge up in himself, he reached out to take the bear, and then pressed it back into your arms.
“I don’t mind him so much when you’re holding him,” he said, pausing only to kiss your skin yet again. He tightened his grip on you for just a moment, like an embrace, and shifted to kiss the tender spot behind your ear. The soft little whimper you gave, and the way he could feel your muscles go limp in his arms, made him grin.
It matched the bear’s expression perfectly.
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perlukafarinn · 10 months ago
The first time Dean and Cas get married, they do it on a whim. They’re passing by the townhouse and they’ve got half an hour to spare, so why not?
When they get back home, Sam and Jack are both devastated that they didn’t get an invite - Eileen finds the whole thing too funny to care - so that’s how their second wedding happens. It’s small ceremony in the woods behind the bunker, with Eileen officiating (she’s not a pastor but it’s not like any of this is legally binding) and Sam and Jack as best men to Dean and Cas respectively. 
The third wedding comes about when they’re visiting Jody and the girls and Claire gets a wind of it.
“Wait,” she says, gesturing at Jack, “Wonder Boy gets an invite and I don’t? How is that fair?”
So they throw another ceremony. It takes place a couple of days later, because Donna wants to be there and needs to take time off, and this time they do it in a church because why not? Jody ropes everyone but Dean and Cas into cooking a feast for the occasion, though Dean ends up helping out more than most of them, and they buy bottles and bottles of cheap sparkling wine so they can keep toasting well into the night.
It takes another year for them to get married again, when on their first anniversary Dean notices that their rings aren’t looking so great.
“That’s what we get for being cheap,” he says. “We should probably invest in something higher quality if we want them to last.”
“If we get new rings, does that mean we need to get married again?” Cas muses.
Dean grins. “Well, they do say fourth time’s the charm.”
“They do not-”
Dean cuts him off with a kiss. “Yes, let’s get married again.”
And that’s it. For a few years.
Then, on what turns out to be their last hunt, Cas gets into some serious trouble. They rush him to the hospital, where he is declared clinically dead for a minute. Dean stays at his bedside after and he is there hours later, when Cas finally wakes up.
“That’s it,” he tells Cas. “No more hunts. Someone else can pick up our slack, I don’t care, I’m not losing you again.”
Cas holds out his hand, smiling weakly when Dean takes it in both of his. 
“They said you were dead,” Dean continues, not even caring that his voice has choked up or that tears are now freely streaming down his cheeks. “If we’d arrived at the hospital a few minutes later...”
He stops. He doesn’t want to even contemplate that. What matters is that Cas is with him, injured but alive, and that Dean will bring him back to their home as soon as he’s better.
“We’ll have to get married again,” Cas says.
Dean blinks. “What?”
“The vows say ‘til death do us part’. I died. We’ll have to do it again.”
“We don’t have to-”
“Dean,” Cas cuts in, smiling fondly. “Will you marry me again?”
Dean smiles back. Raises Cas’ hand carefully, leaning in to kiss his bruised knuckles. “Yeah. Yeah, of course I’ll marry you. As many times as you want.”
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queen-rowenas · 10 months ago
dean’s version | castiel’s version
“That’s my husband,” Dean says at the reception, watching Cas dance with Claire, grinning so big his cheeks hurt. He fiddles with the ring on his finger. Sam calls him a dork. He doesn’t mind.
“That’s my husband,” Dean tells the trembling girl under his arm, beaming with pride as he ushers her out of the vamp nest. He covers her eyes as the entire building flares with angelic grace. The vamps don’t stand a chance.
“That’s my husband,” Dean shouts, pumping his fists in the air as Cas struggles to break the mechanical bull riding record at the local bar. Cas falls just short of Dean’s time. It may have been on purpose, but Dean doesn’t care as long as he gets a victory kiss.
“That’s my husband,” Dean says, spitting out blood with a smile. Some rogue British Man of Letters hovers over him, glancing at the door, the grip on his blade faltering. Someone screams out in the hallway. These guys don’t stand a chance either.
“That’s my husband,” Dean tells the cashier, leaning against the check-out counter as Cas takes a few preliminary steps in a pair of bumblebee rain boots. Dean gets a pair, too.
“That’s my husband,” Dean murmurs into the side of Cas’s neck, arms looping around his waist from behind, swaying in front of the bathroom mirror. He breathes in his husband, breathes in his home.
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taesinferno · 7 months ago
I love dilf!jk series sooooo much i swear i love how women all over him anywhere he goes and he’s always so clueless thats so cute😭😭😭🤣🤣could we get a drabble where reader is the one getting flirted with for once, how would jk handle that ?🧐jealous much? Big muscle guy energy?🤔🤔would love to see 🤟🤟🤣love your work byeee~~🕺🕺🕺🤩🤩🙈🙈
Tumblr media
here u go loves 😚
➥ dilf!m.list
➥ m.list
Tumblr media
Tonight was the night of your company party with the firm you worked at. Ji-Ah and your few-months-old baby, Seungwan were at home with the babysitter, soon to be fast asleep according to the schedule and instructions you had left. It had been hard prying Jungkook away; he had barely left your two children ever since Seungwan was born, insisting he could do just a good a job as a nanny. You were worried about your children developing attachment issues, but they seemed to be just fine. It was the tall man in front of you who was sulking into his martini.
"Stop pouting," you rolled your eyes, ordering another drink from the bar. tonight was the first night you and jungkook had gotten alone since the baby, and this is not how you expected it to go.
"i miss them," he sniffed. usually, right about how, he'd be laying his best (and by best, you mean worst) pickup line on you, cheesy grin lighting up his face while he felt you up under the table. now, he just looked like a sad teddy bear in a (well-fitted) suit.
"yn! is this your husband? I've only seen him in pictures but they don't do him justice," your boss, a sweet woman in her 60s, flirted. jungkook barely managed a smile, all sad muscle bunny hunched over clinging to your waist. you thanked her politely before she flitted off to mingle. not even compliments could pull him out of his stupor. he was down bad.
"yn!" you heard from behind you, a hand falling on your shoulder. you turned to see your fellow partner in the firm, taehyung, with a wide grin on his face as he pulled you into a hug. you felt jungkook come alive behind you, pulled out of his sulk as he stiffened at you pulling away from him into another man's arms. well, it wasn't quite that dramatic, but jungkook was a bit of a drama queen.
"you clean up real well," he winked. much to jungkook's indignation, you laughed airily and returned the compliment. you were so pretty when your face lit up like that, smile so bright he wanted to kiss it. and now, here you were, flashing it to another man, who didn't deserve it. he puffed out his chest and broadened his shoulders, flexing to show off his muscles. jungkook was huge, and this guy should fucking know who's girl he was flirting with. he moved his hands back around your waist, pressing his chest against your back as you continued your conversation, staring (what he thought was) intimidatingly at your handsome co-worker, his dilemma of leaving your children at home completely erased from his mind.
later that same evening found you bent over a bathroom sink at the venue, dress flipped up, panties down around your ankles, held down by jungkook's strong arm as he fucked into you at a ruthless pace.
"who did he think he is. flirting with my wife. mother of my children." he huffed, moving your hips with his thrusts. "touching your necklace, the one i got you. me. your husband."
his pants turned whiny at the end as he neared his breaking point. you were close too, just watching him in the mirror, dress shirt half-unbuttoned and untucked, belt hanging of his pants, messy hair as he threw his head back in pleasure.
neither one of you were at all aware of your surroundings, completely lost in each other. so you barely registered the "what the fuck" that sounded by the door as jungkook fucked you both through your climaxes, only noticing when you caught a glimpse of his brown eyes staring back at you in the mirror for a brief second before the door shut behind him as he exited.
"was that taehyung?" he questioned, only catching a flash of his hair before he left. a cocky smirk spread on his face as he pulled out, his seed dripping out of your cunt. "good." he stated simply, kissing you on the cheek, giddy smile on his face as he leaned over you.
"mine," he mumbled as he nipped your skin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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galahadwilder · 22 days ago
Post-reveal established-relationship lovers-to-idiots marichat where despite knowing that the other person is their SO, Marinette and Chat Noir still keep the “we are friends who are Not Dating and also idiots” dynamic they have going on
So like Chat will ask Marinette for help planning surprises for Ladybug despite knowing she is Ladybug and Marinette will ask Chat to help her practice things she wants to say to Adrien despite knowing he is Adrien (and both of them are fully aware that the other knows)
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thekingslover · 11 months ago
“Come on, stud,” she says to Dean, tugging on his wrist. “I choose you tonight.”
Dean flashes her his sharpest smile, playboy facade in place. It comes back on instinct more than desire. He’s played this role before. He’s stood in these same shoes so many times they barely have any sole left.
The neon beer signs are too bright, blinding against the dim overhead lights in the bar. The beer on the counter before him is full, recently ordered, and cold in his hand. The condensation puddles along his fingers, catching in the dip around his ring.
How easy it would be to follow her daisy dukes and cowboy boots out to the parking lot. So easy to brush the hair back from her bare shoulders and kiss her neck. Easy to pretend that’s all he needs. At one point in his life, it was.
But that had been before.
She’s too young for him, in both age and spirit. That’s only the start of the list of wrong things.
“Sorry, sweetheart,” Dean says, as gently as he can. She has a devilish look that promises a good time, and she’s generous to offer that time to Dean. It’s not her fault Dean’s already been claimed body and soul. “I hung up my spurs a long time ago.”
“Oh?” Her bottom lip pushes out, a tempting lure even to a married man. Dean gives her credit, but that’s all she’s getting.
He dips his head toward a tall table against the wall. Cas has both elbows on the tabletop, face scrunched as he taps his thumbs over a cell phone. Candy Crush has become his latest foe to vanquish, last on the list after a slew of demons, Lucifer, and God himself.
Daisy Dukes has no idea how outmatched she is. “That guy?”
Dean, not for the first time, tries to see Cas the way the rest of the world must - nerdy guy in an ill-fitting suit, wrapped in an old overcoat. Frowning at the phone, he has a little line between his brow. Must be a tough level.
But even as he’s trying to see Cas as she does, he knows he’s coming up short. He can’t look at Cas and not see the coat he carried around in his car for a year, the one he desperately searched for in the wilds of Purgatory. Or the blue tie that Dean’s shown him how to put on straight enough times now that he knows Cas does it wrong on purpose. Or the intensity of those eyes, smiting candy squares now, that when focused on Dean, make the rest of the world disappear. Or the love that floods out of him so deeply that Dean, drowning, almost believes he deserves it.
“That’s the love of my life,” Dean tells Daisy Dukes.
Her fingers unhook from Dean’s wrist, but she continues to stand there, looking at Cas and then at him. “That guy.”
Dean makes a point to scratch his chin with his left hand, flashing his wedding ring. She’s probably already seen. Probably wouldn’t matter much, most times, in a place like this.
“I’d marry him again tomorrow if he wanted,” Dean says.
She hums. Her hands find her hips and she searches his face. He doesn’t know what she’s looking for, but after a moment, her smile softens and her shoulders slump.
“Lucky,” she says and wanders off. It doesn’t take her long to find another guy at the bar. With the way this one leans into her, she’s found someone more willing.
Dean plucks the beer from the counter and heads back to the table. He places it with a thunk in front of Cas. Cas moves a couple more candy pieces and then turns off the screen.
“You win, angel?” Dean asks. He takes a swig from his own beer which he left behind to refill Cas. It’s warm now, but he swallows it down.
“They keep adding new levels.” Cas glares at where he’s placed the phone, screen down on the corner of the table. “I’m beginning to think victory is unobtainable.”
“Come on, Cas,” Dean teases. His smile is easy, the playboy facade long gone. “You’re no quitter.”
Fire burns hot in Cas’s eyes. If he had any angel mojo left, the phone no doubt would burst into flames. “I will win.” He says it like a vow, with the same intensity he gave fighting monsters, or when he took Dean’s hand in front of a judge and promised to love him beyond even death.
“Cas,” Dean says, and Cas looks up. The fire dims a little, but only so love can replace it.
“Yes, Dean?”
Now that he has Cas’s full attention, Dean hesitates. What seemed like a good idea a moment ago, he now worries Cas won’t like.
Cas, patient always for Dean, maybe too much, sits and waits. Dean knows he’ll wait all night.
Dean won’t make him do that again. “I was thinking...”
Cas starts to smile. “A dangerous prospect.” He’s teasing, and it takes the edge off. He probably did that on purpose. He knows Dean sometimes better than Dean knows himself.
Dean winks at first, returning the smile, but then he leans forward and takes Cas’s hands in his. He wants him to know he’s serious.
“Marry me,” Dean says.
“Dean.” Cas blinks. “We are already married.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, but...” They married in a rush, speeding to the Courthouse five minutes after Dean had asked the last time. Sam sat in the back in his pajamas. Dean wore a Zeppelin t-shirt. It had been a whirlwind and perfect but. But. “I kinda want to do it right, you know? With everyone there.”
Cas watches him, silent for a heartbeat and two. Then he starts to smile again, that quiet, secret smile he shares a lot with Dean, and Dean knows he has him.
“We could get new suits,” Dean says. “Have a big party.”
“I would like that, Dean.”
Cas squeezes Dean’s hand. “Yes,” he says, a vow.
At the door, Daisy Dukes is pulling Mr. Willing into the parking lot. He’s got a smile like he won the lottery. For tonight, maybe he has.
But Dean? Here with Cas, Dean hits the jackpot everyday.
“I love you, Cas.” The words come so easily, Dean can’t believe he ever had trouble saying them.
Cas brings Dean’s hand to his mouth. He kisses each knuckle and then the ring. “And I, you.”
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