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bleulone · 4 months ago
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diordemiee · 5 months ago
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Alexa Demie at the Euphoria Season 2 premiere
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lunaoblonsky · 5 months ago
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"I know that I never... uh... I never really said it before... but... I wanna be with you."
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ilikepipecleanerswitheyes · 4 months ago
can we just go over the fexi moments we got…
-lexi basically implying through her narration that she’s IN LOVE with fez????
-confirmation that lexi and fez were talking regularly?and not texting, like legit CALLING FOR MONTHS, EVERYDAY???
-fez, rue, and lexi getting high together 😭 and him making her look like bob ross with sharpie?? and him saying she’s “wildin’ out”
-fez asking if “other people” (aka lexi) thinks he would look handsome
i’m gonna cry for five days leave me alone please and thank you ❤️
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kaaliyahrogers · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay, but can we just talk about Angus’ acting on tonight’s episode. Like….this man delivered tf outta those lines. I’m so shook
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way Fezco kept screaming for Ashtray sent chills down my spine. Whole scene broke my heart. Having to watch his brother go out like that will definitely change him completely
Tumblr media
I’ve finally calmed down, but still feeling emo. As I knew, Fezco survived, but there’s no doubt in my mind that a very dark Fezco has yet to come next season. Buckle up Fezco stans, cus we bout to be in for one hell of a ride
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sageworld · 5 months ago
Telepatía • Fezco x Reader blurb
Tumblr media
“fezzy.” you moan out, pushing his head farther into your thighs. his tongue dipping in and out of your hole, his mustache brushing up against your clit. “oh fuck.” you cry out, your orgasm hitting hard. you try & pull away but his grip around your thick thighs is too strong.
“don’t fucking run.” he mumbles into your pussy. you feel like it’s all beginning to be to much. “i’ll tell you when i feel like you’ve have enough.” fez says, it’s like telepathy. “this is my fucking pussy, y/n. it ain’t yours, it’s mine. everything about you is mine. this pretty pussy, those pretty moans, this whole body & being is mine.” he rambles but never taking his mouth away from the pussy he claimed.
“it’s all yours.” you throw your head back, feeling the ecstasy.
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sublimecatgalaxy · 4 months ago
My Boys- Part 2
Pairing: Fezco x reader; Ashtray (platonic) x reader
Summary: A few months has gone by since the night that Ash accidentally called the reader 'mom' while sound asleep. Fez and the reader haven't forgotten it but when Mother's Day comes around, Ash makes it known that it wasn't an accident.
Song: "King of Everything" by Dominic Fike
Warnings: Ashtray having mommy/abandonment issues. It's cute to me lol.
A/n: This idea was influenced by a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera and their genius mind. Also part 2 for the original part was highly requested so. Here you go!
Part 1
Tumblr media
It had been a few months since the night that Ash accidentally called me mom. I talked about at least once a week with Fez or my mom, thinking about it multiple times a day. Whenever I would see the boy, I'd think about it. It was by far the sweetest thing that's ever happened to me, mine and the boys relationship now stronger than what it was before.
Fezco noticed that I was even softer around the young boy now, going out of my way to make sure he knew that I would always take care of him. I would've never known that he saw me as a mother figure, it just never clicked in my head until Fez and I talked about it a bit more. I was truly all that boy knew for the longest time. He didn't have a very clear memory of his grandma, only having stories of her and his birth mom. But I was there for every booboo, every drug deal, every nightmare, breakfast through dinner. I had raised him along side of Fez and it didn't occur to me until that night.
Ash wasn't the most soft, his tough exterior virtually never down, but I wanted him to know that it was okay if he didn't always want to be like that. That if he just wanted to be a kid, have normal teenager emotions, he was allowed to. I don't think anyone ever validated him like that and I don't think Fez realized how important it was that I said that until he saw his brothers frame relax at the words.
I don't think that Ash knew that he called me mom that night but he could tell that something was different. He had asked me multiple times what was going on, why I was babying him all of a sudden more so than I did before. I would just brush him off with some half-assed excuse about caring about him.
Looking between Fez and Ash at the kitchen table, I notice that there's stacks of money being counted between them. They were working hard today with their business, the deals for the week finally done and now it was time to see how much they brought in. A blunt rests between Fez's lips, his eyes flickering over to me as I watch him with a smile. He gives me a gentle nod, motioning for me to come over to him as I obey. My feet pad across the room as Ash continues to count, his attention on his success.
"Hi baby." Fez whispers, my frame lowering to sit on his lap as he wraps an arm around my waist. "We did good this week." He grins, my eyes scanning over the table as Ash sighs, placing the money down in front of him and scribbling out a number on his notepad.
"Good is an understatement, man." The boy chuckles, rubbing a hand over the top of his head as he grins proudly. "We did fucking killer." I smile proudly at the boy, reaching my hand out to give him a high five. He responds with one in return, a blush on his cheeks as he sits up.
"What're you up to today, boys?" I ask, my mind thinking about my plans with my mother tonight for Mothers Day. Fez just shrugs, his gaze flickering from me to Ash who sighs.
"Isn't it Mother's Day or some shit?" Fez asks, my head bobbing in a nod as Ash clears his throat, shifting anxiously in his seat.
"Yeah, I'm going out with my mom tonight for a bit. I won't be gone long." I smile, my hand gently rubbing Fez's chest as he nods, his freckled cheeks covered in a soft blush.
"Aye, Y/n?" Ash speaks up tentatively, my head tilting to look at the boy who reaches into his pocket. "I don't know how to say this in a way that ain't lame but..." He trails off, pulling out a small package from his pocket, placing it down in front of me. His cheeks are flushed as he ignores his brothers prying gaze, a smile stretching across my lips. "It's Mother's Day and I ain't really got one. But I got you, so." He bites his lip nervously as I giggle, abandoning Fez's lap to make my way to the other side of the table. He stands up, knowing exactly what I want as he wraps his arms around my waist. I hold him tightly to me as he lets out a sigh of relief, my eyes connecting with Fez's as he smiles proudly, his arms folded in front of his chest.
"You're a sweetheart, Ash." I whisper, my hand rubbing up and down the nervous kids back as he huffs. "I'm proud of you. I'm happy that I get to take care of you and be here for you." He pulls back with a sniffle, avoiding both of our gazes as he wipes his eyes.
"Man, are you cryin?" Fez taunts as I send him a look, telling him silently to shut up.
"Shut the fuck up, dickhead." Ash stutters out as he spins around on his heels, stomping down the hallway and into his room. I reach out, slapping Fez across the chest as he holds his hand up in surrender sheepishly.
"Stop making fun of him! It's sweet." I pout, my eyes flickering back to the present as I plop down in the seat across form my man. My fingers work at the poorly wrapped box, my heart pounding as I lift the lid off the top.
Inside lays a perfect, dainty necklace. My eyes immediately tear up at the sight, two loops tightly linked together, one hoop smaller and one loop larger. Oh my god it's like him and I. He's so goddamn cute for this. Showing Fez, the man lets out a small, proud laugh, shaking his head in disbelief.
"He's your kid, through and through."
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lexiluvsfez · 4 months ago
so you're telling me... fez had lexi at his house, smoking weed, he literally SAID HER NAME and then acts like he's got no fucking clue what her name is on new years just so he could flirt with her. mf is a LIAR
Tumblr media
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claudybaby · 6 months ago
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lilja4-ever · 4 months ago
lexi every time cassie yells at her
Tumblr media
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sincerethoughtsblog · 5 months ago
this lexi director scene was so camp
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queenhelenblackthorn · 4 months ago
Cassie going from "just take small steps" to "y'all gonna believe the addict over me" so quickly
Tumblr media
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starkiller-67 · 5 months ago
Ashtray really said “this ain’t the Howard household bitch you don’t get to say shit” and proceeded to beat the shit out of Cal Jacobs and I think that’s beautiful
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fezcossidepiece · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My bae in prison rn he kill ppl 🤦🏽‍♀️🥰😂👎🏽
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heartensun · 5 months ago
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“Lexi Howard, how you doing?”
Tumblr media
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kaaliyahrogers · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This, Rue may have just lost two very good friends in her life. Also love how Fez and Lexi’s scene always end up paralleling somehow, omg
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tee-jay-666 · 5 months ago
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but he didn't have his grandma, just ash.
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sublimecatgalaxy · 4 months ago
My Boys
Pairing: Fezco x reader; Ashtray (platonic) x reader
Summary: Ashtray's had a hard life and Fezco's girlfriend, Y/n, is well aware. It's safe to say she took Ashtray under her wing and he never really told her how much he appreciates her. But all it takes is one word and she knows.
Song: "Saturn" by Sleeping At Last
Warnings: Ashtray having mommy/abandonment issues. It's heartbreaking. Also mentions of sex and swearing lol.
A/n: I loved writing this holy crap, okay. This one is short and sweet.
Tumblr media
I hated the fact that Fez and Ashtray grew up without loving parents. I know they had their grandma, the gangbanger that she was- is. Fez didn't talk about his dad that often, the only thing that I knew was that he was an abusive dick and worked at a strip club. His father was rough on Fez as a child, the idea making me beyond angry. Probably because his mind was trying to shield him from unnecessary pain and the fact that he got hit over the head pretty hard by his grandma.
He didn't talk about his mom much. Probably because he really didn't know that much about her in the first place. I can only imagine what went down between his father and mother with the piece of shit that he was. All I know is that his grandma spoke highly of her, that she was kind, beautiful. The fact that he always uses the past tense while speaking of her led to believe that she was no longer here.
Ash on the other hand was a business transaction. The thought of that made me sick. The fact that they used a child to get drugs, to trade for drugs, and then never came back for him. Fez always said that he was a sweet kid, didn't cry, slept well. He would've been perfect to any deserving mother or family but instead Fez took over when his grandma was too high or too busy to take care of him.
Their grandma definitely cared for them in her own way. She protected them, that's for sure. I never doubted their safety for a moment even though they went with her to deals and were in pretty dangerous situations all the time. But they were her business partners, her family. The helped her with everything and anything under the sun.
I can't imagine the pain the two of them felt when she took a turn for the worst. No one knows what happened to this day, one day she was and the next day she wasn't. I know Fez carried a lot of guilt for that day and I understood why. But that amount of pressure, saving your guardian's life, should never be something that a child should bear. I'm thankful that Ash doesn't remember all too much about that day.
And though they weren't related, they were family. Just like I was.
When I first started seeing Fez, Ash was skeptical. Rightly so, this was his brother, his own family in the whole world. And I was just this new chick who was literally head over heels for his brother. I understood the worry and the concern.
But it didn't last long.
The first time that Ash showed any type of excitement towards me was when Fez and I went out to dinner for our six month anniversary. Look, I know Fez lacked the attention span sometimes, but that man could remember dates and could plan an outing like nobody's business. But that night, we went out to a nice restaurant and Ash pouted the whole night that we were going without him. I felt bad for him, knowing that this was his favorite restaurant so I ordered his favorite meal to go and brought it home for him.
When I tell you that his face lit up like a Christmas tree, that was an understatement. He was genuinely so excited. I remember Fez patting me on the back and placing a simple kiss on my cheek, thanking me for taking care of Ash. For loving him.
I did love him. He was my boy and Fez was my man.
My favorite past time was taking care of the two of them. I was a hug when they needed it, a shoulder to cry on which didn't happen often but the offer was there, I cooked for them and cleaned the apartment if it needed it. The biggest thing was that I took care of their grandma when they were too busy with business. Fez taught me everything I needed to know about the medications, the steps, everything.
Ash was just relieved that Fez could actually take a break. To stop feeling that he owed her the world because he felt like it was his fault that she was in this position in the first place.
I knew that they appreciated me. I didn't need recognition or a prize. They were the prize.
"You alright, baby?" Fez asks, his head tilting to look at me as he turns onto our street, his hand squeezing mine.
"Yeah, of course. I was just thinking about that time that I brought Ash food home on our six month. How excited he was." I chuckle, smiling fondly at the memory as Fez hums, a small smile on his lips.
"Yeah, you spoil the kid, huh?" He laughs, my head bobbing in a small nod as I watch him. I felt so overwhelming lucky to have him. He was perfect for me, soft, kind, and contrary to popular belief, he was very smart and was a great listener. All he did was listen to me talk and he loved to tell me how much he loved it. That he could listen to me talk for hours.
He's so handsome though. His eyelashes flutter against his freckled cheek every time he blinks, his biceps flexing as he turns the wheel. I grin wickedly, my thighs clenching together at the sight of his strong hands, excitement rushing through me to my core. As we pull into the parking lot, I can tell by Fez's wandering eyes and flirty comments that I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight.
We make our way inside quietly, my head peeking around the corner to see Ash unconscious on the couch, the TV playing quietly in the background. He liked to wait up for Fez and I, making sure the two of us got home safe before he went to bed.
"The kids asleep, be quiet." I whisper, slipping my heels off as I lose a few inches. Fez locks the door behind us, his hand resting on my back as we make our way further into the home. Before we can enter the hallway, I turn on my heel, making my way over to the sleeping boy. Even though he's like a loaded gun most of the time, he always looked utterly sweet when he slept. He drooled, sure, a lot, but his knees are tucked safely to his chest, his arm draped over the side of the couch.
"Whatchu doin'?" Fez asks in a hushed whisper, my head turning to look back at him with a soft shrug.
"He's gonna get cold. I wanted to cover him up." I reply, turning to grab the blanket off the back of the couch. He rolls over as I cover him, his lips parting gently as he groans.
"Night, mom." He mutters, my brain doing a double take at what I think I just heard. I turn back to Fez with wide eyes and he obviously heard it too because he shares a similar look. My heart melts, my gaze fluttering back to the sleeping boy as I lean down, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
"Sleep good, hun." Brushing a hand over the top of his head, a small smile forms on his lips as I back away slowly. A small squeal leaves my lips by the time I approach Fez, a soft, proud smile on his face. "He called me mom, Fez, he called me mom." I whisper, my hands reaching out to smack his chest as he nods with a small laugh.
"You're all he's ever known." He whispers, leaning forward to gently press a kiss to my lips. He lingers a bit, his arms wrapping around my waist with a sigh.
"Don't tell 'im he said that. He'd be embarrassed." I whisper against his lips, knowing that he wanted to use this against him to tease him. "It's beyond sweet, Fez, he'd literally never believe that something that nice came out of his mouth." I giggle, taking Fez's hands in mine as I pull him down the hallway. "Does that make me a milf?" I gasp, my jaw dropped as Fez rolls his eyes, pushing the bedroom door open as I follow him. He moves to sit on the bed with a sigh, his hands pulling his shirt over his head.
"Nah, baby." He shakes his head, my lips pouting as I step in between his thighs. "Not 'nless you want me to make you one." He winks, my heart swelling at the thought. He has a naughty grin on his lips as I gasp, his hands resting on my lower back as I place my lips on his. "C'mere." He smirks, a small squeal leaving my lips as he pulls me to the bed.
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todorocake · 5 months ago
my favorite overplayed romantic gesture is queer character A going in for a kiss, pulling away in doubt or in fear or in lost, then queer character B returning the kiss in confirmation, in assurance, in a silent confession of the love being mutual, then either of them deepening the kiss with passion, with the desire to break free from whatever was expected out of them, with the unexplainable sense of joy and relief that after all those moments of pining they finally get to express it somehow
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hscouklovebot · 5 months ago
heyyy can i request fez j watching you study and being in awe as to how smart you are and overall j being so proud
i hope this is what you were asking for !! i was assuming u were asking for more of a relationship dynamic, so im really sorry if u weren't LMAO. this is also my first time writing for literally anyone in euphoria, i simply do not have the hang of it at all. enjoy anywaysss!
warnings: just some swearing and some weed. nothing crazy
characters: fezco, female reader
Tumblr media
“I fucking hate calculus. Like actually.”
You drop your head onto your desk dramatically, lightly thunking your forehead against the homework you’re supposed to be doing. To say that you've actually been doing it would be an overstatement, since you’ve just been staring at it for the past twenty minutes just in case the answers finish writing themselves.
Fezco chuckles lightly from behind you, acting as your ever-present, so effective moral support. You let your eyes fall closed, your nose still pressed to your papers, and you imagine the way he looks, stretched across your tiny, dorm-room-sized bed. Smoke curls from his nostrils and he holds a joint precariously between two fingers, hand dangling lazily over the ashtray beside your bed.
You smile a little, breathing in deeply through your nose. You never used to like the smell of weed back when you were in high school. The first time you’d ever smelled it was also the first time you’d ever gone to a party, back in your freshman year of high school. Your nose wrinkles at the memory. You’d taken a hit of whoever’s joint it was and almost hacked up half a lung, the smoke burning all the way down to what felt like your stomach and swirling back up through your throat.
“What you smilin’ about over there?”
You open your eyes slowly to see Fez watching you with a small grin of his own and you shrug, picking your head up off your desk to prop your chin on your palm.
“I don’t know,” you say, shrugging slightly. “You smoking over there was reminding me of the first time I ever smoked weed. Did I ever tell you about that?”
He chuckles again, and you study the grey clouds streaming out from between his lips.
“Nah, girl, you ain't told me,” Fez laughs, “But I think you should tell me some more ‘bout that homework you got goin’ on. You almost done, right? Tell me when you done, then we’ll talk.”
You groan, dropping your head back onto your desk again. “Yeah, I’m almost done, this is the last question. But I’ve been stuck on it for, like, forever, and I honestly might just turn it in blank. I don’t even care anymore,” You complain, your voice partially muffled by your lips being squished against the desk.
You watch Fez shift onto his stomach on your bed so he can see you better, his expression half joking and half serious.
He takes another drag from his joint and fixes his sleepy eyes on you. “Yes you do,” he reminds you, “Otherwise you woulda given up the first time you tried that shit. Just try one more time and if you don’t get it, you can be done if you want.”
You hold his gaze, squinting at him for a couple more seconds before giving in. Sighing, you pick your head back up and go back to the problem again, and after another fifteen minutes of agonizing over it, you sit back, satisfied.
“I think I did it,” you say quietly, looking over your work again. You look over at Fez to see him already beaming at you, still sprawled over your mattress.
“What’d I tell you?” He teases, scooting over to make room for you on the bed. “You a real smart girl, y/n. I’m proud of you, for real.”
A hot flush creeps up your neck, and you climb up into bed beside your boyfriend. “I know,” you mumble, embarrassed, snatching the quickly dwindling joint from between his fingers. “I really appreciate you always supporting me, too. It means a lot,” you say quietly, resting the back of your head against the wall, legs crossed over your blankets.
Fez shrugs. “You my girl. Ain’t that what I’m supposed to do?” He smiles at you, his eyes wandering over your face. “I mean it, though. Like, you make me proud. Real, real proud. Y’know?” He shakes his head, eyes still trained on yours. “Ash looks up to you too, even if he don’t admit it. Makes him wanna stay in school an’ study an’ shit.”
Your breath catches in your throat, your heart suddenly feeling too big for your chest. “That makes me really happy, Fez. And you. You make me happy too.”
He sits up, reaching out to hold your face in one of his hands, brushing his thumb across your cheek. “Shit, you make me real happy too.” He kisses the tip of your nose lightly before pecking your lips, then resting his forehead against yours. “But what would make me real happy would be getting that joint back, baby. And I wanna hear that weed story."
tags: @blondiekook
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