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waspswidows · a day ago
How would be cuddling with Makkari? I imagine her so softly and peaceful
Oh so soft and so warm! I just know Makkari is one of those people that’s like a lil radiator, like she just exudes comfort and warmth
I can also picture her being a switch when it comes to being the big spoon or the little spoon, sometimes she’ll just envelope you in her arms, other times she’ll just curl up into a little ball whilst you hold her
I also get like lap-dog vibes from her, like when you’re sat on the couch she’ll just crawl into your lap and lean against you, she likes to put her head in your lap and have you play with her hair, she really really loves head scratchies🥺
I just think she’s so soft and warm and affectionate
I need a Makkari in my life to come cuddle me🥺🥺
- Hope🐝
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m0ssxfaerie · 2 days ago
sorry to say, but.. we don’t make the rules-
Tumblr media
you can’t tell me this isn’t right, because it is.
remember: pronouns ≠ gender & this is just a headcanon
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coralinejones · 10 days ago
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im screaming !!!
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druigswitch · a month ago
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Makkari absolutely serving face™️ here
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1snick · 2 months ago
this came to me in a dream
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chaichai-draws · 3 days ago
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Drukkari 🤟🏼
that’s it that’s the post
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vvalliu · 10 days ago
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eikounmishi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
A quick sketck of these two :’) after watching it again on Disney+ I’m even more obssesed with them skjsdkjssflsjgsk
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noxdemon · 2 months ago
Just realized that Druig and Makkari have opposite colour schemes and I just-
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they're soulmates your honour
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taylorscrdigan · a month ago
druig: i hate everybody. love is meaningless.
druig: hello my queen my love my moon do you need anything a blanket maybe? flowers? the stars? kisses? do you want kisses i can do that
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moonxpluto · 20 days ago
Hi 😊 Do you write for all eternals? Is it possible to request some headcanons on eternal!reader dating Makkari? Only if you're comfortable with it of course! Thanks!
i do write for all the women of the eternals!! so happy i finally got a makkari request :)
Tumblr media
Dating Makkari would include…
• Makkari is a character let me tell you… She’s extremely loyal to her ideals and what she believes in, as well as her family. Her love is in the little things, in the way she pays attention to all of you to the point of recognizing the familiar bounce of your footsteps, in the gifts she offers because they made her think of you, or in the softness of her kisses against your shoulder.
• I’d say her love language is gift giving and quality time. Makkari pays special attention to anything artistic, as she’s always been curious about whatever humans could come up with in that discipline. She’s a bit of a hoarder (thief) and she’ll definitely gift you things that remind her of you, whether it be a painting or a beautifully crafted weapon.
• She’s a bookworm and has to know everything immediately, so I’m thinking she’d enjoy the moments where she’s reading, head on your shoulder or in your lap, the comforting vibrations of your heartbeat the only thing she can sense. Your hand in her hair ends up distracting her more than anything else, and she often puts down her book to press her mouth to yours in a tender kiss.
• She’s very expressive and her emotions are always on her face, so she’ll look smitten whenever you’re together or when she thinks of you. I’m sure Kingo or Phastos have teased her about her constant smiling when you’re around.
• Makkari is very attentive, to your needs and feelings, but in general also. It’s not unusual for her to simply watch you complete mundane tasks. She likes observing your features when you sleep next to her, a few fingers gently tracing the shape or outlines of them.
• Forehead touches. They’re so intimate and she loves being in your space, finding comfort in your proximity and warmth, the tip of her nose touching yours as she closed her eyes and relishes in the serenity your presence brings her. She can’t help stealing a kiss a moment later.
• Speaking about kisses… Makkari is the definition of “go fast or go home” but there are things she’s learned are better enjoyed by letting them drag out: good books and the sweet feeling of your lips against hers. She takes her time then, as you both have all the time in the world, and enjoys the way your heartbeat speeds up slightly when her hands cup your cheeks as her body moves impossibly closer to yours.
• You like to kiss the inside of her wrist and the back of her neck after waking up with her in your arms. Her favourites are you shoulders, collarbones and hips.
• After Tenochtitlan, you’d travel the world together in search of interesting artifacts or anything that catches Makkari’s attention. Days are never boring with her, I think she has a lot of energy and likes to be on the move. Tried giving you a piggyback ride using her ability once and you got so dizzy you had to sit down for half an hour.
• Jealousy is not something she deals with often. You’ve spent centuries together and she has no reason to believe that you’d leave her now. She’s pretty direct, so if someone flirts with you the next thing they would see is her appearing in front of you, vigorously signing for them to go away. No need to understand ASL to get the hint, the purse of her lips and slight squint of her eyes are enough. She’d turn towards you with a, “Can you believe them?” and would actually look a bit offended that someone would even look at you that way.
• Makkari cannot cook. She can’t, I’m sorry. She ends up turning the heat up to make it cook faster and burn it😭 You’d have to do most of the cooking so I hope you’re skilled in the kitchen! Or that you like cereal bars.
• She likes when you call her “baby”, it always gets a lovesick smile out of her.
• She’s a good liar but she can never fool you. All it takes is a raise of your eyebrows for her to sigh and admit that yes, she did steal those books from the Library of Alexandria. You never snitch though.
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scrawnymthrfckr · 2 months ago
no one:
my mind 24/7:
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redpool · 7 days ago
Next person to make an ablest comment about Makkari’s scream in Eternals is going to get destroyed.
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coralinejones · 10 days ago
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unyataylorjoy · 2 months ago
Just watched Eternals and the ONLY thing I’ll be talking about is drukkari
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thederpyhipster · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
last piece of 2021 that I meant to finish months ago but only got around to now 😭 Happy New Year 🎊🥳
anyway I still think about Them™️ a lot
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chupnugs · 4 days ago
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Ok can I just say... Druig may be the one shamelessly flirting with Makkari, but Makkari tops (and doms) I SAID WHAT I SAID NO BACKSIES
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doopdevil · 10 days ago
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it’s loving makkari hours rn i’ll have to get back to you later
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eikounmishi · a month ago
Tumblr media
I'm obsessed with these two, so maybe I'll draw them more often with different outfits kdnfkfkf they're just so cute, sorry. ❤
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How i reacted when Sersei and Ikaris put their heads together for that 'romantic' moment at the end of the movie: ewww straight people.
How i reacted when makkari and druig did it: awwww 'straight' people🥰
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