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Both Simu Liu and Barry Keoghan tweeting at Marvel and Stan Lee respectively for roles in the mcu that they would eventually get is proof that manifestation works
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writerzunite · 7 months ago
Beautiful, Beautiful ❦
Tumblr media
You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn’t describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he’d ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn’t get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig’s love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn’t matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He’s intoxicated but he doesn’t give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn’t. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
“You love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.” Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn’t sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant’s serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig’s sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
“Druig! Druig!” You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
“No, Ajak, I cannot leave him,” you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig’s forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
“Druig,” you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. “Druig, you’re all right. Oh, I was so worried…”
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
“You’re all right,” he murmured. “Good.”
“No, you’re all right! I thought…,” you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. “Don’t leave me like that again.” You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. “Beautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.”
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl…,” he’d murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. “You have stolen my heart.” Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he’d put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He’d make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He’d have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
“I love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.”
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
“You are a dream…you’ve stolen my whole heart.”
A small bite to your earlobe.
“Druig-“ your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
“My Y/N, I love you.”
“Druig…I love you.”
“Don’t leave me,” he’s dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
“Never,” you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
“And I’ll never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.”
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Thena. Oh, you’ve changed. You’re broken. Damaged. Useless.
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Eternals + Onion Headlines Part 1
Other entries
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Druig + mind control
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He wanted to kiss her so bad wow....
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Druig: Alright listen up you little shits!
Druig: Not you Makkari, you're an angel and we're glad you're here
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Phastos creating weapons specifically to whoop Ikaris' ass.
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Never Like This
Tumblr media
Pairing: Druig x pregnant!reader
Summary: After the Deviants attacked the village, Druig is desperate to find you
Warnings: spoilers, death, mentions of plummeting villages
The village was in shreds.
Few of the humans have died or been hurt.
Many escaped by the river and rowed away to safety.
But that didn't satisfy Druig at all.
He was searching high and low through the village, lifting the wreckage of the wood with his bare hands.
Ikaris returns with Thena and the remains of Gilgamesh. Everyone is stunned by the passing of their friend, but Druig is too frantic to mourn just yet.
"Dude, one of us just died. Can't you just stay still for one moment?" Kingo burst out, angry that Druig is not caring.
Ikaris isn't tolerating this behavior as well, standing too close to Druig's liking.
"What are you hiding?" Ikaris said, cornering him.
"None of your concern. If you'd excuse me-" Druig said, but Ikaris holds his bicep to prevent them from moving.
"That's enough you too, Thena is mourning and you have to pick a fight?" Cersei speaks out to reason them, but Druig's eyes turn a bright glowing yellow.
"Let me go... I need to find her." Druig demanded, trying to reach out to any of the villagers to handle the flying eternal.
"Who are you trying to find?" Sprite asked.
He was about to answer until he heard a pile of leaves being stepped on, making the Eternals turn around to see who it came from.
They see a young woman, scared as she protectively placed a hand on her belly.
"Druig?" you say with fear in your voice, taking in your surroundings of the destroyed village and the strangers that were surrounding your beloved.
Druig gets out of Ikaris' grasp and runs to you, molding his palm on your belly and snuggling his head by your neck.
"I thought I lost you." He murmurs, beyond worried that you were not in sight during the battle. Your hand grabs the back of his head as you brush his hair between your fingers.
"I was taking a walk by the river, I came rushing as soon as I heard the villagers scream. They said there were monsters attacking, I headed back once I heard those monstrous sounds cease." you finished as you try to examine if your lover had any injuries.
Druig stops you as he places his forehead and connects it to yours, allowing himself to breathe now that you were here safe in front of him
"What the hell is going on?" Kingo said,
The mind controller turns around in dismay, but takes ahold of your waist and connects you to his hip.
"Everyone, this is my wife." your husband said, announcing your name to his estranged family.
There was a lot to take in as your husband filled you in on the day's events. Even Druig was still flabbergasted upon his true origins of why the Eternals arrived on this Earth.
When night fell, you attended the ceremony in honor of their friend who fought bravely. Druig is out by the shore, looking in the distance.
You stare longingly at him as you sit by a log, trying to soothe your worried mind.
"How far along are you?" a kind voice spoke out.
Sersei steps forward in the light of the fire, staring at you.
"21 weeks." You replied, making enough space for you and her to sit together.
"I'm sorry about your friend." you say to her.
She gives a sympathetic smile. "My heart goes out to Thena, I cannot imagine how she feels."
You look down at your belly, taking a shaky breath in. "Nor can I." you whispered to yourself.
You both sat there in a comfortable silence until you yelped lightly. Sersei was about to jump for help until you chuckled.
"I am so sorry, the baby started kicking. I'm still getting used to the feeling." you said, rubbing the side of your belly.
"May I?" she asks you and you nod your head, turning her way so she could feel.
She looks in awe as she feels such strength from your child, but you don't understand why she looked so heartbroken.
"Upon arriving to Earth, I realized how grand humans were. Especially children, they snuck into my heart without me knowing. I'm a teacher now in England, I love my students like they were my own." she said as she takes her hand away from your belly.
You see how distraught she was as she stared blankly at the dying fire. You spoke up as you stared in the same direction "Not long ago, I asked Druig if we could have children. He was a bit hesitant at first... I knew why. The thought of us growing and him staying immortal frightened him. He was scared to lose me, lose a family. It took some time and one day, he said was ready. I think you need to allow yourself to realize that your happiness is more close in reach than you could imagine." You concluded, you said, looking at your husband.
As if knowing your distress, Druig looks back at you, giving you a small smile that melted your worries away.
You return the same comforting smile as your husband returns to his thoughts.
"Through the centuries, I have not seen him so happy. How did you two find each other?" Sersei asks.
You look down at your left hand, admiring the handmade ceremonial ring Druig made for you.
"A couple of years ago, a swarm of bandits came to plumage my village. It wasn't until the firing of guns stopped in just seconds and I saw Druig in the middle of it all. His eyes glowed like the sun and I knew at that moment that he was controlling them. He forced them into prison and he offered my people a safe haven. I was a bit skeptical at his offer, but my people needed to be safe. I helped the elders travel to what Druig promised and he helped as well, that's when I knew he had a good heart."
Then by chance, your husband walks up to you and finishes the story.
"She had every right not to trust me, but she knew I would never hurt those who seek peace. I admired her for her resilience and her drive to make the world a better place. I asked her to marry me and now we start our own family." Druig concluded as he kisses the top of your head.
"Would you mind if I could speak with my wife alone?" Druig politely asks Sersei. She nods and says her farewell.
Your husband sits next to you, wrapping his arms around you. Your lips kiss his shoulder.
"You're going with them, aren't you?" you whisper.
He doesn't answer just yet, but you feel his hold on you was tighter.
"I don't like it either, but we need to stop the Celestial from rising."
You look up to his warm eyes, pursing your lips as you're fighting the words you want to say.
But Druig knew, he didn't have to use his powers to read your mind. In fact, he swore that he would never use his powers on you.
"What if I'm able to take you? I promise you won't be in harm's way." You take his hand into yours, taking a deep breath in on how loving he was to you.
"I don't know if I could travel in my condition. I could stay at the neighboring village when you come back." Your statement doesn't satisfy him as he breathes outward from his nose.
You hold his hand tighter for him to look at you again. You take a deeper breath in and you give him a serious gaze.
"If I say yes, do you promise that both of us will be safe?" you ask, placing his palm on top of your belly.
"I promise, with every once of my body." he says softly. You kiss his lips as you both stare at the sky as it brightens to morning.
Eons ago, he could have controlled all human life to his liking. Some say that would be cruel, but he was tired of all the pain. That's why he always gave a cold shoulder to everyone. But to you, he was never like this.
You warmed his heart when he didn't realize he had one.
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“I don't do it for the views!”
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thelastharbinger · 7 months ago
the fact that both these pairings had barely any scenes together in their respective ensemble movies and are still the best couples in the mcu
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writerzunite · 7 months ago
For Eternity ❦
Tumblr media
Can be considered a part two to Beautiful, Beautiful. She is my whole heart, my fic child, thank you for giving her all the love.
Summary: when the Eternals separate, Druig sees his fantasy come true.
Pairing: Druig X Eternal F!Reader
Warning: implied sexy times but nothing explicit.
Druig has dreams, and they are painful glimpses into…something.
He can’t put his finger on it. The past? Future? The dreams seem like memories but he can’t recall them ever occurring. Perhaps they are visions of what’s to come. Either way, he wakes up with a start, his dreams always concluding with eruptions, screams, and explosions that make him shake with adrenaline and fear.
He sees the same explosions and fire below him where the humans wage war. Where they invade. Where they kill. His heart is shattering, and you can feel it just by looking at him. Everyone is tense, secluded at the top of a pyramid, watching, and waiting. Waiting for the night to turn into day, waiting for Thena to wake up…waiting for the humans to stop killing each other.
You remember how quickly the days pass, how decades are like minutes. But tonight feels like a century. The sky remains dark, with flame and smoke staining the sky like a poison.
Druig watches you hold Thena’s hand as you wait for her to wake. He can feel your sadness and confusion, and especially your pain. You both loved humans and watching them tear each other apart in war makes you both physically sick.
When Thena wakes, the Eternals are done. The last Deviant was killed, and with no purpose left, you were all able to leave and lead your own lives. And this day was supposed to be a celebratory day…and yet, you all stand silent. The centuries with each other have moved too fast to catch and to remember clearly.
But how Druig longed for that; to disappear from the others with you and to be hidden from the world. For once, he wants to be selfish and have you for only himself, and you not being used for the mission. He always wanted this, craved for it, to have a life of his own.
But seeing the humans slaughter each other below and him not doing a damn thing is tearing him apart with guilt. He has glorious powers and he could use them for good, for a bigger purpose than killing Deviants.
He raises his hand without thinking, and the commotion below everyone falters as humans drop their weapons and stand still, their eyes white and cloudy. You stride towards him, your hands grabbing his outstretched hand, and bringing it to your lips.
“Druig, you can’t,” you whisper against his fingers. “We can’t interfere.”
He stares at the humans below, knowing with a wave of his hand, he could end this. He could-
Ikaris barges through, interrupting his thoughts, and slams Druig against the stone of the pyramid. His hand is torn from yours as he struggles against Ikaris, his breath leaving his lungs.
“Don’t touch him!” You cry out, regaining your balance. “Don’t you dare touch him.”
“Y/N, stay out of this,” Ikaris doesn’t even look at you, he only glares at Druig.
“Let them go.” His voice is deep and frightening, but of course, Druig doesn’t stand down.
“You’re gonna have to make me.” He stares right back at Ikaris, unblinking.
“Druig, please,” you appear from over Ikaris’ shoulder. “We can’t interfere. And Ikaris, let him go before I make you.”
Ikaris does eventually let Druig go from his iron grip, and you shove him out of the way to get to Druig. You embrace him, your face in his chest, surrounded by his warmth. He hugs you back, his hand behind your head.
“Please let them go,” you’re shaking from adrenaline and being overwhelmed. “Please. Let’s just go, you and me…remember what we talked about?”
How could he forget? How could he forget how you wished you could live next to the beach, the salty air embracing you, the waves enveloping you both. How you wished for him to stay by your side forever, in a small cottage by the sea, where you could spend the rest of your days before you all left for Olympia.
He lets the humans go without another thought. And you knew, in that moment, he’d do anything for you.
“Let’s just go,” he repeats after you, his calloused hands holding your cheeks. His eyes are soft, as always when looking at you, and he gives you a small smile.
“Yes, let’s go, just you and me.”
He places his forehead against yours, his smile growing bigger.
“I’m yours forever, my love. Let’s go.”
So you do. You depart from South America and just go. The rest of the Eternals were happy and overjoyed that you both could find a life of your own together. And so we’re you. You were excited, because for once, Druig is only yours.
Centuries pass, and you and Druig spend lifetimes together in a small cottage by the sea. It’s made out of wood, built by you with a wave of your hand. No humans ventured this far to find you or Druig here, and you preferred it that way. You both spend your days by the ocean, letting the water go up to your knees. You both fish, you both find shells, you use your powers to move the water to collect them.
Life becomes a treasure together, a gift, because for once, the mission doesn’t exist. You could do whatever you wanted with the love of your life, so you do.
You both explore each other. There were centuries where you couldn’t even touch each other because of the mission. Now it’s different. He can touch you now, wherever, whenever, and however. You the same to him. For once, you both are unashamed to physically show each other how much you love one another. You spend hours just exploring his face, his eyes…just looking closely and commenting how beautiful he is. Eventually, this leads to exploring his mouth with your own. Then his neck, his collarbone, his bare shoulder, all of it. His bare skin is yours, he says so himself. All of him belongs to you, and only you. You regain the centuries back that were stolen from you both.
You both fall asleep in each other’s arms to the sound of waves, and wake up to the sun.
The sun hits Druig’s eyes first, and he blinks them open to see you still sleeping soundly on his chest, skin to skin. Your breaths are heavy, yet not as loud as the waves outside. He knows you probably want to be woken up, but he can’t. You’re so peaceful there, so delicate, his beautiful, beautiful Y/N.
“Why haven’t you woke me up yet, my Druig?
Your eyes are still closed, but you could sense him watching you. His beautiful eyes that watch you all the time, unable to look at anything else. Nothing else is as beautiful as you, his beautiful Y/N.
“I just couldn’t. You looked so at peace.”
He trades your cheekbone with his fingers, and you smile at his touch.
“Do I, now?”
“Yes. Do I?”
You’re eyes are fully open now, staring into his own.
“Yes, and it’s what you deserve.” His smile becomes bigger at your words, and he bends down to kiss your forehead. You sigh in content, snuggling into the crook of his neck, kissing his pulse there.
“It’s what we deserve, my beautiful, beautiful girl.”
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Kingo + Family
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Druig | Promise Me
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡Request : none
*•.¸♡Prompt : none
*•.¸♡𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : The cutest shit I've ever written, Tiny little angst, cute pure fluff
*•.¸♡Paring : Druig x F!reader
*•.¸♡𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : You like Druig + Druig likes you = cute confession
*•.¸♡words : 787
Druig was never one for parties or festivities, anyone who actually observed him would know that. Ajak knew this but would always insist he go, he always agreed but never truly for her, he went for you. To see you entertain the children, smile and wave to those too scared to dance, he wanted to watch you laugh and spin as you danced with the people of Babylon. But now, he watched you cower behind Kingo in embarrassment as Sprite told stories of you, Y/N the protector. "She keeps the evil at bay," Sprite yelled making her gold illusions show you holding a Deviant back with the circle patterns of your shields. "She shields those in need. She is a fierce protector." Sprite moved the illusions to display you floating over a little town moving a sharp shield at a serpent Deviant.
"Didn't you chop that snake in half that day?" Gilgamesh asked in a hushed voice, leaning over knocking shoulders with you. You let out a little laugh your chest still tight in embarrassment. You spun your head to look at Druig but once he caught your gaze he stepped off to the side, leaving the festivities.
You quickly hopped up from your seat rushing after to follow him. You ran to a hall going to open the first door when you caught sight of him through a window. He was stood out in a grass field where the very edge of the sunset could be seen.
"Druig," You called walking out to him, you came to a stop as you stood next to him. "Everything okay? You just kinda up and left," He turned his head to look at you, but it only lasted a moment before he took a seat on the ground. You stared at him in slight confusion as he looked over at the disappearing light. Druig leant back setting his arms behind his head so he was comfortable on the ground. He stretched his legs out using his knees to nudge the skirt to a better angle, he looked up at you and gestured for you to lay with him. You took a seat next to him but Druig tugged on your arm making you fall in the grass. You let out whispered curses as Druig chuckled at you, his dimples popping out more. You swatted his chest lightly, and let out a quiet giggle.
"It's pretty tonight," Druig observed his gaze fixated upwards on the small stars that started to appear, your eyes scanned his face watching his smile grow in amusement. His eyes flickered over to yours and his lips twisted into a cocky smirk. "I meant the sky my love, not me."
You pushed yourself to rest on your hip but most of the weight was supported by your elbow. Your free hand reached over brushing the hair from his eyes, which was tossed slightly from the wind. "Maybe I meant you," You whispered in a confession, some part of you wished the wind swallowed your words.
Druig was stern sometimes even plain cold to people, some part of you wondered if he was interested in emotions at all, let alone love. But the pet names, lingering touches and the nervous stares, and possessiveness keep you from anyone who looked at you twice, giving you the confidence to try.
"What?" Druig questioned in shock, pushing himself to his elbows.
"I think you're pretty," You repeated moving to sit on your knees. " I think you're smart, you're complicated and I know you have a temper, that you think you're better than the others." Druig's eyes ran over your face as your eyes darted around trying to avoid his gaze. "But I know you're sweet, and that you really care about us, and even if you won't admit it, you love these humans, these people." You took a final nervous breath before finally meeting Druig's eyes. "And I know I love you, and I'm like eighty-seven per cent sure you love me too." Druig chuckled at your rambling. He moved so he could hold your face in his hand.
"You are the most adorable thing ever, my sweet, sweet Y/N," Druig whispered and finally, after years of waiting Druig kissed you. Druig's hand trailed up to hold your waist pulling you closer. You fell forward catching yourself on Druig's thighs. As Druig held you closer to deepen the kiss, your right hand moved to hold his face.
Druig pulled away, leaving soft pecks on your nose and forehead, "Promise-Promise, you'll stay with me," Druig whispered, tangling his hand in your hair.
"You smiled trailing your thumb over his cheek and bottom lip, "That, I can promise you in every lifetime."
Tumblr media
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Eternals - 2021
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mooneyknight · 3 months ago
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peterparkersnose · 4 months ago
“I know.”
druig x eternal!reader
Part 2
word count: 2.8k
warnings: none, just fluff
a/n so you guys really liked the druig headcanon? it’s now my most popular post? i’m giving the people what they want. also, all respect to makkari she’s literally so adorable with druig it makes my heart melt. 
summary Y/N was sent to earth after the eternals were already existing. She finds a safe feeling in Druig
series list
read time: 10 mins 27 seconds
Tumblr media
“I never knew this was possible,” Sersi said, sitting down with the rest of her friends. 
The year was 1298. Ajak had just been given news by Arishem that they would be receiving a new eternal. 
“Arishem showed her to me,” Ajak said to the group. “Another girl?” Sprite asked. Ajak shook her head. “Great. So we’re out ranked now,” Kingo scoffed. “Describe her Ajak, what did you see?” Sprite asked excitingly. “Well, she has the most beautiful (Y/H/C) hair, oh, and her (Y/E/C) eyes sparkled.” “Sparkled?” “Yes Sprite, sparkled.”
“What’s her power?” Thena asked from the back of the group. “Fire,” Ajak responded. “Can she fly?” Sprite asked. She seemed very eager to have a new eternal. “I’m not sure, Arishem only showed me her in partial creation, she’s not finished yet.” 
“When is she coming?” Makkari signed. “Arishem said in the next hundred years or so,” Ajak signed back. Makkari let out a smile. She too was excited for a new friend. “What are we supposed to do, just wait around for her?” Gilgamesh asked. “She will find us as she wills. Arishem gave me instruction to keep doing our jobs.” 
The year is 1391. The eternals have settled into a new community to protect them. The village was small, but apart of a much bigger empire to come. Sersi and Sprite were out in the fields with some of the village women helping them with the crop harvest. It was a bright sunny day out, almost no clouds in the sky. 
Suddenly, a dark cloud rolled over the village. The women in the fields ran back to their homes in fear. Their prophecy was coming true.
A woman of fire would fall from the sky and bring a new age to the city. Be prepared when a bright day becomes dark and the smell of rain is in the air.
Sersi and Sprite were confused by their actions and started to head back, but then thunder clapped. Ajak ran out of her hut and met the girls in the field. 
“It’s time,”
Just as she said that, a break in the clouds appeared. Down you were tossed. You fell through the sky, your seemingly lifeless body crashing to the ground. Ajak began running towards the woods where you had fallen. 
Druig was sitting in the woods under a tree. He was just trying to mind his own business, Ikaris has pissed him off and he was trying to calm down. He had his knife and a wood block, just scraping away bits of the wood. He heard a crack of thunder and was confused, the day was nice and didn't look like it called for rain. 
He then saw the tree leaves break overhead, and you falling through them. Before he could recognize what was happening, your body hit the ground and left a path of dirt and grass in your wake. 
Druig came to see if you were okay, not recognizing this was the new eternal. He hadn’t cared that much at the first meeting, and never really thought about it. 
You were laying in a white dress, now covered in dirt. It wasn’t a nice dress, just a dress to keep you modest. Your face was covered with grime. You were alive, panting heavily. Branches and twigs were caught in your hair. 
Druig walked up to the crater you had created. “Ya alright there?” 
He scared you, causing you to crawl back more into the crater. “It’s alright.” he said, jumping down into the crater. 
“Get back,” you yelled to him. “I’m not here to hurt you,” he said. Your hands lit up with a flame, and Druig’s eyes went big. You threw a fire ball at him, but he was quick enough and dodged it. “Alright, that’s enough.”
His eyes grew gold, taking over your mind. 
You were terrified. You didn’t know where you were, why you were, and who you were. He felt pity for you, but then remembered the ball of fire you just threw at him. Wait- ball of fire? 
The new eternal
Druig calmed your mind. He was confused why Arisham didn’t give you any context when he dropped you off, so kindly, here. 
Once he was out of your mind, you seemed to calm down. You were more afraid if anything. You were lost in a daze past Druig, even after he had left your mind. 
“Hello?” he yelled, waving his hands at you. Your attention came to him, and you seemed less frightened. “What’s your name?” he yelled once he caught your attention. 
“My name,” you muttered. “Y/N,” 
You remembered that. 
“Well Y/N, I’m Druig.” he said, watching you cower in the crater. He extended his hand to help you up. You grabbed it, and brought him into a tight hug. He wasn’t expecting this, and just awkwardly held onto your shaking body. You started crying just as Ajak came to the scene. She was brought aback at the sight in front of her. Druig? Hugging someone? 
“Druig!” she yelled. You released him and looked up to the woman. “Who is she?” you asked him. “Ajak,” he said, still very confused at this whole situation. She jumped down in to the crater. 
“Let me,” Ajak said, approaching you. You were scared by this, and hid behind Druig. “What are you doing?” he asked. “What does she want?” you whispered to him. “She wants to heal ya, you took a pretty nasty fall.” 
Ajak extended her hand to you, and you moved out behind Druig. You still kept close to him. When he calmed you, you were introduced to a whole new sensation. In your few minutes on earth, you had already decided that Druig would be your person. He protected you from your feelings of fear and was kind to you. 
You took Ajak’s hand, falling to your knees. The cuts and bruises started healing and the process was painful. You reached out towards Druig, and he caught you as you were about to fall. Just then, Sersi and Sprite arrived on the scene. “It’s her!” Sprite yelled, running down into the crater. “Sprite, be carful. Arishem didn’t give her any memories.” Druig warned her. “No memories?” Ajak asked. 
“What’s your name?” Ajak asked. “Y/N,” you replied, once again. “It’s definitely her,” Ajak confirmed. “Do you have powers?” Sprite asked. You looked at your hands where just moments earlier a fire ball was created. “I think so,” you said, spinning your fingers to make sparks fly between them. Just as Druig, your eyes sparkled when you conjured your powers. 
“Cool,” Sprite said. Druig helped you off your knees. “Sersi, will you take her into the village to get cleaned up?” Ajak asked. “Of course,” Sersi responded, offering her hand. You looked at her hand, then at Druig. He understood. He nodded his head. “I want him,” you said. “Why would you want Druig?” Sprite scoffed, Druig shot her a dirty look. “It’s alright Y/N. Sersi is kind, she will help you.” 
You released his arm and grabbed Sersi’s hand. “Find me again,” you said to him as Sersi guided you out of the forest. 
“What the hell was that?” Druig asked Ajak. “I’m assuming you calmed her,” she replied. “Well yeah, she was tryna kill me.” “You made her feel safe Druig. You were the first person she saw in this world. You were kind,” Ajak explained. “Druig’s got a girlfriend,” Sprite whistled, leaving the forest. “Like hell I do!” he yelled back at her. “Druig, be kind.” Ajak reminded him, putting a hand on his chest to prevent him going after Sprite. “She depends on you now. You were very impressionable to her. Please, don’t fail us now.” Ajak said, leaving Druig alone in the forest. 
Druig admitted, you were beautiful. One of the most beautiful women he had ever encountered. When he found you, he didn’t expect to feel the way he did. He was the sarcastic-asshole-middle child type. He wasn’t some random girl’s emotional support person. Well, I guess now he was. He made his way back to the village to try to get some answers and see how much Sprite had blabbed to the other eternals by now. 
“Sersi,” you asked, staring down at the large bath in front of you. Bath, more like a pool. It was a large body of water enclosed by the walls and one large window looking out over a mountain. 
“Yes?” she asked, bringing supplies into her bathroom. “Where am I?” you asked, dipping your toe in the cold water. It made you shiver. “Earth,” 
Earth made sense to you. You remembered Earth.
“Can I?” you asked, pointing to the cold bath of water. “Yes,” Sersi said, thinking you were asking to get in. Instead, you placed your hands over the water. Your eyes sparkled and heated up the water to a comfortable temperature. 
“Did you just- heat the water?” she asked. You nodded your head. “I usually take cold baths, it would take too much time to heat up all of this water.” Sersi said in awe. 
Sersi offered to clean you. She sat at the edge of the pool and washed your back as you cowered in the water, your arms resting over your chest. “You have the most beautiful hair,” Sersi said, combing through it with her fingers. “Oh, thank you.” you blushed. “Ajak was right about you,” Sersi said. “You are gorgeous,”
“I don’t understand this- gorgeous.” you asked. “It means you have very desirable features.” “Oh.” You looked out at your arms, your legs, and your hands. 
“Gorgeous,” you whispered to yourself. 
“Do you have any questions for me? I’d be happy to answer them,” Sersi said, cleaning your hair from the twigs and dirt. 
“Why?” you asked. “Why? Because I’m here to help,” “No, why. Everything. Why am I here?” you asked. “Your an eternal,” she explained. You remembered, Eternal. “Oh, yes. I remember now,” you sighed, bringing your knees up to your chest. “Who is he?” you asked. “Druig?” Sersi asked. “I think so, yes. The safe man in the woods.” “Druig is another eternal. He controls minds,” “And the woman?” “That’s Ajak, she heals.” “And the child?” Sersi laughed a bit. “That is Sprite. She creates illusions.” “Illusions?” you asked. “Pictures outside of the mind,” “All eternals?” you asked. “Yes, we’re all eternals.” 
“I want to see Druig again.” you sighed. “You will soon enough. I’ll introduce you to the rest of the eternals tonight at dinner,” Sersi said, handing you a towel. “There’s more?” you asked. “Ten of us,” Sersi smiled. 
There was a knock on the door. “Druig?” you asked, embarrassed by your state. “No,” Sersi smiled. “Just a servant delivering your dress.” 
She handed you a white dress, floor length. It had all kind of patterns on it. The sleeves went down to your fingertips, flaring out at the end. It had a gold belt that hung tightly around your hips, accentuating your figure. 
“Well,” Sersi said, admiring her work of fixing you up. “Gorgeous,” you said, looking at yourself in the mirror. 
Night had fallen, and Sersi had explained to you almost everything. The mission, the Deviants, and some of the social constructs of the group. She taught you a few words in sign language so you could communicate with Makkari. You were a fast learner. You were worried you would mess up, but Sersi said she could translate for you if you needed it. Makkari seemed like a very nice woman as Sersi explained. She had told you how she was married to Ikaris, and explained the concept of marriage. You were prepared to meet the rest of the eternals. 
“Guys, shut up here she comes.” Kingo said, shifting in his seat. You entered the room with Sersi and Ajak, feeling extremely uncomfortable. You were the focus of attention in the whole room. You searched for Druig, and found him in the back of the group. He smiled at you, and you smiled back. The room was dead silent. 
“Guys,” Sersi announced. “This is Y/N, the newest eternal.” 
You felt all 8 pairs of eyes look at you. “Hi,” you said softly, obviously embarrassed. “Y/N, this is Ikaris,” she said, introducing you to her husband first. “You are right Sersi, he is a pretty man.” you smiled. “Well, I’m flattered.” Ikaris said back, Sersi laughed. “Phastos, Kingo, Gilgamesh, Thena, and of course, Sprite.” You greeted everyone, and they seemed to immediately love you. “And this is Makkari.” 
Makkari smiled and waved at you. You smiled back, and signed a “Hello,”
“She already learned?” she signed to Sersi. “She’s learning.” Sersi both said and signed. “Nice to meet you,” you signed to Makkari. She took your hand and squeezed it, smiling at you. 
“And you know-” Sersi began to say. “Druig,” you smiled. You sat down next to him, abandoning Sersi. “How are you doing?” he asked, shuffling in his seat. “I’m okay.” you replied. “I’m sorry I tried to kill you,” you apologized. “Ach, don't worry about it. It’s happened before.” he re assured you. “Would you like some food?” he asked you. You remembered, Food. “Yes,” “What do ya prefer?” he asked, looking over at the feast laid out. “I’m not sure,” you sighed. “Don’t worry. We’ll find you something.” he said getting up, and walking over to the table with the food. You reached for his arm when he left, but he insisted he would pick out the best food for you. 
“What’s with you and her, huh?” Gilgamesh asked Druig while he was filling up your plate. “What you mean?” he smirked. “Where did Druig go and who is this?” Kingo joked. “Very funny. I’m just taking care of her, that’s all.” “Don’t come crying to me to make you wedding bands then if your ‘just taking care of her’” Phastos said from across the table. That got a laugh out of Thena and Ikaris. “Alright guys, that’s enough.” Ajak said, squashing the conversation. 
He sat back down next to you at the table and placed the food in front of you. 
“What is this?” you asked him, picking up a piece of chicken and smelling it. “It’s chicken. Try it,”
You took a bite of it, and pondered. Than another. “Very good,” you said, your mouth full. Druig smiled at you. “This?” you asked, pointing to a potato. “Those are potatoes, we grow them in the village.” he said. You took a bite of it, skin and all. “No, no, no.” Druig laughed, trying to stop you from swallowing the potato skin. “What? Did I do something bad?” you asked, concerned. “No, no not at all, we just don’t eat the skin. Look,” Druig said, peeling his and revealing the mushy inside. “Oh,” you said, following his instructions. “Tastes much better,” you said. 
“Here,” Druig said, grabbing two oddly shaped brown bars from behind him. “What’s that?” you asked him. “Cacao bean treats, try it.” he said, handing you one. Your eyes lit up when you tasted it. Chocolate. “Woah,” you said, taking another bite. Druig laughed. “Good, isn’t it?”
Across the room, the other Eternals watched in awe. “Did he just laugh?” Sprite asked. “I think so,” Kingo responded. “What did Arishem send us?” Phastos asked. Everyone looked at him. “Well, she’s so powerful she can even make Druig laugh,” “Maybe he just genuinely likes her,” Sersi commented. “Druig? Caring about anyone else but himself?” Ikaris asked. “She seems lovely,” Makkari signed. “She is very charming.” Sersi added. 
After dinner, you joined Druig around the village campfire. “This is what I do,” you said, referring to the dying fire. You sparked some fire from your hands, lighting it back up. The village people cheered. “They seem to like you,” Druig said, sitting down on a log next to you. 
“So,” he said. “Why me?” he asked. “Why you?” you asked him. He shook his head. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Why do you seem to like me better than the rest of ‘em?” 
You thought about it for a moment. “You,” you began to say. “My first,” you smiled. “Your first?” Druig laughed, knowing you didn’t understand the concept of the phrase. “What? You were my first person.” you smiled, looking aimlessly up at him. “Like Sersi said about Ikaris, you are a very pretty man.” 
Druig laughed. “Your funny,”
“Why? You are gorgeous,” you replied seriously.
“No, thinking Ikaris is a pretty man. I already know I’m gorgeous,”
“Oh,” you said, sitting back on your heels disappointed. You thought Druig thought you were stupid.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. “You think I’m not smart?” you asked him. “No Y/N, it was a joke. I didn’t mean it. I mean, Ikaris is an okay looking fellow. If you squint.” he said, brushing a piece of your hair behind your ear. 
“Gorgeous,” you whispered, looking deep into his eyes.
“Your beautiful Y/N. Once in a lifetime beauty,” he said, grabbing your hand and helping you on the log next to him. “You really think so?” you asked him.
He got closer to you, placing his forehead on yours. “I know.” he said, smiling.
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I can't get over the fact that after many years of mcu we finally got a canon lgbtq main character, emphasis to canon and this character is a badass with the sweetest heart ever and the mind of a genius. He's got a family, he's married to a genuinely good guy and they got a kid and they're all cute and funny.
god i just love Phastos and his family so much i can't even [sobbing]
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