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Episode 2

1. Who would boo Rapunzel?!

2. I for one like Eugene’s goatie

3.Oh I like Uncle Monty’s shop… but like what did Rapunzel do to him?

4. Did the king lock up his dad too or summin?

5. Rapunzel looks good in everything

6. Dude really feels like a failure cuz he can’t catch a gopher huh

7. I wouldn’t go after a manic gopher if I were them…

8. The drama

9. This old dude is really kind of annoying if he gets so mad at change… Although okay the pub thugs still kinda have done crimes so I get that part

10. Okay but booing somebody is still rude. Even if you don’t like somebody you can still act likeable…

Episode 3

1. I’d be really stressed about a portrait too

2. “lying, cheating and stealing”… yeah tbh you did steal the only reminder the king and queen had of Rapunzel and deserve to go to jail

3. wHo DieD aNd mADe YoU BoSS

4. is Eugene turning into a cop???? It’s treason, then.

5. “I’m not great with authority. Being a guard, I AM THE AUTHORITY!” That… that’s… okay.

6. That uniform looks like pajamas.

7. Is he shooting to kill????

8. So basically they’re both struggling with “Who am I?” type questions… as a teenager, I like this

9. “For someone who spent his life breaking the rules to get what he wants, you’re having an awful lot of trouble with somebody else doing the exact same thing.” That is EXACTLY how I feel about this entire “Eugene has been pardoned for all his crimes” situation. I love him, but it’s kinda unfair and unjust.


11. Why did the artist do her like that…?

12. Okay Eugene is not poorly dressed

13. Yay he followed rules. Character development.


15. “They have stuff to steal in Italy too, you know.”

16. ThE HonOrABle PrOFEssOr FitzHerbeRt, eSQuIre

17. How did I not see her making her own portrait coming? That said, she made it look good and gave her mother one too. So cute

2 notes

Ma’am it’s like you knew I’m having these domestic cravings! Here you go! I hope you enjoy it!

It is known that before he met Rapunzel, Eugene was not the romantic type. He always got annoyed whenever his buddy Lance would talk about the romantic plans he had for his own wife. All of Eugene’s exes would try to get him to be the romantic type, but he wouldn’t budge. Either way, they normally lasted less than three months. 

Rapunzel on the other hand, was way different compared to all those other girls. She never threw herself at him when they first met. At first Eugene thought she was simply playing hard to get. Of course, that was not the case, at all. 

It turned out that Rapunzel had no idea Eugene tried to persuade her. She eventually gave him a chance after he fixed her flat tire in the middle of the pouring rain. It was the least she could do. 

The date turned out to be one of Rapunzel’s best nights since she moved out. A simple dinner and drinks and a walk back to her apartment brought out a side of Eugene he never thought he’d ever see. 

Eventually, everyone saw a quick change with Eugene once he and Rapunzel began dating. Suddenly he was the one who talked about romantic plans to Lance. He would even get up early and do errands with Rapunzel on weekends once they moved in together. He’d randomly had flowers delivered to her job just because he was thinking about her. They talked about their future together on numerous occasions.

Once they married, they were very much in love and couldn’t keep away from each other. People say that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last long, but when it comes to Eugene and Rapunzel, they were forever in their own little world behind their house door. 

Even now, their lovey dovey world was not going away anytime soon. Ever since they received the wonderful news, their love grew even more over the course of several months. With Rapunzel being due to give birth any day now, both of them were on parental leave and enjoying their last days as a house of two plus a cat before the new addition arrived.

One evening, while Rapunzel was on the couch resting, she could see Eugene’s back as he was cooking dinner for them. Of course, she wanted to help, but Eugene would hear none of it and insisted she rest. It was fine, she also enjoyed watching her husband work in the kitchen. Something about him wearing a dish towel over his shoulder as he stirred the pasta he was making and how his wedding ring would shine every time the sun rays from the sunset would reflect off of it did something to her. Maybe next time she’ll insist on him wearing an apron. 

Later that night, they had settled in bed. Ever since Rapunzel has started to show more, they switched places in bed. Since she is required to sleep on her right side, cuddling with Eugene became difficult. Now sleeping on her side of the bed, Eugene could easily cuddle her in a spooning position as he would lure her to sleep by gently rubbing her swollen stomach. 

Sometime during the night, Eugene found himself awake as Rapunzel slept beside him. He wondered how deep asleep she truly was. Sometimes the lightest movement could easily wake her up. 

“Sunshine?” he whispered, “Rapunzel?”

Rapunzel simply shifted in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. So Eugene took this opportunity to slowly shimmied down to her belly and gently placed a hand on it.

“Hey my little Sunbeam,” he whispered softly against her belly, “Your Mommy is fast asleep so it’s just the two of us right now. You don’t know this yet, but I love you more than anything in the world. Well, maybe besides Rapunzel, but I love you both so much. I can’t wait for you to arrive and we will hang out all the time. You are the best thing that has happened to us.” 

Eugene proceeded to gently rub Rapunzel’s stomach and softly sang to their soon to be child. 

Once he was finished, Eugene placed a kiss on the belly.

“Goodnight Sunbeam,” he whispered, “I love you so much. Don’t give Mommy a hard time.”

With that, Eugene turned over to fall back asleep. Before he could even close his eyes completely, he heard a voice.

“I didn’t know you could sing like that,” Rapunzel giggled, “You big softy.”

“You were supposed to be asleep.” Eugene groaned into her shoulder.

“Next time,” she sat up and smiled at his embarrassment, “Don’t press her too hard. Now I have to pee.”

She gave him a sweet kiss before getting out of bed and rushing to the bathroom.

6 notes

I think Eugene is the best, too. Don’t get me wrong about that. He is my favorite Disney character, the end. But I also don’t want people all up in here saying that the others could be replaced by a block of wood and it would change nothing. That’s rude at the least and grossly inaccurate at the most.

The thing with P Frog is, I like it as a movie, and it’s very important, but to me it’s just all over kind of weaker storytelling. It’s beautiful, but the pacing is off at times and the characters aren’t as strong. However, Naveen and Tiana both sacrifice themselves for each other, too. He gives up on having a relationship with her in order for her to have her restaurant, and she gives up on her restaurant in order to have him. Just because it wasn’t life or death doesn’t mean it wasn’t a sacrifice. And the beauty of it was, they got what they wanted in the end after they decided to be content with what they had.

It wasn’t until recent years that Disney has tried to make their princes as much of main characters as the princesses whose movies they were in. Naveen - and P Frog in general - feel like a practice run to me, and Tangled was when they finally got it down pat.

But hey! With Tiana getting a series, maybe Naveen will have the chance to have as much development as Eugene has!

25 notes

Whoa whoa whoa, slow your roll just a little there. Look, I love Eugene as much as the next guy (and much more than many people out there - not saying more than you, Anon, but like… I simply acknowledge that not everyone loves him), but don’t go around disrespecting the line of Disney Princes that way.

Sure, Florian and Cinderella’s Prince don’t have much screentime in which to craft a personality, and their entire roles in their movies are to be their princess’ happily ever after.  In what way do they treat their princesses poorly? 

Phillip has a lot of personality. He’s got a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and if you think his entire motivation behind killing Maleficent was because of Aurora, I’d like to remind you that she ambushed him, threw him in jail, and then tried to kill him when he escaped. She was a wicked fairy who was using that wickedness to destroy a kingdom. And again, in what way did he treat Aurora poorly? Is it because he wouldn’t leave her alone when he first met her? Need I remind you how Eugene treated Rapunzel when he first met her?

If you really look at and analyze Eric, he shows symptoms of depression. The fact that he’s nearly grown, yet not the king, and doesn’t seem to have any parents about (he eats with Grimsby and no one else?), implies that his parents died. Him wanting to sail out onto the ocean and not really return to land shows that he’s avoiding facing responsibility - not for a lack of care for his kingdom, it’s a fishing vessel he’s on, after all - but because it’s a coping mechanism. Carlotta even says that when he laughs at Grimsby’s face being covered in soot that it’s the first time she’s seen him smile in weeks. And him motivation only being that he loves this girl so much? How about the sea witch who hypnotized him and tried to force him to marry her, then turned into a giant monster hell bent on making the sea and the nearby coast unlivable? And again, how does he treat here poorly? By taking her into his castle when he finds her on the shore? Feeding her, dressing her nicely, taking her on a tour of the kingdom? Literally choosing her over his mystery woman?

Beast’s story arc isn’t about learning to love Belle. It’s about learning to care about someone - anyone - more than he cares about himself. It was about him learning compassion. It was about him facing the worst of humanity and deciding to be better than that. And yes, he was bad to her at the start, but that was literally the point. He went from being brutish and animalistic to polite and genteel.

Aladdin is basically pre-Eugene, come on. And yeah, he lies to Jasmine. But Eugene lied to Rapunzel at the start in the hopes of scaring her into giving him his stuff back. Hell, Eugene attempted to straight up manipulate her into it! And are you telling me that the boy wouldn’t have wished to be fabulously wealthy even if Jasmine wasn’t in the picture?

John Smith is… boring. I don’t like John Smith. lol But that movie has a lot of problems to begin with. However, none of them is that he treats Pocahontas badly. They literally just hang out and learn about each other’s cultures. He listens to her, and in doing so is able to meet Grandmother Willow. He tries gently to convince her to return to England with him, then accepts it gracefully when she says no.

Shang is stiff, buy basically all we see him do during the movie is his job, which is to be a Captain in the army. He literally breaks protocol and goes against the law in order to save Mulan’s life when by all rights, she should have been killed for what she did. And then his feelings were hurt and his morale was down, but he’s supposed to just be nice and loving to her when he sees her again? He let her leave again without attempting to bring justice down on her head, and then when she was like, “Yo, I know how to fix this,” he respects her and follows her lead.

And then there’s Naveen. Naveen has so much personality! I adore him! I can’t believe you’re literally faulting characters for daring to have a character arc within their own story. Yeah, he wasn’t the nicest to Tiana when it all started, and yeah, falling in love with her was his motivation for change, but like… so what? Like Beast, he learned to care about someone more than he cared about himself. And he was literally willing to sacrifice what he wanted most in order to ensure that she got what she wanted most.

(I’m not counting Kristoff since the Frozen girls aren’t part of the official Disney Princess line up, and this post has gone on long enough.)

Anyway, anon, another thing Eugene has on most of these other guys? A three-season series with character development. Most of these other fellows don’t have anything outside of their movie (and perhaps a sequel that they either don’t figure in much or are grossly OOC for). He didn’t spend his whole movie being super nice to and supportive of Rapunzel. When they first met, he was pretty much a jerk to her. It literally wasn’t until the guys at the Snuggly Duckling got threatening that he got protective. Eugene is not a perfect human being, or he is in that he’s imperfect. He’s human, and that’s super important to his character. He’s got flaws and selfishness and foibles, and I think you should be willing to extend your acceptance of his imperfections and advantages to the other princes and take them into consideration before judging them harshly.

37 notes

wanna see a tts stan cry? play wind in my hair & tell them it’s almost been a year since the series ended.

20 notes

Aksksks still can’t believe Eugene tried to tell Cassandra that he’s not an ex-convict because he’s never been convicted of a crime when like, two years ago he was literally on his way to the gallows—-

63 notes

I just remembered why Eugene’s first proposal didn’t work. He didn’t hand that rose to her

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Someday, I may be over the fact that Eugene washed the dishes with his leather gloves on.

Today is not that day.

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“Now she’s here shining in the starlight.

Now she’s here suddenly I know.

If she’s here it’s crystal clear,

I’m where I’m meant to go.“

This is probably my favourite scene…… ever. The song is so beautiful and the visuals are simply phenomenal 🤧😭💗 This scene just makes me emotional everytime I watch it.

instagram ✨ @opal.stars

100 notes

Eugene: Guess what, Your Majesty? 

Queen Arianna: What?

King Frederic: What? 

Rapunzel: We have a baby in the household!

King Frederic: That’s great. What’s her name?

Queen Arianna: Is she cute?

Eugene: *points to Rapunzel* It’s my wife.

King Frederic: What?

Rapunzel: I’m the baby. Surprise? 

King Frederic: *spits out his coffee* 

5 notes

To mix things up a bit. The first time they were used was in “Vigor the Visionary,” and the point was that they were wearing their nice clothes because they were out on a date. Obviously, they had no reason to bring their super nice and formal attire, but of their casual clothes, the stuff that was made for palace life and not rough outdoor travel was fancier and more suited for a date.

Also, you can see the characters’ statuses by how many outfit variations they brought with them. Rapunzel has three changes of clothes - S2 standard, S1 standard, Island - plus her pink cape. She’s the princess, she’s in charge, she gets the most variation. Eugene has three changes of clothes. He carries Rapunzel’s status minus a layer. Cassandra has two changes (she did not bring that armor with her, she found it on the way). She lives in the palace, but she’s a servant. Lance, Hookfoot and Shorty all only have out outfit apiece. They’re commoners (and not particularly wealthy ones, at that).

20 notes

What I love about them:

I like how, since post redemption, he’s the heart of the show and the most empathetic character.

What I hate about them:

That he was reduced to a doormat in S3. Letting Rapunzel, Edmund, and Cass just walk all over him.

Favorite Moment/Quote:

Anytime he complains about shit in the show, cause usually he’s 100% right.

What I would like to see more focus on:

Him doing more to make up for his past and advocating for better laws and regulations that protect poor people. We really, really needed that in the show.

What I would like to see less focus on:

Less new dream, there’s more to Eugene than just his relationship to Rapunzel

Favorite pairing with:


They actually treat each other with respect.

Favorite friendship:

Also Lance.

But I did like his growing friendship with Cass in S1. Shame later seasons ruined it.


Season Three New Dream. But only in season 3. I’m fine with the pairing in any other context.

Favorite headcanon:

He considers Quaid more of a father figure than Edmund cause Quaid was actually there for him growing up.

12 notes

Rapunzel doing self-insert character creation for her Flynn Rider AU. (x)

Eugene: *finding this adorable* Okay, what do you want the thief version of you to be named?

Rapunzel: The rogue version.

Eugene: Right. The rogue version. What’s her name?

Rapunzel: … Rapunzel?

Eugene: Oh, come on, that’s your name!

Rapunzel: D:

Eugene: I-I mean… you can name her that if you like! But would ‘Rapunzel’ really hang out with Flynn Rider?

Rapunzel: … Should I go with Cobra McBloodpuncher?

Eugene: Tell you what, you keep thinking about it, and we’ll put a pin in that and get back to it later.

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