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A Real Woman (Needs a Real Man)
Reader: F Character: Fezco (Euphoria) Rating: M Summary: Plus Sized Reader x Fezco Headcanons Tags: Fluff, Plus Sized!Reader
Tumblr media
⇨ You were a big girl. No matter how much body positivity bullshit you saw on Instagram, you were a big girl. With a tummy, thighs that chaffed, breasts that felt so fucking big that it made you want to never wear a skin tight outfit ever. So you never did.
When girls in your timeline complained about their stomach, you could laugh. They were what, a small instead of an extra small. Don’t even get you started on when guys said, “you’re pretty for a big girl.” If you could shake these men till their stupid little brains shook around in their skulls, you would.
⇨ But Fez was different. He didn’t see another big girl, he was enamoured by how much you knew about things. When you met at a party, he had fallen in love with how you described a paper you were writing on how Ronald Reagan caused the 2008 recession, despite being dead by that point.
The way you got passionate about how trickle down economics didn’t work and the crushing weight of low wages and high rent allowed for little movement between the upper class and the lower class. You were either rich or poor. Some the words went over Fez’s head but he was nodding along eagerly. 
He really didn’t see another easy lay from a big girl, he wanted to know every gear in your head. He wanted to ask questions and learn what trickle down economics really meant, and how in the hell things that happened almost forty years ago still messed with us today. 
⇨ When you went on your first date, you hoped he wouldn’t invite you out to dinner, but he did. To a local Mexican place near the corner store. You ordered the smallest meal possible, to not seem like a glutton. 
Small girls could eat through the entire stock of the restaurant but if you had two tacos instead of one, you were worried the Fez would think you were gross. But instead, he kept placing Mexican fries on your plate. He made sure to get as much cheese and sour cream on the fries before he placed them on your plate. 
He said, “I want you to eat. I don’t care about shit like that.” Which made your ears grow warm. No guy had ever said that to you before. When you stole a fry from his plate, he leaned across the table and kissed you.
⇨ He didn’t realize he liked his girls bigger until you sat on his face for the first time. He thought you were cute but when those thighs were on either side of his head and squeezing him, he felt a true sense of euphoria. 
Even though you were worried about breaking his neck with your sheer weight, he shrugged it off and told you if he wasn’t dead yet then a little bit of love from you wasn’t going to kill him. You gingerly placed your weight on him, holding himself up but he quickly grabbed your thighs and placed your entire weight on him. “No shame, baby. Give me it all.” It had been the first time he came in pants when he felt your thighs tighten around his head and grab the headboard. 
⇨ If you wanted to lose weight, he supported you. If you wanted to stay the same weight he supported you too. Whatever made you feel more comfortable in your skin. The only thing he asked for was to not starve yourself. He thought you were beautiful now and the idea of you wasting away due to not eating made his heart hurt. He didn’t want to lose his angel. 
  “Skinny girls ain’t shit, babe. I want my girl to eat. If that chicken and rice or a nice bucket of KFC. I want my girl to enjoy her food.” He said to you over a shared blunt one day. He meant it. He wasn’t a weird feeder, but he wanted to make sure you weren’t starving. 
⇨ Speaking of thighs earlier. Be prepared to get some lovely bites on your skin. Ready for that skin to darken with bruises. The kind that when he snaked his hand between your thighs he could press on the bruises. 
Lick his lips to himself as he got a good feel of those thighs. He knew fully well that he marked you like no other man could. he was possessive, but he loved the feeling of knowing that his mark was on your skin. But don’t worry, by your third anniversary he had our initials tattooed on his hand. A mark for a mark, just how he liked it. 
⇨ You’ll never have a reason to be insecure about your size with him. You were a big girl, you were proud about that. And Fez loved it. You had no reason to worry about him being grossed out by you, he loved every curve and fold. Your body was meant to worship and he intended on keeping to that.
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Tumblr media
Alexa Demie
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ANGUS CLOUD for MARC JACOBS photographed by Mario Sorrenti
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Hello, can you write a headcanon about being Maddy's sister and date Rue Bennett?
Yes :)
Tumblr media
I think that Rue would be afraid to approach you simply knowing that you're Maddy's sister. It's safe to say that she held a certain respect based in fear for the brunette and she didn't know you well enough to make her own opinion of you.
Rue just made the simple assumption that, because you were a Perez, that you held a certain attitude and snarkiness that your sister did. Which makes complete sense.
But you weren't. You were nothing like Maddy and you always believed that if people gave you a chance, they'd learn that you're definitely the nicer one of the sisters.
You also always thought that if Rue gave you a chance, she'd love you just as much as you loved her.
You watched Rue from afar for a while, listening in, observing, watching the rollercoaster of events that occurred between her dad dying, the funeral, high school, graduation.
You'd listen to the stories that Maddy would tell, the trouble that Rue would get herself into, rehab, drugs, relationships; everything.
By the time that Rue got sober and you and her grew closer, you'd fall even more in love with her and want nothing more than to be with her.
But you'd have no idea how to even tell her.
Maddy picked up on your feelings for one of her best friends quick, a smug smile on her lips at your nervous spluttering of words whenever you'd try to voice how you felt.
Maddy would take on this role of playing match maker, immediately wanting to get the two of you together so you both could get over the nerves and just be happy.
Knowing both of you so well, Maddy spent years listening to Rue talk about you even when she was with Jules and in rehab. Maddy just wanted to gently push the two of you a bit further, hoping that you'd both take the hint.
Eventually you would and you'd go out on a first date and the two of you would just know that this was right. After all the fuck up's, the lies, the drama throughout the years, the other relationships; it was so worth it.
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Tumblr media
Alexa Demie and Hunter Schafer on Set
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script directions that made me go feral vs. the execution on screen (9/14)
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i miss season 1 cassie howard. :(
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lexi: i want to hear those three words
fez: i love you
lexi: i love you too. now try again
fez: fine. i will behave
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Tumblr media
Fez passing down wisdom to Ashtray 😌
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CASSIE HOWARD @pscentral event 03: team colours
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Quick question:
Tumblr media
I'm looking at you EUPHORIA 🧐
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10 years after Maddy Perez leaves East Highland behind, she returns for her high school reunion. While there, she meets a tall, handsome tattoo artist and doesn’t realize that he was once the boy who sold her ecstasy at the town carnival all those many years ago…
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why did Azerbaijan cut his hair, he be looking like fezco now
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Request:Hi! Can you do headcanons about rue bennett being Yandere?
Sure can!!
Tumblr media
Yandere Ruby (Rue) Bennett HC
Rue Has had obsessions before Jules where it felt like she needed them to live and without them, she would cease to function
She thought that's what was happening when she first started getting attached to you, she tried to catch herself and try to create some distance... But it didn't work
These thoughts filled her head nonstop, the voices sounded like her sometimes asking things like;
"Is Y/n ok?"
"Do they need help?"
"Wonder what they're doing right now?"
"Why haven't they texted me back yet?"
Other times it was your voice that would echo through her head...
"Rue... Where are you?"
"Rue come back to me."
"Rue, can you please come home to me?"
And the only way they would stop is for them to be with you, so she would be with you almost all the time...
She starts noticing everything about you... She knows your birthday, favorite colors, favorite foods, songs, games, everything
She loves to dance with you and scream the song lyrics together
She gets jealous sometimes, sometimes she doesn't catch the person is flirting but once she does she threatens to send them over to her 'fucked up friends from rehab'
If you get mad at her for it, she'll say she knew the person and they had some fucked intentions for you, even if it was a lie
She will just hold you as you lay in her bed asleep, smelling your hair and letting her hands trace soft shapes and 'I love you's where ever they can reach
If all else fails she will relapse and tell you it's your fault, manipulative? Yes. Is it worth it to keep you with her? No. But in her eyes Yes.
And if you still won't be with her, she might have to take a page from Laurie's book...
Cuz she would do anything to keep you...
She is NOT
Tumblr media
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Gemini, Sag, Virgo, and Pisces in the 5th house is an indicator of some who will have multiple children. Likely 3/4 minimum
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Euphoria x Mean Girls (1/?)
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