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Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was also known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
warnings: this series will include major spoilers for eternals. angst, descriptions of blood and injuries, fluff.
word count: 3.4k
a/n: excited to get this chapter out! recently got a lot of love for this series so I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my work! if u have any requests for this series or anything in general my ask box is open! (NOT PROOF READ)
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· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
There was loud chatter in the air.
Children were running around creating games to play with one another whilst the adults continued with their day to day business, tending to the crops and cattle. You could hear the sounds of birds chirping away happily as they sat perched on the branches watching the humans. The forest was in harmony with the people that resided in it, the melody of the rushing river matched perfectly to the laughter of the children as they continued to enjoy one another’s company.
She was inside for the time being, although she’d been healed by the very kind medic, who had no choice but to heal her as Druig used his powers on the medic. She was told to rest by the man himself due to the ache in her bones and the delayed healing of the scars on her body.
Usually she’d have Ajax who would heal her with no hesitation but she unfortunately hadn’t visited Ajax in a few months, and hadn’t heard from her in weeks, although that wasn’t uncommon for Ajax to suddenly disappear.
Druig stood near the window, elbows leaning on the sill as he continued to watch the outside, taking in the view. She noticed his shoulders moved a little as he chuckled, watching two kids fight over who won the game they were playing. Druig loved his home, he loved that he got to create this beautiful place with her, but now the untouchable idea of a perfect life he had wished to live with her has been tainted.
By the very thing they were instructed to destroy thousands of years ago.
She groaned as she attempted to pull herself up and out of the bed wanting nothing more but to rip off the bandages that were wrapped around her body. Druig’s body stiffened at the noise, immediately turning around to check on her, within seconds his hands were all over her to check on her injuries and to see how the healing process was going. She slapped his hands away in annoyance.
“Alrigh- alright! Cut it out! I’m okay!” She exclaimed, Druig hesitantly pulled away from her before scoffing at her statement.
“Just a couple of days ago you collapsed in my arms, now you’re trying to tell me you’re fine?” Druig crossed his arms, not believing the words that came out of her mouth.
She swung her legs over the bed to stand in front of him, making a show of twirling around to prove her statement.
“See? All better.”
“Yeah?” Druig questioned, beginning to make his way closer to her, she watched nervously as he stood right in front of her, their mouths only inches apart from one another.
She gulped as his gaze stayed on her and her only, piercing blue eyes staring right at her as if he could read her, her thoughts and feelings.
“Mhm.” She nodded hastily, already feeling the ache in her legs from putting too much pressure on them. All her body wanted was to rest but she couldn’t stand laying in the bed for any longer.
Druig slowly brought his hand up, allowing his fingers to trace up her jawline before resting on her cheek, forcing her to continue to look at him. She couldn’t read his emotions even if she wanted to, staring at the stoic expression on his face.
She felt goosebumps rise on her skin as his fingers traced her face, wanting nothing more but to fall into his warm embrace and allow him to hold her, to keep her safe in his arms.
“Then why is your stomach still bleeding?” He questioned before stepping away almost immediately, she felt colder as the warmth that he radiated, suddenly disappeared.
She frowned as she realised what he had done, glancing down at her stomach that did in fact begin to bleed through the bandages, groaning in annoyance and sitting back down on the bed. Druig grabbed the first aid box that he had left beside the bed, he kneeled onto the ground in front of her positioning himself in between her legs. He glanced up at her for permission before hesitantly pulling back the bloodied bandage, hissing in response as if he was the one that was injured instead of her.
“You’ve managed to pull some of the stitches.” Druig paused his sentence to throw away the old bandage before cleaning up the wound.
“How’d you manage to do that? I thought I strictly ordered you to stay in bed?” He scowled, shaking his head in disbelief, she shrugged in response, reaching out to place her hand on his shoulder to keep herself still.
She eyed him as he got to work on the wound, wanting to distract herself from the pain of the stitches. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the way Druig’s arms flexed in his grey vest, tensing with his every movement. All she wanted to do was reach out and trace his muscles with her fingers.
Or her tongue.
She blinked as she realised where her brain decided to go, wanted nothing more but to distract herself from the thoughts that were currently running through her mind, especially with Druig in between her legs right this moment.
She glanced back at him, noticing how he was already watching her with a knowing smile, turning his head to kiss her wrist gently before placing a new bandage on.
“Thank you Druig.” She whispered gratefully as he got up to throw some things away, he glanced back over at her, offering a smile before getting back to what he was doing. She couldn’t peel her eyes away from him, even with his back turned towards her, she was completely enamored by this man and she knew he felt the same way when their eyes met once more.
Outside the building the chatter of the villagers ceased, she heard footsteps approaching the centre of the campsite. Druig paused in confusion before letting his eyes turn to that all too familiar shade of gold, wanting to first hand see what was going on outside.
Within seconds his eyes flickered back to the baby blue colour she fell in love with, he had a disturbed look on his face.
“What’s wrong?”
“Just stay here for a moment, Sweetheart.” Druig mumbled, distracted before rushing to put his robe on and making his way outside. She sat on the bed in confusion, worried if another Deviant had made its way closer to the village.
She tried, and struggled, to overhear the muffled voices outside, only just recognising Druig’s voice.
“I missed all of you.” Druig smirked, glancing at the Eternals that stood in front of him.
“Please, make yourselves at home.”
Half an hour later she found herself sat on one of the benches in the chapel, which was against Druig’s own ideas. The latter wanted her to rest more until she was completely healed but she argued that there was something larger to be dealt with at the moment, hinting at the corpse of the Deviant they had to bury a couple days ago.
She sat beside Druig in front of the rest of the Eternals wondering why Kingo’s valet was filming the entire thing. On the right side sat Gilgamesh and Thena, behind them was Kingo and Karun. On the other side was Sersi and Sprite with Ikaris standing closely behind.
“You’ve given us a lot of bad news in one go, my lady.” Druig spoke up after Sersi explained what had happened, Druig also explained the events that occurred a couple days ago that resulted in ‘Theia’s injuries’.
“Will you help us?” Sersi asked, hesitantly.
She glanced at Druig who stood beside her with his hands behind his back before speaking up.
“It’s a lot to-'' she began only to be cut off by Sersi’s phone ringing, giggling as she recognised the song that was playing. Druig glanced over at her as she began to laugh, a soft smile forming onto his face before he turned back to the Eternals.
“Hey what’s your service? I’m not getting any bars.” Kingo whispered to Sersi in amazement.
“Do you all remember this forest? Beautiful.” Druig began.
“It was the last place we all lived together.” She whispered, interrupting Druig, he nodded in response.
“We’ve protected these people for 20 generations now, from the outside world and from themselves.” He continued before making a beeline towards Karun.
She quickly stood up as her eyes followed his every movement.
“Your kind, my friend, you will be responsible for your own extinction one day, don’t you think?.”
“Druig…” She warned him.
“I think we must learn from our mistakes and do better, sir. You must not give up hope.” Karun began only to be interrupted by Druig.
Druig’s eyes glowed once again, mimicking Karun’s own eyes before using his powers to control Karun and make him toss the camera at the wall.
She was in disbelief and knew Druig was feeling the same as well.
They had just been told their entire mission had been a lie, Ajax had known this. She had lived on the planet for more than 7000 years, she had been called by humanity itself the ‘goddess of human love’ only to find out she had been helping them head down a path straight to their demise.
The villagers outside this very building that she had grown to love and care for, they would soon die and it would be her fault.
She once again recalls Ajax’s words, how their fate was in the hands of the Eternals only for them to never be in control, she was a pawn to a game that led to the death of billions.
Ajax, who was killed at the hands of the Deviants, the same deviant that she had only just managed to escape death from.
“Let’s go, he’s wasting our time.” Ikaris spoke out, making his way towards the door.
“But we need him.” Sersi muttered.
“Ikaris!” Druig bellowed, following his movements, Ikaris unwillingly stopped and turned to face Druig.
“I missed you.” Druig teased.
“Are you gonna charm me or threaten me?”
“I mean, there’s a third option, if you prefer that.”
“It must be heartbreaking to find out that you’re not Mother’s favourite.”
“And I’m sure she’d be real proud of what you’ve been up to-“
“Boys, enough.” She interrupted, allowing her frustration to get the better of her. The rest of the Eternals looked at her in surprise as she made her way to the two.
“This is serious.” Sersi added much to Druig’s dismay.
“I’ll tell you what's serious.” Druig scoffed in return.
“I’ve just been told I’ve been sent on a suicide mission for the past 7,000 years, and that my entire existence is a lie.” He continued.
“So, excuse me for not giving a shit about your plan right now.” Druig stated before walking out of the Chapel, allowing the doors to swing shut on his way out.
The room was filled with silence after his exit, she stared at the door wondering whether she should go to him just yet.
“Druig sucks.” Kingo states.
“He does, sir.” Karun agreed.
She scoffed in return, muttering under her breath, causing all eyes to go on her once again.
“What?” Kingo questioned.
“Oh nothing, I just find it funny how you all love to paint Druig to be in the wrong when he was right all along.” She began.
“The day we all split up, do you remember what caused it? Druig wanted to stop humans from killing each other. He only just found out that he couldn’t stop the thousands of massacres just so the entire planet can be destroyed years later.”
“Stop acting so full of yourselves, out of everyone here, Druig is the only one who cares the most about humanity-” She continued, glancing at Ikaris.
“There’s only one thing Druig cares about, and that’s the humans out there.”
“And you.” Sprite added.
“Huh?” She turned to face the smaller eternal in confusion.
“He cares more about you than he does about anything else.” Sprite shrugs like it was common knowledge.
Nightfall was soon to arrive, it had been a couple hours since the conversation in the chapel, she had instructed the other Eternals to give Druig some space as he processed everything, in the meantime they roamed around the village, admiring the nature around them and how much had changed since the last time they lived here.
She sat with him by the river, using his robe as a picnic blanket as they watched the rippling water rush pass, it was their safe place, a place only the two of them knew of. Druig sat beside her, deep in thought and lost in his own mind.
She didn’t know what she could say to help him, she didn’t know how to comfort him with something like this.
But he found comfort in her presence.
It was peaceful, a little distraction from the truth they were both running from, in denial of what could damage the life they had struggled to build together.
What would happen to them after it all ends?
Druig was half of her soul and being, after spending thousands of years together they had become one, destined to spend eternity with one another no matter the consequences.
He could hear the thoughts running through her mind, without using his powers he knew what she must’ve been thinking.
“Theia.” He called out softly, facing her. She turned around to face him, unable to stop the aching feeling in her heart as she looked him in the eyes.
Are they going to lose what they have?
Is she going to lose him?
She lightly scoffed as he brought his hand to her cheek, gently tracing up her jawline before resting it to cup her face, he guided her face closer towards him, reducing the gap between them and pulling her closer towards him.
“You know I hate it when you call me that.” She joked, tears threatening to spill as the idea of losing the man she loved crossed her mind once more.
He chuckled softly, thumb brushing under her eye gently, she hadn’t felt the tears begin to fall until he wiped them away, pressing his forehead against her own and closing his eyes.
“I can't stand the idea of losing you.” Druig confessed vulnerably.
“You won’t.” She assured him, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him impossibly closer to her, his chest against hers, heartbeats beating in an intangible rhythm.
She focused on him, his pulse under her fingertips, the way his body moved as he shakily took in a deep breath, the heat from his body radiating onto her own as she held him as if her life depended on it. As if she’d let go and he’d disappear right in front of her very eyes.
“You won’t lose me.” She vowed, nudging her nose against his own, breathing him in.
Druig pulled away to look at her once more, watching as her eyes fluttered open, once again feeling the jittery feeling in his stomach as their eyes met.
“But, if it does happen- if I forgot about you, I promise you this, we’ll fall in love again, over and over again… no matter how many times they wipe our memories, no matter how many times we’re torn away from one another.” Druig continued.
“I’ll find my way back to you again, I’ll cause a shitstorm to happen, just to get you back to me.”
“I was made for you, and I’d do anything in my power to keep you next to me.” He vowed, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall.
She felt her heart stutter at his words, as if everything around her stopped and all she could see was him.
Druig was her path, she would follow him to the end of the world.
“Druig, I-“
A loud scream interrupted her train of thought, causing the two to jump up into action, sprinting their way to the campsite in fear.
Chaos erupted out of nowhere as a handful of deviants stormed its way through the forest, charging towards the group of Eternals. She just about noticed Sersi who was pushed to the ground, rushing to help her friend up.
“It’s an ambush.” Kingo exclaims as he gets in front of the two, eyes shifting to gold as he uses his powers to harm the deviants. She watched as Kingo brought his two hands together, creating a large ball of energy before aiming it at the deviants. An explosion was heard as a building erupted into flames, crumbling into itself.
She only just noticed another deviant charging it’s way towards them before stepping in front of Sersi, allowing her powers to overtake her senses as her eyes began to glow a shade of gold, she felt the warmth surround her as she flicked one of her hands behind her, causing the dirt in the ground to build its way up, creating a sturdy shield around Sersi as she made her way towards the deviant.
She watched as the deviant cocked it’s head to the side, wondering what her next move would be before baring its teeth at her; within a second, she flicked her hand towards a large looming tree beside her. She didn’t watch as the tree was pulled out of the Earth as if it weighed nothing hovering in the air before she motioned towards the deviant, throwing the tree at the deviant, trying to mimic how she killed the deviant from days ago.
A deviant tore the roof of the villagers home, causing the villagers to run out in fear, distracting her from the deviant. She watched in fear the deviants approached the villagers.
“Sersi! Get them to safety, now!” She demanded angrily, wishing she had listened to Druig and stayed in bed that day.
She had turned her back from the deviant for half a second, only to be knocked down onto the ground face first by it. She wiggled in protest, groaning in annoyance as it pushed her face further into the ground, forcing dirt to enter her lungs.
She heard multiple shots in the air, only angering the deviant as it began to suck the power out of her.
“No!” She screamed in protest, blinking as her eyes flickered gold once more, using every muscle in her body to use her powers, shoving the nearest tree into the deviant's head, decapitating it. She felt the lifeless body fall onto her causing her to shiver in disgust before a villager pulled her up and away from the deviant.
Her eyes followed the sound of bullets as she watched Druig twist himself over the Deviant with a shotgun in his possession shooting the deviant in its head. She just about saw Sersi drop a tree on the deviant before getting pulled into fighting another deviant with Kingo.
She watched helplessly as the deviant knocked out Kingo and Sprite, attempting to use the roots of a tree to pull the deviant into the ground only to anger it, the deviant’s tail smacked into her torso, throwing her into the ground.
“Hey, hey, I gotcha.” Druig ran up to her, pulling her up to her feet and holding her up with his arm. The two watched as Sersi managed to turn the deviant into something else using her powers.
She felt her wound from a couple days ago open once again, groaning in annoyance.
“It’ll never heal at this rate.” She muttered in defeat as Druig gently brought her towards the rest of the Eternals, everyone was worn out from fighting the deviants.
“Wait, where is Thena and Gil?” She asked, causing the rest of the Eternals to look around in confusion. Ikaris quickly rose up, flying into the direction where he had seen them last as the rest of Eternals followed by foot.
There laid The lifeless body of the fearsome Gilgagesh, who was once known as the mighty powerhouse of strength, next to him mourned, the greatest warrior the world has ever seen, reduced to nothing without her partner.
Thena’s sobs cut through the air as the Eternals surrounded the two in shock. Gilgamesh was known to be the Eternal that could easily bounce back from anything, stronger than anything anyone has ever seen.
Yet he laid there, lifelessly, as the people around him mourned another loss.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
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Would you write a fluff Druig imagine set after Endgame where the reader is Tony Stark’s younger sister who’s hiding her grief as she’s taken over his duties (other than being Iron Man) after his passing so she’s the epitome of the quote “you take care of everyone but who takes care of you?” since he’s developed feelings for her? Thank you!
let me take care of you
editor's notes ; hi anon !!! thank you for requesting KJSDHKJSAHKADSH i kinda got off topic, especially since this is an imagine and...yeah DSKHAJKHAKJ it also focused on the events of endgame, so if you haven't watched it, yeah, there are kinda spoilers. but ngl, i think it's good to see how the y/n also cared for everyone, which can be seen throughout the fic. although not everything is canon compliant since i haven't watched avengers: endgame in a while, so let me know what you think!
wc ; 2.21k
warnings ; a few eternals spoilers ahead but not really lol ALSKFALKFHKJ avengers endgame spoilers, major character death but it's not you or druig lol, uh mediocre fight scenes KJASDHKJDAH, cursing, angst, hurt/comfort esp at the end ! a bit of fluff (let me know if i missed anything!)
summary ; druig has been with you for quite sometime now, especially in your hardest times. he's just tired of you dealing with it alone.
pairing ; druig x stark! reader (you're tony's younger sister, but not too young, kinda like the same age as natasha or younger)
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Tumblr media
unbeknownst to the other eternals, sersi wasn't the only one with a human lover. druig has been visiting his lover when thanos and his children attacked earth, and being the younger sister of iron man, you went with your brother to help and defeat thanos. you were with him on titan, screaming when thanos had your brother, forcing dr. strange to give up the stone. you were with him when peter and the others started turning into dust. and five years later, druig watched as you helped your brother figure out how to bring back the others.
as it is not in his mission as an eternal, his family didn't want to intervene with the events before and during the so-called blip. he did, however, visit you in the five years that half the population were gone. despite popular belief, druig does have a soft spot…for you, that is.
"hello, my love," you softly smiled at druig as he placed his forehead against yours. you were in your office (of some sorts), doing your duties to the stark industries to help your brother and his wife, given that they now had morgan. "have you rested, dear?"
you stopped for a while, rubbing your eyes. "hi, druig. i'm okay, just catching up on stark duties. my brother has been focusing on the time travel thingy, so i need to help pepper with the company."
druig was quick to hold your hands, bringing them to his lips, making you laugh. "what are you doing, druig?"
"come with me, y/n," druig said, pressing a light kiss on your lips. his hands snaked your hips, pulling you even closer. protests died on your lips as he kissed you senseless, but of course, the moment is soon interrupted by your phone ringing.
"wait, druig, i need to answer that," druig didn't want to let you go, but he also doesn't want to risk getting you mad, so he reluctantly let you answer.
"hello, tony?"
"i figured it out."
"what?" you were in disbelief. "does it mean…?"
"yes, we're going to try and get them back. meet us at the compound, we need to plan this."
you shuddered, breathing deep. "yeah, okay, i'm on my way."
druig's brows furrowed hearing this. where are you going? you quickly stood up, gathered your things, going to leave but stopped by druig. "what's happening, where are you going?"
"tony found a way to bring them back. i'm sorry, i need to go."
"druig," your voice was hard, removing his hold on you. "i'm really sorry, but i have to be there. i need to do this. i'll find you when it's over."
"don't die on me, y/n."
you smiled, kissing him. "i wouldn't dream of it."
needless to say, it went better than expected, especially with tony's help. you chuckled to yourself, remembering natasha's retelling about how scott turned into a baby in one of their failed attempts to time travel. but, of course, the idea of traveling to the past to get the infinity stones to try and reverse what thanos did seemed absurd enough on its own, but then again, your life as an avengers (and the partner of one of the eternals) is bound to get absurd on its own.
after clint came back successful and assignments were handed out for whose team's going to get the stones, you were off. you were going with thor and rocket to asgard while tony's team is going to new york, and nat's and rhodes' are going to morag and vormir.
"see you in a minute," natasha said, smiling at steve.
"be careful, tony," you said, smiling at him as well.
"see you on the flip side, sis."
and so, the teams went to get the stones. your team went with just a minor hitch, but if it helped thor, it's not really a bother. coming back was kind of disorienting, but you were excited…everything would be back the way it was…until it wasn't.
remembering natasha was a quiet affair with the avengers. you flinched when bruce shouted, but clint…he told you about what was said when they went to vormir. your eyes were bloodshot as they argued.
"we need to give her a proper funeral," you said, albeit quietly. "she deserves to be with family."
they all agreed, so you initiated, planning a short but proper funeral for one of your closest friends. druig hung back at the small ceremony, watching you as you cried in your brother's arms. he let you be, knowing you needed the time to grieve.
and, then it was time to bring everyone back. you pat bruce's arm before shielding yourself with your armor, and then he snapped. it was quiet for a while, but then laura was calling clint and then, they're back! everyone's back and yet, you couldn't stop this ominous feeling.
"what the fuck is that?" you asked, eyes wide. you vaguely heard the others shouting before you were trapped as the compound fell and crashed on you. your ears were ringing as you looked at the mess that is the compound and looked for any of the avengers. clint was underneath some rubble beside you so you immediately helped him up.
"we need to find the others." you nodded, helping clint as he gripped the gauntlet. you looked up, seeing nebula. you grinned, calling her but was confused…she seemed weird.
"hey, nebula, mind giving us a hand?" nebula got near you two, reaching for the gauntlet, but you knew better, immediately punching her. "wait, y/n!"
"that's not nebula, i don't know who the fuck you are, but you aren't getting this gauntlet." clint looked at the two of you, clearly confused and a bit concussed.
"just give me the gauntlet."
"never," you powered up your suit, similar to your brothers, and engaged in battle. "clint, you need to get out of here and get to tony."
"okay," you gave him the gauntlet, focusing on the fake nebula in front of you. "be safe, y/n."
you immediately battled 'nebula', focusing on her weak points from what amelia, your AI, told you. you were both interrupted by another nebula and…gamora, from the looks of it.
"y/n, are you alright?"
"nebula! wait, is that really you?"
"yes, you should go to stark, he is currently battling our father, we'll deal with her."
"thank you," you flew, asking amelia where your brother was. when you pinpointed his location, you saw thanos and your brother, steve, and thor. shit. you couldn't risk making it worse so you connected with friday's comms.
"hey, tony. you need any help?"
"y/n! shit, fuck, you need t–," you screamed as thanos used as a shield, his system failing making you fly immediately to his side. you opened his faceplate, asking amelia to scan him and was fortunate enough for just a few bruises.
you watched as steve and thor fought off thanos, as thanos almost killed thor, and as steve wielded mjolnir. you couldn't do anything…not because you didn't want to, but you can't leave your brother.
you helped him up, careful of his bruises as thor was now on the ground. steve fought him more, but thanos got the upper hand, destroying the shield as thanos summoned his army. you were hopeless, arms still around your brother as you both approached thor.
"...on your left," all of you looked at the portals…wait, is everyone…?
you breathed in relief, tears in your eyes as you looked at your family coming through the portals. everyone was back…which means…you flew with your brother, his systems functioning at least, standing besides steve. pepper is donning her own iron suit, a gift tony was reserving for their anniversary. tony looked at you, nodding.
"avengers," steve said, summoning mjolnir. "assemble!"
the fight–no, war, was on. you flew, shooting lasers and helping your brother in battle. you saw cull obsidian punched him, making you retaliate, effectively rendering him unconscious. you saw peter approaching you both as he rambled about what happened. tony was quick to hug him, you second, as he returned the hug.
"okay, we need to go and get the stones away from thanos."
it went forever, you thought, as you fought your way to prevent thanos from getting the stones. but then, he had the gauntlet and all was gone.
"i am inevitable," he snapped his fingers…nothing happened, wait…what? then you saw tony, the stones on his own gauntlet.
but before you could stop him, he looked at thanos. "and i…am iron man."
you all stopped, looking as everyone in thanos' army disintegrated. you were quick to fly beside your brother, seeing the toll it took on his human body when he snapped. you took off your suit and cried, holding your brother as everyone went to you and him. peter was crying beside you as he told tony you won, and pepper…oh, pepper. she sat beside you as you both helped tony sit up.
"hey," pepper's voice was steady but you knew how much this is for her.
"hey, pep," he tried to look at you but you shook your head, telling him it's okay. "hey, y/n."
"life functions critical," your hand goes to your mouth, stifling the sobs escaping it. he wasn't gonna make it.
"tony, look at me." you sobbed beside pepper, holding one of his hands. she held his face, smiling as tears fell down her face. "we're gonna be okay, you can rest now."
and with that, the arc reactor lost its light. pepper clutched onto her husband as she cried. you let go of his hand, standing beside peter. you didn't stop crying as everyone kneeled to honor tony. the funeral was quaint, your family grieved as you all watched tony's last message. he was gone.
months passed after everyone was back…and your brother was gone. druig came to your room after the funeral and comforted you. he let you cry on his shoulders as he held you, heart easily breaking for one of his beloved mortals. he offered to take you away from everything but you couldn't just leave. there was many things to do, especially with the company. with tony gone, you needed to step in and help pepper and of course, being iron man, your brother left a lot of duties.
you worked and worked and worked, forcing yourself into exhaustion, hoping it would take your mind off of your brother. druig always tried to persuade you but you didn't get swayed. you couldn't. the least you could do for your brother is to continue is his legacy, and that you did. and because of it, you didn't really have time for your partner, and he wasn't going to let it happen any longer.
"y/n," druig's voice was stern. "you need to rest."
"no, druig. i need to finish these reports. tony wou–,"
"no, y/n! you are one foot away from dying! i won't let that happen!"
"druig, you need to und–,"
"no, you need to understand!" his voice was firm as he gripped your shoulders, trying not to tighten them too much. "you're working yourself to death. your family is worried about you. i'm worried about you!"
"but tony–,"
"tony's gone," druig looked apologetic. "i'm sorry, love, but he's gone. and he wouldn't be happy if you died just after he sacrificed himself for you and for everyone he loved and for the whole world."
you finally let druig hug you, his clothes immediately getting wet as you cried. your hands gripped him, scared. "i'm sorry. ever since tony died, i tried to do everything he did. i couldn't let his legacy just die, he doesn't deserve to be forgotten. as his sister, i needed to take on the role, but i…i can't. tony's gone and iron man's gone, and i miss him so fucking much, druig. it hurts."
he pulled you closer, rubbing circles on your back as he assured you. "i know it hurts. i may not truly understand, but living with you mortals for a thousand years or so, i had my fair share of grieving. and, it's okay to grieve. it's okay. but, you need to remember to take care of yourself. ever since winning against thanos, you didn't stop taking care of everyone, even if it didn't concern you. darling, you take care of everyone but who takes care of you?"
his hands moved to your face, wiping away your tears and resting his forehead against yours. "if you let me, i'd gladly take care of you for all eternity."
"oh, druig." you smiled, crying still. "is this really going to work?"
"i'll make it work, my beautiful, beautiful, y/n." you laughed at his nickname for you. he smiled, seeing you a bit happy was a start. "i love you."
"i love you too, druig."
he kissed you softly, relishing in your beauty as he took your lips in his. you laughed once more as he kissed your forehead, resting his on yours once more.
"let me take care of you, y/n."
you smiled, kissing him once more. "i would be honored, my druig."
Tumblr media
© lovemayari ; do not modify or reupload anywhere else but reblogs are greatly appreciated !
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ealeczander · 2 days ago
My sexuality is morally grey, immortal men with superpowers, who are also cult leaders and are portrayed by Irish actors.
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m0ssxfaerie · 2 days ago
sorry to say, but.. we don’t make the rules-
Tumblr media
you can’t tell me this isn’t right, because it is.
remember: pronouns ≠ gender & this is just a headcanon
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waspswidows · a month ago
I’m honestly fucking freezing atm and I can’t stop thinking about Druig warming me up lol (in a totally PG way!)
Maybe a comfort fic where the reader gets trapped under ice and the eternals save her but she is freezing and Druig takes it upon himself to strip her down and use body heat to warm her up?
I’m thinking the eternals are outraged like “Druig no! Let one of the girls do it!” And he’s like “Relax! I’ve seen everything before!” And they’re all like “oh … I see 👀”
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re fighting the deviants on an iced over lake when it cracks underneath you. Your fellow Eternals rescue you but you’re need of warming up and Druig is the first to offer. P.S. I’ve made reader’s powers that of being able to absorb / mimic the powers from whomever is in her proximity, so in this case she borrows Thena’s ability to make weapons from cosmic energy.
Warnings: one case of swearing, a lil bit of fluff, a whole lotta angst, nakedness but it’s not in a sexual way
A/N: ooh I really love this idea, thank you so much for your request!! I also love when I get to feature some of the other Eternals, I hope you like this! Also I hope you are warm and snuggly now anon😅🥰🖤✨
Tumblr media
Another day, another deviant. This time you and a few of your Eternals had been called to a frozen lake in Alaska where the deviant was closing in on a small village of people that lived adjacent to the lake. Your current team consisted of you, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Thena, and Druig.
You, Thena and Kingo had managed to push the deviant back onto the ice, away from the villagers. Sersi, Sprite and Druig remained at the edge of the lake, keeping the people calm as you, Thena and Kingo dished out punishment to the creature. You had decided to mimic Thena’s powers on this occasion, moulding yourself a spear out of celestial energy. Thena had gone for her classic sword and shield whilst Kingo continued to pelt the beast with his energy blasts.
You spin and slide on the ice, ducking under the deviant as it lunges for you. As you slide under it’s belly you lash out with your spear, cutting its front leg out from underneath it. It's head hits the ice with a deafening thunk just in front you, an otherworldly screech leaving its mouth. Underneath your body you can feel the ice crack before you see it. Cracks spring out in every direction from where the creature’s head had hit the ground.
A small panic settles in you as you scramble to crawl backwards, the deviant still lunging forward haphazardly, completely unaware of the imminent danger beneath it. The deviant is about to reach you when you hear a battle cry from above.
You look up just in time to see Thena leap gracefully through the sky, her sword in hand. It feels like everything is suddenly in slow-motion as you see Thena land on the deviants back, her sword going straight through its neck, hitting the ice below.
“Thena NOOO!!” You hear a deep voice bellow from afar. But it’s too late. Your eyes widen in fear as you see Thena backflip off the creature, soaring to safety, her lift-off pushing the deviant further into the already sinking ice.
The ice cracks around you. You hear a deep yell boom from across the lake. The last thing you see before you slip under the ice is Druig’s panic stricken face as he sprints towards you. But he’s just too far.
The ice water swallows you, the cold causing your chest to seize up almost immediately. You kick and paddle at the water around you but the current is strong, the darkness of the water confusing your senses. You’re no longer even sure of which way was up to the surface. You feel panic settle in your chest as your lungs scream for oxygen.
Ice invades your lungs suddenly. Blackness takes over your vision. You think you can hear someone calling your name but ultimately a numbing silence takes over your senses.
The next thing you’re aware of is a pressure on your chest, something was repeatedly pushing up and down on you. The next thing you’re aware of is lips on yours. You can feel warm air being forced down your throat. The warm air pushes the freezing water out your lungs and you gag as your body spasms. You choke and cough as you spit up the ice water from your lungs.
You blink wearily, your vision still somewhat blurry. You see a fear-stricken face come into focus in front of you. Druig. You inhale deeply, letting air back into your body, coughing again as your throat still feels tight.
“Hey hey hey, it’s okay” Druig coos, his hands cupping your face. “It’s okay, you’ll be okay” he whispers, his forehead against yours. You’re not sure if trying comfort you or himself.
You feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. You look up and see Sersi’s reassuring face above you. “Are you alright?” she asks gently.
“Of course she’s not alright” Druig snaps harshly, his head whipping around to face the other Eternals. “She’s fucking freezing. She could get hypothermia. We need to warm her up” he shouts frantically.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were still so close to it, I- I just didn’t see you” you hear Thena’s voice come from somewhere just behind you. You see Druig flare his nostrils in anger but apparently he decides it's better to stay quiet than lash out at Thena.
You want to reassure him, to tell him you’ll be okay. You want to reassure Thena, to tell her it was okay, you didn’t blame her. But truth be told you were too cold to even speak, your teeth chattering, your breathing ragged as your body fought to warm pump the blood around. You couldn’t feel most of your body and what little you could feel was painfully numb.
Druig’s face looks pained as he sees you struggling. He sighs in frustration and scoops you up in his arms, jogging over to the small settlement of people that lived beside the lake. You see over his shoulder that Sersi and Thena are right behind him.
As you approach the village you see Sprite and Kingo exit from one of the closest huts.
“In here” Sprite calls over to Druig. “They’ve got a fire going in the bedroom, take her in there."
Druig carries you inside, the other Eternals close behind him. Once in the room Druig places you gently on your feet, holding you against him as you were unable to bear your own weight. You’re shuddering against him as he tries to rub some heat into you with his hands.
“You know actually the best way to warm someone up is through body heat. Like actually being naked” Kingo tries a joke to lighten the mood, his hands mushing together to emphasise his point.
“I know” Druig says in all seriousness. “So that’s what I’m gonna do” he says determinedly, already stripping away your jacket and outer shirt.
“What?” Sprite says, clearly taken aback.
“Druig, let her have some dignity” Thena speaks cooly and calmly.
“Druig” you hear Sersi speak softly. “Just let one of us girls do it. Let me do it” she murmurs gently, placing a hand on Druig’s shoulder.
“No. I’m doing it.” He quickly shrugs his own jacket off, hunching over you and keeping you against him.
Druig releases a cocky chuckle in response to the shocked faces of your fellow Eternals. He looks up at them, a poisonous smile on his lips.
“Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen everything before” he says as he pulls you even tighter against him. You wrap your numb arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately. You no longer care about the fact that your relationship was supposed to be secret. Clearly Druig didn’t either. You bury your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his warmth as you tremble against him.
“What?!” Sprite exclaims. You can feel Druig smirk in response. Cat's out the bag now.
“Hmm, I knew it” Thena muses smugly. You simply bury your head into Druig’s chest, your cheeks flushing red from more than just the cold.
“Oh my god I have so many questions” Kingo gushes.
“Perhaps now isn’t the time, Kingo” Sersi chimes in.
“Come on, let’s leave them to it” Thena speaks cooly, gathering up the others and ushering them out of the hut. You release a shuddering sigh into Druig’s chest as they go. Druig rubs your back roughly, trying to warm you with the friction.
“Let us know if you need anything” Kingo sings as he heads out the door, closing it behind him. You can hear Sprite’s fading giggle in response.
“Don’t worry, my love, I’ve got you. I’ve got you” he murmurs into your hair, a serious edge returning to his voice. You nod your shaking head in response.
“Take off your wet clothes. Quickly” he tells you as he rubs your arms before letting you go.
You simply nod again, your teeth chattering too much for you to speak. You strip quickly, sucking your teeth when you feel the air hit your naked body. You turn around to see that Druig has also stripped nude. He quickly tosses the blankets and pillows from the bed onto the floor in front of the fire. He then grabs the massive fur duvet and wraps it around his shoulders before striding over to you. He envelopes you in his arms, a small gasp escaping him as your freezing skin touches him.
He pulls the blanket tightly over your body until you’re locked against his chest. He lowers the two of you gently onto the bundle of pillows and blankets, ensuring you were laying closest to the fire. He tucks himself behind you, curving his body around yours, trying to touch as much of your body as he could with his own. Any part of you that wasn’t touching him he made sure to tuck the fur blanket around tightly.
You’re facing him, your back to the fire. You tuck your face down into his chest, feeling his chin rest atop your head. Your hands are pressed flush against his chest, encouraging any kind of feeling to return to them. Your legs are intertwined, your bodies impossibly close. You know this must be uncomfortable for him, your freezing hands causing his stomach to tense beneath your touch. But he doesn’t relent, he simply keeps you pressed tightly against him, his hands rubbing up and down your back.
You start to feel your shuddering calm down as warmth slowly but surely renters your body. You sigh deeply, revelling in the heat emanating from Druig. He peppers kisses to your head, his breath warming your face. After a long while you finally lift your head to look up at him. You see relief wash over his face as he gazes at you.
“How you feeling?” He whispers.
“Better” you sigh, your voice hoarse from where you’d choked on the freezing water. He leans his forehead against yours, closing his eyes.
“I thought I’d lost you” he breathes, pain straining his voice, a tear slipping down his cheek. You move your hands to cup the back of his neck. All you can do is shake your head softly in response, your voice threatening to break if you attempted to speak. In your silence Druig continues to ramble.
“I was so scared, y/n. Seeing you just disappear under the ice like that. And there was nothing I could do about it” he sounds anguished, angry at himself. You shake your head again but he carries on.
“There was nothing I could do, I was just stood there helpless whilst you were dying. I- I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. I can’t lose you...” he trails off as a sob cracks his voice. You feel tears slip from your own eyes. He opens his mouth again to ramble some more but you cut him off by placing your freezing lips on his. He jolts slightly at the sudden cold on his lips but he quickly responds, moulding his mouth against yours. You revel in the warmth of his lips on yours.
It’s okay, Druig. I’m okay. You push your thoughts into his mind. I’m right here. You reassure him. You feel him smile into the kiss and know he’s heard you. I love you. You tell him through your thoughts. His lips break from yours momentarily.
“I love you too” he whispers out loud.
A/N: lmao I really turned this into a like a whole-ass story. Sorry it’s quite long, I really liked the idea and was inspired by it so I just ran with it, I hope you liked it though!🖤🥰✨
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bloodydilf · a month ago
Thin Walls.
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x reader x ikaris (no established relationship, he's just there as a.. witness??)
tags: 18+ only (minors DNI), thigh riding, slight exhibitionism/voyeurism situation (ikaris is hearing everything), dub-con mind control, dirty talk, cocky!druig, like one swear word djbdjd
note: the idea was better in my head tbh,, it's like once I write it down it sucks 🙈
Tumblr media
druig has you perched on his thigh after you've been begging to be touched.
you did everything to get his attention: wore revealing clothing around him & the eternals, slipped innuendos into conversations, made him jealous by spending time with ikaris–the one person he had issues with.
it's safe to say you got what you wanted. but it wasn't enough.
“it's either my thigh or nothing, sweetheart. you want to act like a needy bitch, you're gonna ride it like one.”
he had his back against the bed's headboard,, hands on your waist, guiding your hips to rut against the hard muscle.
“that's it, darlin', just like that.”
the denim jeans he wore rubbed you just right. he'd bounce his leg just to hear you cry out.
you were desperate to get off; your hands gripped onto his shoulders tight, swiveling your hips until your muscles ached.
loud moans and whines fell from your lips, so you tried to muffle them by pressing your mouth against druig's shoulder
until he said “no, no, I wanna hear those pretty noises.”
“but druig–”
his eyes would glow gold, any protests would die on your tongue.
“I'm sure ikaris wants to hear how good I'm making you feel too. Isn't that right, brother?”
with your human hearing, it was impossible to hear ikaris on the other side of the wall, soft curses and ragged pants.
it was no surprise to him that druig knew he was listening in.
with eyes clenched shut, he bucked into his slick covered hand,, raven locks plastered against his sweaty forehead as he tried to hold back a throaty groan.
druig could hear the effect you had on ikaris, giving him the option to gloat:
“if only you could hear what he's doing right now, my love. I bet he wishes his hand were your tight hole. too bad he has to settle for himself.”
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nekpma · 2 months ago
❝ darkest little paradise ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing druig x fem!reader
wc 4.1k
requested ? yes
note i got a LOT of requests so i decided to combine a few of them, hope you guys don’t mind :) i recommend playing don't blame me by taylor swift since i listened to that on repeat as i wrote this lmao and bold italics are flashbacks !!
Tumblr media
“so, we have to go find the others and put an end to the emergences,” sersi finished, watching your back still at the kitchen sink, dish in hand. in silence, you turned off the tap, placed the plate on the drying rack, and turned to face your long-time friend as you wiped your hands with a towel.
you looked at sersi, at sprite and ikaris and kingo and thena and gilgamesh, biting the inside of your cheek. there were seven of you in your house right now, which meant you still had to find phastos, makkari, and druig. you were somewhat thrilled about seeing the former two friends, but facing druig...the male you had spent an eternity pining over...you weren’t so fond of the idea.
“does ajak know you stole that?” druig’s familiar accent made you turn around, eyes narrowing at the dark-haired eternal just before he snatched the red artifact from your hands. he pretended to be interested in the antique book, flipping through the yellowed pages as he dodged your incoming hands.
you shook your head, trying to take back the novel with little success. “no. and she doesn’t need to know, so don’t even think about telling her.”
druig looked at you, tilting his head to the side as he said, “my beautiful, beautiful y/n, i’m hurt that you think i’m a snitch.”
“you’re more a flirt than a snitch,” you muttered, letting your hands fall slack by your sides. “now please give me the damn book, druig.”
“what do i get in return?” the male questioned, the smirk on his face growing. he held the book to his chest as he waited for your answer.
you jutted a hip out and placed a hand on your hip, raising an eyebrow as you remarked, “a clear conscious. now give me the book, or i’m gonna-”
“or you’re gonna what?” druig jeered, daring you to finish the intended threat.
“or i’m going to tell ajak that you interfered with a fight today at a bar,” you said, nodding in confirmation.
druig’s eyebrows rose, and he took a few steps closer to you, amused at your pathetic warning. “am i supposed to be scared of that? ajak already knows i deal with their quarrels, love. it’s nothing new.”
you took your bottom lip between your teeth as you searched your mind for something else to say, and you had failed to notice that druig had practically cornered you against the stone wall.
“how about this; if i give the book back, you have to walk with me, first thing in the morning for three weeks. we wouldn’t be going far, just to the markets and stalls, maybe even the gardens if you’re up for it,” druig said, letting the offer hang in the air.
“deal,” you said almost immediately, grabbing the book from his outstretched hands without a second thought.
“i’ll go,” you decided, finally giving in to helping your friends. they needed you and you knew it. hanging up the hand towel, you asked, “who are we tracking down next?”
“someone i think you’d be rather excited to see,” you heard kingo muse from your dining table, taking a sip of the tea you had prepared earlier.
groaning, you massaged the bridge of your nose, wondering why the universe wasn’t on your side today. “why can’t we go get phastos instead?”
“because we have to cross an ocean to get to him. druig, however, isn’t too far from here,” sersi said. ikaris nodded along with her.
you sighed deeply, crossing your arms over your chest. “well, then let’s get this reunion over with, i suppose.”
Tumblr media
“it’s so humid,” sprite complained beside you, fanning herself with a hand as she walked. “it’s sticky and hot and i don’t like it.”
“jesus fucking christ, i couldn’t agree more,” you grumbled, smacking your arm for the fifth time in ten minutes. “these bugs are killing me. who knew immortality didn’t come with free mosquito passes.”
“it’s not so bad,” kingo tried to suggest, but as the words came out he swatted at his face, wriggling in his spot as he tried to dodge a bug you couldn’t see.
you watched as karun video-taped his boss flinging himself around, yelling at the videographer to help get the bugs off. sprite and sersi’s giggles filled your ears as you smiled in amusement. ikaris, however, told everyone to get a move on, his expression that of stone.
the laughs died down afterward, and everyone returned to finding the supposed village where druig lived, which happened to be smack dab in the middle of the amazon forest. the journey to where you were right now had not been a pleasant one, and you didn’t know how much you would miss running water and air conditioning until you stepped out of kingo’s private jet.
as the seven, well, eight of you, including karun, traveled deeper into the forest, you suddenly got the feeling of being followed, your stomach dropping and ears perking for any noise that wasn’t mother nature or someone you were traveling with.
stopping in your tracks, thena halted a few feet ahead of you, looking at you over her shoulder. “what’s wrong?”
her question made other people stop where they were, their attention turning to you.
“it’s nothing, i’m being paranoid,” you insisted, realizing that your subconscious was probably just trying to avoid anything to do with druig.
“no, what’s wrong?” gilgamesh asked, taking a step in your direction, stealing a glance at thena as he did.
hesitating, you said, “i feel like we’re being followed.” as the others exchanged glances you rushed to assure them that it was most likely nothing but your mind and body playing tricks on you. “it’s fine, though. i guess i’m just nervous to confront druig after so long.”
“remind me again why i have to do this every day for three weeks?” you whined to druig, kicking at the rocks that littered the sandstone path. “it’s only the second day and it’s just as boring as it was yesterday. you could’ve asked for anything else and you chose this.” you waved your arms in the air for emphasis.
druig chuckled at your clear boredom. “you wanted that book back, remember? and besides, i could use a little company on my walks.”
“who would’ve thought the ‘great druig’ ever got lonely,” you scoffed, finding what he had just told you hard to believe.
“it’s true!” druig exclaimed, shooting you a quick smile as he spoke. “plus, it’s nice to have someone to talk to, even if they are complaining the entire time.” a pointed look came your way.
“fine, fine. i will try to enjoy this,” you said, looking around as the sun started to peek over the tall buildings, basking the city in the morning light.
the rest of the walk into the marketplace was filled with arm-brushes and small talk, mostly druig teasing you about anything and everything. you started to enjoy his presence (more than you already had) and noticed how much you smiled around him, your stomach doing flips every time he flashed you a grin or even just said your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
“oh this is absolutely beautiful,” you sighed, hand reaching out to touch the silver pendant that was hanging from a vendor’s stall. the woman who ran the stall was busy helping someone else, trying to sell a woven bracelet made from horse hair to a gruff-looking man.
druig smiled at the way your eyes lit up. “then get it. silver looks beautiful on your skin tone.”
“ i don’t know,” you said, retracting your hand from the necklace. “ajak said to stop spending my money on things i’d just lose the next day.”
“well, if you’re not going to buy it, then will you go grab us something to eat? i missed breakfast this morning,” druig asked, watching as you nodded and walked off in the direction of the food stalls.
as soon as he couldn’t see you anymore, druig reached for the pendant, taking it from its display station. he turned to the seller, watching as she happily told the man she had been talking to earlier to come back soon, and approached him with a smile.
“hello, i apologize for the wait, sir,” the sales-woman compensated, taking the piece of jewelry from his hands. “will this be all?”
druig nodded, and he quickly paid for the pendant, not wanting you to come back while he was purchasing the silver relic. after he had finished, parting ways with the sweet vendor, he went off looking for you, the necklace laced through a loop attached to his suit.
he found your back turned to him, chatting with a vendor as they handed you two skewers of grilled maize with a kind face.
“thank you so much,” he heard you say before he braced a hand on each of your shoulders, pulling you back just enough for him to get his head over your left shoulder, startling you.
“there you are, my dear,” druig mused as the faltered smile on your face returned back to its original one. “i got you something.”
“i actually got you something too, per request,” you said, following your companion to an open space. “i hope you like maize because it was the only option they had.”
as you went to hand him one of the two skewers you had purchased, he held up a hand. “hold on, i want to give you yours first.”
“oh,” you said simply. “alright. but what do i do about the food in my hands?”
druig laughed at your question. “just hold it, darling. and close your eyes too.”
giving him a skeptical look, you hesitantly shut your lids. “this is making me nervous, druig, i don’t like it.”
“calm down,” he assured with a smile you couldn’t see, stepping behind you and unclasping the necklace before reaching his arms around the base of your neck. you jumped at the foreign feeling, groaning when druig laughed.
“what are you doing to me?” you questioned, shifting your weight from one foot to the other. druig stayed quiet, and let the pendant rest against your chest as he clasped it around your neck, grinning as you let out an, “oh.”
“you can open your eyes now,” he told you, watching as you turned to face him, looking down at the new piece of jewelry on your neck. his mouth started to turn downwards when you didn’t react immediately. “what’s wrong? do you not like it?”
“no, no, it’s not that,” you promised, looking back up at him. “it’s just that...no one’s ever done anything like this for me. druig, thank you, i love it.”
nodding, druig smiled again. “good, i’m glad you like it. now,” he reached out and took one of the skewers from you, “i can take that.”
“still be on guard, though,” ikaris warned, scanning the trees around you all before continuing any further. in silence, you all followed him, everyone’s eyes on the forest.
not much longer, sprite pointed out a roof up ahead, and soon, later, you all stepped into a small village. the one that belonged to druig, you weren’t exactly sure.
the eight of you all started to look around, karun filming while kingo narrated and pointed at the buildings. you, though, walked up to a pair of children playing with straw-made dolls, gaining their attention to ask a few questions.
when the little girl on the right looked up at you, a joyful smile splaying on her lips, the easing expression on your face dropped as you stared at familiar gold eyes.
he’s here, you realized instantly, your throat starting to close up. walking backward, you looked around you, at the same pair of eyes that everyone in the village shared. what threw you off, even more than you already were, was that they were all staring at the strangers in their home, or, more specifically, you.
“oh, fuck me,” you cursed under your breath, flinching when a set of pale-colored doors opened to your left, revealing the person you really had no intention of seeing again before this whole fiasco started.
walking out with a smug smile, druig locked eyes with you. “well look who finally decided to come visit.”
too dumbfounded to speak, you heard someone cough on your right when only stillness remained in the air. realizing it was sprite, you felt her nudge your shoulder, silently urging you to say something.
“we, uh, we need your help,” you managed to say, standing a little straighter. the awkwardness in the air felt absolutely suffocating.
“you’re gonna have to make me,” druig challenged, looking up at ikaris, daring the taller male to make a move on him.
beside phastos, you watched in horror at what was happening. with the screams and shouts and gunshots, you couldn’t tell if you were more scared of the genocide happening around you or the threats exchanged within your family.
you understood why druig wanted to end the wars and issues between the humans, but you also knew that they needed to sort it out on their own. after all, you were just sent here to protect them from the deviants, not assist them in their relationships with each other.
ikaris took a step back from druig with a scoff, looking back at ajak, hoping she would somehow handle the situation.
“i’m ending this,” you heard druig say to no one in particular, stepping up to the edge of the temple, eyes already burning a bright gold. you didn’t have to see the swords and other weapons drop to know that they did.
as druig started to descend down the steps, you called out to him, rushing to where he had once been. he looked back up at you, eyes no longer the blue you had come to adore over centuries together.
“don’t go,” you pleaded, not knowing what else to say to get him to stay. you knew you couldn’t follow him to wherever he was going, not wanting to interfere with human affairs. it felt wrong, no matter how much you hated to see it. you’d grown accustomed to ignoring the human problems, and you wondered why druig hadn’t.
he extended a hand. “come with me.”
tears started to stream down your cheeks as you shook your head, taking a step back. you couldn’t just abandon your family.
“come with me,” druig repeated, the words strained. he reached out his hand further, silently begging you to take it. when you only shook your head again, he let his arm fall back to his side. he opened his mouth to speak when you cut him off.
“don’t even think about trying to control me druig, or, i swear it, there will be nothing but hatred for you in my heart,” you practically seethed, stomping out the option entirely. you continued to stare at him, not sure whether you should be angry or sad and awaiting his next move.
he reached out once more, but only to touch the silver pendant hanging at your neck, his luminous eyes flickering from it to your face before he turned away and started to descend down the steps once more. you watched him with longing eyes, leaning against the stone pillar beside you.
a choked sob escaped your lips as you grasped the pendant, ripping it from your throat and tossing it on the blood-stained floor.
“i’m sorry, you expect me to just drop everything and come help you put a celestial being to sleep?” druig scoffed, shaking his head at the absurdity of ikaris’ request.
sersi sighed, standing from her spot on a wooden bench. “look, i know it seems difficult, but it can be done.”
“oh, i’m aware it can be done, but you can’t just drop on a person that their entire existence is a lie and that they need to help protect a place they’ve been wanting to leave for so long,” druig said, eyebrows raised.
from your spot in the back, resting against the wall and propping a leg up on the bench, you watched intently as everything unfolded. after you had said the first words to him, you intended to say no more. you wanted to avoid directly speaking to druig for as long as you possibly could. you didn’t want him toying with your feelings again; you didn’t know if you could handle it a second time.
“and what about you?” the sudden question pointed your way snapped you back into reality, head whipping in the direction the voice had come from. you slouched back against the wall when you realized it was druig, trying your best to look disinterested.
“what about me?” you asked, feeling everyone’s eyes on you both. damn this whole situation, you thought as druig grew closer, his footsteps growing louder as he walked.
he looked you up and down, trying to decipher what had changed. obviously, you still looked similar, but there was also something else. possibly the way you held yourself, or even the tight-fitting pants and camisole you wore, exposing more skin than you ever would have the last time he saw you. he also noted the way your fingers played with the necklace that rested against your collarbone. it was a habit of yours when you grew nervous or unsure. and to say that he didn’t immediately recognize the pendant would have been a lie.
“you’re really okay going against a full-blown celestial?” druig asked, eyes locked with yours as he placed his hands in his pockets.
the question made you stand from your spot defensively, and as you stepped up to druig, the air in the room shifted. “yes, i would. and i had already told the others along the way here that you probably wouldn’t help us, that you couldn’t care less about the people on this planet unless they were under your control. it seems i may have been right; some people don’t change, even after a few decades holed up in some hideaway village, pretending to be in a utopia.”
the words spilled from your lips quicker than you would have liked, and, when you finished, the smirk on the eternal’s face was gone.
“you’re insufferable, druig,” you seethed, turning on your heel and making a beeline for the door, your face still twisted in anger.
ikaris stepped in front of the door, placing an open palm on your shoulder in an attempt to stop you. “we have things we need to discuss-”
“then discuss them without me,” you snapped, pushing his hand off and walking outside, back into the muggy air. as the door shut, the villagers nearest to the church stopped and watched you go into the forest, their yellow eyes glowing. you ignored them, walking further and further, cursing druig and all that he had put you through.
after you had decided you’d gone far enough, you sat down on a large tree root, threading your fingers through your hair in frustration. the sounds of the forest - the rustle of the trees, birds chirping, etc. - calmed you down as you focused solely on them, head swarming with thoughts of druig and arishem and the emergence.
the snap of a twig behind you made you jump to your feet, summoning your power as you fixed into a defensive stance. you scoffed when you were faced with druig. his change of attire didn’t go unnoticed by you. figuring he must’ve grown too hot in the long-sleeve he had on previously, he was sporting a light grey shirt with cut-off sleeves, strong arms on display.
“how did you find me?” you asked harshly, standing a little straighter in his presence.
“my love, i don’t think you mean it, but your thoughts are very loud,” he said as you turned your back to him and sat down again.
his footsteps grew closer and you shook your head at his words. “stop it. stop with the pet names and the sweet words, druig.” he sat down next to you, leaving a few inches between your thighs. “don’t talk to me like we’re a couple and you’re madly in love with me. we haven’t seen each other in centuries, druig, and the last time we did you left me heartbroken atop an aztec temple. so, stop it.”
the silence that followed afterward hung heavy in the air as druig let your words sink in. he could hear your thoughts; the violently bitter ones replaced by words of instant regret and worry.
“please,” you whispered, fiddling with your necklace yet again, finally looking over at druig. “don’t flirt with me if you don’t intend to actually do something with it.”
the wind rustled your hair as you stared at the forest floor once again, willing you to keep all the pent-up frustration at bay; the last thing you wanted was for druig to see you start crying. clasping your hands together you said, “aren’t you going to say anything? i know you didn’t just walk out here to sit by me and bite your tongue.”
“you’re right, i didn’t,” druig said, rotating himself so he had a better view of you. “i came out here to, essentially, tell you that i do love you, that i do want a relationship, and that, a couple of centuries ago, i was too scared to admit that to myself so i left, hoping the feelings would trample themselves out with time.
“but they didn’t,” he went on, his accent thick as he spoke. “as i spent my time alone, in solitude, away from the rest of the world, i realized how much i had come to love and cherish you. i had, unbeknownst to my consciousness, become dependant on you. i revolted at the idea, until today, when i could hear, feel, you enter my village, my space. i could sense the uncertainty in you when your eyes landed on me after so long...and when i saw you, i think i fell in love all over again.” a short pause. “in the end, i always knew my feelings were inevitable.”
you blinked at druig’s words, astounded at what he had said, at what he had just confessed to you. this side of him was new; his vulnerability made you cautious. “why didn’t you ever come looking for me if you felt this way?”
“because i was afraid you would turn me away,” druig answered honestly, the yearning clear in his eyes as he looked at you. “after what i did that night...i would understand if you told me to fuck off and never even look your way again-”
“no, that’s out of the question,” you interrupted, shaking your head at him. “druig, i still harbor feelings for you; hell, i don’t think they ever left, hence the reason i still wear this god-forsaken pendant. you can have me, druig. i will gladly call you mine, but if you break my heart again, there will be no third time.”
you took his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together as you talked to him truthfully.
druig’s eyes flashed from you to your locked hands. “and i am okay with that.” the tug of a smile on his lips. “i will try not to be too mean in our time together.”
you felt the same pull on the corners of your mouth at his attempt to ease things over. giving his hand a squeeze, you said, “good. because although i tend to like bad boys, they at least have to have a soft spot for me.”
“oh?” druig’s eyebrows rose. “you like them in all black and clad in a leather jacket?”
pretending to give some thought to it, you nodded. “yes! preferably with some muscle too. not too much or too little, though.”
druig scoffed, standing from his spot as he shook his head in fake disbelief. “alright i’m done with this conversation.”
as his hand started to slip from yours, you tugged him forward, using his body weight to pull yourself up. “wait! i’ll come back with you.”
adjusting your hand in druig’s, you stepped over the root you both had been sitting on previously, leading the mind-controlling male back to the village center. as you walked back the way you had come, the sudden stillness from earlier filled the air. the birds and bugs had gone silent, and the wind settled between the trees.
druig halted, forcing you to do the same, his eyes glowing as you summoned your own power for the second time that day. “what is it?”
“i don’t know, everything’s normal at the village, something must have-” a shrilling cry sliced through the air, cutting druig off as a crash echoed in the distance.
Tumblr media
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melwilson · 6 days ago
whatever you want
Tumblr media
druig hated parties.
they were too loud. there were always too many people. and the music was always terrible.
but it was kingo’s “birthday” and the birthday boy would hate druig for the rest of his life if he didn’t show.
he stands in a corner, red solo cup in hand. his blue eyes cast over every body in the room. he’s tempted to make them all leave, if not for his sake but for the sake of kingo’s marble floors. but he refrains and takes a swig of his beer.
his eyes begin to wander, but they linger momentarily on the girl with the navy blue dress.
you’re talking to a tall ginger. from druig’s perspective he looks like douche, but the smile on your face would tell him otherwise.
druig is fascinated.
you were the reason the eternal held so much love for humans. he wasn’t just captivated by your beauty, but by the weight your eyes held. you looked at the man in front of you with such pure gentleness. there was life within your light-colored eyes.
his moment of awe was short-lived as the crowd moved with the music. he could no longer see you or the man you were with. he downs the rest of his drink and craves another one with your smile searing the back of his mind.
he can’t get to kingo’s bar quick enough. sweaty bodies are bumping into his, the soles of his boots stick to the floor.
“a beer for you, sir?” the bartender asks.
druig’s eyes scan the wall in front of him though he already knows what he wants. “scotch.”
a second later, he’s taking the glass in his hands, but from the corner of his eye he catches the sight of a dark blue dress.
his drink becomes forgotten when he notices your bright smile is replaced with a grimace.
the red head seems to be towering over you. his shadow dims the light you exert and the moment he grabs your arm, druig is walking over to where you are.
he catches your eye as you try and wiggle your arm out of your date’s grip. one too many shots and your not sure he even recognizes you.
the ginger follows your eyes to druig. his arms are crossed over his chest, blue eyes flashing from yours to the man in front of you.
“can i help you?” the ginger slurs.
druig can’t help the twitch in his jaw and he has to take a deep breath, his weight shifting. “are you okay?” his eyes meet yours and he notices the worried look you send him.
the ginger sighs impatiently. “she’s fine.”
“i wasn’t asking you,” druig snaps. his fists clench at his sides. soft eyes plead with you to answer him.
you open your mouth to answer, but your date beats you to it. “i’m sorry, who are you?”
“don’t worry about it,” druig mutters, his attention is clearly on you and he notices the way your shoulders stiffen and how you hide those beautiful irises and that’s all it takes for him to step in front of you and shove the ginger into the crowd of clueless partygoers.
the ginger stumbles to his feet, but druig’s shadow lingers over him. “lucky for you, i don’t wanna ruin her night. but if i see you even look in her direction, you might not be so fortunate.”
druig watches as he scrambles away and before he turns to you, he shakes his hands loose of his fist.
your chest is heaving in relief, your eyes grateful for your savior in the black leather jacket. “hi,” you breathe out.
druig goes weak in the knees and he stuffs his hands into his pockets. “are you okay?”
“um, yeah, because of you,” you mumble, hands rubbing into the fabric of your dress. “how can i thank you? you saved my night.”
druig rocks on his heels. “you wanna get outta here? parties aren’t really my scene.”
you take a moment to eye the beautiful stranger. “there’s a great burger place not too far from here.”
druig extends calloused fingers in your direction and he swore a rush of electricity surged through him when you took his hand; stopping his heart and starting it again only for it to beat faster.
“what’s your name, darling?” druig asks when you guys finally exit the massive mansion.
“y/n,” you answer, swallowing back a stutter. “you?”
“druig,” you repeat, his name falling off your lips like honey. “can i call you dru?”
no one had ever given him a nickname before. he smiles, pulling you close. “beautiful beautiful, y/n. you can call me whatever you want.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BARRY KEOGHAN | Eternals Interview | November 2021
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coralinejones · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
im screaming !!!
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druigswhores · 21 hours ago
gold rush | one shot
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which the emergence takes place on centuri-six and druig once again loses everything he’s ever wanted.
warnings: major spoilers for the movie & includes references to my gold rush series, angst, descriptions of violence and death, slight fluff.
word count: 1.1k
a/n: this idea was given to me by @ateliefloresdaprimavera so thank you so much for the idea! hope you enjoy! also this was giving me very much petermj at the end of nwh vibes
masterlist - series masterlist
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Everyone in Centuri-Six is going to die.
Thunder erupted out of nowhere as large waves began to emerge from the parting ocean. The sounds were deafening as the inhabitants cried out helplessly, homes torn apart, families ripped away from one another.
The planet was caving into itself whilst the birth of another began.
The ground shook under her feet while she looked around helplessly, watching the hand that was once submerged under the waves begin to reach out of the ground, wanting to be free of its cage. She watched while the ground parted beneath their feet, tearing a mother away from her baby. She couldn’t tear her eyes away as the mother was pulled into the cracks of the earth, disappearing and leaving the baby on its own as she faced her fate.
“We’re doing the right thing.” Ajax reassured her once again, watching another person get killed by the birth of the Celestial.
How is killing justifiable?
How is death justifiable?
She felt frozen, unable to move her body whilst the world around her began to crumble, the helpless screams crowding her thoughts while she was instructed to watch, to watch the people she cared for die tragically.
“Druig!” She called out, she saw him attempt to make his way towards her, climbing over the crumbling ground and stumbling his way towards her, once he was within arms reach he pulled her into him as the world around them continued to cave in.
She had been standing for what felt to be hours, the ache in her feet wanting her to do nothing more but lay down, she gently placed her hands on his back, flinching as Druig winces in pain, still healing from the earthquake that caused him to fall uncomfortably onto his back, they looked like two soldiers that were reunited in the midsts of a battle, minutes away from their tragic end.
“So, what a final night alive huh?” Druig attempted to crack a joke, he couldn’t stop longingly watching the crowds, wanting to save everyone from what was to occur. She sighed in response, head falling onto his shoulder as she leaned into him, wanting nothing more than to feel his embrace, to ignore the aching feeling in her soul that continued to weigh her down.
“Druig, I-” She began, stuttering over her words as a chunk of the ground narrowly missed the two, causing them to jump away in fear.
“Don’t, don’t say it.” He cuts her off, pulling on her hand and dragging her to somewhere safe, all he wanted was to protect her, to comfort her.
But there was no way out of this situation, whether he wanted it to happen or not, they were going to die.
The planet will crumble into pieces.
“You- you won’t lose me alright?” Druig hastily held her face in the palm of his hands, wanting her to look directly at him rather than the planet that continued to run to the ground.
“Hey, look at me okay. Look at me.” He demands, catching her eyes and forcing their eyes to meet once more. The pale blue eyes that once brought her comfort only caused her even more heartbreak while she continued to look at him, the man she fell in love with.
The man she was about to lose.
“We’ll find each other again, I promise.” He reassured her, thumb wiping the fallen tears while he forced a smile on his own face, incapable of hiding his own feelings.
“You can't get rid of me that easily, y’know.” He added cheekily, causing a laugh to escape her, he felt his heart stutter at the sound of her laughter, wanting nothing but to bottle it up, to keep it safe in a box so he could hear it over and over again and never get sick of the sweet melody of her laugh.
All he wanted was to tear her away from this nightmare, to keep her safe from their doomed fate, to protect her from everything that could cause a frown on her ethereal face.
He knew she was created by the Gods, nobody this perfect could exist unless they handcrafted by the Gods themselves, Druig thought she was perfect, even with her flaws she was the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on, and if he could relive falling in love with her over and over again, he would do it, with no hesitation.
Because he knew that no matter what, no matter what planet, no matter where they were, he’d find his way back to her, he’d crawl from the depths of hell and kill and destroy everything in his path that kept him away from her.
He wouldn’t let their story end like this, so tragically. They were twin flames, forged by the Gods above and created for one another, nobody could separate Druig from her even if they tried.
“It’s okay- it’s going to be okay, when I see you again we’ll say it to each other, we’ll tell each other.” He promises, not wanting to hear the three words come out of her mouth as she got torn away from him, not wanting the last words he’d hear to be the words that would haunt him until his last breath.
He couldn’t tell her he loved her, not now, not as their lives began to end, not as he’s forced to watch her take her last breath ever as she loses the ability to live.
“We’ll find each other once again.” She stuttered out shakily and Druig nodded, pulling her impossibly closer to him as he watched her gaze fall behind him, his fingers trembled against her skin, ignoring the blood that dropped down his neck and the harsh cut on her forehead.
“That’s right, we will.” He promised.
Thunder clapped once again as the skies began to darken. He looked up and watched the meteors continue to pelt the broken ground. He couldn’t breathe without inhaling the scent of burning corpses as thousands continued to die, he couldn’t stop it, no matter how much he wanted to.
The end was near.
The head of the Celestial began to emerge from the shaky waters, continuing to rip itself away from the centre of the planet, destroying the planet as it did so.
Druig looked at her once again, hurriedly pressing his lips to her forehead as he tucked her into his chest, wanting her to feel nothing but him as it began.
The end of the world.
The Celestial tore himself from the cocoon created, careless about the inhabitants that once roamed the planet that crumbled into pieces, careless towards the Eternals that were devoted to protecting him, he rose from his restless slumber, destroying everything in his path, including the two Eternals that clutched onto each other as the world caved in, welcoming death once again.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
druig taglist: @dontstopxx @itscheybaby @halsmultibitch @hereiamhereigo @redroomproperty @bellaiscool @justifymyfeelings @measure-in-pain @swaggieee @maddyt28 @minxie98 @bookthingz @whatdoyxumean @zofps @she-wintersoldat @the-killer-queenie @felicityofbakerstreet @bizzlepotter @elennory @camilaricci @thesecrethistoryofamanda @bittergomez @lalafl12 @dani5216 @no-trespassing-mtz @sweet-creature98 @luxuriouslokistan-3 @enderstones @ilbuioinduefamenopaura @sunnnyshark @nepturn @redbarn1995 @jordynanderson9 @thenas-heart @shell-lee-inc @zanmorgan @poemsforparker @s0-theking @lucyysthings @katherineeekai @eternallyvenus @juul4jesus @beep-beep-sherlock @popeheywardssecretgf @safeplaceholland @lightning-wolffe @poisoned-pineapple @ateliefloresdaprimavera
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floral fix-ups
Tumblr media
pairing : druig x fem!eternal!reader
summary : after dropping the plant he had been growing for you as a surprise and weeping over it’s tragic loss and ruination, druig (after your consolation) decided that he would re-pot it. all on his own, and without any of your help.
warning(s) : slight angst?? it’s rlly fluffy ahh <3.
note : i believe in flower power supremacy 💌 reader is literally the cutest and 100000% a plant mom 😚🪴 !!
marvel masterlist | druig masterlist
Tumblr media
the small apartment you and druig shared would have been dead silent if not for the way your keys jangled loudly as you shook them hurriedly into the keyhole.
your brows were pinched tight with concern as your ears picked up on faint, barely-there sobs coming from the other side.
slamming the door open and then closed, you threw your things onto the kitchen counter and ran over to kneel beside your lover, who was sitting on the small living room’s floor with his knees tucked close to his chest. 
his face was buried in his lap, but you could picture the tears coursing down his face judging by the way he shook with his cries.
“dru?” you started softly, hands gently reaching out to caress his hair. “hey, what’s the matter?”
druig leaned into your touch and sighed, his eyes peeled out over his knees as he grumbled and said something along the lines of:
“the plant, my love, the plant.”
he lifted a shaky finger to point at a broken pot on the floor not too far from where you both were seated.
druig let out a heavy breath and looked up at you hesitantly, his blue eyes swam with guilt.
“i’m so sorry, dearest.”
his voice came out hoarse, and your heart clenched to think of him experiencing such a distressing sense of dejection.
“oh, love, it’s okay. really, you don’t have to be so sad. it’s just a plant, after all, i can grow you another one if you’d like.”
your voice was honeyed, sweet, and consoling in a way that only made druig want to bawl his eyes out once more. 
“you don’t understand,” he insisted. “that one, it’s– well it was special.”
you hummed and your lips pursed curiously. “and why is that?”
“because,” druig began, but then he paused. an embarrassed blush blossomed over his cheeks as he struggled to continue his sentence. “i was growing that one. all by myself. for you.”
you blinked, and warmth not only crawled up your cheeks but also burrowed itself into your heart. your veins buzzed with glee.
at your lack of a response, druig bit his lip and pressed a kiss to your throat before murmuring soft apologies into the crook of your neck. 
“i’m sorry. i wanted it to be a surprise. for, you know, our anniversary coming up? i wanted to give it as a gift.”
a dry chuckle slipped past his lips as he eyed the cracked pot.
“guess i can’t anymore, can i? i dropped it and now it’s completely ruined.”
“hey, hey. no, no, no. it’s not ruined.” you assured, unable to hold back the lovesick smile that tugged at the corners of your lips.
“it just.. needs a little fix-up. a re-potting, maybe. why don’t i assist you?”
druig contemplated the idea for a moment or two. his lips pursed before he gave his answer. it was a strong, definitive: “no.”
you were at a loss for words here. your mouth tugged into a confused pout as you let out a huff. “but.. but why?” you questioned, crossing your arms over your chest in the process.
“because,” he reasoned. “i have to do it on my own, petal. no help or anything like that. for you, i simply must do it on my own.”
a heavy breath left your lungs. 
you knew that this was the doing of his relentless stubbornness and pride, and with the sheer strength of both those traits, you also knew that there was virtually nothing you could do to get him to change his mind.
“but i get to watch. deal?”
you held out a hand and forced back a smug grin as that endearing pink rose over his cheeks once again. 
a beat passed before druig enclosed his much bigger hand around yours, giving it a shake as his chin jutted up with a challenging smirk.
.ೃ ࿐
if it were anyone besides your beloved doing this re-potting, you were sure you would’ve lost every ounce of your sanity.
when you had suggested using one of your spare pots, druig only shook his head violently and glanced around the room before running into the kitchen.
he came back with a wide grin and an old coffee cup in hand.
if weren’t for how heartwarmingly gentle and caring he was as he carefully replaced the soil and handled the plant, you might’ve scolded him for being so obstinate.
as he worked through the whole process of re-potting, your eyes never once left him.
everything from the way his tongue stuck out just a tiny bit from concentration to the way a proud, dazzling smile spread over his face after he patted down the last bit of soil sent your heart into a fit of flutters.
in the end, the plant wound up a little lopsided, and it dangled a bit because of its weight, but the amount of joy and proudness your lover’s eyes held was all that mattered to you.
clapping some of the dirt off of his hands, druig placed them over his hips as he turned to face you with an accomplished smirk.
“i think i did a pretty damn good job, sweetest, don’t y’think?”
“oh, yes,” you affirmed, inching your face closer to his with a smirk of your own. “i think you did an absolutely marvelous job, honey, i love it.”
druig leaned in closer. the space between your faces was so small that even the slightest movement would bring your lips together.
“is that sarcasm i’m hearing?” he uttered, brow raising teasingly as his gaze flitted from your lips to your eyes.
“heavens, no.” you insisted, feigning offense with a pout. “i love you and our new plant so very much, druig, how dare you to suggest that could i ever mean any of that sarcastically.”
your lover let out a chuckle as he nudged in the direction of the plant before resting his forehead to yours.
“yes, well, i suppose your right.” he hummed. “seeing as you seem to have done quite a number on the leafy little thing, hm?”
your teasing grin fell as fiery heat spread over your cheeks.
the air around the leaves and flowers of the plant shimmered, bringing attention to the way you had somehow turned them into hearts.
how on earth could you have missed that?! you mentally cursed your own powers for putting you in such a humiliating position.
druig’s smug eyes burned into the side of your head as you merely huffed, trying to keep your composure and wits intact.
“oh, stop it.” and you closed the space between the two of you.
your hands tugged at his hair as his hands dug into the soft flesh of your hips and waist.
no matter how many thousands of years it had been since you first kissed, you could never rid yourself of the fireworks that erupted inside your ribcage at the action.
pulling back, breathless and a little disoriented, druig rested his forehead over yours once more. his eyes traced over your features before they fluttered shut as he brushed a soft peck over the tip of your nose.
“i love you and the plant, too, petal. even if it is a little funny-looking.”
“druig! do not insult our child like that! she can hear you!”
you whispered harshly under your breath, oblivious to the way your choice of words would affect druig. for the third time in that day, rosy blush blossomed over your lover’s cheeks.
only this time, the hue was a bright, blazing red.
Tumblr media
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ealeczander · 14 hours ago
Eternals is just like Twilight in terms that the story focuses on the two most boring people in existence and their even more boring relationship, when every other character is absolutely amazing and interesting.
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starlordsandrockets · a month ago
No Control
Tumblr media
pairing: Druig x Reader: 18+
Word Count: 2.3k
summary: Everyone in the settlement was under Druig’s control, besides you. Druig had returned to the settlement after his month long, Earth saving, journey and you no longer wished to keep your feelings for him a secret.
a/n: Thank you for sending in a request! I apologize for the delay, lol. I had to actually go see the movie first! I normally don’t take RQs for characters I don’t normally write for but I absolutely loved Druig. I hope you enjoy this shorter smut!
[ask is posted below]
Tumblr media
There was something different about you. He could tell from the first day you appeared in his life. You were gentle and forgiving, unlike those around you, and that is why you were never under his control.
Was it odd to have fallen in love with the one who was watching over your settlement for as long as your people could remember? You did not think so. There was nothing threatening about Druig, he was just protective. Especially towards you. 
Druig had left around a month ago but had finally returned and all you knew was that you were tired of burying your years of feelings. That is how you found yourself searching the many recreational buildings, searching for him.
“Druig,” You spoke a bit out of breath, quietly, his back facing you, “May I talk to you?” Your formality made him laugh slightly, raising one of your eyebrows. You studied him as he turned, facing you. He looked different, almost more human. In the past, Druig did not show much emotion. Now, he wore a leather jacket and a small cocky smile on his lips, “If this is a bad time,”
“Not at all, Y/N,” Druig shrugged, his change in attitude taking you aback, “Did you miss me?”
“Of course,” You breathed out, “We all did, everyone seems so lost- when you left, it’s like-”
“Controlling a settlement really puts stress on a person,” Druig spoke, “I needed a break, forgive me,” He watched your head tilt, “You know that I have been watching over these people for awhile now. You’ve heard the stories in your classes as a child,”
“They- they never said,” You stuttered, taken aback by this newfound information.
“History is all about stretching the truth, my dear,” Druig spoke slyly, “But,” He approached you, watching your movements falter as he neared, “I never controlled you. Not once,”
You looked up at him. You had never been this close to him and you felt as if you were going to crumble, “D-Druig,” You attempted to speak, wanting nothing more than to confess what was on your mind. Your fingers bunched the fabric of your dress out of nervousness.
“Humanity is cruel, Y/N, but you,” He almost whispered, intoxicating you with his words, “For the years that I have been watching over you, I’ve seen nothing but kindness from you,”
“Everyone is kind,” You spoke, trying to not melt from his flattery, “It’s not just me,”
“Oh but it is,” Druig informed, “I have to make sure that everyone is on their best behavior. It’s exhausting- but you, you’ve always been such a good girl,”
You hated how much his praise turned you on, it traveled straight between your legs, “Can- can I help?” You questioned, “Is there anything I can do for you?” Your feelings were clawing their way out of your chest and screaming in your head. They wanted out, “For you- I- I want to help you. Because I like you,”
Druig smiled, “Infatuation,” He laughed, watching your brow furrow, “Thanks for the laugh, I’m feeling better,” He watched as your gaze dropped out of embarrassment, “You’re being serious?” He questioned.
“Sorry for bothering you,” You spoke, turning your back towards him. Defeated, you headed towards the building’s door, “I overstepped,”
“Y/N,” Druig’s voice stopped you in your tracks, “Are you not afraid of me? Even in the slightest?” He almost laughed, approaching you from behind. His hand fell tightly around your small wrist, “My power is to control humans, bend them against their will to do whatever I say,”
“You said you never controlled me,” You spoke, turning your head. You met his blue eyes as he stood, towering behind you, “I trust you,”
Your claim made a smile curl his lips, “Trust me?” His laugh made your heart sink, “Darling, I hardly trust myself,”
“I do,” You spoke, “I always have,” Turning, your free hand reaching out to him. Resting your palm on the leather of his jacket, you felt his chest rise and fall, “Please,”
“Please what, darling,” He questioned, looking down at you. He studied every inch of your skin. You were imperfect, every human was. But to him, there was beauty within every single imperfection he could identify, “Tell me, pretty girl,” The claim slipped, even taking himself off guard.
“Take me,” You spoke, “If you’ll have me. I know there are prettier girls, older girls,”
“There is no human old enough to share the things I went through with,” He chuckled, feeling your fingers tighten around the fabric of his jacket.
“But I can listen,” You assured, “I can try to understand,” Letting go of your wrist, you felt as he began to remove his leather jacket. The dark fabric fell against the hard floor, a thin grey shirt sat against his skin. He reached out, watching you stiffen for a moment, his hand cupping the side of your face. His gaze was serious as he watched you almost nuzzle into his hand.
His serious gaze melted, being replaced with a warmthness to his cold, blue eyes, “I could hurt you, darling,” Druig almost warned, “I could turn on you, make you do whatever I want,”
“I know you won’t,” You spoke quietly, “As long as I’m good,” An amused smirk crossed his face, a chuckle passing through his lips.
“Yeah?” He studied you, “Then I need you to be good for me,” You nodded as he grew closer and closer to your lips. Druig studied your nervous expression from under his lashes.
You felt as his lips brushed against yours before he pressed into your warm skin, leaving a rough kiss on your lips. His ears caught a quiet whimper as he felt you crumble in his hold.
Druig began to relax, for once he did not need to use his powers. In another reality, the two of you would have to be quick, or take shelter in a more private venue. But in Druig’s reality, he could control everyone around him, securing your privacy.
“I never got to thank you,” You spoke in between small gasps, Druig’s lips making their way across your cheek, against your jaw, traveling down your neck, “for saving us- all of us,”
“Wouldn’t have been able to see you again if I didn’t,” Druig admitted. He had wandering thoughts like this about you, however, he would have never acted upon them. His hands bunched your plain, off white dress. Almost pushing you off of him, he pushed you backwards. Your lower back pressed against one of the tables that occupied the large room. Looking back, you studied the papers and small objects that sat on its surface. 
With a swift motion, Druig cleared the table, taking hold of your arms. He turned you around, pushing your chest down against the plastic surface, “Ready to be good for me?” He questioned, making sure you were not having second thoughts. He watched as you nodded, your warm cheek pressed against the table’s surface, “Need to hear you, darling,”
“Yes,” You spoke, unable to look into his blue eyes. You felt as he bunched the fabric of your dress, exposing your underwear. Your whole settlement was dressed conservatively, so you were not used to being so exposed. It equally embarrassed and excited you.
Druig met your eyes as you picked up your head, gazing over your shoulder. His hand fell against the skin that peaked out from behind the fabric of your underwear. Slipping two of his fingers under the fabric, he trailed his touch around the curve of your ass, following the seam to where it sat between your legs. His fingertips dragged slightly along your wet folds, making him smile, “Such a pretty girl,” He praised, pushing aside the fabric, eyes taking in your nude skin, “You ready for me, darling?”
“Yes,” You breathed out once more, “Please,”
“So polite,” Druig spoke with a cocky grin. His dominant hand fell to his pants while his other hand rested, cupping your ass, “Gonna take me good?” He questioned, unbuttoning his pants, pushing them down slightly. Your eyes trailed down every inch of skin he began to expose to you. However, as soon as his shaft began to come into view, your gaze snapped forward out of embarrassment, “Nervous? Darling,” He smiled, “Haven’t done anything like this before?”
“N-No,” You stuttered. You felt his palm caress the skin of your ass, his touch warm.
“Gonna take good care of you then,” Druig spoke, “Unless you beg me not to,” He teased, a cocky smile stretched his lips as he took hold of his dick, dragging the tip along your folds, “You gonna beg?”
“Please,” Was all you could muster out, feeling light headed from his teasing, “please,” 
“Please what?” Druig questioned, aligning himself at your begging entrance, “Use your pretty little lips,”
“Fuck me,” You almost whispered. Your uttered claim was followed by Druig filling you, inch by inch; a moan falling from your lips.
“Good girl,” He spoke, “Such a pretty little noise,” His hands now snaked to your hips, allowing himself a firm grip. He began to thrust into you, not giving you much time to adjust.
Your eyes screwed shut at the slight pain, moans continuing to fill the air. His hands fell from your hips, falling against the table on either side of you, “You feel,” He stuttered, feeling himself begin to fall for you. He did not finish his claim, not wanting to find faith in humanity. However, he always had faith in you, he was just holding back the truth, “So good,” He muttered, head thrown back. Druig rolled his hips into you, your plush skin bouncing. He felt himself getting lost in the feeling of you, “Y/N,”
You turned your head, watching Druig draw closer to you, pressing his stomach against the small of your back. His body hugged yours, feeling your warmth. You felt human. His brow was furrowed as his eyes looked at you through his lashing, his gaze piercing your heart, “Mm,” You moaned, “so good. You’re going to make me cum,” Your back arched, allowing him to thrust deeper, “Fuck,”
“Fuck,” Druig groaned above you. He was lost in thought. He wanted nothing more than to turn you over, to studied your fucked out expression as you came. However, he did not want to show weakness, falling in love with a human, “Fuck it,” He muttered to himself aloud. He watched you pick up your head, wondering what he had muttered. With a swift motion, Druig flipped you onto your back, entering you once more, “Want to see you cum, darling. Need to see your face,”
His words twisted that newly found knot, your climax building, closer and closer. You nodded as his body hugged you, your clothed bodies pressed against each other. You wished that you could feel his skin against yours, wanting nothing more than for your bodies to cling together from sweat. Your thoughts were cut short as you watched him bring his face towards you, pressing his lips firmly on your own before setting his forehead on your own.
“You’re so good. Such a good girl,” Druig spoke, “Need you to cum for me,” He felt you nod as he pressed his forehead into you.
“Gonna cum,” You stuttered, a moan following your claim, “Druig,” You moaned his name, making him clench his teeth, jaw straining.
“Come on darling,” He coaxed, needing you to finish, “Want to feel you lose yourself,” Druig’s voice was hypnotizing, “Feel you give into me,”
With those words, your head rolled back as he pushed you over the edge. You felt as his hand cupped the back of your head, bring our forehead back against his, “f-f-fuck,” You almost whined, your orgasm almost too much for you to speak. Your legs began to shake as Druig’s pace quickened, chasing the orgasm he had been edging.
Leaning back, he pulled out of you. His hand grasped the fabric of your dress, pushing the fabric up your body, exposing your skin. His rough movement pushed your bra up over your breasts as his free hand pumping himself over you, “Fuck, darling,” Druig’s head fell back, his chest rising and falling as he began to come undone. His blue eyes returned to yours as he came, covering your stomach and chest. He attempted to catch his breath as he studied you, covered in him, “Such a pretty girl,” He spoke, bringing heat to your cheeks. Reaching out, his hands fell against your sides, trailing up your body. He watched as his cum disappeared against your skin, your breasts now in his hold, “Y/N. I’m leaving,” Druig spoke.
“What?” Your question was almost breathless, still trying to process that you slept with him.
“The settlement is no longer under my control- My watch,” Druig informed, “I no longer wish to use my powers the way I was. And I was wondering,” His fingers dug into the plush skin of your breasts, making you whimper, “Would you like to come with me?” He questioned, “I won’t make you,” His eyes almost pleaded with you, “but you already know that,”
“I,” You were almost speechless, his sudden affection catching you off guard, “Where would we go?” You asked, “I-I haven’t been out of the settlement. I don’t even know what’s out there,”
“I’ve been many places,” Druig smiled, his hands now left your breast, trailing towards your face. He brushed your hair back, smoothing your y/h/c locks, “I can take you wherever you wish- show you some of my favorite places,” He watched a small smile cross your lips, “Would you like that?”
“Yes,” You allowed the smile to stretch across your face, “I’d like that,” You were slightly frightened at the idea of leaving the only home you knew for two decades, but having Druig by your side made you feel as if you could conquer the world.
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druigswitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Makkari absolutely serving face™️ here
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waspswidows · a month ago
Can you pls do something like, ikaris and druig were in a fight and just to be annoying, druig fucks reader so ikaris cant sleep?? 😋
Sry if it made No sense, Im not very good at english :/
Pairing: Druig x (female) Reader
Summary: Druig is feeling petty after an argument with Ikaris. He decides the best revenge is to keep Ikaris awake by forcing him to listen to you moan Druig’s name.
Warnings: smut, penetrative sex (m+f), bit of Dom!Druig, bit of dirty talk, minors DNI
A/N: my precious anon don’t worry this made perfect sense and I absolutely LOVE this idea😅 thank you for your request!! Druig using you to be petty and piss off Ikaris?? Um yes please!! Hope you enjoy this!🖤✨🥰
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
You were already in bed when Druig came storming in, slamming the door behind him.
“That little bitch” he seethes to himself.
“What did Sprite do now?” you ask.
“No not Sprite, Ikaris” he replies, pacing around the room in frustration.
“Oh, what did he do then?” You can’t help the small laugh that escapes you. Druig just sighs, running a hand through his hair in frustration.
“Just being an arrogant asshole that’s all."
“So nothing too out of the ordinary then” you joke with him. Druig scoffs darkly. He then suddenly whips his head to look at you, a smirk taking over his face.
“I have an idea” he teases.
And so here you now were, pinned against the wall adjoining yours and Ikaris’ rooms. Druig was fucking into you like it was his last night on Earth, your back slamming against the wall with each harsh thrust. He had one hand holding him place against the wall whilst the other pulled your thigh up and around his back, angling himself deep inside you. The room is filled with the sounds of slapping skin, ragged breathing, and sinful moans. But it still wasn’t enough for Druig.
“Come one baby, be loud for me” he pants into the crook of your neck. You moan in response, revelling in the feeling of being so full of his cock.
“Louder” he commands again, lifting his head to bore his eyes into yours.
“Harder” you retort, leaning up to bite and pull his bottom lip. He groans as he ruts his hips even harder against you, pushing impossibly deep inside you. You moan loudly in response as he hits your sweet spot.
“Ah fuck, Druig. Right there” you cry. “Yes right there” you gasp loudly.
“Fuck yes baby, say my name. Say my name” he pleads, digging his fingers into the flesh of your thigh.
“Ughh Druig” you cry.
“No one can fuck you as good as I can, isn’t that right babygirl?”
“Yes Druig, only you” you mewl frantically, making sure you’re loud enough for Ikaris to hear.
“Ugh you’re so tight” he grunts.
“Only for you Druig” you cry, your voice cracking mid-sentence as he thrusts right into your sweet spot again. You continue your loud moaning as Druig fucks you relentlessly.
“Ah I’m close. Fuck Druig I’m gonna cum” you almost scream as you feel your walls clenching around Druig’s cock, pleasure rocketing throughout your body. Your thighs tremble and your legs threaten to buckle from underneath you as Druig keeps rutting into you.
“Fuck baby, you’re squeezing me so good” he breathes raggedly as his hips break rhythm, stuttering before he stills finally, his hot load shooting inside you. He looks down at you, mouth hanging open, breathing heavy, a look of complete smugness on his face.
“Are you guys done yet?!” You suddenly hear Ikaris yell from behind the wall. Druig kisses you roughly before answering.
“Not even close” he yells back.
A/N: this is much shorter than most of my other stuff, Definitely more of a drabble than anything else but hey ho, I hope you still enjoyed it!!🖤🥰✨
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botnasty · a month ago
Sub!Druig X Eternal!F!Reader
Summary: Druig hates control. You help him get rid of it.
Words: ~1,5k words
Warnings: little mention of injuries at the beginning ,SMUT (P in V, unprotected sex wrap it before you tap it bots, mommy kink, dom/sub relationship kinda, orgasm denial, praise kink), little bit of fluff at the end.
PS: There is no spoilers for the Eternals movie. Also tell me if I’m missing something in the warnings. Any mistakes are mine.
Please DNI if you are under 18! This is an 18+ blog!
Also, please don’t steal my work, on any other platform, unless you have my authorisation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You panted as the Deviant fell down, finally dead, beside you. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand to get rid of the blood. A Deviant’s punch could surely hurt like hell.
When you felt your heart finally slow down, you got up from your knees. “Damn-“ You groaned as you touched your dislocated shoulder.
Sensing your pain, Ajak came to you. “Are you okay?” She asked you as she used her power on your wounds.
You nodded. “Yeah… If it weren’t for Ikaris I would have probably gone to dust.” You tried to joke.
Ajak tsked. “Don’t talk about things like that, child. We need you.” When she was finally done, she placed her hands on your cheeks and made you look into her eyes. “Understood?”
You pouted while nodding. You felt like you just got scolded by your mother, wish wasn’t a complete lie. Ajak truly was like the mother of the group.
As you rejoined the others, Ajak nodded to Druig. “Wipe them.” She said turning towards the surviving human.
That was the routine. Help humans, fight Deviants when they come, wipe humans and repeat.
What the others didn’t know was that there was another step in your routine, one that consisted only of you and Druig.
Druig hated his power, he knew they were useful, but he hated the control. Every time he used his power, he always felt like he was stripping humans from they free will, he hated feeling like he had control over them.
That’s why every time he would use them, he would come to you after.
His best friend.
His mommy.
When night came and the festivities of the battle won against evil finally calmed down, you went to your little cabin and waited. You knew that at any second now, Druig would come to your door and call for you.
You sat on your bed and played with the brown fur a human once gave you for saving their life. That was the first time someone had given you something… that felt nice. It also changed your view on humans.
At the beginning of it all, you were numb to them. You didn’t feel anything towards them. All you knew was that you needed to fight Deviant and then you’ll be able to come back home.
But, as years, decades passed, you found yourself intrigued by them. Not as much as Sersi, but enough to interact with them and learn more each day about their way.
You played with the brown fur, when someone knocked on the door.
Just like you predicted.
“Beautiful, are you here?” 
You grin and walk to the door. When you opened it, you were greeted with a calm Druig, but you could see the storm of emotion in his eyes. You almost felt bad for him, to have to endure this war with himself alone. 
“Hi Druig.” You opened the door more so he could come in. 
“Please, I need you. Let me get rid of this control.” He practically begged you when you closed the door. 
You turned towards him. “Okay.” You kissed him and immediately went into dom mode. “Get on the bed, baby boy.”
Tumblr media
As you grinded back and forth your wet cunt against the tip of cock, you saw his eyes turning gold. A very familiar shade of gold. You smirk when you see that. You softly pressed the palms of your hands  against his eyes, making them close. You then brought your face to his right ear for a lick.
“I know what you were trying to do, baby boy. You know that doesn’t work on mommy.” You kissed the shell of the ear. “What a very bad boy you are.” You kissed his cheek. “Trying to control mommy.” He whined and tugged on the ropes. “You know, I’m the one in control here, baby boy.”
He turned his head towards you. Hi baby blue eyes also looking into your soul. “I’m sorry, mommy. I just need you. I need you so badly.” He tried to lift his hips so his cock you slid inside your walls, but you pushed him to stop with your telekinesis. 
You frown. “You needy baby. Need me so much you’re willing to break rules. You know what happens when you break rules, baby boy.” You lift yourself up and place your hand on his pecs. He gasped as you pinch his left nipple. “Bad boys deserve punishment and I think you…” You pinched his right one. “Need one very badly.”
“I’m sorry mom-” He started but you cutted him by placing your hand on his mouth.
“No, you won't get away with this, baby boy. Now… for your punishment.” You tapped your index on your chin, as if you were thinking when you knew exactly what you wanted to do with him. “How about… denial.”
He groaned as you placed your hand at the base of his cock and aligned yourself on top of it. “You don’t get to cum until I say so, okay?” He nodded, desperate to feel you around him. “Good.” And you went down, his cock sliding inside your wet walls, until he was fully inside of you. You could feel his balls touching your ass.
“So good. You feel so good to mommy.” He whined at the praise. His hand fisted in a ball, desperate to get a touch of your soft skin. 
You grabbed a hold on his neck, squeezing softly, before pushing your hips up and down his hard cock in a slow motion. He was so big and thick, you could feel it in your throat almost. Druig’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed, something you didn’t like. You wanted him to watch you as he filled you up, as you came for him. 
You grabbed his black hair and made him look at you. “Look at me, baby boy. Look at mommy when she’s making you feel good.” You slid up and down faster with the help of your bended knee, his cock sliding perfectly against your walls. The tip is always grazing your sensitive spot. This made you see white. Pure pleasure coursing through you.
“Do I make you feel good, mommy? Are you proud?” He whined as he hammered his hips up, making his cock go deeper. It was your turn to gasp and throw your head back, almost forget what he said. 
“You are so good, baby. So so good. You’re gonna make mommy cum…” 
Up and down you went, impaling yourself over and over again until you felt something build up inside of you. You bent down and kissed Druig softly. “Make me cum, baby.” And he did. He snaps his hips up, jack hammering his cock inside you, making you lose your mind.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” You chanted as you came on his cock, your wall clenching around him, your juice coating him. Druig as much as he could to look down where your body was joined and groaned. What a sight to see. His cock glistened with your wetness, sliding so easily inside your cunt.
“Fuck! I’m gonna cum, mommy!” This made you instantly stop anything. Druig tried to lift his hips like as if he was chasing friction, but you made him with a move of your hand. 
You kissed his cheeks. “That’s your punishment, baby. No cumming until I say so.”
And this went on for hours and hours. You couldn’t remember the number of times you came on his cock, on his mouth or in his thighs. Only when you saw the sun starting to rise did you finally let him go. His cock was almost purple when you finally let him cum inside of you, his balls finally emptying after hours of denial.
“You did so good, baby.” You kiss his dempt hair. “I’m so proud of you.”  You held him closer to you, letting him hide his face in between your boobs. He deserved it. You kissed every parcel of skin you could, trying to sooth him and calm down after such a hard scene. 
As for him, he felt like he couldn’t let you go. He whined every time you tried to get up to get food or water, immediately begging you to come back in his arms. You smiled every time and obeyed him. This was part of him nobody but you ever saw: the needy Druig. You knew he wanted no one else to know about that side of him so you felt special every time he showed it to you. It meant he thrusted you as much as you trusted him. 
When things finally calmed down between the two of you and were both dressed, you knew what time it was. Before opening the door you turned towards him. “Ready to face the world?” You asked him. 
He kissed your cheeks. “With you. Always.”
Tumblr media
Note: Thank you so much for reading!
Please feel free to reblog and tell me what you think. It’s always appreciated!
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prince-septimus · a month ago
Can we have #43 and #50 touching with Druig? Perhaps he made an inappropriate comment around the Eternals for #50?
giving them a piggyback ride & putting a hand over the other's mouth to shut them up w/ druig
You were happy. For the first time in a long time, you were content and happy, and you wouldn't let yourself be denied the simple joys in life.
Even if it was something that made you look a little bit childish.
"What are the two of you doing?"
You and Druig look up at the others as you stroll into the common area of the ship. Despite her tone, Thena looks amused, and so does Makkari as they watch Druig carry you into the room on his back.
Druig uses his grip on your legs to hike you up a bit further, getting a better hold as he stands. "She asked." He shrugs.
"She asked you for a piggyback ride?"
"We just wanted to have a little fun, Thena," you pipe up, resting your chin on Druig's shoulder, who smirks. "It gets boring being cooped up in our rooms for so long."
"Not for me," Druig comments, the smirk transforming into a grin. "I was having quite a fun time with you—"
You slap your hand across Druig's mouth, but it's too late. Both Thena and Makkari are smiling knowingly at you as you feel the embarrassment rise up. You drop from Druig's back, removing your hand from his mouth and reaching for his hand instead.
"Just remembered we have something we need to talk about, sorry!" you call out to the two women, dragging Druig out of the room.
Before you get any further, though, Druig uses your hold on his hand to pull you back against him, his free hand coming up to stroke his fingers across your now heated-up cheek.
"Too much?" he asks playfully, his eyes teasing before he leans down to kiss you.
send me a touches ask!
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melwilson · a month ago
just for a kiss
Tumblr media
your side of the bed was empty? why was it empty?
druig sits up, blinking until his eyesight clears up. he notices that the bedroom door is open and he can smell freshly brewed coffee.
the black haired man is slightly confused bc you’re never up before him and it’s always his job to make your morning coffee.
he swings his legs over the bed and makes his way out of your shared bedroom to the kitchen. a small smile tugs at his lips. you’re clothed in his oversized sweatshirt and a pair spandex. the sun hits your face just right and druig finds himself falling for you all over again.
an angel, he thinks to himself.
you jump when you feel a pair of hands slipping under your sweatshirt to squeeze your hips. “morning, my love,” druig mutters, lips planting soft kisses behind your ear.
druig narrows his eyes as you brush past him to grab your favorite mug. he wraps an arm around your waist watching as you fix your coffee just how you like it: creamer, sugar, and a little bit of your favorite flavoring.
your lack of acknowledgment causes druig’s jaw to tick. one, because he’s scared he’s the issue. two, you two have always promised to talk to each other and what are you not doing? talking to him.
“darling, what’s wrong?”
you barely spare the other eternal a glance as you grab the remote to turn on your favorite morning talk show.
druig crosses the living room quickly, his blue eyes not wavering from your frame. “beautiful, if i did something wrong and i don’t know, i can’t fix it.”
the eye contact you hold is fleeting before you turn to take a sip of your coffee.
were you being childish? absolutely.
were you going to make your boyfriend suffer? absolutely.
fortunately for him, druig knows your weaknesses and the moment he strides over to the couch, pulls you onto his lap, and let’s his lips dance over your collarbone, he’s got you. it’s just a matter of how long you try and hold out.
druig’s touch is intoxicating and you can’t help but crane your neck to give him more access. “baby,” he mutters, nipping at your skin, “you gonna talk to me? what did i do?”
you whimper when his lips ghost over yours and then you sigh. druig tilts his head to meet your eyes and raises an eyebrow. “i’m listening.”
all he receives is a pout and then you utter, “you didn’t kiss me goodnight last night.” the moment the words tumble from your mouth, you’re slightly embarrassed and you can’t help but roll your eyes when druig laughs.
“that’s what the silent treatment was for?”
you shake your head in annoyance and the moment druig feels you trying to get up, his hands attach to your hips. “i’m sorry, darling. i really am.”
when you don’t respond, druig lets his hands slip under your shirt. “lover, please. i’m sorry. i miss you.”
you sigh. “it’s okay, dru. it’s just- i sleep better after our goodnight kisses.”
druig’s eyes soften. “well, can i get a chance to make it up to you?”
you lean down, nose bumping your lover’s. your voice is no higher than a whisper when you say, “one kiss, druig. take my breath away.”
you melt into the kiss, shoulders slacking as the tension melts away. your arms are thrown lazily around druig’s neck, fingers threading through his mess of dark hair. the kiss is passionate and full of love, but then it begins to slow down to delicate and sweet.
soft mumblings of professed love are shared between the two of you as druig pulls you as close as he can manage.
“darling, i am so in love with you,” druig mutters in between kisses. “you know that?”
you hum when he finds that spot right below your ear. “i do and i love you.”
the kiss that you receive this time is shorter, but just as meaningful. “i still can’t believe you ignored me just for a kiss.”
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nekpma · 2 months ago
❝ dating druig would include… ❞
Tumblr media
pairing druig x fem!reader
wc 0.9k | requested ? yes
note he </3
Tumblr media
• is the biggest flirt known to mankind
• now, ik we already are aware of that but JUST IN CASE YOU WEREN'T !!
• “you wanna kiss me so badly, don’t you?”
• teases you endlessly, both physically and verbally
• exhibit a - leans in as if he’s gonna kiss you and then looks down at you like you’re crazy because you’re just standing there waiting for his lips to fall on yours
• you’d open your eyes like 🙂 ??
• and druig would be the exact definition of 🤨
• exhibit b - “you have to stop doing that” “what?” “saying things that make me want to kiss you” *cue your face going hot and turning away with wide eyes*
• *sigh* the things he does to you (he's more aware of it than you are my dear)
• so, of course, he uses that to his advantage, much to your displeasure :')
• i don't think he's super big on pda, but, as seen in the movie, i think he'd hold you close, a hand on your waist, or even give you a quick kiss on the cheek when either of you has to leave for a period of time
• now, he may be a huge flirt and tease, BUT WHEN YOU DO IT BACK-
• mans has no clue how to act
• possibly the embodiment of 😶 and 🧍
• it’d just be a simple compliment too and he’d feel absolutely jittery inside
• like, you could be playing with his hands or something and say “your hands are really nice” with a small sigh and smile and he will somehow fall even more in love with you than he was five seconds ago
• okay back to him being a fucking flirt bc idk about you but i live for the oneshots and hc’s of him flirting/teasing the living shit out of the reader bc it makes me scream into my pillow before i continue reading 👍
• anyways. so in the scene in the flashback where he threatens to tell ajak abt makkari stealing the artifact ?? (praying to god i’m not just making something up rn)
• let’s replace it w/ you two at a table in the corner, probably just sipping on something and talking when druig somehow turns the lovely conversation into him shamelessly flirting with you
• “i scratch and bite, i don’t need someone watching over me 24/7” you’d snap back at a random remark he made, taking a sip from your cup, sure there’s no way he could do more with that
• this mf deadass goes “you’ll crawl and beg too, darling”
• *chokes on drink*
• dw i did too it’s okay
• y’all need to start writing more smuts w him using mind control pls i am begging
• k sorry for the slight detour back to regular programming
• when the two of you go on walks you bet your ass he’s the type of lover to randomly pick flowers and give them to you :(
• he’ll even do that whole cliche thing where he puts it behind your ear UGHHAVSUANAI
• oh my god he’d trace words on your back too
• like, when it’s the middle of the night (or even the morning) and you can’t sleep, he’d just talk to you and trace things with his finger ☹️☹️
• going off of that little scenario, that is most likely how he told you he loved you for the first time; you had to guess what he was saying and obv it was 'i love you'
• but but but HIS ACCENT !!!!! PLUS HIS VOICE WHEN HE’S SLEEPY !!!!! 💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳
• i could go on and on abt him, good lord
• alright onto the nsfw 😏 (guys i swear i use that emoji ironically)
• and i am apologizing in advance bc i am in fact a lesbian so the only things i am referencing while writing hetero sex are other nsfw ff’s bc i have no clue what im doing 💀
• n e way i think he’s a dom 100% no questions asked
• also prefers to give rather than receive, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy a good bj every once in awhile
• totally wouldn’t mind using his power on you (only if you consent to it tho !!)
• probs into overstimulation and toying with you - he enjoys the faces you make when he takes away your release 😩
• alright that’s honestly all i can say nsfw wise IM SORRY I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IM DOING 😭
• but back to him being the best bf ever 🤲
• for example, when your busy and he suddenly craves your affection, he’d just walk up to you, wrap his arms around your middle, and press a kiss to your temple
• ugh the compulsory heterosexuality i have for this man ☝️☝️
• okay, best for last, but i also am a firm believer that he’s not afraid to flirt w you around others (even tho he’s not super big on pda)
• i mean, he’s gotta let people know you're his somehow, right?
• oh OH OH HES REALLY BIG ON THE PET NAMES "doll," "dear," "love," "beautiful," and "darling" !!
• and has a thing for putting the word "my" in front of your name or whenever he's referring to you - he always makes sure to relate you back to him :')
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