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essektheylss · 2 days ago
last life!cleo and etho are just SUCH a good duo.
i’ve loved their dynamic from the beginning of the season - while they didn't interact super often, their dialogue is always delightful when they do and they clearly enjoy each other's company and have a mutual respect for each other. throughout the series, they compliment each other’s skills, and recognize this shared focus on survival in each other:
cleo: that’s because he’s crouching and he’s on top of the trees, because it’s etho.
etho: cleo doesn’t hesitate. [laughs] she’s like, ‘nope, you’re dead!’ and shoots.
their relationship also has a lovely progression. they start with this sort of cautious banter where they’re both poking at each other and testing how the other will react - things like:
etho: okay. okay. just letting you know, if you want to do me a favor sometime.
cleo: i mean, if i wanted to do you a favor, i would’ve already done you one.
cleo: i was here to make a proposal, considering etho found me last week and asked me to die for him.
etho: she’s doing the stutter step at me. she’s mad. that’s like what bunnies do, they stomp their feet when they’re mad.
to the team up we saw in session 9, where cleo was the only person etho trusted. even though he was panicking after turning red and thought that it was an every man for himself situation, he immediately trusted her not to hurt him. she recognized his panic and was gentle with him until he’d calmed down and realized that nobody was going to attack. notably, not only does etho immediately trust her, she’s the only person he trusts.
etho: okay, cleo, come - come with me. these other two, though - 
even though he doesn’t trust anyone else not to attack him, he immediately knows that she’ll have his back, even if it was every man for himself. he knows that she won’t take the opportunity to get an easy kill - he trusts her to have his back until it’s just the two of them against each other. 
this dynamic really shines when they team up properly in session nine. they travel together, etho gives cleo pvp tips, they sort of talk about bdubs for the first time since he permadied, although they still don’t discuss it outright.
etho: we both made bad alliances.
cleo: we did.
etho: mine are all dead and yours are all dead.
i think they’ve always had some sort of understanding of how they both work, because they approach things in a very similar way, but that shared loss and grief really solidifies their alliance. cleo says as much (well, let’s be honest, i trust you, because, you know, bdubs trusted you.) but she also shows appreciation, trust, and care for etho that goes beyond just their shared connection through bdubs. when pearl sets off her tnt trap, cleo doesn’t warn anyone beforehand because pearl is her “ride or die”, but she does add this:
i wanted to warn - i don’t know why i wanted to warn etho, but i wanted to warn etho.
etho seems to be the only person she even considers warning about the trap, and when they’re talking after they split off from the main group, she apologizes further.
cleo: i’m very sorry that i didn’t warn you about the trap, but -
etho recognizes her apology and that her alliance with pearl came first - even after the whole incident with the trap, he openly says how much he trusts her. 
etho: so here’s how i work, cleo. i go by an honor system, mostly, and you’re very high on it right now. 
there’s a mutual understanding that they’re going to stick together until the end. they both know that they have a high chance of dying, and they both know that having an ally is better than having to face the reds on their own.
cleo: alright, well, if somebody attacks you, i’ll go after them as well.
and she does. when their whole group faces off against grian and joel, etho is separated from the others as he fights joel, and cleo immediately runs to help him, at the expense of her own life. honestly, i think they have one of the happiest endings out of the many team-ups in the series - they die fighting together, with no betrayal and no complications of one of them being red and the other being yellow/green.
they die fighting side by side, and it’s a mercy. it’s the happiest and most fitting ending i could imagine for them.
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sarioh · 2 days ago
this post about etho having ^_^ energy reminded me of this old clip of generikb breaking down etho’s “innocent” facade, shortly after etho tricks bdubs into falling down a bottomless pit to his death
from Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 66: Nether Hubbin (watch from 3:06 to get the full context)
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ghoist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's some ll color pallette things I did yesterday
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cat-26 · a day ago
HBomb and Etho's first meeting, in which they become BFFs before Etho destroys HBomb's entire Pokemon team
(Inspired by this post by @a-wild-rosette)
(From HBomb's '"MY NEW RIVAL, ETHO." | Minecraft Pixelmon Let's Go NUZLOCKE Episode 6', a little bit from Etho's 'Minecraft - Pixelmon: Let's Go! #10: Cheese Strats')
[Note: The transcript is a bit all over the place because this is a quick succession of short clips.]
HBomb: Hello Mr Etho!
Etho: Hello! What do you like to go by?
HBomb: H or HBomb, whichever one you prefer. (...) You can even call me Liam. I'll allow you to call me that, if you want to.
Etho: Liam? Sounds so personal.
HBomb: I know! Now we're best friends, how does that make you feel?
Etho: (Laughs) Uh, yeah, BFFs, right?
HBomb: Yeah, so you can't murder any of my Pokemon, that's the rule. You know that now, right? 'cause we're best friends.
Etho: (Laughs) Yeah, I don't think you're gonna do too well here. (...) My Pokemon is gonna eat you for breakfast.
HBomb: I propose to you. Do you accept my proposal?
Etho: I.. I'll take you on!
HBomb: I'm not having sucidal Pokemon here, Etho!
Etho: I thought you didn't care about that one.
HBomb: No, I care a lot about all my Pokemon!
Etho: See if I can get a hit here... Oh man!
HBomb: WHAT?
HBomb: Oh god, I just lost Roxy.
HBomb: I was hoping just, not to lose any of my Pokemon.
HBomb: Jesus!
HBomb: uughhhhh
HBomb: Please no, please no, please no...
HBomb: Why would you do that to me, Etho!? (Etho laughs in the background)
HBomb: Oh, I'm terrified.
HBomb: I don't want to lose my Gary Doss (Gyarados).
HBomb: All my Pokemon are getting low!
HBomb: Oh no, oh nononononono.... (Etho laughs in the background) I messed up, I messed up, I messed up (More of Etho's evil laugh) Jesus!
Etho: Oh, that's gotta hurt!
HBomb: I do not want to lose him!
HBomb: I hate you so much right now.
HBomb: I look at him and cry at night.
Etho: Awww, you feel sad.
HBomb: Nooo! Noooooo! God dang it!
Etho: RIP Shiny!
Etho: Who's faster?
HBomb: God dang it! (Etho laughs)
HBomb: I think you literally just beat all my Pokemon...
HBomb: Argh, yeah. GG Etho!
HBomb: No....
HBomb: All my dead Pokemon... (quiet Etho evil laugh in the background)
HBomb: Now I'm upset with you.
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bumblebreezily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Aaaa Last Life is over but I’ve still got Ethubs on my mind </3. They’re dancing. from back when Bdubs was tryna get Etho to join him as a Red, lol. Better times...
It’s a frame from an animatic I've been making of these two... I’ve never made one before so I dunno how it’s gonna turn out... Assuming I finish it, I probably won’t post it lol but who knows! Maybe ;)
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my-craft · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They’re the best! Around! Nothings ever gonna keep them down!
Full sized images and headers. Feel free to use, just credit me.
Symbol explain action under the cut
We’ve got-
His moss jacket
The clock because he’s the time king
The enchanting table from when he bargained and paid for it
The Heart of a Lion crystal
The music box when Bdubs made his first kill
Heart with an arrow through the heart for his final death
An axe for his betrayal of Tango
Boots for when he was trading to get soul speed boots
“You’re such a fragile flower”
His headband
His mask
A katana cuz he’s a fighter but a weeb
The snow fort
His tree with the sign for scar not to touch it
A fishing rod
A creeper (no ones gonna let him live that death down
The Wither for their fight against it at their base (shared with all of BEST)
His ripped sleeve shirt
His tie
The chest plate he gave up in exchange for the crafting table
Arrows from when he tried to attack BEST after turning red
A golden apple because it was what he was trying to eat when he got killed
The map of last life
A lava bucket he stole when Etho was messing with him
His doggo he left behind as the real winner of last life
His fan designated hair and ears
The pair of red glasses with a bit of a crack to symbolize the explosion that killed him
The explosion that killed him
Redstone because he’s a mad genius at redstone
Tnt for the tnt minecart traps
The Tango Rage crystal he got from Scar after Bdubs killed him
All of best
Their shields
The hearts representing each one of them
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mahgck · 2 days ago
cant wait to see how ethoslab your moms his way into this next minecraft update
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repost of my favourite fancam i ever made :)
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kipp-your-secrets · 9 hours ago
babe! its time for your last life angst!
reblogs are always appreciated! >:3
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hermitcraft--stims · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
etho with soft things and arctic foxes for @mastasof-ravenkroft!
X | X | X || X | X | X || X | X | X
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thatonewatercat · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
so apparently people actually saw my last post and i got a nice comment! i think- that's how weblogs work right? anyway, here’s the finished thing i made a while ago. probably should’ve posted this sooner 
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lefthandedbastard · 7 hours ago
I will not be sad about dsmp. I will watch ethoslab and hide from my responsibilities. Ranboo? Never met him. All i know is binge hermitcraft season seven and lie. I had one foot out of the dsmp fandom but the other foot was enough to cause me pain. No more angsty minecraft men for me i'm afraid, time to watch someone talk about mushroom grass and plot coups.
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ferigrieve · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
testing god by putting this on my corkboard where literally anyone could see that his pin says cock
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hail-harvester · 6 hours ago
something something about etho's sworn enemy being creepers and his favourite block being tnt something something
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