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So here’s a headcannon/crossover.

KC is undercover in a rehab center. There she meets rue and because they both don’t give a shit about making friends there, they become friends. In the same time, MJ’s parents are tired of all the weird shit that’s happening and decide to move to a calmer place.

So the three of them go to the same high-school. MJ and KC meet in an AP class or something because they’re both good at school and are like perfect students and MJ sees right threw KC’s Disney level acting and understand right away that she’s a spy. Like come on she’s worse than Peter at covering her secret identity. KC introduces MJ to Rue and boom they become some sort of trio.

Now, in some Disney channel weird plot-twist, KC discovers that the bad guy of the rehab is in fact a tv-show producer that forces the teenagers that he works with to take drugs, so he can send them to his rehab and make money or something. His most famous Show is called Shake-it up, and one of his dancers, that is a super fucking smart and beautiful vegeterian dancer called Rocky Blue, also noticed, but nobody believes her.

So KC goes on a mission to stop the bad guy, but MJ follows her because she misses the adrenaline that constantly being included in Spider-Man’s problems used to bring her, and her top energy is enough to convince KC to take her. Rue follows too because she’s bored and she thinks that none of it is real and that MJ is just super high but doesn’t want to admit it. There they meet Rocky and they stop the bad guy using KC’s spy skills, MJ’s robotic skills and Rocky’s dance skills, while Rue meets Gunter and Tinka and start to think that maybe she’s the one that’s high as fuckkkk.

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