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Ello anon!

Sorry for the late reply! Currently I do not. I haven’t read an eunhae fic in quite a while. A lot of great authors vanished or got older with families and such.

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Do you guys have this one thing about reading fanfiction where the start of a relationship feels more exciting than established ones? I suddenly realized that there’s one pairing which is all ER really. You may be more excited about any other ship at the moment but once in a while you go check that one that has this ER vibe. This pairing for me is EunHae. It is sailing just fine for so long.

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Ello anon since this is two parts I’ll post my response to the second one :)

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Ello anon~

OHOHOHOHOHO you’re bringing back EXTRA FEELS. When they did the body roll towards each other? Honey whaaaaaaaat. I died!

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Today is one of those days when I wonder what life would be like if idols could freely date who they really love instead of being forced to hide their sexuality and loved one from the world due to fear of losing everything they’ve worked for…

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