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hmslusitania · 9 days ago
it’s because if they get within touching distance unsupervised they will snap together like magnets
and that would be disruptive to their ability to function anymore
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permutational · 8 months ago
If you’re picketing in lockstep with people who protest Planned Parenthood, then you’re no ally of mine.
If you’re picketing in lockstep with people who exploit images of shirtless detransitioned women and trans men as a boogeywoman in their conspiracy theories against health clinics, then you’re no ally of mine.
If you’re picketing in lockstep with people whose map of “Gender Offenders” is a map of Planned Parenthoods, family planning clincs, and LGBT health clincs, then you’re no ally of mine.
Let me share a little anecdote with you.
I grew up in one of the areas on that map where there are still no “Gender Offenders”, no little map markers signaling one of these supposedly monstrous, predatory clinics. If you want access to quality reproductive health services, -whisper- or god forbid an abortion!, you have to drive for hours and hours.
I remember one of the discussions I had with my mom in private. I was talking to her about abortion, as always trying to get a peek at her thoughts, because she always had complicated views on things that I didn’t hear from anyone else.
I remember the exasperated sigh she gave me. “You know, I don’t think abortion is okay. I don’t. But all these people... they’re making everything so much harder. The people fighting Planned Parenthood, removing funding, shutting down rural branches. They don’t seem to get that that place is a lifeline for us, that our healthcare matters, that family planning services matter. That these things can make it so that women wouldn’t even need an abortion in the first place. They use this one hot issue to fight against our health services altogether. It’s messed up. It’s so messed up.”
Relabelling these clinics as “Gender Offenders” is the same shit in a hip new package. If you’re participating in this, you aren’t my ally. You aren’t an ally to detransitioned women, or women in general. Step back and take a good, hard look at what you’re doing.
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kinetic-elaboration · 4 months ago
600 Followers / Opening Requests
Hey! Tumblr tells me that I have 600 followers. I’m sure that’s not literally true, but it’s a nice, round number, and it looks cool.
On a related note, I’m trying to get back into writing short little scenes/ficlets in addition to full-sized fics, but I’m finding it tough to motivate myself and (sometimes) to find inspiration.
SO, to celebrate/acknowledge this round number, I’m now accepting requests.
I’m only accepting requests for ~ 500-word scenes.
T100 only, but pretty much any character or pairing goes. Please nothing pertaining to seasons 5-7. I reserve the right to reject requests.
Potential prompts: character/pairing + word; a simple scenario; a scene related to one of my existing fics; a song (no promises that I will know the song); a mood; whatever.
I’ll be accepting prompts until I don’t feel like it anymore.
I provide no promises about when these will be written. Let’s just say ‘eventually.’
Examples: /search/free-write or tagged “my writing”
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enfouled · 20 days ago
the whole idea that there are these two clashing narratives re: trauma and mental illness, with one being the “my trauma/illness made me stronger/it made me who i am today/everything happens for a reason” and the other being “my trauma/illness derailed my whole life and fucked everything up” is so… like. are we not considering that both of these things have an element of truth? and also that, ultimately, its kind of irrelevant and unhelpful to dwell on or argue about which is more true? things happen. trauma and mental illness are things that people experience. they cause a lot of pain. everyone handles their personal experiences differently. we learn things about ourselves through those experiences just as we learn things about ourselves through all experiences. it is what it is what it is… i dont mean this to diminish the conversation but rather to expand it… pain and fear are part of life. but they’re only part of it
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hellomydanishsweetheart · 6 months ago
i’m 12 years old i’m 64 i’m over caffeinated im day drinking i’m taking two ibuprofen i’m on the brink of tears i’m staring into space i’m having a breakdown i’m mentally ill im doing pretty well actually! i’m the main character i’m a vermeer painting i’m a haunted doll
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acaiis · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
and you will not return with the living things
In a field, tucked away in the mountains, there lays a figure clad in green. The wind blows gently about them, stirring the grass and little bits of hair, languid in how it flows over the meadow. Their rest seems a pleasant one, upon a glance, the world calm about them and their face unmarred by distress. But even as the wind stills and the sun sets, pulling the light from the world and the warmth from their skin, they do not rise. The sword clasped in their hands weighs them there.
The world goes quiet, gently, as they are, and it is with this slow descent into stillness that their inclusion in it becomes softly apparent. They will not move, for the breath has been stolen away from their body and the warmth they hold is that of the sun. They exist naught for waking things any longer. Just as the wind had slowly slipped away, whatever had stirred within them had moved on, leaving behind but a vessel.
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wingedbeings · 6 months ago
you know what? *euphorias your gender* you deserve it, champ
#hii little update:#i'm reclaiming a japanese name for myself since my birth name is derived from the japanese name my family wanted for me but is more common#in non asian languages as well (its still a japanese name by itself too rhough most people just dont know it is)#but yeah anyways its kind of making me nearly cry#i'm choosing a traditionally masculine name that can be shorted to both feminine and masculine#i had to look up the pronunciation for people close to me that dont speak japanese and hearing it said by the text to speech thing gave me#so much gender euphoria when all ive experienced lately is horrible dysphoria#i'm really so just overwhelmingly almost grateful#it feels so comforting and nice#the only times my family referred to me kindly they would use the japanese name my birth name is derived from#so to have a japanese name again that does not make me dysphoric is making me feel so nice#i dont have the words for it but its just so comforting#kio.txt#the kanji for it that ive chosen i like very much as well#and i also like how it works with the honorifics i prefer people close to me to use#im on the verge of tears like its so.. i repressed my japanese identity for a while as my mother did as well due to.. things but the#movement we've somewhat ended up in where we take pride back into our asian identities lately due to rhe current circumstances as a sort#of protest of self love and empowerment has encouraged me to slowly grow to be able to openly love my asian identity again#ive been talking a lot about it with my friend and working through the fears i have surrounding it especially with the racial fetishising#ive always faced and the imposter syndrome that comes with being mixed for me and the ignorance and discrimination from white people etc#and i've chosen to never let myself repress my self again#the name ive chosen is yukio with the kanji 雪生#it can be shortened to yuki or yu for fem and masc but i would prefer if no one other than my mutuals do that and currently only with yu not#yuki as i'm feeling more masculine at the moment and am overall not comfortable with people i'm not v close with referring to me femininely#yuki is technically a unisex name but its generally used more for women in case anyone is confused about that#i still also go by moss and orion so you're fine to use those as well ofc!#you can shorten it to kio as well if you're a mutual of mine! i forgot to list that one#also lore moment abt my birth name (that none of u wil ever know <3):#the reason behind why they went w rhe more common name (ie used in non asian languages too) is largely bc of discrimination they didnt want#for me and such and some fun things w my fathers side of the family i wont elaborate on
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jihopes · 4 months ago
ok this pride i do really need white gays to step up and out of their comfort zone and learn more about pinkwashing and gay imperialism. i need you to really try to understand why we say lgbt issues are ALWAYS about race and acknowledge the ways you use your identity as an opt-out of examining how you can reproduce racism islamophobia antisemitism colorism ableism etc etc. every year you say « don’t forget the ‘‘poc gays’’ that made this possible !! » now im asking you guys to actually do that. please ive had enough.
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queenlua · 2 years ago
i finally looked at the most popular Fire Emblem: Three Houses ships on AO3
and i gotta say, i love how fandom’s general rule of “hot dude + hot dude = ship!!! (what is canon who gives a shit)” remains a universal constant, every bit as reliable as 9.8 m/s
i think Claude and Dimitri say, like, ten lines to each other in canon, max?  and yet fandom is just off to the races with that shit, amazing
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hey the "it's ok this person is doing [weird but harmless behavior] bc they're autistic" attitude isn't actually helpful. The behavior itself needs to be destigmatized regardless of who's doing it.
I'm autistic, and:
I sure as hell don't feel like having to constantly whip out my Autism Membership Club Card™ to justify my atypical quirks to strangers. That's private medical information, actually? No one should have to choose between being seen as autistic or as a jerk/weirdo.
I don't enjoy being made self-conscious and having to wonder "if this weird thing I'm doing is wrong when allistic people do it, does that mean there is something inherently wrong with being autistic? is my 'bad' behavior excused bc I am already assumed to be a bad person, who can't help being bad?" That's ridiculous and I don't need that energy.
And what about the many people who are undiagnosed? The many allistic people who have other mental health issues? Are they just weirdos until a medical doctor says otherwise?
What about neurotypical people whose behavior is non-standard for a thousand other reasons, medical and nonmedical? HoH people with unusual speech patterns? People from different cultural backgrounds? People who just have some random weird habits, because it's actually normal to deviate from the norm in some way? At what point is someone no longer required to seek your permission to behave weirdly? Who qualifies and who doesn't?
These are absurd situations.
There's an easy solution: destigmatize weird but harmless behavior, period. People who speak, act, walk, or otherwise behave in a way you find unusual are still people (whose diagnoses are none of your business btw), and we deserve to exist in the world without you judging or punishing us. Choose your battles wisely, because I see a lot of you attacking people who are already walking wounded.
TLDR stop being a judgemental asshole and the world will be a slightly nicer place. mind your own business and let people be weird.
#my Autism Membership Club Card™ gets me reward points at grocery stores and movie theaters#which is weird because my autism specifically prevents me from watching movies in theaters#the grocery store thing is nice though#actuallyautistic#long post#not a shitpost#and also like...if someone's weird behavior is unintentionally bothering other people#(and i mean in a 'that is a reasonable thing to be bothered by' way not a 'this thing doesn't affect me but I'm still gonna complain' way)#then the issue isn't that it's weird. the issue is...that it's causing an actual issue. focus on that part.#and when that happens#the first step is not to dismiss that person as an inconsiderate asshole?#the first step is to politely inform them of the negative effect their behavior is having and ask them to alter it#because people aren't mindreaders and most of us (autistic and allistic alike) are sometimes genuinely unaware of these things#yes it can get awkward but politely asking someone to speak more quietly or not stand so close to you#or to change the topic or share the conversation etc#is infinitely preferable to living in a world where we exclude & abuse people behind their backs#without actually giving them helpful feedback or the opportunity to do better#it's not fair to neurodivergent people but it's also just not fair to ANYONE#if you're planning to avoid or exclude someone bc of a behavior they don't know is causing an issue...#in most cases you owe someone a polite explanation before doing that.#btw i am going to be adding ko-fi links to some of my mental health/autism posts from now on#bc I spend a lot of time writing them (bc i think it's important) but it takes a lot out of me#for instance I'm a slow writer and this post took about an hour to write and edit#and this blog is my only source of income and the main use of my time#so please be aware of that before criticizing#it really bugs me when people will say things like 'i find your posts very helpful/educational/entertaining they mean a lot to me'#and then ask why i include a ko-fi link#because... because i work hard to make this content helpful or meaningful or entertaining...#because it takes a huge amount of my time and the only income i make from it is through ko-fi...#and bc i am not consistently getting paid anything near a living wage for that... despite the fact people seem to value what i do
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ash-and-starlight · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had a few doodles of izumi lying around so piled them all together
Yes izumi is a sweet, shy, soft spoken kid, yes she knows how to use 27 different weapons
Some additional ramblings — her weapons are inspired by wind and fire wheels (they’re not throw weapons but let’s pretend that sokka customized them to fly just like boomerang so that he & zuko could gift their daughter the coolest weapons imaginable.) Izumi is the first firelord to go ice dodging as a coming of age ritual and got the mark of the wise (sokka is So Smug.) And I love love love the hc of Senna as zukka’s second daughter because it means that zuko is related to Yet Another Avatar like,, the comedic potential,,, he’d freak out so bad
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mojoflower · 6 months ago
Things I have learned about Fandom.
Tips for beginners.
I’m staring down my 9-year anniversary here on Tumblr, and I thought I’d share some thoughts from that perspective. I discovered fandom (and Tumblr) when I was 41, so I’ve obviously never been a teenager online, but I think these are pretty universal for newcomers of any age.
Pick a name that doesn’t reflect your current fandom, because the odds that you will move on in 1 or 5 or 10 years are very high, and changing your url often means that your old friends don’t recognize you anymore.
Keep your friends! Your current fandom friends are going to migrate to different fandoms than you will. You will generally not be able to convince them to love your Next Hyperfixation. Learn to enjoy the eclectic oddness that your dash will eventually become.
Don’t be afraid to move on. Fandom is Brownian Motion. You will drift from one space to another as the spirit moves you. It’s okay. In the beginning, it can feel like a betrayal to leave a fandom, to start reblogging things your current friends aren’t in to, to lose interest in their meta/writing/art, to change the feel of your dash. It’s okay! Everyone does it, although some take months and others take years. Just let them know that your hyperfixation has changed, but your heart and friendship have not. It’s that simple.
Be Kind. To everyone. You have no idea what they’re going through or who they are. Try to not say anything to others that you wouldn’t want aimed at yourself. (You’re going to fuck this up. Everyone does. Give yourself some slack and remember to absorb the lesson, if there’s one to be learned.)
You are going to stumble. Especially in today’s hypercritical climate. You are going to say something that starts a fire. Just say sorry (if it’s warranted) and move on. Delete that post and take a break for a couple of weeks if it gets too hot. LEARN from it, but don’t fixate on it. Make liberal use of tumblr’s Block feature.
Learn to recognize wank (“discourse”). Know that if you jump in with your opinion, you will very likely become some rabid person’s target. So make that choice with your eyes open. Try to avoid black-and-white thinking (we're right --> they must be demons). It's really not helpful.
Online stress is real. Online hurts are real hurts. So learn how to protect yourself. Curate your dash, block people and tags. Learn to recognize when tumblr thoughts follow you into your real life and affect your happiness. When that happens, take a break. Change the makeup of your dash.
Don’t make assumptions. Your friend might be older or younger than you, might be from an entirely different culture. It’s easy to assume everyone on the other side of your keyboard is a mirror image of you, with similar experiences. They very likely are not, so always tread lightly.
Guard your personal information. No one needs to know your real name! And probably, they don’t need to know your age, either. Especially if you’re young. You are your url, and in a fandom community, that is enough.
Being part of a fandom community takes time and effort. You make friends by commenting, reblogging, encouraging others in their writing/art/meta/whatever. If you are a creator yourself, please don’t be discouraged by a slow lift-off. That happens for everyone (except a lucky few).
It isn’t necessary to make friends with the BNFs out there: make friends with other newbies. Your shared experiences will be stronger for that!
Have fun! And if you realize it isn’t fun anymore, walk away. People take breaks from fandom all the time, and it’s still there when they return. Even if it’s been decades. 😉
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