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#ethan winters
thefanficmonster · 43 minutes ago
Ethan: Did you find a babysitter for Rose for the weekend?
Mia: Yeah! Oddly enough, he claims to be friends with you
Ethan: Oh no...don't tell me...
Mia: He's a German fella
Ethan: Fuck, I knew it!
Karl, walking in through the front door: You're welcome, guys!
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weregreatatcrime · 53 minutes ago
Ooh me! I would like to ask about High Lord Karl and the Winter Seizure!
For starters,
- what was the catalyst for him finally getting his army up and running and going at Miranda? In game it was Ethan and the whole jigsaw baby debacle, so did this time he just decide 'aight, she's distracted with making weird plots, we'll get her while she's in her office daydreaming on nothing but coffee and 1 hour of sleep'
- how's the Winters' marriage? They good? Get their therapists sorted?
- and on that note is Chris on better terms with them?
- oh and who's the better bedtime story teller: Mia or Ethan?
- also, who does Karl almost knock himself out cold for as he was walking down the street and slammed head first into a tree when he saw them? Mia or Ethan?
- or is it the bug triplets who see them first?
- or Anja? Is she in this au? Does good girl accidentally wander into their yard and Mia and Ethan just look at each other like "Again? AGAIN!?" but then they're like "oh she's just a puppy, are you hungry puppy? need a blanket? want a leg of this turkey? it's fresh from the oven~
Also, might as well add that I'm in love with 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody'. Some of the scenes read like memes and they're hilarious.
*wheeze* holy shit this is a lot hell yeah let's go
- this sort of addresses the question about Anja! Anja is a good good girl and she got Really mad about the shit Miranda does to Karl, so she loses it and goes to attack Miranda. Good Girl got very very hurt and Karl found out. He exploded. It... didn't go well for either of them (or the village) but he won in the end
-Mia and Ethan are doing great! They've been seeing some therapists, they're working together to tackle their trauma, (Mia still hasn't told Ethan about moldy business) but they've decided for their own safety and peace of mind they're moving somewhere quiet and very far from home so that they can deal with,,, the vast amounts of PTSD they both have
- Chris kind went off the radar for some reason soon after he reunited them
- it's Ethan, actually, because his comedic timing is great. But baby Rose doesn't care about that yet hsdfgjk so his humor is wasted
- Karl didn't have an Immediate pan disaster but he definitely was checking Ethan out. Ethan got lost in the snow and Karl pretended he Wasn't a fancy Lord and took Ethan to Luiza's house where Luiza and her husband proceeded to have fucking heart attacks as The Crow Bane flirted with some outsider who didn't actually realize he was speaking to the village leader
No, KARL’S pan crisis happened when Ethan found HIM out in the rain having a PTSD episode and dragged him home, where Mia and Ethan proceeded to shower him in absolute warmth and affection and Karl got to Hold A Baby for the first time. He cried. Rose cried. He cried in panic because he made a baby cry. It was great times.
- Bug Girls do not leave the castle since it's Fucking Cold out there lmfao, but they hear about Uncle Karl’s stupid mancrush and IMMEDIATELY pester him about it nonstop
- the first time the Winters see Anja they panic bcz there's been no signs of freaky things in the village yet but Anja comes trotting up like a dorky puppy to say hello to new people
Thanks a ton!! I'm loving the reaction the fic is getting. I'm hoping i can keep this ball rolling without too much burnout, since I've been posting updates like every other day as soon as I write them and have friends beta
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nancydfan · an hour ago
With the amount of sass Ethan has roasting the 4 lords, Mia definitely won't allow him to cuss whenever he's around Rose lmao
Oh absolutely not. But don’t worry, the first time she says fuck, they all know where she learned it lol
By the time Mia finally gives in about cursing, Ethan is frankly grateful because the swear jar is pretty full after all these years. 😆
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weregreatatcrime · an hour ago
On chapter five of your RE8 au fic I was getting Princess and the frog vibes, specifically the ending. Where the shadows drag Dr. Facilier away? I’m just imagining the megamycete and Miranda.
HZDGFSF fuckin awesome
Yeah no, Miranda still dead, but that's kinda ish the vibe. The megamycete doesn't care about Miranda anymore- she had her shot and she lost it So Much biomass (funnily enough it doesn't care that Ethan was technically involved in that)
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nightmare-banetello · an hour ago
It's so funny that when Ethan Winters threatens The Duke, the merchant just deadpan laughs at him like- Ethan. The Duke is about 7″5 and could probably throw you back into Dimitrescu's castle with nothing but his bare hands, and he knows that. Pick your fights small king ✊😔
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tabikato · an hour ago
Chapter 7 of Deal!! Preview time: Eyes slowly open, adjusting to the dim and he sees an unfamiliar ceiling, at least in this angle. This definitely wasn’t his room or workshop, it smelled way too heavily of that detergent Ethan uses, smells all over of Ethan and of sweat and sex. Ah, right, now it was coming back to him, a grin spreading on his face. Finally was able to take Ethan and it was so much more than his imagination could create. The smell of sweat and arousal, tasting Ethan even in his most private areas, the way he moaned and whimpered. How he cried out in pleasure, face flush and body shaking as he took everything Karl gave him. Could feel the slight itch of the probably red welts from Ethan’s nails along his back. Just thinking about it now was awakening the beast in him once more.
Though this was...another matter entirely. Feels the brush of hair on his neck, Ethan’s face somewhat buried there as the man clung to him in sleep. Not a bad feeling, if he thinks about it, the weight of Ethan almost half on him, sleeping on his shoulder, clinging across his waist. Truth be told they had never slept together like this, it felt...odd. Still wants to touch Ethan but it’s benign in nature, just enjoying the scent and feel of skin. Started feeling that pull the more he hangs around here, wants more of it. Wants more fingers going across his scalp, feeling a euphoric rush down his spine, feeling relaxed. To tease the other and kiss him, like that kiss Ethan gave him after everything. It felt so damn satisfying. Felt a swell in his chest when he found out he was the first to touch Ethan there, to know another part of the man nobody else would. Sleeping with each other like this, felt warm,
Felt scary. Actually, this felt a little nerve-wracking in his gut. Is this what affection is? It’s both heavenly and terrifying at the same time and confuses the hell out of him. Why does everything with Ethan always have to be so damn complicated? Affection wasn’t so bad though and if he’s going to get rewarded with such an eager to please man after obeying him sometimes he might consider doing it more. Certainly didn’t mind that Ethan was straddling him, dirty-talking him like he was the one in charge. Strangely hot, kind of cute. 
A stir on his side alerts him the other is awake, watching pretty blue eyes open half-lidded, stifling a yawn against his skin.
“Why are you awake?” It’s slurred in a sluggish voice and makes Karl want to kiss him but he resists.
“Woke up, that’s what happens sometimes. You just wake up.”
“Smartass…” Eyes close again but he can tell the other is still awake, openly gazing at that face, usually with a crease in his brow but it’s smoothed out now. Relaxed, lips slightly parted and eyelashes fanned out, masculine face with a straight hook of a nose but thinned more than Karl’s and shaved. Wonders briefly how he’d look if he didn’t shave, feeling a sense of pride as the hickies and bite marks he’s left behind. Seems Ethan could feel him staring because eyes slightly twitch but never open.
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rfnstudio · 2 hours ago
Potentional bromance failed
Tumblr media
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seachan89 · 3 hours ago
SPOILERS for end game I guess?
Ok so
If this has already been written? Awesome! Tag me in it.. or just dm me with a link or something, I don't care
I just want to read this
But... like...
Donna has the power to trap someone in a hallucination as long as that person is near certain plants or that are affected by the cadou or however its explained, right?
Well what if Mother Miranda gave Ethan to her at the start? Take "advantage" of Donna's powers and all that bs?
But like Donna agrees BUT at some point in the past Heisenberg convinced Donna to join his cause in killing Miranda? So Donna still puts Ethan into a hallucinations land but it's to help him try and find a passive way of helping save Rose? Like the only death between the game characters is only Miranda?
I could somehow see Moreau joining Heisenberg too? Not fully sure about Lady D tho...?
Anyways I just...
Please, if this is written, please link it to me...
I might have to write this tho if nothing =/
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coffee-bat · 3 hours ago
i just love the thought of ethan standing there, watching him first pick up the stool, carry it over to him, set it down and climb on it BEFORE getting in position and dropping the line. all the while ethan is just standing there, all patient like. "okay yeah take your time"
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Okay hear me out
Karl 🤝Duke
"Damn that American boy fine as hell"
Tumblr media
Gee Ethan how come you get 2 guys crushing on you?? 
Tumblr media
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02sdoll · 4 hours ago
ethan winters masterlist
Tumblr media
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dead-finch-420 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rosemary sketch before i go slack off for another day 😔
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ladyjadeblack · 6 hours ago
Someone write this
okay, change of plot a bit. Rosemary has been adopted by the dimitrescu family 17 years ago, and somehow ethan just knew he had a daughter??? like maybe he and mia got divroced and mia got pregnant before the divorce but didn’t know??? she didnt tell him and gave her up for adoption and then 17 years later they run into each other and decide to catch up on what happen in both of their lives apart from each other?? she then finally tells him about rosemary and he flies to romania just to meet her but gets surprised by all the lycans, vampires and shit?? when he meets her she’s like “...” and alcina gets protective and you follow up with your mind lmfao
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kincalling · 6 hours ago
Hello! I am Ethan Winters from Resident Evil Village/8 (I am also questioning Donna) && I'm looking for anyone. I don't have many memories , But I remember teaming up with Heisenberg last minute!! (No doubles plz.. I am also 20, so..19+ only)
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malfoy678 · 7 hours ago
obsessed ➰ ✨Chapter Two✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Blood, Swearing, torture, mirage, 
"Thanks Donna" the man chucked, after that I can't remember what happened. When I had woken up, I was in a strange room bookshelves filled the walls. Dolls were everywhere, the room was a decent size. Everything about this room  screamed "I'm a loner" I couldn't move because I was bound to a metal chair. The old rope was cutting into my arms. I tried to wiggle to get some relief, but I looked down at my feet and saw the chair was bolted down. The door creaked open and I looked over and saw the women from the plane. The doll was walking  right behind her, she walked over to the book shelf and pulled out a dusty old book. She pulled out the chair and sat down, she held out her hands, and the doll jumped up in her lap. I cleared my throat and she jumped in surprise. The doll jumped from her lap and skipped over to me, she was much to short to reach my head, but her height didn’t stop her. Suddenly, she jumped up and grabbed a handful of my dark hair I howled  out in pain, her tiny fist started yanking on my hair. The women jumped up , and slapped her hand, and sat her back in her chair.  “Your doll’s a cunt ya know” I said breathlessly.  The women didn’t say anything, but the doll had a mouthful for me. She stood up on the chair and raised her wooden finger.” 
You need to learn respect, I’m important in these parts” she squealed, she marched over to the exit and slammed to door. The women didn’t say anything, she just stuffed a piece of old cloth in my mouth and part a strange flower to my noise. I felt sick, I slowly stared to lose consciousness. “He…” I couldn’t finished my sentence before the world tipped back. 
Unknown Pov 
“Thank you Donna for delivering the test subject” The women with the wings spoke cheerfully, the test subject being Rachel Winters. Her uncle had survived the mold incident in Dulvey, and conceived a child with Mia Winters. Which the women had taken the form of for many months.
 Now he was out running about the village, causing her organization problems. Nothing was to fear though, her false children would take care of him. Will just say he wouldn’t see his precious Rose again…. To start with Rachel, she had an incredible IQ, and was witty. The women was desperate to know if the Cadou, would bond with her. She hopped so, because Miranda would use her for her own purposes. The three of them would be unstoppable…. and nothing will change that.  She put the syringe to her chest and began pumping, the bacteria was eager to have a new host. 
Rachel woke up with pains in her chest, when she woke up this time, she was in a vintage bedroom. The wallpaper was peeling and the room was dusty. She slowly sat up and felt her chest, the valley of breasts felt normal, then why was there so much pain? She peeked down her shirt and everything looked normal. She stood up and and walked over to the door in the left hand corner. She tried to open it the door, but it wouldn’t budge. She slammed her shoulder into the door and still nothing. “HELLO, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME, CRAZY PEOPLE HAVE ME TRAPPED.”
 She kept hitting on the old door but still nothing was  happening.  She finally gave up and sat in the middle of the tiny room. Her head was in between her legs, she was full on sobbing wishing she had never decided to visit Romania. She wasn’t ready to die yet, she hasn’t had her first kiss yet, or let alone lost her virginity. She just wanted to have a normal family, she wanted her dream job. She also wanted to get married and live the American dream. She had a boyfriend, in 11th grade, he’s the reason she needed to visit Romania. He’s the reason she hates herself, the reason why her parents hate her. 
16 year old Rachel Winters was excited. The reason being, she got asked out by the boy who had caught her eye. He was the sweetest, and he was good looking. His looks was top notch, but Rachel loved his honey coated personality. He held the door open for her, bought her dinner and even took her out on dates weekly. He called her everyday, to check up on her and make sure she had everything she needed. He was her comfort, she could come crying to him and he would know what to say. Rachel had picked out the most gorgeous dress on the face of the Earth, the sequins cascaded down the dress like a waterfall. The straps were the perfect size. The dress was floor length, golden thread was precisely in place. The dress was woven to perfection, and it fit like a glove. Squeezing like an anaconda with its prey. The day of the dance Rachel had stepped out of the shower and had gotten ready. She curled her long hair ,and her make up was beige ,and applied a matte nude lipstick. She kissed her orange cat goodbye and stepped out of her house. She got into her car and drove to school. Rachel had taken a couple of deep breaths, she was nervous. She hoped Andy would love the way she looked, she pulled into the driveway and locked her car door. She walked to the front door when she heard snickers. “ didn’t you hear?” Unfortunately Rachel knew that cackle. “Andy isn’t taking you to prom anymore, he changed his mind last minute.” She chuckled as she walked closer to Rachel. “Didn’t you not get the memo” Taylor snarled, her teeth was a disgusting shade of yellow, frizz flew from her hair like she stuck her finger into a outlet. 
Rachel didn’t know what to say, would Andy do that to her? No? Maybe? Taylor is what everyone considered popular. Just then relief had flooded over Rachel because Andy had walked out. She ran over to him, but to her surprise he pushed her away. *End flashback for now* 
Rachel woke up again, this time she was in a completely different room. The room had doll body parts hanging down from the ceiling , on the surgeon table an even bigger doll lay spread across it. Rachel carefully walked over to the door and her draw dropped in horror. The bigger doll looked like Andy. She was so scared she fell backwards and thudded in the floor crying. “What the fuck is wrong with these people.” She screamed and cried. She still had that fuzzy feeling, she wanted to vomit.  
“Rachel is that you?” She heard the familiar voice, and almost jumped in shock. Ethan stood at the entrance way, dressed in his white bouton and blue jeans, he was also wearing his favorite converse. She ran over to him and gripped him so tightly, she could have possibly strangled him. She couldn’t put her finger on it but something felt wrong. She happen to get a good look at him and realized these were the clothes he was wearing when he went to save Mia.. she looked at him and his eyes went black…… 
Thank you all for reading, it would make my day if you would reblog or like, and comment. Also feel free to ask question I’ll gladly answer them!  Thanks 💕💕
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