arabela25 23 hours ago
the portuguese and romanian delegations dancing to trenule葲ul in the green room
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hercury 18 hours ago
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quick sketchy thing of mika because he fucking ate
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chrysocomae 20 hours ago
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poemsofplupp 22 hours ago
I couldn't just let this moment slip by unnoticed, could I?!
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I could not.
Someone give that wolf a mushroom 馃幎
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rasputinaillyanna 21 hours ago
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Interval Mika Medley - Eurovision 2022
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inacatastrophicmind 21 hours ago
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Where鈥檚 the difference?
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aanathemaa 21 hours ago
besties i鈥檓 not gonna let this go so here鈥檚 what i know. maybe i am missing something but here we go:
during eurovision the moldovan jury announced their 12 points for ukraine and then none of the remaining points went to romania, even though their song was about romania, and even though it was massively supported by romanians everywhere. (please note that the juries gave moldova either 12 or 14 points in total and the public vote put them in 7th place in the chart)
when it came time to connect to the romanian jury, ebu said they couldn鈥檛 connect with the jury in romania so they said romania gave 12 points to ukraine and gave no further information about where the rest of the points went
this is the statement made by the public television in romania:
Romanian Television has fully assumed its commitment to participate in Eurovision 2022, paying the participation fee and preparing, together with the WRS team, a project that has enjoyed the appreciation of the public.
However, we were surprised to find that the result of the Romanian jury's vote was not taken into account in the calculation of the final ranking, the organizers assigning another set of scores to the competitors in the final, on behalf of the jury of our country. We specify that the Romanian jury decided to give maximum score to the representatives of Moldova.
source in romanian
now i have a few things to say聽
a) both moldova and romania would have given a high number of points to ukraine even if it wasn鈥檛 the 12 points. i am 100% sure of this.
b) by doing this, ebu has managed to paint the whole situation in a bad light because they did not have faith in ukraine winning despite having a very good song that deserved to win.聽
c) if you鈥檙e gonna try to fuck with the points, don鈥檛 make a country that comes to eurovision and sings about her sister country give no points to their sister country. that was shady to everyone who watched because we have always awarded each other points, but especially during this eurovision given the context of moldova鈥檚 song. that was so weird that we were all watching like... huh? not possible
shame on ebu. by doing this, you鈥檝e completely embarrassed yourselves in a way that i don鈥檛 think can be taken back.聽
having said this, congrats ukraine!聽you guys deserved to win and i鈥檓 sure would have won regardless of ebu fucking with our votes <3
(i have the feeling they won鈥檛 let us in next year but it had to be said)
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xelothen 19 hours ago
Press room during聽Moldova鈥檚 performance.聽 馃殏锟斤拷(x)
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langsandlit 20 hours ago
Anyway I鈥檓 here to tell you that there鈥檚 a song contest for minority, minoritised and endangered languages of Europe called Liet International and it鈥檚 held in a different city each year
It was held on May 13 and featured 13 entries including songs in Sardinian and Corsican, but also Cornish, Frisian and Northern Sami
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jiminswn 22 hours ago
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M脜NESKIN 鈽 SUPERMODEL Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Grand Final
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rice-crackerz 12 hours ago
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Source: u/Mylenn on Reddit
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effykaligaris 20 hours ago
I have something to tell France about Eurovision 2022.
As an italian, I have a love/hate relationship with France, mostly because our countries are good in the same fields (art, food, wine, fashion)鈥 but you鈥檙e even more famous than we are ahahah. You鈥檙e like a big brother to us, we always roast you, but we鈥檒l fight anyone outside of Europe that tries to do the same.
Now, that being said, one of the reasons we criticize France is because they often stick to the Paris-Tour Eiffel-Voila-Oui-Croissant stereotipical image and never try to show something different about their country.
This year Its the first time I was actually super proud of France鈥檚 Eurovision entry. You sent a song completely different from the usual classic french ballad, and you even used breton! I was in total awe, especially because I鈥檓 actually a fan of French literature and lately I鈥檝e read Mathias Enard, who gave me a magical idea of rural France and I鈥檇 really like to see some of the less famous faces of french culture.
I鈥檓 so angry Fulenn didn鈥檛 get much votes. The message that passed is that we only like France when it鈥檚 classic Paris stereotyped France, so I wanted to tell you that this is not the truth, at least for one person out there. I think you have much more to share with the world than that! Please, France, I鈥檓 sorry eurofans and the juries failed you, but don鈥檛 give up on your more creative side 鉂わ笍馃嚝馃嚪
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sashosasho 16 hours ago
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Sam Ryder reacts after UK gets its first "douze points" in the final of Eurovision 2022
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vladvodashitposts 20 hours ago
romania, the country with one of the best internet connections, suddenly has """trouble connecting"""". ok jigodiile lu nosferatu
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arabela25 17 hours ago
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Eurovision Song Contest 2022: the flag parade
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mihai-florescu 6 hours ago
"Ukraine winning was a sign of compassion and solidarity and recognition from the population of Europe" and "Ukraine had a good entry" and "Romania's votes got fucked over and changed so the 12 points would not be awarded to Moldova, further causing tension between 2 sister countries to fit someone's political agenda" and "Even without this, Ukraine was 200 points further than everyone else after the public vote so it was not like changing Romania's vote did anything to ensure Ukraine wins, but it did cause damage in the relations between us and Moldova" and "Juries should be abolished" are all thoughts that can and should coexist
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rasputinaillyanna a day ago
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M氓neskin - SUPERMODEL Live - Eurovision 2022
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drippinlou 18 hours ago
the fact that eurovision is over again reminded me of my favorite video from last year
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The face made by Eda Marcus when she was trying to announce the points only to hear that Ro was allegedly having connection issues and then hear 12 points to Ukraine instead of Moldova:
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dumbass-adora 6 hours ago
The masculine urge to catch the train from Chi葯in膬u to Bucharest
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