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hiccuphaddockswife · 4 months ago
Qwerty had taken a day off of work, hoping the work wouldn’t pile up too much with the small absence. He wanted to spend more time with Toria and Athena. He felt like he had missed a lot of moments he could have been a park of. He hated feeling like he was missing her childhood.
Holding the small girl to his chest he hummed happily before kissing her forehead sweetly.
“Can you say dada? Say dada honey.”
Tumblr media
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jkbabiey · 8 months ago
𝚠𝚎𝚊𝚔 𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎 ⤇ 𝙹𝙹𝙺
Words: 2.9K 
Pairing: Jungkook x doctor!reader 
Genre: angst; fluff; established relationship au ; minor character death :((( 
Synopsis: “He would never make you feel any less for having a human side, a weak side. Instead, he would embrace it with everything he had. Always.” 
Song Rec: End of a day - Jonghyun ; Breathe - Lee Hi ; That's Okay - D.O. ; Not Alone - NCT 127 ; Try Again - Jaehyun, d.ear ; Inner Child - V ; Through the night - IU ; Be Your Enemy - Taemin, Wendy
Tumblr media
The heavy rain fell like never before. The streets were completely drenched and, unfortunately for your completely timid and, currently, partially stoic nature, completely crammed. Your shift in the hospital had just ended. You were exhausted and, on days like this, you couldn’t find your job as a cardiothoracic surgeon more bitter. You loved your job, after the many hardships you’d had to endure to get to the position you are in today and so much effort you had to put into it, you couldn’t have any doubts about your love towards medicine and surgery. And you didn’t. 
But the truth is that doing what you do every single day - fighting death itself - wasn’t easy. It takes a colossal number of rocky roads to fully accept and understand that some lives are just too frail for you to save, and, sometimes death is just too stubborn and strong-willed to let you win.
You hadn’t travelled all those paths yet.
Today, you had lost 2 of your patients. Patients you had been following and helping for the last 2 years of your medical career. They held a soft spot in your heart, and they both had had surgical procedures today, with you as their surgeon, as always. But during their surgeries, there were several amounts of complications and your patients weren’t strong enough to handle all the fights they had yet to battle. Unfortunately.
You were still a 29-year-old girl. You were still a dewy-eyed silly over-emotional and easily-attached little girl. To lose 2 of your favourite patients in one day was still way too much for you. But, among your group of friends, you were the hardcore one and you hadn’t cried. Your weak and human side was the last thing you wanted to show to your colleagues. The competitiveness that ruled the medical industry wouldn’t allow you. You had worked hard to build up the reputation you held today among everyone in the hospital. The hardcore emotionless goddess of surgery.
And even though you were, indeed, a hardcore surgery goddess, you were far from emotionless. You cried watching sad movies and were one of the few doctors that actually spent some time of their day to get to know their patients. You were pretty sure, you were going to cry as soon as you got to your black G-class Mercedes Benz, closed all your windows and called your boyfriend. You were sure you would call him as soon as your ass landed on the driver’s seat, and you were sure you would start to cry as soon as you heard his soft boyish voice. Because, amongst all of the soft spots in your heart, he owned the softest of them all. And to talk to him was exactly what you needed.
So, when you got to your car and hopped into it, you looked for his name on your contact list on your phone, for the slightest seconds, because he was right on top of it, from how often you contacted him.
‘Dickhead <3’
Call declined.
And that’s when you remembered the small petty argument you two had had the previous night.
The night before
You were still seating in the dinner table, a pout on your lips while you tried to count how many plates you’d have to wash. Your boyfriend had already abandoned you to play with his friend, Taehyung, leaving you and the uncountable plates you had to handwash because Jungkook had decided to ruin your dishwasher. You had had a long day and you really weren’t seeing any way you could handwash so many plates all by yourself. So you decided your boyfriend would be your best and most viable solution. So you stood up from the kitchen’s table stool and walked towards the living room’s sofa in tiny weary steps.
“Guk, can you please help me do the dishes tonight?” you asked after sitting next to him, using the cutest voice you could remember and the most adorable face expression you thought he would fall for.
“Nope, today’s your day,” he answered shortly, not tearing his eyes from the videogame one single moment.
“Babe, please, I had a long day.”
“Yeah, me too. Go do the dishes.”
“I helped you do the dishes last week and you never returned the favour,” you pouted.
“Are you seriously going to keep bothering me? I have one moment to relax by myself, and you have to come here and ruin it!”
Your eyes widened, not expecting him to snap at you so quickly, and for something so small.
“I had a hard day, and I haven’t had a moment for myself as well. Can’t you just help me this once?”
You knew you were being bratty and childish and, probably, a pain in his ass. You knew he probably had also had a very tiring day, after all, he’s Jeon Jungkook, Korea’s golden boy. But you were just so tired, and at least the presence of your boyfriend in the kitchen as you two did the dishes, would surely, make the task a lot more enjoyable.
“Is it so hard to do the fucking dishes? Are you that dim-witted?”
You knew he didn’t mean to call you dumb. If someone asked him, on any other day, about what made him fall for you, he would probably answer something about how intelligent you were, but this time you got affected by his comment. Probably because, that same day, your superior had said you weren’t good enough to be a surgeon due to you being late to his presentation – “A good surgeon is never late, maybe you should reconsider your options.”, those were his words.
“Fuck you Jungkook,” you finally said, turning your back on him, deciding to do the dishes by yourself.
“No, fuck you!” he shouted, throwing the controller to the couch after pausing his game.
He stood up, following you to the kitchen in quick heavy steps. He was looking for a fight. You weren’t in the mood to argue right now, so as soon as you got to the kitchen, you decided to forcefully close the door on his face.
He didn’t barge in as you expected - he could be quite explosive. When you finished cleaning the kitchen and went to your shared bedroom, he was already in bed, laying down only in his underwear and playing something on his phone. You took your clothes off - needless to say, he didn’t spare you a glance. Even the next morning, when you two woke up at 6 AM to go to work, you two never said a word and he didn’t kiss you goodbye like he always did.
Two could play that game.
But, truth is, you couldn’t play that game. 
You loved him too much. But he had just declined your call and you didn’t know how to deal with that. So you drove home as fast as you could, still not a single tear on your cheeks, and when you finally barged into your shared apartment, you saw Jungkook laying on the couch and watching a movie. He, once again, didn’t spare you a glace, and his face was completely disinterested in your sudden presence.
“Stop being a dick!” you yelled at him, your voice cracking, from how long you had been holding back your tears. His eyes were quickly directed to you, and his eyebrows furrowed when he noticed the shiny look in your eyes, sitting up on the couch, and staying there, unsure of what was happening. Until tears started running freely along your soft blushed cheeks and you took both your hands to wipe them away. That’s when he stood up, and rushed to you, standing in front of you and softly holding your wrists, so he could pull them away from your face.
“What happened?” he asked softly and your sobs only seemed to intensify. He picked you up, holding you tightly in his arms, your legs wrapped around his waist and your face hidden in the crook of his neck. Then he sat with you back in the couch and waited for you to calm down, not saying anything. Just rubbing your back and playing with the roots of your hair.
Then you finally calmed down and decided to pull your face away from his neck, to look him in the eye, for the first time in the whole day.
“What happened baby?” he repeated softly, nudging your still wet nose with his own and you looked down, playing with you fingers.
“My life sucks.”
“My week has been a nightmare so far and now you’re a dick and I really wanted to talk to you just now but you declined my call and I really can’t stand you,” you stated, your voice cracking numerous times, and Jungkook chuckled looking at how helpless you looked and you really wanted to slap him, but then he pecked your lips and grabbed the back of your head, bringing it back to his chest and laying down in the sofa, with you on top of him.
“C’mon, tell what got you all worked up…” he muttered playfully, lovingly looking down at you.
And that’s when tears started pouring out of your eyes once again. At some point, you were already uncontrollably sobbing in his chest, your fists grabbing his shirt and Jungkook’s grip on you tighter than before. The look on his face wasn’t playful anymore, and the furrowed brows and worried eyes were back, his full attention on you.
"I-i had the worst day Jungkook," you let out in a tremulous waver. Jungkook encouraged you to keep going, even though no else but him - that had met you for about 9 years now and knew you better than anyone else ever could - would understand a single word that came out of your mouth. "When I started working as a surgeon there were these 2 charts that were handed to me. An old grumpy man named Charles and a 16-year-old girl, Jessica, the typical teenager who thinks she knows it all. They had pretty severe heart diseases and even though Charles didn't even like me at first and Jessica called me an 'ugly bitch' the first day I met her, I took care of them. They went through a lot and they were so strong. I gave so much of myself to make them stay, you know? I worked so hard to keep them safe," you cried and even though Jungkook already knew what this was about, he prefered to let you let it all out, just humming from time to time. "They've been with me since day 1, they've watched me become a better surgeon and a better person overall. They were closer to me than my own friends” You stopped talking for a few minutes, while Jungkook kissed the crown of your head and your breathing calmed down 
"Jessica  was turning 18 next week. She was a total romantic. I used to talk to her about us." Jungkook smiled. "Most of the times me and you argued, she was the one to tell me what to do. I talked about you to Charles once. He didn’t really like you that much. But I think it was more of a protective instinct than anything else." you paused and Jungkook kissed your forehead, in a way of support. You closed your eyes and sighed. 
"They had surgeries today. I mean, I'm not dumb, I knew by their vitals that they weren't going to last as long as I wanted them to, but I just wasn't prepared," you voice started cracking and wavering once again and the tear stains that had already dried out were once again freshly wet. "Surgery was too much for them, I shouldn't have done it," you cried out. " I am so sorry, this was all my fau-"
"It wasn't... It wasn't your fault. You're a surgeon, it's your job and unfortunately, this is a part that comes with it. It's not your fault. You're an amazing surgeon, they knew it and they trusted you with their lives for 2 years. You never let them down, but no one lasts forever and they were no exception. As you said, they all had severe diseases and even though you're a great surgeon, which was proven with how you kept them here for 2 whole years, you can't always conceive miracles. It was not your fault.”
You two kept quiet after that, you knew he was right. Of course, he was, he was Jungkook. You weren't crying anymore and a great part of that was due to Jungkook's back rubs and constant forehead kisses.
“You know, Jessica never had her first kiss” you whispered. “I used to tell her kissing was disgusting anyways, so she wouldn’t feel left behind by other girls her age” you giggled softly and Jungkook stroked your curly hair, smiling. 
“Charles was pretty rude at first, we disliked each other for about 2 weeks and then he told me I reminded him of his daughter because she was also the feisty type. They didn’t get along very well. Haven’t talked to each other for two whole years and today I had to call her after the surgery and tell her that her amazing dad had just died on the table. What hurts the most is that she was so unbothered, I was probably way more devastated than her. He was almost like a father to me.”
"They sound amazing," he commented after you stopped talking.
"They were amazing," you muttered and smiled, sighing softly a bit after and looking up to your boyfriend, who was still massaging your back, his hand was underneath your shirt, directly placed on your skin. He knew his touch always calmed you down, even in the toughest of situations. He would always be the one to get to soothe your nerves. You had met him 9 years ago, but every single moment with him still felt like the first. He was the only one who got to see this side of you. He knew how it was behind the scenes. Behind the perfect and intelligent facade laid some painful experiences and he had lived every single one of them with you. He had experienced the sleepless nights before an exam. He had woken up in the middle of the night to find you seated on the living room’s couch with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands and tear-stained cheeks, all this coming from the constant doubt you would never be able to get rid of and that still haunted you today. ‘Am I good enough for this?’ And he would always stay up, reassuring you that ‘Yes, you’re good enough’ and he would repeat that as many times as you needed him to. Because he knew you were good enough. God, you were so much more than enough.
Jungkook loved you beyond question. You meant the world to him. And looking down at you, he couldn’t help but think about the topic that hadn’t left his mind for the whole week. And that had been the cause for the snappy temper you had been obligated to deal with these past days. He had been pestering his members with this same topic too, and they were already sick of telling him to ‘go for it’. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. 
What if it’s too soon? How could it be too soon? He had met you 9 years ago and started dating you 3 years after that. Of course it wasn’t too soon.
What if you didn’t want to be committed to him in that way? Jungkook knew you had quite a problem with commitment, you were terrified of getting committed to something for a lifetime. But... damn... You loved him. He could see it behind your eyes whenever you looked at him. Or in the way you’d lay awake in the middle of the night staring at his face, illuminated by the moon’s shine, and thinking he was asleep. Or in the way you were so comfortable with him, to the point of laying on top of him, eating chocolate cookies, wearing white cotton panties and a t-shirt of his that looked way too large on you, probably because you measured only 5′1′’. You both knew that he was your safe space and you were his. 
You would never break down like this in public, in front of your colleagues or your superiors. You couldn’t. But with him, you knew you could and you would anytime you needed to. Because with him you knew you were safe. There would never be any judging. He would never make you feel any less for having a human side, a weak side. Instead, he would embrace it with everything he had.
“Will you marry me?”
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escritora-anonima-m · 2 months ago
Yo también quiero encontrar a alguien que al verme piense que es la persona más afortunada del mundo.
-Escritora anónima
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electrickswrites · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thestrandedrpg · 5 days ago
Hi! I love the plot of this group, it is so unique and seems to have such potential to develop a character! Unfortunately, the groups I've been in lately seem to prefer holding on to a faceclaims but not actually doing a lot of writing. So I am wondering how active the group is and how accepting your members to new players joining? Thanks!
Hey anon! Thanks so much for the compliment. We're sorry to hear about your recent experiences. Rest assured that The Stranded has a dashboard that's regularly moving and a Discord that's consistently full of conversation. New writers are always welcomed with open arms and our admins and members are always prepared to answer questions, brainstorm plots, or just chat. We'd be happy to have you. Thanks for your question!
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nyc-blacklist · a month ago
+ 4 updates ❗
The following pages are now up to date! Give us a shout if you think we’ve missed anything.
Masterlist updated
Character page updated
Most wanted updated
Newest starters updated
Tumblr media
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darkesthourrpg · 3 days ago
Would anyone like a connection with a jessie mei li fc?
Yes, so many of us would love a connection with them! Members please comment your comments!
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horsemenrp · a month ago
Tumblr media
Age: 35 Affiliation: Famine Rank: Angel Pronouns: she/her Gender: cis woman FC: Sonoya Mizuno Status: played by Zoe.
You’ve made you home in the shadows, so much so, it has been said that you may have become one yourself. Careful watcher, you are the tick tick tick of a clock counting down. The silent ambush predator waiting for its prey. A dutiful perfectionist, you find strength in order and obedience, devoting yourself to those more powerful because you know, deep down, that standing at their side will benefit you far more than a life without them. You have trained long and hard to turn your body into your greatest weapon, unmatched when it comes to weapon-less combat.
Being Head of Private Security for the Femenias family is a job that keeps you on your toes; the sort of challenge you welcome: from accompanying them with travel, to room sweeps and vetting their household staff. Rafael Femenias Snr. is a generous employer and you have been around his family for years, affiliated to his gang as an Angel for the sole purpose of being able to help out in criminal matters when necessary without having to dedicate yourself wholly through initiation. There’s no denying, though, that many of Famine’s secrets lay tucked within your ribs. You know that you’re trusted by those who are powerful; and know, too, that to break that trust would be to sign your own death certificate.
Language, devotion, love-- it was what kept your home alive, what kept it warm. Your father, a businessman, and your mother, a teacher met in their early twenties. Your mother was British born while your father had moved from the United States to pursue his degree in accounting and finance. They quickly fell in love, the red string holding them together bold, vibrant-- and a stark reminder that though love is magic, it’s not enough to save those who feel it. After deciding to marry, they were quick to make a family. You arrived, and it was the happiest day of their lives.
Your first memory is that of your mother’s fingers brushing against the back of your neck, pulling thick strands of hair into pleats. The weight of it in one place, you swung your head, laughter bubbling from your lips as you told her it was the prettiest you’d ever looked. Those moments echo, the threat of despair quick in step just behind that of the rationalizations you make. Those feelings, those thoughts-- they were that of a child, and you’re no longer a child.
They say that we’re a reflection of those who impact us, and though you would love to believe that you’re capable of your father’s kindness, or your mother’s patience, they were stripped from you before you were fully able to fall into what it meant to be their daughter. It was early, and though you were not past seven years old, you still remember the way it felt to be questioned, the way the police looked upon you with pity. They explained that shortly after you’d been dropped off at school, they’d taken a turn, and that turn had cost them their lives.
Your mother had little family left in London, and what family she did have had wanted nothing to do with you, a whole child-- meant to make messes and fall under the weight of your loss. Your father’s family had not been aware of his marriage, or his child, and so you were thrown to the wolves. Though there were families devoted to the cause, whether it be for the small sum they’d be awarded, or for the sake of charity, there was never a home that fit you quite like yours.
It’s not uncommon, the story of a young child thrown into despair-- their reactions, or inaction, being destructive and detrimental to their growth. But you were smarter. You split from the seams, acting as a ghoul in the shadows to wreak havoc upon those who dared mistake your frailty for fragility. You were your father’s daughter, cool headed and determined-- and your mother’s, too. You bled for them, and you held onto their words, breathing stories, Japanese and Argentinian alike, into the palms of your hands, to ease into this new life. You held onto these moments until they would prove fatal. At the age of sixteen, you were given the option to leave, and leave you did.
Beggars can’t be choosers, and though you’d never meant to end up with bets placed upon your bones, your knuckles-- you served your title well in a ring meant for large hearts and callous palms. You’re quick to learn, it’s the way you’ve always been. There were patterns you began to notice, and if you could notice them, it meant that you’d have the upperhand. Soon, instead of falling flat on your back, money being tucked into the palm of the opposing victor, you were achieving that of a seasoned scrapper. The better you became, the more interest was invested, and thus you learned true technique. By the age of twenty-one, you had all eyes on you.
Time began to dizzy you, and you quickly forgot who you were prior to those moments in the ring, blood dribbling down your nose. Your body ached-- you had fractures upon fractures, purples and pinks and browns blooming from your skin like petals, only more destructive. You were feared, and as life would have it, fear was sought after those who had something to protect.
At the age of twenty-nine, you were given an offer that it was clear, somebody like you could not refuse. You were taught more, and you absorbed it all-- You already had watchful eyes, and a keen sense of observance. There were not many who could get past you, and most of all? You held secrets at the back of your throat, caged and coated in poison. You know all, you see all, even when they think you don’t, but that’s your job, isn’t it? Working for Famine, even now, you’ve recognized that the parts of you, intricately placed-- parts of your mother, your father-- they’re all gone now. Better off, you think. Those were the pieces that made you weak, and in a world like this one, there’s no room for weakness.
Wren. Having nicknamed them Little Bird, you have taken them under your wing in the hope that they sing of any secrets and threats they pick up on to help you in your role. You know that they’re as observant as you are and have formed a sense of kinship
Zacharias. You’ve felt them watching you, their reaction-time not yet fast enough to look. away before your gaze meets theirs. You can only assume that their superiors have tasked them with keeping tabs on you, as if they would ever scratch the surface to learn anything of note. You’re yet to confront them on this when watching works both ways; maybe you can uncover something about the Warden’s cousin.
Belladonna. A deadly duo when together, you enjoy and value Belladonna’s company and consider them not only a friend, but an equal. The perfect balance for your mastery in the ebb and flow you naturally share. There’s a curiosity, too, the relationship they have with their sibling could be useful for Famine one of these days. 
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lcvcntc · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                                   WANTED CONNECTION !
                                             ✘✘  𝕨𝕚𝕗𝕖  ✘✘
Basic information:
first name: utp
surname: croÿ ( née bourbon-anjou )
age: 25-27
home country: spain
siblings: @isvbclv & valentina bourbon-anjou
in-laws: @fannicroy, @olimpiacroy, @tvkla, @ettoreeste ( valentina’s husband )
title: princess of hungary ( through marriage ) & princess of spain ( birth right )
fc suggestions: georgia fowler, blanca padilla, grace elizabeth, lorena rae, negotiable
need to contact? yes
group: @highsocietyhq
Details under the cut !
It seemed like a fine way to start the next chapter of her life: she had her master’’s degree, now she only needed a purpose! It was not easy being the youngest of three — especially when her older sisters were forces of nature. Valentina was pure strength in an elegant package, and Isabela was uncontrollable fire in human form. She needed to do something, to be something... and then the opportunity came in the form of Levente Croÿ.
He’s a pragmatist. One day he realized he really was getting old. What people did when they got older was get married and settle down. As the future king of Hungary, he certainly needed to follow the script. Spain and Hungary were allies but they always could have been better allies. The youngest princess of Spain happened to be there without a direction, free as a bird. Levente spoke to her parents, asked around, and eventually spoke to her about it. It certainly wasn’t love or even attraction that made them tie the knot. Politics and the need to be something greater. 2018 came around and in April they were married. 
The first year was... well, it could almost be described as a good year. Levente’s family worked hard to make her fit in, her Hungarian lessons began, Levente remembered to pay her a bit of attention. But mainly, she was left in peace. Loneliness strikes in a very different way when you’re miles away from home and no one speaks your mother tongue. 
Levente joined the program and left his new wife back in Budapest — nearly forgetting she even existed. And he made one fatal mistake. He slept with an old flame. He would have forced himself to forget about it, moved on, let the secret remain a secret... except that that night ended up giving him a living reminder of it. Katya Romanova was born in May 2020. The Croÿs found themselves in a difficult position, unsure whether to rejoice or to fear the future. 
— it’s up to you whether she already knows about the bastard child, we can plot it out !
— i personally prefer a slow burn relationship and just seeing where things go before plotting anything solid !
— we can plot how close they are, where they stand with each other
— i don’t have many requirements for the character but i think she would need to be someone fairly polite or meek, otherwise levente would have never gotten involved. rebellious people are wild cards he is not interested in. 
— and if you want to know more about levente, here is his intro.
— and if you want to know more about the spanish royal family, @isvbclv will be able to help you with it ! 
— a lot of characters are connected to levente’s wife so you won’t have trouble finding people to plot with !
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wickedsrest-rp · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to this week’s roundup! We do these every week to provide plot drops, highlight starters posted that week, and share other information about the setting. Anyone is welcome to use these bullet points in starters, plots, anons etc. Also let us know if you want us to include one of your setting-related plots in here for next week by sending us a bullet point!
What’s new in town?:
Check out our current plot of the week! Stop by and watch the meteor shower. It’ll be fine.
Hopefully you don’t have facial hair. There have been reports (which the local news has deemed “dubious”) that mustaches and beards are flying off peoples’ faces. In one notable case, someone was attacked by a flying handlebar mustache.
All of the water in one of the town marshes has started to bubble, gurgle, and steam. The one park ranger who went to check it out has gone missing. The tourism board has chosen to advertise Marsten Marsh as a hot spring.
Virgil is looking to try some local cuisine and maybe some hobbies.
Anton has a cure for lice. You know, if you happen to need it. 
Miles is tired of shoveling snow in July and he’s valid.
Metlzi has a raven problem. We’re sure it’s fine.
Bly doesn’t know how taxes work. Someone help them. They need an adult.
Effie’s shop is closed right now due to gravitational unforeseen circumstances.
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noxtms · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
noxtms is turning one year old today, & i know it’s a little premature to be celebrating for anyone still stuck in the fifth, but i live in gmt - and i’m too happy that we made it this far to not spend every possible minute of today being hype about it ! more heartfelt message to come later, but for now - i’m just chilling out & reminiscing, and i’d love q’s or apps to read through while i am ! 
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theodcr · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NAME: josefina katrin emelina iris oldenburg GENDER & PRONOUNS: female, she / her AGE: twenty - eight FC: kristine froseth, elizabeth lail, elizabeth olsen, any fitting female fc TITLES: princess of sweden; duchess of östergötland; member of the royal order of the seraphim; 2019 winner of the nobel peace prize
for josefina and theodor, the pressure has always been on. as children of the crown prince, and then as children of the king, they were raised under a microscope unlike any other. frederik and emelina did what they could for their children, trying to keep them out of the paparazzi’s eye as much as possible, but only so much could be done for the young prince and princess. especially when their grandfather died and left the crown to his son, all eyes were on the young royals. josefina has always worked very well under pressure, perhaps due to all the attention in her youth; one slip-up could result in mass scrutiny of herself and her family, so she learned how to always keep a smile, a calm manner, and a keen mind.
she was in a unique position as her parents’ spare – though she was never made to feel like the spare, and she was loved just the same as her brother – she had somewhat more freedom in her hobbies and how she spent her time, but she still had to be ready to rule should misfortune strike. she was tutored in history, politics, and law, just like her brother. and while she never grasped it quite as well as he did, she has a firm enough understanding to skirt by should she need to.
when their father died, josefina leaned heavily on theodor for support. the two became inseparable, even more than they had been before, and it was as much for theodor’s benefit as her own. she spent her days looking after her brother, making sure he ate and slept. in her adulthood, spent as it has been in hospitals and on military bases, her impeccable bedside manner and way of gentle, measured persuasion has been remarked upon more than once by her superiors. she attributes this to dealing with her brother, stubborn as he is, throughout their youth.
the oldenburgs have always been a military family, but theodor’s enlistment still blindsided josefina. she was only fourteen, and in fourteen years, she had not raised her voice at theodor. she had never needed to. but this was the one agreement they could not reach, the one compromise they couldn’t find. he was dead set on enlisting, and she was dead set against it. he went to war, and josefinia could do nothing to stop him. in his absence, she found her passion for medicine. it stemmed from deep fears that her brother would not return in one piece, some effort to have control of an uncontrollable situation. when he came home with a gunshot wound in his hip, josefina was glad for the connections she’d already forged, even at the tender age of eighteen. she was instrumental in helping him to walk again; without her there to encourage him, he’d never have managed.
in 2016, josefina enlisted in the military as a nurse. she traveled the world, gaining hands-on experience. the optics were good, and the fulfillment was even better. she gained great joy from helping those who needed it. throughout three years of service, she focused on protecting civilians, particularly children. she saved countless lives, and in 2019, her service was rewarded with a nobel peace prize.
josefina’s military service ended only last year, when she returned home to sweden to focus on internal affairs and to . now, she’s joining the other royals in the program at theodor’s request. he needs from his sister what she is always able to provide (at least, in his mind): a smile, a calm manner, and a keen mind.
josefina is the princess of sweden, the second daughter of the late king frederik iv and dowager queen emelina, and younger sister of crown prince theodor. she cares deeply for her people and family. she was in the public eye from a young age, and is beloved by her people. in 2019, she was awarded the nobel peace prize for her service as a military nurse. while she has not been as active in the international community as her brother, she is still a well-known name, and has worked as a diplomat and ambassador for sweden in the past. overall, she is gentle, unflappable, and clever, with a strong sense of duty, a loyalty to her people, and a desire to do what’s right.
other connections in the rp: @catherinestuart​ (sister-in-law); @lucadansembourg​ & @wcndv​ (maternal first cousins); @ebbv​, @vstridb​, & @frejaedb​ (paternal second cousins)
family task: click here !
wanted connection for @highsocietyhq. please contact @theodcr before applying.
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ravkahq · 4 months ago
hELLO beautiful people ! i’m era , some of you know me as the mun of aleksander and thomas . naz asked me to help them out on the main , and i have so much love for this rp and the writers that i couldn’t say anything but yes . i’m from the est timezone, i go by she+her pronouns and i’m at the ripe old age of 26 ! if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask 
Tumblr media
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divinekindred · a month ago
In honor of our upcoming event…
Choose one of your characters & the 4th on your following list. Toss them into the world of a crumbling dystopian society.
In your scenario, what caused it? Zombies, nuclear war, viral infectious disease? How are they handling their newfound life? Get creative!
Use one of the writing prompts below to give us a glimpse into how they’re handling this. How do they feel about the person they’re stuck with? Happy writing!
— Duchess
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thestrandedrpg · 8 days ago
mwf fc ideas for the bolt? bonus points for someone 30+ maybe?
Hey anon! Some ideas for 30+ female FCs for this character:
Zoë Kravitz Anne Hathaway Kate Siegel Carey Mulligan Vanessa Kirby Elodie Yung
But of course, you can choose whoever your heart desires! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your question!
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nyc-blacklist · 24 days ago
+ 1 Update ❗ Jeremy Lodge’s faceclaim is now Dylan O'Brien
When he announced that he’d be moving to New York to study Chemistry in the city, everyone had told Jeremy it was a bad idea. They’d said, “you can’t afford to live out there, you’ll be back in Detroit within a year.” He probably should have listened, in retrospect; selling class-A drugs to keep the roof of his shitty Midtown apartment over his head wasn’t what he’d envisioned himself doing four years later.
Read more »
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avengefm · a month ago
anonymous asked:
which would be more wanted keqing, ganyu or zhongli? also fc recs for xhongli if ever?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so zhongli’s currently taken at the moment,  but we’d love to see either of the girls !  feel free to bring whoever you have the most muse for because either way,  they will be deeply loved !
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horsemenrp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
BONUS ACCEPTANCE ROUND! We’ll be offering an additional round of acceptances this Saturday before our next plot drop is released. If you’d like to join us for this next exciting chapter of our story, please send in your application by 7pm UTC on the 15th.
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dumbxtch3000 · 3 months ago
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Subscribe HERE:
Tumblr media
RT’s are sooooo appreciated! Messsage me if you’re interested in doing promos for promos❤️‍🔥
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