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MCU Phase 4 where it's the same but all the titles are written like bad YouTube titles:
Black Widow: THE GUY I KILLED ISN'T DEAD!?!? - Russian Sisters Vlog
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: I Think My Dad's trying to KILL Me!!! - Opening the Dragon Scale Door Challenge
Eternals: Protecting Humanity from God GONE WRONG!!! (GONE SEXUAL)
Spider-Man No Way Home: LOL multiverse go brrrr - Spider-Man (guest starring Spider-Man and Spider-Man)
WandaVision: My Husband is ALIVE??!!? - (WandaVision Episode Reaction/Spoiler Review/Theories)
Falcon and the Winter Soldier: I'm sorry for giving up the shield...
Loki: I TOLD MY CRUSH THAT I REALLY LIKED HER (spoilers: my crush is me!)
What If...?: Multiverse Beings REACT to the MCU | Experts React
Hawkeye: FIRST TIME BEING AN AVENGER * reaction and commentary * (Guest starring Hawkeye!!!) *ThatBish-op Vlogs*
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wickeddruig · 2 days ago
Off Limits
Tumblr media
pairings: bfb!druig x fem!reader
summary: you go on vacation with your two best friends, one of their brothers (druig) who you had a secret fling with decided to tag alone last minute, the fling ended recently ended and now you’re trying to move except he won’t let that happen
warning: unedited, jealousy, unprotected sex, praise kink
word count: 1.3k
you didn’t know how to feel standing in the small vacation house. it was a nice resort with the same houses next to each other. they had a pool, a beach, a bar and fun small activities that you could enjoy. it also had a hotel but the three of you decided to stay in a three bedroom house. you were standing with your two best friends Megan, Elena and her older brother Druig.
You had just gotten to the room after a long awkward drive with Elena and her brother who you secretly used to hookup with behind her back. Megan drove herself and you knew that you should’ve gotten in the car with her. You and Druig too broke off your hookups because he didn’t want a relationship but you did. Now that you’re in college you wanted to experience everything and that includes a real relationship. you weren’t expecting him to be here hence the fact that it was a three bedroom house. It was a total ambush.
You were in the car with Elena after just putting your things in the trunk, Megan had a least left. you went to grabbed the passenger seat door handle to open it and so did she. you looked at her confused and she said she must’ve forgot to tell you but Druig was tagging along. as soon as she said that he came out the door with his bags. you didn’t say anything, just got into the backseat and put your earphones in.
You, Elena and Megan spent most of your time at either Megan’s house or yours. you hadn’t been over to Elena’s house or seen Druig since. you’ve been kind of avoiding him. This car ride was the first time you’ve seen him since you broke things off. He kept looking at you through the mirror in the car every few minutes but you refused to make eye contact. you decided you would just simply pretend he wasn’t there.
Elena didn’t question why you stopped coming over considering she hated her household. It was always loud because of the amount of siblings she had. she preferred with being at you or megan’s house.
This was supposed to be a fun girls trip and Elena just ruined it without her knowledge. You assumed Druig would be rooming with Elena which was correct. There were two rooms upstairs and one downstairs. You picked the room downstairs because you liked to snack in the middle of the night so you wanted to be able to get up without distributing anyone.
you went into your room and immediately started to unpack. you were not going to spend your first day trapped in a house with your old fling. you went and put on the cutest swimsuit you had and texted your groupchat that didn’t include druig that you were going to the pool. no one wanted to tag along because Elena and Megan wanted to go to the store to get groceries and extra necessities that may be needed.
you left and headed to the pool. you bought a book with you and you sat in one of the chairs with your sunglasses on.
you were really into your book when a shadow huddled over you. you looked up from your book, lifting your sun glasses over your head to see a cute guy talking to you
you had spent all day at the pool talking to the guy you met. he also was here with his friend for a random vacation. he saw you and just had to talk to you since all his other friends their brought their girlfriends.
he was walking you back to the house you stayed at. it was very old fashioned you were almost surprised when he offered.
“why don’t we meet back here tomorrow morning for breakfast” he said as you both stood at the doorstep.
“sure” you smiled at him. he was so nice it would be dumb of you to say no. you saw the curtains move and you were confused. you didn’t see anyone standing there. you just shrugged it off.
“well, have a goodnight” the guy said to you
“you too” you said politely and smiled at him, watching as he walked away you finally entered your vacation home.
it was dark and their weren’t any lights on so you had assumed everyone was asleep. you quietly closed the door and start heading to your room
“who was that” a voice came from behind you
“OH MY GOD” you screamed and jumped turning around to the voice. once your eyes adjusted to the light you noticed it was druig in the kitchen.
“well?” he asked raising his eyebrows
“non of your business” you responded with an attitude. druig didn’t say anything. the silence was so awkward you decided to just walk away.
“i wasn’t done talking” he said grabbing your arm and pulling you back into the kitchen, this time he pushed you into the counter, trapping you by putting his arms on either side, looking down at you.
“i missed you” he said moving a strand of your curls behind your ear. “have you been avoiding me”
“you know i have” you said, looking away, you couldn’t even look at him. he grabbed your chin making you look him in the eye.
you both stared at each other for a while in silence until he crashed his lips against yours, you kissed him back and he put his hands on your hips, lifting you up so you were sitting on the counter and he was standing between his legs.
his hands gripped your thigh, spreading them even further apart. he broke the kiss to kiss on your neck. he immediately pushed his shorts and boxers down. he pushed your swimsuit bottoms to the side. looking down as he slid inside of you
“fuck, i missed this tight pussy” he groaned as he started to trust inside of you. he grabbed the back of your head with one hand, the other on your thigh “you’re so wet for me, i knew you missed me too”
“who said it was for you” you mumbled. druig didn’t like that joke, he used his other hand pull apart your swim top by the knot and he grabbed your nipple, pinching it roughly.
“you expect me to believe you’re this wet for that asshole? i’m practically drowning in you baby, i haven’t forgotten how wet i can get you”
you moaned, trying to throw your head back but druig kept his hand on the back of your neck. making you look down as he fucked you, watching him pump inside of you.
“no, watch me fuck you, i clearly need to remind you who owns this pussy” he pumped in you faster “you think just because you ignore me for months that it’s over? that you can ignore me? this pussy is mine, you are mine.
you wanted to cry out as he continued to pinch your nipple, rolling it between your two fingers as he angrily fucked you. maybe you should get him jealous more often.
“you want a relationship? fine you’re my girl” he said “now be a good girl and take this fucking dick”
you were moaning like crazy, druig had to move his hand from the back of your head and placed it over your mouth. he closed the space between you too as your moans were muffled
“cant have my sister and your friends here you, can we, angel?” he mumbled into your ear before giving your earlobe a kiss as he moved his hand from your mouth to kiss you.
your moans were now muffled by his tongue slipping into your mouth. both of your tongues fighting for dominance after he moved his other hand from your nipple to grip your neck, choking you.
you were moving like crazy into his mouth, seeing stars. you were about to cum but couldn’t even warn him because his lips were against yours. you let out one final moan into his lips as you came and he pulled away.
“that’s it cream all over my dick” he said pumping into you still “im so close” he buried his face into yours as he released his load inside of you.
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peterbarnes · 2 days ago
Summary: When stopping in Australia to find Gilgamesh and Thena, Druig can’t help but notice they’re not alone. In fact, they have a rather stunning [daughter/son/kid] that they didn’t tell anyone about. And Druig can’t help but flirt with them.
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: Come on, folks, we need more Druig gifs I’m dying here
Tumblr media
You loved your home. You loved that it wasn’t dense or crowded. You loved that you could go outside and not see anything for miles other than the sand beneath your feet. You loved the feeling of the crisp air on your skin. It allowed you space, space to relax, breathe, and live.
Right now, you sat underneath your mom’s favorite tree, its green the only bright color around you. You could faintly smell the flowers and the fruit growing from it as you flipped to the next page of your book. But the sun was glaring down at you, causing you to squint your eyes. You didn’t mind the heat, it kept you warm and comfortable, but the intense light was downright obnoxious. You turned your head down and tried to just focus on the pages and words in front of you, but it was hopeless, you couldn’t see anything.
“Come on,” you groaned, moving one of your hands up to your forehead to block the light.
“Here, try these,” a voice said.
Your head snapped up and, through the light, you could see a dark figure in front of you. Not clearly, but just enough to know it was a person, likely not anything dangerous. The figure’s hand, however, you could see more clearly. It was stretched out toward you, right in front of your eyes, and in its grip were a pair of black aviator sunglasses.
Hesitantly, you reached out and took the glasses, shivering when your fingers made contact with the stranger’s. So much for the heat. Your hand lingered there for a few more seconds before pulling back with the glasses in hand and gently placing them on your face. The world darkened just enough for your surroundings to come back into focus. And boy, were you happy that you could see the beautiful sight in front of you.
The figure, as it turned out, was a man. A handsome one. His dark hair fell onto his forehead in loose curls that you wanted to run your fingers through. His blue eyes gave the tree behind you a run for its money with their brightness. A smirk was plastered on his lips as if he knew exactly what you were thinking at the moment- as if he knew the attraction that came upon you so suddenly. And the jacket. Fuck me. It clung to his arms just tight enough for you to see the curve of his muscle, and it only added to the confidence he was exuding.
“What’s your name, beautiful?” He asked, letting out a smooth, velvety accent that felt like music to your ears.
“Uh, Y-Y/N,” you stuttered back, still roaming your eyes over him. “Wait, this- how did you get here? Nobody’s supposed to be able to find this place.”
You jumped up from your spot on the sand, leaning on the tree for support as you did so. All the previous thoughts you had went out the window at the threat of someone harming your family.
“Well, it’s a bit late for that. Don’t worry I don’t bite,” he told you, putting his hands up. “Unless you want me to.”
“Easy, Druig,” a familiar voice boomed from behind you.
You turned to see your dad stalking intimidatingly toward the man in front of you. You couldn’t help but snort at the “kiss the cook” apron he dawned on his chest. Ah yes, my father, the great Gilgamesh, so big and scary.
“Nice fashion statement,” Druig deadpanned, sending a small wave to your father. “Definitely an improvement from you used to walk around in in Greece.”
“What exactly did you used to wear in Greece, dad?” You whispered to Gilgamesh as he stopped right next to you.
You didn’t miss the blush that rose over his cheeks.
“Don’t worry about that.”
“Dad?” Druig questioned, his eyebrows furrowed. “I thought Eternals were sterile.”
“I’m adopted,” you stated casually. “Or kind of. It’s not really official or anything- they found me on the side of the road when I was a baby.”
“We thought it was a risk,” Gilgamesh piped in. “With Thena’s condition. But we couldn’t just leave them there. It worked out anyway. [Y/N]’s better at helping Thena than me because of their powers.”
“Powers?” Druig asked.
“I can read minds. I don’t know how, but I’ve always been able to. That’s how I calm Mom- I can get in her head and bring her back,” you told him. “Sorry that I got startled after you gave me your glasses. I just- You’re the first mind I haven’t been able to read in… ever, really. It was like running into a brick wall.”
Druig’s eyes were increasingly filling with astonishment with every passing word.
“You’re a mindreader? Me too,” he said. “I didn’t know anyone other than me could do that.”
“Surprise,” you said sheepishly.
You heard a sharp ding go off, the sound causing you to jump slightly. You missed the look of amusement that overtook Druig’s features.
“Ah shit,” Gilgamesh started. “My pie’s gonna burn. Come in soon, honey, all the others are here too. You should meet the rest of your family.”
And with that, he was gone, trudging back to the small house that sat a few meters away. You turned back to Druig, but could hear the sound of your father closing the door behind him.
“If you tell anyone I said this, I’ll deny it, but I forgot he was such a sweetheart,” Druig chuckled, his voice raspy as he ran his hand through his hair.
“Yeah, he is,” you whispered. “You seem like an asshole, but I think you’re secretly a sweetheart too.”
Don’t tell anyone that either.
Your eyebrows shot up at the new voice penetrating your mind. It sent a tingle down your spine at the intimacy of it. It was unfamiliar, but not necessarily unwelcome. You shook your head, smiling as Druig kept on smirking at you.
So, my jacket hugs my muscles just right, huh?
Your face heated up like never before, to the point where you wished you could curl into a ball on the ground. You turned your eyes toward the sand, hoping to avoid his gaze. But when you saw his shoes step into your line of vision, you hesitantly dragged them back up again. He was standing right in front of you, blue eyes piercing. His smirk now replaced with a soft smile you had a feeling was newly reserved for you. He raised his hands, brushing the pad of his fingertips over your cheeks slowly before reaching for his glasses still sitting at home on your face. Slowly, and almost sensually, he dragged them off of you, the cool metal brushing against your skin before he tucked them into the pocket of his jacket. You immediately missed his touch, and you must have thought it too because soon enough his hands were cupping your cheeks and he was stepping even closer to you. So close in fact, that if either of you moved even an inch, your lips would probably brush against each other.
Don’t worry, sweetheart, I think you’re quite stunning yourself.
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gryffindorwriter · a day ago
Please, Druig + "Excuse me—where is my Christmas kiss?" + Deep kiss where they have their hands tangled in each other’s hair to pull them closer + Followed by more that trail down the jaw and neck 😁😍
A/N: This is entirely different to anything I've written before... I don't think I'm very good at writing stuff like this and it's kind of out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to give this request a go and challenge myself. It's certainly one of the spiciest things I've ever written, if not the most. I hope you like it! 🥰
Druig watches you say goodbye to the rest of the Eternals with his eyebrows furrowed. He hadn’t been a fan of the idea of inviting them over for dinner to celebrate Christmas, but he’d obliged because you had wanted him to. But now, as he watches you press a kiss to Ikaris’ cheek, he wonders if he should have vetoed the idea as soon as you brought it up.
His hands ball into fists at his sides at the smile on Ikaris’ face.
He stands back while the others all walk out the front door and you wave goodbye to them. He leans comfortably against the wall in the hallway, watching you as you close the door behind them and turn around to look at him, a smile on your lips this time.
He wants to kiss it off of you.
“Excuse me,” Druig pushes himself off of the wall and wanders towards you. He’s feeling jealous even though he has no reason to. Playful, too. “Where is my Christmas kiss?”
You raise your eyebrows. “Your what?”
“I saw you gave Ikaris one, so I’d like my own.”
He tilts his head to the side as you look at him. There’s a glint of amusement in your own eyes that he quite enjoys the sight of. For a moment he thinks you’re going to ignore him, walk right past him and into the kitchen to start cleaning up after the dinner.
And then you take a step towards him.
Druig’s lips start to quirk up into a smirk.
“I suppose you deserve one, too,” you hum.
But then you take another step, and Druig starts to think he’s finally going to get his way until you lean up and peck his lips in possibly the quickest kiss ever given in the universe.
He’s quick to react, muttering a quiet “Uh uh,” and shaking his head as he reaches out to take your wrist and pull you back to him before you can walk away. His lips are on yours in no time and he can feel you smiling against them.
His hand moves from your wrist to cup the back of your head, tilting your head up so he can kiss you better, kiss you with the passion he wants to show you. You don’t seem to mind the longer kiss, either, judging by the way your hands run up his arms and to his neck, tangling in the longer hair at the nape of his neck.
“Is this better?” You briefly mutter against his lips.
Druig smirks. “It could be.”
His lips find yours again, his body instinctively moving to gently push you up against the wall across the hallway. He kisses you deeper this time, his hands weaving through your hair just like yours run through his, pulling him closer to you. Your heart is racing in your chest as Druig’s lips move against yours, his tongue swiping against your bottom lip.
Then, he surprises you by pulling his lips away from yours, letting you breathe for a moment. But only for a moment, because then his lips return to the corner of yours. You expect him to kiss you again. Instead, his lips press down against your jaw, peppering kisses down to your neck. Your hands gently tug on his hair involuntarily.
Druig hums. “This is better.”
This is much better. This put the kiss you’d given to Ikaris to shame, and the poor man doesn’t even know it. The thought makes Druig unreasonably happy, even though he knows that your heart belongs to him.
“Oh, is it?” You ask.
His lips find yours again, only for you to suddenly pull away from him. He pauses, lips parted, breathing heavy, and stares at you, wondering why you were stopping this all of a sudden when it felt so good.
“You only said you wanted a Christmas kiss,” your voice is playful. “I think that was enough for several… don’t you?” There’s a glint in your eyes again and you move away from him, spinning him so he’s the one leaning up against the wall again. You lean up and peck his lips again, like you’d done before, but just for a little longer. “Satisfied?”
You leave Druig leaning against the wall watching after you as you walk into the kitchen. His lips are red and well-kissed, his hair messy. He chuckles to himself and gently raises his fingers to touch his lips. Satisfied indeed.
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warrentrash · 2 days ago
you’re my person
druig x eternal!reader
Tumblr media
summary:  Can I please request where the reader is hysterically crying and the only person who can calm her down is Druig even though they’re not a couple but it’s obvious they have feelings for each other and the other eternals are all like awww 🥺🥺🥺
tw warnings: mentions of violence, panic/ anxiety attack-like symptoms that may be triggering, druig being the loml
a/n: this is rushed because i wanted to write it immediately lol not edited !!
To say you were emotional was an understatement. It wasn't your fault, Mahd W'ryr does that to people. You saw Thena battle through it like the warrior she was, and you saw how supportive and attentive everyone was to the situation, so you knew you shouldn't have been so worried about it. You obsessed over that when the day finally came, that day being your inevitable breakdown, you were going to be in control of it, not the other way around. But when you were hit with an episode, you were hit hard and it threw everyone off guard.
'Do you think that when we finally make it home, you'll grow to miss everyone?' You asked Druig as you both observed Phastos at work.
He hummed and shrugged, looking down at you with an amused glint in his eye.
'Well I sure hope not,' he muttered and crossed his arms, earning a roll of the eyes and a light shove from you. His laugh echoed through the lab, causing Phastos to glare at the two of you through his suspended creation.
Best friends for eternity is what you called your friendship with Druig. Although, as of recent, it had developed farther from a friendship, and closer to a relationship. Neither of you would ever have the courage to voice your feelings. It was a timeless infatuation with one another; like the sun and moon and their endless game of cat and mouse, like the hands ticking on a clock going around and around and around, never stopping.
'I doubt we're ever going to make it home… It feels like we're stuck here until the end of time,' Druig muttered and tossed an apple up in the air before catching it. He looked down at you and stopped mid-bite, noticing you had zoned out completely.
'Till the end of time…' The trance-like way you whispered caused Druig to tilt his head wearily. He was unprepared for you to grab his wrist and chest and toss him across the lab and right into the unsuspecting Ajak, who had appeared in the doorway with Ikarus.
You had no recollection of the attack or anything after Druigs joke, just that you were standing wrapped in Gilgamesh's iron-tight grip as he pinned you to his chest in an attempt to stop your belligerent rampage. Ajak was in front of you with her hands on your cheeks firmly, nodding her head— speaking. You couldn't hear her. The sound of your own cries flooded the room almost as quickly as your tears when your stare landed on Druig, who was cradling his side, wincing deeply. Next to him, Ikarus was holding a hand to his shoulder where the blood seeped through his shaky fingers.
I hurt them, you thought to yourself in disgust. It was a fleeting thought as you hiccupped and your body forced you to inhale deeply- a gentle reminder to breathe.
‘Y/n, I need you to focus on me and my voice, okay?’ Ajak asked. You sunk lower in Gilgamesh's grip when the heavy realisation set in; you just hurt your best friend and wounded another. ‘Breathe, y/n, breathe,’ she instructed slowly as she crouched to your height. Her attempts to calm you down went unnoticed as you began to sputter out an apology. You were spiralling quickly and nobody knew what to do. Thena was always so strong when she bounced back— how do they handle someone so emotional and lethal?
Gilgamesh hesitantly let you go as Druig limped forward, giving Ajak a nod— a silent way of telling her he could help. She stepped aside and gently placed her hand on his shoulder to help ease the pain in his ribs.
‘Y/n? Hey,’ Druig said, grinning a little when you finally tore your stare from Ikarus and focused on him. ‘I’m okay. I’m alright. So is Ikarus, we’re okay.’ He dropped to his knees in front of you, holding his hands out for you to take- something you did without hesitation. Your hands quickly slid up his arms and around his back as he pulled you into a firm embrace. You held him tightly. You held him like it was the rock keeping you grounded to Earth.
Profusely apologising, you squeezed your eyes shut in an attempt to block out the truth; you had hurt your loved ones. Druig nodded his head, his chin digging into your shoulder with each slight movement as he rocked you both back and forth.
Everyone watched silently as your hands flexed open and shut against his back in time with your deep breaths, crumpling his shirt each time. Druig didn’t complain once. He didn’t even think anything of it as he kept encouraging you to keep breathing.
‘You’re okay Hun, yeah?’ He asked you, his smile wavering ever so slightly with concern.
‘Yeah, yeah, I’m okay…’
It seemed to click simultaneously within the minds of each Eternal, all watching in worry when they realised that you and Druig were more than best friends, and had been for quite a while. They had been so blinded by the proposition of Druig not having enough love in his heart to extend to others to see that it already had.
Druig was your person, till the end of your days; till the end of time.
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thatonebrazilian · a day ago
Y/N *meeting Thena for the first time*: Woah, she's so fucking gorgeous.
Druig: Don't be jealous, you're pretty too.
Y/N: I'm not being jealous, Druig, I'm being gay.
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siempre-bucky · 2 days ago
Druig x reader with you lost a cherished personal belonging, so i try my best to replace it, and even though it's not perfect, you're really appreciative of me trying xxx
Dad!Druig x Reader
WC: 842
A/N: I tweaked this a lil bit bc I got a few requests for Dad!Druig and this fit so well!
Tumblr media
Everything was calm in the apartment that morning, Druig typing away while his eyes were fixed on the bright screen. The clicks of the black keys filled the silent living room. Well, it was calm until he heard a crash followed by a high-pitched squeal. Orla. Druig's head shot up, quickly placing his laptop on the couch cushion beside him before hurrying towards the kitchen.
The little girl stood in the middle of the wood floor kitchen, her bare feet surrounded by broken pieces of white ceramic. Swooping in his picked up the girl and examined her legs "Did you get cut, m'darlin?" he asks gently, rubbing her toes to check for glass.
Orla shakes her head but begins to wail, putting her head in the crook of his neck, the warm tears tickling him. "I broke mommy's favorite cup!" she cries, holding on tighter to his black t-shirt. Druig lovingly rubs her back in small circles, examining the floor n front of him. He was able to pick out a heart, a sunflower, and the word mommy written in Orla's handwriting. He recognized the mug, it was a mother's day present from last year, Y/N had called it her favorite cup and Orla had never let it go since.
"I see," he hummed, "What happened?"
"I wanted water, but I slipped a-and the cup fell," she managed.
"Ok," he begins, carrying her out of the kitchen, "I'm going to go clean it up, stay here."
"But Daddy!" She yelps, being placed on the couch, "You can't throw mommy's cup away!"
"It's broken, Orla," Druig calls from the hall closet, pulling out the broom and dustpan. The little brunette climbs over to the edge of the couch and leans over the edge to watch him.
"Can you fix it?"
"There are too many pieces, my love," he says sadly as he walks back into the room, placing a kiss on top of her head, "I'm sorry."
Orla huffs and slumps into the couch, "I bet uncle Phastos could fix it," she muttered under her breath. Druig narrowed his eyes and clenched the broom a little tighter. He could fix it. He looked down at the large pieces of the broken mug. Ok, maybe he could fix it.
So during his nap, he sat at the kitchen table, painstakingly trying to put the godforsaken mug back together. "Whatcha doin?" Y/N asks from behind him, startling the Eternal. Druig drops the glue and jumps slightly; he obviously didn't hear her come in.
"Fuck, Y/N," he curses, running the back of his hand along his forehead. Y/N chuckles a quick apology and takes a seat next to him, placing her bag on the table. "Orla dropped your mug this morning and she's been so upset about it," he sighs.
She clicks her tongue and relaxes her shoulders, taking a look at her husband's work "Poor thing," she whispers, "There's no way I can drink from this again."
"Well," he begins, gluing the final piece, "We can at least put it on a shelf." There were tiny cracks and holes along with thick globs of super glue. "I tried, I really did." Druig leans back in the chair, letting out a long exasperated groan. He was upset he couldn't fix it for her, not just because of the Phastos comment, but he knew how much that dollar cup meant to his little girl.
Y/N places her hand over his, rubbing his knuckles with the pad of her thumb. "I know," she says, "Thank you for trying, my love."
"Mommy?" a quiet voice asks from around the corner. That poor fragile voice was so embarrassed and fearful of her mother's reaction.
"Orla," Y/N sings calmly, "come sit with us."
The 6-year-old slowly revealed herself from behind the corner, her pink stuffed bunny's ears clenched tightly in her hand. Her blue eyes connect with the put-together mug, her frown grew sadder. The sunflower petals barely matched up and the handle was jagged.
"I broke the cup, mommy," Orla says as Y/N places her in her lap. She pushes back her daughter's bangs and kisses the back of her head.
"It was an accident, it's ok, baby" she reassures her, slowly rocking side to side, "Daddy and I are going to put it on a shelf so everyone can see it!"
"So... you're not going to throw it away?"
"What! Never," you gasp playfully, earning a smile from Druig. He reaches over and checks to see if the mug had dried. He rubs the tacky glue off his fingers and glances up at the two loves his life giggling together.
"How about we make her a brand new one?" Druig suggests, raising an eyebrow.
Orla perks up, a smile so wide the sides of her eyes crinkle just like her fathers "Can I paint it?" she asks excitedly, head turning to look at Y/N then back at Druig.
Her parents laugh at her enthusiasm, Druig finally telling her, "Of course! you're the best painter in the world, my dear!"
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peterpparkrr · 2 days ago
my little dark age
Pairing: Druig x reader (Eternals) - No use of (Y/N)
Summary: Chance encounters become all the more unlikely when it’s been hundreds of years since you last saw them. Or, Druig pines after a stranger he never even spoke to for centuries.
Word count: 2.1K
Warnings: mild violence, allusion to suicide, discussion of death
A/N: I’d been struggling to figure out a druig premise since I saw the movie and then I wrote this all today after work lol 
Tumblr media
Athens, 896 BCE
Athen’s had been the Eternal’s home for the last few years. Thena had been named the defender of the city after killing more Deviants than you could count. She’d saved the population and the people had named their city after her in thanks. 
The people loved Thena. She was a goddess to them, and they practically worshipped her. 
When Druig sat and listened to Sprite tell stories about their family to children and adults alike he could already see the way the fables were forming in their minds. The way the stories would grow and spread until the myths of who they were shifted and became unrecognizable. 
And he would still be here, to hear those stories. In a hundred years, in a thousand years, wherever they went the stories about his family would follow them. It had already happened with Gil, and Phastos was fast on his way to becoming another god in these people’s eyes. The inventions and sparks of creativity he gave them would serve these people for the centuries to come. 
And Druig would just have to watch. 
Maybe fight a few more Deviants along the way, but eventually, they’d kill the last of them, and then what would he be able to do? 
Sit and watch while these humans continued to wage wars against each other, to kill each other over petty arguments, over minor disagreements? The death and destruction that humans waged on themselves were growing every day. If the others would just let him, he could stop it. Stop the pain and suffering for everyone. But they would never let him do that. He was forbidden from interfering in the conflicts of humans.
So instead he’d just have to watch them tear each other apart. 
And he had been watching when he saw her. 
You caught his eye from across the pavilion. A beautiful face, but more interestingly, curious eyes. You were standing off to the side while a crowd listened to Sprite tell another story. She was droning on and on about Ikaris. Druig wasn’t sure which story she was trying to tell, there were too many unimportant details, about what Ikaris had looked like, detours to his interests, little personal details, it was boring.
So he allowed his gaze to wander. And he’d happened to lock eyes with you. And you smiled flirtatiously, a quiet burst of laughter bubbling up from your chest as you stared back at him, not daring to be the one to break the eye contact.
Part of him wanted to go to you. To talk to you. To find out what was so funny, and if things went well, to make you laugh again. 
He wanted to know you. He really did. But he also knew that he couldn’t. Getting close to humans only made it all the more painful to watch them grow and age while he stayed the same. 
Druig had had friends before, close friends, but every time they would grow old and die and Druig would be left with nothing but memories. No matter how hard he tried, death could not be stopped. Not even by an Eternal. 
So he learned to keep his distance. To never get too close to the humans. It was easier that way.
So he took the easy way out. He winked at her before standing up and disappearing down an alley into the dark night. 
Druig walked away, ending the story before it could even start.
Tumblr media
Rome, 30 BCE
You were perusing the stalls of the Tuesday market when you saw him. The stalls and tables stacked high with goods, wares, food, crafts, anything you could ever dream of owning. Treasures from the farthest reaches of the empire. You needed to purchase some food to last you through the rest of the week. Nearly completely focused on completing your tasks when you’d loved up by chance and caught the eye of a stranger at the same time he looked over at you.
But was he a stranger?
You’d seen him before. It couldn’t be a coincidence. This wasn’t some stranger that you’d seen in the market a few years ago. This was a man that you recognized from centuries ago. And he was looking at you like he remembered you too. You didn’t dare speak. If he knew what you were that was one thing, but he was something…else. It would be a bad idea to go in blind to whatever he was. 
So you were going to do what you do best. Run.
Life - if you could even call it that anymore - had been hard on you. 
You’d been a young woman when the whispers had first started. When your sisters began to look older than you despite being years your junior, your father was getting greyer and greyer, and fine lines began to appear on the faces of your friends. When you first realized that while they had begun to age, that you hadn’t changed a bit. 
As the years went by the whispers only grew, the more people wondered what you were, or what you had done. 
Some thought you were chosen by the gods. A favorite. Bestowed with a blessed gift. Some of those people revered you and honored you. Others were jealous and envious, they couldn’t see what was so special about you that the gods would pick you over them.
But there were others who thought you had been cursed. That the gods had smited you, given you a malediction. Those people wanted you gone, banished from the city. Sent somewhere far away so that you couldn’t infect the rest of the city with your sin and wickedness. 
They’d dragged you screaming and crying out of your father’s house. They’d dragged you through the city’s streets and to the edge of town where they’d tied you to a mule and sent you out into the desert with nothing but the clothes on your back.
You’d wander for who knows how long. 
You should have died. Of dehydration. Starvation. Of something, anything that had happened to you in the wilderness. 
But you couldn’t seem to die. You laid in the desert, stranded. Your dead mule left behind long ago and willed the gods to take you. To end your suffering. But they wouldn’t answer your prayers. Perhaps there were no gods after all. Or maybe they really had cursed you, maybe this was your punishment, to suffer and unending death for the rest of time. 
You weren’t sure what your sin had been, how you could have offended the gods. But if the stories were true then the gods didn’t always need a reason for doing the things they did. They were all-powerful beings who could do what they pleased. 
But you had your own power now. A power that had scared the people in your village. A power that you would have to learn to use. 
Eventually, you’d accepted what had happened. And began your trek. You’d wandered through the wilderness until you found a new village. They’d taken you in, nursed you back to health, and allowed you to live with them. 
But after a few years, you knew what you had to do, that you need to keep moving, from village to village so you never stayed in one place too long, never allowed anyone to get to know you too well, all in order to keep your secret safe. 
Holding yourself at arms distance from all was hard at first, but eventually, it became second nature. It was only natural. And you’d traveled the world. Visited corners of the world that you never could have dreamed of.
Big cities were the best, it was easy to disappear into a busy place. And you could stay a few years longer which was always nice.
So when the Roman Empire came to power Rome was an obvious choice for your next home. 
You’d been walking through the market when you’d seen him. Just glanced up from the fruit you were inspecting at the right time and made eye contact with him across the way. 
Tumblr media
She had to be a great-granddaughter 40 generations over. Some distant relative, one identical to a woman who had lived centuries ago. You’d think it impossible. 
But Druig remembered her. Remembered her face. The smile was the same, her hair, her lips, the set of her cheekbones, and the rise of her chin. But her eyes….her eyes were different.
This time. He didn’t run away. He moved towards her.
She had turned to walk away. And was halfway down an alley when he finally caught up to her.
“Have we met before?” He asked as he chased after her, unintentionally cornering her in the alleyway.
“I don’t think so, But I do come to this market often, maybe you’ve just seen me around here before,” You tried to reply, your words coming out unevenly as you avoided eye contact, trying to step back from this strange man, to get somewhere safe.
“No, not here, somewhere else,” He said slowly. Trying to choose his words carefully. He’d clearly spooked her. And he didn’t mean to, but he also needed to understand.
“I’ve lived here all my life,” You lied quickly.
“That’s not true,” Druig replied with a simple shake of his head. “You’re from Athens.”
You stared up at him with wide eyes. “I-”
“I saw you in Athens, over 800 years ago.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I- You’re crazy,” You rambled as panic began to seep down your spine. What did this guy know? And what was he going to do to you?
“I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just confused,” He told you. Wishing he could reach out and press a reassuring hand into your shoulder. But he knew that he couldn’t. That you’d probably actually bolt.
“Who are you?” You asked as you looked up at him. Trying to search his eyes for some hint at his true intentions.
“I’m sorry,” Druig apologized. He’d gotten ahead of himself. And he needed her to trust him. “My name is Druig. I’m part of a group called the Eternals. We were sent to earth five thousand years ago to protect Earth from monsters called Deviants.”
“Who are you?” He asked after a beat.
You tell him your first name. “I’m...I’m not sure what I am. I haven’t aged since around 890. But I also can’t seem to die.” 
You’d never told anyone that. You’d gotten close before, to breaking down and telling someone the truth. But you’d always known that the consequences would be terrible. But now you were here, telling a complete stranger, a man that you’d known for thirty seconds your deepest secret. 
Maybe you’d finally lost your mind? Or maybe your death wish had finally returned.
“So it was you,” He breathed out. “And… do you have any powers?”
“Is immortality not impressive enough for you?” You shot back before taking a deep breath. “Not that I know of. I just don’t age, can’t get sick, never get sustain serious injuries, nothing can kill me.”
You looked away for a moment, closing your eyes tightly in an effort to banish the memories of your darkest moments, banishing them back into the recesses of your brain. “How did you remember me, you’re even older than I am, and you remembered me. From centuries ago. We didn’t even speak that night, did we?”
“We didn’t.” He admitted. Thorough he wasn’t sure he was prepared to admit the whole truth to you. The embarrassing fact that he’d thought of you frequently over the years. That a mysterious girl who’d smiled at him one time had plagued his thoughts and struck a chord in him back then, and that it had happened again today when he saw you.
No. That would be way too embarrassing to admit. 
“I-I could take you to my family. We could figure out how this happened to you?” He offered, albeit, lamely. 
“Phastos, he’s an inventor, if anyone can figure out what happened to you it would be him. And Ajak, she’s a healer, if we go find them, she might be able to fix it,” “Only if you wanted that.”
“I would,” You admitted as you glanced back up at him, trying to ignore the way your stomach flipped as his eyes locked back onto yours again. “I would like that.”
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moonlit-imagines · a day ago
Headcanons for dating Druig
Druig x Eternal!reader
prompt: anonymous: “Hi Lacey! Can I please request some headcanons of what dating Druig from Eternals would include, please? Thank you so much!”
Tumblr media
it was hard for him not to be attracted to you, honestly
i mean, he knows, he tried
but eventually he succumbed to the love he had for you
and finally let you in
“i just couldn’t keep myself away from you any longer, dear” -druig
“promise not the be a stranger from this moment forward” -you
“you have my word” -druig
this man is absolutely touch starved so the second you lay a hand on him he melts
even just brushing your hand against his knuckles
begs for attention but only from you because no one else matters in that way to him
he tries to keep his cool in front of the other eternals, not be all over you pda-wise
but an arm around your waist or shoulders was acceptable for him, holding hands is okay too
“i miss you” -druig
“im right here” -you
“but i still miss you” -druig
he worries about you in battle but he knows deep down that you’re able to handle yourself
cares about ur feelings 🥰🥰
“are you okay, my darling? you’ve barely touched your plate” -druig, reaching for your hand
“it’s nothing” -you
“talk to me, y/n. ya know you always can” -druig
u made him play games with you and the people you were living with at the time
snack breaks
he always brought u snacks honestly. like he disappeared and came back with food for the both of you
also he’s cuddly he will latch onto you and not let go
a part of him fears you leaving him
and he vents to you about wanting to save the humans from themselves often
“i wish i could do something to stop the monstrosities but each time i try, the others will criticize my actions” -druig
“you have a good heart, druig. in a perfect world, they’d all get along, but this world is far from perfect” -you
he gives tummy kisses, hand kisses, thigh kisses, cheek kisses, so many kisses
in a not weird way, sometimes he’ll just admire you while you’re asleep
and sometimes he thinks you’re asleep n you’ll catch him and try to make sure he doesn’t see u smile
he scratches your back lightly and at random, u might be laying down, u might be at dinner with the eternals, might be walking around, who knows
he just wants you to be happy, but he struggles with happiness himself
but druig knows ur there for him and would stand by him through anything
even if that ultimately meant leaving the eternals and starting another new life, different than the ones you’d lived before
it was just you and him and the people you saved
“we’ll make this work. we can be happy here” -you
“ah, the optimist. please don’t lose that anytime soon” -druig
hard work set the compound on track, and you were proud of what you’ve accomplished. albeit guilty
but druig always eased your mind
so life got very simple
and for the foreseeable future, it’d be picnics, late mornings and early afternoons in bed, caring for your people, relaxing by the lake, bonfires, singing, and just keeping a low profile
“i’m glad we did this” -you, curling up next to druig at the fire
“me, too, my love. wouldn’t have it any other way” -druig, peering up at the stars, then down to you to give you a kiss
taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartlizzie07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @johnmurphyisqueer // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @resplendentlady // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @spoodermans // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse // @scarthefangirl // @cyanide-mustard // @druigmybelovedone // @beth-gallagher22 // @bad4amficideas // @magnificentzombiebasement //
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marvelcinematic · 2 days ago
Friends with Benefits Part 3 18+
Druig x F! Eternal Reader
Summary: You and Druig reach a turning point in your situationship
Warnings: Angst, blood, death, smut
Word Count: 2.8k
A/N: Feel free to request! I might be a bit slow due to school but I will try my best. I’m trying to get back to the Ever After series again and try to get it out by No Way Home!
Tumblr media
Whenever you and Druig would have sex it was never in the Domo and the two of you never really spent the rest of the night together. The routine was a place was found, usually outside and the two of you would arrive and leave separately during the night in order to avoid getting caught. Except this night was different. Maybe it was the situation, maybe it was because Druig started to feel hurt by the possibility that his feelings were one sided. You could tell your run in with Sersi caught him off guard. But this night and the morning that followed changed everything.
You had just gotten back from patrol that night with Ikaris and Thena. You were pretty shaken up, your ears not registering the other Eternals' concerns over you as you made your way to find the only person who could help you. Thena and Ikaris watched you trail off, concern etching their faces after seeing how you were affected by tonight. Ikaris was about to follow but Thena placed a hand on his shoulder and shook her head, "She can help herself. Go to Sersi and tell her you love her." After the night the three of you had Thena figured it was best everyone had self care. She would go on to find Gilgamesh later.
You didn't care who saw now, you were determined to find the person you needed now. You took in a deep breath as you gently knocked on Druig's door, praying he was awake. You didn't notice how tense you were, as Druig finally opened the door. Maybe he should have pretended to be asleep. But concern etched his face as his saw the faint stain of dry tears on your face, "What happened?"
You stood strong and said softly, "I need you, come with me to my room please." Druig saw something was troubling you, that even though you were physically unscathed something was clouding your mind. You needed him, you needed to be with him to forget about what you saw and to only think about him with you. He nodded, looking around to see if anyone was watching. It wasn't important to him but he knew it was important to you. He followed you to your quarters, noting how your desperation was different this time. He closed the door behind him and you immediately stripped, not caring about the lack of foreplay or sexiness. He had seen you naked countless of times, you didn't care now. No, you just wanted to forget. You don't look back at him until you are lying on your mattress with your legs slightly spread. To your surpise he just stands there studying your face with his hands behind his back. Suddenly you felt hurt, were you not sexy to him anymore?
"Druig please." you said softly as you looked at him with pain in your eyes. Druig shook his head as he approached your bed. He knelt next to you on the mattress, "Gorgeous as you are Y/N I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because something's troubling you. A fuck to forget is fine Y/N, but remember that I was, am your friend and your mind is important to me." Druig replied as he looked into your eyes as they softened. Of course he knew something was wrong with you. He didn't need to read your mind to see how hurt you were right now.
You shook your head, turning away from him as tears started to well up in your eyes. You wanted to forget and now here you were remembering everything in front of the person you never wanted to see you cry. You pulled your knees to your chest, suddenly feeling exposed physically and emotionally. Druig softly placed his hand under your chin and turned your face back to him. His heart ached at the pain he saw leave your eyes. He never wanted to see you cry again. You shook your head as more tears filled your eyes, you tried to stop yourself by control your breathing but it couldn't stop the flood gates. Druig wrapped his arms around you, placing a kiss softly on your temple and gently rubbing your back, "What happened?"
You sobbed into him, "It was terrible. She loved him." You couldn't tell him what happen without sobbing, so you looked at him and said, "You can see, but please make me forget." You couldn't explain to him in words, but you could allow him to see your memories if it meant taking the pain away. He nodded, not sure if he could bring himself to do so, but wanting to help you anyway. His eyes glowed as he devolved into your memories.
It was only supposed to be a simple deviant hunt. You, Thena and Ikaris against a beast was simple enough, no casualties. The place supposed to be barren, no population, just a small area on the outskirts of Athens. Except there was a small home. You turned to Ikaris and Thena, "I'll check on them, you two find that deviant."
Cautiously you approached. Your heart sank as you heard the woman's cries. You found her in the yard, craddling her dead husband. You noted the deep gash in his side, surely from the deviant. You slowly approached and placed a hand on her shoulder. She didn't care, she couldn't feel you. She held him sobbing, you knew she couldn't stay here you pulled her off of him. You softly brushed your hands through her hair and said softly, "We need to leave my dear."
"No."she screamed, trying to get back to her husband. Your eyes widened as you heard movement amongst the foliage. Surely she would attract the deviant once again.
"You need to live."you hissed, your grip tightening on her shoulders as you tried looking her in her eyes. She stared blankly at you, her eyes glossed with pain and tears. She sniffled and shook her head, "No."
"You have to, for him." you said your eyes never leaving her's as you heard Ikaris' laser beams drawing closer. She stared at you blankly and muttered, "You don't know what love is." She pushed away from your grip, you grabbed her arm once again, forcefully. You wished Druig had been there to make things easier, for her and you.
"Maybe not. Surely I wouldn't let it get me killed."
"That's the thing, there's no life without love. It's not worth it." she replied as she turned again to look at her dead husband. She had no children, this man was her life. He would also be her death. Suddenly Ikaris and Thena came into view, battling the lion like deviant.
"We need to go." you said firmly as you pulled her away. Rushing to get her out of the deviant's view. She let out a blood-curling scream, "No, let me go!" She knew it was a death wish, she didn't care if it was for you too. The deviant's head shot up, turning to the two of you. It knocked Ikaris away with its tail and sped up towards the two of you. You shoved her into the house, but the deviant broke through. Ikaris had regained his strength but it was too late. You weren't ready to fight, you tried to cover the woman but somehow she had gotten away from you once again. The blow that was meant for you landed on her. Everything felt slow in that moment. You watched her peacefulness through the pain as she fell in front of you. You never noticed the final hit Thena landed on the deviant that was too late.
You held the dying woman in your arms, your heart racing. You felt like a failure. Thena and Ikaris watched in shock. They had never seen a human sacrifice themselves for an eternal before. You stared down at her, "Ikaris, get Ajak." Ikaris turned to look at Thena, she shook her head.
"She won't make it Y/N."Thena said softly as she placed a hand on your shoulder.
"No." you said as you looked down at her. Her mouth filled with blood as smiled, "I'm...sorry for being such a pain..." she gasped as the pain started to overcome the adrenaline, "I hope you...can love someone as much as I have...Then you will know..." Her eyes grew heavier as you tried to keep her awake, "No, stay please."
"Let me die next to him."
"You won't die."
"Y/N." Ikaris warned. You looked back at him before turning to the greying woman. You picked her up, she cried in pain. You carried her yards to the corpse of her husband. She managed to hang on, as you laid her on her back. You watched as she took the last of her strength to turn on her side and hold him. She closed her eyes, placed a kiss on his cheek as she was gone too.
You knelt beside them, you couldn't pry your eyes from the husband and wife. Were it not for the wounds and the paleness they just looked like two soulmates asleep in the moonlight. Ikaris never felt much for the humans but this was an instance that made him feel for them. He turned to Thena who had seen enough, she said softly "Y/N we need to leave now."
You wanted to bury them, but Thena knew you had to go home.
Druig's arms tightened around you as you let out more sobs, "Druig please. Make me forget." He shook his head. He wish he had been there for you in that moment, that Thena or Ikaris could have comforted or protected you better. He felt your pain. You finally understood how dangerous and tragic love could be. He held you in his arms as your sobs subsided. You didn't need to forget, you needed to express your emotions. You inhaled, finally calming down, "I just...I don't understand."
"What's there to understand? She loved him, she was determined to die beside him." Even Druig knew there was nothing you could have done. The woman was determined to be with her lover until death, it was only matter of if she got you killed or not.
"But why?"
"'Cus when you love someone you want to spend your rest of your life with them." Unfortunately some lives are shorter than others. He paid no mind to the thought that if he were in the situation he would have died for you too. It scared him that one day he could lose you. It pained him to know that you could never understand love, at least not with him.
You sat in silence, comforted by his warmth and by his arms. You didn't want to think about losing Druig, you were determined to keep him alive until the universe ended at least. You just didn't want to lose him as a person you could rely on and care for. You were comforted by the silence, by the feeling of his hands comforting you. You turned to look at him in his eyes, not realizing you were about to make the most selfish mistake of your life. You didn't care in this moment, because who knew when they would lose each other. You placed your hands on his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. You didn't care at the moment, you couldn't live without kissing the man you loved once.
Druig's heart raced as your lips meet. His cheeks filled with warmth as he finally was able to feel your lips against his. He could tell why you had intially stipulated the no kiss rule. One hand pressed softly against your neck as the other pulled you closer to him. Your bare chest pressed upon his clothed as you deepened the kiss. You didn't need him to erase your memory, you only needed to feel him, to inhale him.
You pulled away from him, your cheeks filling with warmth as you gave him a smile. He was blushing as if this was the first time seeing you. You nuzzled his cheek and murmured, "Please." He knew what you wanted, he slowly stripped though he was interrupted by you pulling him for more kisses. You fell back against the bed as he crawled on top of you, catching your lips once  again. Your arms wrapped around him as you deepened your kiss. You never wanted to let him go. He never wanted you more than now. One hand groped your breast, the soft skin of his thumbs rolling over your nipple as you moaned into his mouth. The other hand started to work on your cunt, making sure you were wet enough for him. His digits skimmed between your folds before plunging into your pussy. This time you bit his lip as your hips bucked to him. He pulled away to look at you. You were beautiful, gazing at him as if he was your sun and moon. Your cheeks warmed at his gaze as you moaned softly, "Druig I need you." With that his lips met your again. His hand left your warmth, your hips raised as you were ready for him. You wrapped your legs around him as he slowly led his cock into you. You moaned against him blissfully, as he found his rhythm. He was slow taking his time as he felt pleasure of your lips against him. One hand on the headboard the other back to stroking your cunt, he lead you to your climax as he savored being inside of you. You bit his lip, trying not to awake the others with your moans if he were to pull away, his hips bucked in response.
Creatively it wasn't the best sex the two of you had. But it was the best sex the two of you had regardless. You felt him, you felt so emotionally connected to him as if the two you were one. As he finished he pulled away from your lips, your noses touched as he moaned your name softly. He slowly pulled out, catching his breath as you smiled at him. Why did tonight feel like the best sex ever? You turned on your side and wrapped your arm other his chest. You placed a kiss on his shoulder and murmured, "Stay the night." Who was he to say no to the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on? He nodded and turned on his side so the two of you were facing. It scared him how much he loved you. He ran his hand through your sweaty hair as he said, "I have always wanted to kiss those beautiful lips."
Your lips curled into a smile, "I know. I've always wanted you to stay with me." You pulled him in for another kiss as your eyes grew heavier. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest. You decided in the morning you would tell him you love him.
As the Sun rose Druig watched your sleeping form. You looked like an angel. He slowly sat up, recalling the events of the night. He shouldn't of had slept with you, you were traumatized. He should have taken you to Ajak. No, the two you didn't make love you were just emotionally vulnerable. Druig was angry, at himself for not knowing better and at you. How could you tease him? He was a fool to think that you would love him, no, you were cruel to yourself and him. You had come to him for a fuck and he gave you his heart so easily as soon as you kissed him, he was a fool. You stirred awake and his heart stopped. He stood up and started to dress himself, not even looking at you.
You didn't know if you were paranoid, but now you wondered if you messed up. You sat up and said cautiously, "Druig I want to tell you something."
"I do to, can I go first?"
"Sure." you said as you watched him get dressed. Please look at me and tell me you love me too.
"This was a mistake." and just like that your heart shattered into a million piece. You stiffened and gulped and nodded, "Agreed, exactly what I was going to say."
"No, not just tonight. Everything." Druig said he approached the door, not turning to see the shock on your face, "I think we ought to rethink our professional relationship."
And just like that he left you in your room. You wondered what you did wrong. You knew he wouldn't take advantage of you, right? Tears welled up in your eyes but no one was there to hold you. He hated you. You didn't even have to tell him you loved him to lose him.
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lost-inside-hell · a day ago
You Had Broken Me - Druig (Angst)
Warning: Mentions of sex, cursing, fighting verbally and physically.
Listen to Remember That Night? - Sara Kays while reading this
Tumblr media
Druig bursted into your bedroom without even knocking. He slammed the door open so hard it hit the wall and shook the floor.
"What the fuck, Druig!?" You snapped at him. "You can't just burst into my room unannounced!"
"Is it true?" Druig ignored your previous words and walked right up to you, standing inches from you. You took a step back, his intensity was too much to stand so close too. His rage rolled off of him like waves of heat.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" You asked him as you studied his blue eyes.
"Don't fucking play dumb." Druig was shaking he was so mad. He walked towards you again and you took a step back every one he took towards you.
"Don't call me dumb you asshole. And no, I have no goddamn idea what you're so pissed off about." You told him honestly.
"I saw in Ikaris' mind. He was thinking about you and him fucking." Druig explained to you as he backed you up against the wall, his face close to yours. His blue eyes were now blue flames of anger as he watched your reaction, most likely already looking threw your mind for answers.
"You can't tell me who I can and can't have sex with, because it's none of your business anymore!" You shouted into his face, pissed off now. Druig's jaw muscles twitched, his anger starting to boil over. His composer cracking.
"I can see you didn't sleep with him." Druig said.
"Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Goddamn. Mind." You hissed into his face, wanting to smack him upside the head.
"Were you going to have sex with him?" Druig asked you, his voice low, but you could hear the suppressed anger behind the false calmness.
"Oh my god!" You screamed as you shoved Druig. He didn't get shoved, just swayed at your force. You shoved him again and got angrier. You started to punch his chest as you felt your own rage begin to boil. You licked your lips and smirked up at Druig. "What if I was?" You asked him, switching gears. Anger didn't effect Druig. He usually pissed everyone off. But the sudden calmness got him looking confused and fearful. You made your mind think about Ikaris and imagined him kissing you. You saw Druig's eyes get dark and his breathing quickened. "What? Does that upset you?" You asked Druig, never breaking eye contact with him. He growled as he shoved himself away from you. "You don't like the idea of his hands touching me..." you said with a sexy tone of voice, as if you were talking dirty. "His hands all over my body. Ikaris' hands in places where your hands used to touch." You even imagined it, making Druig see it.
"Stop it!" Druig yelled at you, his back still turned to you, his hands in fists as they shook with anger at his sides.
"What? You don't like the idea of Ikaris making me scream his name as he fucks me senseless?" You continued to talk with a breathless sexy voice. You imagined Ikaris slamming into you, both of you naked in his bed as he screams your name while he climaxes inside of you. His cum spilling out of you.
"STOP IT!!" Druig screamed at the top of his lungs as he finally snapped. He grabbed you, shoving you against the wall again, his hand wrapped around your neck. He wasn't choking you, just holding you there against the wall.
"You gave up any sort of say that you had in my life, Druig." You said in a soft spoken voice, being serious now, and Druig knew that.
"You know that isn't what I wanted for us." Druig said in a hushed tone as he let his hand fall from your neck down to your collar bone, his eyes flicked to his hand which rested over your exposed base of your neck, his blue eyes now a storm of pain. You felt a little bit bad for hurting him like you were right now, but he had hurt you much more before this. He had broken your.
"You gave up on us, remember?" You said at Druig. His pain filled blue eyes lifted back up to yours. "This is what you wanted."
"I never wanted this." Druig pleaded with you. You laughed and rolled your eyes.
"Yeah, now you say that. Then you didn't even feel guilty, and you just fucking walked away after cursing me out." You replayed the memory of it so Druig could see how awful he had been. Druig started to breath in short gasps, grabbing fistfuls of his short hair as he saw his worst moment all over again.
"Stop it. Stop this. Please, stop torturing me, y/n." Druig begged as you played that horrible moment again for him, throwing some naked Ikaris slamming into you into the mix.
"This is how it felt when you hurt me, Druig!" You screamed at him.
"I'm sorry!" Druig screamed back at you. It took you by surprise. He had never apologized for what he had done before this moment.
"It's too late, Druig." You told him, being honest.
"It's never too late." Druig pleaded with you as he took a few steps in your direction, his blue eyes were big and filled with sorrow.
"Druig, just leave me alone. Let me go." You begged, wanting to be free from this turmoil he always brought into your life when he was around.
"I won't ever let you go my beautiful, beautiful y/n."Druig said to you as he stood in front of you. The few inches he had on you in height felt like miles in this moment. Your heart physically hurt when he said the nickname he had always called you.
Without any warning Druig grabbed your waist and pulled you flush against him as he crashed his lips with yours. You tried to fight him, pushing him away, but he held on tight to you, continuing to kiss you. Druig could easily mind control you to kiss him back, but he didn't.
Suddenly, you closed your eyes and felt how his lips moved against your lips like they always had before. It felt like an old memory that you'd forgotten, warming your broken heart. You allowed yourself to relax into Druig's touch, remembering how it felt to be in his arms, memories of times you spent with Druig now surfaced in your mind after spending many years shoving them away. You felt your throat get choked up as you begun to kiss him back.
Druig had left you right after you two broke up. That was two hundred years ago. Nothing but silence from him after that. He only just reappeared in your life this last few weeks. You had been broken for years, hoping he'd come back, but he never did. So you moved on with a broken heart that eventually mended itself. But still to this day things would remind you of him, and your heart would ache again.
Druig parted his mouth, as if telling you he was willing to go further. You weren't sure if you were as willing, hesitant of the pain it'd cause you if you opened back up again and he just left again afterwards.
"I'm not leaving you ever again." Druig's voice spoke in your mind. "I promise."
You pulled away from Druig and studied his blue eyes. You remembered every inch of his face, it was like looking at a map of your hometown you had lived in all your life. Every inch familiar to you.
"Promise me out loud." You said to Druig, watching his gaze as you awaited his next move. He held you tighter in his arms as he pressed his forehead against yours. You almost choked on a sob, missing how Druig always so easily made you feel safe.
"I promise, y/n." Druig's voice was low and raspy as he spoke.
You didn't say anything, just wrapped our arms around Druig and held him tightly. But he already knew how you felt. He held you back as he rested his head on top of yours.
"I'm never leaving you again, y/n." He whispered to you as he gave the top of your head a kiss.
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wickeddruig · a day ago
No Limits
Tumblr media
pairing: bfb!druig x fem!reader
summary: you and your best friends brother are secretly dating, she’s trying to set you up on dates because she thinks your lonely and your secret boyfriend doesn’t like that
warning: unedited, jealousy, fingering, angst, sex from behind, praise kink, unprotected sex
word count: 1.5k
it’s been months since your vacation with your two best friends and druig’s vacation. you wanted to keep things a secret for a while because you didn’t know how his sister, Elena would react.
Druig had a feeling she would react good and maybe he was right because that’s his sister so he knows her better. but you were her best friend and you just didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Druig also liked the idea of being secret because he wasn’t used to having a girlfriend so he wanted to take his time to get used to it.
he was always taking pictures of you and leaving you secret love notes. you could tell he was ready to go public with your relationship but you just weren’t ready to risk your friendship or relationship, what if Elena made you chose?
Elena had just talked you and Megan into going out to a club tonight. you stood in her room in the tightest dress you’ve ever worn in your life. it hugged your curves tightly and it also was very short, to the point that if you bent over someone was going to catch a gimpse of some ass. Elena also suggested no panties which you agreed to because there was no point of wearing it with this dress anyways.
“you look delicious” elena said
“yes!!” megan cheered “do a spin”
you smiled and did a spin, during your turn you saw a gimpse at the door. you stopped and saw Druig standing there, with his arm above his head, resting against the door.
“where are you ladies headed” Druig asked, he was asking Elena but his eyes never left yours
“We’re going to the club to help y/n get out there, we feel like she needs a hookup or a boyfriend.. something” his sister said responding as she looked through her heels. Megan was looking on her phone.
“oh does she?” he asked raising his eyebrows as he kept eye contact with you, looking down at your dress “don’t you think the dress is a little.. short”
“that’s the point druig” she said huffing “can you give us a ride? we’re almost ready”
“why? you know how to drive” he said, snapping
“we need a driver cus we’re going to get fucked up, duh” she rolled her eyes.
“fine, be downstairs in 10 or im going to bed” druig said, leaving and closing the door.
you all finished getting ready and rushed downstairs. druig was waiting, swinging his keys. you all walked out to his car. you were going to sit in the back when druig gave you a look that you knew meant to sit in the front.
also both the other girls sat in the back anyways and he wasn’t an uber so there’d be no point in sitting the back. the drive there was silent, there was music playing you wished the other two weren’t in the backseat. you wanted his hand on your thigh so badly.
he pulled up to the club and you all got out, thanking him as you left. he watched your ass as you walked away, feeling jealous as he knew how many men would love to feel your ass against them, how they would feel inside of that tight wet pussy.
he knew that he had to tell his sister about your relationship but he knew that you wouldn’t be going for that. he came up with a plan so devious. he wasn’t going to go through with it at first until he saw you standing in line, he saw you dropped your phone and when you bent over he could nearly see your pussy, he saw some guys in line watching you, gawking at you. he had to go through with this plan.
you were finally inside the club after spending a long as time in the line. once you got in you immediately went for drinks. you were on the dance floor, trying not to dance with any guys but also look like you weren’t interested in any of them so Elena wouldn’t get suspicious. you were in a relationship so you couldn’t just dance with guys, that would be cheating and you weren’t about that life.
you were finally tired of dancing and pretending to be interested in men so you left the dance floor and sat down at the bar. while you waited for the bartender you received a text from your boyfriend.
come outside
you read it and immediately left the bar. you found Elena and Megan, telling them you were going to the bathroom. they were so into the dance that they didn’t even notice you leaving out the front door. you stood out front and druig pulled up. you reached the handle to get in the front seat but he rolled the window down.
“get in the backseat” he said and you listened, getting into the backseat. he drove to a random parking lot that was closed and then got out of the car, getting into the backseat with you.
he immediately kissed you, you kissed him too, missing the feeling of his lips against yours. he had his hands on your thigh as he bit your bottom lip, sliding his hands up higher until they were inches away from your pussy. he swiped his hands between your folds
“always so fucking wet” he mumbled against your lips “i couldn’t handle thinking about all those men that got to see that ass in this dress”
you didn’t know what to say, you just kissed from his lips down his chin down to his neck as he slipped his his middle finger and ring finger inside of you, pumping. you moaned in front of that dress.
“just remember who’s making you cum when you’re shaking your ass on other men” druig said angrily as he rubbed your clit with the thumb of his other hand. the thought of your ass, the ass that belong to him on other men made him angry. he was going to make you and his sister pay for this.
“i’m not- i’m not dancing with other men” you moaned
“you’re such a good girl” he pulled his fingers from inside of you “for that, you get a reward”
“get on all fours” he ordered and you listened, it was kind of hard because you were in the backseat but luckily he had a truck so it was kind of spacious.
he positioned himself behind you and grabbed your ass as he slid inside of you. he immediately started thrusting inside of you and he grabbed your hair pulling you back to him.
“all fucking mine” he said “so tight and so wet” he reached his hand under you and rubbed your clit.
your moans filled the car and you closed your eyes placing your hand on the window to steady yourself. the windows were foggy so that was definitely going to leave a print. druig moaned out your name, you loved it when he moaned for you especially when he said your name.
“fuck i’m going to cum” he said
“cum in me baby” you moaned out, you loved feeling him release inside of you
“i thought you’d never ask” and just like that he released inside of you, he continued thrusting until you came along with him
“now you can go back to dancing with those guys while my cum is in you” he mumbled in your ear smacking your ass.
“what the fuck” the car door was opened and you turned your head to see Elena standing at the door.
“oh my god” you groaned from embarrassment, it was so obvious you two had just gotten done fucking.
“what are you doing here” you asked
“druig texted me and told me i forgot my purse”
“druig texted you” you said, it was a set up. a fucking set up
“she needed to know y/n” druig butted in
“how long has this been going on” Elena asked
“we’ve been dating for a few months” you answered
“DATING” Elena yelled
“you’re mad?” you sighed
“of course i’m mad my best friend is dating my fucking brother and hid it from me, im not mad that you guys are dating you’re actually kind of cute i definitely see it but you lied to me” Elena said, she grabbed her purse and closed the car door. you sat in the car not knowing what to do
“she had to know y/n” druig said “i love you and i can’t take hiding anymore, the thought of her trying to set you up with another guy when your my girl drives me to murder”
you didn’t know what to do or how to fix this. on one had you were happy that she finally knew but would see ever forgive you? she wasn’t mad you two were dating so she possible could. you weren’t mad at druig you understand why he wanted her to know
“i just wish you would’ve just told me you wanted to tell her” you signed
“i did and said no so i had to do what i had to do”
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mischiefmanaged71 · a day ago
When We Were Young - Druig x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: The fear of being alone and miscommunication can lead us to where we stand now. With the building regret each day, we have to live with our actions.
Author’s Note: Based on requests from @merceret @nyxphie that I took creative liberties with. Pick a song, take some prompts and voila, here we are. My inbox is open for requests xx. I write angst, fluff, action.
Pairing: Druig x fem! Eternal reader
Warning: angst, fluff
Word Count: 1.7K
The streaks of the raindrops piling along the windowpane drew her eyes to the gloomy and still city outside the apartment. The cold seeped through the cracks under the door causing her to wrap around her knees and glance at the scattered lights illuminating the sky. A warm gaze overtook her vision with the embrace of the sun meeting the horizon. The settling calm of the city peeked inward, instilling a sombre feeling within her. A glance around the apartment and she settled into the comfort of the cushions, staring into the abyss of the crowd below. The wandering steps, the crowding of leaves in the breeze along with the noises of the night. 
Her attempts at wading off the cold were futile as she shrugged and ripped herself from the couch to dart toward her bedroom. Feet dragging into the room, her eyes flicker and lock onto a locket resting on the dresser. She doubles back and squints in confusion, picking it with gentle hands to caress the front. The sealed gold cover, a shiny remnant in the barren apartment clouded by darkness. Her fingers travel along the luxurious casing, turning it over to glance over the engraved words on the back.
‘Even apart,
Always yours.’
Her breath hitches as she pauses, hands hesitantly dropping to her side. The doorway to her living room becomes interesting as she stares indifferently, a chilling feeling rioting through her as she freezes in her spot. A sense of longing forever-more for someone’s presence. The sound of their voice, their comforting smile - their hold. She ducks her head sorrowfully, clutching the locket to her chest to resign into herself. Her eyes shut, clenching to hold the tears at bay from falling. 
Crestfallen and regretful was where they were both left in the end. An exchange of words and before they realised, a departure of hesitant hearts as their threads drifted further apart. From the first moment, she was entranced by Druig; the way he talked, the way he moved. Whether from his grace and caring demeanour, he was dear to her and before she knew it, it was more than simply platonic. It became something rather unfamiliar, apparently akin to something like love. It was a crescendo crashing into her as she fell in deep into the unknown, unaware of the person on the other side. It was in his tender hold and the ensuing feeling that she knew her thoughts were jumping ahead, rather it was a requited love embedded here. 
Y/N’s abilities allowed her to control her body, not limited to shapeshifting into another person, or turning invisible to blend into one’s environment, or even telekinesis to fly and manipulate other objects. Druig noted a shield around her mind, one secured with doubt and a subtle lining of fear for the judgement lingering in stares. The thought, although he regretfully dismissed it, of her shapeshifting abilities brought the question of her true self. Despite the seven thousand years the Eternals had spent on Earth, Druig recognised a protective barrier she held up before others. Over time, he would come to know the pieces to her and attempt at peeling back that hesitant nature.
But ever since their departure, her days were riddled by memories and questions of where it all went wrong. She was far too scared to face her fears and climb out of the concealment to face herself and the resignation to a lonesome existence.
Her feet stomped through the puddles after Druig as he wandered off into the night. The street lights illuminated his departing figure and the back of his head, the rain dampening his hair and clothes. Y/N quickened her pace, darting to grab Druig’s hand and draw his attention away, “Where are you going?” 
“Just leave me alone right now.” he huffed.
She choked out a laugh, “I’m not gonna leave you. What was that?”
“Why do you have to question everything?” He narrowed his eyes.
She blinked in confusion, rain streaking down their faces, “Am I not allowed to worry about you?”
“Not where it doesn’t concern you.” he retorted.
“How is any of this okay?” she demanded as Druig whips his hand away from her grasp.
“Why are you asking me this?”
“Because I care about you and it seems you couldn’t care less!” 
Y/N released a shaky breath and paused, but Druig's voice intervened, “Don’t say this right now, when you couldn’t say it before.”
A pained expression takes over her features while she shakes her head, “What are you talking about?”
“You’re afraid.” Druig observed as she exhaled deeply, looking around before returning to Druig’s attentive gaze to entertain his perspective. 
“Afraid of what?” 
“Of being alone.” he spits the words from his mouth, although it leaves an awful taste in his mouth, “You always have and yet, any time someone gets close, you shut down.”
Y/N snorted, eyebrows raising in response, “You have a lot of insight into me for someone as oblivious as yourself.” 
“Maybe we have to accept the inevitable.” Druig stares at her exhausted expression.
“Maybe you should just leave then.” she seethed.
In a moment's breath, the fury within aggressively builds until it spills into the air. Regret cut the air as she sharply exhaled and stared at Druig blankly. The air stilled that night and she paused, darting a hand out to dismiss it, “I-”
Druig waved his hand and shook his head, “-Save your breath.”
“Druig-”, she pleaded, voice shaking. Her heart leapt within her chest as he stepped back and ran his hand through his hair. The turn of his back to her riddled a new pain in her as she raised a hand in the air to pause, to forget the slip of her mouth.
“Was it worth it?” he muttered over his shoulder.
“Don't go. Please don't leave.” her voice begged, a silent whisper of a breath puffing from her lips. The warm breath piled in front of her eyes and floated upward, disappearing with the wind along with the departing back of someone she used to know. 
She clenches her eyes shut as sobs rack her body and she caves in. The tears running down wet her cheeks as she fights for breath, hunching on her knees to lean for support no longer there. Y/N's hands float to her face to assemble the last pieces of herself together. A probability significantly reduced with the absence of her other part - a lost piece; a consequence of her own making.
Y/N's eyes follow her shoes stepping through the puddles, the patter of raindrops falling against the raised umbrella. Hand tucked into her pocket, she wanders the glistening streets of the city in reminiscence of another time. A sigh escapes Y/N as her eyes catch a couple entangled in an embrace under the shade of a cafe. They entangle their hands, she rests her head on his shoulder and he glances down in adoration to lead them through the rain.
Her eyes dart to the gloomy ground, raindrops hitting the ground as the scene comes into its complete perspective. The stilting silence of the voice in her head as the pattering takes over. The wet sensation hitting her face becomes apparent with Y/N’s head glancing upward to the sky. She blinks and glances down at the umbrella at her side, a sigh leaving her mouth as she closes her eyes in acceptance. A tear brims in her sight with the growing throb of her heart moving in tandem. Hair plasters to her head, a heavy sensation pulling it down as her jacket protects her clothes from the downpour.
With a flutter of her eyes, Y/N shakes her head and grips the umbrella in hand to turn back to her apartment. Her heart lurches in line with a step as she focuses on the figure in her sight. The familiar silhouette, the leather jacket and the swoop of his hair dampened by the rain. A pang rings in her chest at Druig standing a mere ten feet in front of her. She blinks, staring in shock as she searches for the words. Druig stares at her softly, just as she remembers the look of adoration. The rain piles down Druig’s face as he squints, focused solely on her, the way she looks exactly the same as the very last moment. 
The yearn for his tender embrace pulls her back into the moment as her feet move of their own accordance toward him. Druig meets her steps, lurching forward to open his arms and hold her tightly.  And finally that comforting feeling appears, returning a security as Y/N’s arms entangle in Druig’s hair. Her face rests in his neck, parting her hurried breaths into gasps as she withholds a sob. Druig’s hands encircle her waist, holding Y/N with all of the untold longing left behind. His eyes shut, tears piling with the rain under his chin and drifting off the back of her jacket. Time appears to pause for the moment between the couple, a hopeful reminder presented to recompense what was lost. 
“I’m just sorry that-I have thought of a hundred ways I would have gone back to change it.”, tears escape her eyes as she shuts them, “I thought I lost you.”
Druig draws back, a grateful sigh breaking free as he rests his forehead against Y/N’s and caresses her neck, "I've waited so long for this..."
Her eyes flicker between Druig’s gaze and shoulder before settling on his eyes, “I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, "You never let me down. I have part to blame.”
She glances into Druig’s eyes, barely a whisper that Druig could feel on his face,  "I missed you.".
“You never lost me.” he shook his head, leaning his forehead against hers, “Never. I was always with you.”
“I’m yours.” he breathed out, filling her with a sense of comfort as she fell apart within his arms. Druig pulled her in, the pair welcoming the tranquil path of the rain against their intertwined figures. 
@ellabellabus07 ​ @flowery-hope ​ @juniebugg ​ @mxgcalvi ​ @willowpains @ithrewmyleftshoeatthehighlord @nomtterwhere ​​ @obnoxioussmiley @mads-weasley ​ @juneyse ​ @rqmanoff ​ @cyanide-mustard ​ @justanothermarvelfan @freyagallileaevans ​ @whataloadofmalarkey ​ @scxrlettlove ​ @justifymyfeelings ​ @tanchosanke ​ @dontstopxx @i4maybank @nooneshappy @aiianovna ​ @seafrost-fangirl @kerguelenn ​ @sapphireplums ​ @avengersgirllorianna ​ @welcometomyworldwithoutrules @imma-too-many-fandoms ​ @itscheybaby ​ @luminaaz @sunshinee-nana ​ @spiderlaufeyson @bimboshaggy  @angryflowergardener ​ @whitewinter-wolf ​ @nyxphie  @namjoonscherryblossom ​ @pluveo @intern3tt @luvhiddlespugh ​ @spidderboy ​ @siobhanhope @simpformarvelvillians ​ @slytherintwist ​ @nifujiswhore @extraslutbutter ​ @reaped-winnower ​ @dark-night-sky-99
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gryffindorwriter · 2 days ago
holding the other’s chin up & druig pls
It’s driving Druig absolutely crazy that you won’t look at him. You haven’t looked at him since he told you he loved you a total of twelve hours ago. You’d barely been awake, and Druig had muttered it under his breath, thinking you were still asleep. It’d been on your mind all day, echoing around in there so you couldn’t forget it.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
Druig loves you, and you don’t know what to do with that information. It’s terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. It’s the first time someone has ever said something like that to you, and you feel like the world is crumbling in on you every time he looks at you.
Which is a lot. Druig looks at you more than he looks at anything else.
He watches you from across the room as you talk to Sersi. You’re looking anywhere but him, and your body language looks uncomfortable. Druig has looked at you enough to know when you’re comfortable and when you’re not, and it makes him want to walk straight up to you and get you out of here. Take you somewhere you’re comfortable instead.
But he forces himself to stand still. You weren’t looking at him for a reason.
It isn’t long, however, before Druig finally loses his cool and wanders over to you. Sersi sees him coming and leaves, knowing just from the look on his face that he needs to talk to you about something serious. He appreciates the gesture.
Druig stands in front of you. “Love, will you look at me?”
You don’t. Your gaze stays firmly rooted to the floor, staring at his feet. It’s the closest he’s been to you all day and you can feel your breath catch in your throat. The man who loves you is standing in front of you. The man you love is standing here and you feel like you’ve forgotten every word in every language you know.
He takes matters into his own hands – quite literally. His right hand moves to gently touch your chin, moving your head up until you have no choice but to meet his eyes. His voice is quiet when he speaks. You’re surrounded by people, but Druig only wants to talk to you. He wants his words to belong to you and you alone.
“Did I do something wrong?”
You’re terrified as you look into his eyes. Love. He loves you. You love him, but he doesn’t know that. You’re not meant to love each other. It was all supposed to be a fling, something you thought you’d do to get rid of the tension between you. It hadn’t worked.
His fingertips are soft on your chin, though, and his eyes are deep and thoughtful and so full of the man you’re in love with that the words are tumbling from your mouth before you even have a chance to stop them.
“I love you, too,” you mutter, unsure if he’ll even hear the words.
He does.
Druig’s breath catches in his own throat. I love you, too. Had you heard him this morning when he’d been testing out how the words sounded on his tongue for when he finally got the guts to tell you that he’d fallen in love with you? He’d been sure you were asleep…
“I love you.” Your words are a little louder now. You’ve gained a little confidence despite the look of pure and utter confusion on Druig’s face. “I heard you tell me, and I wanted you to know that I love you, too. That I fell in love with you even though I shouldn’t have.”
His lips have fallen open in a perfect ‘O’.
You’d heard him. You’d heard him. That was not how he’d planned to tell you. He didn’t actually have any plan for when or where he’d tell you, but you overhearing was not it at all.
He blinks. You have actually rendered Druig speechless. It’s a rare feeling for him, especially when you take him by surprise once again by stepping towards him, grabbing the lapels of his jacket and pulling his lips towards yours.
The two of you have kissed before – plenty of times – but there’s a feeling in this kiss that Druig has never felt before. He knows what it is without even having to wonder. It’s love. It’s pure and unhidden love from the both of you. He hopes you can feel it, too.
You attempt to pull away but Druig acts quickly, pulling your lips back to his, not ready to let you go yet. He couldn’t care less if he’s making a scene in the middle of the party. He couldn’t care less about anything except the feeling of your lips on his, his hands on you.
Your love wasn’t forbidden, even though the two of you had unofficially forbidden it. But Druig wondered, as your hands made their way to his hair, why he hadn’t done this before if forbidden love felt so good.
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Okay but seriously, why is it that out of all the storylines we’ve seen in Phase 4, Clint Barton possibly not making it back to his family in time for Christmas is more compelling than a lot of the world-ending plots?
Like, Arishem trying to blow up the Earth to create a new Celestial? Sure, why not.
Dweller-in-Darkness trying to suck everyone’s souls out? Well, that was cool and all,, just another dragon fight. 
Peter Parker and Doctor Strange breaking the multiverse? Not that scared since the three Spider-Men have it covered.
Clint Barton missing Christmas with his family and Kate Bishop feeling that she’s responsible for ruining everything:
Tumblr media
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dragon-baron · 15 hours ago
Late night comfort | Drukkari
Tumblr media
Gender neutral reader
Drukkari x reader
It was so very late. Had to be sometime past 2 in the morning. You had yet to even sleep a little bit. Lying awake since you got into bed hours ago. Overcome with sadness. A sadness you couldn't pinpoint.
Why were you feeling so down?
You could feel tears wanting to fall, but you wouldn't let them. You roll over and try to ignore this misery you were feeling.
Actually, now that you think about it, you have felt like this all day. You hope your fellow Eternals hadn't noticed how closed off you had been today. Though, you have been trying to avoid them, so at least two of them will have noticed.
Druig and Makkari.
You don't know what you would do without them. You basically spent every day in their company. If not with both, then at least one of them. They are your dears ones, always.
You haven't seen any of them today. They would have noticed, of course.
Eyes on the door that you can just about see in the dark room, you sigh softly. You wondered if they were asleep now. Most likely, considering the time.
Your heart yearns for them. Only your dear ones could take away this sadness that had settled in your heart, but it was winning by making you want to avoid them. How could they fix it if you avoided them?
You sigh again.
It's a wonder you had managed to escape Makkari. There is o doubt she would have gone looking for you at one point or another, and with how fast she can move, surely she would have found you.
Unless... she hadn't been looking?
No. You can't let yourself go there. Makkari and Druig would always come looking for you. Always.
You roll over.
What if they didn't? Maybe you were in the way of what they had. That special connection, that love.
Could they love you like they love each other?
Everything was making sense now. This sadness. Your heart was aching for what they had. You want what they have.
You close your eyes and try to break out of these thoughts. It was only making things worse. You press the heel of your palms into your eyes gently, trying to will yourself not to shed tears.
Too late.
Your palms were wet. They were already falling. You hadn't noticed.
You also didn't notice your door creeping open until it was too late. Something fast came straight for you and wrapped you up in an embrace.
Tears forgotten, you begin to laugh. Makkari. Your Makkari.
It was too dark to see her properly, but you knew it was her. You always knew. Cool lips pressed against your forehead. A kiss!
Oh Makkari.
The room is flooded with light quite suddenly. You have to blink a few times to adjust. You can see Makkari in all her beautiful glory, and standing by the door is Druig.
You look between the pair.
Makkari is straddling you, trapping you in your bed. She looks at you with sad eyes and signs quickly.
Where have you been?
"Right here," you sign and speak.
Druig pushes away from the door and comes over to your bed. "She means where have you been today. We've been lookin' for you," he says.
You drop your gaze away from the pair of them, missing the way they look each other with concern.
Druig isn't satisfied with your response, but doesn't say anything on the matter. Makkari taps your cheek gently a few times, a signal to look at her.
We missed you.
"Did you?"
She frowns.
Of course we did.
You can see the pout on her face. She wasn't happy and you hated that. More so than the fact you hadn't been happy.
I'm sorry. You sign.
Makkari's gaze softens and she moves off of you, making herself comfortable in the ned beside you. Her long arms come to wrap around you and she snuggles in close, her nose brushing your cheek.
You're a little caught off guard.
"What is she doing?" You look at Druig.
Druig grins as he does the exact same thing Makkari did, he climbs in the bed on the other side of you and drapes his arm over you. His hand settles on Makkari's arm.
They have successfully trapped you between them.
"What are you doing?"
"We're looking after our dear one, obviously," he tells you. You gaze into his blue eyes wondering what he means by those words. You still doubt they hold the affection for you that you crave.
Makkari lifts her head and kisses your temple firmly.
"We love you, you idiot," Druig chuckles.
"You do?"
Druig gives you a cheeky grin before kissing your forehead softly.
"Of course we do."
In only a few moments, your heart fills with joy. It feels complete. All you needed were those words to rid the misery away.
You felt foolish now. Foolish for thinking any differently.
Of course they love you.
You love them. They love you.
"I love you both very much."
The pair of them hold you that little bit tighter. You close your eyes and feel their warmth.
You would be OK. They would make sure of it.
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siempre-bucky · 2 days ago
“kissing me good night when you find me asleep in bed, thinking you can sneak past me but with one eye open i pull you into bed, wrapping my hands are you” with druig pls??
thank you so much for this honey! ily ily 💗💗
Druig x Reader
WC: 306
A/N: babes I adore you! Thank you for requesting ily!
Tumblr media
You hated nights when Druig would leave for missions with the other Eternals. It left you with sleepless nights, a hint of paranoia, and the left side of your bed cold. You reached out and laid a hand on the spot Druig normally took up. With a deep sigh, you roll over onto your back, pulling your blanket over your nose.
"So to sleep," you told yourself, forcing your eyes shut. Nope. You turn over on your side and open one eye to look at the clock. The angry red numbers glaring at you were like rubbing salt to the wound. 3am...the sun is going to rise by the time I fall asleep.
It was about 20 minutes later when the sleepy feeling you craved finally set in. With a satisfied smile, you nuzzled your head into the soft pillow. You were about to fall asleep when you heard the door creak open. Druig. You debated on jumping out of bed and attacking him with a hug. But it was better that you acted like you were asleep... he'd be in bed with you soon enough anyway.
He crossed the room, making his way over to your side of the bed, a sleepy smile appears on his face. He slowly bends over and places a tender kiss on your cheek. Freezing when he sees you move ever so slightly.
When he finally tries to stand up, you quickly reach and grab the back of his head pulling him in for a kiss. He laughs and puts his hands on the bed to steady himself. Lips still connected, you wrap your arms around his neck to bring him in closer "Did you miss me, my love?" he asks you as he pulls away.
You nod excitedly and connect your foreheads, "I always miss you when we're apart."
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Falling in Love Again and Again ~Druig Imagine~
Summary: You have the powers of a phoenix. You had met the Eternals when a Deviant showed up to the city of Greece in 3000 B.C. However, Druig stays with you even when you pass and are reborn.
Author's Note: Let's face it, we all simped for everyone other than Ikaris.
Reader's Pronouns: She/Her
Warnings: Spoilers!!!!
Tumblr media
Phoenixes were a big clan that helped small towns that surrounded Greece. You were one of them before becoming one of the last few left from defending Greece from what was known as Deviants according to the Eternals.
"You're a phoenix?" Druig asked you. After defeating another Deviant, you were all celebrating in the city. You stood away from the party as you watched everyone celebrate happily.
"Yes. One of the last of my kind," you tell him.
"Where are the others?" Druig asked you.
"Here and there. They all spread out after hearing about these Deviants. I and my cousin live here to defend the city of Greece," you explained.
"You've never seen the world?" Druig asked you.
"No. I wish I could."
"Then you should come with us. We could use a strong fighter like you."
"I wouldn't know anyone other than you and your family," you tell him.
"And what's so bad about that?" Druig asked you.
"So what do you say? Come join me and my family and help fight off the Deviants?" Druig asked you.
"I'd like that," you smiled at him.
It was the first reborn that freaked everyone out. Especially Druig. The downside of your powers was that once you are reborn, you forget your memories before your death. You could only remember the fact that you were a phoenix and who you were.
Druig rushed over to you as you sat up from the ashes. Your naked body was marked with the black ash, covering you a little. Sprite quickly covered you with an illusion of clothes as you looked around confused.
"Y/n. Are you okay?" Druig asked you.
"Who are you?" You asked him.
"Y/n, stop kidding around," Kingo said.
"What? Who are you, people? Where's my family?" You asked.
"Let me talk to her alone," Ajak said.
Ajak walked you over to a hut to talk to you alone and explain the situation. Druig waited impatiently as he watched the door of the hut for you or Ajak to come out.
"Druig, are you okay?" Sersi asked as she approached the anxious man.
"I'm fine."
"Are you sure?"
"You know, you could convince her to stay," Sersi tells him. Druig looked over at her before looking back at the hut. Ajak walked out before looking over at him. Ajak gave him a nod before walking off.
Druig quickly rushed into the hut to see you in new clothes. You looked over at him as he walked in.
"Hello. Can I help you?" You asked.
"My beautiful, beautiful Y/n. Do you not remember me?" Druig asked.
"I'm sorry. I don't. Maybe you can help me remember?" You asked.
"Of course. I promised to stay by you after every reborn."
"Were we together?" You asked him.
"No. But I want us to be."
"Let me fall in love with you again and you can ask me again," you smiled. Druig smiled before lifting your hand to kiss the top of it.
It wasn't long for you and Druig to admit your feelings for each other. Druig had been protective of you since. He had done his best to protect you from being reborn again.
"My love, you know I can defend myself," you tell Druig as you were all celebrating another victory in saving a city from a Deviant.
"I cannot deal with another reborn. I didn't like the first reborn and knowing you can lose your memories, I don't want to lose you again," Druig tells you.
"You will never lose me as long as you are there to help me remember," you tell him. Druig smiled before leaning down to give you a kiss.
"Let's marry."
"Let's marry. Keep our love bonded even if you do reborn again," Druig tells you. You smiled and nodded.
Your second reborn was when Thena suffered from Mahd Wy'ry and attacked everyone. To save Makkari, you pushed her away before being stabbed by Thena's weapon. Druig let out a small yell before quickly catching you before you fell.
"Druig, please help me remember you when I reborn," you tell him.
"Of course, my love."
When you were reborn again, Druig took you over to the top of the temple with everyone else. While Gilgamesh agreed to take care of Thena, Druig decided to leave and live in a war-free society. You sat on a step while Druig mind controlled the war that was going on below you.
"I'm taking Y/n with me along with everyone else," Druig tells them. You looked over at him before looking at everyone else.
"You don't want to return her to her cousin in Greece? Or help find her family so she can see them again?" Ikaris asked.
"I'm her family now. Remember? Y/n, my love. Let's go," Druig said he offered his hand to you. You held his hand before standing up. You looked back at everyone before following Druig down the stairs and into the forest.
"Who are you?" You asked Druig as you both walked off with everyone he has mind-controlled over.
"I am your husband, my love. And I promise that no one will ever hurt you ever again," Druig tells you before kissing your hand.
"What about everyone that was in the temple?" You asked looking back. Druig cupped your cheek, making you look back at him.
"Don't worry about them. I have you and that's all I need," Druig tells you as he pressed his forehead against yours.
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