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Eto Yoshimura; General Yandere HCs

request:  “Yandere eto please?”

  • You were a promising new recruit in the Aogiri.
  • You weren’t one of those who felt pure malice toward the human race.
  • You were like her, passionate in ending the persecution against ghouls.
  • Of course, the both of you held a great deal hatred. You wouldn’t be killing so will nilly if it weren’t for that.
  • But your ideals were so closely aligned 
  • And you were just so fun to talk to!
  • You captivated her, interested her in all of your mystery and ambition.
  • It drove her to develop a craving.
  • You’ve noticed it on the battle field yourself, but she’s sadistic and lacks mercy toward humans and ghouls alike.
  • She collects research on you by asking the members around you.
  • She stalks you during your fights to admire your fighting ability.
  • Her fondness of you grows so deep, she begins to demand more and more time from you.
  • The other members notice you’ve become closer to her than even Tatara.
  • You’re removed from the members you usually fight along side and are placed to fight with Eto, whether you’re strong enough or not.
  • Her fights are for the future of ghouls, and you’re aware of the importance of her battles.
  • She’s often thrown into depths of hell, but she keeps you at her side at all times like a comfort animal.
  • Really, that’s how she sees you. As a pet.
  • She’s confident in her ability to protect you, and confident in your ability to fight for yourself.
  • If you ever begin to grow apart from her, she’ll begin to gaslight you.
  • She’ll hold you down by your throat and snicker at your panic.
  • You’re strong, but you know you can’t over power her.
  • She’ll proclaim to be your God.
  • Express disappointment in you.
  • She thought your ideals were so aligned? What happened to fighting for your fellow ghoul?
  • She knows your good, she knows you know how to listen.
  • So you’ll listen and be good for her, won’t you?
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La manera más segura para ser amado por alguien es mirar su pasado y su dolor y gentilmente acercarse a ellos.

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Eto is so cute 🥺


If I’m being honest, I didn’t really understand the her story. So mr. yoshimura left her in a ward to grow up? Without him?? What the hell? ☹️ I’ll reblog after re-reading

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GoalsTo create a revolution which would enable ghouls and humans to coexist peacefully.

To make Ken Kaneki the next One-Eyed King.
To destroy V (all succeeded

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It’s Eto again. I tried too hard working on her clothes and her face looks kinda skinny. But it was worth a try and I’m kinda happy with it.

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Rizeto Playlist

“My dear lost one, your parents failed in raising you”

  1. Oh Ana - Mother Mother (“i’ll play God today”)
  2. She’s Crazy But She’s Mine - Alex Sparrow (“she loves to get her ass in any danger / wanna know her now / wanna love her now”)
  3. Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max (“oh she’s hot but a psycho”)
  4. Desperado - Rihanna (“we could be runaways / running from any sight of love”)
  5. Infra-Red - Three Days Grace (“don’t stress / no one knows what goes on in our heads / we are invisible to the rest / they don’t know nothing ‘bout what we have”)
  6. Reaper Man - Mother Mother (“when i go to the store i go undressed / oh yeah i’m a sexy mess / go on the date just to get the dress off”)
  7. You Should See Me In A Crown - Billie Ellish (“i’m gonna run this nothing town / watch me make ‘em bow / one by one by one”)
  8. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men (“taking over this town, they should worry / but these problems aside i think i taught you well”)
  9. Immortals - Fall Out Boy (“we could be immortals / just not for long / and live with me forever now”)
  10. Partners in Crime - Set It Off (“you’ll never take us alive / we’ll live like spoiled royalty / lovers and partners in crime”)
  11. Young And Menace - Fall Out Boy (“we were never supposed to make it half this far / and i’ve lived so much life / i think that God is gonna have to kill me twice”)
  12. Let It Out - Awake At Last (“inspire our souls / we can stand on our own / we will rise, inspire them all”)
  13. Girlfriend - Icona Pop (“all i need in this life of sin / is me and my girlfrend”)
  14. Animal - Neon Trees (“what are you waiting for? take a bite of my heart tonight”)
  15. Self Control - Bebe Rexha (“when it comes to you i can’t say no / i don’t want a taste i want it all”)
  16. White Roses - Charli XCX (“love is like a rose / baby let it grow / no one knows the secrets that you know”)
  17. Explosion - Zolita (“if only people knew / that i’m the king and you’re my queen”)
  18. All I Want Is To Be Your Girl - Holly Miranda (“i wasn’t looking for love but she found me”)
  19. Only A Girl - Gia Woods (“nothing like two girls sticking together”)
  20. Killer - The Ready Set (“i’ll tear you up into two / go ahead walk it off if you know what’s best for you”)
  21. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At The Disco (“let’s kill tonight / show them all you’re not the ordinary type”)
  22. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy (“hey youngblood / doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?”)
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Eto: don’t you wanna play?

Nimura: no, im fine!


Originally posted by mai-chan12

bruh I don’t know why but that fucking SENT me

this also isn’t the scene I cant find it on Tumblr

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Juuzou Suzuya

(If you save it please, Reblog it. Also, give credit. ALWAYS!! // Si lo guardas, porfa, dale reblog. Y dame crédito! SIEMPRE!!!)

Tumblr: @ Kidomaru-chan 
IG: @ _.Kidomaru._

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@demon-blood-youths​ said: 🖕


“Oh, who do we have here! What an interesting person. You look unusual. I wonder how you taste?”

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