camdencade · 11 months ago
i love mother mother but im sick of everyone only ever talking about hayloft and arms tonite, so everyone tell me ur favourite underrated mother mother song. ill go first, its omen, ive never heard anyone talk about it and that makes me kinda sad ngl
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ranchuppi · 2 months ago
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im trying to churn out likable character designs as much as i CAN HRRNNRGNGH
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superlark · 2 months ago
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a very nice stranger taught me how eureka pagos works
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disneytva · a month ago
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2022 Animated Disney Shows/Movies For TV And Streaming
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scurybooween · 8 months ago
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1970’s Eureka die Skeleton pop out die cut
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0aurelion-sol0 · a year ago
SNK keeps on being amazing. ( A rant that is not really one. )
Tumblr media
Just this panel alone is able to confirm everything that I wanted from this manga.
Eren's condition has always been what I suspected.
Ever since he sided with his brother Zeke, who manipulated Marley in attacking Eldia to retrieve the founder and other titans. Something THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DO, because they were being pressured by many other countries and were not as powerful as before due to their lack of powerful weapons like the ones in the Middle Eastern Alliance which were able to PIERCE through the fucking Armored Titan.
Tumblr media
THIS resulted in the fucking festival and we know what happened then. Dozens of people died including children continuing the cycle of hate that has been started for god knows how long. And Eren WILLINGLY took a part in it because he wanted his actions to be a little easier while he was going to genocide the whole fucking world.
INCLUDING his own island because let's be honest when Eren is done with the Rumbling, destroying every ecosystems. EVERYTHING that keeps a planet alive, his little island won't live for long.
"The ground... It's crying." CHAPTER 131 said by one of the goddamn kids he fucking killed.
Marley is now sure, let's fucking kill all Eldians.
He did his attack on Liberio, he betrayed everyone. Crushing Hange's every possibilities of finding a peaceful way of settling things down after having been hidden MANY useful informations by Eren, Zeke and his group but also the Azumabitos.
Sparking a civil war inside Eldia, leading to an Eldian supremacist group cause let's be honest when Floch killed that Marleyan and than gave his little first king Fritz speech, it was like seeing Hitler all over again and the Klux Klux Klan.
I MEAN... FLOCH OF ALL PEOPLE! A guy who has PTSD after seing dozens of his comrades died, their faces exploded by fucking thrown rocks. He bastardized Erwin's ideologies and no matter how good willing he was, he was just a dead man walking acting like a fool.
He also betrays his own party now, the Jeagerist by allowing the very people they tried to stop the power to stop him. By activating the Rumbling, he also caused the death of Eldians inside the walls as we've been shown with Hitch.
AND THE WORST... destroy every connection he has with his friends. Hurting them, putting them in danger by the very group he created and the Titans.
Oh but that's not all...
He uses the titan the same way Marley did it, with oppression and violence. He is not stopping the cycle of hate, he is continuing it. And it will have repercussions inside the very group of people he tried to defend.
People killed each other inside the walls and they will kill each other without it. Mikasa as shown us that when her parents got murdered and she almost became a slave.
And he killed Hange with these same titans. I don't care if they sacrificed themself. He didn't live up to what he preached. They died and Hange was someone close to him and was concerned with his well being. Maybe it was too late but they also had many other priorities as Hange was commander. They also fell into depression because of their position. One of his mentors and friends, one who tried to talk with him while he was in that cell planning to destroy the world...
talking to himself...
Tumblr media
At this point, you know where I'm going with this. We've all suspected it, we all know it. Let's not be blind about it.
Eren is influenced by the Attack Titan. Not Ymir (at least I hope so and I think so), not Kruger and certainly not Grisha.
It's pretty clear now.
I mean Eren's change happens off screen, every time we see him he is completely different from what we used to know of him.
He barely cares about his friend and don't give me the bullcrap of (hE dOeS tHiS fOr tHeM.) If he was he would have secured them and put them in a place where they wouldn't interfere, he would have tried to convince them. HE WOULD HAVE COMMANDED FLOCH NOT TO HURT THEM.
He would have not commited genocide after knowing what it led to with Reiner, Annie and Bertholt.
That's not Eren. And the stupid argument of "hE's aLwAyS bEeN vIoLeNt". That's just bullcrap and it just destroy every bit of beautiful empathy we have seen of him. With Mikasa, Armin and Historia. Levi who he respected a lot.
It just isn't coherent. Every action he does is not coherent since the timeskip.
I mean is no one questionning this, doesn't it seem off from what we've seen of him.
Eren is no strategist BUT... he isn't stupid. Every sane person would know that these actions will not benefit anybody.
But... they still happened.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If we look back again, here is Eren being positive trying to put Armin in a good mood.
The outside world... endless possibilities. It's a man who wonders.
Yet, AT THE RIGHT MOMENT... he has a flashback of Faye. And his face just change.
Isn't it just weird ? Like at the right moment where he can have a positive outlook on thing. NOPE.
And this has been going and going and going...
Chapter 130.
Eren arrives in Liberio what does he see.
Tumblr media
A flashback of his mother's death
I mean it's pretty clear now.
Eren has been influenced and convinced by the Attack Titan that there's no way out. He's been reliving past memories of his and others, past memories that were traumatic. It put him in a state of depression and dread through 5 FUCKING YEARS. On top of that, he is able to see the future and what he saw will happen and has happened hence his reaction to Sasha's death.
A fucking mental breakdown.
Jesus Christ, I don't know if I've ever cursed that much in my life.
It's impossible to stop what is going to happen, because what is going to happen, needs to happen.
But as we know Sasha is in the afterlife with Erwin, Hange and the others. And we have been confirmed that this is the afterlife. So we have time-travelling, afterlife, 13 years curse, people who can turn into titans, parallel dimensions and Eren who can see through birds.
But the fandom said, no, the prospect of him being manipulated by the Attack Titan is impossible even after knowing it has special abilities.
Tumblr media
Umm... This has happened before. And I saw no one complain.
So why this ?
Tumblr media
Is impossible ?
Especially when Eren's whole arc is about questionning his perspective of the world and becoming in control of his violence and rage. Having an agency. HELLOOOO!!!????
What better way of having the main threat of that being the very thing that causes all of his problems and his powers.
Doesn't this remind anyone of anything ?
Yep. The Uprising Arc. And who ? Historia, the girl whose all life, she couldn't act as herself or have any real agency.
Yes, you know the girl whose pregnant and decided to live the rest of her life Little House On The Prairie style. ( I mean I don't think it's her but... that's what it's looking right now. )
And who is a descendent of Ymir Fritz. With too much uncanney similarities between the two.
Tumblr media
They could have said the Founder, Eren Jeager or something else but no they said... "It's the Attack Titan."
And it's not Ymir, if she was the one to control Eren. Why wouldn't she free herself on her own if she's able to do that ?
And in 131, she was clearly in a position where she was questionning her choice.
And perhaps she probably tried to stop Eren but the Attack Titan took over him and her. Using her powers as she is the founder.
And now just like Eren, she has no eyes. She is still a slave. Why ? I thought Eren freed her. So ? This is the only logical explanation right now.
I mean when is the last time we saw Eren.
He was sleeping inside his titan in 131. Having a dream about seeing his "sight" of freedom as a kid. And also potentially watching things with birds.
It's just weird. If he was fully in control, the characters wouldn't have questionned it and none of this weird shit would be happening.
He clearly doesn't have a free will.
This requires too much energy and Eren is a normal Eldian, not one of Royal Blood. Being both in Paths, watching this " sight ", communicating, watching with birds, moving his titan which is enormous and the thousands of colossal titans is clearly hard and too dangerous for only one person to do.
Isayama has fooled us all and me in the process.
All this time, it was that goddamn thing pulling the strings. And with the help of Isayama since he is the goddamn author of this series
In chapter 88, we learn the true meaning of Shingeki No Kyojin.
The beauty of the japanese language, as confusing as it is, can be translated by Attack On Titan, at least for us american and western audiences.
( yes because as someone pointed out in the comments, it's a mistranslation but since I don't understand how to give credit by linking because I don't understand how it works, i can't credit. So you can find the person in the comments. DO NOT JUDGE ME, tumblr is not the best place to post sometimes. )
But it's not the Attack on Titan anymore.
Tumblr media
It's the Attack Titan.
( piece of shit is it's surname. )
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lynndylee · 18 days ago
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The final sketch requests of 2021 for my lovely patrons.
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but-sometimes-im-not · 4 months ago
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Katya and I always talk about how as like skinny little white twinks doing drag, we were not the cool type of drag queen. People did not turn up for us.
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nemfrog · 10 months ago
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Klondike, the land of gold, illustrated. 1897. Cover detail.
Internet Archive
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coolthingsguyslike · 3 days ago
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roseillith · 4 months ago
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concretenfells · a month ago
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Road Trip Day 21- Eureka, California , USA
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ranchuppi · 2 months ago
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some concepts/ color tests... i like to plan things... exp grind is not the title i have no idea what im going to call this catfinder story lol
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frakyeaheureka · 4 months ago
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Every Eureka Episode - 1.10: Purple Haze
Have you noticed people acting a little .. weird?
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disneytva · 4 months ago
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Disney Animated Shows Late 2021-2024
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radicalgraff · a year ago
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Radical posters seen around Taree, New South Wales
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biblewaterzzz · 4 months ago
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shiftythrifting · 8 months ago
All found in Michigan
Detail shots of Thomas Jefferson Hankie for more context
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champagnemanagement · 4 months ago
My message to all men:
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robogart · a year ago
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More CSP practice with some more nostalgic fanart!! This time with Eureka! 👏💖💕✨
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