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astriiformes · 2 months ago
Mentally holding my hands to my temples here during what has already been a not great brain week because someone went and revived the version of my one “Hey, so aro and/or ace people definitely feel pretty excluded from fandom” vent post that others have since twisted into a defensive shipping manifesto, and while I am used to most of the sorts of tags people leave on it saying horrible things about me, someone today went on an angry rant about how they don’t like to read/write gen fic because they want the stories they engage with to be queer, really driving home the whole point of my frustrated aro, ace, trans self saying that maybe looking at things through some different lenses sometimes, even if just to be inclusive of others, might be a good idea.
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moodorbs · a month ago
forgot how bad IG dogpiled she/her chihiro
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kidrat · a year ago
Don’t understand why there’s no alternative to packers! I get Why some people want them to look like dicks but I and a lot of people feel uncomfortable with them because it’s just loose in ur underwear and also people are gonna make assumptions about their usage if they see them lmao. Why can’t there just be padded boxers like there are padded bras? Just bulge shaped foam in the front that can be taken in and out. So you could wear it like normal underwear, take it on and off easily without having to put a packer in place, and never have to explain what your packer is if someone sees it. Plus you could have swimming trunks like that too. Am I making sense???? Someone fund a kickstarter for me 
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andaxay · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Mental health completely tanked during the summer and I'm getting help for it now and starting to feel bits of my regular self coming back every now and then but goshdang it really is the time for The Big Anxiety right now. Anyway, here's my cat who wouldn't leave my side at the weekend. Getting there slowly.
Also, I bought Power Wash Simulator at the weekend and it sounds insanely boring but it's extremely chill and very easy to sink time into without engaging brain, can 100% recommend
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nostalgic-breton-girl · a year ago
i'm leading martin to the imperial city but i also decided to train acrobatics
by which i mean, martin's answer to the question 'if the hok led you off a cliff would you follow them' is apparently 'without hesitation'
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laplace-aeiou · 7 months ago
Followers please;0; suburbia overture by Will wood ;; he!!! Song with yelling,,, this song tickles my brai n bc listening to it is like:
takes a village to fake a whole culture;;; so give me your half life crisis I can tell you know where paradise is 🥺 is it true that a snowflake only matters in a blizzard? 🥺 nobody knows that everybody’s all up in my business 🤧🤧🤧 SUBURBIAAAAAAAAAAAA where you BELOOOOOOOOOOOOONG 😭 he cums radiation 😭😭 SULPHUR SMOKE AND SOOT 😢😢 so why apologize for being blue and cold? 🥶🥶 didn’t they want your blood?? 😔 going against the grain, catching splinters 🥴🥴 hey you’re only mortal 😔😔😔 leave you wondering why they can’t have just been normal 🥲
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Oh i pray i never have to read "gummy walls" outside of a horror house story ever again
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vesperass-anuna · 3 months ago
Do you ever go to bed, get really comfy and then all of the sudden you have to go pee?
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wenevrknew · 2 months ago
A team who win both team and driver championship will leave next year
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astriiformes · 28 days ago
My therapist is making changes to their practice that mean I may or may not be able to keep seeing them, and while the possibility of me being able to continue still (slimly) exists, if I have to go and try to find a new one in the next month or so I may just have to go back to being emotionally face-first in the mud.
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clatterbane · 6 months ago
Giant Dumbass Pro Tip: Maybe avoid putting 40 volume bleach anywhere near the same galaxy as even minor eczema patches. Including ones you hardly registered on your scalp, unless you really want to make their location painfully clear!
(Yeah, no wonder that stung. 😬 Probably just as well that I decided to follow the usual plan, and wait for another day to put any color on. May need a few to let the freaking broken skin heal up some, before I smear any other substances on there. Even something that gentle.)
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kidrat · 2 months ago
an old friend whose facebook friend request I’ve been ignoring for MONTHS just followed me on twitter hhggrrgwhwgshh
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starrystarrytrouble · a year ago
In case anyone doesn't believe I'm a ditzy bitch I just put my last key in BIG SKY COUNTRY and now I can't play OH.
Enjoy the new chapter, friends. This dumb bitch will see you all in 3 hours.
Tumblr media
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barentsz · 5 months ago
i'm looking at cheap secondhand cars and it is so stressful
i am glad i have people whose judgement i can trust but still it is so worrying to me
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mournholdmushroom · 8 months ago
On Far Horizons Chapter 33: In the Morning Light
“Come ON! Come and SEE!”
"See what?" She mumbled as she let herself be dragged out of bed towards her bedroom door, where she grabbed a silk robe with her free hand to cover herself with.
It was the same one she had taken to Orlais, the one she had worn in the garden of her villa, when Cullen had promised to see her again one day, when her brother visited home.
But he hadn't. Her brother was here, and he was...
Oh Maker, her brother was here.
Her brother was here.
How could she have forgotten?
Chapter summary: Amelie suffers a rude awakening as dawn breaks over Ostwick, and she is faced with the aftermath of her brother's sudden arrival at her home the night before.
Rated E.
Tagged: Cullen/Trevelyan (OC), slow burn, strangers to lovers, long distance relationship, canon divergence, mutual pining.
Read Chapter 33 on Ao3
Read from the beginning
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qu-ilinn · 2 months ago
being arospec but also constantly dreaming of romance was one weird as hell way to grow up
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tsunglasses · 3 months ago
Translator discourse is like video game journalist discourse where there’s a lot of legitimate concerns and improvements that need to be made but the people actually complaining are such a pack of shit flinging monkeys no one wants anything to do with them. Like why try to make any thoughtful arguments when you’re just going to get sandwiched between two guys spouting QANON tier bullshit and knowing you’ll just get lumped in with them.
I don't want to bring back a banned cursed word but... Gamergate? That's literally what happened to a legitimate critique of the games journalism world and devolved into WE HATE WOMEN LOL.
Fuck Zoe Quinn and her word twisting and fuck anyone who's defending lazy translators. BUT ESPECIALLY fuck studios forcing them to work so hard (Ninty, crunchyroll, funi)
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